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    • Waylotha hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Jean Paul Henry Santos" geschrieben. 12.10.2021

      Ich glaube, er hat mich blockiert.
      Naja, der war eh einfach nur dumm

    • Waylotha hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Jean Paul Henry Santos" geschrieben. 12.10.2021

      So, er will mich nicht mehr, weil ich keine Karte schicke

      [11.10., 20:03] ✨🦄✨: Hmm I haven't heard from you all day...
      [12.10., 10:01] ✨🦄✨: Everything okay with you?
      [12.10., 10:01] ✨🦄✨: I'm worried...
      [12.10., 11:49] Chris Gordon: Baby i don’t really have the money to buy some internet can you get me razor gold card maybe 500
      [12.10., 11:51] ✨🦄✨: No
      [12.10., 11:58] Chris Gordon: Why baby
      [12.10., 11:58] Chris Gordon: How much can you get me then
      [12.10., 12:03] ✨🦄✨: Nothing, I will not buy such a card
      [12.10., 12:08] Chris Gordon: Which card can you buy me☹️
      [12.10., 12:16] Chris Gordon: Are you there baby
      [12.10., 12:20] ✨🦄✨: No card at all, that's child's play and you can't charge the Internet with that. This is nonsense
      [12.10., 12:23] Chris Gordon: I need the card so I can rhythm the money and have some money so I can charge the internet
      [12.10., 16:55] Chris Gordon: Baby
      [12.10., 19:01] Chris Gordon: If you don’t wanna be with me again I guess we are done
      [12.10., 19:01] Chris Gordon: Bye
      [12.10., 19:46] ✨🦄✨: What about it 👆🏻
      [12.10., 19:52] Chris Gordon: Yeah he said he is not sending it anymore
      [12.10., 19:52] ✨🦄✨: Ok good
      [12.10., 19:52] Chris Gordon: So can you please help me get the card
      [12.10., 19:55] ✨🦄✨: No
      [12.10., 20:08] Chris Gordon: So bye delete my number okay
      [12.10., 20:09] Chris Gordon: Am not good for you
      [12.10., 20:10] Chris Gordon: Am also blocking you right now and bye make sure you also delete my number cause am doing that right away
      [12.10., 20:11] ✨🦄✨: Why should I block you
      [12.10., 20:11] Chris Gordon: Because am not the perfect guy for you okay bye forever
      [12.10., 20:12] ✨🦄✨: I'm not blocking you
      [12.10., 20:13] Chris Gordon: Well you should
      [12.10., 20:13] Chris Gordon: Please do it for me
      [12.10., 20:13] Chris Gordon: Am begging you
      [12.10., 20:13] ✨🦄✨: Why, that makes no sence
      [12.10., 20:13] Chris Gordon: And delete my number
      [12.10., 20:13] Chris Gordon: Please am not the right guy for you
      [12.10., 20:14] ✨🦄✨: Just don't write me if you don't want to or block me but I don't have to block you
      [12.10., 20:16] Chris Gordon: I don’t really have the heart not to chat you up anymore or block you cause I loved you but you can since you never loved me okay
      [12.10., 20:18] Chris Gordon: Please block and delete my number cause I can’t stand it okay I wanna keep chatting with you
      [12.10., 20:19] ✨🦄✨: No I will not block you

    • Waylotha hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Joel G." geschrieben. 10.10.2021

      Sunny will mir ein Geschenk schicken

      [10.10., 20:27] Sunny Stoianov: Honey I really need to get your address so when next I get my check am going to send you a gift 🎁 to know how much I care about you
      [10.10., 20:35] ✨🦄✨: Ok 😊
      [10.10., 20:37] ✨🦄✨:
      Adresse geschickt
      But honestly, I don't need any gift from you 🙈
      [10.10., 20:38] Sunny Stoianov: Okay baby

    • Waylotha hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Jean Paul Henry Santos" geschrieben. 10.10.2021

