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    • Alsajema hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scammer Richard Walker / RPO Capt. James Walker / Real Face Emanuel Godwin" geschrieben. 09.08.2021

      Neuer Versuch

      Bin ich froh das ich den von der Backe habe.
      3 Monate hat er gebraucht #
      wenn gewünscht mehr bilder habe ich auch

      Good mornig Darling 😘
      It's not a good morning
      Am not at peace
      How can you be at peace with all this things that is happening
      Honey should I say a bad good morning 🤷
      I want to cheer you up a little
      I am worried, I can't lie, I am just trying to man up
      My blood pressure might increase
      Baby everything will be alright.
      Please tell me what to do
      I got that email
      Then tell me what to do now
      I want to assure you that I will take responsibility of anything that, if need be.
      I just hope they reply to your mail
      I hope that too
      I want you to follow orders okay. We are in this together
      Tell me what to do baby.
      And tell me what to write
      I got two emails I was told
      I was told that Departmentofhomelandsecurity@bk.ru
      Is of more chance of getting a rely than the first email
      Honey you know I do anything . Tell me what to write. I don't want to make mistakes
      good day!

      I may be someone worthy of attention. I am the wife of RICHARD WALKER who is one of the ISAF solder in your base and under your command. I am applying for emergency leave or job relief for my husband because of the dangerous or life-threatening situation he is currently experiencing. He also needs to take care of his high blood pressure properly. I want him to go home because I don't want to lose her husband, nor do I want his little son to have no father.

      That's how your message should look like
      Please write to them and pray they reply, I have to leave here before I die
      Babe The mail is out 😘
      Send me a screenshot of what you sent so I'll know what you sent them, so you won't put the both of us into trouble
      I want us to be careful on this
      I have to guide you through this
      Of course you this is very very confidential and should be kept private

      Ich habe ihm dann die Mail kopiert die ich an die Adresse geschickt habe
      Yes I will baby
      Baby you made a mistake, you shouldn't write the department with english, you should write with your language which you understand perfectly, course I am sure questions would be asked
      You have to write them again this time not English
      why this?
      You didn't say that I should write in German
      I sent it again. This time in German

      Dann kam eine mail zurück das ich seine Dienstnummer schicken soll
      We received the message asking for an emergency leave for a military officer. Before you can process your application, however, you must provide us with the number of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) of the military officer so that we can verify the officer's identity and confirm the relationship between you and the officer deployed.
      So I need some number from you honey

      I'm so happy they replied you Missy
      SLY /YM /7822
      That’s the isaf number my love. Pls keep this number confidential, this is a very important code of mine in my job, that’s why they are asking of it

      Dann kam wieder eine Mail wo ich einige Sachen ausfüllen sollte die habe ich ja schon hochgeladen

      IStatus of the relationship to the subject.
      What should I write there
      fiancee baby
      Please be careful when filling the form

      Bis dahin wusste ich nicht einmal das ich verlobt bin

      My beautiful sweet missy , we should be grateful to God that they are actually replying us and this means I could be out of here in 2days am so excited even though things is getting rough by the day. You are my life I owe you all the love in the whole word but I don’t know when they would edit the document.

      Das restliche Liebesgesülze erspare ich euch

      Dann kam die Rechnung. Auf die habe ich ja schon sehnsüchtig gewartet ist auch bei den hochgeladenen Bildern dabei
      What is this?
      Is this for the paper work?

      how should I know
      in any case, they want money

      Oh I just translated the photo. That's for the paperwork.
      Say that's for my flight and paperwork, which means I would be out of here soon. Darling thank you
      Darling I trust you so Much. You are a smart woman. So please don't let me down. Soldiers are dying. I just want to come home.
      I will talk to you later. I will go to work now.

