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      Hallo @Arwen1310 Ich bin im Moment aus Zeitgründen nicht im Forum tätig. Bitte verlinke bei Informationen immer einen Moderator.

      LG Funny

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      @killerbiene Das Paket ist natürlich leer angekommen und es war meine Schuld, ich hätte es leer geschickt. Zuletzt wollte er, dass ich Amazon Karten im Wert von 2000€ pro Tag kaufe, bis die 20000€ voll sind, habe mich natürlich geweigert. Dann hat er mich noch beschimpft und ich habe Ihm gesagt er soll mich blockieren, hat er na klar nicht.
      Mal schauen, ob er nochmal kommt

      [8.1., 11:12] Kennedy: Please do this shipment today anouk.
      [8.1., 11:13] Kennedy: I told you I never received any package yet. It’ll come on monday. It’s sure can you see it now.
      [8.1., 11:14] Kennedy: Do this today to that address so I can get it on time and at least make a payment down.
      [8.1., 11:14] Kennedy: Why are you doing this
      [8.1., 12:19] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Good morning
      [8.1., 12:19] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Do you think I've 20000€ under my bed or in the pocket?
      [8.1., 12:20] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: We wait until the package arrives in Madrid
      [8.1., 12:20] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Next shipment is only to Madrid too
      [8.1., 12:20] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Have a nice day
      [8.1., 12:21] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I've lots of things to do today and this evening I'm invited by my sister
      [8.1., 12:42] Kennedy: Sometimes I even doubt if you do think things through before you say them.
      [8.1., 12:42] Kennedy: I get this package on monday which is sure. The delivery company already stated that which you’ve seen.
      [8.1., 12:45] Kennedy: But again I need to make a payment together. I can’t make just the 20000€ payments. I need to make the whole payments together. Reason why i needed you to do this today. At least sometimes try and listen to me. You’re not always right.
      [8.1., 15:08] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: That's how I prepare 20000 € at home

      video von einer Nudelmaschine, die aus Blättern Geld produziert

      [8.1., 15:12] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: It's winter time no leaves on the trees
      [8.1., 15:33] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I can send you the roller, then you can print it yourself with leaves from orange trees in Madrid
      [8.1., 16:45] Kennedy: Sometimes I only wish I can only be heard by you babe.
      [8.1., 16:46] Kennedy: I’m the one suffering so much for this and not you. You have no idea how much I pray and wish all this come to an end so We can also experience a brighter light and a lovely relationship. But oh well. I really wish this.
      [8.1., 16:48] Kennedy: I just pray after this whole 100000€ is resolved. We can get back to experience a peaceful lovely and beautiful relationship together. You just won’t understand how it Is for me here babe.
      [8.1., 18:42] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I think you should go to church tomorrow to pray that everything will be better from Monday
      [8.1., 18:43] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I leave to have dinner with my sister
      [8.1., 18:43] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Have a nice evening
      [8.1., 18:44] Kennedy: Of course eeeything is already fine by monday. Why are you having a second doubt? You sent the 20000€ inside. Right?
      [8.1., 18:45] Kennedy: Everything is fine. You can see it and track it. It’ll be delivered on monday. Safely.
      [8.1., 18:46] Kennedy: What I want you to do first thing on monday is to please go to the Deutsch post and deliver it to that address I sent you and do everything as you did for the first one.
      [9.1., 09:07] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Wow Not even good morning?
      [9.1., 09:54] Kennedy: Good morning babe
      [9.1., 09:54] Kennedy: Haven’t been online
      [9.1., 09:55] Kennedy: Happy Sunday and a beautiful week ahead.
      [9.1., 09:55] Kennedy: How was your time with your sister?
      [9.1., 10:02] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Happy Sunday too
      [9.1., 10:02] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Great we had a lot of fun
      [9.1., 10:06] Kennedy: Okay dear
      [9.1., 10:06] Kennedy: That’s nice.
      [9.1., 10:06] Kennedy: How was your night. Hope you slept well and you’re doing okay this morning?
      [9.1., 10:07] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Yes thank you
      [9.1., 12:00] Kennedy: Okay
      [9.1., 12:00] Kennedy: What are your plans for the day,do you have so much on your schedules today?
      [9.1., 12:57] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I've been on the construction ground already to prepare everything for tomorrow
      [9.1., 15:24] Kennedy: Okay
      [9.1., 15:25] Kennedy: Work commence there tomorrow again right?
      [9.1., 15:35] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Right
      [9.1., 15:36] Kennedy: Okay
      [9.1., 15:37] Kennedy: Have you had your lunch?
      [9.1., 15:37] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Yez
      [9.1., 15:38] Kennedy: Okay
      [9.1., 15:39] Kennedy: When u arranged the money in the package,you kept the entire 20000€ in the chocolates? Or you had other things inside you kept the money in dear?
      [9.1., 15:41] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I don't arrange anything for instance until I've the proof money arrived in Spain
      [9.1., 15:41] Kennedy: Oh Goodness. This money arrived in Spain already and will be delivered tomorrow. I showed you already?
      [9.1., 15:41] Kennedy: Here
      [9.1., 15:41] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Yes I know
      [9.1., 15:42] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: First I want a proof
      [9.1., 15:43] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: And from tomorrow until Wednesday I've to be on the construction ground
      [9.1., 15:44] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: The heavy load crane comes tomorrow at 6 am to put the house parts on the platform
      [9.1., 15:44] Kennedy: Okay. I’m talking about the previous one. Like this one that will be received tomorrow. Did you arrange the entire 20000€ inside the chocolates?
      [9.1., 15:44] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: No
      [9.1., 15:44] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: You know I've to go to the bank
      [9.1., 15:45] Kennedy: Honey can you at least understand me. How did you arrange the money in this package. All was not kept inside then chocolates pack right?
      [9.1., 15:45] Kennedy: How did you then arrange it?
      [9.1., 15:46] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: All was inside the chocolate packs
      [9.1., 15:47] Kennedy: Were they able to fit in? From your pictures they were just 5 packs you bought right?
      [9.1., 15:48] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Yes of course 4000 each
      [9.1., 15:49] Kennedy: Okay.Honey you know you have to do this other one tomorrow. You need to try.
      [9.1., 15:49] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: No
      [9.1., 15:49] Kennedy: Come on. You said today. Monday
      [9.1., 15:49] Kennedy: Do you know I’m the one to suffer for it?
      [9.1., 15:49] Kennedy: At least everything must not go your way. Listen to me please. For once
      [9.1., 15:49] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: 👆
      [9.1., 15:50] Kennedy: How long will it take you to go to the Deutsche post and drop the package. It won’t take long and you drive again to the site. Then from the receipt I can track it from here. That’s all.
      [9.1., 15:50] Kennedy: At least hear me
      [9.1., 15:51] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: No
      [9.1., 15:51] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I've to make an appointment at the bank before
      [9.1., 15:54] Kennedy: Honey come on. It’s just to get the 20000€,. You can do all that tomorrow. It won’t take long. I wish sometimes you for once listen to me. My plight. All that can be done tomorrow. You can call them in the morning even before you reach the bank.
      [9.1., 15:55] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: No
      [9.1., 15:55] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I need to be on the construction ground the whole day
      [9.1., 15:55] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I'm not your slave
      [9.1., 15:56] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: It's the 1st time in my life that I built a house
      [9.1., 15:56] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I need to be there
      [9.1., 15:57] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: You can send me a message tomorrow with the proof of receipt of the money
      [9.1., 15:58] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I'll see on Tuesday to call the bank for an appointment
      [9.1., 16:00] Kennedy: Of course this is not a problem. It’ll get here. That’s for sure.
      [9.1., 16:01] Kennedy: Anouk. See I deal with time. I don’t have that much time on me now. Believe me. I need you to do that tomorrow so before Wednesday I get everything. It takes two days from the address I sent.
      [9.1., 16:01] Kennedy: That’s it
      [9.1., 16:01] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: No
      [9.1., 16:01] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I don't repeat myself self hundreds of time
      [9.1., 16:02] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Have a nice afternoon
      [9.1., 16:03] Kennedy: You’re not helping me by doing this. I’m the one suffering for it. I’m supposed to make both deposit this week. Please anouk.
      [9.1., 16:04] Kennedy: Don’t be so difficult I’m the one who knows how it is here with me.
      [9.1., 16:04] Kennedy: 30mins won’t take so much from you.
      [9.1., 20:31] Kennedy: Good evening honey
      [9.1., 20:46] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Good evening and good night
      [10.1., 05:17] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Good morning dear
      [10.1., 05:17] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I'm up to the construction ground
      [10.1., 05:17] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I won't be online the whole day
      [10.1., 05:17] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Please send me the proof of receipt of the money
      [10.1., 05:18] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Have a nice day
      [10.1., 07:22] Kennedy: Good morning
      [10.1., 07:22] Kennedy: But why are you doing this,you’re supposed to mail the other one today. At least within 30mins.
      [10.1., 07:22] Kennedy: Mail it to the new address I gave you. At least this saves me time.
      [10.1., 07:23] Kennedy: So I can get this done this new week.
      [10.1., 11:20] Kennedy: God I can’t believe you.
      [10.1., 11:20] Kennedy: So you could send me an empty package.
      [10.1., 11:20] Kennedy: I’m been mocked here at my office.
      [10.1., 11:21] Kennedy: I will never ever forgive you.
      [10.1., 11:21] Kennedy: Don’t worry.
      [10.1., 11:21] Kennedy: Thank u for everything. You won
      [10.1., 11:21] Kennedy: You always win.

      [10.1., 11:24] Kennedy: I hate you for this.
      [10.1., 11:32] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Listen I just saw your message
      [10.1., 11:32] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: The package wasn't empty
      [10.1., 11:33] Kennedy: You’re wicked and evil.
      [10.1., 11:33] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: 20000€ inside 700 gramm it's mentioned on the receipt
      [10.1., 11:33] Kennedy: You’ll be smiling now right
      [10.1., 11:34] Kennedy: Of course sure.
      [10.1., 11:34] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: You are a fool I lost 20000€??
      [10.1., 11:34] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I told you it's dangerous to send money by DHL
      [10.1., 11:34] Kennedy: You’ve done the worse to me. You didn’t only fool me. You made mockery of me with my colleagues. I regret ever knowing you.
      [10.1., 11:35] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Ashole
      [10.1., 11:35] Kennedy: You’re happy.Congratulations. I’ll rather starve to death here than waste my time with an evil person like you pretending to be a helper.
      [10.1., 11:35] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: The money was inside
      [10.1., 11:36] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Show me the package
      [10.1., 11:36] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Show me the package
      [10.1., 11:37] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Why should I send an empty package???
      [10.1., 11:37] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I've lost the money 💸
      [10.1., 11:39] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: That's more important than your fucking allegations
      [10.1., 11:39] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: You are the devil asking me to send money by a package
      [10.1., 11:40] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: There's no insurance for the money
      [10.1., 11:43] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: You are not even worthy that I still talk to you
      [10.1., 11:54] Kennedy: You can call me any names you wanna. But the only thing I have to say is. The doubt I’m having is maybe the money was taking out by the customs
      [10.1., 11:55] Kennedy: That is the reason why I’m sending you a German address because they are no customs. And it’s within two days.
      [10.1., 11:55] Kennedy: If really you truly wanna send me this money. Send that other 20000€ to the other German address I sent. There are no customs and it will be delivered. If you really really care.
      [10.1., 11:56] Kennedy: I’m paying you back this 100000€. Send the 20000€ tomorrow to that other address. Let me know if you’re true.
      [10.1., 11:59] Kennedy: If you insist you won’t do it,then I know you never did this first one. Do it and when she gets it and confirms it,then I’ll know you’re true with words. Either this or you allow your bank make the payments to an account I’ll send you.
      [10.1., 11:59] Kennedy: Anything short of this and you know you won’t do any again. Please ignore my messages or probably delete me and block me. That’s all. You’ve done enough.
      [10.1., 12:00] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
      [10.1., 12:20] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: First I've to get over this
      [10.1., 12:21] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I can't believe that I lost the money
      [10.1., 12:21] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Second I won't send any more package it's all scanned
      [10.1., 12:22] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Third I won't send any money by bank account
      [10.1., 12:22] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: You have to find another solution
      [10.1., 12:23] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: And now Ive to concentrate what's happening on the construction ground
      [11.1., 13:02] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: You love me sooooo much 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
      [11.1., 13:18] Kennedy: Thank you for fooling me all along.
      [11.1., 13:19] Kennedy: This is all I have to say.
      [11.1., 13:20] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Fooling you
      [11.1., 13:20] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: ?
      [11.1., 13:21] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I lost 20 000 € because of you?
      [11.1., 13:21] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: You have to apologize for this fucking idea to send money by DHL
      [11.1., 13:22] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: It was your idea not mine
      [11.1., 13:23] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Everything was my fault????
      [11.1., 13:24] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I lost 20000, my accounts are on supervision and the police nearly arrested me
      All my fault?????
      [11.1., 16:12] Kennedy: I’m paying the full amount of 100000€ back to you.
      [11.1., 17:14] Kennedy: Now what I want you to do is for you to go get the 20000€.
      [11.1., 17:15] Kennedy: Buy cards for me everyday. Each day you get me 2000€ worth of amazon cards. until it’s complete.
      [11.1., 17:16] Kennedy: Buy them at any denomination available. Weather 100€ or 200€ or 500€ or 50€. Make sure it completes 2000€ with their receipts.
      [11.1., 17:17] Kennedy: Send them to me. Daily. Amazon cards with their receipts. Scratch the pin out successfully,Take a picture of it and send to me.
      [11.1., 17:30] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: 😳😳😳🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