      Er hat sich was neues ausgedacht

      [10.10., 16:11] Chris Gordon: Believe it baby🥰
      [10.10., 16:12] Chris Gordon: Baby my friend over there wants to send me some things but I told him to send it to you juhuuu ein Paket
      [10.10., 16:12] Chris Gordon: Pick somethings and send me the remaining ones okay na da freue ich mich
      [10.10., 16:16] Chris Gordon: I love you very much baby
      [10.10., 16:21] ✨🦄✨: Why to me? What things?
      [10.10., 16:21] Chris Gordon: Phones baby
      [10.10., 16:21] Chris Gordon: Cause I trust you okay
      [10.10., 16:21] Chris Gordon: I wanna engage in selling phones online baby
      [10.10., 16:23] ✨🦄✨: Oh okay
      [10.10., 16:23] Chris Gordon: So send me your home address
      [10.10., 16:23] Chris Gordon: Postal code
      [10.10., 16:23] Chris Gordon: Your full name
      [10.10., 16:24] Chris Gordon: IBAN öhm neee
      [10.10., 16:24] Chris Gordon: And your date of birth nicht für ein Paket
      [10.10., 16:24] ✨🦄✨: Why Iban
      [10.10., 16:24] ✨🦄✨: Why date of birth
      [10.10., 16:24] ✨🦄✨: For a Paket
      [10.10., 16:24] Chris Gordon: I don’t really know he asked for that
      [10.10., 16:24] ✨🦄✨: No sorry
      [10.10., 16:24] ✨🦄✨: My Adress okay
      [10.10., 16:25] Chris Gordon: He said the IBAN is very important okay
      [10.10., 16:25] ✨🦄✨: That's enough for a Paket
      [10.10., 16:25] ✨🦄✨: No sorry
      [10.10., 16:25] ✨🦄✨: Not for a Paket
      [10.10., 16:25] ✨🦄✨: That's bullshit
      [10.10., 16:25] Chris Gordon: Okay babe
      [10.10., 16:26] Chris Gordon: What’s he trying to do
      [10.10., 16:26] ✨🦄✨: You can get my home Adress
      [10.10., 16:26] ✨🦄✨: That's enough to send a Paket to me
      [10.10., 16:27] Chris Gordon: Okay babe
      [10.10., 16:27] ✨🦄✨: Maybe email, but not more
      [10.10., 16:27] ✨🦄✨: Not date of birth and not IBAN
      [10.10., 16:27] Chris Gordon: Okay babe
      [10.10., 16:27] Chris Gordon: I understand
      Fake Adresse und Email Adresse geschickt

    • Waylotha hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Jean Paul Henry Santos" geschrieben. 10.10.2021

      Zu früh auf ein Konto gefreut

      [10.10., 14:36] ✨🦄✨: Baby you wanted to send me the German bank details
      [10.10., 14:45] Chris Gordon: Hi babe
      [10.10., 15:05] Chris Gordon: It’s all settled now but we have to go court for some reasons so I don’t need the money anymore baby
      [10.10., 15:05] Chris Gordon: Baby you won’t believe this
      [10.10., 15:06] Chris Gordon: Thanks for your care and I love you baby
      [10.10., 15:10] Chris Gordon: I love you more than you can ever imagine
      [10.10., 15:48] ✨🦄✨: Really
      [10.10., 15:49] ✨🦄✨: I can't believe

    • Waylotha hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Jean Paul Henry Santos" geschrieben. 09.10.2021

      Geht doch..

