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      Der hat echt ein Zahn drauf...vorgestern kennengelernt und in den voice notes einen akzent der schlimmer nicht geht...

      [29.1., 21:37] Johnson: Dear look here I want you to send 350 euros to my ....dentist doctor roland ...I want him to go to uk on Saturday to treat my daughter
      [29.1., 21:38] Johnson: Will do for me
      [29.1., 21:38] Johnson: I will delete my app
      [29.1., 21:38] Claudia: I don't understand
      [29.1., 21:39] Johnson: Read it
      [29.1., 21:39] Claudia: I should send money to the dentist?
      [29.1., 21:40] Johnson: I want you to send 350 euros to france
      [29.1., 21:40] Johnson: He wants to go and treat my daughter
      [29.1., 21:41] Claudia: We know us 2 days and you wanted that I send money for the dentist???? You are a pilot, you can send it
      [29.1., 21:42] Claudia: Now i'm really confused
      [29.1., 21:42] Johnson: Dear
      [29.1., 21:42] Johnson: I am at Qatar and
      [29.1., 21:43] Claudia: Online banking....
      [29.1., 21:43] Johnson: Will you believe me
      [29.1., 21:44] Johnson: Is hard
      [29.1., 21:44] Johnson: For you to believe me
      [29.1., 21:44] Claudia: I am confused
      [29.1., 21:44] Johnson: I am at Qatar aeronautical centre
      [29.1., 21:44] Johnson: Will you do this
      [29.1., 21:44] Johnson: 350
      [29.1., 21:44] Johnson: Is nothing
      [29.1., 21:44] Johnson: My daughter wanted to go there
      [29.1., 21:45] Johnson: But I changed the palns
      [29.1., 21:45] Johnson: Plans
      [29.1., 21:45] Johnson: Listen to me
      [29.1., 21:45] Claudia: You can transfer it online
      [29.1., 21:45] Johnson: Cant do anything online banking until I come to Germany
      [29.1., 21:46] Johnson: I swear with my life
      [29.1., 21:46] Johnson: I am not lieing
      [29.1., 21:46] Claudia: We know us since 2 days and now you say i should send money... it doesn't seems serious.... sorry
      [29.1., 21:46] Johnson: To you
      [29.1., 21:46] Johnson: Dont bother
      [29.1., 21:46] Johnson: Dont count that
      [29.1., 21:46] Johnson: What are friends for
      [29.1., 21:46] Johnson: But if you cant is okay
      [29.1., 21:47] Johnson: I am not telling you lies
      [29.1., 21:48] Johnson: I swear to you
      [29.1., 21:48] Claudia: I can't build an relationship on paying 350 euros
      [29.1., 21:49] Johnson: Is not what I mean
      [29.1., 21:50] Johnson: I will pay you if that makes you okay when I come to you
      [29.1., 21:50] Claudia: Ok, then you should explain
      [29.1., 21:50] Johnson: Dont talk like that
      [29.1., 21:51] Johnson: Please believe me
      [29.1., 21:51] Johnson: But it will be hard for you to believe me
      [29.1., 21:52] Johnson: I am sincere with you
      [29.1., 21:52] Claudia: I don't pay for a dentist in france without knowing you, your daughter or something.... all of the world we have online banking
      [29.1., 21:52] Johnson: I cant access mine from here
      [29.1., 21:52] Johnson: Dont be hardened
      [29.1., 21:53] Claudia: Why not?
      [29.1., 21:53] Johnson: I am at Qatar aeronautical centre
      [29.1., 21:53] Johnson: Check about the place
      [29.1., 21:53] Johnson: Then you understand what I am telling you
      [29.1., 21:54] Claudia: So what? You can make a call, pictures... I think you can transfer money... or the doctor can wait for two weeks
      [29.1., 21:55] Johnson: My daughter needs to be treated but you are just trying to be hard on me
      [29.1., 21:55] Johnson: Why not believe me
      [29.1., 21:55] Claudia: I have, they have the British Airways
      [29.1., 21:55] Claudia: No i am not!
      [29.1., 21:56] Claudia: But you ask for money after 2 days we know each other!
      [29.1., 21:59] Johnson: It was just an emerging
      [29.1., 21:59] Johnson: But do it for Gods sake
      [29.1., 22:00] Johnson: I swear to you
      [29.1., 22:00] Johnson: I am saying the truth
      [29.1., 22:00] Johnson: Make a voice not
      [29.1., 22:00] Johnson: I will hear you
      [29.1., 22:00] Claudia: Let us talk tomorrow. I had a wine and I can't talk English now
      [29.1., 22:01] Johnson: Dont be sad
      [29.1., 22:01] Johnson: Talk to me
      [29.1., 22:01] Johnson: Let's be matured
      [29.1., 22:01] Johnson: I swear to you
      [29.1., 22:01] Johnson: I am telling you truth
      [29.1., 22:01] Johnson: Is an emergency
      [29.1., 22:03] Claudia: Teeth are not emergency
      [29.1., 22:03] Johnson: She cries alot
      [29.1., 22:03] Johnson: Why not believe
      [29.1., 22:03] Claudia: Honey, that is really hard to believe
      [29.1., 22:03] Johnson: If you cant do it
      [29.1., 22:04] Johnson: I will be your friend
      [29.1., 22:04] Johnson: But I cant forget it
      [29.1., 22:04] Johnson: Trust me
      [29.1., 22:04] Johnson: Dont see me as a bad person
      [29.1., 22:04] Claudia: I don't need a Friend... i have much close friends... I need a partner
      [29.1., 22:04] Johnson: Then I am yours
      [29.1., 22:05] Johnson: If you still dont want to do it
      [29.1., 22:05] Johnson: No problems
      [29.1., 22:05] Johnson: But I swear to you
      [29.1., 22:05] Johnson: I am telling you the truth
      [29.1., 22:08] Johnson: Can you hear
      [29.1., 22:08] Johnson: honey...I swear to you
      [29.1., 22:08] Johnson: I will not fail you
      [29.1., 22:09] Johnson: I swear with my life
      [29.1., 22:09] Johnson: Believe me
      [29.1., 22:09] Johnson: Just trust me
      [29.1., 22:09] Johnson: I will not fail you
      [29.1., 22:10] Johnson: On the 15th I will be with you
      [29.1., 22:10] Johnson: Then you will understand me
      [29.1., 22:10] Johnson: I will pay all you spent
      [29.1., 22:10] Johnson: Our activities here is restricted
      [29.1., 22:10] Claudia: Honey, what do you think I should think about this? We meet us and now I should pay 350 euro?
      [29.1., 22:10] Johnson: Dont bother
      [29.1., 22:10] Johnson: Is emergency
      [29.1., 22:11] Johnson: I swear
      [29.1., 22:11] Johnson: You you
      [29.1., 22:11] Johnson: I am saying
      [29.1., 22:11] Johnson: The truth
      [29.1., 22:11] Johnson: I wont bother you anymore
      [29.1., 22:11] Johnson: I will be giving you instead
      [29.1., 22:11] Johnson: Money is not a problem for me
      [29.1., 22:11] Johnson: Honey believe me
      [29.1., 22:13] Claudia: I believe you, but all of the world we have online banking
      [29.1., 22:14] Claudia: Give me 5 minutes. I have to go out and need fresh breath
      [29.1., 22:14] Johnson: My love read about Qatar aeronautical centre
      [29.1., 22:14] Johnson: Then come out with conclusion
      [29.1., 22:15] Johnson: You think I am lieing it makes me mad
      [29.1., 22:15] Johnson: What is 350 euros that will make me lie
      [29.1., 22:18] Johnson: I tried severely and it was blocked for reason known to them...I have written to them and no responds
      [29.1., 22:18] Johnson: I intend to sort it out as soon I am in Germany
      [29.1., 22:18] Johnson: Hear me out
      [29.1., 22:18] Johnson: I am not lieing
      [29.1., 22:18] Johnson: Money will not come up
      [29.1., 22:18] Johnson: Again
      [29.1., 22:18] Johnson: In our relationship
      [29.1., 22:18] Johnson: Believe me
      [29.1., 22:20] Claudia: Okay, i will believe you. Give me the transfer database and I will do it at Monday morning
      [29.1., 22:21] Johnson: Honey is emergency
      [29.1., 22:21] Johnson: You can do it through western union
      [29.1., 22:21] Johnson: It doesn't take time
      [29.1., 22:21] Johnson: Do it in the morning
      [29.1., 22:22] Johnson: The doctor wants to use this weekend to make this trip
      [29.1., 22:22] Johnson: He will have to work from Tuesday
      [29.1., 22:22] Claudia: I don't transfer with western union
      [29.1., 22:23] Claudia: It's closed .. I only transfer on a bank account
      [29.1., 22:24] Johnson: Honey just go to western union stand and give them the money in the morning I will give you the information
      [29.1., 22:24] Johnson: They will send it
      [29.1., 22:25] Johnson: Is fast and continue
      [29.1., 22:25] Claudia: No, I make only a bank transfer...
      [29.1., 22:25] Johnson: Honey bank transfer
      [29.1., 22:25] Johnson: Takes time
      [29.1., 22:25] Johnson: Wny dont you understand me
      [29.1., 22:25] Claudia: And the western union is closed, we are in lockdown
      [29.1., 22:26] Johnson: Is open
      [29.1., 22:26] Johnson: I checked on the internet
      [29.1., 22:26] Claudia: It's closed. It costs money and I only make a bank transfer
      [29.1., 22:26] Johnson: Is open
      [29.1., 22:27] Johnson: Just send 350 both with the charges
      [29.1., 22:27] Johnson: It doesn't matter
      [29.1., 22:27] Claudia: We can do it with a bank transfer or you can do it with western union... your decision
      [29.1., 22:27] Johnson: Honey
      [29.1., 22:28] Johnson: You simply don't understand me
      [29.1., 22:28] Johnson: Let's stop this money
      [29.1., 22:28] Johnson: Issues now okay
      [29.1., 22:28] Johnson: Do not bother
      [29.1., 22:28] Johnson: About it again
      [29.1., 22:28] Claudia: Give me bank dates for transfer and i will send your dentist the payment slip
      [29.1., 22:29] Johnson: He said I should send it through western union
      [29.1., 22:29] Johnson: Or ria transfer
      [29.1., 22:29] Johnson: Two options
      [29.1., 22:29] Johnson: Transfer takes time
      [29.1., 22:29] Johnson: He need to resume work on Tuesday next week
      [29.1., 22:29] Johnson: Understand me
      [29.1., 22:30] Johnson: RIA or western union
      [29.1., 22:30] Claudia: And that are my rules. Bank transfer or no transfer from me. It's the decision of your dentist
      [29.1., 22:31] Johnson: Okay then
      [29.1., 22:31] Johnson: Is okay
      [29.1., 22:31] Claudia: Okay call him for the bank transfer
      [29.1., 22:31] Johnson: It cant work
      [29.1., 22:32] Johnson: Do not bother
      [29.1., 22:32] Johnson: Time is a problem
      [29.1., 22:32] Johnson: I have discussed this eralier
      [29.1., 22:32] Johnson: When I tried making transfer to him
      [29.1., 22:32] Johnson: And it didn't worj
      [29.1., 22:32] Johnson: The reason I am telling you now
      [29.1., 22:33] Claudia: Sure it works. It's an European transfer
      [29.1., 22:33] Claudia: It takes 1 or 2 days
      [29.1., 22:33] Johnson: IT TAKES TIME
      [29.1., 22:33] Johnson: He needs to travel on Saturday
      [29.1., 22:34] Johnson: Understand this
      [29.1., 22:34] Claudia: Okay teeth are not really important. They can wait 2 days. It's not a heart transplant
      [29.1., 22:35] Johnson: My love please
      [29.1., 22:35] Johnson: And please
      [29.1., 22:35] Johnson: Just in the morning
      [29.1., 22:35] Johnson: It takes only 5 minutes
      [29.1., 22:35] Johnson: You are done
      [29.1., 22:35] Johnson: At western union
      [29.1., 22:36] Claudia: Honey, my money, my rules, no western union. Only bank transfer
      [29.1., 22:36] Johnson: Oh my God
      [29.1., 22:36] Johnson: Do you understand me at all
      [29.1., 22:36] Claudia: Oh you don't know what I understand
      [29.1., 22:37] Claudia: Honey, give me the bank database and I will help your daughter
      [29.1., 22:38] Claudia: What is the problem?
      [29.1., 22:38] Claudia: Your dentist should trust you. Otherwise you should change the dentist
      [29.1., 22:39] Claudia: And you should trust me
      [29.1., 22:41] Johnson: You just don't understand me and I am really not happy....do you Understand that he needs to go to uk on Saturday
      [29.1., 22:42] Johnson: Just 2 weeks I am with you
      [29.1., 22:42] Johnson: Why dont you trust me
      [29.1., 22:42] Johnson: He said I should use western union money...or RIA money transfer...or transfer wise
      [29.1., 22:43] Johnson: They are all open in Germany
      [29.1., 22:43] Johnson: Please they will give you proof of information
      [29.1., 22:44] Claudia: And I say, he should give a bank database and I will transfer it immediately
      [29.1., 22:44] Johnson: Then you send to me he will pick the money up from there
      [29.1., 22:44] Johnson: The payment slip
      [29.1., 22:45] Claudia: Ok, then send me the database to transfer
      [29.1., 22:45] Johnson: Okay
      [29.1., 22:49] Johnson: He is yet to respond
      [29.1., 22:49] Johnson: I am waiting for him
      [29.1., 22:50] Johnson: You are just offline
      [29.1., 22:50] Johnson: Why
      [29.1., 22:52] Claudia: I was in the restroom
      [29.1., 22:52] Johnson: You pay with what means
      [29.1., 22:53] Claudia: European money bank transfer
      [29.1., 22:53] Johnson: It is not going to work then
      [29.1., 22:54] Johnson: Is okay
      [29.1., 22:54] Johnson: Thanks
      [29.1., 22:54] Claudia: It is
      [29.1., 22:54] Johnson: It won't work
      [29.1., 22:54] Johnson: Because of time
      [29.1., 22:54] Claudia: Trust me
      [29.1., 22:54] Johnson: Dont you understand me
      [29.1., 22:54] Johnson: Is not from you
      [29.1., 22:54] Johnson: Time
      [29.1., 22:55] Claudia: I understand very good
      [29.1., 22:55] Johnson: If you make western union transfer it takes 5 minutes
      [29.1., 22:55] Johnson: Understand me
      [29.1., 22:55] Johnson: Please
      [29.1., 22:56] Claudia: Honey, what is the problem? Ask for the banking details and I will transfer it
      [29.1., 22:56] Johnson: He is yet to answer me
      [29.1., 22:56] Johnson: In the afternoon
      [29.1., 22:56] Johnson: He told me means I will use
      [29.1., 22:57] Johnson: Why do make this an issue honey
      [29.1., 22:57] Claudia: Then we call another dentist. In germany that is a joke, we fo to the dentist we want
      [29.1., 22:58] Johnson: Can my daughter enter Germany now
      [29.1., 22:59] Claudia: She can I think... she can stay here with me, with free choise of a doctor
      [29.1., 23:01] Johnson: My daughter comes to Germany when I return
      [29.1., 23:01] Claudia: Honey, my head is spinning around... your doctor can send a bank account and i will transfer 350 or I can bring her at a normal doctor for free in germany
      [29.1., 23:03] Johnson: He responded if you truely want to help me go to moneygram western or RIA
      [29.1., 23:04] Johnson: Is only the means he have to me
      [29.1., 23:04] Johnson: Just Google about ria location or western union location around you
      [29.1., 23:04] Johnson: youIs instant payment
      [29.1., 23:05] Claudia: I told you I only transfer on a bank. ..
      [29.1., 23:05] Johnson: Check ria location or western union location closer to you
      [29.1., 23:05] Johnson: Then thank you
      [29.1., 23:05] Johnson: No problem
      [29.1., 23:06] Claudia: Please ask for banking details
      [29.1., 23:06] Johnson: Do not bother about it
      [29.1., 23:06] Johnson: Is the only means he gave me
      [29.1., 23:06] Johnson: Why do you have to argue like this
      [29.1., 23:06] Johnson: Is same thing
      [29.1., 23:07] Johnson: Both bank transfer and ria
      [29.1., 23:07] Claudia: I don't want to argue
      [29.1., 23:07] Johnson: Why not do what I ask you
      [29.1., 23:08] Johnson: 350 is what you are arguing
      [29.1., 23:08] Johnson: I appreciate your concern
      [29.1., 23:08] Johnson: But is okay
      [29.1., 23:08] Johnson: Thank you
      [29.1., 23:09] Johnson: Just hold back your money
      [29.1., 23:09] Johnson: I am not angry
      [29.1., 23:09] Claudia: Because i am careful. With bank details i can request it back, if there is a problem. Western union the money is lost. That's why
      [29.1., 23:10] Johnson: Is not like that
      [29.1., 23:10] Johnson: You will be informed
      [29.1., 23:10] Johnson: If the money didnt go
      [29.1., 23:10] Johnson: But like I said
      [29.1., 23:10] Johnson: Is okay
      [29.1., 23:10] Johnson: We can still get along
      [29.1., 23:11] Johnson: If you want
      [29.1., 23:12] Claudia: In germany we have a insurance, we never pay
      [29.1., 23:13] Johnson: Ok
      [29.1., 23:20] Claudia: So honey, you are online at lovoo, you readed my message, you are bot honest to me. You are kidding me!! I am not an idiot
      [29.1., 23:20] Johnson: Honey
      [29.1., 23:20] Johnson: I will delete
      [29.1., 23:20] Claudia: Forget it, you are kidding me!
      [29.1., 23:20] Johnson: Okay
      [29.1., 23:21] Claudia: You will find another woman
      [29.1., 23:21] Johnson: I am honest with you
      [29.1., 23:21] Johnson: If you want to go is fine
      [29.1., 23:21] Johnson: But probably
      [29.1., 23:22] Johnson: Because
      [29.1., 23:22] Johnson: Of the money I asked you
      [29.1., 23:22] Johnson: But I am honest with yoi
      [29.1., 23:23] Johnson: You
      [29.1., 23:23] Johnson: Believe
      [29.1., 23:23] Johnson: Me
      [29.1., 23:24] Johnson: Hmmmm
      [29.1., 23:24] Johnson: You sound badly now
      [29.1., 23:24] Claudia: You are not serious
      [29.1., 23:25] Johnson: How
      [29.1., 23:25] Claudia: I want to be the only one... not one of them
      [29.1., 23:26] Johnson: Honey
      [29.1., 23:26] Johnson: I love you
      [29.1., 23:26] Johnson: Believe me
      [29.1., 23:28] Claudia: We know us since two days
      [29.1., 23:28] Johnson: Do what you wish
      [29.1., 23:30] Claudia: Search for the one one lovoo. I want a honest man for my life
      [29.1., 23:30] Johnson: You are saying this because I ask you for money
      [29.1., 23:30] Claudia: No
      [29.1., 23:31] Johnson: You lost a good man
      [29.1., 23:31] Johnson: But is okay
      [29.1., 23:31] Claudia: I am searching for the right one
      [29.1., 23:31] Johnson: Ok good luck
      [29.1., 23:32] Claudia: You are searching for a better woman .. I am not searching
      [29.1., 23:32] Johnson: My problem is just an emergency
      [29.1., 23:32] Claudia: Take care of you. Wish you all the best 😔
      [29.1., 23:32] Johnson: I dont mean to disturb you
      [29.1., 23:33] Johnson: I cant harm you
      [29.1., 23:33] Johnson: But you lack trust
      [29.1., 23:35] Claudia: 2 days? Ok then i need trust
      [29.1., 23:35] Johnson: Believe me

