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    • Rosarot hat einen neuen Beitrag "DR Fernando Gomes Pinto/ Dr. Fernando Gomes Pinto" geschrieben. 22.08.2019


      Es ist die gleiche Story , statt Berlin jetzt Utrecht, steckt 100% der gleiche Scammer Clan hinter .

      Die Handynummern sind noch aktiv und können weiter von denen genutzt werden.

      Allein durch die Handynummer konnte ich meinen Scammer identifizieren

    • Rosarot hat einen neuen Beitrag "DR Fernando Gomes Pinto/ Dr. Fernando Gomes Pinto" geschrieben. 22.08.2019

      Informationen zum Dr Pinto

      Nigeria / Abuja
      Man findet ihn im Netz auch als Eric Michael. Hier als Arzt in Berlin mit Tochter. UN Arzt .
      DAHINTER steckt eine FRAU !!!


      +234 814 250 4310
      +49 178 4025028

      Hat augenblicklich sein Foto ausgetauscht.

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      Marc Krane / Scammer aus Ghana
      RPO. wieder Alberto Conesa

      Der Michael Williams hat sich jetzt als
      Marc Krane wieder bei mir gemeldet.!!!
      Hat den Überblick verloren. Kommt mit gleicher Story.
      Ingenieur auf Bohrinsel, er gibt seine Handynummer noch nicht preis.

      RPO: über Facebook sehr netter Kontakt zum RPO entstanden. Das ist auch sehr selten.

    • Rosarot hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Alberto Conesa" geschrieben. 25.12.2018

      Marc Krane / Scammer aus Ghana
      RPO. wieder Alberto Conesa

      Der Michael Williams hat sich jetzt als
      Marc Krane wieder bei mir gemeldet.!!!
      Hat den Überblick verloren. Kommt mit gleicher Story.
      Ingenieur auf Bohrinsel, er gibt seine Handynummer noch nicht preis.

      RPO: über Facebook sehr netter Kontakt zum RPO entstanden. Das ist auch sehr selten.

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      Peter Rock, um Kontonummer zu erfahren bleibe ich mal dran. Möchte nicht baiten.
      Habe noch einen weiteren Scammer da...

      Habe noch 2 Bilder für den Beitrag


    • Rosarot hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Michael Scheibe " geschrieben. 10.12.2018

      Los geht es mit dem bezahlen und der Gary ist einer der ganz schnellen, nach 10 Tagen darf man ohne schöne Fotos und Liebeschwüre loslegen mit dem PAYMANAGEMENT[bash]

      10.12.18, 06:51 - Gary: Honey how are you honey, I have a little problem here sweetheart, I have arrive safely in North Cyprus, I never knew that I could not carry more than 30,000pounds into North Cyprus, i was carrying 75,000pounds and now the Money has been seized by the North Cyprus custom, I have been here all day begging them to release the money but they said that I have to take a barrister first before i can recover the money back, because they said the limit you can carry is 30,000pounds but i did not know and i went to carry 75,000pounds in my bag and now it has been seized
      10.12.18, 06:52 - Gary: I spent many hours trying beg them but they did not agree and now i have to carry a barrister first before they can release, Honey i am still inside the airport now with Tina please i need you to lend me just 1,55 0euros for me to use to pay my hotel bills here and once i am able to recover back my 75,000 pounds tomorrow or next i will send it back to you
      10.12.18, 06:53 - Gary: please dear, i hate to ask a woman for money, i never done this before but please i am at the airport, i need to get a hotel first so by tomorrow i can get a barrister and recover my money back, i hate to ask a woman for help, Tina has not eaten anything since, i am really sorry please i need this help so bad and once i get my money back tomorrow i will send it to You
      10.12.18, 07:01 - Gary: I would have loved to explain to the company that gave me the contract but this can wreck my career as it not presentable.. I am confused and you are the only Person that I can explain these to. I know it is not right for me to tell you all these but it is my problem and you are the only one I can tell. Honey, I know it is wrong for me to ask you for a help but I don't have any other Person to tell. I need you to borrow me this Money you are my last hope

      Morgens um 7 Uhr, der Kerl hat wirklich nicht alle Tassen im Schrank, da geht bei mir überhaupt nichts