      [11.1., 17:31] Kennedy: Yes only with this I can get this money because now it has to do with me and no third party.
      [11.1., 17:36] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I don't take orders!!!!!!
      [11.1., 17:37] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: And I won't run around in shops to buy kids play cards
      [11.1., 17:38] Kennedy: This is no orders and no kids play cards. This is the only way now because it has to do with me. And no third party. This is my only last hope. If you don’t want it. You can keep your money and even block me. Thanks for everything.
      [11.1., 17:40] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I don't buy kids play cards
      [11.1., 17:41] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Stop it's all enough
      [11.1., 17:41] Kennedy: The only time you’ll hear from me is if I see that you’re serious and you do this. Only then I’ll know you really wanna help.
      [11.1., 17:41] Kennedy: I won’t convince you any further. Thanks for everything.
      [11.1., 17:41] Kennedy: Keep your money
      [11.1., 17:41] Kennedy: Thanks.
      [11.1., 17:41] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Ok then block me
      [11.1., 17:42] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: This is little scammer behaviour
      [11.1., 17:42] Kennedy: Think whatever you want. Thanks for the names.
      [11.1., 17:42] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Block me I can live without you
      [11.1., 17:42] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Block me
      [11.1., 17:43] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Good bye

    • Funny2010 hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Jonathan Spennato" geschrieben. 13.01.2022

      @Anni60 Bankkonten erl. Niane

      [13.1., 10:26] Ken: Guten Morgen Schatz, ich hatte heute einen sehr enttäuschenden Tag. Kam heute Morgen zur Arbeit und ein paar Stunden während der Arbeit wurde meine Maschine verdorben und ging kaputt. Dies ist meine einzige verbleibende Woche und dies muss passieren. Ich bin jetzt wirklich am Boden zerstört, der Ingenieur hat gerade die Maschine routinemäßig überprüft und sagte, es würde mich 6500€ kosten, das zu reparieren. Ich habe keine Ahnung, woher ich das bekommen soll, denn ich habe meine Zulagen noch nicht bezahlt, dies war meine einzige Woche und dann bekomme ich meine Zulagen. Ich bin nur hier, traurig und hilflos, Baby. Ich will dich nicht belästigen, aber ich kann das nicht alleine trinken, es belastet mich, ich musste dich darüber informieren. Ich bin so traurig darüber. Mir fehlen die Worte💔😭😭😢

      [13.1., 10:26] Ken: im Moment habe ich nichts bei mir. Ich hatte gehofft, dass ich mein Taschengeld vor Ende der Woche bekomme. Ich will dich nicht mit meiner Situation belästigen, Schatz, ich brauche deine Hilfe, ich bin in einer schrecklichen und sterbenden Situation, die ich dringend brauche, wenn ich meinen Vertrag jemals erfolgreich abschließen kann. Bitte Schatz, ich brauche dich, um mir mit diesem Geld zu helfen. Ich werde am Ende der Woche zurückzahlen, wenn ich mein Taschengeld bekomme. das ist wirklich dringend Schatz. Ich bin fast in Tränen, weil alle meine Pläne kurz vor dem Abbruch stehen.💔💔😭

      [13.1., 10:26] Ken: Wer redet von Bier? Schatz, ich bekomme diese Woche mein Taschengeld. Ich verdiene über 500000€ für meinen Vertrag, wenn ich ihn erfolgreich abschließe. Sie müssen mich verstehen, dass ich in einer sterbenden Situation bin. Ich kann sogar das Doppelte dieses Betrags bezahlen, wenn ich Ihnen das Geld zurückschicke. hilf mir einfach. denk bitte an mich. Ich brauche deine dringende Hilfe, C.💔💔

      [13.1., 10:26] Ken: Ich werde meinen Kollegen um ein Konto bitten und ich schicke Ihnen das Konto vor dem Schlafengehen, bitte helfen Sie mir morgen, die Zahlungen zu leisten. Ich habe wirklich nicht viel Zeit. Ich möchte diese Woche wirklich alles erfolgreich erledigen und bei dir sein. bitte bemitleide mich und hilf mir c.

      [13.1., 10:26] Ken: Ich wünschte wirklich, diese Worte würden nicht ehrlich von dir kommen. Glaubst du, wenn ich eine Möglichkeit hätte, werde ich dich kontaktieren? Ich hatte keine andere Hoffnung oder Option, deshalb habe ich mich an Sie gewandt. sehr traurig. meine Zulagen. Das ist das Geld, das ich verdiene, nachdem mein Vertrag diese Woche gekommen ist, und damit werde ich es Ihnen zurückzahlen. Caroline, wenn Sie wissen, dass Sie mir wirklich helfen können, tun Sie es bitte. Du bist alles, was ich habe. meine ganzen Pläne sind fast abgeschnitten.

      [13.1., 10:26] Ken: hier sind die Kontodaten, die mir mein Kollege jetzt geschickt hat. Bitte helfen Sie mir, die Zahlungen auf dieses Konto morgen vorzunehmen. Wenn die Zahlung erfolgt ist, erhalten Sie einen Empfangsnachweis. Machen Sie ein Foto von der Quittung, damit ich sie meinem Kollegen als Zahlungsnachweis senden kann. bitte.

      [13.1., 10:26] BBVA





      Banken Spanien (5)

      [13.1., 10:26] ich: Ich kann auf kein ausländisches Konto überweisen

      Ken: alles klar. Ich beantrage ein deutsches Konto. Ich werde es sofort weiterleiten, wenn er es mir schickt.

      [13.1., 10:26] NAME : *

      IBAN : DE94


      BANK NAME : N26

      Banken Deutschland (49)
      [13.1., 10:26] ich: Ok ich rufe morgen die Bank an für einen Termin

      Gestern habe ich ihn blockiert, weil er mir so auf den Senkel geht

      Schwups war er mit der nigerianischen Tel Nr. wieder da +2348108784548

      Hallo, Schatz. Guten Morgen. das ist ken. Das ist das Telefon meiner Kollegen, das ich benutze. Ich kann nicht glauben, wie schnell du mich wegen des Geldes, um das ich dich gebeten habe, blockiert hast. Ich habe noch nie eine Frau so geliebt, wie ich dich liebe und deshalb tut es mir wirklich weh. Die Art und Weise, wie du mich angreifst und anfängst, mich zu hassen, tut mir wirklich weh. Ich liebe dich immer noch, ich habe Pläne mit uns und ich möchte nicht, dass meine Situation oder mein Geld zwischen uns kommen. Bitte entsperren Sie mich. und schreib mir zurück. wir können das durchstehen. Danke.

      Der Typ ist so strunzdumm

      Es ist sehr schwierig vom Iphone etwas zu kopieren, deshalb nur die wichtigsten Auszüge

      Melde die Konten an Alan

    • Funny2010 hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Jonathan Spennato" geschrieben. 08.01.2022

      @killerbiene Gestern Abend gab es Zoff mit mir, ich glaube, das er lügt wegen Susanne, ich schicke das nächste Päckchen erst, wenn das erste angekommen ist und nur nach Spanien, denn dort ist sein Firmensitz

      [6.1., 22:20] Kennedy: Beyond words.
      [7.1., 07:37] Kennedy: Good morning dear
      [7.1., 07:37] Kennedy: Wishing you a beautiful day ahead. I love you so much
      [7.1., 08:31] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Good morning dear
      [7.1., 08:32] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: You have to explain to me why it's Susanne's account and what she has to do with you again
      [7.1., 08:33] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I set up for work now talk to you later
      [7.1., 09:16] Kennedy: No this has nothing to do with susanne.
      [7.1., 09:17] Kennedy: You can confirm from her.
      [7.1., 09:17] Kennedy: Oh because of the name?
      [7.1., 09:18] Kennedy: She’s not the only one answering the name. I have no contact with her. I confirmed it from my colleague.
      [7.1., 09:20] Kennedy: And he also told me that if you wanna do it,please make it a express delivery. Very urgent. Specify it that it should be done within two days.
      [7.1., 09:20] Kennedy: And babe you promised today to go to the post to make confirmations on the previous package you sent,please don’t forget my dear.
      [7.1., 18:29] Kennedy: Good evening babe
      [7.1., 19:14] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Good evening
      [7.1., 19:15] Kennedy: Are you back home now babe?
      [7.1., 19:18] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Yes I'm home
      [7.1., 19:26] Kennedy: Okay
      [7.1., 19:26] Kennedy: How was today?
      [7.1., 19:26] Kennedy: So stressful for you?
      [7.1., 19:26] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: No stress Cool
      [7.1., 19:27] Kennedy: Okay
      [7.1., 19:27] Kennedy: Did you go to dhl for the enquiries of the package?
      [7.1., 19:27] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: How about you?
      [7.1., 19:28] Kennedy: Was okay. Just a normal day for me.
      [7.1., 19:28] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Yes the package is in Spain but German DHL don't get any updates
      [7.1., 19:29] Kennedy: That was what they said to you? Are you sure babe?
      [7.1., 19:29] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: What?
      [7.1., 19:29] Kennedy: They said the package is in Spain?
      [7.1., 19:29] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Yes
      [7.1., 19:29] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Can't you read
      [7.1., 19:30] Kennedy: Did you ask from them an expected delivery day?
      [7.1., 19:30] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: They don't know
      [7.1., 19:30] Kennedy: Okay
      [7.1., 19:30] Kennedy: Thanks
      [7.1., 19:30] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Ok
      [7.1., 19:31] Kennedy: Have you had dinner?
      [7.1., 19:33] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Yes
      [7.1., 21:05] Kennedy: Okay
      [7.1., 21:05] Kennedy: What are you up to now?
      [7.1., 21:06] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: What do you think
      [7.1., 21:07] Kennedy: Watching tv?