      [9.10., 13:51] Chris Gordon: Baby can you send it through western union
      [9.10., 13:51] Chris Gordon: I will send you address
      [9.10., 13:59] Chris Gordon: That’s how you can send it baby
      [9.10., 14:12] ✨🦄✨: I don't have Western Union in the near
      [9.10., 14:12] Chris Gordon: That’s the only way you can send the money
      [9.10., 14:13] Chris Gordon: Please baby try to send it through western union
      [9.10., 14:16] Chris Gordon: Are you there baby
      [9.10., 14:17] ✨🦄✨: The next Western Union is almost 100 Kilometer
      [9.10., 14:22] ✨🦄✨: I don't drive 100 kilometers to pay the money
      [9.10., 14:22] ✨🦄✨: Never
      [9.10., 14:22] Chris Gordon: Does that mean you won’t be sending me the money😭
      [9.10., 14:23] ✨🦄✨: 👆🏻🙄
      [9.10., 14:24] Chris Gordon: But I can’t find an account
      [9.10., 14:31] Chris Gordon: Okay babe can you do a direct deposit
      [9.10., 14:39] ✨🦄✨: I can only make a transfer from my account
      [9.10., 14:42] Chris Gordon: Okay can you send me bitcoin through your bank that will be the easiest
      [9.10., 14:43] ✨🦄✨: No bitcoin ATM in Germany
      [9.10., 14:43] ✨🦄✨: Get informed
      [9.10., 14:44] Chris Gordon: You will be doing it online
      [9.10., 14:46] ✨🦄✨: No
      [9.10., 14:46] ✨🦄✨: Not possible
      [9.10., 14:47] ✨🦄✨: I'll say it now for the last time on Monday a bank transfer or no money.
      [9.10., 14:47] Chris Gordon: Okay
      [9.10., 14:48] Chris Gordon: I will send an account okay
      [9.10., 14:51] Chris Gordon: Can you send it to a PayPal account
      [9.10., 14:52] Chris Gordon: On Monday
      [9.10., 14:54] ✨🦄✨: Nope
      [9.10., 14:55] ✨🦄✨: I don't use PayPal
      [9.10., 14:55] Chris Gordon: Just tell me you don’t wanna help me baby
      [9.10., 14:55] ✨🦄✨: 🙄🙄
      [9.10., 14:56] ✨🦄✨: Give me a bank account and you will see I help you
      [9.10., 15:29] Chris Gordon: Can you send me the money through money gram
      [9.10., 15:29] ✨🦄✨: 🤦🏻‍♀️
      [9.10., 15:30] Chris Gordon: Cause you don’t understand
      [9.10., 15:30] Chris Gordon: I don’t have a bank account for now
      [9.10., 15:30] Chris Gordon: And I told you that already but you don’t wanna help me that’s why you kept asking for account Num
      [9.10., 15:31] ✨🦄✨: Today is Saturday, you have until Monday
      [9.10., 15:31] Chris Gordon: I don’t have an account for now
      [9.10., 15:31] Chris Gordon: And if you don’t wanna help me just say so okay
      [9.10., 15:31] Chris Gordon: Bye
      [9.10., 15:32] ✨🦄✨: I will send you the money immediately on Monday by bank transfer, otherwise it is not possible for me
      [9.10., 15:32] ✨🦄✨: If you don't want that, you're out of luck, not me
      [9.10., 15:32] ✨🦄✨: Bye
      [9.10., 15:46] Chris Gordon: And whose bank account should I use
      [9.10., 15:46] Chris Gordon: You are smart has anyone ever told you that
      [9.10., 15:46] Chris Gordon: I know this is a way o saying no
      [9.10., 15:47] ✨🦄✨: It's fine
      [9.10., 15:47] ✨🦄✨: Go away
      [9.10., 15:48] ✨🦄✨: For the last time, this is the only way for me to help you
      [9.10., 15:48] Chris Gordon: No you don’t wanna help me
      [9.10., 15:49] Chris Gordon: If you can go to western union it’s okay that means you don’t wanna help me
      [9.10., 15:50] ✨🦄✨: If you say so go away and text me never again
      [9.10., 15:52] Chris Gordon: Okay
      [9.10., 15:55] ✨🦄✨: Even if my heart breaks now, go away and never write to me again. When you say something like that, you never loved me and only played with me.
      [9.10., 15:55] ✨🦄✨: Bye
      [9.10., 15:57] Chris Gordon: I love you wholeheartedly but I don’t have an account now
      [9.10., 15:57] Chris Gordon: I told you everything that happened
      [9.10., 15:59] Chris Gordon: Okay babe just try opening trust wallet it’s a bitcoin app
      [9.10., 15:59] Chris Gordon: So you can send it to me through there baby
      [9.10., 16:01] ✨🦄✨: Go away
      [9.10., 16:01] Chris Gordon: No
      [9.10., 16:01] Chris Gordon: I love you okay
      [9.10., 17:49] Chris Gordon: Hey baby
      [9.10., 18:11] ✨🦄✨: What do you want?
      You think I don't want to help you
      [9.10., 19:02] Chris Gordon: Yeah cause you don’t wanna send it through any other means
      [9.10., 19:02] Chris Gordon: That’s why baby
      [9.10., 19:03] ✨🦄✨: Because that's not possible for me
      [9.10., 19:04] ✨🦄✨: But I have an idea. I'll take time off next week, book a flight to Boston and come to you and bring the money. Then I am with you and can help you.perfekte Idee, oder?
      [9.10., 19:07] Chris Gordon: I wanna be with you but i don’t want you to be in trouble because of me
      [9.10., 19:08] Chris Gordon: Cause I care about you a lot
      [9.10., 19:08] Chris Gordon: Hope you understand
      [9.10., 19:09] ✨🦄✨: No matter how I want and can help, you don't like it
      [9.10., 19:09] ✨🦄✨: That makes me sad
      [9.10., 19:09] ✨🦄✨: I would love to do it for you
      [9.10., 19:09] ✨🦄✨: I book a flight, all no problem for me
      [9.10., 19:09] Chris Gordon: I want us to be together but I don’t wanna get you in trouble
      [9.10., 19:10] ✨🦄✨: That's not a trouble for me
      [9.10., 19:12] Chris Gordon: Babe don’t stress yourself coming here okay
      [9.10., 19:13] ✨🦄✨: You stress me out
      [9.10., 19:13] Chris Gordon: Okay babe I will send you a Germany account I have a friend over there that I trust na dann her damit
      [9.10., 19:14] Chris Gordon: If that’s okay by you babe
      [9.10., 19:15] Chris Gordon: Are you there baby
      [9.10., 19:18] ✨🦄✨: I'm here
      [9.10., 19:19] Chris Gordon: Baby you can come here after all this is settled but for now please don’t
      [9.10., 20:26] ✨🦄✨: Ok