      Hab dann die Überweisung mal fertig gemacht
      Nach 2 Tagen hat er dann mal nachgefragt

      Hi Missy
      I'm just coming back from a patrol ,I thought I'm supposed to be released by now
      What's happening Missy?
      I thought you said you made payments for flight ticket, how come I am still here? No effect of what you have done yet 😢
      My heart is not at peace I couldn't sleep last night
      I just want to leave here, I'm tired

      I know have patience
      Baby how can I be patient?
      I don't want to die......I want to see you in real life
      Missy I don't understand what is going on now
      I'm tired
      Don't you want to see me?
      I told you this was an emergency I need to leave here before I die
      My authorities aren't saying anything about that

      Does a soldier have to pay something if he wants to take a vacation during an assignment?
      Not a single branch of the US military asks soldiers to pay for leave to take leave.
      There are a number of scammers on the Internet posing as American soldiers.
      I think we've played enough

      What do you mean ?
      I can't believe you're saying this after all we have been through
      I'm so heartbroken
      You were playing with my heart
      I thought you were the one for me
      Missy you decieved me
      You made me believe in you
      Why are you doing this now that I'm about to come to you

      we both know that you won't come
      I just wanted to see how far you're ready to go .and it's really frightening that women still fall for something like that

      Missy we can talk this out
      It doesn't have to end this way
      We shared alot
      What about our unborn child Missy

      you I already know all that you are definitely a twenty year old from Nigeria

      Missy what are you talking about
      I have never given you any reason to doubt me
      I don't believe you're saying this

      Oh but

      t's me Richard talking to you

      but not the real

      Missy have you been talking with someone else?
      Ok please wait
      So you didn't made the payment at the bank?

      that was just as real as your documents from the Russian mail

      I'll be honest with you
      I don't have to hide anything more now you know the truth
      But please don't block me
      We can still be friends

      I already know all of that
      So who are you really

      Are you going to block me if I tell you?
      Because you're already angry at me now
      I know that

      Why should i block you

      Missy you know you're making me cry right now
      I'm crying

      I still don't know the truth.
      I will not block you

      That's what you're going to say but I know you will block me after finding out the truth

      No, until now they were all in their twenties and from Nigeria. . I still have contact with a few

      How long have you known about this?

      Do you remember what I said to you at the beginning?

      What did you say?


      I don't say play with myself.
      You wanted to play we played ..
      But according to my rules

      Wow 😲😲
      I'm shocked 🤣🤣
      Can I video call you?
      I think I really like you now

      No show me a picture of you

      I don't want to get to jail
      We can only make a video call
      I'm just confused
      I'll miss my exams

      Im Emanuel 27

      I can't believe I was the fool all this while
      3 months 😥😥
      What am I going to do now?
      Please I'm 23 and not 27
      You have to help me I'll die if you don't
      I used my school fees to help a friend and he betrayed me
      That's why I did what all I did
      I'm sorry for all that happened
      I don't know what to do now
      I'm dead
      I have my second semester exams in a few days and I don't know what to do
      My parents can't afford ye money twice
      They only gave me once and I messed up with it
      Please Missy you have to help me
      I don't want to drop out of school
      My parents will be ashamed of me
      I'll be a disgrace to them
      If they can give me education in this hard country
      And I messed it up Because I trusted a friend

      Der Link zu seiner Schule

    • Alsajema hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scammer Richard Walker / RPO Capt. James Walker / Real Face Emanuel Godwin" geschrieben. 09.08.2021

      Ja hat er.
      Ich ärgere mich gerade
      Hatte die ganze Konversation eingefügt jeden Satz Einzel rüberkopiert. Und nach dem Speichern war alles weg 😭.

    • Alsajema hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scammer Richard Walker / RPO Capt. James Walker / Real Face Emanuel Godwin" geschrieben. 09.08.2021

      [[File:Screenshot_20210809_083754.jpg|none|auto]] [[File:Emanuel Godwin 1.jpg]]

    • Alsajema hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scammer Richard Walker / RPO Capt. James Walker / Real Face Emanuel Godwin" geschrieben. 09.08.2021

      Banken Deutschland (51)

      [[File:Richard Walker Dokument 1.jpg]] [[File:Richard Walker Dokument 2.jpg]] [[File:Richard Walker Dokument 3.jpg]]

    • Alsajema hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Jason Statham" geschrieben. 10.07.2021

      @Anni60 sorry da habe ich heute morgen nicht dran gedacht 🙈

      Jason Statham:
      I’ll send you the email so that you contact my management company about my vacation

      What should I write there?