    • Nightfly hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Ricardo Gallo" geschrieben. 29.01.2021

      @Anni60 ich habe nur die app. Ich gucke mal heute nacht, das ich mit dem Laptop reingehe, der kontrolliert ob ich da noch online bin. Verlangte das ich alles lösche hab ihm natürlicherzählt, das ich das passwort von der Mail Adresse vergessen, habe...
      Den finde ich aber gerade zu spannend, als das ich mich blockieren lassen will 😅

    • Nightfly hat das Thema "Scamprofile / RPO Ricardo Gallo" erstellt. 29.01.2021

    • Nightfly hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO John Mayer" geschrieben. 17.11.2020

      Mal ein kurzes Update von meinem Schatzi. Den chatverlauf einstellen würde den Rahmen sprengen, deshalb nur eine Zusammenfassung.
      Ich habe brav überwiesen denkt er und der "General" ich habe dann irgendwann die order bekommen, bei meiner Bank nachzuhaken, als das Geld nicht kam.
      Erzählte dann was von Unstimmigkeiten mit dem spanischen Konto und der Kontoinhaber müsse sich bei seiner Bank melden...
      Jetzt soll ich von meiner Bank das Geld aus Spanien zurückfordern und der General würde mir eine neue Kontoverbindung geben...

      Irgendwann in einer Wein laune wurde es mir zu bunt, ich knallte schatzi um die Ohren, das er ein scammer ist, nannte ihm Fakten, sagte er vergeudet seine Zeit, er bekommt nicht einen cent...selbst da hielt er an seiner Story fest.
      Ok, er scheint wirklich nicht helle zu sein, also geht das Spiel jetzt weiter

    • Nightfly hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO John Mayer" geschrieben. 01.11.2020

      So Schatzi hat die fake Überweisung geschluckt und kommt angeblich morgen in Deutschland an. Ich habe oft versucht ihn aus der reserve zu locken, aber er hält an seiner Story fest. Nicht auszudenken, würde ich ihm auch nur annähernd vertrauen. Er ist echt gut....
      Ich kopiere mal nur ein wenig zusammen....
      Ganz viel liebesgesäusel, kennt ihr ja ... aber auch sehr viele normale Unterhaltungen. Alles aber zuviel Text

