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    • ZuSchlauFuerScammer hat das Thema "keine Rechte, Themen zu erstellen?" erstellt. 29.09.2022

    • ZuSchlauFuerScammer hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scam oder Real?" geschrieben. 29.09.2022

      p.p.s. habe ganz vergessen, dass ich hier im Forum schon einen Account habe ;) also, ich war der Ersteller des Threads

    • ZuSchlauFuerScammer hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Katja Zwara" geschrieben. 31.07.2020

      ja, so etwas in der Art habe ich vor! Dann wird "Sie" so ungefähr Mitte nächster Woche mal nachfragen, wo das Geld bleibt!
      leider werde ich jetzt ein paar Tage offline sein, aber ich gebe "ihr" eine Telefonnr. (prepaid, nicht meine richtige)....vielleicht mache ich dann abends mal auf Schwerenöter....so Dinge wie
      "will Deine Stimme hören....", "Will Dich nackt sehen...." irgendwann wird "ihr" dann klar, dass sie kein Geld bekommen wird

    • ZuSchlauFuerScammer hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Katja Zwara" geschrieben. 31.07.2020

      ok, das werde ich machen.
      Bankaccount schliessen ist ja ganz nett...aber sonst passiert gar ncihts?
      Wird ja wahrscheinlich vom Scammer umgehend ein neuer Account angelegt.
      Irgendwie hätte ich schon gerne ein Erfolgserlebnis gehabt! :(

    • ZuSchlauFuerScammer hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Katja Zwara" geschrieben. 31.07.2020

      na, geht doch

      !!! habe BANKDATEN !!!!

      auf meine Mail:

      ok Hanna,
      I run out of time now. I need to go to supermarkted to have food in the evening!
      Let's postpone this issue to next week. RIA office will be opened again at Monday.

      In Germany we have strict laws about transfering money to other countries. They want to avoid money laundering and illegal business.
      Therefore we must identify both sides of money transfer; the sender and the receiver.
      The most easiest way would be, if you have a bank account or of a friend!
      So I could transfer the money in the evening online from my account to yours. Would be really easy and fast. And beside this, the fees for the transfer would be much cheaper for me.

      let's talk again in the evening. I am off now for a while


      hat "Hanna" geantwortet:

      Good evening, my dear Richard !!!
      I realized that it is easier for you to send me to my bank account. OK! I will send you my bank account !!!
      BENEFICIARY: index 53200, Ukraine, region Poltava, Poltava city, Zygin street, house 25 apartment 12
      Account 41
      CORRESPONDENT ACCOUNT 400 8867004 01
      Commerzbank AG Frankfurt am Main Germany
      IBAN: UA22
      Banken Ukraine
      hopefully now it will be easier and easier to ship !!!
      I look forward to good news from you !!! Kisses)) Your Hanna.

      das müssten jetzt doch echte Daten sein, sonst käme das Geld ja nicht an!?
      Kann man mit den Daten was anfangen? Wie geht es weiter? Ich nehmen an, den Behörden in der Ukraine ist sowas ziemlich egal, oder?

    • ZuSchlauFuerScammer hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Katja Zwara" geschrieben. 31.07.2020

      und jetzt noch die Emails von "Hanna"...
      nochmal zur Zusammenfassung: In fast jeder Mail hat "sie" die Corona-Pandemie erwähnt, die ja zuletzt als Vorwand genommen wurde, nach Geld zu fragen.
      Ganz clever eigentlich, dass in jeder Mail neben Standard-Textblöcken auf immer etwas Individuelles eingebaut war, was sich auf meine vorherige Mail bezog.
      Außerdem hat "sie" sich auf Bilder bezogen mit Hunden.."Sie" sei ja so tierlieb und Tierärztin usw.
      Am Ende habe ich wohl zu sehr nach irgendwelchen Fakten gefragt, jetzt ist erst mal Funkstille

      Irgendwie schade, eigentlich habe ich mich jedesmal schon auf die nächste Mail gefreut, umd den Schwachsinn lesen zu können....ist irgendwie wie Satire :D :D