      Der Arsch hat gedacht er könnte sich für den Rest des Abends verpissen

      [7.1., 21:08] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: No I'm thinking about the address you gave me
      [7.1., 21:09] Kennedy: I don’t understand. Why are you thinking about it?
      [7.1., 21:09] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Do you think I'm stupid?
      [7.1., 21:09] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: It's Susanne's adress
      [7.1., 21:10] Kennedy: Anouk. Before you conclude. You have her number. Contact her and be sure. Because I don’t know that address. My colleague only sent me that
      [7.1., 21:10] Kennedy: And why are you acting this way?
      [7.1., 21:10] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: She blocked me
      [7.1., 21:10] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Why?
      [7.1., 21:10] Kennedy: How do you expect me to know?
      [7.1., 21:10] Kennedy: She blocked me too.
      Das ich nicht lache
      [7.1., 21:10] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Don't make me laugh
      [7.1., 21:11] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: How are you supposed to know 2 Susanne's living in the same city
      [7.1., 21:13] Kennedy: How am I supposed to know that? Susanne isn’t the only one answering the name susanne.
      [7.1., 21:13] Kennedy: Why are you doing this?
      [7.1., 21:13] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Don't make a fool of me
      [7.1., 21:13] Kennedy: Who’s talking about making a fool?
      [7.1., 21:13] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: You
      [7.1., 21:14] Kennedy: I’m telling you my colleague sent me this address just like he did for Spain. He told me this will take two days. And that’s all. Now you think I know her. How’s that possible. Is it that you don’t trust me?
      [7.1., 21:14] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: No way if I send money only to Spain
      [7.1., 21:15] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: That's where you work
      [7.1., 21:15] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I'll send the money to the same address

      [7.1., 21:15] Kennedy: Like what is wrong with you a?
      [7.1., 21:15] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Nothing
      [7.1., 21:16] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: How come the money to Spain if I send it in Germany
      [7.1., 21:16] Kennedy: I haven’t even gotten the first one yet because of time. I need to make deposit. Reason why my colleague gave me this. Do you think I’ll make a joke about my contract?
      [7.1., 21:16] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Listen if I send money only to Spain
      [7.1., 21:17] Kennedy: This person will send it to my colleague in Spain.
      [7.1., 21:17] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: If you don't agree
      [7.1., 21:17] Kennedy: Can you at least. Listen to me
      [7.1., 21:17] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I can send it by my own
      [7.1., 21:17] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: This is a joke
      [7.1., 21:17] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Why dealing with a third party
      [7.1., 21:18] Kennedy: Oh God!!!! I knew you’ll always make things hard and difficult
      [7.1., 21:18] Kennedy: That’s because it takes time to get to Spain
      [7.1., 21:18] Kennedy: And I need to make deposit
      [7.1., 21:18] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: It'll take the same time
      [7.1., 21:18] Kennedy: It takes two days to get to Germany
      [7.1., 21:18] Kennedy: No not same time. Two days within Germany
      [7.1., 21:18] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Money to Spain or nothing
      [7.1., 21:18] Kennedy: No way. Money to Germany
      [7.1., 21:18] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: And 8 days to Spain
      [7.1., 21:19] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: No
      [7.1., 21:19] Kennedy: Who told you it takes 8days to Spain?
      [7.1., 21:19] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: It's my money
      [7.1., 21:19] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: It still didn't arrive
      [7.1., 21:20] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Or are you lying to me and your colleague received it already
      [7.1., 21:20] Kennedy: Like sometimes I wonder if you even know what you’re saying. When she get it. It’ll send it through bank to my colleague which takes another two days. Can you at least hear me out.
      [7.1., 21:20] Kennedy: What are you saying? If it received won’t I tell you?
      [7.1., 21:20] Kennedy: Dnt you track the package
      [7.1., 21:20] Kennedy: Check it. If it’s delivered you’ll see it there.
      [7.1., 21:21] Kennedy: Why are you even thinking I’ll liE?
      [7.1., 21:21] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: No we can't
      [7.1., 21:21] Kennedy: Who told you that? How do you know that?
      [7.1., 21:21] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Because it takes too long
      [7.1., 21:21] Kennedy: You went to make confirmations today like you said. Right?
      [7.1., 21:21] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: That's what I told you
      [7.1., 21:22] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I don't believe you
      [7.1., 21:22] Kennedy: Do you think I’ll make a joke for my work? Do you really think I’m that stupid.
      [7.1., 21:22] Kennedy: Will I wait so long to make jokes?
      [7.1., 21:23] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: And I send money only to Spain when the first package arrived
      [7.1., 21:23] Kennedy: What are you even saying? Send this package to Germany by monday. Please. You have issues with your bank else I would have preferred you pay it directly via your bank.
      [7.1., 21:23] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: And this discussion is closed
      [7.1., 21:23] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: No
      [7.1., 21:23] Kennedy: At least hear me out. I’m tired of always explaining.
      [7.1., 21:23] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: No
      [7.1., 21:24] Kennedy: Do you know what i stand to lose in all of this a?
      [7.1., 21:24] Kennedy: You know what’s at stake
      [7.1., 21:24] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Do you think I'm a treasure box??
      [7.1., 21:25] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: We wait until the package arrived and then the next step
      [7.1., 21:26] Kennedy: What are you saying? Didn’t I explain all this that I have to make a first payment? I will make both together. Do you think this is funny. Do you know What I stand to lose.
      [7.1., 21:26] Kennedy: Send it to that Germany address.
      [7.1., 21:26] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: No I don't take orders
      [7.1., 21:27] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Good night we wait until the first package arrives
      [7.1., 21:27] Kennedy: I really can’t believe you anouk.
      [7.1., 21:27] Kennedy: Like it’s driving me crazy
      [7.1., 21:28] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: It's my money
      [7.1., 21:28] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Don't forget
      [7.1., 21:28] Kennedy: Send this package to that address s
      [7.1., 21:28] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Good night
      [7.1., 21:28] Kennedy: And so what. Im paying back.
      [7.1., 21:28] Kennedy: It’s a loan
      [7.1., 21:28] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: No
      [7.1., 21:28] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: No
      [7.1., 21:28] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: No
      [7.1., 21:28] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: No
      [7.1., 21:28] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Good night
      [7.1., 21:29] Kennedy: I can’t believe you. At all. After we made an agreement you’re switching off as usual. If you don’t wanna help me. You wouldn’t have even helped me the first time. What’s all this from you.
      [7.1., 21:29] Kennedy: Must we argue
      [7.1., 21:29] Kennedy: By tomorrow you’re to send it to that address.
      [7.1., 21:29] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: No I help you but by my way
      [7.1., 21:30] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: 🖕🖕🖕🖕
      [7.1., 21:30] Kennedy: At least I’m the one to receive this. Not you. This is a faster way. The first package is here. I wanna pay and I need both. Come on. Understand
      [7.1., 21:30] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Lol
      [7.1., 21:30] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Good night
      [7.1., 21:31] Kennedy: I can’t even believe you sometimes. Always this from you. Always.
      [7.1., 21:31] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Where is the first package?????
      [7.1., 21:31] Kennedy: How do I know. Are you crazy? Don’t you track it. Can’t you read when you track it?
      [7.1., 21:31] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: The first package arrived??????
      [7.1., 21:31] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I can't track it
      [7.1., 21:32] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Good night
      [7.1., 21:32] Kennedy: What are you saying?
      [7.1., 21:32] Kennedy: You lie so much
      [7.1., 21:32] Kennedy: You told me you can track it
      [7.1., 21:32] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Never
      [7.1., 21:33] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: They told me it's in Spain but German DHL can't track it anymore
      [7.1., 21:33] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Did you ask from them an expected delivery day?
      [7.1., 21:33] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: They don't know
      [7.1., 21:33] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Fucking bullshit
      [7.1., 21:33] Kennedy: Dhl.de
      [7.1., 21:34] Kennedy: Input the tracking code. CR819947552DE.
      [7.1., 21:34] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
      [7.1., 21:35] Kennedy: I told my colleague that. And he will all the Spanish dhl to confirm tomorrow. da bin ich mal gespannt
      [7.1., 21:35] Kennedy: But if it’s in Spain then it’s all good. We are safe.
      [7.1., 21:35] Kennedy: You need to send the other one to the German address tomorrow
      [7.1., 21:35] Kennedy: Come on.
      [7.1., 21:35] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: No
      [7.1., 21:37] Kennedy: God. You’re so difficult to talk to babe.
      [7.1., 21:37] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Good night
      [7.1., 21:38] Kennedy: Why are you doing this to me. If you wanna help me. Please do. Don’t stress me so much. I’m the one to suffer for it
      [7.1., 21:42] Kennedy: Why are you doing this to Me anouk? Do you I’m suffering for all this.
      [8.1., 07:39] Kennedy: Good morning honey
      [8.1., 07:40] Kennedy: Wishing you a beautiful weekend ahead.

    • Funny2010 hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Jonathan Spennato" geschrieben. 07.01.2022

      @killerbiene Laut DHL Sendungsverfolgung ist das Paket immer noch nicht angekommen. Gehe nachher mal zur Post. Ich werde erstmal ein furchtbares Eifersuchtsdrama wegen Susanne starten und natürlich weiter darauf beharren, dass erst das eine Paket angekommen sein muss. Vielleicht unterschlägt er auch das leere Päckchen, um weiterhin an Geld zu kommen.

      LG Funny

    • Funny2010 hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Jonathan Spennato" geschrieben. 06.01.2022

      @killerbiene "Wichtig" Das Paket ist in Spanien noch nicht angekommen, jetzt soll ich 20 000€ per DHL an Susannes Adresse schicken

      [5.1., 18:43] Kennedy: Good evening deAr.
      [5.1., 18:43] Kennedy: Are you back home now?
      [5.1., 19:01] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Yes
      [5.1., 19:37] Kennedy: How was your day today babe?
      [5.1., 19:37] Kennedy: Hope it wasn’t so stressful for you?
      [5.1., 19:37] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: No very good
      [5.1., 19:38] Kennedy: Okay nice.
      [5.1., 19:38] Kennedy: Have you had your dinner?
      [5.1., 19:38] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Yes and you?
      [5.1., 19:39] Kennedy: I’ll soon.
      [5.1., 19:39] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Ok
      [5.1., 19:39] Kennedy: I was tracking the package earlier.
      [5.1., 19:39] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: And?
      [5.1., 19:39] Kennedy: Still haven’t gotten to Spain. But it reads it’s on its way.
      [5.1., 19:40] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: That's astonishing
      [5.1., 19:40] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Takes very long
      [5.1., 19:40] Kennedy: Exactly my point too.
      [5.1., 19:41] Kennedy: When I tried to look for an estimated date of arrival I got from 8th of January to 14th of January.
      [5.1., 19:42] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Ok
      [5.1., 19:42] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: You know more than me
      [5.1., 19:43] Kennedy: Not really actually. I just browse it online.
      [5.1., 19:44] Kennedy: Don’t you think it will be nice if you contact your local branch you placed the order on the exact date of arrival and also the reason it’s taking so long?
      [5.1., 19:44] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Can I see the screenshot?
      [5.1., 19:45] Kennedy: Okay a min
      [5.1., 19:49] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: And what shall I ask them?
      [5.1., 19:52] Kennedy: Why is it taking so long before it gets to Spain,DHL doesn’t take much days normally,and that you’re worried,they should give you at least an assurance when it’ll be in Spain latest. That’s all dear.
      [5.1., 19:53] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: They can't tell me anything since it's already in Spain
      [5.1., 19:53] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Now it's Spanish DHL
      [5.1., 20:03] Kennedy: It’s not in Spain yet.
      [5.1., 20:04] Kennedy: And also even at that babe,they can still give you a reason why it took so much time because they all work together. And also an estimated delivery date. That’s all
      [5.1., 20:04] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: They can't it's a simple post office
      [5.1., 20:06] Kennedy: Its just an enquiry babe,just to know why taking so long. There isn’t no harm in trying. Let’s just try if we can get any valid info on why and the expected delivery date honey.
      [5.1., 20:06] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: But I don't have the time tomorrow
      [5.1., 20:07] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I'm fully booked
      [5.1., 20:07] Kennedy: Okay.
      [5.1., 20:07] Kennedy: When do you think you may have the time for that babe?
      [5.1., 20:07] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Maybe on Friday
      [5.1., 20:09] Kennedy: Okay no problem.
      [5.1., 20:09] Kennedy: What are you up to now?
      [5.1., 20:10] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Watching TV
      [5.1., 20:27] Kennedy: Okay
      [5.1., 20:27] Kennedy: How’s the weather tonight my dear ?
      [5.1., 20:27] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Cold
      [5.1., 20:28] Kennedy: Wish I was there to warm you up.
      [5.1., 20:28] Kennedy: That’s one of my greatest wish now.
      [5.1., 20:28] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I've a heating blanket
      [5.1., 20:29] Kennedy: My touch would do more justice than the heating blanket babe
      [5.1., 20:29] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Really
      [5.1., 20:30] Kennedy: Trust me. My touch will make the cold weather feel meaningless to you because you won’t even feel it.
      [5.1., 20:30] Kennedy: You can sleep without clothes on me and still get warmed up babe
      [5.1., 20:32] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Maybe one day
      [5.1., 21:20] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: So where are you to warm me up
      [5.1., 21:22] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: You are a chatterbox
      [5.1., 21:39] Kennedy: Come on babe don’t be so rude.
      [5.1., 21:40] Kennedy: I went to have my bath. Don’t call me names.
      [5.1., 21:40] Kennedy: I’ll warm you up immediately i come to Germany. We are gonna be together of course.
      [5.1., 21:40] Kennedy: We’ll have the whole time in this world to ourselves babe.
      [5.1., 21:45] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Sorry you left in the warm up phase
      [5.1., 21:45] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: You are a chatterbox🤪
      [5.1., 22:13] Kennedy: You always tease me babe.
      [5.1., 22:13] Kennedy: 😂
      [5.1., 22:14] Kennedy: Will I ever get a day off when you won’t tease me? Trust me if I’m with you. You won’t wanna have a taste of anyone else than me. I’ll give you the perfect warmth treat you’ll want. Trust me honey
      [6.1., 08:33] Kennedy: Good morning sweetness
      [6.1., 08:33] Kennedy: Wishing you a beautiful day ahead. I love you so much.
      [6.1., 09:17] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Good morning dear
      [6.1., 09:44] Kennedy: Have you had your breakfast honey?
      [6.1., 10:32] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I was in a hurry yes I had breakfast
      [6.1., 17:52] Kennedy: Okay
      [6.1., 17:52] Kennedy: Good evening babe
      [6.1., 17:52] Kennedy: Are you back home from work my dear?
      [6.1., 19:21] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Good evening
      [6.1., 19:21] Kennedy: Are you back home babe?
      [6.1., 19:24] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Yes
      [6.1., 19:29] Kennedy: Okay
      [6.1., 19:29] Kennedy: How was work for you today? Did you have so much on your table?
      [6.1., 19:35] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Lots of paperwork
      [6.1., 19:35] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: And visits with clients
      [6.1., 19:45] Kennedy: Oh okay. My colleague said he will send an address this evening so by tomorrow you mail it. It takes two working days since it’s within Germany.
      [6.1., 19:46] Kennedy: Have you had your dinner yet my dear?
      [6.1., 19:47] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: What do I mail?
      [6.1., 19:47] Kennedy: The 20000€ cash.
      [6.1., 19:48] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Which 20000