      [27.10., 21:37] Mark (Lovoo): I love you so much that words can't express how I feel when talking to you
      [27.10., 21:40] Claudia: Why could you make a voice message?
      [27.10., 21:40] Claudia: You says you haven't a mobile phone
      [27.10., 21:41] Mark (Lovoo): I can use my desktop computer to make a voice message
      [27.10., 22:58] Mark (Lovoo): My day may be hectic. My schedule may be tight. But I would never let the day end without saying good night. Sweet dreams😘😘😘
      [27.10., 23:01] Mark (Lovoo): Dream a dream tonight as you sleep. Smile a smile tomorrow that you may keep. May all of your dreams and wishes come true coz there is no one better than you honey... I love you so dearly
      [28.10., 07:13] Mark (Lovoo): Hello baby how are you doing today
      [28.10., 07:13] Mark (Lovoo): How was your night
      [28.10., 07:13] Mark (Lovoo): Hope you slept well honey
      [28.10., 07:14] Mark (Lovoo): I thought about you all through the night and I couldn't sleep
      [28.10., 07:17] Claudia: I couldn't sleep ...
      [28.10., 07:19] Mark (Lovoo): Why honey?
      [28.10., 07:21] Claudia: All the things yesterday 😔
      [28.10., 07:21] Mark (Lovoo): Oh sorry baby
      [28.10., 07:21] Mark (Lovoo): You know I love you so much
      [28.10., 07:22] Mark (Lovoo): It will never happen again
      [28.10., 07:22] Mark (Lovoo): Baby I'm sorry okay
      [28.10., 07:59] Mark (Lovoo): Are you set for work today?
      [28.10., 08:00] Claudia: I'm on my work place
      [28.10., 08:01] Mark (Lovoo): Okay honey
      [28.10., 08:01] Mark (Lovoo): Have you taken your breakfast
      [28.10., 08:02] Mark (Lovoo): Honey please eat something before you work
      [28.10., 08:02] Claudia: Later...
      [28.10., 08:02] Mark (Lovoo): Why later love
      [28.10., 08:03] Claudia: Have to work now and i'm not hungry
      [28.10., 08:03] Mark (Lovoo): Okay honey
      [28.10., 08:03] Mark (Lovoo): When will be your break?
      [28.10., 08:04] Claudia: I don't know... when I have the time... 10 or 11 🤷🏻‍♀️
      [28.10., 08:04] Claudia: Today it seems quiet at work
      [28.10., 08:05] Mark (Lovoo): Okay
      [28.10., 08:08] Mark (Lovoo): Take care of your self
      [28.10., 08:08] Mark (Lovoo): I love you so much
      [28.10., 08:37] Mark (Lovoo): How is work going now honey
      [28.10., 08:37] Claudia: System crash at work 🙄
      [28.10., 08:38] Mark (Lovoo): Oh that's not good
      [28.10., 08:38] Mark (Lovoo): What are you going to do now
      [28.10., 08:38] Claudia: I'm sitting and waiting...
      [28.10., 08:41] Mark (Lovoo): Okay honey
      [28.10., 08:42] Mark (Lovoo): Did you write to the general?
      [28.10., 08:42] Claudia: Yes
      [28.10., 08:42] Mark (Lovoo): What did you say to him
      [28.10., 08:42] Claudia: Don't ask 😎
      [28.10., 08:43] Mark (Lovoo): Hahaha
      [28.10., 08:44] Mark (Lovoo): He his too mean for my liking
      [28.10., 08:44] Claudia: He is an asshole 🤷🏻‍♀️
      [28.10., 08:44] Mark (Lovoo): Honey I'm so worried
      [28.10., 08:45] Claudia: Why?
      [28.10., 08:45] Mark (Lovoo): A soldier died today honey
      [28.10., 08:46] Mark (Lovoo): I'm so sad and worried honey
      [28.10., 08:46] Mark (Lovoo): I haven't been able to eat
      [28.10., 08:47] Mark (Lovoo): I couldn't eat
      [28.10., 08:47] Mark (Lovoo): I just need a cup of coffee
      [28.10., 08:49] Claudia: Coffee is always good
      [28.10., 08:50] Mark (Lovoo): Yes honey
      [28.10., 08:50] Mark (Lovoo): I will go to the lab now okay.. Talk to you when I'm on break
      [28.10., 08:51] Mark (Lovoo): I love you so much
      [28.10., 08:51] Claudia: Ok, see you later ❤️
      [28.10., 11:35] Claudia: Hey 😭
      [28.10., 11:38] Claudia: Our system crash continues and i was at my bank. I can't transfer without appointment. It's an international transfer, i hab blocked it and a banker has to release it 😭
      [28.10., 11:38] Claudia: It will be Friday
      [28.10., 11:40] Claudia: I'm so sorry 😔 but covid19 and they are shutting down
      [28.10., 11:40] Mark (Lovoo): It's okay honey
      [28.10., 11:41] Mark (Lovoo): Hope you would do it on Friday
      [28.10., 11:41] Claudia: It's not ok 😩
      [28.10., 11:41] Mark (Lovoo): Have you tried to fix it?
      [28.10., 11:41] Claudia: Yes, it's friday at 15:30
      [28.10., 11:42] Mark (Lovoo): Okay
      [28.10., 11:42] Mark (Lovoo): That means you will transfer the money on Friday?
      [28.10., 11:43] Claudia: Yes
      [28.10., 11:43] Claudia: Thought you were here tomorrow 😔
      [28.10., 11:44] Mark (Lovoo): Yes honey I thought so too my love😔😔😔
      [28.10., 11:44] Mark (Lovoo): I'm so sad now honey
      [28.10., 11:44] Claudia: Ask me 😢😢😢
      [28.10., 11:44] Mark (Lovoo): Is there no other way baby
      [28.10., 11:45] Claudia: I didn't know it before, went to my bank and they say i need an appointment 😢
      [28.10., 11:46] Claudia: No, international transfer i had blocked
      [28.10., 11:47] Mark (Lovoo): Let's just get to wait until Friday right?
      [28.10., 11:47] Claudia: We have no choice
      [28.10., 11:47] Claudia: I miss you so much
      [28.10., 11:48] Mark (Lovoo): I miss you too my love
      [28.10., 11:48] Claudia: Can i talk to your general, of leaving before?
      [28.10., 11:49] Mark (Lovoo): Honey promise me you will make the transfer on Friday
      [28.10., 11:49] Claudia: Of course 😔
      [28.10., 11:50] Claudia: I would do it today morning ..
      [28.10., 11:50] Mark (Lovoo): You will do what today?
      [28.10., 11:51] Claudia: The transfer, I thought, if i cannot work, i can go to my bank earlier
      [28.10., 11:52] Claudia: I'm so confused...
      [28.10., 11:52] Mark (Lovoo): Okay dear
      [28.10., 11:52] Mark (Lovoo): Don't be confused my love
      [28.10., 11:53] Mark (Lovoo): Friday is close already, it's just a day to Friday
      [28.10., 11:53] Claudia: Can't think... have to go out for a while 😔
      [28.10., 11:54] Mark (Lovoo): Yes honey if you can transfer it will work
      [28.10., 11:55] Mark (Lovoo): If you can transfer it please do it okay
      [28.10., 11:55] Mark (Lovoo): I miss you every seconds of my life
      [28.10., 12:05] Claudia: I cannot, international is blocked and i need my banker has to release it.... but it will be Friday at 15:30
      [28.10., 12:06] Mark (Lovoo): Okay dear
      [28.10., 12:06] Mark (Lovoo): I love you so much
      [28.10., 12:15] Claudia: I love you too ❤️
      [28.10., 12:15] Mark (Lovoo): I will head to work now
      [28.10., 12:15] Mark (Lovoo): Take care baby
      [28.10., 12:15] Mark (Lovoo): Kisses for you
      [28.10., 12:16] Claudia: Ok, we talk later
      [28.10., 12:16] Mark (Lovoo): I love you my Rose flower
      [28.10., 12:17] Mark (Lovoo): To you my beautiful wife
      [28.10., 14:49] Mark (Lovoo): Hello baby
      [28.10., 14:49] Mark (Lovoo): How are you doing now and how is it going overthere
      [28.10., 14:50] Claudia: I'm on the way to the supermarket
      [28.10., 14:51] Mark (Lovoo): Just too out some time to check up on you
      [28.10., 14:51] Claudia: You have a break?
      [28.10., 14:52] Mark (Lovoo): Yes baby
      [28.10., 14:52] Claudia: I have just picked up my ordered floor
      [28.10., 14:53] Claudia: Now i need something to eat and to drink for Halloween
      [28.10., 14:55] Claudia: Monday they shutdown Germany for 4 weeks
      [28.10., 14:56] Mark (Lovoo): Oh 😳😳😳😳
      [28.10., 14:57] Mark (Lovoo): Honey I need to be in Germany before then
      [28.10., 14:57] Claudia: O yes
      [28.10., 14:58] Claudia: Should i talk to your general? He can leave you before
      [28.10., 14:59] Mark (Lovoo): Honey I can only leave here once the payment is maid
      [28.10., 15:00] Mark (Lovoo): Once the transfer has been made
      [28.10., 15:01] Claudia: He's getting the money, but you have to leave before the weekend
      [28.10., 15:02] Claudia: It would be December if you're not leaving before weekend
      [28.10., 15:02] Mark (Lovoo): Honey yeah if there's anything you can do please do it
      [28.10., 15:02] Mark (Lovoo): And I don't want to stay here till December
      [28.10., 15:03] Claudia: I cannot,... International transfer i had blocked 😟
      [28.10., 15:04] Mark (Lovoo): Honey are you very sure you will send the money by Friday?
      [28.10., 15:04] Claudia: 14:30 i told you
      [28.10., 15:05] Mark (Lovoo): Okay baby
      [28.10., 15:05] Claudia: The banker has to release it
      [28.10., 15:05] Claudia: In german. ..
      [28.10., 15:05] Mark (Lovoo): What if they don't release it?
      [28.10., 15:06] Claudia: Der banker muss es freigeben und wegen corona brauche ich einen Termin. Du kannst nichts mehr ohne Termin machen hier, nichtmal zum Friseur
      [28.10., 15:07] Mark (Lovoo): Okay have you booked an appointment with the bank now?
      [28.10., 15:07] Claudia: Ich habe international Überweisungen aus Sicherheitsgründen sperren lassen, das kann ich nur in der Bank persönlich freischalten lassen. Ich habe bei dem Kreditanstalt nicht gesagt, das es ins Ausland gehr
      [28.10., 15:08] Claudia: Friday at 14:30!!!
      [28.10., 15:08] Mark (Lovoo): Okay I understand now
      [28.10., 15:08] Mark (Lovoo): Will it take you long to activate it?
      [28.10., 15:10] Claudia: No, directly at Friday. I hope.
      Otherwise i'll kick the banker
      [28.10., 15:10] Mark (Lovoo): Okay honey
      [28.10., 15:11] Mark (Lovoo): Honey please make sure you do all it takes okay
      [28.10., 15:12] Claudia: That's what I do every day 😔
      [28.10., 15:12] Mark (Lovoo): I want to come home to you
      [28.10., 15:12] Claudia: You should know it
      [28.10., 15:12] Mark (Lovoo): It's hurt so much that I get to sleep every night without you by my side
      [28.10., 15:13] Claudia: Me too. I miss you so much
      [29.10., 21:24] Mark (Lovoo): Please ensure to pay the bills tomorrow okay
      [29.10., 21:24] Claudia: I told you, I have the appointment at 15:30
      [29.10., 21:25] Mark (Lovoo): Honey are you sure you can do it tomorrow?
      [29.10., 21:26] Claudia: Yes, if not there is no chance to come to Germany... i'll do it tomorrow
      [29.10., 21:26] Mark (Lovoo): Okay my love
      [29.10., 21:26] Mark (Lovoo): I love you so much
      [29.10., 21:26] Claudia: I love you more
      [29.10., 21:27] Mark (Lovoo): I can't just wait to meet u honey
      [29.10., 21:28] Claudia: I need to know which airport