    • Waylotha hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Jean Paul Henry Santos" geschrieben. 09.10.2021

      Hab nachgedacht, ich überweise ihm natürlich 500 Dollar

      [9.10., 05:33] Chris Gordon: Hi baby
      [9.10., 08:44] ✨🦄✨: Good morning baby
      [9.10., 08:46] Chris Gordon: Morning my love
      [9.10., 08:49] Chris Gordon: How was your night
      [9.10., 09:07] ✨🦄✨: I didn't sleep so well
      [9.10., 09:08] Chris Gordon: Why is that baby
      [9.10., 09:08] Chris Gordon: Ohh okay babe☹️
      [9.10., 09:09] Chris Gordon: So what’s your reply
      [9.10., 09:16] ✨🦄✨: I will help you
      [9.10., 09:16] ✨🦄✨: But now it's weekend
      [9.10., 09:17] Chris Gordon: Thanks baby
      [9.10., 09:17] Chris Gordon: How much are you gonna give me
      [9.10., 09:18] ✨🦄✨: €500
      [9.10., 09:19] Chris Gordon: Ok thanks babe
      [9.10., 09:19] Chris Gordon: I love you more and more
      [9.10., 09:51] ✨🦄✨: How should I send you the money
      [9.10., 09:52] ✨🦄✨: Now it's weekend that's not possible, but on, Monday
      [9.10., 09:54] ✨🦄✨: Do you give me
      a bank account for that
      [9.10., 09:55] Chris Gordon: No babe
      [9.10., 09:55] Chris Gordon: US bank don’t accept Euro ja genau
      [9.10., 09:56] Chris Gordon: So use it to get a razor gold I will turn it to moneynoch nie gehört
      [9.10., 09:57] ✨🦄✨: Of course, the US banks accept euros. I send Euros and you get dollars credited to your account kenne mich aus
      [9.10., 09:58] Chris Gordon: Are you sure about that
      [9.10., 09:58] Chris Gordon: Cause I told you my account was freeze
      [9.10., 09:59] Chris Gordon: Just get the card baby😔nein...
      [9.10., 09:59] ✨🦄✨: I'm sure, This wouldn't be the first time I've sent money to America
      [9.10., 10:00] ✨🦄✨: You probably have a friend who has an account
      [9.10., 10:00] Chris Gordon: They all left me😭😭
      [9.10., 10:00] Chris Gordon: They are all fakers
      [9.10., 10:00] Chris Gordon: You are all I have
      [9.10., 10:03] ✨🦄✨: If I help you, then only that I send you money by bank transfernur so oder gar nicht.
      [9.10., 10:03] Chris Gordon: And I also don’t trust them they can run away with the money babe
      [9.10., 10:03] ✨🦄✨: Well then I can't help youdas tut mir jetzt aber sehr leid
      [9.10., 10:04] ✨🦄✨: Sorry about that
      [9.10., 10:04] Chris Gordon: Okay I will find an account babygeht doch
      [9.10., 10:04] Chris Gordon: Will you still help me
      [9.10., 10:05] ✨🦄✨: I said I'll help you, but only by bank transfer
      [9.10., 10:05] Chris Gordon: Okay babe
      [9.10., 10:05] Chris Gordon: Love you
      [9.10., 10:07] Chris Gordon: I will repay you for this baby
      [9.10., 10:09] ✨🦄✨: Ok
      [9.10., 10:16] Chris Gordon: Yeah love
      [9.10., 10:17] ✨🦄✨: I'm waiting
      [9.10., 10:18] Chris Gordon: For the account right
      [9.10., 10:18] Chris Gordon: I just have to find it
      [9.10., 10:18] Chris Gordon: Am gonna send it to you before Monday

