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    • Ziege hat einen neuen Beitrag "Mr. Edward" geschrieben. 23.01.2022

      Hinter dem Vorhang geht es weiter....die Geldgier ist bei denen scheinbar doch größer als die Vernunft.
      Dr. Dr. Siegbert Bloédé-Rarsch hat die Jungs am Haken...... es wird weiter gepostet, sowie wir die Strategie festgelegt haben
      Unser Ziel ist es, diese Flachbacken auf die Reise nach dem Geld zu schicken :-)

    • Ziege hat einen neuen Beitrag "Mr. Edward" geschrieben. 23.01.2022

      An frankedward10000@gmail.com
      Heute um 5:54 PM
      Ich habe den Papp langsam satt...mal sehen, was nun geschieht

      Hello Frank,

      I am sorry to let you know that my patience is not unlimited.
      For a business like the one we had on the go, your reaction was way to unprofessional.
      I am sorry to say that I can't take that serious any longer.
      I have my cash available now, and as there are plenty of lucrative alternatives flying in by the minute, I want to call it off here and now.
      I have gotten sick and tired with wasting my valuable time with incompetent idiots like you and your so called lawyer obviously are.

      So please don't waste my time anymore.

      I wish you all the best for your future.

      Kind regards
      Julia Linke-Zecke

    • Ziege hat einen neuen Beitrag "Mr. Edward" geschrieben. 23.01.2022

      Och Jungs...... nee, das kann doch nicht wahr sein!

      Frank Edward
      An Ich
      4 Jan um 6:53 PM
      Dear Julia

      Thanks for your email and the lawyer is capable of doing what ever you want him to do all you need to do is explain everything to him and he will carry on from there


      An Frank Edward
      4 Jan um 7:28 PM
      Hello Frank,

      and ONCE AGAIN you missed out on the contact details..... can I get that during the course of tonight, please?
      Or else this can go on for ever and ever and ever.
      So please let me have his email address.

      Thank you

    • Ziege hat einen neuen Beitrag "Mr. Edward" geschrieben. 23.01.2022

      Frank Edward
      An Ich
      4 Jan um 1:54 PM

      Please i am sorry for getting back to you late but the lawyer said it
      is your duty and your lawyer to contact him first for him to start up
      with requirements

      So do let you or your lawyer contact him

      An Frank Edward
      4 Jan um 2:27 PM
      Hello Frank,

      we would contact the lawyer if you would eventually care to forward his contact details; this is the 4th or 5th time I am asking this.
      Don't get me wrong, but are you sure that you and your lawyer are competent enough to handle this transaction?
      Or do you simply not read my mails?

      Regards, Julia

    • Ziege hat einen neuen Beitrag "Mr. Edward" geschrieben. 23.01.2022

      Mein Anwalt sagt, die rühren sich nicht... also nachtreten

      An frankedward10000@gmail.com
      3 Jan um 7:56 PM
      Hello Frank,

      my lawyer Dr. Siegbert Bloédé-Rarsch informed me today that he has contacted you a few days ago, but there has not been any response from your side.
      In the meantime I have been more than busy to get everything done at my end.
      I have terminated my life insurance, and the money will be in my checking account during the course of this week.
      So I am ready to go.
      May I please ask you what is going on?
      May I please remind you that I'm losing a considerable amount of interest rate income every day because I am not able to use the money that is in my fund and just can't be transferred because your lawyer seems to be lazy?
      I am tempted to deduct my loss in interest from the service fee we have agreed upon.
      Dr. Bloédé-Rarsch is ready to make the payment, so will you please get going?

      Regards, Julia

    • Ziege hat einen neuen Beitrag "Mr. Edward" geschrieben. 23.01.2022

      Ein Frohes Neues Jahr allen

      Frank Edward
      An Ich
      1 Jan um 9:20 AM

      Ok now i understood all you have said na fein......endlich!