      [6.1., 19:48] Kennedy: What are you saying? You were suppose to mail it two days ago. Why are you acting like it’s surprising to you?
      [6.1., 19:49] Kennedy: Here.
      [6.1., 19:49] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I wasn't supposed to do anything
      [6.1., 19:49] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I told you we'll wait until the first package arrives
      [6.1., 19:49] Kennedy: What!!!
      [6.1., 19:50] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: What
      [6.1., 19:51] Kennedy: You know that the first package will arrive. It just takes time. I have to make a deposit. The tracking is there we can see it’s moving. Why wait when I can get all done at once. Please mail the second part to the address I’ll send this evening
      [6.1., 19:51] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Yes maybe but I don't have 20000 € at home
      [6.1., 19:56] Kennedy: Honey the last time you did the shipping you never had the 20000€ at home. It was in the bank and it’s just to take it. You not spending much time there. Just take it and mail it. Two working days it arrives and it’s all settled. Please.
      [6.1., 19:59] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Yes but tomorrow I can't go to the bank
      [6.1., 20:00] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I should have scheduled this
      [6.1., 20:03] Kennedy: Oh goodness. Babe is there no way you can try to do this tomorrow. Put a call or something. Please.
      [6.1., 20:04] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: No I can't cancel important visits
      [6.1., 20:06] Kennedy: You’re not spending the whole day for visits,you have breaks too babe. You can use your breaks to get this done. It won’t take you up to 30mins. Just get it done. Please babe.
      [6.1., 20:07] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Do you really think I stand at heel every time you scream
      [6.1., 20:08] Kennedy: Scream? No I don’t scream.
      [6.1., 20:08] Kennedy: Just a possible suggestions.
      [6.1., 20:08] Kennedy: You know it can be done
      [6.1., 20:08] Kennedy: And I don’t have much time.
      [6.1., 20:08] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: No
      [6.1., 20:08] Kennedy: I wanna quickly get everything settled.
      [6.1., 20:08] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Monday
      [6.1., 20:09] Kennedy: Alright no problem.
      [6.1., 20:10] Kennedy: I guess I’ll tell him he should send the addesss by Sunday evening.
      [6.1., 20:10] Kennedy: What are you up to?
      [6.1., 20:13] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: No give me the address, so I can prepare already the package
      [6.1., 20:16] Kennedy: Okay I’ll send it immediately he sends it to me.
      [6.1., 20:16] Kennedy: Have you had your dinner yet?
      [6.1., 20:20] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Yes thank you and you?
      [6.1., 20:21] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: So I can get the chocolate on Saturday
      [6.1., 20:25] Kennedy: Yes I have. Thanks.
      [6.1., 20:25] Kennedy: Alright then it’s cool. I’ll tell him.
      [6.1., 20:25] Kennedy: How is the weather tonight?
      [6.1., 20:37] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Cold
      [6.1., 20:49] Kennedy: Oh honey sorry about that. Do you know how it feels like,when you say these words and I’m not there.
      [6.1., 20:49] Kennedy: Hopefully soon you’ll never complain of been cold anymore
      [6.1., 20:57] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I've a heating
      [6.1., 21:07] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: If I wait for you I would have been deadly frozen
      [6.1., 21:07] Kennedy: Lol 😂
      [6.1., 21:08] Kennedy: Deadly frozen?
      [6.1., 21:08] Kennedy: But it won’t take so long anymore.
      [6.1., 21:08] Kennedy: You can wait for me. Right?
      [6.1., 21:11] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Well see if I'm not dead before
      [6.1., 21:23] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I'm waiting for the adress
      [6.1., 22:20] Kennedy: No babe you can’t be dead. I’ll be with you soon.
      [6.1., 22:20] Kennedy: I love you so much anouk.
      [6.1., 22:20] Kennedy: Beyond words.
      [6.1., 22:21] Kennedy: Name:
      Address:14806 Bad Belzig Lessing Str 13, Deutschland.
      City:Bad Belzig
      Poster code:14806

      [6.1., 22:21] Kennedy: He just sent this to me my dear
      [6.1., 22:23] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: OK I'm already in bed
      [6.1., 22:23] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Good night
      [6.1., 22:23] Kennedy: Okay honey. Goodnight. Sleep well. I love you so much my dear.
      [6.1., 22:23] Kennedy: ❤️🌹💋
      [6.1., 22:24] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: 😘

    • Funny2010 hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Jonathan Spennato" geschrieben. 05.01.2022

      [[File:Kennedy DHL.jpg|none|auto]]

    • Funny2010 hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Jonathan Spennato" geschrieben. 05.01.2022

      @killerbiene @Kiki1308 Er bettelt und bettelt und er beschimpft mich ständig, erst nochmals 30 000€ per Post, bekomme aber keine Adresse, dann wieder die 80 000 €. Das Paket nach Spanien ist immer noch unterwegs.
      Ich habe mit Susanne noch Weihnachtsgrüsse ausgetauscht, dann hat sich mich aus unerfindlichen Gründen blockiert

      [30.12.2021, 17:15] Kennedy: You unblocked me.
      [30.12.2021, 17:15] Kennedy: Well I hope this news makes you happy.
      [30.12.2021, 17:15] Kennedy: I was told I won’t be allowed to make deposit of 20000€. The minimum after so much time spent which I failed at will be 50000€.
      [30.12.2021, 17:17] Kennedy: If you’re to send anything. You will send 50000€ through cash mail and i will send you the address in germany. Anything short of that. You can keep your money.
      [30.12.2021, 17:17] Kennedy: Thank you so much and I hope you’re happy.
      [30.12.2021, 17:18] Kennedy: God bless you.
      [30.12.2021, 17:24] Kennedy: How much did you send in this?
      [30.12.2021, 17:27] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: 20000 ätsch ich war schneller
      [30.12.2021, 18:27] Kennedy: Okay. Thanks. I sent it to my colleague.
      [30.12.2021, 18:27] Kennedy: Are you back home now?
      [30.12.2021, 19:53] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Yes I'm home
      [30.12.2021, 20:45] Kennedy: Thank you so much for today. I sent them to my colleague already.
      [30.12.2021, 20:46] Kennedy: Were you told how long it takes to get there?
      [30.12.2021, 21:03] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: You can follow the package with the DHL number
      [30.12.2021, 21:22] Kennedy: Okay thanks.
      [30.12.2021, 21:22] Kennedy: Are you angry with me?
      [30.12.2021, 22:17] Kennedy: Why aren’t you saying anything?
      [30.12.2021, 22:19] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: After all what should I say??
      [30.12.2021, 22:20] Kennedy: You don’t seem happy helping me out.
      [30.12.2021, 22:21] Kennedy: Thought you’ll be happy that finally there’s a way for us.
      [30.12.2021, 22:21] Kennedy: Or you don’t me anymore?
      [30.12.2021, 22:22] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I helped your company not you
      [30.12.2021, 22:27] Kennedy: Yes you did. But you seem less happy doing it. I’m giving you back the whole 1000000€ at the end of everything. I signed a deal with you anouk. Remember.
      [30.12.2021, 22:27] Kennedy: And also with interests.
      [30.12.2021, 22:33] Kennedy: What are you doing now?
      [31.12.2021, 08:35] Kennedy: Good morning anouk
      [31.12.2021, 09:19] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Good morning Ken
      [31.12.2021, 09:26] Kennedy: How was your night,did you sleep well dear?
      [31.12.2021, 09:35] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: No I didn't slept well
      [31.12.2021, 09:36] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: My thoughts always revolve around the package with the money
      [31.12.2021, 09:38] Kennedy: But you shouldn’t be worried. It’s gonna get to the destination by next week. It’s for sure. Don’t let that bother you.
      [31.12.2021, 09:38] Kennedy: It’s already been processed and on it’s way.
      [31.12.2021, 09:39] Kennedy: You have to relax yourself. Wished you only ask how long it may take for it to be delivered to the address.
      [31.12.2021, 09:39] Kennedy: And how about your leg that hurt? Is it getting better?
      [31.12.2021, 09:40] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: No
      [31.12.2021, 11:03] Kennedy: Sorry
      [31.12.2021, 11:03] Kennedy: Do you still have some pain killer meds?
      [31.12.2021, 14:23] Kennedy: What have you been up to today?
      [31.12.2021, 16:03] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I had to get groceries
      [31.12.2021, 16:03] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I spend this evening with some friends
      [31.12.2021, 16:04] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Wish you nice new years eve
      [31.12.2021, 16:04] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Let's see what the next year brings
      [31.12.2021, 16:39] Kennedy: Okay dear. Take care and have an amazing New Year’s Eve and a prosperous new year in advance.
      [1.1., 11:23] Kennedy: Good morning dear
      [1.1., 11:23] Kennedy: Wishing you a happy and prosperous new year
      [1.1., 13:47] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Hello Ken
      Tonight I resolved to find a man in 2022 who would carry me on his hands and take care of himself
      As soon as I have my money back, it's over with you, because my life should now have beautiful sides again
      I also wish you good luck for the new year, but without me
      [1.1., 13:50] Kennedy: What do you mean as soon as you have your money back?
      [1.1., 13:52] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: We have a loan contract
      [1.1., 13:53] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: So as soon as I get the 20000 back with interests, it's finished between us
      [1.1., 13:53] Kennedy: What about the balance 80000€?
      [1.1., 13:53] Kennedy: Is this what you ever wanted?
      [1.1., 13:53] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Nothing
      [1.1., 13:53] Kennedy: Nothing? Nothing?
      [1.1., 13:53] Kennedy: Is that what you say?
      [1.1., 13:54] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Nothing
      [1.1., 13:54] Kennedy: Was that the agreement?
      [1.1., 13:55] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I never signed the loan contract, so as soon you send the money back it's over with us
      [1.1., 13:56] Kennedy: What are you saying. You never signed it but you took a loan of 100000€.
      [1.1., 13:56] Kennedy: Why are you acting this way?
      [1.1., 13:56] Kennedy: Is this what you ever wanted?
      [1.1., 13:57] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: That's my money you forget?
      [1.1., 13:57] Kennedy: I knew you were never straight forward.
      [1.1., 13:57] Kennedy: I knew that
      [1.1., 13:57] Kennedy: So now you forgot that I need the entire 100000€.
      [1.1., 13:58] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Whatever the last week's of insults are enough for me to showed me that you only need my money not me
      [1.1., 13:59] Kennedy: Really? Is that what you think?
      [1.1., 13:59] Kennedy: You fooled me for months.
      [1.1., 13:59] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: This was last year and the contract not longer valid
      [1.1., 13:59] Kennedy: What are you saying. Contracts are valid. Very well valid.
      [1.1., 13:59] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: No
      [1.1., 13:59] Kennedy: I can’t believe how you switch up in space of just seconds
      [1.1., 13:59] Kennedy: I can’t believe that
      [1.1., 14:00] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Do what you want
      [1.1., 14:00] Kennedy: If you know you can’t help me then don’t. God I can’t believe you at all. This is 2022 and you’re still with this attitude.
      [1.1., 14:01] Kennedy: You make me wanna spend more months to get the balance 80000
      [1.1., 14:01] Kennedy: I thought you are now serous with me.
      [1.1., 14:01] Kennedy: Never knew I thought wrong.
      [1.1., 14:01] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: You are unable to screw me again
      [1.1., 14:01] Kennedy: Felt were finally gonna be together.
      [1.1., 14:02] Kennedy: Again?
      [1.1., 14:02] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: This time it's over for ever
      [1.1., 14:02] Kennedy: Have you forgotten that if I don’t get the entire money I won’t get my allowances?
      [1.1., 14:02] Kennedy: If it’s ove forever. Then block me. Block me.
      [1.1., 14:02] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: That's your problems not mine
      [1.1., 14:04] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Do whatever you want with the 20000, I'll book it under unconscieness of realities
      [1.1., 14:04] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: You are just behind my money not me
      [1.1., 14:05] Kennedy: Behind your money anouk? For months I’ve been with you even while you filled me and you say behind your money?
      [1.1., 14:05] Kennedy: I just see how wicked you are.
      [1.1., 14:06] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Well think whatever you want this time you will fail with your insults
      [1.1., 14:07] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: My lawyer has been here last night and will help me to get my money back
      [1.1., 14:07] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: And now we stop this discussion
      [1.1., 14:08] Kennedy: If i don’t get the entire money from you anouk,it’s fine. When I get my allowances. I’ll send you back your money.
      [1.1., 14:08] Kennedy: It’s so sad how you switch on me
      [1.1., 14:08] Kennedy: It’s so sad and painful. Very.
      [1.1., 14:08] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Ill start my new year with fun
      [1.1., 14:08] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Take care
      [1.1., 14:09] Kennedy: No problem. Take care. Thanks for making me know that I won’t get the 80000€. I thought you’ve changed. Never knew you’re the same. You never change. You just hate me.
      [1.1., 14:10] Kennedy: Thanks. I’ll send you back your money if I ever get out of this myself
      [1.1., 14:10] Kennedy: I wonder how you can have so much hatred.
      [1.1., 14:10] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: 😘😘😘😘😘
      [1.1., 14:10] Kennedy: Is this all you can say anouk?
      [1.1., 14:11] Kennedy: I still ask myself. Why don’t you just block me when you hate me so much?
      [1.1., 14:12] Kennedy: I’ll get the money by monday or Tuesday. And I don’t know where to go from here. But I promise if I ever get out of this. I’ll send your money back. Thanks for everything. Really sad.
      [1.1., 14:13] Kennedy: I need the other 80000€. If you have any atom of pity for me. Help me. I’ll send you the 200000€ when I get my entire allowances.
      [1.1., 14:15] Kennedy: Please by monday send me the 30000€ to the address. Same way you did for this So I can revive my contract. Then we can get the others. Please help me anouk. You’re all I have and I love you so much baby
      [1.1., 14:23] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: No
      [1.1., 16:35] Kennedy: Sometimes I wonder when you claim you tell me you love me if you were ever real. Because how can you just switch from loving someone into not loving the person anymore. It’s so quick.
      [1.1., 16:35] Kennedy: Meaning your feelings were never real.
      [1.1., 16:59] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Are you really convinced that you can keep a woman by constantly insulting her, constantly accusing her of hatred?
      My feelings for you are broken, you have gone too far
      I realized tonight that I don't want to spend my life with someone for whom love depends only on money 💸
      [1.1., 17:12] Kennedy: Money?? Money? Oh a get that out. I was with you for months. Did I ask for a penny? Even when I did when I had issues with my contract,it took you months after before you went to get the loan based on agreement. I’ve always loved you and shown you care. But what did I get from you,was deceit. Put yourself in my dieing shoes if you were me,will you be smiling? You say you love me and you watch me suffer so much when we can be together,Is that love?
      [1.1., 17:12] Kennedy: Several times you brought me low before my colleagues and make mockery of me and you call it love
      [1.1., 17:12] Kennedy: Now you’ve sent just 20000€. You say no more? When I have a deficit balance of 80000€ with you? Will you really be happy having all that when my contract is dieing?
      [1.1., 17:13] Kennedy: Is that love to you? What will it cost you?