      [29.10., 21:29] Mark (Lovoo): He said it will be stated in my transfer form that would be sent to you
      [29.10., 21:30] Claudia: I have nothing 🤷🏻‍♀️
      [29.10., 21:30] Mark (Lovoo): It will be sent to you after the payment is done
      [29.10., 21:31] Claudia: He must have a plan before 🤔
      [29.10., 21:31] Mark (Lovoo): That's the way it's been done
      [29.10., 21:32] Claudia: I have to plan your arrival...
      [29.10., 21:32] Mark (Lovoo): Okay how are you going to do that?
      [29.10., 21:33] Claudia: I have to know the airport, the time... before tomorrow afternoon
      [29.10., 21:34] Claudia: You now i'll often busy...
      [29.10., 21:34] Mark (Lovoo): Yes honey
      [29.10., 21:34] Mark (Lovoo): He said it will be sent to you on your email
      [29.10., 21:35] Claudia: I'm looking forward to it 🙄
      [30.10., 07:49] Mark (Lovoo): Hello sweetheart how are you doing today
      [30.10., 07:49] Mark (Lovoo): How was your night baby
      [30.10., 09:50] Claudia: I'm at work 😘
      [30.10., 10:06] Mark (Lovoo): Okay honey
      [30.10., 12:11] Mark (Lovoo): Hello honey
      [30.10., 12:35] Claudia: Hey
      [30.10., 12:35] Mark (Lovoo): Hi baby
      [30.10., 12:36] Mark (Lovoo): How have you been
      [30.10., 12:36] Mark (Lovoo): Are you on break now?
      [30.10., 12:36] Claudia: At work..
      [30.10., 12:36] Claudia: Short break
      [30.10., 12:36] Mark (Lovoo): Okay sweetie
      [30.10., 12:36] Mark (Lovoo): Missed you so much
      [30.10., 12:36] Claudia: I missed you too
      [30.10., 12:37] Claudia: Do you have information for me?
      [30.10., 12:37] Claudia: Airport, time?
      [30.10., 12:37] Mark (Lovoo): In few hours time I will be with you
      [30.10., 12:41] Mark (Lovoo): The general said once they have confirmed the payment, he will tell me the next details
      [30.10., 12:41] Claudia: That's very late...
      [30.10., 12:42] Mark (Lovoo): On where you can come pick me up
      [30.10., 12:42] Mark (Lovoo): It won't be so late
      [30.10., 12:43] Mark (Lovoo): Once you send the payment slip to his email
      [30.10., 13:55] Claudia: Ok, but it will be 4 pm or 4:30 pm, after my bank appointment
      [30.10., 13:56] Claudia: Then your flight and i don't know where are your flight lands
      [30.10., 13:56] Claudia: I really need an airport
      [30.10., 14:45] Mark (Lovoo): You will get it immediately after the payment slip is confirmed
      [30.10., 16:43] Mark (Lovoo): Have you transferred the money?
      [30.10., 16:53] Claudia: Yes I have
      [30.10., 18:30] Claudia: Packed and on the way?
      [30.10., 19:01] Mark (Lovoo): Honey I'm set to fly baby
      [30.10., 19:03] Claudia: Ok, when will you be here?
      [30.10., 19:08] Mark (Lovoo): I just asked the general, he said they are still confirming the payment you made
      [30.10., 19:09] Mark (Lovoo): So once it's made I will be leaving soon
      [30.10., 19:11] Claudia: It will be Monday, at Monday we have shutdown 😳
      [30.10., 19:11] Mark (Lovoo): No it won't be Monday
      [30.10., 19:12] Mark (Lovoo): You have made the payment right?
      [30.10., 19:13] Claudia: Transfer takes 1 day to be on the account
      [30.10., 19:13] Mark (Lovoo): It's okay
      [30.10., 19:13] Mark (Lovoo): I can fly tonight or tomorrow morning
      [30.10., 19:19] Claudia: Saturday they booked no transfers
      [30.10., 19:19] Claudia: It will be there at Monday
      [30.10., 19:19] Mark (Lovoo): Once it's confirmed
      [30.10., 19:20] Mark (Lovoo): It doesn't need to get here
      [30.10., 19:20] Claudia: Thought you are an the way
      [30.10., 19:20] Mark (Lovoo): It's takes a day to be delivered
      [30.10., 19:21] Mark (Lovoo): Honey you don't need to be scared
      [30.10., 19:21] Mark (Lovoo): I will be in Germany okay
      [30.10., 19:21] Mark (Lovoo): We can fly at midnight
      [30.10., 19:22] Claudia: I hope so
      [30.10., 19:22] Mark (Lovoo): Yes honey
      [30.10., 19:22] Mark (Lovoo): Honey you are Very sure you made the payment?
      [30.10., 19:23] Mark (Lovoo): Because I don't want that asshole to speak with me before I leave here
      [30.10., 19:23] Claudia: Sure i'm Sure!
      [30.10., 19:23] Mark (Lovoo): Okay my love
      [30.10., 19:23] Mark (Lovoo): Can I see the slip?
      [30.10., 19:24] Mark (Lovoo): So I will hold it as an evidence
      [30.10., 19:24] Claudia: It's in the email. I'm not at home. I send it to you when i'm home
      [30.10., 19:24] Mark (Lovoo): So when I get to the airport I will attach it to the files that would be given to me here
      [30.10., 19:25] Mark (Lovoo): That's the only way I can clear my self out of the airport without
      [30.10., 19:25] Mark (Lovoo): So you can pick me up
      [30.10., 19:25] Claudia: I'm in the bar and made my football tip for the weekend
      [30.10., 19:25] Mark (Lovoo): Okay when you get home
      [30.10., 19:25] Mark (Lovoo): You can send it to me okay
      [30.10., 19:26] Claudia: Ok
      [30.10., 21:00] Claudia: Anything new?
      [30.10., 21:42] Claudia: Hey where are you ?
      [30.10., 21:42] Mark (Lovoo): Hey baby
      [30.10., 21:43] Claudia: Hey
      [30.10., 21:49] Mark (Lovoo): How are you doing honey
      [30.10., 21:51] Claudia: Drinking wine and missing you so much
      [30.10., 21:52] Mark (Lovoo): Yes I miss you too honey
      [30.10., 21:52] Mark (Lovoo): He said he his waiting for the order
      [30.10., 21:53] Mark (Lovoo): The Doctor that would be replacing me is yet to come
      [30.10., 21:53] Mark (Lovoo): He said the doctor would arrive soon so once he arrives
      [30.10., 21:53] Mark (Lovoo): I will be with you immediately
      [30.10., 22:00] Claudia: I'm very scared, because we have this lockdown 😩
      [30.10., 23:04] Claudia: I'm so confused once again
      [30.10., 23:11] Mark (Lovoo): Honey you don't need too
      [30.10., 23:14] Claudia: I have paid, but i have no time, no airport, i have nothing...
      [30.10., 23:16] Claudia: If you can't arrive before Monday, I'll try to stop the transfer, because you can't arrive later. We are in shutdown!!!
      [30.10., 23:20] Claudia: You can say it to your general, if you are not here bevor Monday 7 am my time, i'll stop the transfer at 8 am!
      [30.10., 23:36] Claudia: I'm not being fooled, you can tell him that
      [31.10., 07:44] Mark (Lovoo): Honey you don't need to be scared
      [31.10., 07:44] Mark (Lovoo): I can arrive because it's a private plane
      [31.10., 07:45] Mark (Lovoo): But I will arrive before Monday
      [31.10., 07:45] Mark (Lovoo): I'm a Doctor so they can't stop me
      [31.10., 07:46] Mark (Lovoo): Honey please don't do that
      [31.10., 07:46] Mark (Lovoo): Or don't you want me to be with you?
      [31.10., 07:48] Mark (Lovoo): Honey I went to his office to lay a complain on why haven't I left he said I can only leave here when the other doctor has arrived
      [31.10., 07:48] Mark (Lovoo): So we are waiting for the doctor to arrive my queen
      [31.10., 07:49] Mark (Lovoo): How was your night my love
      [31.10., 07:49] Mark (Lovoo): I missed you so much
      [31.10., 07:53] Claudia: first it means i have to pay first then it means the doctor has to be there ... monday it means we have to wait until december because of lockdown ????
      [31.10., 07:54] Claudia: 3500 Euro lost, you lost? Not with me. When you're not here till tomorrow i'll call my bank
      [31.10., 07:55] Claudia: You're not the only doctor
      [31.10., 07:55] Mark (Lovoo): Hello my love
      [31.10., 07:55] Mark (Lovoo): You don't want me anymore?
      [31.10., 07:55] Mark (Lovoo): Why are you talking like this 😔😔😔
      [31.10., 07:56] Mark (Lovoo): It just hurt my heart
      [31.10., 07:56] Claudia: You can't arrive after monday
      [31.10., 07:57] Mark (Lovoo): Honey I will be with you
      [31.10., 07:59] Mark (Lovoo): I went to the generals office
      [31.10., 08:00] Mark (Lovoo): He asked me to tell you to be calm that I will arrive over there with you
      [31.10., 08:01] Mark (Lovoo): That he his going yo communicate with the military base in Germany concerning my safe landing
      [31.10., 08:01] Mark (Lovoo): So you don't need to be scared
      [31.10., 08:01] Mark (Lovoo): I will be with you my love
      [31.10., 08:01] Mark (Lovoo): He has asured me on that
      [31.10., 08:05] Claudia: Yes you did. But you should understand my point. I've paid a lot of money and what happens? Nothing
      [31.10., 08:06] Mark (Lovoo): Honey the flight officials in Germany are aware that we are landing in Germany so you don't need to be scared
      [31.10., 08:06] Mark (Lovoo): That was what the General said to me
      [31.10., 08:06] Mark (Lovoo): They are expecting our flight to come in
      [31.10., 08:07] Mark (Lovoo): So you don't need to be scared
      [31.10., 08:07] Mark (Lovoo): It's not a public plane, it's a private plane
      [31.10., 08:07] Mark (Lovoo): So I will be with you soon and the lockdown can't stop it
      [31.10., 08:08] Mark (Lovoo): They can only stop others from flying but they can't stop military plane okay
      [31.10., 08:08] Mark (Lovoo): Please don't be scared
      [31.10., 08:08] Mark (Lovoo): Your husband will be with you soon
      [31.10., 08:09] Claudia: Where is the other doctor?
      [31.10., 08:10] Mark (Lovoo): Due to what the general said, he will be here shortly
      [31.10., 08:11] Claudia: Shortly means today?
      [31.10., 08:13] Mark (Lovoo): Honey the doctor is coming from Spain
      [31.10., 08:13] Claudia: Hope you understand my point. It's very confused what is going in your camp 🤔
      [31.10., 08:13] Claudia: And that means?
      [31.10., 08:14] Mark (Lovoo): Yes I understand your point
      [31.10., 08:14] Mark (Lovoo): They said he will be leaving soon
      [31.10., 08:15] Claudia: You are the only doctor in the camp?
      [31.10., 08:15] Mark (Lovoo): He his coming to replace my office
      [31.10., 08:15] Mark (Lovoo): And I can't leave the office without his arrival
      [31.10., 08:16] Mark (Lovoo): He would be here soon
      [31.10., 08:16] Mark (Lovoo): They have stamped his arrival so he will leaves any moment from now
      [31.10., 08:17] Claudia: I have to talk about it with a friend. He comes from Irak, worked there with the UN. He can explain me
      [31.10., 08:18] Claudia: I will call him when i get out if the bathroom
      [31.10., 08:19] Mark (Lovoo): Honey I have told you before that you shouldn't discuss anything with anyone
