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    • Samleo99 hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO SSGT Shawn Smith" geschrieben. 17.11.2019

      Und dann kamen die Vorwürfe.... aber wie unten in der Signatur steht.. nicht mit mir... hehe

      [14:10, 17.11.2019] Brad: Hi, I hope you are doing great
      [14:12, 17.11.2019] Kerstin: No, I'm not fine. I have a fever, a bad conscience. I am so infinitely sorry. please forgive me.
      I am stupid...very stupid...I should have trusted you...
      [14:17, 17.11.2019] Brad: The only way you can really prove to me that you are sincere about this apology is to show me that you love me more than the money you wanted to send. make that transfer and let me know that once again I can say that I have really found my other half, my backbone and someone I can rely on.
      [14:19, 17.11.2019] Kerstin: If I had this money, I'd transfer it, but I don't have any money, I CAN't transfer it... I have nothing, nothing...and now you are making our love dependent on money. That's not fair.
      [14:21, 17.11.2019] Kerstin: but if I can only prove it to you this way. then your love is not sincere...because love has nothing to do with money...love comes from the heart and not from the wallet.
      [14:24, 17.11.2019] Brad: Our love is not dependent on money but right now I’m in great need and you don’t want to help anymore. It’s your love that is not sincere because you said you were going to send it and then went ahead to block me. I felt so dumb for asking my own love for help.
      [14:25, 17.11.2019] Brad: And now you are trying to make it seem like I just want money... this is your excuse , isn’t it? Yet you say you love me.....
      [14:26, 17.11.2019] Brad: I told you I never wanted to mention it to you, I should have listened to my head but my heart won
      [14:27, 17.11.2019] Brad: I told you
      [14:35, 17.11.2019] Kerstin: Please, darling, understand me... there are so many scammers. I was afraid that you were a scammer and afraid to tell you that I cannot help you. And when I saw this other profile with your pictures I felt confirmed. I should have been open with you, talked to you about it right away. Honey, I really can't help you, I have no way to help you. I am sooo sorry...really....

    • Samleo99 hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO SSGT Shawn Smith" geschrieben. 17.11.2019

      Hallo zusammen, gestern war den ganzen Tag nix los, heute hat er sich über eine andere Nummer wieder über WhatsApp gemeldet...
      Das ist die Nummer.. diesmal ist sie gelistet in NewYork als Festnetznummer
      +1 (929) 254-5578
      Ich bin stark genug um sein Spielchen noch mit zu spielen.

      [09:40, 17.11.2019] +1 (929) 254-5578: You know you shouldn’t have behaved so childish
      [09:40, 17.11.2019] +1 (929) 254-5578: If you didn’t want to help you would have said so not blocking me
      [09:41, 17.11.2019] +1 (929) 254-5578: I’m dissapointed on how you easily chose money over love
      [09:42, 17.11.2019] +1 (929) 254-5578: I’m so heartbroken and disappointed
      [09:42, 17.11.2019] +1 (929) 254-5578: But I’ll leave you to your conscience
      [09:43, 17.11.2019] +1 (929) 254-5578: I truly loved you with my whole heart , was ready to do anything for you
      [09:45, 17.11.2019] +1 (929) 254-5578: If you know you were going to hurt or disappoint me why then did you let me fall in love with you
      [09:50, 17.11.2019] +1 (929) 254-5578: I still can’t believe you could do this , despite the level of trust I had for you
      [09:50, 17.11.2019] +1 (929) 254-5578: I’ve cried my eyes out but I know it’s definitely going to be fine
      [09:52, 17.11.2019] +1 (929) 254-5578: Why still delaying ? What are you waiting for to block me on here ?
      [09:54, 17.11.2019] Kerstin: just give me one minute...i will declare you...but i have to use the translaitor.
      [09:59, 17.11.2019] Kerstin: I saw something yesterday that threw me off my track. My bubble is burst, just at this moment. I, too, cried all day, I couldn't believe that you played with me and my feelings. What kind of number is that now????? Could it be that I was so wrong about you??? Not only do I lie in bed with a fever and a cold at home, then I also see something like that.... If I am the only woman and you are so in love with me, then how can it be that you are still on the move on other singel portals???
      [10:00, 17.11.2019] +1 (929) 254-5578: What single portals ?
      [10:00, 17.11.2019] +1 (929) 254-5578: What are you talking about ? If you’ve anything against me you should come out open and say what it is