      However the lawyer is in break now and will resume by 3rd or 6th january so i want you to send me your lawyer's email address so that he can send him email


      An frankedward10000@gmail.com
      Heute um 9:46 AM
      Good morning Frank,

      my lawyer has your mail address, he will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

      Thank you, regards

    • Ziege hat einen neuen Beitrag "Mr. Edward" geschrieben. 23.01.2022

      Frank Edward
      An Ich
      31.Dez um 9:53 AM


      I have contacted the lawyer and he said he cannot work with your lawyer just because of openning of an account and depositing
      However please you will need to work with him alone to achieve this aim tja....tut mir leid, aber da werdet ihr Vögel an einer Kooperation wohl kaum vorbeikommen!


      An Frank Edward
      31 Dez um 11:04 AM
      Dear Frank,

      please excuse me for not expressing clearly what I meant.
      Your lawyer is not supposed to cooperate with my lawyer in terms of legal affairs.

      Dr. Bloédé-Rarsch will arrange the payment in my name, that is everything.
      May I therefore please ask you again to forward him the lawyer's invoice? We need to know the amount due including taxes and all extra costs.
      I have already terminated my life insurance, the money will be available within a fortnight as of today at latest.

      Thank you very much for you cooperation.

      Regards, Julia

    • Ziege hat einen neuen Beitrag "Mr. Edward" geschrieben. 23.01.2022

      Huch... ich habe ja ganz vergessen, Frankies Mail oben mit einzufügen... hier ist es:

      Frank Edward
      An Ich
      30. Dez um 8:50 PM

      The lawyer will take care of everything for you so that the account will be opened and the transfer will be made into the account

      So kindly get the lawyer cost ready then i will give you the contact of the lawyer for you to contact him


    • Ziege hat einen neuen Beitrag "Mr. Edward" geschrieben. 23.01.2022

      Nun geht es scheinbar los.... und ich bin schon sehr gespannt, in welche Richtung sich das treiben läßt. Ich habe da so ein, zwei recht abgefahrene Ideen

      An Frank Edward
      30 Dez um 10:50 PM
      Hello Frank,

      thank you for you quick reply this time. In order to get things done, I guess we will have to improve our cooperation.
      There is not too much here at my end that I can do, except for paying the bills, and I am absolutely willing to do this through my consulting law office.
      But how can I take care of the lawyer's cost if I do not even know who he is?
      I have neither name nor address, and I don't have his invoice, so how am I supposed to know how much I have to pay?
      I guess we might speed things up if I provide you the contact details of my lawyer. Dr. Siegbert Dubloédé-Rarsch:
      Dr. Dubloédé-Rarsch will take care of the payment on my behalf, so please advise your lawyer to contact him. He has power of attorney, so I do not need to be involved again before we have reached the point when all costs are clear and payment can be arranged to complete out transaction.
      Again, thank you very much for your cooperation in this matter.
      Kind regards

    • Ziege hat einen neuen Beitrag "Mr. Edward" geschrieben. 23.01.2022

      Wäre ja schon geil, wenn die nun mal langsam in die Hufe kommen würden..... also noch mal nachtreten. Faules Pack!!

      An Ich
      30 Dez um 2:23 PM
      Hello Frank,

      please excuse me for pestering you, but why does this take so long?
      I am getting more and more nervous.
      Could you find a lawyer who would be willing to deal with the transfer transaction on behalf of my fund?
      And what would the additional cost be?

      Kind regards, Julia

    • Ziege hat einen neuen Beitrag "Mr. Edward" geschrieben. 23.01.2022

      Langsam werde ich aber nervös....5,5 Mio $ sind ne verdammte Menge Geld, und ich habe mir schon bei IKEA einen begehbaren Kleiderschrank bestellt und bin drauf und dran, meinen Job zu kündigen! Außerdem muß ich noch meine Lebensversicherung auflösen, damit ich die 25.000 € Servicegebühr zusammen bekomme, und den nigerianischen Anwalt muß ich ja dann auch noch bezahlen.... hach nee *seufz.... daß das so kompliziert werden würde... wer hätte das gedacht?
      Bloß gut, daß ich auch einen äußerst kompetenten Rechtsanwalt mandatiert habe.
      Schicken wir also die Gladiatoren in die Arena und lehnen uns entspannt zurück

      An Frank Edward
      28 Dez um 4:09 PM
      Hello Frank,
      sorry to bother you once again, but is it already clear yet who the lawyer will be that will be assigned to take care of all the necessary legal work?
      I had no idea at all that it could be so complicated to set up a bank account and transfer a fund, but as I am a legal alien in your country, that might be the best way to go. The lawyer's cost shouldn't be a big problem, my life insurance is worth way more than the 25.000 € we talked about as your service fee.
      I thought about investing some of the fund money in Africa. Do you think the lawyer you will appoint could be of any assistance to me? That would be just awesome.