      [31.10., 08:19] Mark (Lovoo): What don't you understand so I can explain to you better
      [31.10., 08:20] Mark (Lovoo): I will make you understand
      [31.10., 08:20] Claudia: He worked for the UN
      [31.10., 08:21] Mark (Lovoo): Don't talk to him
      [31.10., 08:21] Mark (Lovoo): I will explain to you better
      [31.10., 08:21] Claudia: In german sorry,
      Ich brauche einen Rat von einem aussenstehenden, der mir einfach nur erklärt, das alles so richtig ist. Dann kann ich mich beruhigen und mich auf dich freuen
      [31.10., 08:22] Mark (Lovoo): Or don't you want me to arrive there safely
      [31.10., 08:22] Claudia: I'm very scared and i only need to talk to him
      [31.10., 08:23] Mark (Lovoo): Honey don't talk to anyone else apart from me your husband
      [31.10., 08:23] Claudia: You are working with the UN, he worked with the UN
      [31.10., 08:24] Mark (Lovoo): Honey you remember I told you about the soldiers that was sent on a rescue mission?
      [31.10., 08:25] Mark (Lovoo): One of the soldiers were spy from the terrorist and told the terrorist about our movement and they attacked us without knowing
      [31.10., 08:25] Mark (Lovoo): In this camp, I don't trust anyone else apart from you
      [31.10., 08:25] Claudia: He's bot an terrorist, he is from the U N, like you
      [31.10., 08:26] Claudia: And he lives in germany since 2015
      [31.10., 08:26] Mark (Lovoo): I don't even trust anyone apart from you
      [31.10., 08:26] Mark (Lovoo): The only person you can trust now is me
      [31.10., 08:27] Claudia: And I don't trust your general
      [31.10., 08:27] Mark (Lovoo): It doesn't mean but all you can do now is to keep this between our self
      [31.10., 08:27] Mark (Lovoo): I don't trust him too
      [31.10., 08:27] Mark (Lovoo): But once I'm out of here, it's over between me and the general
      [31.10., 08:27] Claudia: He never let you leave
      [31.10., 08:28] Mark (Lovoo): You have paid for my leave so why won't he
      [31.10., 08:28] Mark (Lovoo): If he doesn't, his job is at risk
      [31.10., 08:29] Mark (Lovoo): He can't mess with me and you hope you know that
      [31.10., 08:29] Mark (Lovoo): So you don't need to be scared okay
      [31.10., 08:29] Claudia: You're not on the way... i think he doesn't let you go 😔
      [31.10., 08:29] Mark (Lovoo): Trust me I will be with you
      [31.10., 08:30] Mark (Lovoo): Honey he will let me go
      [31.10., 08:30] Claudia: You should be here since yesterday
      [31.10., 08:30] Mark (Lovoo): The last time I went to his office, he was talking to the officials in Spain via email
      [31.10., 08:31] Mark (Lovoo): They said they are processing the doctors documents that will be Sent over here
      [31.10., 08:32] Mark (Lovoo): Honey which airport is closer to you?
      [31.10., 08:33] Claudia: The closest airport is Essen/Mühlheim. But it's not an army air6
      [31.10., 08:33] Claudia: Airport
      [31.10., 08:33] Mark (Lovoo): Okay
      [31.10., 08:33] Mark (Lovoo): I will communicate that to him now
      [31.10., 08:33] Mark (Lovoo): Just give me a moment okay
      [31.10., 09:08] Mark (Lovoo): I just got back from his office
      [31.10., 09:09] Mark (Lovoo): He said my coming to Germany is safe
      [31.10., 09:09] Claudia: And when?
      [31.10., 09:11] Mark (Lovoo): That he has spoken to the officials over there and Germany and they have granted him easy access of landing
      [31.10., 09:11] Mark (Lovoo): So you don't need to be scared
      [31.10., 09:12] Claudia: When and which airport?
      [31.10., 09:12] Mark (Lovoo): They said I can land in Germany anytime
      [31.10., 09:15] Claudia: Promise me, you will be here today 😔
      [31.10., 09:16] Mark (Lovoo): Honey I have promised you that I will come to Germany
      [31.10., 17:50] Mark (Lovoo): Hello baby
      [31.10., 17:50] Mark (Lovoo): How are you doing
      [31.10., 17:52] Claudia: When you're here?
      [31.10., 17:53] Mark (Lovoo): Okay cool
      [31.10., 17:53] Mark (Lovoo): I went to the generals office
      [31.10., 17:53] Mark (Lovoo): He explains why I haven't left the camp
      [31.10., 17:54] Mark (Lovoo): He told me that I would be leaving the camp
      [31.10., 17:55] Mark (Lovoo): He said the doctor that would be replacing me here would arrive here on Monday 5pm
      [31.10., 17:55] Claudia: So late???
      [31.10., 17:56] Claudia: And you can't leave before?
      [31.10., 17:56] Claudia: And you're sure you can arrive in germany?
      [31.10., 17:58] Mark (Lovoo): Yes
      [31.10., 17:58] Mark (Lovoo): He spoke with the flight officials in Germany
      [31.10., 17:59] Mark (Lovoo): So they are aware of my arrival
      [31.10., 17:59] Mark (Lovoo): They said I can arrive anytime within the week
      [31.10., 17:59] Mark (Lovoo): So you don't need to be scared
      [31.10., 18:00] Mark (Lovoo): He also said you shouldn't be offended for the inconvenience
      [31.10., 18:00] Mark (Lovoo): Please don't be sad okay
      [31.10., 18:04] Claudia: Of course I'm sad.i miss you
      [31.10., 18:04] Mark (Lovoo): I will be with you
      [31.10., 18:04] Mark (Lovoo): That's for sure
      [31.10., 18:04] Claudia: Another 2 days later
      [31.10., 18:05] Mark (Lovoo): I will be with you my queen
      [31.10., 18:05] Mark (Lovoo): You know I love you so much
      [31.10., 18:08] Claudia: And which airport at Monday,?
      [31.10., 20:05] Mark (Lovoo): He said you don't need to come to the airport because of the lockdown on Monday
      [31.10., 20:05] Mark (Lovoo): All I need now is your address
      [31.10., 20:05] Mark (Lovoo): The military can will bring me home
      [31.10., 20:06] Mark (Lovoo): All need now is your house address
      [31.10., 20:10] Claudia: I'll pick you up from the airport, it's not a problem ❤️
      [31.10., 20:11] Mark (Lovoo): Okay that will be so sweet my queen
      [31.10., 20:12] Claudia: Only time and where and i'll be there and wait for you
      [31.10., 20:14] Mark (Lovoo): I will be landing in Stuttgart army airfield
      [31.10., 20:14] Mark (Lovoo): Can you come there?
      [31.10., 20:15] Claudia: Stuttgart😳 not really near
      [31.10., 20:16] Mark (Lovoo): Can you come there? But if you can't, they can bring me to where will be able to pick me up
      [31.10., 20:16] Claudia: 450 km, but I couldn't find an army airfield
      [31.10., 20:17] Mark (Lovoo): So where would you like to come pick me,
      [31.10., 20:17] Mark (Lovoo): So the army van can bring me there
      [31.10., 20:17] Claudia: Can you come to Weeze?
      [31.10., 20:18] Claudia: There must be an army airfield
      [31.10., 20:18] Mark (Lovoo): I will communicate to the general
      [31.10., 20:18] Mark (Lovoo): Yes there is an army airfield
      [31.10., 20:19] Claudia: There i can pick you up
      [31.10., 20:19] Mark (Lovoo): I will discuss that with him
      [1.11., 14:12] Mark (Lovoo): Hello baby
      [1.11., 14:16] Mark (Lovoo): How are you doing
      [1.11., 14:16] Mark (Lovoo): Hope you are fine my queen
      [1.11., 14:28] Claudia: Hey
      [1.11., 14:28] Claudia: I'm having coffee with the friend from Iraq I told you about
      [1.11., 14:29] Mark (Lovoo): Oh that's cool
      [1.11., 14:31] Mark (Lovoo): How is it going overthere
      [1.11., 14:34] Claudia: I don't know what to think anymore. He says very different things. I already explained it to you last night. He says I should never sent money... can you explain me, why he says completely different things?
      [1.11., 14:35] Claudia: He worked for many years for the UN, he gives me a lot of information...
      [1.11., 14:36] Claudia: And he says my 3500 Euro are lost!
      [1.11., 14:37] Mark (Lovoo): Not honey it's not lost
      [1.11., 14:37] Mark (Lovoo): Like I said earlier
      [1.11., 14:38] Mark (Lovoo): I can not do anything that would hurt you
      [1.11., 14:38] Mark (Lovoo): Honey trust me
      [1.11., 14:39] Mark (Lovoo): Honey is it about the money you sent for my transfer leave
      [1.11., 14:39] Claudia: And why is he sitting next to me and explaining me, that you sure can do a videocall? And never pay money for leaving???
      [1.11., 14:40] Mark (Lovoo): Honey right here in the camp I can't do such
      [1.11., 14:40] Claudia: He worked for the UN, he knows them
      [1.11., 14:40] Mark (Lovoo): Calls are not allowed in a war zone
      [1.11., 14:40] Mark (Lovoo): Do you know calls can be tracked?
      [1.11., 14:41] Claudia: I will see it tomorrow...
      [1.11., 14:41] Claudia: And WhatsApp not?
      [1.11., 14:46] Mark (Lovoo): Honey do you trust and believe me?
      [1.11., 14:48] Claudia: Otherwise i won't pay 3500 euro...,
      [1.11., 14:48] Mark (Lovoo): Honey I told you I will arrive in Germany
      [1.11., 14:49] Mark (Lovoo): You don't trust me anymore?
      [1.11., 14:50] Claudia: I wouldn't have paid if i wouldn't trust you
      [1.11., 14:50] Mark (Lovoo): Honey I told you that your money isn't lost okay
      [1.11., 14:51] Mark (Lovoo): Trust me
      [1.11., 14:52] Mark (Lovoo): You know he would be here on Monday, then I will fly to meet my pretty wife
      [1.11., 14:52] Claudia: I trust you, ok?
      [1.11., 14:52] Mark (Lovoo): I love you now and always
      [1.11., 15:25] Mark (Lovoo): Honey I will always love you in good and bad times.. And nothing can ever change that my love for you
      [1.11., 15:25] Mark (Lovoo): Because you are my source of joy
      [1.11., 15:26] Mark (Lovoo): I will never leave you or do anything that will you hurt you
      [1.11., 15:27] Mark (Lovoo): I promise to always be there for you at all times
      [1.11., 15:28] Claudia: We talk later. I love you ❤️
      [1.11., 20:19] Mark (Lovoo): Honey I went to the generals office today
      [1.11., 20:20] Claudia: What did he say?
      [1.11., 20:21] Mark (Lovoo): He congratulated me for my great service here
      [1.11., 20:22] Claudia: That's great
      [1.11., 20:22] Mark (Lovoo): For always trying to make things goes right
      [1.11., 20:23] Mark (Lovoo): He then said something so special
      [1.11., 20:25] Claudia: What was it?
      [1.11., 20:26] Mark (Lovoo): He said you are so lucky to have a kind and responsible man like me that always care about the life's of others
      [1.11., 20:26] Mark (Lovoo): That I will make a great husband
      [1.11., 20:26] Mark (Lovoo): I felt so flattered and honoured