      [10:08, 17.11.2019] Kerstin: If it has nothing to do with you and I can believe and trust you, send me a Selfie from you now, with a charming smile.
      You have to understand me too, it's funny what would happen if you found something like this from me.
      [10:08, 17.11.2019] +1 (929) 254-5578: You know you’re not being truthful
      [10:08, 17.11.2019] +1 (929) 254-5578: You hurt me so and broke my trust you’ve hurt me in a way no one has ever done
      [10:09, 17.11.2019] Kerstin: I'm honest, but you're not... I was shocked. I felt exploited... used...
      [10:12, 17.11.2019] Kerstin: can't you understand me? I've always been honest with you, sent you pictures... I let you participate in my life...and then I find something like that...explain it to me.
      [10:13, 17.11.2019] +1 (929) 254-5578: You’re not honest you just want to say no to my by all means
      [10:14, 17.11.2019] +1 (929) 254-5578: You’re looking for everything necessary to please your conscience
      [10:14, 17.11.2019] +1 (929) 254-5578: If you know you don’t trust me why then did you let me fall in love with you
      [10:14, 17.11.2019] +1 (929) 254-5578: What was written in that picture explain it to me
      [10:18, 17.11.2019] Kerstin: I trusted you until the money came. Brad, it's a lot of money and it's my nature to be careful. I'm not stupid and also not naïve, when it comes to such things, I've already heard and seen too much to just transfer a "bit" of money. I don't have enough money myself and have to see how I make ends meet with Leon month after month. Please understand that I start researching this.
      [10:29, 17.11.2019] +1 (929) 254-5578: So if you don’t understand trust why do you love me
      [10:29, 17.11.2019] Kerstin: I fell in love with you and wanted to believe you. Please understand me. It hurt so much to find this page where your pictures are... Can't you understand me? I cried all night, I can't understand it... Please Brad, explain it to me.
      I was so looking forward to meeting you, you are still in my head. I don't know what to do.
      [10:30, 17.11.2019] +1 (929) 254-5578: This is so heartbreaking
      [10:30, 17.11.2019] +1 (929) 254-5578: I know I’ve never lied to you I’ve been sincere and honest and I’ve truly always loved you
      [10:30, 17.11.2019] +1 (929) 254-5578: But it’s not same with you
      [10:34, 17.11.2019] Kerstin: Yes, it is, but I'm careful.
      Can't you understand it?
      I'll explain it to you.
      I have now written back to you, I have asked questions, but you do not respond. Why not? Show me that I can trust you. Please. I love you and I want to trust you, but my feeling says I have to be careful.
      Everything you are doing at the moment is reproaching me... why?
      [10:36, 17.11.2019] Kerstin: It was stupid of me to block you and not ask right away. I am very sorry.
      Please don't make our love depend on my stupidity. I want to see you, meet you loved by you.
      [10:42, 17.11.2019] +1 (929) 254-5578: Can you tell me what’s written on those picture
      [10:42, 17.11.2019] +1 (929) 254-5578: If you can’t tell me what’s written on the picture how do you expect me to understand
      [10:43, 17.11.2019] +1 (929) 254-5578: You’re just something else you chose money over love
      [10:43, 17.11.2019] +1 (929) 254-5578: I thought I’ve found love and happiness I thought in you I’ve found all I’m looking for and all I want in a woman but I was so wrong
      [10:44, 17.11.2019] Kerstin: it says it's a photo album on a Russian single exchange and it's a fake.
      [10:47, 17.11.2019] Kerstin: If that's the way you think, I'm sorry. I don't care about money at all. I am an emotional person and not a material person. But I am careful, it has nothing to do with whether I have feelings for someone or not. I am careful and that is my right. Be glad that I'm not stupid, so you know that you can't do everything with me.
      [10:49, 17.11.2019] +1 (929) 254-5578: That’s do not true how can you say I’m fake
      [10:49, 17.11.2019] +1 (929) 254-5578: You’ve broken my heart filled my eyes with tears I’m disappointed and heartbroken
      [10:52, 17.11.2019] Kerstin: If you really loved me that much, honey, you could understand me and accept my behavior. Then you would understand my concerns.
      At least a little.
      You make everything dependent on this one thing, don't understand me.
      [10:53, 17.11.2019] Kerstin: the name at this account ist David....
      [11:22, 17.11.2019] +1 (929) 254-5578: You don’t trust me
      [11:22, 17.11.2019] +1 (929) 254-5578: That’s more hurting how can you say I’m fake
      [11:22, 17.11.2019] Kerstin: darling, im so sorry
      [11:22, 17.11.2019] +1 (929) 254-5578: I love you I really do why then did you just decide to break my heart
      [11:23, 17.11.2019] Kerstin: forgive me
      [11:23, 17.11.2019] Kerstin: i am so sorry
      [11:24, 17.11.2019] Kerstin: please, honey.... forgive my....
      [11:25, 17.11.2019] Kerstin: how can I make it up to you?
      [12:10, 17.11.2019] +1 (929) 254-5578: I love you so much
      [12:10, 17.11.2019] +1 (929) 254-5578: I’ve no reason to lie to you or hurt you
      [12:10, 17.11.2019] +1 (929) 254-5578: Everything I say to you is always nothing but the truth
      [12:10, 17.11.2019] +1 (929) 254-5578: I’ve no reason to lie with love you already have my whole heart like nothing works perfect without you
      [12:29, 17.11.2019] Kerstin: My night was horrible, I dreamed about you. I miss you. The evening without your news was terrible. I miss you so much... let's start all over...please...I love you so much.... are we writing about the other number again?
      [12:41, 17.11.2019] +1 (929) 254-5578: Unblock me and message me on the other number

