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      @Nethexe der Kontoinhaber soll Buchhalter von seinem Waisenheim sein.

    • jce hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Manu Fernandez" geschrieben. 24.06.2019

      davor wurde alles gelöscht und blockiert und das letzte was ich geschrieben habe:

      und leute ich verstehe dass ihr eure familien ernähern müsst und deswegen
      sowas macht und piraterie betreibt, weil ihr es müsst um zu überleben, aber leider kann ich nichts machen was eure situation
      verändert geld schicken bringt nur für ein paar tage was aber ich würde wenn, dann lieber euch sprichwörtlich brunnen bauen
      beibringen, anstatt 1 flasche wasser zu schenken. Wenn ich genug geld hätte, was ich aber nicht habe würde ich für afrika
      gegen hunger spenden. was ich auch schon gemacht hab. ... [17.6., 01:11] John lovoo: hello ... you're fine I hope ... I do not
      appreciate the message you sent me yesterday ... that's why I did not write to you all day ... it just took that I ask you for help
      so that you tell me all its bullshit ... in your place, I would be ashamed to send such a message ... me I have always been
      generous with the most needy people. .. do not be so mean in your comments because you do not know the future .. if you
      answer me, good for you .. in the contrary, I wish you good luck
      [17.6., 07:31] Julia: Ok I'm sorry have send you a sms.��
      [17.6., 09:51] John lovoo: thank you for recognizing your mistake ... how are you?
      [17.6., 11:57] Julia: solala hope you are fine
      [17.6., 11:58] John lovoo: I give thanks to God ... the children are well?
      [17.6., 12:41] Julia: yes
      [17.6., 12:45] John lovoo: what do you do with your day ??
      [17.6., 12:50] Julia: I walked around the see and now we sit with a refugee from burkina faso in a flat and my ex asked him
      to mary him so he can stay in germany and get a passport.
      [17.6., 12:55] John lovoo: wow !!! seriously ??? it's a very good act on the part of your ex-husband ... you have to have a
      heart for humanity.
      [17.6., 13:17] Julia: yes we both have. He liked me on lovoo at the same time like you and he was very friendly and I told my
      ex of him and we both wanted to help him, he has a passport with crossed line abschiebeausweis and don't find work because
      of his passport... and today I met him and asked if he want help and that my ex has many connections...he first was
      afraid...but now he is verlobt with my ex.
      [17.6., 13:21] John lovoo: may God bless you for this action ... that's what God asks us to make this world a world of
      peace ... I also have a story, a very sad past ... if I tell you you'll have tears in my eyes ... but I thank God today ...
      that's why I like helping the most needy around me ... I also like to see others help those who need help
      [17.6., 13:50] Julia: ��
      [17.6., 14:03] John lovoo: I even opened an orphanage reception center for orphaned children in Africa ... if you want, we
      can be a partner for the emergence of the orphanage
      [17.6., 14:19] Julia: my ex want to open a school in tansania thats why he want to go there. but he would never go without his kids.
      [17.6., 14:40] Julia: because of the orphanage you asked me if I imaginat to adopt a child?
      [17.6., 14:56] John lovoo: exactly
      [17.6., 15:00] Julia: ok I understand
      [17.6., 15:49] Julia: where in afrika did you opened the orphanage?
      [17.6., 16:30] John lovoo: in Benin ... in a village called "POBE" .... children suffer bitterly in this village ...
      [17.6., 16:38] Julia: You're an angel��. I could only spend some money for hungry childs in afrika but I don't know whether
      it arrived at the children at all.
      [17.6., 16:40] Julia: suleyman the refugee my ex will merry came from the neighbourland burkina faso.
      [17.6., 16:50] John lovoo: if you can be a partner for the orphanage that I built .... I have all the documents in my notary's
      day ..... I can put you in contact with my notary if you want ... or, for clarity, I prefer that you come to Africa so that we
      will visit the orphaned children together .... they are all cute ... it is not at all easy of their nourries, their vertis , and their
      schooling .... if really, we can join together to contribute to their evolution, it would be a real success.
      [17.6., 17:33] Julia: I don't have enough money for my children and your orphanage,