      [1.1., 17:13] Kennedy: You don’t cAre as usual. Right? I understand
      [1.1., 17:14] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: You see insults over insults
      [1.1., 17:15] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: You have lost my heart
      [1.1., 17:27] Kennedy: Now a not insult. You should see how you’ve toiled with me all months long. You took my love for granted.
      [1.1., 17:28] Kennedy: You were supposed to send 30000€ by monday. Now you’re saying no more. Why? Get the chocolates for it as usual. And do it.
      [1.1., 17:28] Kennedy: You really will be glad to watch me suffer?
      [1.1., 17:28] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Supposed🤣🤣🤣🤣
      [1.1., 17:28] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: No
      [1.1., 17:29] Kennedy: Now again you’re making mockery of me?
      [1.1., 17:29] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Yes this time
      [1.1., 17:29] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I wasn't supposed to to anything and I proposed nothing
      [1.1., 17:30] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I think you dream too much
      [1.1., 17:30] Kennedy: Ak so you only sent me the 20000. How about the other 80000? Why can’t we stick together and get through this once and for all. Why?
      [1.1., 17:31] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Can't you accept it's finished
      [1.1., 17:31] Kennedy: Do you think this depends on me? No. It depends on my company. The 100000€ have been proposed months back and you know I have to meet up. You’re all I have
      [1.1., 17:32] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: It's finished between us
      [1.1., 17:33] Kennedy: But then. Why don’t you wanna block me so I can get out of your life and you won’t hear from me again? Why? Since you hate me. Just delete me and let me go
      [1.1., 17:33] Kennedy: Let me continue living this frustrated life.
      [1.1., 17:34] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: You are writing endlessly
      [1.1., 17:34] Kennedy: Just block me. Since you don’t want us to be together again.
      [1.1., 17:35] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: What's the sense blocking you?
      [1.1., 17:35] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Maybe one day you come to Germany
      [1.1., 17:36] Kennedy: There’s no sense either to keep me without intentions of us been together.
      [1.1., 17:36] Kennedy: Do you ever think I can raise 80000€?
      [1.1., 17:36] Kennedy: From where in this earth
      [1.1., 21:00] Kennedy: Good evening dear
      [1.1., 21:00] Kennedy: Are you home now?
      [1.1., 21:03] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: What do you want?
      [1.1., 21:03] Kennedy: Has it come to this honey?
      [1.1., 21:04] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: ?
      [1.1., 21:04] Kennedy: ?
      [1.1., 21:04] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: ?
      [1.1., 21:04] Kennedy: Has it come to that anouk?
      [1.1., 21:04] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I watch a movie
      [1.1., 21:04] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Good night
      [1.1., 21:05] Kennedy: I hope all this makes you happy.
      [1.1., 21:05] Kennedy: You don’t know how this hurt me so bad.
      [1.1., 21:05] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
      [1.1., 21:05] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: You heard me
      [1.1., 21:05] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Good night
      [1.1., 21:06] Kennedy: Have you lost all the feelings for me?
      [1.1., 21:07] Kennedy: I really hope all this makes you so happy.
      [1.1., 21:08] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Yes
      [1.1., 21:09] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: You are a fool
      [1.1., 21:09] Kennedy: To watch me be ruined this way. I need the 80000€ remaining. You have to send me 30000€ by monday. If you actually have any atom of sympathy for me. Please. To at least revive my contract,it’s been so long. Think about my daughter Stephanie. Even if you don’t have any atom of love for me.
      [1.1., 21:10] Kennedy: You can call me any names you want I accept. But please do this for me. I already made the declarations I’ll send you 200000€.
      [1.1., 21:10] Kennedy: Why switching up on me always.