      Jason Statham:
      Honey don’t worry i will tell you what to write there

      Baby girl here is my management email address


      Hello good-Morning
      My name is ——-,
      The reason for this email is to request a vacation with Mr Jason Statham in my country ——- During the corona virus 🦠

      It would be a privilege for me if my request is given urgent response .

      Thanks you in advance, I await your response

      Good Morning my sweetheart

      I'll see when I have time to write it today

      Jason Statham:
      Wow baby you’re up

      How was your night yesterday

      But don’t worry I’ll always be there for you when i arrive in Germany

      You are so cute this morning

      I'll send the mail out later

      Jason Statham:
      Wow you sound very sweet

      Okay honey, make sure you talk to the management with due respect

      Do what ever they ask to do baby

      Don't worry, I'll do it

      Der Rest war dann über E-Mail.

      Meine Mail.
      Hello good-Morning

      My name is Missy Bauer,
      The reason for this email is to request a vacation with Mr Jason Statham in my country Germany During the corona virus 🦠

      It would be a privilege for me if my request is given urgent response .

      Thanks you in advance, I await your response

      Hello Mrs Missy,

      We contacted Kim hyunjoong and he has confirmed to us that he is aware of your vacation request and profess to us that you are his special friend ..

      We the management team is happy to know you in regards to the vacation request Mr Jason Statham is currently having an on going project so therefore the board of directors will have to seat and consider your vacation request..

      we will get back to you in 48hrs .

      2 Tage später die Antwort.
      Good Day Mrs Missy

      Congratulations, the board of directors had seats and consider your request and your vacation with Jason Statham, you are therefore mandated to pay the sum of $1500 Euro as a vacation charges , which will cover your hotel accommodation, restaurant, feeding, flight , and membership card among others

      You are to therefore make the payment into the management financial officer bank account...

      Meine Antwort.

      As soon as I have the data, I can transfer the money

      Letzte Mail.

      * Beneficiary Name:Maxwell Nicholas



      Bank Name:Sparkasse

    • Alsajema hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Jason Statham" geschrieben. 10.07.2021

      Neue Kontonummer.

      Beneficiary Name: *



      Bank Name:Sparkasse
      Banken Deutschland (42)


      Wie mache ich das mit der Überweisung ich will ja nicht meine Kontodaten da eintragen ?

    • Alsajema hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Jason Statham" geschrieben. 27.06.2021

      Er hat meine Nummer nicht 😉.
      Und an meine Fake Mail Adresse kann er schreiben was er will 😁

    • Alsajema hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO David Labrava" geschrieben. 27.06.2021

      Er ist sehr zurückhaltend immer nur ein paar Nachrichten am Tag.

      Davidlabrava DL:
      Hi Gorgeous

      Good morning

      Davidlabrava DL:
      Morning gorgeous .. How was your night


      how was your

      Davidlabrava DL:
      Still at nigh 9:59

      7 o'clock

      Davidlabrava DL:
      Aww so what you gonna had four breakfast


      Davidlabrava DL:
      Good .. what type of coffee


      I just need my coffee and cigarettes in the morning

      Davidlabrava DL:
      Or should I prepared some for you


      With pleasure

      Davidlabrava DL:
      You are so sweet

      Thank you

      Davidlabrava DL:
      Okay .. what can people do to please you

      Honesty is the most important.I don't care what others look like The main thing is that the character is right

      Davidlabrava DL:
      Good of you gorgeous..

      Am sure your gonna have a favorite actor..?


      Davidlabrava DL:
      Who is your favorite actor

      Sean Connery

      Davidlabrava DL:

      May I ask you something?