      and I don't want to come to westafrika.
      [17.6., 17:36] Julia: what is happend in your past?
      [17.6., 20:51] John lovoo: I do not really like talking about it because it makes me very sad ... but since it's you, I'll tell you
      about it ... my biological mother died giving me life ... five years old, my biological father also died ... so I was placed in a
      reception center ... when I was 10, I was adopted by wonderful parents .. they are not rich but they give me the necessary
      love that I need .... I have suffered a lot .... I was looking to eat to feed my parents .. Thank God, today I'm doing well in my
      business ... that's why I have a heart to help poor and orphaned children ...
      [17.6., 20:52] John lovoo: I can translate for you if you come
      [17.6., 21:06] Julia: ��I feel sad to hear about...
      What happened to your foster parents that you looked for food to feed them?
      [17.6., 22:08] John lovoo: yes I suffer a lot to get money to help them ... my adoptive parents are old and suffering today ...
      my adoptive mother has cancer ... that's why I travel a lot for looking for money to pay for your care and needs ... short, it
      makes me sad to talk about it ... normally, I do not talk about it to anyone .... but I tell you all because I consider you very
      much ... I have tears in my eyes ����
      [18.6., 07:04] Julia: feel hugged��krebs ist ein blödes Arschloch! are your parents not health insuranced? I thought obama
      changed it. ��
      it's not fair...
      [18.6., 10:09] John lovoo: politics only has interests ... the reality is that there are still many people suffering in the USA and in
      the world .... that's why when you have the opportunity to help orphans or poor people, you have to do it .... you do not
      necessarily need big financial means ... just become aware of the help you need to bring and give the little money you want
      to give...
      [18.6., 11:09] John lovoo: what do you want concretely ???
      [18.6., 11:13] Julia: maybe donate for your orphanage...
      [18.6., 11:15] John lovoo: okay ... do you want me to put you in touch with the bank account manager of my orphanage ??
      [18.6., 11:35] John lovoo: the orphaned children will really be grateful to you if you really help them like me ... I understood
      in life, that there is nothing more important than to see the children happy and in joy ... I was not so lucky when I was a
      child ... but today, life gives me a chance to make happy children who were in the same situation as me .... you'll see, you
      will be really happy and blessed when you go to help them ... I will talk about you to the children in the orphanage center ....
      I will put your picture in their prayer rooms to pray regularly for you and for your children .... it would be really nice if you
      came to Benin for us to go together in the orphanage to visit the children .... do not worry about French you do not understand.
      .. I speak French, English and a little German ... I can explain to you what the orphaned children will tell you
      [18.6., 11:56] Julia: I have the account data already, wanted to ask if they are right. that's why the question mark
      [18.6., 12:00] John lovoo: but if you have to send money, it must be on the bank account of my orphanage ....
      [18.6., 12:03] John lovoo: yes but since a few months, I changed the account number .... do you want me to give you the new
      account number ??
      [18.6., 12:05] Julia: ok
      [18.6., 12:21] John lovoo: the manager of the orphanage has made me the point of expenses to make for his holidays .... so I
      want to talk to you about it so you know ..... for his holidays, children must eat. .. so the total price of food supplies amounts
      to 10.000 € .... you have to buy new clothes for children .... the bill of clothes is 3.300 € ... for health children, I signed a
      contract with a private hospital for an amount of 2.600 € ... we must buy them mosquito nets and health care to fight
      against malaria .. the purchase of mosquito nets is 1.800 € .. the sports team of the orphanage must participate in
      competitions during these holidays ... so they must buy their jerseys, balloons and pay their participation fee for a total
      amount of 1,500 € .... to finish, children must go out of holiday camps to discover neighboring countries ... their f