      1. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

      Hello !!!
      This is Hanna. I am glad to continue our communication - it is more open and free))
      How are you?? I hope the pandemic has not touched you and your loved ones there! Of course it's terrible what is happening in the world ... but there is always faith and hope that this will all end soon !! and we will all live as before !!)) I would like to know you better. I don’t know why - but I was waiting for communication with you ... and now when I write you my letter - I feel something special thinking about you .... I am very glad to meet you and will be happy to tell you about me! I am an open and cheerful girl, I believe in great and sincere feelings and really want and hope that our meeting is not random ... :) :)
      I am a free and lonely girl and having met you - my first impression is bright and good :-)) I hope I'm not mistaken - are you in such a life? - What was my first impression when I saw you ?? Because I'm looking for a man - it doesn’t matter to me wherever he lives)) with whom you can share joy and concerns ... that there is trust with which you can talk about everything, travel together - because it is important for me that he could be not only a good friend, but also a lover !!!))) What are you looking for in your life ??? what are your views on life ??? Tell me your life story ...)) I will wait for your reply)) I hope to hear from you soon !!! Kiss. Hanna.

      2. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

      Hello my dear !!!
      I am glad to receive your answer. You write and talk about yourself so well. I am really glad that our relationship has a good start! I really like you very much, and it is very important for me! Our correspondence will show if we can grow in our feelings.
      I also love sports, music, art.
      I think normally about Germans, good people.
      Germany is very beautiful, I saw it in the photos.
      How are you doing today? I hope everything is all right ???? My day is going well, and your letter made it even better! I told you that I was always a very optimistic girl? :) Therefore, I try to never be sad and always smile, no matter how difficult life is!
      Darling, I'll tell you more about me, okay?
      I live in Poltava - Ukraine. I was born on September 3, 1989, my height is 168 cm! I am a fun and positive girl !!! I try to go through life with optimism and faith in the good and the good!))) I really love animals and treat them with special care - I can’t even walk past a stray dog or cat - I will definitely help, feed ... I will calm down. ..)) This very feeling for animals determined my profession - I am a veterinarian !! Now I am still an intern, but I am confidently going to my dream to heal and help animals !! And now, during the quarantine in a pandemic, I already missed my work and was soon glad to go to my favorite work to see my favorite pets !!
      I like a variety of things, such as swimming, cooking, cycling, or just walking outdoors, enjoying the natural beauty of nature and visiting the city with my friends. I am a positive person and I love good and funny jokes, which, in my opinion, make everything much happier. And how do you like to spend your time ?? how do you spend your weekend and vacation ??
      So can you tell me what you think of me ??? Internet relations are too unusual for me)) you can write a lot of words ... but the main thing is the meeting. It’s certainly better for us to meet in person to understand !!! After all, we can meet once !!! What do you think about this??? Write to me and tell me about it))
      I want to see more photos of you; it gives me a good idea about you. I want to hear more from you and your desires for the future. Do not hold back, because it can make us closer. Waiting for a response from you. I am interested to meet you.
      Believe me, I really want to know you better. Hanna.

      3. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

      Hi :) this is Hanna again!
      I am glad that our communication brings us closer and closer to each other! it makes a smile on my face throughout the day)) it is so nice to remember you and think that I will receive your letter again and learn something new about you!
      Dear thanks for the compliment, I am very pleased.
      Alas, I can’t see a video meeting because I have a weak phone and an application of this nature and as social networks it does not load, it crashes and gives an error.
      But I hope it will not be a problem for us and we can continue to build our happy relationship.
      Thank you for the photo you are a very athletic man.
      And also tell you about me - this is what opens us up and makes us closer! :)
      In fact, I do not like to give a huge list of questions to get to know a person, and I would prefer to do it as a daily conversation and even better face-to-face meetings in the future.
      Today I had a good day - I went to work after quarantine !! So tired of sitting at home for a month and eating some cereals and not talking to people ((Was it tiring. And you were in quarantine at home ?? So - today I had a lot of work, I had many clients, I was glad to see my favorite patients are cats, dogs, pets — they are very cute)) but I’m very tired, but now I received your new letter, I’m very excited, and my fatigue immediately went away! Your letter makes me excited ... I don’t know why, because we still don’t know each other properly, but my subconscious whispers to me that you can be the person I was looking for !!
      You know, when I went to bed yesterday - I thought a lot about you ....
      Now I'm starting to wait for your new letter! I want to come closer to you every day again and again! I didn’t even expect such an attraction .... but I am happy that there is something special between us!
      I wish you a good evening and have a nice day!
      I'm looking forward to your letter!
      Kisses :) Your Hanna