    • Waylotha hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Jean Paul Henry Santos" geschrieben. 08.10.2021

      Also so ne Story ist mir neu

      [8.10., 21:06] Chris Gordon: Just call me when you are ready I wanna tell you something important😭
      [8.10., 22:29] Chris Gordon: Am down baby
      [8.10., 22:29] Chris Gordon: My bar and restaurant was closed up
      [8.10., 22:29] Chris Gordon: I have no money on me
      [8.10., 22:30] Chris Gordon: Am down baby
      [8.10., 22:34] ✨🦄✨: Oh no so sorry, but why closed ?
      [8.10., 22:34] Chris Gordon: They caught some guys with drugs
      [8.10., 22:34] Chris Gordon: They think am a dealer
      [8.10., 22:35] Chris Gordon: U know Americans are racists
      [8.10., 22:35] Chris Gordon: Am so fucked up
      [8.10., 22:36] ✨🦄✨: Unbelievable
      [8.10., 22:36] Chris Gordon: Meaning
      [8.10., 22:37] ✨🦄✨: Crazy
      [8.10., 22:39] Chris Gordon: Why do you say that
      [8.10., 22:40] ✨🦄✨: Why not, it's really a crazy situation
      [8.10., 22:41] Chris Gordon: Yeah
      [8.10., 22:42] ✨🦄✨: What are you going to do?
      [8.10., 22:42] Chris Gordon: I don’t know baby
      [8.10., 22:43] Chris Gordon: They said am paying a fine of $2000 where do I see that
      [8.10., 22:43] Chris Gordon: Am so fucked up
      [8.10., 22:44] ✨🦄✨: 😕
      [8.10., 22:46] Chris Gordon: And my account has been freeze I don’t know any means to get some money
      [8.10., 22:46] Chris Gordon: Even if it’s $500
      [8.10., 22:46] Chris Gordon: Can you lend me that
      [8.10., 22:46] Chris Gordon: Am paying back later
      [8.10., 22:46] Chris Gordon: I promise
      [8.10., 22:57] Chris Gordon: Are you there😭
      [8.10., 23:11] ✨🦄✨: I think about it over night

      500 Dollar also.. Na mal schauen

    • Waylotha hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Joel G." geschrieben. 08.10.2021