      travel and accommodation amounts to a total amount of € 1,850 ..... brief here is a summary of the expenses of his
      vacation ... so you get back, according to your financial means, to see how much you can their to give for their needs
      .... or, you can choose to take charge of one of their expenses of his holidays ... it will do them the greatest good and
      [18.6., 12:32] Julia: I can't donate so much money��
      [18.6., 12:34] John lovoo: it does not matter ... you give what you have .... it's the gesture that counts
      [18.6., 12:36] John lovoo: what is your financial capacity ??
      [18.6., 13:07] Julia: doesn't matter, send me the banknumber and name of your orphanage.
      [18.6., 15:26] Julia: ok this month I can't donate, maybe next or in august. is the name realy Fe...e?
      [18.6., 19:02] John lovoo: Sébastien Ferdinand Christophe ... this is the name to which the bank account has been opened
      .... Enfait, it's the treasurer of the orphanage ... that's why the account of the orphanage is in his name
      [18.6., 20:42] John lovoo: tell me, Julia, is that your real name?
      [18.6., 20:42] Julia: yes and yours?
      [18.6., 20:43] John lovoo: Jonh
      [18.6., 20:43] John lovoo: what is your last name
      [18.6., 20:44] Julia: klang
      [18.6., 20:44] Julia: why are you asking?
      [18.6., 20:46] John lovoo: tell me, can you make the effort to come to Africa so that we will see together the orphaned
      children ??
      [18.6., 20:46] John lovoo: just out of curiosity
      [18.6., 20:52] Julia: Jonh john... we both can go together there but not this year and I was alone in holiday when
      I was 19 long curly blond hair...in egypt... I will never be so stupid and drive alone in such a country
      [18.6., 20:58] John lovoo: No, you have nothing to fear .... short, I forgot to tell you that among the orphaned children
      of the orphanage, there are children who suffer from trisomy and genetically transmissible diseases ... most of them
      are children abandoned on piles of garbage .... I really cried when I saw the cruelty of moms in Africa who does not
      hesitate to throw their babies on garbage ��������
      [18.6., 21:51] Julia: ������
      oh my god this is so terribly, sad and cruel.
      I wish my kids would know how good they are.
      but they are to young to understand.
      and our throw-away society... the food in garbage could have feet so many people in the world����
      [18.6., 22:30] Julia: Good night, sleep well��
      [19.6., 00:12] John lovoo: yes yes you're right but you can explained to them through TV documentaries or films that
      show the suffering of abandoned children in the world ...... during his holidays, I think financial the realization of a
      documentary film TV for to show the whole world, the terrible suffering that children are experiencing who have not
      asked to be born ... the realization of this documentary will also be to make children who have a wonderful mother like
      me, the chance they have .... I am sad to see in Africa, parents who live with 1 € per day while they have children to
      feed .... it is very sad to see children who live with several infectious diseases at a time ... I met abandoned children
      who were virtually dead, and who eat the food thrown in the trash cans to survive .... I was really shocked by a lot of
      deplorable situations here in A so my challenge is to help her children for a better world .... when I see some orphaned
      children today, I think about my painful past ... and I say to myself, it does not have to go on ... that's why I spend a lot
      of my time helping to help help and always help orphaned children .... as Mother Theresa said, "what we give, heaven gives
      it back to us, but what we We refuse to give for the happiness of others, the earth takes us ... "God help us to make the
      best decisions in our lives .... that God, who is already acting in you to motivate you to give a little money for the happiness
      of abandoned children, bless you ... God bless your children ... give them good days and better tomorrow with you .... give,
      then believe and you will be blessed abundantly ... God bless you ... ����
      [19.6., 00:13] John lovoo: thank you .. sleep well too ... have sweet dreams ... ❤����
      [19.6., 07:24] Julia: ��
      my ex said when we'll go to tansania...I can't help everyone of them its so sad.