      10.12.18, 07:17 - Gary: Verpasster Videoanruf
      10.12.18, 07:31 - Gary: Verpasster Videoanruf

      10.12.18, 07:34 - Gary: I'm outside of the airport now
      10.12.18, 07:35 - Gary: The way this country operate is bery bad

      Belehrung, denn mit Zypern und Schiffen kenne ich mich aus seit Louis Wauters

      [bash]10.12.18, 07:53 - happy day: So sorry but I am sleeping. do not want to videotalk in the morning even you do not have video !.
      So if you need money.what ever happened with he custom, I first need your passport copy. Your homeaddress and a signed loan agreement for my bookkeeping department. I see that you are not prof. enough, even to manage your one company. 10.000€ are alloved. Not more.

      Ah...your account I forgot to write. So with your credit card you can pick up the 1550

      10.12.18, 07:55 - happy day: and Darling it is business 10% interest for loan .
      ..on the payment

      10.12.18, 07:56 - happy day: sorry I want to sleep again😘🤶🏻
      10.12.18, 07:59 - Gary: Maria you will never have any problem in getting your money back Ok
      10.12.18, 08:02 - Gary: I'm a man of my word and honest in everything i do in my life, I have to ask the Taxi driver here now for his bank account so that it will be easy for me to get the money today because i need it to also pay him and he will take me to a hotel with Internet connection
      10.12.18, 08:30 - Gary: Honey now i'm in a hotel with the Taxi driver and he advise me to talk to the hotel manager for a room so that i can take Tina inside the room because she is very cold and has not eaten anything yet
      10.12.18, 08:31 - Gary: I will send you the account right now then the taxi man will take me a bank and withdraw the money and give it to me then i can pay him and also pay the hotel for the room
      10.12.18, 08:31 - Gary: Bank name : Turkiye bankasi

      Denomination: EURO
      Bank Address: gonyeli K.K.T.C
      Account number:68040121349
      Beneficiary address: Andic sok,lord apt no9/8 hamiktoy lefkosia
      Banken Türkei (4)
      10.12.18, 08:42 - Gary: Ok darling i will pay 10% for the 1500 Euro i promise you that
      10.12.18, 09:36 - happy day: nothing without passport..
      homeaddress and loanagreement ...sorry
      we do not now us

      10.12.18, 09:49 - happy day: ??
      10.12.18, 09:49 - happy day: I thing the money is on the account in some hours?
      10.12.18, 09:50 - happy day: You thing?? No
      10.12.18, 09:51 - happy day: how it the name blessing A....on the account??
      10.12.18, 09:53 - Gary: That is the account for the Taxi driver
      10.12.18, 09:56 - happy day: So i need your and his passport for legitimation. No money to 2 strange people, this is business you know
      10.12.18, 09:58 - Gary: Home Address: 7-8 Queensferry St, Edinburgh EH2 4PA, UK
      10.12.18, 10:00 - Gary: I don't know where to get a cyber cafe to scan my passport page, But why all this Maria
      10.12.18, 10:00 - Gary: why are you telling me all this??
      10.12.18, 10:03 - Gary: My word is enough for you and i promise you that i Bornholdt Gary who lives in Home Address: 7-8 Queensferry St, Edinburgh EH2 4PA, UK i will send you the money back
      10.12.18, 10:04 - happy day: you make a photo of all passports Darling
      10.12.18, 10:04 - happy day: it is so easy today
      10.12.18, 10:05 - Gary: how can i do that when i don't have any money with me
      10.12.18, 10:05 - Gary: you are making life so painful to me
      10.12.18, 10:08 - Gary: My daughter has not eaten any food and you don't understand that darling
      10.12.18, 10:08 - Gary: ?
      10.12.18, 10:17 - Gary: If you don't want to help me i will understand
      10.12.18, 10:30 - happy day: maybe you first talk to your company you work for...because you are no self employee!