      Davidlabrava DL:
      Ok go ahead

      How do I know that you are real.At the moment I read that there are a lot of fraudsters on the way.

      Davidlabrava DL:
      Gorgeous you are right .. but it’s the real me and how do I prove that to you

      I have no idea How you can prove it to me

      Davidlabrava DL:
      I want you to put your mind at rest and you safe in my arms 🤥🤦

      I am calm.I am deeply relaxed

    • Alsajema hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Jason Statham" geschrieben. 26.06.2021

      Er gibt einfach nicht auf 😂

      You know i still love you, am not pretending i really love you with all my heart body and soul, unblock me on hangouts so that we can continue leaving as husband and wife

      Unblock me on hangouts honey now💋

      Er will also weiter spielen.
      Aber warum 🤷

      Kann mir das bitte jemand erklären

      Neue Handynummer: +2348029027683 Ländervorwahl von Nigeria 😂
      Wer hätte das gedacht.

    • Alsajema hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Jason Statham" geschrieben. 26.06.2021

      So ich habe die Faxen dicke von dem Gejammer.
      Hab ihn blockiert, jetzt kommen sehr nette Mails 😂

      Baby girl what you suggested it do makes me sick to my stomach as i never thought you would stop so low as doubt me, I am totally disappointed 😞

      Am a great actor educated to be nice, I never others, and I hate liars, am a peaceful and cheerful person, if you know me well, don’t you ever in your life did what you do to me, i am very disappointed with you, you are a heartless woman, don’t ever take my simplicity for granted😡

      You’re a heartless woman, and let me tell you something, don’t you ever take my simplicity for granted, I was thinking you’re a woman with kind heart, now i know the kind of person you are, stupid asshole woman😡

      Ich glaube damit kann ich sehr gut leben.😁

    • Alsajema hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO David Labrava" geschrieben. 25.06.2021

      Das eine ist das Telegramm Profil Bild

      [[File:Screenshot_20210625_184538.jpg|none|auto]] [[File:Screenshot_20210625_184431.jpg|none|auto]]

    • Alsajema hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO David Labrava" geschrieben. 25.06.2021

      Ja ich wurde über die Seite angeschrieben.
      Ich war noch nicht einmal auf der Fan Seite.
      Meiner Meinung wieder typisch.

    • Alsajema hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Jason Statham" geschrieben. 18.06.2021

      @Kiki1308 @Anni60
      Mein Schatz hat Neuigkeiten für mich.😁

      I have a good news for you, the last contract I had with my company they have given us our share which is 1.2 million dollars and a check of 5 million, all in one box , I am so excited to hear this great news , whilst as that since I’m coming to meet you soon I want you to be my beneficiary and receive those packages for me through the delivery company, as it stands now you are the only one I trust to do this with me

    • Alsajema hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scammer Richard Walker / RPO Capt. James Walker / Real Face Emanuel Godwin" geschrieben. 06.06.2021

      Mal ein kurzes Update.

      Ich habe ihm erzählt das mein Mann alles mitbekommen hat und mir darauf hin die EC Karte abgenommen hat😂
      @Anni60 @killerbiene
      Verstehe ich das richtig das er von mir will das ich ein neues Konto eröffne?

      Gestern wollte er ein video Call .
      Hm ich war leider gerade auf dem Klo.
      Habe dann zurück gerufen und er ist nicht dran .
      Beim nächsten Mal habe ich mehr Glück und nehme das Gespräch auf .