      did you took that photo,
      are you in les chants des oiseaux de pobé right now?

      I have no job but kids and an ex who want to protect us. so I can't get alone to africa, he was there when he was 20 21 in
      westafrica and is now drinking to forget the cruelty truth he had seen
      [19.6., 09:51] John lovoo: hello .... yes yes I was at the orphanage in POBE ... but now I am already in my hotel ... it is with
      the phone of the manager that I took this picture ... because that my camera from my phone has a little technical problem ...
      it's really sad ... but if you wish, you can come with two or the number of friends you want, to be reassured and see your own
      eyes, the reality of abandoned children
      [19.6., 13:56] Julia: on their website, they are searching for 2 volontairs. if I would have no children, than I would come.

      but we both can go theire with my children when we get to know each other better.

      what are you doing the whole day?

      In my kitchen the refugee has showed us how to cook traditional meal.
      [19.6., 15:37] John lovoo: ohh it's great ... me, here I spend my day staying at the hotel ... then I also do the sightseeing in the
      historical museums
      [19.6., 15:51] Julia: there are historical museums...cool what can you see there?
      [19.6., 15:58] John lovoo: I visited the historical museum of ouidah ... all the heroic archives of the kings of ouidah are in this
      museum ... I discovered how the triangular trade of slaves fesed ... I went to the beach ouidah , to see the door of no return ....
      when the slaves sold crossed this door, it is impossible for them to return ..... I made the visit of the tourist temples ... the time of
      the python ouidah by example ... it is in front of the only basil of Benin in ouidah
      [19.6., 17:34] Julia: I have visited your sightseeing today too with google maps, dit you also put a snale or snake around yourself in
      temple of python?
      the door of no return looks very nice, If you had'nt told me, I would never have come to the slave theme.

      the refugees name sulaiman...don't know how to write...
      has cooked chicken, rice, peanutsauce and auberginesauce. It tasts delicius and a snack taste like chips drye saltet bananaslices.
      [19.6., 17:54] John lovoo: So let's talk about the slave ..... according to the story, our white ancestors really mistreated the blacks ...
      we stole their lands and their natural wealth to build our Europe and our America ... to my humble opinion, I think we have very bad
      action in the past .... and you ??? what do you think ??
      [19.6., 18:22] Julia: exactly the topic we had just with souleymane, yes that was terrible and in France was or will be hopefully a law
      in motion, which concerns the French colonies from afrika want their stolen cultural assets back in North America and Canada have
      some people who wanted to help the slaves at night a candle placed at the window. that meant you could hide here. Amistad is
      the name of a film slave merchant ship and they have bagged a prince who granted himself in America with a lawyer. That's why
      the slave trade flew open.