      [1.1., 21:11] Kennedy: If you now hate me so much. Just block me then. How can you send me 20000€ when the whole amount to fix my contract is 100000€.
      [1.1., 21:12] Kennedy: Just block me and let go off me since all you wanna is to do away with me this year if you don’t wanna help me with the balance. If you were in my shoes how will you feel
      [2.1., 18:45] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Are you really convinced that you can keep a woman by constantly insulting her, constantly accusing her of hatred?
      My feelings for you are broken, you have gone too far
      I realized tonight that I don't want to spend my life with someone for whom love depends only on money 💸
      [2.1., 19:27] Kennedy: It’s sad that this is what you think. If really my love for you depends on money. I wouldn’t have texted you after you sent me that money. But I still text you. We all are humans. For all you made me go through if you were in my shoes you’ll get angry too. I had to accept my fate I will suffer. So sad. I love you and I know anouk that you know I love you so much. My conscience is so clean about that
      [2.1., 19:27] Kennedy: I sent you countless texts. No reply. Not even a happy new year text from you. How sad.
      [2.1., 19:29] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: 👆
      [2.1., 20:27] Kennedy: I never insulted you,I only protected myself from been fooled by you,I’m not disrespectful. You’re the one who call me names everytime.
      [2.1., 20:27] Kennedy: You know that I love you
      [2.1., 20:28] Kennedy: And it doesn’t depend on money. Money means nothing to me. If I earn my allowances. I’ll get over 500000€. I know my worth,that’s why I went on that agreement with you.
      [2.1., 20:29] Kennedy: Don’t think it’s because of money. You know I was with you for months and never asked you for a penny until my contract collapsed
      [2.1., 20:48] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: You ask me for money since I know you
      [2.1., 20:49] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: You really think I'm stupid
      [2.1., 20:56] Kennedy: Since you knew me? Really??
      [2.1., 20:56] Kennedy: Have you forgotten so soon?
      [2.1., 20:57] Kennedy: It was after I had issues with my contract that’s why I begged you for a help. Since October anouk. It took you three months before you could even give me a listening ear. That’s because I told you I’ve lost everything.
      [2.1., 20:58] Kennedy: I’m not here to argue with you. You told me this is a new year for you and you wanna do away with me after everything. These were your words
      [2.1., 20:58] Kennedy: How easy it is for you to say that. To change your feelings. Meaning it was all fake from you all along
      [2.1., 20:58] Kennedy: I wish I could say that as well but it’s not so easy for me but surely I’ll get myself back.
      [2.1., 20:58] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: If you think so
      [2.1., 20:58] Kennedy: A promise to myself.
      [2.1., 21:06] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I'm sure
      [2.1., 21:14] Kennedy: Thank you so much for everything.
      [2.1., 21:15] Kennedy: Even without you I’ll live. Since the money is your problem. Then take it. Tomorrow is monday. I felt if you love me or even have pity for me. You’ll send me the 30000€. So I can get it back before I ask for the others.
      [2.1., 21:15] Kennedy: But oh well
      [2.1., 21:15] Kennedy: Who am I
      [2.1., 21:15] Kennedy: I’ll pick up my life starting from the trenches.
      [2.1., 21:15] Kennedy: And I’ll get out of this mess. No matter how long it takes
      [2.1., 21:16] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Before sending you something I wait the 20000 arriving Der glaubt doch nicht wirklich, dass ich Ihm Geld schicke, bevor das andere angekommen ist
      [2.1., 21:16] Kennedy: Definitely I’ll get it tomorrow or Tuesday. It should be here.
      [2.1., 21:16] Kennedy: But why waste much time when we can quickly do this once?
      [2.1., 21:16] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Ok
      [2.1., 21:17] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I'll see if it works
      [2.1., 21:17] Kennedy: Thanks and I hope you don’t change your mind by tomorrow
      [2.1., 21:20] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Which mind
      [2.1., 21:21] Kennedy: To send me the 30000€
      [2.1., 21:21] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Tomorrow I don't send you anything
      [2.1., 21:21] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: You see
      [2.1., 21:22] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Money 💸 money 🤑
      [2.1., 21:22] Kennedy: Thought you just said this? I thought as much.
      [2.1., 21:22] Kennedy: A my contract is on urgent revival. I wanna do everything to make it work. Don’t see it this way. It’s beeen months.
      [2.1., 21:23] Kennedy: After this phase Of 100000. I won’t ask for anything else from you again. I swear with my life. I’ll be more wealthy after getting my allowances.Schwören, dass ich mich nicht tot lache
      [2.1., 21:23] Kennedy: Try and understand me.
      [2.1., 21:33] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Give me an address Immer noch keine Adresse bekommen
      [2.1., 21:34] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: 👆
      [3.1., 09:11] Kennedy: I’ll do that later today. Thanks.
      [3.1., 09:11] Kennedy: Good morning honey
      [3.1., 09:11] Kennedy: Wishing you a beautiful day and an amazing week ahead
      [3.1., 16:02] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Hi Ken still waiting
      [3.1., 18:53] Kennedy: Good evening anouk.
      [3.1., 18:54] Kennedy: I would have sent the address earlier but I’m yet to get a response from my colleague. So let’s see before the day goes. I’ll send you immediately he sends it to me.
      [3.1., 18:54] Kennedy: Were you at work today honey?
      [3.1., 18:56] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Ok
      [3.1., 18:56] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Yes
      [3.1., 20:53] Kennedy: Have you had your dinner yet honey?
      [3.1., 21:03] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Yes
      [3.1., 21:26] Kennedy: Okay babe.
      [3.1., 21:27] Kennedy: How was work today for you? How was it like resuming work again after the holidays you had?
      [3.1., 21:32] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: What do you want
      [3.1., 21:40] Kennedy: Is this what I get from you?
      [3.1., 21:40] Kennedy: Why are you been so difficult? Do you know how it hurts and how heartbreaking it is for me here seeing you giving me these attitudes?
      [3.1., 21:43] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I'm not difficult I just want my peace in the evening
      [3.1., 21:43] Kennedy: So we talking doesn’t give you peace? I don’t give you peace?
      [3.1., 21:44] Kennedy: How would you imagine me saying these words at you?
      [3.1., 21:44] Kennedy: Shows you don’t even care how I feel. Is it just about the money for you anouk? You don’t have no feelings?
      [3.1., 21:49] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Never
      [3.1., 21:50] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I don't care anymore
      [3.1., 21:50] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Not more
      [3.1., 21:51] Kennedy: 💔💔💔💔😭
      [3.1., 21:51] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: You act like a baby
      [3.1., 21:52] Kennedy: Yes. Thank you. You feel so because I don’t fake my feelings or emotions for anything in this world.
      [3.1., 21:52] Kennedy: Hearing this from you is the worst thing that can ever happen to me tonight
      [3.1., 21:52] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Well you have to live with it
      [3.1., 21:52] Kennedy: It’s all but a lonely world for me. No one is never there. But I’m always there for everyone. You don’t know how it feels like.
      [3.1., 21:53] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Good night and stop going on my nerves
      [3.1., 21:53] Kennedy: Goodnight anouk.
      [4.1., 08:38] Kennedy: Good morning honey
      [4.1., 08:39] Kennedy: Wishing you a beautiful and amazing day ahead. I love you so much.
      [4.1., 13:31] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Have a good day
      [4.1., 18:55] Kennedy: Good evening dear.
      [4.1., 18:55] Kennedy: Are you back home now from work?
      [4.1., 19:49] Kennedy: You haven’t asked me about the package you sent. Why?
      [4.1., 20:09] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Good evening
      [4.1., 20:09] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Why should I ask you?
      [4.1., 20:09] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I can see where it is
      Dieses faule Stinktier schaut noch nichtmal die Sendungsverfolgung an
      [4.1., 20:28] Kennedy: Okay
      [4.1., 20:28] Kennedy: Does it takes so long to get to Spain?
      [4.1., 20:31] Kennedy: How many days were you told at the office you delivered it before it gets to Spain?
      [4.1., 20:32] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: You can follow the package by your own
      [4.1., 20:33] Kennedy: Why are you now so rude anouk?
      [4.1., 20:33] Kennedy: I asked you a simple question and at least I deserved a good response. How many days were you told at the office before it gets to Spain?
      [4.1., 20:35] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I didn't ask and I told you this before
      [4.1., 20:37] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: 👆
      [4.1., 20:38] Kennedy: Apart from that have you noticed your attitudes towards me lately anouk? You talk with so much anger and bitterness with me. Why?
      [4.1., 20:54] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Are you really convinced that you can keep a woman by constantly insulting her, constantly accusing her of hatred?
      My feelings for you are broken, you have gone too far
      I realized tonight that I don't want to spend my life with someone for whom love depends only on money 💸
      [4.1., 20:55] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Do I've to repeat myself all the time?
      [4.1., 21:02] Kennedy: Anouk do you really mean this?You mean you’ll really wanna give up on us? All because of money? Do you think if not because of this unfortunate situation I’ll bother you so much? I’ll repay you with heavy interest after everything. You know that. Right?
      [4.1., 21:03] Kennedy: Would you wanna throw all our plans together into the garbage? Do you know how this all hurt?
      [4.1., 21:03] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Poor baby 🥺
      [4.1., 21:04] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Every evening the same
      [4.1., 21:17] Kennedy: I feel hurt the way you act towards me.
      [4.1., 21:18] Kennedy: All I want is just to be with you,kiss you passionately and make love to you. I hate it here and you’re all I crave for.
      [4.1., 21:19] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Good night
      [5.1., 08:16] Kennedy: Good morning dear,wishing you a beautiful day ahead. I love you ❤️💕
      [5.1., 08:26] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Good morning
      [5.1., 08:31] Kennedy: Have you had your coffee yet for breakfast my dear?
      [5.1., 08:48] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Yes have coffee

    • Funny2010 hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Jonathan Spennato" geschrieben. 30.12.2021

      Schokoladen Paket
      [[File:IMG_20211230_120951.jpg|none|auto]][[File:Schokoladen Geld 2.jpg|none|auto]][[File:Paket 1.jpg|none|auto]]

    • Funny2010 hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Jonathan Spennato" geschrieben. 30.12.2021

      @killerbiene Die Beschimpfungen gehen weiter bis zum Erbrechen, schliesslich habe ich ihn blockiert. Das Päckchen ist trotzdem nach Spanien unterwegs, nur leider ist es leer

      [29.12., 08:56] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Good morning
      After two days, I still can't understand why you insulted me like that
      I was just annoyed on you for not getting in touch the night before, but you could have that to me without going off on me like a fury
      I had already arranged with the bank to get the money out of the safe in the afternoon and to get the package ready for you
      Well, now everything is broken
      I hope you will find a solution to fulfill your contract
      All the best for you and your little daughter
      [29.12., 08:57] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: *explained
      [29.12., 09:22] Kennedy: Good morning. Firstly I don’t know if I’m to trust you again on your words. But here is the address again.
      Name:nacho willan
      Address:calle Jerusalem no.25 4b
      City:parla madrid
      Poster code:28982
      [29.12., 09:23] Kennedy: Buy a chocolate pack,put the money inside and sealed in brown envelope. Do a video as you’re putting the raw cash in the envelope. Send it to me,I’ll send it to my colleague as proof.
      [29.12., 09:24] Kennedy: A receipt will be issued to you after delivering it. Send it to me as well.
      [29.12., 09:24] Kennedy: Thanks
      [29.12., 09:25] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: No apologies no explanation?
      [29.12., 09:27] Kennedy: I have done that the very day it happened. I’m still sorry. I had issues with my service provider. I couldn’t access the internet till the next day. I wish you asked why because that have never happened but instead you ignore me and started pouring insults. For the harsh words you said to me that you wish I die in Spain. I’m still yet to get over it from you. Well. It’s okay. Thanks for everything.
      [29.12., 09:32] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Instead of saying this rather ask why,what happened that I couldn’t text last night. Have I ever done that before? Don’t you think something might be the cause. That’s why you ignored me?
      [29.12., 09:32] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: If you don’t wanna help me anouk. Keep it. You’ve fooled me enough. I know you’ll switch over again. You know how desperate I need this,don’t you have a heart? My whole life is hanging. Just 30000€ for the first deposit before you send others. You promised you will. Now you’re switching up as you’ve always done.
      [29.12., 09:32] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: You don't even apologize
      [29.12., 09:32] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I didn’t apologize. You ignored me at first. Not even a good morning from you. Nothing at all. We are matured. I’ve never ever left you hanging all day and you didn’t feel something happened? You could have asked me. What happened. You could have.
      [29.12., 09:32] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: No you never explained what happened
      [29.12., 09:35] Kennedy: I’m so sorry. I was to explain it I was so sad you ignored me and started insulting me. Felt you never needed my explanation. I have never left u behind in such a way like that. Never have I done that. And I won’t. I had issues with my service provider and couldn’t access the internet all night.
      [29.12., 09:35] Kennedy: Until the next day. And I quickly wrote to you when I woke up.
      [29.12., 09:37] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I didn't start to insult you
      [29.12., 09:38] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Ok whatever you know that I've to call the bank to arrange the pick up
      [29.12., 09:39] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Or do you think I went to the bank on Monday?
      [29.12., 09:41] Kennedy: I know you didn’t.
      [29.12., 09:41] Kennedy: You’ll deliver it to the delivery company today?
      [29.12., 09:42] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I don't know
      [29.12., 09:42] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I've to call the bank
      [29.12., 09:44] Kennedy: Thought you said you’ve already arranged with the bank to get it in the afternoon?
      [29.12., 09:45] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: On Monday
      [29.12., 09:46] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Good morning
      After two days, I still can't understand why you insulted me like that
      I was just annoyed on you for not getting in touch the night before, but you could have that to me without going off on me like a fury
      I had already arranged with the bank to get the money out of the safe in the afternoon and to get the package ready for you
      Well, now everything is broken
      I hope you will find a solution to fulfill your contract
      All the best for you and your little daughter
      [29.12., 09:46] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Read again
      [29.12., 09:50] Kennedy: Oh. So I should find a solution myself?
      [29.12., 09:53] Kennedy: Are you gonna go and get the money today or you don’t wanna help me again?
      [29.12., 09:56] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Listen Ken I told you I have to call the bank
      [29.12., 09:57] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: And now you're getting weird again
      [29.12., 09:57] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Read our conversation
      [29.12., 09:59] Kennedy: Okay. Let me know when you do.
      [29.12., 10:00] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Yes
      [29.12., 17:43] Kennedy: Good evening
      [29.12., 17:44] Kennedy: Were you able to call the bank?
      [29.12., 17:45] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Good evening
      [29.12., 17:45] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: The bank is closed Wednesday afternoon
      [29.12., 17:45] Kennedy: So when will it be?
      [29.12., 17:46] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Tomorrow morning
      [29.12., 17:47] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Some kind words would be appreciated
      [29.12., 17:48] Kennedy: How would I know you really wanna do this and not wanna make a fool of me again?
      [29.12., 17:48] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Well up to you to decide
      [29.12., 17:48] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Have a nice evening
      [29.12., 17:50] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: And if you continue to use only harsh words I really don't know why I should do this
      [29.12., 17:50] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: You make yourself a fool not me
      [29.12., 17:50] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: 👆
      [29.12., 17:51] Kennedy: If you don’t wanna do it anymore. You can keep your money.
      [29.12., 17:51] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Ok then I keep it
      [29.12., 17:51] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Good morning
      After two days, I still can't understand why you insulted me like that
      I was just annoyed on you for not getting in touch the night before, but you could have that to me without going off on me like a fury
      I had already arranged with the bank to get the money out of the safe in the afternoon and to get the package ready for you
      Well, now everything is broken
      I hope you will find a solution to fulfill your contract
      All the best for you and your little daughter
      [29.12., 17:52] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Good bye
      [29.12., 17:52] Kennedy: Until you do this and I see proof that yes it’s sent. I won’t wanna have anything to do with you again.
      [29.12., 17:52] Kennedy: If this is what you want. No problem. Thanks for your time.
      [29.12., 17:52] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Ok good bye
      [29.12., 17:53] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I bought already the chocolate to wrap the money in
      [29.12., 17:54] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: So I'll eat only the chocolate
      [29.12., 17:54] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: You are really just a fool
      [29.12., 17:55] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: You insulted me on Monday not me
      [29.12., 17:56] Kennedy: Anouk. I want you to send this money. Everytime I wait and you switch over. Do this for me tomorrow. Snap it and wrap it. Take a video as you’re putting it inside and send to me. Also with the receipt you’ll be given. 30000€ first.
      [29.12., 17:56] Kennedy: Do this for me let me fix my life.
      [29.12., 17:56] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: No 30000
      [29.12., 17:56] Kennedy: How much are you sending?
      [29.12., 17:56] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: 20
      [29.12., 17:56] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: As agreed
      [29.12., 17:57] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: And I take pictures no video that's impossible with 2 handa
      [29.12., 17:57] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Hands
      [29.12., 17:57] Kennedy: make it 25.
      [29.12., 17:57] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: No
      [29.12., 17:58] Kennedy: Do a video as agreed
      [29.12., 17:58] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: No
      [29.12., 17:58] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I👆
      [29.12., 17:59] Kennedy: Then snap the money. Take like three different photos as you put it inside d box.
      [29.12., 17:59] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Well see when I get the money
      [29.12., 17:59] Kennedy: Do that tomorrow. Help me.
      [29.12., 18:00] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I try to
      [29.12., 18:03] Kennedy: Thanks so much
      [30.12., 08:37] Kennedy: Good morning
      [30.12., 09:00] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Good morning
      [30.12., 09:03] Kennedy: Hope u slept well?
      [30.12., 09:03] Kennedy: How are u doing today?
      [30.12., 09:12] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I've problems with my left leg
      [30.12., 09:12] Kennedy: Sorry about that
      [30.12., 09:12] Kennedy: Haven’t u taken any pain meds?
      [30.12., 09:13] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Right now
      [30.12., 09:15] Kennedy: Okay. It will get better
      [30.12., 09:15] Kennedy: Have you had breakfast?
      [30.12., 09:20] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: If you say so
      [30.12., 09:20] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: No just coffee
      [30.12., 09:21] Kennedy: Have you been able to call your bank?
      [30.12., 09:21] Kennedy: Are you doing the cash mailing today?
      [30.12., 09:24] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: When I get an appointment
      [30.12., 09:24] Kennedy: Have you called the bank for the appointment to collect the money?
      [30.12., 09:25] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Answering machine
      [30.12., 09:25] Kennedy: What was their response?
      [30.12., 09:25] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: 👆
      [30.12., 09:26] Kennedy: Answer my question. I know that’s the answering machine. What did they tell you because it was ringing. When can you collect the money?
      [30.12., 09:27] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Nobody answered
      [30.12., 09:28] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I got back to the answering machine
      [30.12., 09:29] Kennedy: So when are you supposed to hear from them?
      [30.12., 09:29] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I'll try it again
      [30.12., 09:30] Kennedy: Let me know when u do.
      [30.12., 09:30] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: You can't leave a message
      [30.12., 09:30] Kennedy: It’s taking so long again. I wanted everything to be done today.
      [30.12., 09:32] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Listen Ken, I've to reach my house bank, everything is going over the central switchboard
      [30.12., 09:33] Kennedy: What do you mean?
      [30.12., 09:33] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: On these days between Christmas and New year they have only a minimum staffing
      [30.12., 09:34] Kennedy: Always excuses.
      [30.12., 09:34] Kennedy: Don’t give me no excuses. Get this done anouk.
      [30.12., 09:34] Kennedy: It’s your money
      [30.12., 09:34] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Call the bank by yourself
      [30.12., 09:34] Kennedy: If you wanna do it,then do it.
      [30.12., 09:34] Kennedy: If you don’t then relax.
      [30.12., 09:35] Kennedy: I’ve had enough excuse from you.
      [30.12., 09:35] Kennedy: It’s been weeks since Switzerland
      [30.12., 09:35] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Excuses????
      [30.12., 09:35] Kennedy: If I knew things would turn out this way I wouldn’t bother you to go there. Really annoying. And you’re sitting pretty unbothered
      [30.12., 09:36] Kennedy: If you wanna help someone. Do it. If you don’t. Then tell him or her no.
      [30.12., 09:36] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Due to Corona I don't have access to the bank without appointment
      [30.12., 09:36] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: You know that
      [30.12., 09:36] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: And usually I need a PCR test
      [30.12., 09:37] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I try to get in without
      [30.12., 09:37] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: And now I'm tired to explain things
      [30.12., 09:38] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Listen Kennedy I've done all my best in the last month
      [30.12., 09:38] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: And now you start insulting me again
      [30.12., 09:38] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I think we should see in the new year what can be done
      [30.12., 09:39] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I'm mad and tired of you
      [30.12., 09:39] Kennedy: Look anouk. I’m not a kid. If I wanna help you. It’s been over a month since u went to Switzerland. Why keeping the money when it’s meant for Me for over a month. That’s because you don’t wanna release it yourself. Excuses upon excuses. That’s you.
      [30.12., 09:39] Kennedy: Get lost I don’t care. Keep your money to yourself. I don’t need it. It’s better I remain this way than waste my time with you
      [30.12., 09:40] Kennedy: If you really wanna do something or help someone. You’ll do that now. Today. Go to your bank. It’s a safe u don’t need a PCR. Get ur money and go to the dhl.
      [30.12., 09:41] Kennedy: If you still don’t wanna do it. Then keep it to yourself and stop bugging my ears with excuses like a kid.
      [30.12., 09:42] Kennedy: You’re matured. Do the right thing.
      [30.12., 09:43] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I don't take orders