      I know it's Sunday, and I hate me for creating the impression that I might be building up pressure on you, but I need to know as soon as possible, because I have not yet terminated my insurance contract, and there is a period of notice I will have to stick to.
      The sooner I terminate the contract, the sooner I will have access to the cash.

      I hope you understand.

      Kind regards


    • Ziege hat einen neuen Beitrag "Mr. Edward" geschrieben. 23.01.2022

      An Frank Edward
      27 Dez um 10:56 AM
      Hello Frank,
      thank you for your quick response. Unfortunately I cannot reach my lawyer, I have contacted his office, and his secretary advised me that he is on vacation in the US, and won't be back before mid January.
      So I guess we will have to wait until he will be back, or do you have any other idea?

      Regards, Julia

      Frank Edward * Check at Senderbase.org Check at Reputationauthority.org Google Mountain View United States
      27 Dez An Ich um 5:19 PM

      Please i was not referring to your own lawyer rather we will appoint a
      lawyer here in Nigeria to help you change the payment method and you
      will take care of his costs


      Wenn die einen Anwalt nehmen, nehme ich natürlich auch einen. Wäre das ein Mandat für Siegbert von Dúbloéde-Rarsch? Dann bitte Mailaddy per PN, und ich leite das an meine FBI-Agenten weiter!

    • Ziege hat einen neuen Beitrag "Mr. Edward" geschrieben. 23.01.2022

      der Dubloede-Rarsch gefällt mir sehr gut! Ha ha

    • Ziege hat einen neuen Beitrag "Mr. Edward" geschrieben. 23.01.2022

      Tagelanges Schweigen... also mal nachgefragt:

      An Frank Edward
      27 Dez um 8:45 AM
      Good morning Frank,

      when will you let me know whether and when the fund transfer into a bank account will proceed?
      I need to know, because I have to get hold of that 25.000 €.
      Right now I don't have that much money in my account, but I can terminate one of my life insurance policies. So please get back to me as soon as possible, so that I can get started at my end here.

      Have a great day, Julia

      die Antwort kam prompt.... jetzt haben die den Geruch von 25.000 € in der Nase und müssen sich was einfallen lassen. Einen Anwalt bringen sie ins Spiel; mal gespannt, was der so schwafeln wird.

      An Ich
      27 Dez um 9:46 AM

      Thank you for your response

      Please you will need a lawyer to change the details and work for you so get back to me let me link you up with the lawyer


    • Ziege hat einen neuen Beitrag "Mr. Edward" geschrieben. 23.01.2022

      Und damit die nicht etwa denken, ich spiele nicht mehr mit, werde ich denen noch mal die Servicegebühre-Karotte vor der Nase baumeln lassen. Für 25.000 € sollen die mal in der Fälscherwerkstatt ordentlich den Bleistift kreisen lassen. Wäre doch gelacht, wenn die es nicht hinkriegen, ein ECOBANK-Konto nebst aktuellem Kontoauszug zu fälschen. Damit sind die auf jeden Fall ne ganze Weile beschäftigt

      An Frank Edward
      25 Dez um 10:40 AM
      Good morning Frank,

      attached pls. find the WU form I mentioned in my mail yesterday. Please print it out, fill it out, scan it and send it back to me as soon as possible.
      Have you already been able to figure out how much your service fee would be to set up an account with ECOBANK and transfer the fund money?
      I mean, 5.5 Mio $ is a lot of money, so I wouldn't mind at all if I had to pay an amount up to 25.000 €, provided you manage to get things done until 15 January.
      With that much money in my account, I could quit my job and travel the world instead.
      Please get back to me and let me know.