      yes, very bad, ill, silly action
      [19.6., 18:43] John lovoo: okay tomorrow I will go to the orphanage to visit the children's
      [19.6., 20:19] Julia: ��
      [19.6., 20:31] John lovoo: I think a lot about you these days
      [19.6., 20:35] Julia: ok and what exactly? I think a lot of your orphanage,the children and you.
      [19.6., 20:42] John lovoo: I want to be in your arms ... to touch you ... to talk to you .. to caress you ... to make kisses ... to make
      jokes with you and to exchange a lot with your children .... I also consider them as my children.
      [19.6., 20:47] Julia: ������
      [19.6., 20:53] John lovoo: send me a sexy photo of you for me to sleep well tonight ����
      [19.6., 20:57] Julia: a sexy one...��...
      [19.6., 20:58] John lovoo: hum but it's nothing ☺
      [19.6., 21:04] Julia: how sexy?
      [19.6., 21:06] John lovoo: as you wish ... nude for example ��
      [19.6., 21:08] Julia: noooo nude only in relationship.
      [19.6., 21:10] John lovoo: what am I then for you ??
      [19.6., 21:19] Julia: not yet a relationship, I can't have one without kiss at least once
      [19.6., 21:20] John lovoo: you want to fuck with me ??��
      [19.6., 21:23] Julia: maybe, but not in afrika the first time
      [19.6., 21:24] John lovoo: okay show me your pussy i'll see
      [19.6., 21:24] Julia: no
      [19.6., 21:26] John lovoo: Okay
      [19.6., 21:27] Julia: why you want to see?
      [19.6., 21:28] John lovoo: to excite me
      [19.6., 22:20] Julia: bonne nuit��
      [19.6., 22:27] John lovoo: Thanks
      [19.6., 22:27] John lovoo: You too
      [20.6., 09:36] John lovoo: You speak French??����
      [20.6., 09:40] Julia: I've learnd it in school 5 years, but I can only go to a bakery and order something
      [20.6., 09:44] John lovoo: I can help you perfect your level if you want ....
      [20.6., 09:46] Julia: I want first perfect my english level��
      [20.6., 09:47] Julia: first I want to...
      [20.6., 10:13] John lovoo: I'm driving my car to go to the orphanage
      [20.6., 10:13] John lovoo: And you
      [20.6., 10:19] Julia: I lay in my bed and waiting for my children to clean up a little bit their room so that I can help to sort stuff.
      [20.6., 10:21] John lovoo: do you have a program in the day ??
      [20.6., 10:26] Julia: playground, foodshopping...will see
      [20.6., 12:16] John lovoo: please .. I really need your help ... it's very urgent ����������������������������������������������������
      [20.6., 12:44] Julia: but how can I help you?��
      [20.6., 13:06] John lovoo: when I went to the orphanage, I had a traffic accident ... my car hit an innocent citizen who
      was crossing
      the road ... here I am a stranger on a foreign land .... while the car that I roll, does not have insurance in charge ... I have the
      obligation, now, to assure the expenses of hospitalization of the one which I hit .. it is in a state terribly Shocking at the
      hospital .... please, I need money to cover the hospital costs .... help me please������
      [20.6., 13:20] Julia: I can't I have send some € to the orphanage.
      now I have to look at my money twice.
      [20.6., 13:51] John lovoo: please, it's really urgent ... send me at least some money so that I first solve the problem at the
      hospital ... for the orphanage, we'll talk about it afterwards
      [20.6., 13:55] Julia: I have already sent money to the orphanage.
      so I have to turn each coin two times.
      [20.6., 13:56] John lovoo: how much did you send to the orphanage ??
      [20.6., 13:57] Julia: 200
      [20.6., 13:58] John lovoo: in which bank account ??? the new or the old ???
      [20.6., 14:00] John lovoo: but I have not been aware of the transaction .... did I make the screenshot or photo of the receipt
      that proves that you sent money to the bank account?
      [20.6., 14:04] Julia: I've called the west african child help
      [20.6., 14:05] Julia: no I didn't take a picture
      [20.6., 14:06] John lovoo: no it's wrong you did not send the money to the orphanage ..... I just called the bank account
      manager of the orphanage ... he said you did not send anything
      [20.6., 14:06] John lovoo: did you send the money to this bank account ??
      [20.6., 14:07] Julia: no I called westafrika child help. and ask for it
      [20.6., 14:08] John lovoo: and what did they say?
      [20.6., 14:09] Julia: they don't know this account or your schatzmeister
      [20.6., 14:11] John lovoo: but I told you it's a new bank account .... you sent the money on which account then ??
      [20.6., 14:11] Julia: they will ask about in the orphanage
      [20.6., 14:12] John lovoo: short, you sent the money to which bank account ??
      [20.6., 14:15] John lovoo: no ... it's on this bank account that you have to send the money ����
      [20.6., 14:20] Julia: I don't tust a great brittain bank account.