      So hier ist er blockiert

    • Funny2010 hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Jonathan Spennato" geschrieben. 27.12.2021

      @killerbiene Das ganze Liebesgesäusel über Weihnachten lasse ich weg. Heute sollte ich bei der Bank das Geld holen und es in das Päckchen verpacken. Gestern Abend hat er sich nicht mehr gemeldet und ich wollte ihn heute morgen mit Missachtung bestrafen. Daraufhin wurde ich aufs übelste von ihm beschimpft, das habe ich mir nicht gefallen lassen, jetzt ist er erstmal weg.
      Schade, hatte mich schon so auf das leere Päckchen gefreut. Wahrscheinlich kommt er irgendwann wieder, mal sehen.

      [27.12., 08:34] Kennedy: Good morning dear
      [27.12., 08:43] Kennedy: You there?
      [27.12., 08:56] Kennedy: Is this the best you can do anouk? Ignore my messages?
      [27.12., 09:01] Kennedy: You promised today you are gonna send 30000€ to the address. But now i text and you ignore them.
      [27.12., 09:01] Kennedy: You’ve done enough damage to me and my career. I know very well you’ll switch over again even after you promised.
      [27.12., 09:01] Kennedy: Well. Thank you so much for everything.
      [27.12., 09:02] Kennedy: I’ve disturbed you enough and you take me for a fool over time. Sorry for all that. I’ll fix my shit myself
      [27.12., 09:07] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Obviously you were unable to text me yesterday's evening
      [27.12., 09:08] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: So I don't text you today
      [27.12., 09:15] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Seems you have drunken too much yesterday's evening, I can smell it
      [27.12., 09:16] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: You don't need to call me names because you have not yet recovered your senses
      [27.12., 09:17] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Sleep it off and then start all over again
      [27.12., 09:40] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I forgot, if you continue to be viciously to me, you won't get anything
      [27.12., 11:14] Kennedy: Instead of saying this rather ask why,what happened that I couldn’t text last night. Have I ever done that before? Don’t you think something might be the cause. That’s why you ignored me?
      [27.12., 11:15] Kennedy: If you don’t wanna help me anouk. Keep it. You’ve fooled me enough. I know you’ll switch over again. You know how desperate I need this,don’t you have a heart? My whole life is hanging. Just 30000€ for the first deposit before you send others. You promised you will. Now you’re switching up as you’ve always done.
      [27.12., 11:20] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: You don't even apologize
      [27.12., 11:20] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: And we never talked about 30000
      [27.12., 11:21] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: And you continue
      [27.12., 11:23] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: It's not a question to switch over again
      [27.12., 11:24] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: The way you talk to me is unacceptable
      [27.12., 11:29] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: The more you call me names the more nothing will happen
      [27.12., 12:36] Kennedy: I didn’t apologize. You ignored me at first. Not even a good morning from you. Nothing at all. We are matured. I’ve never ever left you hanging all day and you didn’t feel something happened? You could have asked me. What happened. You could have.
      [27.12., 12:37] Kennedy: How do I talk anouk? Should I spill my blood on the floor before you know how urgent I need this money? My whole life and career is hanging on there.
      [27.12., 12:38] Kennedy: If you don’t wanna help me then don’t at all. You wanna help me but toture me more and more.
      [27.12., 12:38] Kennedy: I go through so much here
      [27.12., 12:38] Kennedy: You took a loan for me and yet I haven’t received anything,you don’t care that I haven’t received a penny.
      [27.12., 12:39] Kennedy: You aren’t bothered. Why are you doing this to me. Thought you loved me anouk.
      [27.12., 12:52] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: You immediately started insulting me without waiting for my reply because I hadn't even read your message yet

      Who do you think you are you little garden gnome?
      You are incapable of running your company and no you insulte to no end
      Get a grip on your own your fucking life, 5 month of talking about money
      Now I'm really cracking up, all you are is a horrible ashole
      Leave me alone with your promises and your pretended love
      [27.12., 12:54] Kennedy: I knew this will come.Thanks for everything. Sorry I bothered you with my life.
      [27.12., 12:55] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Du hast doch wirklich nicht mehr alle Tassen im Schrank
      [27.12., 12:56] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Du verlogenes Arschloch
      [27.12., 12:57] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Ich verfluchen Dich für alle Ewigkeit, dass Du Deinen schwanz nicht mehr Hoch kriegst und Dir Deine Eier verrotten
      [27.12., 12:58] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Ich kann auch schwarze Magie
      [27.12., 12:58] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Wiege Dich nicht mehr in Sicherheit
      [27.12., 12:59] Kennedy: Danke für alles. blockiere mich jetzt sofort.
      [27.12., 13:00] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Nein ich will sehen wie Du verreckst
      [27.12., 13:00] Kennedy: 😂😂🤣
      [27.12., 13:00] Kennedy: bitte hör auf mir zu schreiben.
      [27.12., 13:01] Kennedy: Thanks for everything. I appreciate.
      [27.12., 13:26] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: If I were you, I'd keep the ball very low, otherwise I'll blow up your company as a fairy tale, you won't have seen the bang soon

    • Funny2010 hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Jonathan Spennato" geschrieben. 27.12.2021

      @killerbiene Der Banktermin ist schiefgelaufen, mein Konto steht unter der Überwachung der Finanzbehörde, dann soll Susanne wieder das Geld holen und zuletzt soll ich ein DHL Paket schicken.
      @Anni60 spanische Adresse wie auch schon bei @Niane