      Kind regards, Julia

    • Ziege hat einen neuen Beitrag "Mr. Edward" geschrieben. 23.01.2022

      Dass es spiegelverkehrt ist, habe ich gesehen, aber ich habe mir nicht die Mühe gemacht, das zu entziffern Mittlerweile ist auch schon wieder eine Antwort da.... jetzt wird der Gute langsam pampig......

      Frank Edward Ip Address 3rd Party Info Provider City Flag Country

      An Ich
      24 Dez um 5:13 PM

      Thank you for your email and it seems you are getting what you are doing wrong because you are getting me from the onset

      However,you need to understand that the funds is coming from the FBI and world bank and there is no such account in your name rather an atm card which means you can withdraw from the card alone

      Meanwhile if you cannot follow the instruction then there is nothing we can do


      Manchmal sind die wie die kleinen Kinder......denen muß man alles immer wieder von vorne erklären Mal sehen, ob er auf den "Servicegebühren-Zug" aufspringt und schnallt, daß da ja vielleicht noch mehr zu holen ist, wenn er es geschickt anstellt

      Ich An Frank Edward
      24 Dez um 6:27 PM
      Hallo Frank,

      obviously you completely misunderstood me, so let's get it step by step all over again:
      1. The FBI put up a fund for me.
      2. The fund is in my name.
      3. The money in the fund is mine, I'm the rightful owner.
      4. I want you to transfer the money from the fund into a regular bank account.
      5. Go to a bank and open such an account with ECOBANK on my behalf and in my name.
      6. Transfer the money from the fund into my ECOBANK account.
      7. Have ECOBANK print out a bank statement revealing the account balance.
      8. Scan the print and forward it to me.
      9. Let me know the EXTRA COSTS that would emerge from your service efforts.

      After everything is done, I will pay you for your service. I won't need that ATM card, because ECOBANK will issue a regular bank card and mail it to my address for way less than 450 € I guess.

      So put your brain into gear and come up with something reasonable instead of trying to give me orders.

      Again Merry Christmas


    • Ziege hat einen neuen Beitrag "Mr. Edward" geschrieben. 23.01.2022

      Mal sehen, wie er mir erklärt, warum man ein wertloses Stück Plastik überhaupt versichern muß.....

      An Frank Edward
      24 Dez um 9:34 AM
      Dear Mr. Edward,

      please don't get me wrong, but may I please ask you for a scan of the official bank statement giving evidence of the account balance as per today?
      And I have another important question.
      An ATM or credit card is useless without the pin code, which is distributed by regular mail and is never included to the card when shipping. So why would it be necessary at all to insure the ATM card shipment? It's just a piece of plastic after all.
      I will not be able to make the payment before Christmas, all the banks and agencies are closed by now, some of them don't even open before 2 January 2014.

      Kind regards, Julia Linke-Zecke

      Nix erklärt er mir, denn da gibt's ja auch nichts zu erklären. Stattdessen labert er was von einem Handbuch....ha ha ha, ein Handbuch für eine ATM-Card? Und das muß auch noch versichert werden...meine Güte, da ist bestimmt der Einband mit blattgoldenen Buchstaben bedruckt oder so

      Frank Edward * Check at Senderbase.org Check at Reputationauthority.org Google Mountain View United States
      An Ich
      24 Dez 1:14 PM
      Dear Julia

      Thank you so much for your response and i wish to let you know that there is no way we can release the account statement to you because the account belongs to the world bank and not an individual account Ja eben, genau das bereitet mir ja so große Sorge!

      Also there is no way we can send out the ATM CARD to you without the insurance in case of lost on transit and moreover the handbook will be included on the shipment so the insurance is needed.

      Please you are advised to try hard to send out the 450 euros by 27th december as the offices and banks will be open as usual. Try hard? Dem gehts wohl zu gut!

      Kindly send me the mtcn number when you send it


      An Frank Edward
      24 Dez um 3:00 PM

      Hello Frank,

      I am sorry, but it is highly unsatisfying that you refuse to forward a bank statement.
      The fund document which you have forwarded is not enough for me.
      So please transfer the money from the fund into a regular bank account and forward me the details.
      I have done some research, and I guess ECOBANK would be good choice, what do you say?
      If any extra costs should emerge from this transaction, please let me know how much that would add up to. And as it is my money already, like the fund documents states, it can't be a big problem.