    • Nightfly hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO John Mayer" geschrieben. 27.10.2020

      Schatzi ist völlig fertig und er tut mir ja fast leid...🤪

      Die Bankverbindung an Allan, soll ich da nochmal alles mitschicken, oder kann ich ihm das einfach einzeln senden? Hatte ja schon dieses bitcoin wallet mit allen Mails geschickt

      [27.10., 15:59] Mark (Lovoo): Honey I'm sorry
      [27.10., 15:59] Mark (Lovoo): If I got you angry
      [27.10., 15:59] Mark (Lovoo): Please say something to me
      [27.10., 16:01] Mark (Lovoo): Honey I will never hurt you my queen and I stand by my words
      [27.10., 16:03] Mark (Lovoo): Honey I'm waiting for you baby
      [27.10., 16:04] Claudia: I read this german message and "schatz " is definitely for a woman. And now i will stop our communication and think about it.
      You've really hurt me 😢
      [27.10., 16:04] Mark (Lovoo): Honey please believe me
      [27.10., 16:04] Mark (Lovoo): I can't hurt your feelings
      [27.10., 16:07] Claudia: I've been betrayed before. Have to think about it
      [27.10., 16:07] Mark (Lovoo): Honey do you still love me like said
      [27.10., 16:08] Mark (Lovoo): Honey you are my sunshine and you know it's true
      [27.10., 16:10] Mark (Lovoo): Honey you know I leave for you
      [27.10., 16:11] Claudia: You are writing to another woman and you call she Schatz 😭
      [27.10., 16:11] Mark (Lovoo): No Honey
      [27.10., 16:11] Mark (Lovoo): I don't write with another woman
      [27.10., 16:11] Mark (Lovoo): Please believe me
      [27.10., 16:13] Mark (Lovoo): When I get to meet you in Germany
      [27.10., 16:13] Mark (Lovoo): I will prove to you that you are the only woman in my life
      [27.10., 16:13] Claudia: Schatz???? Im Leben sagst du das keinem doctor
      [27.10., 16:13] Mark (Lovoo): Please believe me
      [27.10., 16:14] Mark (Lovoo): Honey are you saying you don't want me anymore?
      [27.10., 16:15] Claudia: Und jetzt gerade hab ich auch keine Lust das in Englisch zu schreiben. Du hast mich zutiefst verletzt, mir mein Herz rausgerissen und darauf herumgetrampelt. Das muss ich jetzt erstmal verarbeiten 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
      [27.10., 16:16] Mark (Lovoo): Schatz, bitte weine nicht. Es tut mir weh, wenn du es tust. Ich werde bald bei dir sein und wir werden mit deinen Freunden rumhängen, meine Liebe
      [27.10., 16:17] Mark (Lovoo): Liebling, liebst du mich?
      [27.10., 16:18] Mark (Lovoo): Schatz, bitte weine nicht, weil du mich zum Weinen bringst. Bitte, ich will dich nicht verlieren, weil du meine Frau bist und ich allein zu dir berechtigt bin
      [27.10., 16:19] Mark (Lovoo): Schatz, es tut mir so leid ... Ich habe eine gute Nachricht für dich
      [27.10., 16:20] Mark (Lovoo): Der General hat mir gerade gesagt, dass ich morgen bei Ihnen sein werde, damit Sie nicht mehr ängstlich oder traurig sein müssen
      [27.10., 16:23] Mark (Lovoo): Schatz, ich bin so froh zu hören, dass ich nach Hause komme, um dich zu treffen und hoffe, dass du auch ich bist, meine Liebe
      [27.10., 16:39] Mark (Lovoo): Are you there honey
      [27.10., 16:45] Mark (Lovoo): Please honey are you on you way to the bank now?
      [27.10., 17:06] Mark (Lovoo): Say something honey
      [27.10., 17:08] Mark (Lovoo): Honey
      [27.10., 17:08] Mark (Lovoo): I'm happy that you are still mine
      [27.10., 17:08] Mark (Lovoo): And you will never leave me
      [27.10., 17:08] Mark (Lovoo): I will never leave you too
      [27.10., 19:48] Mark (Lovoo): Hello honey how are you doing
      [27.10., 19:48] Mark (Lovoo): I haven't been my self
      [27.10., 19:49] Mark (Lovoo): You are the woman I want to be with
      [27.10., 19:49] Mark (Lovoo): I can't love anyone else apart from you
      [27.10., 19:50] Mark (Lovoo): Please I wasn't talking to any other woman
      [27.10., 19:51] Mark (Lovoo): I have never lied to you and nothing will ever make me do such a thing Because you are so dearly to my heart... I had always pray for a woman like you and now that I have found you, nothing in this would would make me live you
      [27.10., 19:52] Mark (Lovoo): Please trust me
      [27.10., 19:52] Mark (Lovoo): I know you are hurt but it's not the way you see it
      [27.10., 19:53] Mark (Lovoo): What I said was changed by the translator I didn't mean to say honey...
      [27.10., 19:53] Mark (Lovoo): Please believe me
      [27.10., 19:54] Mark (Lovoo): What will make me cheat on you, you mean the world to me and you are all I want
      [27.10., 19:55] Mark (Lovoo): I have never loved anyone the way I love you... There are bad times and right times but that doesn't mean the love we feel for each other isn't real
      [27.10., 19:56] Mark (Lovoo): Honey all what i have said to you it's true
      [27.10., 19:56] Mark (Lovoo): I haven't been my self since because I'm so sad and confused right now
      [27.10., 19:57] Mark (Lovoo): Please don't go
      [27.10., 19:57] Mark (Lovoo): We promised never to leave each other
      [27.10., 19:58] Mark (Lovoo): I know you love me so much
      [27.10., 19:59] Mark (Lovoo): I have been begging you since because I love you so much and I see a better future with you
      [27.10., 20:00] Mark (Lovoo): Honey I love you from the dept of your heart
      [27.10., 20:02] Claudia: And why you are translating "sweetheart" when there is not another woman? You're kidding me and it hurts me... it hurts me so much 😢😢😢😢
      [27.10., 20:02] Mark (Lovoo): Loving you was never a mistake and you loving me is never a mistake too... So please let's continue our love in good terms and tenderness. When I come to Germany
      [27.10., 20:02] Claudia: What are you talking with Germans and call them sweetheart???
      [27.10., 20:03] Mark (Lovoo): Honey like I said earlier on I wasn't talking to any woman
      [27.10., 20:03] Mark (Lovoo): It's a typical error from the translator
      [27.10., 20:04] Claudia: I'll never called my doctor sweetheart
      [27.10., 20:04] Mark (Lovoo): Honey I only said dear not sweetheart
      [27.10., 20:05] Mark (Lovoo): You remember telling me that my translator isn't translating properly that it's better we talk in English
      [27.10., 20:06] Mark (Lovoo): I wasn't calling anyone sweetheart.. The only person I call sweetheart is you and will always be you
      [27.10., 20:06] Mark (Lovoo): I will do anything to make you happy
      [27.10., 20:11] Mark (Lovoo): If I tell you That I'm crying, would you be happy?
      [27.10., 20:12] Mark (Lovoo): I know you are not happy
      [27.10., 20:13] Mark (Lovoo): That's why I am asking you to forgive me and I promise it will never happen again
      [27.10., 20:13] Mark (Lovoo): It's a promise that I will keep with my life
      [27.10., 20:14] Claudia: I need time, please. I have to think about it 😔😔😢
      [27.10., 20:15] Claudia: I love you so much but it hurts so much
      [27.10., 20:15] Mark (Lovoo): I love you more than you can ever imagine
      [27.10., 20:16] Mark (Lovoo): Thanks for loving me so much
      [27.10., 20:16] Mark (Lovoo): I will never hurt you again
      [27.10., 20:16] Mark (Lovoo): I love you my rose flower
      [27.10., 20:16] Mark (Lovoo): Baby have you had dinner?
      [27.10., 20:17] Claudia: I'm notvhungry. I have a glass of wine
      [27.10., 20:17] Mark (Lovoo): Okay
      [27.10., 20:17] Mark (Lovoo): Would have serve as food?
      [27.10., 20:18] Claudia: Wine is enough, then it hurts bot so much
      [27.10., 20:19] Mark (Lovoo): Oh I'm so sorry for making my baby hurt so much
      [27.10., 20:19] Mark (Lovoo): I want you to always know that you mean the world to me and nothing can ever take your place in my heart
      [27.10., 20:20] Mark (Lovoo): I'm yours for ever
      [27.10., 20:20] Mark (Lovoo): I love you to the moon
      [27.10., 20:21] Claudia: Give me time please 😔
      [27.10., 20:22] Mark (Lovoo): It's okay but please don't leave me
      [27.10., 20:23] Mark (Lovoo): When I’m in your arms, I feel so safe, and it makes me think I’m the luckiest person in the world because I have such an amazing partner. I want to spend the rest of my life with you wherever you go I go.
      [27.10., 20:24] Mark (Lovoo): My life is better now because of you. You are the most caring person; I couldn’t imagine my life without you around. I miss you so much!
      [27.10., 20:25] Mark (Lovoo): ❤️
      [27.10., 20:25] Mark (Lovoo): Good night honey and sleep well.. My thoughts are all about you