      I work hard for 2 boys and have to go to my bank...but they ask for both passports! Always carefull my banker
      10.12.18, 10:35 - Gary: I would have loved to explain to the company that gave me the contract but this can wreck my career as it not presentable.
      10.12.18, 10:37 - Gary: I told you before that i invest with the company and when a contract is out everybody pays the fee and when the money for contract is been paid then i get my own percentage out of the 9 Million
      10.12.18, 10:38 - Gary: Everything i did for this contract was in my own money not the company money, i only get paid after the Contract is been done
      10.12.18, 10:41 - happy day: this is your money?
      10.12.18, 10:42 - happy day: It will take minimum 2 weeks the ship will arrive!..
      Why are you at Zypern now?
      10.12.18, 10:42 - Gary: My daughter is in pain and i need to take care of her
      10.12.18, 10:43 - Gary: i need money for that don't you understand
      10.12.18, 10:43 - Gary: I brought my little girl here and she can't be facing such pain
      10.12.18, 10:44 - happy day: what pain?
      10.12.18, 10:44 - Gary: i don't know how to explain this to you
      10.12.18, 10:44 - Gary: my daughter has not eaten any food and over here it's very cold
      10.12.18, 10:45 - happy day: you take her to an other country with pain...
      even staying 2 weeks at home?...
      After christmas the ship will arrive
      10.12.18, 10:46 - Gary: she has to be in a worm room so the hotel need a payment before i can get a room
      10.12.18, 10:47 - Gary: I don't know what else to do now
      10.12.18, 10:48 - Gary: i have to go now and see if i can get you what you need, since you can't trust me
      10.12.18, 10:52 - happy day: i have network problems at the moment
      10.12.18, 10:52 - Gary: But you can write
      10.12.18, 10:53 - happy day: it is coming and going.
      10.12.18, 10:53 - Gary: Ok
      10.12.18, 10:54 - Gary: where are you now
      10.12.18, 10:56 - happy day: in the office
      10.12.18, 10:57 - Gary: Ok
      10.12.18, 10:57 - Gary: Are you going to help me with the loan
      10.12.18, 10:57 - Gary: ?
      10.12.18, 10:58 - Gary: I have to go now and see if i can scan a copy of my passport to you
      10.12.18, 10:58 - happy day: i have to go to the bank first. and the banker needs the infomations first
      10.12.18, 10:59 - Gary: You can use your card for transfer and it's more faster so that i can get it today
      10.12.18, 10:59 - happy day: card?
      10.12.18, 11:00 - happy day: I have no card
      10.12.18, 11:00 - Gary: you can make use of the ATM
      10.12.18, 11:00 - happy day: I have an account !
      10.12.18, 11:00 - happy day: what is this?
      10.12.18, 11:01 - Gary: atm machine
      10.12.18, 11:02 - Gary: you can check it online and it's in any bank
      10.12.18, 11:02 - Gary: outside the bank you will find an atm machine
      10.12.18, 11:02 - happy day: to a tuerkey bank
      10.12.18, 11:03 - Gary: yes
      10.12.18, 11:03 - happy day: I even have to work ...can no go out now!
      10.12.18, 11:03 - Gary: just put the account number and proceed
      10.12.18, 11:04 - Gary: do you really want to help me out of this problem?
      10.12.18, 11:05 - happy day: I wrote what I need...and what bank is this in Tuerkey?
      10.12.18, 11:05 - Gary: Darling it's your bank account and no one can tell you this and what to do
      10.12.18, 11:06 - Gary: I have to go now and see if i can scan my passport to you
      10.12.18, 11:07 - Gary: i will be right back
      10.12.18, 11:07 - happy day: oky 😘😘
      10.12.18, 11:08 - Gary: everywhere is cold and my daughter is outside of the hotel with no one looking after her, now i will go out to the town and see how i can scan the passport to you, thanks for everything
      10.12.18, 11:17 - happy day: 20 degrees
      10.12.18, 11:39 - Gary: I'm in the place where i want to send the passport
      10.12.18, 11:39 - Gary: Send me your full name Darling
      10.12.18, 11:43 - Gary: To write the agreement
      10.12.18, 11:45 - happy day: Patricia Maria von Hellenbroich
      10.12.18, 11:46 - happy day: Saelhuysen87
      47509 Rheurdt
      10.12.18, 11:47 - Gary: This your address
      10.12.18, 11:47 - Gary: Your address
      10.12.18, 11:47 - happy day: yes..
      10.12.18, 11:47 - happy day: but i now have to work in a meeting. sorry
      10.12.18, 11:48 - Gary: How will I get the loan
      10.12.18, 11:48 - Gary: Please Darling help me
      10.12.18, 12:27 - Gary: It has to be sent to your email please
      10.12.18, 12:27 - Gary: You have to send me your email
      10.12.18, 12:28 - happy day: can you send me yours by whatsapp