      [23.12., 13:18] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Yes and I've to hurry up for the bank appointment
      [23.12., 13:18] Kennedy: Okay honey.
      [23.12., 13:18] Kennedy: Please make sure the payments are made correctly to avoid inconveniences dear.
      [23.12., 13:19] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: What do you mean by that?
      [23.12., 13:19] Kennedy: I meant just to avoid the inconveniences like the last time you made payment.
      [23.12., 13:20] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Ok
      [23.12., 13:20] Kennedy: You’ll send me a copy of the payment receipts. Take care of yourself babe. I’ll get in touch when you’re back.
      [23.12., 13:20] Kennedy: Love you ❤️🌹
      [23.12., 13:22] Kennedy: One more thing honey. Please tell them bank to hasten the process so it can get the receiving account on time. Maybe an express payment. We haven’t got much time babe.
      [23.12., 15:06] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Honey there were problems at the bank again
      My bank advisor advised me not to make the cash transfer because it would bring me into conflict with the tax laws again
      Since the incident with the 5000 € my account has been under observation by tax authorities for money laundering
      I couldn't have know that, the bank advisor only told me in confidence because I've been a customer for many years
      I'm very upset that it's not working out again and that we can't see eachother on new year's eve
      I really don't know what to do next either
      [23.12., 15:07] Kennedy: Not again. Not again.
      [23.12., 15:07] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: What should I say?
      [23.12., 15:07] Kennedy: Tell him you need to make the transfer. How can you do that. He should give you a suggestion please.
      [23.12., 15:08] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I'm home now
      [23.12., 15:08] Kennedy: Oh God. Not again 💔💔
      [23.12., 15:08] Kennedy: You should have asked him for a suggestion. This is important.
      [23.12., 15:09] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Which suggestion?
      [23.12., 15:09] Kennedy: Like how can he be of help to you to get the money transferred?
      [23.12., 15:09] Kennedy: Not all this again.
      [23.12., 15:10] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: It's to dangerous for me
      [23.12., 15:10] Kennedy: He should give a suggestion. How to help you. That’s why he’s there.
      [23.12., 15:10] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: No how
      [23.12., 15:11] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: All my accounts are on observation
      [23.12., 15:11] Kennedy: Why all this problems over and over. It breaks me.
      [23.12., 15:12] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Seems it's my fault????
      [23.12., 15:12] Kennedy: I don’t know. I’m just too sad to have a word to say
      [23.12., 15:12] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Don't you think I'm not sad too?
      [23.12., 15:13] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I told you to deal with black money is dangerous
      [23.12., 15:13] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: For me and my company
      [23.12., 15:13] Kennedy: I know but where do we go from here now,you could have asked him for a possible suggestion how he can help you get the money transferred to that account. Don’t you have his contact to at least ask for a suggestion?
      [23.12., 15:14] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: He won't give me suggestions for black money
      [23.12., 15:15] Kennedy: I think you need another appointment with susanne. Give her the 12000€. So she can send to me.
      [23.12., 15:15] Kennedy: If possible
      [23.12., 15:15] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: She won't come for 12000 €
      [23.12., 15:16] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: And you due 15000 to her
      [23.12., 15:16] Kennedy: Then let’s make it 20000€. We should just try. This is our only way.
      [23.12., 15:16] Kennedy: I’m just so depressed now
      [23.12., 15:16] Kennedy: Let something get to me first. That’s just what I want.
      [23.12., 15:16] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: We have to find another solution
      [23.12., 15:17] Kennedy: That’s it. Today we try book an appointment with her again?
      [23.12., 15:17] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Let me think about it
      [23.12., 15:17] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I'm so tired of everything
      [23.12., 15:18] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: And if we arranged something again, then only over the full amount
      [23.12., 15:19] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: And Susanne isn't my choice
      [23.12., 15:19] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I don't trust her any more
      [23.12., 15:19] Kennedy: Me too. Just think about it and let me know. Even if it’s 20000€. Let something get to me first at least. Before Christmas or New Year’s Eve.
      [23.12., 15:19] Kennedy: Honey you have to
      [23.12., 15:19] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: No
      [23.12., 15:19] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I don't have to do anything
      [23.12., 15:20] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I don't take orders
      [23.12., 15:20] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: It's my money
      [23.12., 15:20] Kennedy: I’m not ordering you.
      [23.12., 15:20] Kennedy: It’s our only choice.
      [23.12., 15:20] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: No
      [23.12., 15:20] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: It's your choice not mine
      [23.12., 15:20] Kennedy: Okay then. Maybe you have to keep the money. I won’t get any.
      [23.12., 15:21] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Ok then I'll keep it until you found another solution
      [23.12., 15:21] Kennedy: I’m not getting another solution. I have none. Don’t worry.
      [23.12., 15:21] Kennedy: You’ve tried.
      [23.12., 15:22] Kennedy: Thanks.
      [23.12., 15:22] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Listen Ken if you get angry with me again
      [23.12., 15:22] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I won't do anything more
      [23.12., 15:23] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: You try to screw me
      [23.12., 15:23] Kennedy: No problem. It’s good.
      [23.12., 15:23] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: That's not the way love is supposed to be
      [23.12., 15:23] Kennedy: Screw you? No way. You just do not understand what it is for me to have my hopes dashed to the ground always anouk.
      [23.12., 15:24] Kennedy: I love you so much but to what? I’m trapped here. Like starting a new life over. I’m going crazy.
      [23.12., 15:24] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: And I had no hopes or what??
      [23.12., 15:24] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: 😡😡😡
      [23.12., 15:24] Kennedy: I need to accept my fate to ever think I’m gonna make it out of here.
      [23.12., 15:24] Kennedy: I’m never accusing you of anything. I appreciate all you’ve done. I’m angry at myself.
      [23.12., 15:24] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: We stop our discussion now it makes me sick
      [23.12., 15:24] Kennedy: Okay. Thanks.
      [23.12., 15:25] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I need to take my meds
      [23.12., 15:25] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I'm not feeling well
      [23.12., 15:25] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: You were supposed to come for Christmas
      [23.12., 15:26] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: You were supposed to come for new years eve
      [23.12., 15:26] Kennedy: Okay sorry about that. Quick recovery.
      [23.12., 15:26] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Really loving and caring
      [23.12., 15:27] Kennedy: God knows and sees my heart is pure towards you. I wish you a safe recovery. In as much as I would love to be there with you with my whole life. To care for you. We still have time. We can do it. But you can’t take orders from me.
      [23.12., 15:28] Kennedy: I just feel maybe you deserve someone better. And not me. I’m as good as helpless now. I can’t decide for my next step not until I’ve fixed my contract.
      [23.12., 15:33] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: It seems that only you are in the shit
      [23.12., 15:34] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: My company is in a mess as well because of you
      [23.12., 15:34] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Don't worry
      [23.12., 15:34] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: You are very selfish
      [23.12., 15:37] Kennedy: Anouk. For whatever I’ve caused you and your company. I’m sorry.
      [23.12., 15:37] Kennedy: You can call me any name you choose. I accept
      [23.12., 15:58] Kennedy: Just know that I love you and always will.
      [23.12., 17:05] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I love you too
      [23.12., 17:09] Kennedy: I don’t think you should contact susanne.
      [23.12., 17:10] Kennedy: My colleague came up with an idea. I think this is the easiest. Something we could have done today.
      [23.12., 17:11] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: So what again?
      [23.12., 17:12] Kennedy: You need to go to dhl and send it over to me. You’ll put it in a brown sealed envelope and wrap it also with cello tape. Go deliver it tomorrow at the dhl and that’s all. They will give you a receipt which you’ll send to me. That’s all. You won’t even spend 30mins.
      [23.12., 17:13] Kennedy: I’ll send the address to you soon
      [23.12., 17:13] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Are you crazy
      [23.12., 17:13] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I don't send money by post mail
      [23.12., 17:14] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: They don't insure that much money
      [23.12., 17:15] Kennedy: Why do you always react to it. Calm down let me tell you how it’s done. There’s nothing there at all. Very easy. Put the money inside a chocolate pack and wrap it in a brown envelope with cello tape. That’s all. It’s a gift. I get it here in three days.
      [23.12., 17:15] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: No
      [23.12., 17:15] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: If the package get lost I loose the money
      [23.12., 17:15] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: No
      [23.12., 17:15] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I won't do that
      [23.12., 17:16] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: No
      [23.12., 17:16] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Stop writing
      [23.12., 17:16] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: No
      [23.12., 17:16] Kennedy: Wait. You react so quick. That’s why I’m here. It’s a gift. It won’t be lost. Don’t tell them it’s money. It’s a gift. Final.
      [23.12., 17:16] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: It's no
      [23.12., 17:16] Kennedy: I think you wanna ruin our last opportunity
      [23.12., 17:16] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Yes
      [23.12., 17:16] Kennedy: Alright. I wish you know what this do to me.
      [23.12., 17:17] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Give me an address in Germany where I can drop it
      [23.12., 17:17] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I don't send money by DHL
      [23.12., 17:18] Kennedy: Honey. I have only in Spain. DHL please. I can’t get one in Germany for now. Just do this for me please.
      [23.12., 17:18] Kennedy: I assure you
      [23.12., 17:18] Kennedy: Please
      [23.12., 17:18] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: I think about it
      [23.12., 17:18] Kennedy: Please honey. Just 20000€ first. Please. I beg you.
      [23.12., 17:19] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Let me check tomorrow how much it will cost
      [23.12., 17:19] Kennedy: Okay. Thanks. I’ll send the address soon.
      [23.12., 17:19] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Ok
      [23.12., 17:19] Kennedy: Have you taken your meds?
      [23.12., 17:20] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Yes
      [23.12., 17:20] Kennedy: Okay. Just a little time honey. I’ll get in touch soon.
      [23.12., 17:20] 🌈💫✨⚡⭐🔥: Ok
      [23.12., 17:54] Kennedy: Name:nacho willan
      Address:calle Jerusalem no.25 4b
      City:parla madrid
      Poster code:28982
      [23.12., 17:54] Kennedy: Here is the address honey.

    • Funny2010 hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Jonathan Spennato" geschrieben. 23.12.2021

      @killerbiene Erst sollte ich die 12000 € die er von mir haben will, auf das deutsche Konto überweisen. Durch die schief gelaufene Zahlung von @Niane und Ihre Anforderung des PDF Kontoauszuges, gab es bei ihm gestern Abend wohl einen riesigen Aufruhr um die Kontenfrage. Ich habe nun wieder das spanische Konto von Debby Kehinde (bereits aufgeführt und gemeldet) bekommen. Heute Nachmittag ist Banktermin.
      Bin gespannt welches Konto er für Niane gefunden hat.

    • Funny2010 hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Jonathan Spennato" geschrieben. 22.12.2021

      @killerbiene ich bedanke mich für diesen sehr charmanten Beitrag

      Der nichts auf der Ummel hat, lieferte immerhin bis jetzt 4 Bankkonten und Daten zu seinen Opfern.

      Ich dachte hier ginge es darum Scammer zu beschäftigen und jede weitere Person die ihn beschäftigt, ersetzt ein reelles Opfer.

      Aber wie es auch sei, natürlich werde ich weiterhin relevante Daten hier einstellen, ansonsten werde ich mich hier zurückziehen.

      Dann sollen sich andere, um die mit Textbausteinen und Steamkarten um sich werfenden Scammer kümmern.


    • Funny2010 hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Jonathan Spennato" geschrieben. 22.12.2021

      @killerbiene er hat mich gematched, habe ich geschrieben, dachte könnte spassig werden

    • Funny2010 hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Jonathan Spennato" geschrieben. 22.12.2021

      Guten morgen

      Hallo Ken
      Schön das Du Dich meldest
      Bin an meinem Arbeitsplatz und habe nicht viel Zeit
      Vielleicht können wir später heute Abend reden, wenn ich zuhause bin
      Lg Ca

      alles klar. Pass auf. und ich wünsche Ihnen einen tollen Arbeitstag. Ich warte auf deine Nachrichten.

      Hallo guten Abend Ken
      Bin gerade nach Hause gekommen
      Ich dusche jetzt und esse zu Abend, dann melde ich mich

      Hallo Guten abend Ca
      okay. Ich warte auf Ihre Nachrichten, wenn Sie fertig sind.

      Hallo Ken
      Bin jetzt da

      okay. schön, dass du hier bist mein Schatz
      wie war deine arbeitszeit heute. hoffe du bist nicht so gestresst?

      Wieso Schatz?
      Wir kennen uns doch gar nicht

      Eigentlich wollte ich sagen, mein Lieber. Das tut mir leid.

      Ist ok

      Mein Arbeitstag war anstrengend aber nicht stressig
      Woher kommst Du?

      Ich bin ein gebürtiger Amerikaner mit Sitz in Deutschland. aber ich bin derzeit in Spanien für einen Vertrag.

      Warst du in Spanien?

      Ja früher mal mit meinen Eltern in Marbella

      deine Eltern. kommst du ursprünglich aus Spanien? Ihre Eltern leben dort in Spanien?

      Nein ich war im Urlaub in Spanien
      Meine Eltern waren Deutsche

      Oh ok. eigentlich bin ich in Madrid, um genau zu sein. es ist auch wirklich ein schöner Ort.
      warst du schon mal hier in Madrid?

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      @Snake Hallo, herzlich willkommen im Forum. Um wieviel Geld handelt es sich. Ein Geldpäckchen mit DHL zu verschicken kostet wahrscheinlich enorme Versicherungsgebühren.
      Die Frage ist, möchtest Du weiter mit Ihm schreiben, sonst bleibt Dir nur die Möglichkeit Ihn kommentarlos zu blockieren. Solltest Du Dich entscheiden, weiter zu machen, dann weigerst Du Dich ein Päckchen zu schicken. Du überweist nur auf ein Bankkonto. Dies nur als Tip.

      Bitte verlinke bei Fragen immer einen Moderator wie z.B. @Kiki1308 oder @Anni60 einfach ein @ vor den Namen, dann erscheint er blau in Deinem Beitrag.

      Das habe ich hiermit getan.

      LG Funny


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