    • Nightfly hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO John Mayer" geschrieben. 27.10.2020

      So Schatzi schreibt noch mit einer anderen, hat schon paarmal gelöscht, diesmal hab ich es gelesen. Jetzt bin ich erstmal eifersüchtig, sauer und werde heute nicht überweisen. Der kann jetzt erstmal zappeln 🥳

      [27.10., 15:25] Mark (Lovoo): Hello baby
      [27.10., 15:25] Claudia: Hey 😊
      [27.10., 15:26] Mark (Lovoo): How are you doing my love
      [27.10., 15:26] Claudia: Have something to eat
      [27.10., 15:26] Mark (Lovoo): Okay honey
      [27.10., 15:27] Mark (Lovoo): Are you done you still at work?
      [27.10., 15:28] Claudia: No, end of working day now
      [27.10., 15:31] Mark (Lovoo): Okay honey
      [27.10., 15:31] Mark (Lovoo): What are you doing now my love
      [27.10., 15:32] Claudia: Still eating
      [27.10., 15:34] Mark (Lovoo): Okay honey
      [27.10., 15:34] Mark (Lovoo): I will head back to work
      [27.10., 15:34] Mark (Lovoo): Please honey don't forget to send me the photo of the payment slip
      [27.10., 15:35] Claudia: I'm going straight to the bank and then to the sport
      [27.10., 15:36] Mark (Lovoo): Okay Honey
      [27.10., 15:36] Mark (Lovoo): I love you so much
      [27.10., 15:36] Mark (Lovoo): ❤️
      [27.10., 15:37] Claudia: Have written a mail to this asshole, he should make the airplane ready to start
      [27.10., 15:37] Mark (Lovoo): Okay baby
      [27.10., 15:38] Mark (Lovoo): What did you say to him honey
      [27.10., 15:38] Claudia: Was in German, not sooo bad
      [27.10., 15:39] Claudia: And i didn't say he's an asshole, i should write another mail 🤔
      [27.10., 15:40] Mark (Lovoo): Hahahaha
      [27.10., 15:40] Mark (Lovoo): You don't need to do that okay
      [27.10., 15:40] Claudia: Why? He is an asshole
      [27.10., 15:40] Mark (Lovoo): What's is important for me now is that you love me so much right?
      [27.10., 15:40] Claudia: Someone has to say this
      [27.10., 15:40] Mark (Lovoo): Yeah i know
      [27.10., 15:41] Mark (Lovoo): 👆👆
      [27.10., 15:41] Claudia: Yes I love you
      [27.10., 15:41] Mark (Lovoo): Thanks honey
      [27.10., 15:41] Mark (Lovoo): I'm so longing to be with you honey
      [27.10., 15:42] Claudia: In 1 hour i'll go to the bank
      [27.10., 15:43] Mark (Lovoo): Okay honey
      [27.10., 15:43] Mark (Lovoo): Take care of your self
      [27.10., 15:43] Claudia: What should happen?

      Gelöschte Nachricht, irgendwas mit Schatz, konnte es noch eben lesen, bevor er löschen konnte

      [27.10., 15:44] Claudia: I read this 🤔
      [27.10., 15:44] Claudia: Is there another women?
      [27.10., 15:45] Mark (Lovoo): Yes I said it would be available
      [27.10., 15:45] Mark (Lovoo): No Honey
      [27.10., 15:45] Claudia: You should don't kidding me 😡
      [27.10., 15:45] Mark (Lovoo): I was talking to a doctor here he asked me for a medication in my lab
      [27.10., 15:45] Claudia: Not the first time you delete german messages
      [27.10., 15:46] Claudia: And you say "schatz" to the doctor?
      [27.10., 15:46] Mark (Lovoo): I wasn't talking to someone else honey
      [27.10., 15:46] Claudia: 😡
      [27.10., 15:46] Mark (Lovoo): Honey you know you are the only one i have
      [27.10., 15:47] Mark (Lovoo): I can't do such thing to you
      [27.10., 15:47] Mark (Lovoo): Please believe me
      [27.10., 15:47] Mark (Lovoo): I'm sorry for deleting the message at first
      [27.10., 15:47] Claudia: This time i'm not sure. I saw many deleted german messages!!!
      [27.10., 15:48] Mark (Lovoo): Please don't be upset my heartbeat
      [27.10., 15:48] Mark (Lovoo): No you are the only one I'm talking to
      [27.10., 15:48] Claudia: And all were sebd to a woman
      [27.10., 15:48] Mark (Lovoo): I'm honest to you
      [27.10., 15:48] Mark (Lovoo): I don't write with any woman
      [27.10., 15:49] Mark (Lovoo): The only woman I know now is you baby
      [27.10., 15:49] Claudia: I'm going out for a while. Have to think about it!
      [27.10., 15:49] Mark (Lovoo): And no one can take your place in my heart
      [27.10., 15:49] Mark (Lovoo): Baby please am sorry
      [27.10., 15:49] Mark (Lovoo): I love you from the dept of my heart
      [27.10., 15:52] Mark (Lovoo): Honey please don't go😭😭😭😭😭😭
      [27.10., 15:52] Mark (Lovoo): I love you so much
      [27.10., 15:53] Mark (Lovoo): I can't do without you
      [27.10., 15:53] Mark (Lovoo): Honey please come back to me
      [27.10., 15:55] Mark (Lovoo): I wish that you were here to hold me in your arms all night. Your love is the only thing that keeps me going.
      Being with you is like having a wish come true. Living with you by my side is another wish that I'd like to have come true. Please come back soon.🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

      Ich hätte hier ein paar audios von ihm, kann ich die hier einstellen? Vielleicht kennt ja einer die Stimme

    • Nightfly hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO John Mayer" geschrieben. 26.10.2020

      Wie bekomme ich den zu einem Darlehnsvertrag? Der braucht doch keinen Bank account???

      [26.10., 20:05] Claudia: Sweetheart? Now what about the loan agreement? You know I would feel better with it...
      [26.10., 20:36] Mark (Lovoo): Yes I know but I can only do that when I get to Germany
      [26.10., 20:37] Mark (Lovoo): I can't do that over here
      [26.10., 20:37] Mark (Lovoo): Hope you understand
      [26.10., 20:37] Mark (Lovoo): I will do all you want me to do when I get to Germany
      [26.10., 20:42] Claudia: And what's the problem with that?
      [26.10., 20:43] Mark (Lovoo): I can't access my account
      [26.10., 20:43] Mark (Lovoo): How else do you want me to explain it
      [26.10., 20:43] Claudia: You don't need an account for that
      [26.10., 20:44] Mark (Lovoo): How can I request for a loan agreement from my bank
      [26.10., 20:45] Mark (Lovoo): If I could do things my self, I wouldn't have told you
      [26.10., 20:45] Mark (Lovoo): I just told you that I can't honey
      [26.10., 20:45] Mark (Lovoo): Like I said before, when you come pick me up from the airport, we will discuss more about it
      [26.10., 20:46] Mark (Lovoo): Please I have been so stressed lately. I don't get to sleep because deep down in me I'm already with you in Germany
      [26.10., 20:46] Mark (Lovoo): Please try to understand my love
      [26.10., 20:47] Mark (Lovoo): I love you so much and nothing can change it
      [26.10., 20:47] Mark (Lovoo): Don't be scared honey
      [26.10., 20:47] Claudia: What do you think.... i'm stressed... 3500 Euro.... that's very stressful
      [26.10., 20:48] Mark (Lovoo): I will refund it with once we get to US
      [26.10., 20:48] Mark (Lovoo): You don't need to be scared honey
      [26.10., 20:49] Mark (Lovoo): The most important thing now is for me to be at the airport
      [26.10., 20:49] Mark (Lovoo): Okay
      [26.10., 20:49] Mark (Lovoo): I love you now and always
      [26.10., 20:49] Mark (Lovoo): ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋💋💋🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
      [26.10., 20:49] Mark (Lovoo): Please say you will do it for me tomorrow
      [26.10., 20:50] Mark (Lovoo): Please honey you are all I have now

    • Nightfly hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO John Mayer" geschrieben. 26.10.2020

      @butterfly das ist schon komisch, seit ich den ersten Kandidaten hatte, wird mein Profil förmlich überrannt von denen... und mein Schatzi Mark war eigentlich als "echt" gedacht von mir,sonst hätte der meine nummer gar nicht bekommen. Ich war echt so blöd und wollte ihm glauben 🙈

      Wenn ich mit dem durch bin, gibt's ne prepaid Karte

    • Nightfly hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO John Mayer" geschrieben. 26.10.2020

      @Butterfly ich mache sowas zum ersten mal, zumindest das ich es wirklich rauszögere. Er wird halt wirklich ungeduldig ich lass ihn ja jetzt schon ein paar Tage zappeln... Dann bestehe ich mal morgen auf den Vertrag.
      Kann mir da irgendwas passieren? Der hat aber nichts ausser aber meiner "echten" Handynummer