      Richard:Babe please don't say that , I wasn't looking for a woman with money
      I was looking for love babe
      Babe I'm not playing with you
      I really love you...
      Babe you know I told you I'll get us a good life when I'm out of here
      For all you've been through
      I'm telling you that I don't think it was all an act.ILove you

      Ich: I love you too

      Richard:You've been through a lot for us
      I really appreciate all your efforts towards our
      You're a good woman
      Despite all that happened
      You still believe me
      And you're still so caring and honest
      I love you a lot
      What have I done to deserve great love?
      You're the best thing that ever happened to me
      ❤❤💋💋💋💋💞💞💞💞💕💕💕💕💕💕You know you're the best thing that ever happened to me

      Ich:I hate it when we argue

      Richard:Babe you have to believe me when I say I really love you
      Money is only a material thing it shouldn't bring up misunderstanding between the both of us babe
      I value you more than anything in this world
      I know you're not in a good condition to help me
      I understand you babe

      Ich:Same goes for me Rich

      Richard:I don't want to continue having problems because of one issues
      I want us to be as we were before and experience great love again babe

      Ich:Very I want the same thing too darling

      Richard:Babe I hope you know I can buy you your dream house in your country and give you what ever you want..
      You just have to Believe me and be patient
      I will make your dreams come to past
      Only if you believe me
      I don't need a lot of honey As long as I can go to the nail salon once a month, I'm happy.
      I will give you a lot honey💋💋💋❤❤
      I am happy when you are there That's enough for me 💋
      Babe how much does it cost to buy a house in your country?
      Don't ask me why
      Please just tell me

      Ich:Too much baby
      Middle 6 Stellinger area

      Richard:OK babe but you have to find a way to get your card back not because you want to help me but because I might send you some money someday and I don't want you not to have access to the money
      I want you to have your normal life back babe that's it❤💋💋

      Ich:I'm working on it honey ok.Baby i don't want your money.I would kebe in a trailer with you too

      Richard:Babe what ever belongs to me also belongs to you okay💋💋💋💋
      I want us to plan our lives together❤💋💋💋
      You are unique, I already said that 💋
      I love you babe

      Ich:Love you too 💋

      Richard:Babe how much can your account hold? I might use it to receive some money someday😉
      You know I trust you a lot❤💋💋😉😉
      I don't mind leaving my money with you❤💋💋💋
      You know I don't have an account of my own
      You operate a joint account with your husband?
      I want to start making my plans with you
      Yes, I don't get my own account.If I do that, he'll notice because he'll have to sign for it

      Ich:Will you tell me your plans?

      Richard:OK babe you have to let me know if you can open a new account without him knowing
      Can you do that ?
      And you tell me how much the account can hold okay?
      Are you there?

    • Alsajema hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Koke Yepes" geschrieben. 27.05.2021

      Das kenne ich, wenn ich das Forum hier nicht gefunden hätte wäre das bei mir auch anders ausgegangen.
      Und bei dem einen mit dem ich gerade schreibe
      holla die Waldfee der ist so geniale, wenn ich es nicht wüsste daß er ein scammer ist er wäre perfekt 😉
      Aber du merkst es Recht schnell es kommen immer die gleichen Fragen.
      Hast du gegessen warst du duschen.
      Und sehr schnell kommt Darling Baby oder sonstige Namen .

    • Alsajema hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Jason Statham" geschrieben. 27.05.2021

      Bis jetzt nichts interessantes.

      Mache ich gerne wenn er sich meldet .
      Letzte Kontakt am Dienstag, ich glaube ich muss ihn dann doch anschreiben wenn er sich nicht meldet.

      Ich muss ja meinen Beitrag bearbeiten.
      Hab ihn eben angeschrieben.
      Eine Minute später hatte ich schon eine Antwort.😂
      Hi Darling
      I miss you 😂😂

    • Alsajema hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Koke Yepes" geschrieben. 27.05.2021

      Warum entlarvst du ihn?
      Sag bitte niemals das du bescheid weißt.
      Spiel mit ihnen 😉
      Setze dich Mal die Unterhaltung rein bitte

    • Alsajema hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Jason Statham" geschrieben. 27.05.2021

      Na da bin ich ja mal gespannt was mich der Spaß kosten soll

      Jason: Hope you’re getting ready for my coming to your country to come see you
      We have to plan for our future
      You deserve to be treated like a queen

      Ich: Baby you're already doing that

      Jason: How is your preparation for my coming
      I want to come and show you how you’re supposed to be treated and always care about you

      Ich :Tell me what to do

      Jason: I don’t understand i should tell you what to do, you’re supposed to know what you’re going to do baby

      Ich: Hotel for example I don't know which one you want to go to. Or do you choose one yourself

      Jason: Yes honey i want a luxury hotel
      Where i will be comfortable with you

      Ich: I hope you have a whirlpool in the room 😁😉

      Jason: Yes baby
      Baby can you be able to go for a honeymoon with me?