      Handy kaputt, aber von, mir gibt's keine Kohle

      [7.10., 20:21] Sunny Stoianov: Babe am sorry I won’t be constant online I had to look for money to work on my phone
      [7.10., 20:22] Sunny Stoianov: It fell down today at work so am using my pc to chat you
      [7.10., 20:33] ✨🦄✨: Oh that's really bad
      [7.10., 20:33] ✨🦄✨: So we can't call anymore
      [7.10., 21:04] Sunny Stoianov: Am not happy right now
      [7.10., 21:04] ✨🦄✨: Why
      [7.10., 21:04] Sunny Stoianov: Because of my phone
      [7.10., 21:05] Sunny Stoianov: And it’s a new iPhone12 pro max
      [7.10., 21:08] ✨🦄✨: So sad
      [7.10., 21:11] ✨🦄✨: But I can't change it
      [7.10., 21:16] Sunny Stoianov: Honey I don’t have much money to change it
      [7.10., 21:16] Sunny Stoianov: I would have do that if I have much money
      [7.10., 21:21] ✨🦄✨: And what do you want to tell me
      [7.10., 21:22] Sunny Stoianov: I don’t get you honey
      [7.10., 21:53] ✨🦄✨: I thought you wanted to ask me for money
      [7.10., 21:56] Sunny Stoianov: I can’t do that I will rather wait till I get my next cheque
      [7.10., 21:56] Sunny Stoianov: If my friend can’t help me with it
      [7.10., 21:58] ✨🦄✨: Okay that's better
      [8.10., 12:40] Sunny Stoianov: How was your night honey
      [8.10., 13:24] ✨🦄✨: I slept well
      [8.10., 17:17] Sunny Stoianov: Babe am fine am just leaving the Engineer office I mean the one I give my phone for repair
      [8.10., 17:17] Sunny Stoianov: But he insists on collecting $500 I already pay him $300 so it’s remaining $200
      [8.10., 18:09] ✨🦄✨: Ok
      [8.10., 19:15] Sunny Stoianov: Yeah baby
      [8.10., 19:29] ✨🦄✨: I can't send you money
      [8.10., 21:28] Sunny Stoianov: So tell me why do you always think am after your money are you really sure that you love me
      [8.10., 21:34] ✨🦄✨: Baby I never told you I love you
      I told you, I like you very much
      [8.10., 21:46] Sunny Stoianov: No problem
      [8.10., 21:47] Sunny Stoianov: It’s fine
      [8.10., 21:50] ✨🦄✨: And why do I think so?
      Simply because you always tell me that you don't have money or the phone
      [8.10., 21:50] Sunny Stoianov: It was just last night I told you about this
      [8.10., 21:51] Sunny Stoianov: And as my girlfriend I have to tell you what is going on with me …But you thought am going to ask you for money
      [8.10., 21:53] Sunny Stoianov: I will rather beg my guy and if they don’t have them I will wait till I have
      [8.10., 21:53] Sunny Stoianov: Because I don’t want whereby someone will think am a beggar or am asking for money
      [8.10., 21:55] ✨🦄✨: Ok
      [8.10., 21:55] Sunny Stoianov: Yeah

    • Waylotha hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Jean Paul Henry Santos" geschrieben. 08.10.2021

      Zitat von Anni60 im Beitrag #5

      eine Blitzbirne

      Ja, aber ne richtige Blitzbirne

      Der hat heute in seinem WhatsApp Status ein Foto, nehme an, das ist er selbst. Ganz junger Afrikaner, Badelatschen...



    • Waylotha hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Jean Paul Henry Santos" geschrieben. 08.10.2021

      Hab ihn nun auf whatsapp, nigerianische Nummer

      Hab nicht nachgefragt

      @Butterfly @Anni60

      +234 913 604 0755

    • Waylotha hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Sgt. Tyler Thomas" geschrieben. 02.10.2021

      Kann geschlossen werden, er hat mich blockiert, nachdem ich sagte, ich bin kein Single

      @killerbiene @Kiki1308

    • Waylotha hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Sgt. Tyler Thomas" geschrieben. 02.10.2021

      Ganz einfach, mich schreibt jemand auf tik tok an, auf englisch. Nichts außergewöhnliches, und ehrlich, ich gehe vor allem auf dieser Plattform nicht von einem Scammer aus, also antworte ich auch auf englisch und schreibe so mit ihm.

      Ich habe einige deutsche Baits, diese sind beiweitem nicht so lustig (für mich) und sorry, ich mache es nunmal aus Spaß. Diese Grundsatz Diskussion hatten wir jetzt schon oft.
      Wenn ihr sie Zeit und Lust habt, 10 Minuten auf eine Antwort zu warten, dann ist es okay. Ich habe es nicht und ich habe daran auch keinen Spaß.

      Ich poste hier schon so gut wie keine Chats mehr genau aus diesem Grund, nur noch wichtige Daten. Ich poste hier gern die Daten, die ich erhalte... Aber dabei wird es größtenteils bleiben mittlerweile.