    • Samleo99 hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO SSGT Shawn Smith" geschrieben. 16.11.2019

      Boah wie schnell ihr seit.. wahnsinn... ich bin so froh euch gefunden zu haben....
      Respekt Leute Respekt

    • Samleo99 hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO SSGT Shawn Smith" geschrieben. 16.11.2019

      Chatverlauf was meiner Meinung nach wichtig sein könnte:
      Brad: I work with the us database force as a computer analyst
      Kerstin: What are you looking for on tinder?
      Brad: I am looking for someone who is serious about starting a relationship
      How much time do you spend outside the USA? A lot?
      Are you really already 45? You look much younger on the pictures.
      29.10.19, 13:57 - Brad: I spend few weeks when I travel and I do that about 5 times a year
      29.10.19, 13:57 - Brad: I visit Austria and Finland
      29.10.19, 13:57 - Brad: Thanks people tell me I look younger
      29.10.19, 13:58 - Kerstin: In your holiday or for work?
      29.10.19, 13:58 - Brad: And yes I am really 45
      29.10.19, 13:58 - Brad: Both. I like to kill two birds with a stone
      29.10.19, 13:59 - Kerstin: Do you speak a little bit German?
      29.10.19, 13:59 - Kerstin: That's great. Where in Norway you are at the moment?
      29.10.19, 13:59 - Brad: No I don’t
      29.10.19, 14:00 - Brad: Oslo
      Brad: Tell me about your family
      29.10.19, 14:11 - Kerstin: My family? About my children or my parents?
      29.10.19, 14:14 - Brad: All. My family is from Portugal but my mom is American. Right now she’s in Portugal and my father has passed away
      29.10.19, 14:44 - Brad: Verpasster Sprachanruf
      29.10.19, 14:45 - Brad: I’m currently outside so I thought I’d give you a call and hear what you sound like
      30.10.19, 01:23 - Brad: I have a son that’s 12

      Und jetzt noch die Kontodaten in Textform

      *BankName: Bank Of America
      AccountName: Gilma Malena Santana
      Swiftcode: BOFAUS3N
      Routing Munber: 026009593
      Bank address:3025 nw 87thav miami Florida 33172
      Beneficiary adress-4532 nw 180st Miami Gardes FI 33055

    • Samleo99 hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO SSGT Shawn Smith" geschrieben. 16.11.2019

      Emailadresse hab ich keine. Wir haben nur über WhatsApp geschrieben. Im Chat selber steht nix wirklich wichtiges drin. Das habe ich schon alles oben in den Beitrag gegeben. Die Mail vom Sohn usw.... ich schau sobald ich mehr Zeit hab was relevant sein könnte und kopier es hier rein.

    • Samleo99 hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO SSGT Shawn Smith" geschrieben. 16.11.2019

      Mach ich auf jeden Fall hab alles gespeichert.

      Kann aber ein bisschen dauern hab jetzt noch was zu arbeiten.
      Wollt ihr den ganzen chat Verlauf? Von Anfang bis Ende?

    • Samleo99 hat das Thema "Scamprofile / RPO SSGT Shawn Smith" erstellt. 16.11.2019

    • Samleo99 hat einen neuen Beitrag "Gästebuch" geschrieben. 16.11.2019

      ich bin inzwischen Freigeschaltet... Samleo99


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