      Ich: I do everything for you, you know

      Jason: I love you so much
      Honey if you’re talking with my management company about my vacation, always talk to them with due respect

      Ich: Why should I talk to them You're scaring me

      Jason: You’ve to contact my management for meet and greet for a great season

      Ich: Do I have to understand that

      Jason: I requested a vacation from my management company
      I want my management company should give me feed back about the vacation
      So that you’ll make an official request to my management company for a meet and greet session with me.

      Ich: So I'm supposed to make an official application, Do I understand this in the right manner

      Jason: Once my management company give me feed about my vacation, I’ll give you my management company email address so that you You’ll make an official request to
      my management company for a meet and greet session with me.
      I hope you understand baby

      Ich: I understand what you mean

      Jason: Thank you so much for your understanding baby💋
      So if you want to talk with my management company about my vacation to come and meet you in your country, always talk to the management company with due
      respect baby

      Ich: I have a better idea.Why don't you write what to send to your management.I have no. I know what to write there

      Jason: Don’t worry baby I’ll tell you what to do by then
      I’m always there for you baby

      Wetten werden gerne angenommen .

      Was denkt ihr was ich für sein Meet and Great bezahlen soll?

      ich bin mir nicht sicher ob er sich mit einem 4 stelligen Bereich zufrieden gibt.

    • Alsajema hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Jason Statham" geschrieben. 26.05.2021

      @Heifrei wie gewünscht lasse ich das Liebesgedöns weg

      Also geld gab es logischerweise keins.
      Ich habe Ihm erzählt das mein Mann den Chat gesehen hat und extrem Sauer ist.

      Jason: Honey don’t worry everything will soon be fine
      Honey let me tell you about the surprise

      Ich: Pleace I'm dying of curiosity

      Jason:Honey you’ve to start making arrangements for my coming
      I was talking to my manager yesterday after work, he was telling me that we are going back to US on Tuesday

      Ich: Now I am speechless

      Jason: Honey i can’t wait to see you
      Once i arrived in US, I’ll talk to my management company about my vacation
      I guess my management company will give me feedback on time, because i just finished my project

      Ich: Can you hear my heart?

      Jason: What is your heart telling you

      Ich: That’s beating really fast right now.I can't wait to see you

      Jason: Also with me here baby
      The first time you see me, what will you do?

      Ich: I have no idea.Maybe I'll just eat you up 😂

      Jason:😳Do you think your children will accept me if i come to you?

      Ich: I guess so They are straightforward

      Jason :But I don’t want you to tell them about me now

      Ich: I told you that I won't tell anyone about you

      Jason: I trust you baby
      Promise me you won’t tell her about me

      Ich: I promise you.Nobody will know about you

      Jason: I trust you baby
      My ride just arrived now

      Ich: You can trust me.OK, go to the hotel with you and eat something delicious today

      Jason: Baby girl i just arrived back to my hotel

      Das Kam dann am Montag per Mail.

      Today was very busy for me, because i was making arrangements for my going back to US tomorrow, i pray my management company should give me feed back about my vacation to come and meet you in Germany, hope you’ve already started making arrangements for my coming to Germany.. I miss you so much my beautiful angel 💋💋♥️🌹

      und das gestern wieder in Hangout.

      Jason: Baby girl
      I just arrived back to US now
      Time here in LA is 09:34... and the weather here in LA is Sunny
      I miss you so much my beautiful angel 💕

      18:35 dann unsere Uhrzeit

      mal gespannt was ich jetzt machen soll


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