      [20.6., 14:23] John lovoo: okay ... please send me some money for the hospital now
      [20.6., 14:23] Julia: right now?
      [20.6., 14:23] John lovoo: No no ... my orphanage is still miles away
      [20.6., 14:24] Julia: I have ask you 3 times if this is yours...
      [20.6., 14:25] Julia: where is yours? which name?
      [20.6., 14:26] Julia: whats your name?
      [20.6., 14:26] John lovoo: Yes please ... It's very importante
      [20.6., 14:26] Julia: tell me a web adress
      [20.6., 14:31] Julia: call them and ask for it...
      [20.6., 14:32] John lovoo: I have already explained to you that my orphanage is a new orphanage .... so the website is
      being created .... that's why I sent you the bank account number which is in the name of the accountant 'orphanage
      [20.6., 14:33] John lovoo: at the moment, I need money to pay the hospitalization costs of the hospitalized citizen ...
      send me the money please
      [20.6., 14:39] Julia: aber ich sende niemandem den ich nicht 1 mal die hand gegeben habe geld nach afrika über ein
      britisches konto. ich bin keine 17 mehr und nicht mehr so naiv. ich will beweise haben. ich hab da angerufen und
      gefragt ob sie die spendennummer kennen
      und ich hab dich 3 mal gefragt, du hast nichts gesagt. wie ist dein name?
      [20.6., 14:48] John lovoo: der Name meines Waisenhauses heißt "don de Dieu"
      Es ist ein neues Waisenhaus
      Die Website des Waisenhauses wird gerade erstellt
      Das Waisenhaus hat aber bereits ein Bankkonto
      Es ist das Konto, das ich dir geschickt habe
      Das Bankkonto lautet auf den Namen des Buchhalters des Waisenhauses
      verstehst du
      [20.6., 14:51] Julia: ja und wo ist das?
      [20.6., 14:56] John lovoo: Das Waisenhaus befindet sich in POBE
      Wenn die Website verfügbar ist, sage ich es Ihnen
      aber momentan brauche ich Geld, um die Krankenhauskosten des Krankenhausbewohners zu bezahlen
      [20.6., 14:56] John lovoo: Please help me
      [20.6., 15:02] Julia: ich verstehe schon, aber leider hab ich einige Berichte von Betrogenen frauen gesehen die
      hochverschuldet sind, dadurch dass sie ein vertrauen und liebe zu ihnen völlig fremden aufgebaut haben über...fotos
      und worte in schriftform. das waren fast immer konten in gb und hilfe in westafrika.
      und ich wär 1mal fast drauf rein gefallen.
      musst du verstehen, ich überweise nur nach prüfung.
      [20.6., 15:25] John lovoo: Weil ich dich gebeten habe, mir in einem Notfall zu helfen, erzählst du mir das alles
      Okay, das ist egal
      trotzdem dank
      [20.6., 15:36] Julia: ich weiß nicht ob du du bist. das ist das problem. und ich will kein geld an afrikanische betrüger
      schicken. meinte auch suleimane. ich muss vorsichtig sein, er kommt aus burkina faso und kennt deren machenschaften.
      wenn dann möchte ich wissen welchen menschen ich helfe.
      deswegen erst anrufen und nachfragen.
      oder würdest du als frau einem eigentlich fremden geld schicken?
      [20.6., 15:56] John lovoo: I did not understand
      [20.6., 16:01] Julia: afrikanische flirtmaffia ergaunert geld über onlineliebesgeschichten und späteren geldforderungen
      moderne heiratsbetrüger
      romance scammer...google das mal.
      ich spende gerne aber nicht an abzocker.
      das ist ein lukratives geschäft.
      und so lange ich mir nicht sicher bin, dass du du bist und dass es dein heim gibt, überweise ich nichts.
      [20.6., 16:02] Julia: du wolltest mir am anfang geld überweisen, also muss das ja wohl trotz gesperrtem bankkonto gehen oder?
      [20.6., 16:03] John lovoo: Ich habe Ihnen bereits erklärt, dass mein Bankkonto gesperrt ist
      was soll ich dir konkret beweisen?
      [20.6., 16:10] Julia: dass du der bist, mit dem ich denke zu schreiben.
      und dein heim auf papier mit der kontonummer in verbindung.
      [20.6., 16:11] Julia: den unfall
      [20.6., 16:23] John lovoo: Ich bin jonh sarl
      Ich bin derzeit in einem privaten Krankenhaus namens "clinique agboton "
      es ist einfach ... um wirklich zu wissen, dass ich es bin,
      Senden Sie mir das Geld per Western Union
      sende das Geld in meinem eigenen Namen
      Wenn ich es nicht bin, kann ich das Geld nie abheben
      aber wenn ich es bin, werde ich es entfernen
      [20.6., 16:50] John lovoo: Exactly
      [20.6., 16:56] Julia: ok die klinik gibt es wirklich, du wohnst in berlin mitte und hast als händler eine firma?
      um wie viel geld geht es denn?
      [20.6., 17:00] John lovoo: Ehrlich gesagt, ich weiß nicht, warum Sie so viel an mir zweifeln
      Sie haben Recht, vorsichtig zu sein
      aber der moment ist sehr schlechte wahl
      Ich bin wirklich im Notfall
      Geld für mich, nichts
      Wenn mein Bankkonto nicht gesperrt war, wollte ich Sie nicht bitten, mir zu helfen
      [20.6., 17:28] Julia: aber genau so lesen sich die geschichten von den betrogenen frauen und männern...