      As soon as this is done, let me have the details and the overall costs.
      As Western Union payments have become more and more complicated due to stricter laws, you will have to go through some documents, print them out, fill them out, scan them and send them back to me. I will forward you the necessary documents tomorrow by mail. I am at work now, and we are not allowed to upload personal files.
      We could make things easier though, should you not want to do this.
      Just let me have your bank account details, and I will order my bank to send the money as soon as it is clear how much the overall costs will be.
      Anyway, because of all this I don't think we will get everything done before January 2014.

      Merry Christmas

      Julia Linke-Zecke

    • Ziege hat einen neuen Beitrag "Mr. Edward" geschrieben. 23.01.2022

      Boah......5,5 Millionen Dollar...... yeah, jetzt kann ich erstmal ordentlich Schuhe kaufen gehen....wäre da nicht die unbedeutende Kleinigkeit von 450 €, die da noch im Raum stehen....irgendeinen Haken gibt es ja scheinbar immer!

    • Ziege hat einen neuen Beitrag "Mr. Edward" geschrieben. 23.01.2022

      Nette Ausweisfälschung....... die fackeln nicht lange rum, die Jungs

      An Frank Edward
      Dez 23 um 8:22 AM
      Dear Mr. Edwards,

      thank you very very much for you quick reply. As you mentioned you need my details again, there you go:

      Your full Name:. Julia Linke-Zecke....................

      Your Address:.Spandauer Damm 20-24, 14059 Berlin.....................


      Sex:. yes, occasionally..............

      Occupation:..self employed.......................

      Home/Cell Phone:.49..030 320911................

      I have a few questions though. How did the FBI happen to come across the circumstance that I indeed lost a considerable amount of money due to fraudulent action? This is ever so embarrassing, I could still slap my own face three times a day for having been so stupid to fall for that! Now I think it's only more than fair that I will gain some kind of compensation to make up for all the suffering I had to endure in the past. The more I will get, the better!
      Thank you for providing your passport copy, that is a genuine proof to me that everything is real and legit. I also checked out the DHL link.
      What are the next steps?
      And, is it a problem that I do not have an ATM card? I live in Berlin/Germany.

      Kind regards,
      Julia Linke-Zecke

      Frank Edward * Check at Senderbase.org Check at Reputationauthority.org Google Mountain View United States
      An Ich
      Dez 23 um 4:12 PM
      Diese Message enthält blockierte Bilder.

      This is to confirm the receipt of your email with the content noted

      However, we have approved your atm card to be send out to you without any delays and the sample of the atm card with the approval letter is attached on the email.

      Meanwhile the most important thing now is that the atm card must be insured before moving from the DHL to your home address of Spandauer Damm 20-24, 14059 Berlin Germany and in this case the fbi only took care of the delivery cost as i told you earlier on they left behind the insurance cost for you to take care pending when you are ready to work with us.

      Also the insurance cost for your package is just 450 EUROS, and You are expected to send out the money to us asap so that the package will depart and we will send you the tracking number for you to be aware of the movement of the package.

      You can send out the money through western union money transfer with this detail:

      Receiver:Anthony Benedict
      Location:Lagos Nigeria
      Text Question: For what

      Get back to me asap;attached is the sample of your card and the approval letter

    • Ziege hat einen neuen Beitrag "Jean-Louis Leverque / RPO Federico Diaz" geschrieben. 17.02.2021

      Zitat von speedy im Beitrag #1
      Leider sagt er mir die Seite nicht

      Eine solche Seite gibt es mit Sicherheit nicht, und wenn, dann nur im Dark Web. So etwas ist illegal. Ich vermute etwas ganz anderes. Dein Mann hat sich vielleicht dein Passwort verschafft, hat deinen Chat selbst gelesen und hat dann die Geschichte mit der angeblichen Webseite erfunden, damit er dich konfrontieren kann. Wenn dein Mann sich hinter deinem Rücken in deinen Computer einloggt oder in deinem Handy rumschnüffelt, ist auch das illegal.


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