      4. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

      Hello my sweet honey Richard!!
      How was your day? what's new?
      Now I look at your letter - I really like it - thanks. You cannot imagine my pleasure when I see your mail in my inbox.
      Expensive International Airport in Kiev, and after Kiev there is a bus, a train, and so you can get to Poltava.
      No, I have not seen your other photos (
      I do sports 2 times a week.
      I have a phone number and you can call me on the phone.
      Please do not fall in love with someone else these days when we get closer. My hope is that I am the same for you. I feel confident about you already. I want to be optimistic with you! It's so nice every day to feel close to you)) you're just a special man - if you touched me like that)) I understand that !! and I'm glad that our relationship is developing! I admit to myself that I feel attracted to you by reading your letters. I think we can be a good couple, what do you think?
      Beloved, how is your atmosphere? What do they say about this scary virus? Sitting on self-isolation, I was even able to be on a diet because there were restrictions on products and their supplies ((Now gradually the restrictions are being removed, but far from complete recovery .... and precautions are still needed! Please be careful there !!!
      Today at work they brought a dog named Rex to clean his ears - it turned out a funny picture when I take his ear - he looks right in my eyes)) yes - it feels like he wants to say something to me. He was very funny)) I will send you his photo !!)) Such patients make me very happy))
      And the evening pleases me with your letters)) and when I go to bed - I think about you a lot)) and I had a dream as if you took my hand and we walk along the spring flowering forest, you hug me and we kiss and lie down gently on the lush grass - I felt your presence nearby, as we hold hands .... and our first kiss)) mmmmm and I liked to enjoy our tenderness and desire of each other ...))) You can only imagine what will happen next ))) So, dreaming about it, I wanted to be with you at the same moment ... what do you think about it ??? Do you want to spend our walk in the flowering forest ??? or do you prefer mountains or walk in a beautiful city ??? I can draw in my mind any picture of our meeting))) and you ???
      I look forward to your reply !!!
      I already miss .... and think a lot about you))
      A lot of sweet and tender kisses! :)
      Your Hanna.

      5. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

      Hello my sweet, my dear Richard!!!
      Dear thanks for the compliments.
      Yes, you first have to go to Kiev and then to Poltava by train.
      Of course there are cheap hotels and hostels in Poltava.
      Or you can stay with me overnight.
      How will you go to Poltava please write to me so that I can take a vacation from work.
      You know, today with the first ray of the sun my thoughts were about you and all day I remembered you, thinking - what are you doing now? How is your mood? Are you okay? How is your weather today? But for me the day did not turn out very well today ((It’s just that quarantine violated all living standards - when we went to quarantine and self-isolation we weren’t given a salary, and after quarantine I still don’t have money ((For the whole month I ate some cereal, but I don’t have any money for cereals, but here I also have to pay my monthly bills and rent my apartment ((In general, the country arranged quarantine, but I didn’t give any benefits ((I don’t know how it is in your country, but here it all looks terrible considering that people are forced to simply survive without work for an indefinite period of time ((The whole month went by on a diet - this is a plus for me !! But now I have to eat only rolls, and from the rolls I’ll quickly recover ((I would not want to look in front of you like a bun in the end ((Therefore, I do not know what to do next ....
      You know - now in my life you are the only one man for me !!! and it’s hard for me, but there’s no choice in asking you to help me with a little money for groceries !! I will not hurt you if I ask to help me ?? Two months without a salary, and parents without a pension - this forces me to look for a way out ... but I thought about asking for help from you !! Treating you as my man, dearest to me and the only one !! I can only hope that you can help me a little !! Though a small amount, it will help me cope in order to buy food and the most necessary things !! Please, if you can - help me !!! I beg you very much !! and I really hope that I did not offend you with my request !! On the contrary, she turned to her beloved man with a request for help !! Correctly??
      I really need you!! And I so dream of meeting you !! My desire is unstoppable !! I represent our meeting: I go from the plane to the airport lounge and see you with flowers !! I can’t resist the urge to get into your arms as soon as possible ... and I'm running ... running towards you)) Ah ... how romantic it is)) I run up to you and we hug each other tightly and kiss ... mmmm ... our first kiss, our first eye to eye !! hold your hand ... feel your breath, your aroma ... give yourself a sweet kiss .... feeling your body ... mmmmm ..... it's so nice to think about it .... I believe - it's not just dreams - all this may be for us soon !! After all, the pandemic will pass, and even now everything is gradually calming down - which means that the standards of life will be restored and the borders will be open !!! everything will be available to us !! We must ... we will definitely be together !! I believe that!! After all, only the mountains can not move !!
      I look forward to your reply, I want to know your words for me !! After all, I appreciate your every word !!
      I really loved you with all my heart !! so I really miss you every day !!
      Gently kiss and hug you !!!
      Your Hanna.