    • Nightfly hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO John Mayer" geschrieben. 26.10.2020

      @Butterfly ich hatte heute den Termin bei der Bank, ich überweise morgen brav nach der Arbeit

      Und er hatte zuwenig Zeit für den pass, er dachte bis heute mittag, der kriegt mich noch so um den Finger gewickelt. Jetzt versucht er es mit schnulzigen Texten, weil er wohl merkt ich bin misstrauisch. Muss aber auch sagen, ich fühle mich beleidigt, das ich wohl so einen dermaßen dämlichen Eindruck erwecke

    • Nightfly hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO John Mayer" geschrieben. 26.10.2020

      @butterfly wäre lieb, wenn du mir eine fake Überweisung auf dieses Konto machen würdest über 3500 Euro :-)
      Mit dem darlehnsvertrag zickt er rum, aber wenn mir da jemand Tips geben kann, wie ich da auch noch rankomme, gerne :-)

      [26.10., 16:33] Claudia: so, can you get a copy of your ID? My bank appointment is in 25 minutes
      [26.10., 17:02] Mark (Lovoo): Honey
      [26.10., 17:03] Mark (Lovoo): I could only get my passport
      [26.10., 17:10] Mark (Lovoo): Honey time reporters came to the camp today and I pleaded with the to help me with a photo of my passport
      [26.10., 17:11] Mark (Lovoo): It was a big risk but I had to take it to prove to you my love
      [26.10., 17:11] Mark (Lovoo): Hope now you are convinced
      [26.10., 17:46] Claudia: Norway???
      [26.10., 17:48] Claudia: Why norway? You said you are from Washington 🤔
      [26.10., 17:48] Mark (Lovoo): Yes honey
      [26.10., 17:48] Mark (Lovoo): I did this passport from Norway
      [26.10., 17:49] Mark (Lovoo): I'm from Washington
      [26.10., 17:50] Mark (Lovoo): I planned of renewing it when it expires
      [26.10., 17:50] Mark (Lovoo): Hope you understand my love
      [26.10., 17:51] Claudia: Why you get a passport from norway?
      [26.10., 17:52] Mark (Lovoo): I was once transferred there and that's where I got my passport
      [26.10., 17:54] Mark (Lovoo): But it would be renewed once I get to America with you
      [26.10., 17:54] Mark (Lovoo): Where are you now honey?
      [26.10., 17:55] Claudia: I'm home now
      [26.10., 17:55] Claudia: My credit is approved and on my account tomorrow
      [26.10., 17:55] Mark (Lovoo): Okay honey
      [26.10., 17:55] Mark (Lovoo): So when are you making the payment?
      [26.10., 17:56] Mark (Lovoo): I don't want to stay here any longer
      [26.10., 17:56] Claudia: When I finished my work tomorrow
      [26.10., 17:57] Mark (Lovoo): I'm so happy honey
      [26.10., 17:57] Mark (Lovoo): Promise me you will do as you say honey?
      [26.10., 17:59] Claudia: Yes I do
      [26.10., 18:00] Mark (Lovoo): I love you more than anything else on earth
      [26.10., 18:00] Mark (Lovoo): Honey what meal will you prepare for me when we get home

    • Nightfly hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO John Mayer" geschrieben. 26.10.2020

      Schatzi hat heute gebastelt. Er war auch wirklich sehr wortkarg und wohl beschäftigt. Aber er hat sich irgendwas als pass zurecht gefriemelt 😂

    • Nightfly hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO John Mayer" geschrieben. 26.10.2020

      Neue Bankdaten

      You can make the payment through this bank account...

      Iban: ES86

      Swift: COYTESM1XXX

      Account bank name : Correó

      Address: Aviguda d’ alexandre Rosselló Mallorca Spain

      Name : E

      Post code: 07008
      Banken Spanien (4)

      Please do send us your proof of payment once you have made the payment

    • Nightfly hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO John Mayer" geschrieben. 26.10.2020

      @Butterfly vielen Dank. Wenn er mal langsam anfängt seine Papiere zu basteln komme ich sehr gerne darauf zurück.
      Er jammert und winselt. So wird der pass nie fertig und ich hab doch heute den Termin bei der Bank 🤑

      [26.10., 03:04] Mark (Lovoo): Hello honey
      [26.10., 03:05] Mark (Lovoo): I know it's quite difficult for you now but there is one thing I would like you to know
      [26.10., 03:05] Mark (Lovoo): That is the love and trust we have for each other
      [26.10., 03:07] Mark (Lovoo): Honey don't be scared my love, what should you be thinking is for me to come there safe and sound
      [26.10., 03:08] Mark (Lovoo): Honey you know you are the only one I have. I will always choose you and you will always be my wife.
      [26.10., 03:09] Mark (Lovoo): Honey please do what the General has told you to do okay... When I come, we will figure things out
      [26.10., 03:09] Mark (Lovoo): You don't need to be scared
      [26.10., 03:09] Mark (Lovoo): Please trust your husband as always and I will never mislead you
      [26.10., 03:10] Mark (Lovoo): I love you from the dept of my heart
      [26.10., 03:10] Mark (Lovoo): Honey I will be so glad when you do as I say.... // wäre ich auch, wenn mir einer 3500 Euro in bitcoin für bisschen rumgeschnulze zahlen würde

    • Nightfly hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO John Mayer" geschrieben. 25.10.2020

      Jetzt wird mein Schatzi aber nervös, mein armer fast Ehemann. Mir kullern fast die Tränen...

      [25.10., 21:27] Mark (Lovoo): Honey
      [25.10., 21:33] Claudia: I'm here
      [25.10., 21:40] Mark (Lovoo): Honey why don't you contact the general and request for a bank details
      [25.10., 21:40] Mark (Lovoo): Since you don't want to do Bitcoin
      [25.10., 21:40] Claudia: I had
      [25.10., 21:41] Mark (Lovoo): Tell him you can't pay the money into Bitcoin
      [25.10., 21:43] Mark (Lovoo): Not that it's bad for you to pay in through Bitcoin
      [25.10., 21:43] Mark (Lovoo): It's not going to the generals account
      [25.10., 21:44] Mark (Lovoo): If he does that we will both sew him
      [25.10., 21:50] Mark (Lovoo): Honey say something
      [25.10., 21:51] Mark (Lovoo): Should I go off?
      [25.10., 21:51] Claudia: I'm confused
      [25.10., 21:53] Mark (Lovoo): Honey do you trust me?
      [25.10., 21:53] Claudia: Yes I do
      [25.10., 21:54] Mark (Lovoo): Honey do as the general has told you too
      [25.10., 21:54] Mark (Lovoo): Trust me on this
      [25.10., 21:54] Mark (Lovoo): He isn't taking your money
      [25.10., 21:55] Mark (Lovoo): I promise you
      [25.10., 21:55] Mark (Lovoo): Have I ever lied to you?
      [25.10., 21:56] Claudia: I have to go out for a few minutes and thinking
      [25.10., 21:56] Mark (Lovoo): Okay
      [25.10., 21:56] Mark (Lovoo): You know I haven't lied to you before
      [25.10., 21:57] Mark (Lovoo): And I will never lie to the woman i love
      [25.10., 21:57] Mark (Lovoo): Believe and trust me
      [25.10., 21:57] Mark (Lovoo): Once I get to the airport
      [25.10., 21:58] Mark (Lovoo): You would receive a warm kisses and hug from me
      [25.10., 21:59] Mark (Lovoo): Our love is real and happy its leading us to a great victory
      [25.10., 21:59] Mark (Lovoo): I'm so happy we would finally be together
      [25.10., 21:59] Mark (Lovoo): Please honey trust your husband with all your heart and he won't mislead you
      [25.10., 22:00] Claudia: Give me a few minutes please
      [25.10., 22:00] Mark (Lovoo): I'm your husband and you're my beautiful wife
      [25.10., 22:00] Mark (Lovoo): I will never break your heart
      [25.10., 22:00] Mark (Lovoo): Okay honey
      [25.10., 22:04] Mark (Lovoo): I will go now
      [25.10., 22:04] Mark (Lovoo): Drop your message
      [25.10., 22:04] Mark (Lovoo): When I get back I will reply
      [25.10., 22:04] Mark (Lovoo): I love you now and always
      [25.10., 22:04] Mark (Lovoo): Sleep well my queen, my thoughts we with you honey

      Danke. Bitcoin wallet melde ich sofort

    • Nightfly hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO John Mayer" geschrieben. 25.10.2020

      [25.10., 21:04] Claudia: Without proper bank details, i will not transfer anything.  And that all becomes too insecure for me.  I want a loan agreement from you and a copy of your ID!
      [25.10., 21:04] Claudia: Then i pay in bitcoin. It's your money
      [25.10., 21:05] Mark (Lovoo): Honey how do you expect me to access my bank account
      [25.10., 21:05] Mark (Lovoo): I told you already
      [25.10., 21:06] Claudia: Give me a copy of your passport and a loan agreement
      [25.10., 21:06] Claudia: I feel insecure
      [25.10., 21:08] Mark (Lovoo): Yes honey when I get to Germany I will give you the money
      [25.10., 21:09] Mark (Lovoo): You don't need to be scared about that
      [25.10., 21:09] Mark (Lovoo): I don't mind as far as I'm giving the money to the woman I love
      [25.10., 21:13] Mark (Lovoo): You know my device is not camera enabled
      [25.10., 21:13] Mark (Lovoo): How am I going to do that
      [25.10., 21:13] Mark (Lovoo): I had always do what you ask
      [25.10., 21:14] Mark (Lovoo): Please try to understand my point
      [25.10., 21:14] Mark (Lovoo): If you love me like you said, you will do anything just for me to be happy and for us to be happy too
      [25.10., 21:16] Claudia: If you love me like you said, you will give me these 2 things. Ask your general, i said to him i want a passport copy
      [25.10., 21:22] Mark (Lovoo): How would I get a loan agreement
      [25.10., 21:22] Mark (Lovoo): I don't need to ask for loan because I have enough money in my bank account
      [25.10., 21:23] Mark (Lovoo): So when I come to Germany, we will both go to America for a vacation and then I will request for my money
      [25.10., 21:24] Claudia: And how should pay the flights?
      [25.10., 21:25] Claudia: I want a loan agreement and the passport copy. 3500 euro is much money
      [25.10., 21:26] Mark (Lovoo): Honey I thought we have talked about this before
      [25.10., 21:26] Mark (Lovoo): I know the amount is much,
      [25.10., 21:27] Claudia: Yes and i said often i want a passport copy and now they want bitcoin. I feel insecure

      Man man man, faules Stück. Kann doch mal ein bisschen was tun für 3500 Euro 🤪

    • Nightfly hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO John Mayer" geschrieben. 25.10.2020

      @Charlies_Angel wie mache ich das?


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