    • Waylotha hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Sgt. Tyler Thomas" geschrieben. 02.10.2021

      [[File:daniel1.jpg|none|auto]][[File:daniel.jpg|none|auto]] [[File:Daniel James.jpeg]]

    • Waylotha hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Joel G." geschrieben. 02.10.2021

      I’m from Maimi Florida
      Am a drilling contractor

      umd heute erzählt er mir, dass er ein kind hat. Davon wusste ich noch nichts

      [2.10., 14:17] Sunny Stoianov: Honey I can’t wait to see my kid it been long I saw him
      [2.10., 14:17] 💫✨🦄✨💫: Oh how long
      [2.10., 14:17] Sunny Stoianov: Almost 1year now
      [2.10., 14:20] Sunny Stoianov: The name of is school is …The city school international
      [2.10., 14:22] 💫✨🦄✨💫: I'm a little confused, you haven't told me about a kid yet
      [2.10., 14:22] Sunny Stoianov: Yeah honey that why am telling you now so you won’t be confuse
      [2.10., 14:23] 💫✨🦄✨💫: I don't like that
      [2.10., 14:23] Sunny Stoianov: How which am still using my former phone I would have show his picture
      [2.10., 14:23] Sunny Stoianov: Sorry about that sweetheart my bad
      [2.10., 14:23] 💫✨🦄✨💫: You should have told me that
      [2.10., 14:24] Sunny Stoianov: Don’t worry am going to talk to granny so she can send me his picture then I can show you
      [2.10., 14:24] 💫✨🦄✨💫: I don't want a man with kids, I'm happy that my kids are grown up and I can live my life without just being a mother all the time
      [2.10., 14:25] Sunny Stoianov: But honey we don’t stay together
      [2.10., 14:25] Sunny Stoianov: And he is not a kid anymore
      [2.10., 14:26] 💫✨🦄✨💫: How old
      [2.10., 14:26] Sunny Stoianov: So you don’t need to worry about that huh
      [2.10., 14:27] Sunny Stoianov: He is going to be 24 next month hahahaha... Da hat er aber die Kurve bekommen
      [2.10., 14:27] Sunny Stoianov: So honey you don’t need to be worried huh
      [2.10., 14:27] Sunny Stoianov: He is not going to stay with us
      [2.10., 14:28] Sunny Stoianov: He has been with my granny since he was a kid

      der sieht selbst aus wie 24 und hat einen 24 jährigen Sohn

    • Waylotha hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Joel G." geschrieben. 01.10.2021

      Gestern hat er mir unaufgefordert eine Voice Note gesendet und ne tolle Ausrede für seinen Akzent

      [30.9., 23:21] Sunny Stoianov: Okay I can plead or beg there management here if they would allow me to do video call here because we are on contract here so they didn’t allow us here to do that
      [30.9., 23:21] Sunny Stoianov: But I can plead if they are going to accept maybe I can do that
      [30.9., 23:22] Sunny Stoianov: Because it seems like you are doubting me
      [30.9., 23:22] 💫✨🦄✨💫: Okay at the moment I'm happy with the voice note
      [30.9., 23:22] 💫✨🦄✨💫: No why
      [30.9., 23:22] Sunny Stoianov: I thought you were doubting me
      [30.9., 23:22] 💫✨🦄✨💫: I just want to hear your voice
      [30.9., 23:22] Sunny Stoianov: You know I have accent
      [30.9., 23:22] 💫✨🦄✨💫: Thats all
      [30.9., 23:23] 💫✨🦄✨💫: What accent?
      [30.9., 23:23] Sunny Stoianov: I grow up with my granny at Dubai that’s why
      [30.9., 23:24] 💫✨🦄✨💫: Yeah
      [30.9., 23:24] 💫✨🦄✨💫: My English is not so perfect, I can't speak English so well
      [30.9., 23:24] Sunny Stoianov: Am going to teach you that honey
      [30.9., 23:25] Sunny Stoianov: Or do you want to talk to me like on call before going to bed?
      [30.9., 23:26] 💫✨🦄✨💫: Maybe tomorrow

    • Waylotha hat das Thema "Scamprofile / RPO Joel G." erstellt. 01.10.2021


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