      6. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

      Hi my love Richard!!!
      Thank you for your understanding and desire to help me. I am happy to know that my feelings are mutual !!! And you, just like me, value our relationship and want to help me !!!))) You write that you will help me and you can send 500 euros !! Thank you, my love - I'm happy !!! I can buy the groceries I need and enough to pay my current bills !!!! I will be very grateful to you !! I admire you!! I am very glad that you understand and support me. This will save our relationship. I don't have to sell my laptop to pay for it all! And we will not lose each other !!!))) I am happy to know that you value our relationship, as I do !!!))) our feelings are mutual, and we can and should go further !!! Thank you, your love, for helping me, and I will be able to buy and pay for everything I need! I'm happy!! Thank you very much!!!
      I am sorry that I had to contact you - because otherwise I will not be able to buy even groceries, let alone everything else, and because of this I had to ask you for help. I'm sorry that I had to do this, because I'm not used to asking people for anything ... but I decided that you are my man and I can turn to you with this important question. Because it concerns our communication with you !!! So that because of this I do not have to sell my laptop on bail ((and so that our connection is not lost !! This is the most important thing for me !!!
      I will send you my personal information so that you can use it to transfer money.
      Here you can get Gram or RIA through Western Union or Money
      My name Hanna Didenko
      Ukraine 53200
      Poltava city
      Zygin street
      house 25 apartment 12
      Thank you your love for your understanding and support !!!)))
      I love you so much!!!
      I am very happy and will be waiting for your reply.
      I miss you ... kiss ... Your Hanna.

      7. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

      My love Richard!!! I will send you my passport. I understand you! This is my civil passport !!! I'm waiting for news! Kisses)) Hanna.

    • ZuSchlauFuerScammer hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Katja Zwara" geschrieben. 31.07.2020

      und hier nochmal der Link auf das fdating Profil:

    • ZuSchlauFuerScammer hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Katja Zwara" geschrieben. 31.07.2020

      ok, die Bikini- und Unterwäsche-Bilder habe ich mal weggelassen! Es gibt ja jemanden, dem diese Bilder gehören


    • ZuSchlauFuerScammer hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Katja Zwara" geschrieben. 31.07.2020

      Zitat von Anni60 im Beitrag #10
      Da müsste das Bild geklaut sein

      RPO Katja Zwara

      Sehr gut recherchiert! Ich habe in diesem Insta Account mind. 3 Bilder gefunden, die mir "Hanna" geschickt hat. Leider habe ich selbst keinen Insta Account und kann nicht alle Bilder ansehen

    • ZuSchlauFuerScammer hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Katja Zwara" geschrieben. 31.07.2020

      naja, man sieht ja auch ziemlich eindeutig, dass das Foto reinkopiert wurde. Die Qualität für ein Passfoto ist viel zu gut.
      Falls es sowas gibt, versuche ich eine Passport-ID rauszubekommen. Ich habe behauptet, RIA willl die ID von mir, damit sie bei Auszahlung die ID des Abholers überprüfen können ... mal sehen, ob es funktioniert! ;)

    • ZuSchlauFuerScammer hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Katja Zwara" geschrieben. 31.07.2020

      hat ein Ukrainischer Personalausweis (nicht Reisepass) auch so etwas wie eine ID ? dann frage ich danach

    • ZuSchlauFuerScammer hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Katja Zwara" geschrieben. 31.07.2020

      ok, hab den ersten Beitrag mit Profilfoto und email-Adresse ergänzt

    • ZuSchlauFuerScammer hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Katja Zwara" geschrieben. 31.07.2020

      inzwischen habe ich sowas wie einen Pass bekommen; ich weiß leider nur, wie ein ukrainischer Reisepass aussieht. Pass weiß ich nicht.
      Gibt es beim Pass eine ID, nach der ich fragen kann?


    • ZuSchlauFuerScammer hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Katja Zwara" geschrieben. 31.07.2020

      hab noch Fragen...
      - hatte einen Link auf "Hannas" fdating Profil drin, wird aber nicht angezeigt!
      - was passiert im Thread, wenn "Ihr" Profil bei fdating gelöscht wird ?
      - soll ich den gesamten länglichen email Verkehr mit an den Thread anhängen?
      - bei jeder email habe ich Photos bekommen...soll ich die hier alle reinkopieren?

    • ZuSchlauFuerScammer hat das Thema "Scamprofile / RPO Katja Zwara" erstellt. 31.07.2020


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