      mein ex schuldet mir 11000€ aber ich kenne ihn persönlich
      [20.6., 17:57] John lovoo: Ich kann dich nicht anlügen
      Ich bitte Sie nur um Hilfe
      nur ein bisschen Geld
      es wird dich nichts kosten
      [20.6., 18:14] Julia: wieviel geld?
      was ist mit meinen fragen?
      [20.6., 18:18] John lovoo: 250 € werden ausreichen
      Wir werden über alles reden, was Sie wollen
      [20.6., 18:36] Julia: genau und wenn ich dir das geld dann schicke kommt später eine noch höhere summe.
      du hast immer noch nicht alle fragen über dich beantwortet.
      außerdem ist das bankkonto nicht auf deinen namen.
      [20.6., 19:01] John lovoo: Hören Sie, ich bin der Besitzer des Waisenhauses
      Ich habe Leute rekrutiert, die das Waisenhaus erziehen können
      das heißt nicht, dass das Bankkonto des Waisenhauses unbedingt meinen Namen trägt
      Ich bin ein Fremder ... das ist ein Grund mehr zu sagen, dass das Bankkonto meinen Namen nicht tragen kann
      Ich habe das Bankkonto im Auftrag des Buchhalters des Waisenhauses angelegt
      Kurz, Krankenhauskosten beschäftigen derzeit alle meine Gedanken
      Du schickst mir dieses Geld?
      [20.6., 19:18] Julia: dann wirst du doch freunde haben die dich kennen, die du fragen kannst nach 250€
      nein ich schicke keinem "fremden" geld ohne beweise.
      ich werde sehr gern für dein waisenheim spenden wenn es nachweisbar existiert
      und ich würd dir auch helfen wenn ich jetzt dort wäre und dich sehen würde.
      [20.6., 19:25] John lovoo: Okay
      [21.6., 18:26] Julia: how is the injured?
      [21.6., 18:33] John lovoo: he is still hospitalized
      [21.6., 18:36] Julia: and did you get some money for the hospital bill?
      [21.6., 18:38] John lovoo: No
      [21.6., 18:41] Julia: Ich würde dir ja gerne helfen...
      [21.6., 18:45] John lovoo: Ich werde es Ihnen wirklich danken ����
      [21.6., 18:47] Julia: aber ich muss dich wenigstens sehen.
      [21.6., 19:09] John lovoo: wenn meine Kamera kein Problem hatte
      Ich wollte dich anrufen von
      also meine kamera ist das problem
      ansonsten fühle ich mich danach
      [21.6., 20:05] Julia: ist dein mikrofon auch kaputt?
      [21.6., 20:09] John lovoo: the phone violently fell at the airport when I got off the plane ... which totally damaged the
      phone ... I know that if I go back home, I'll change it ... frankly, if the phone had a problem, it's been a long time, I
      was going to call you .... but it does not matter .. it's life
      [21.6., 20:24] Julia: mein telefon ist schon öfter irgendwo hinunter gefallen, selbst ohne handyhülle ist nur das display
      sorry so wird das nichts.
      [21.6., 20:28] John lovoo: Okay danke
      [23.6., 20:33] Julia: how is the injured and how are you?
      [24.6., 11:10] John lovoo: he is still in intensive care .... I had to sign a release to the police ... if I do not pay the money
      before the end of the hospitalization, the police will stop me and I will be temporarily locked up until my bank account
      is unlocked ... I'm worried .. that's why, I do not connect on WhatsApp his last days ... excuse me, if I do not answer
      you more ... I do not there is no time for much chatting ... hospitalization of the patient affects me a lot
      [24.6., 11:15] Julia: when you live in berlin, you must have some friends there.
      [24.6., 11:20] John lovoo: it is in the most difficult moments, that one recognizes his true friends ..... thank you for your
      anxiety ... I learned the lesson ...
      [24.6., 11:20] John lovoo: One love
      [24.6., 11:25] Julia: 250?
      [24.6., 11:30] John lovoo: I will gladly accept ... thank you in advance
      [24.6., 11:32] Julia: und bittest du mich nochmal um geld danach?
      [24.6., 11:42] John lovoo: Nie wieder ... versprochen
      [24.6., 11:43] Julia: wo wohnst du in Berlin?
      auf welches konto?
      sehe ich dich in zukunft mal?
      [24.6., 11:53] John lovoo: thank you for understanding that I am not psychologically ready to talk a lot at the moment ....
      thank you for understanding it
      [24.6., 11:53] John lovoo: you have my number ... I also have your number ... it should be enough ... I feel really bad and
      very insulted from you ... but it does not matter ... I'll you understand ... if only you could make an effort to understand me
      too ... forget your doubts because they do not advance us in anything .... stp I'm really shocked psychologically ... I can not
      talk too much

      das wars bis hierher

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      den ganzen Chatverlauf oder nur gewisse Teile?

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      nein, ich schicke kein Geld und habe keines geschickt. bin ja nicht blöd.
      250€ und die Liste für sein Waisenheim
      aber nicht gefordert nur gebeten. gebettelt.

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      John oder Jonh Sarl      Lovoo

      Whatsapp: +1 (478) 242-0415

      iban: GB84
      bic: PRTCGB21
      id monese: M9751923
      Banken United Kingdom (4)

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