      10.12.18, 13:10 - Gary: Verpasster Videoanruf
      10.12.18, 13:46 - happy day: i work until 15h...and than I will go to the bank ..call you later😘my lovw
      10.12.18, 13:47 - happy day: love❤
      10.12.18, 13:47 - happy day: we can not talk jet...i am sitting in a meeting...
      10.12.18, 13:48 - happy day: I you like send me a voicemal..this is better than to write
      10.12.18, 13:48 - Gary: i will be waiting for you outside the hotel till i get the money to pay
      10.12.18, 13:49 - happy day: ???
      10.12.18, 13:49 - happy day: the money will arrive earlyest in 2 days
      10.12.18, 13:50 - Gary: Then i will have to talk to the hotel manager to give us a room then i pay in two days time
      10.12.18, 13:50 - Gary: i have to go and talk to him now
      10.12.18, 13:50 - Gary: have a nice meeting darling
      10.12.18, 13:51 - Gary: ❤❤ Love you
      10.12.18, 13:51 - happy day: journalist meeting...they write about intern criminal acts
      10.12.18, 13:52 - Gary: Ok my darling. you are a hard working woman and i will love to get married to you after when we met each other❤❤❤❤

      Den lassen wir nun braten, nach schöner @Happyness Manier. Der Banker hat eben angerufen und hat Probleme mit der türkischen Bank und den komischen Namen
      des Empfängers

    • Rosarot hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Michael Scheibe " geschrieben. 10.12.2018

      Der Bornholdt Gary hat 2 Profile

      hier heisst er Gary Bornholdt, nachdem ich ihn gefragte hatte, was bitte sein Vorname ist und er antwortete "Bornholdt"

      1. https://www.facebook.com/gary.bornholdt....08%3A1544448098

      diesen Account hat er gelöscht oder er kommt "wieder"

      2. https://www.facebook.com/bornholdt.gary 75

    • Rosarot hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Michael Scheibe " geschrieben. 10.12.2018

      ein sehr liebesarmer Bait
      Ich will einfach alles wissen und der liebe Gary mein "Bornholdt" schreibt das wäre in Scotland ein Vorname

      30.11.18, 10:29 - happy day: good morning
      30.11.18, 10:42 - Gary: Am very happy to have you here
      30.11.18, 10:42 - Gary: How is your son doing
      30.11.18, 11:15 - happy day: the stuying children always need help and money! As you know
      30.11.18, 14:30 - Gary: Yes that's why i always work hard for my daughter
      30.11.18, 14:31 - Gary: Its my lunch time
      30.11.18, 14:31 - Gary: Very soon I will be going back to work
      30.11.18, 14:31 - Gary: What about you. How is work going
      30.11.18, 14:32 - Gary: I hope well
      30.11.18, 14:34 - Gary: I keep looking at your picture here on WhatsApp and you make me want to get married again 😁😁
      30.11.18, 14:35 - Gary: ❤
      30.11.18, 14:35 - Gary: You are a beautiful lady to be honest
      30.11.18, 16:03 - happy day: I have problems ..
      30.11.18, 17:15 - Gary: What problems
      30.11.18, 17:16 - Gary: Can you tell me

      Der Mann will immer telefonieren und ich lieber schreiben

      30.11.18, 17:18 - Gary: Verpasster Sprachanruf
      30.11.18, 20:30 - Gary: Bin jetzt wieder zu Hause. nach dem Abendessen fürs Bett fertig werden
      30.11.18, 20:38 - happy day: it is not late.
      30.11.18, 20:38 - happy day: good evening
      30.11.18, 20:53 - Gary: After dinner I will watch TV before going to bed
      30.11.18, 20:54 - happy day: Yes this I do too
      30.11.18, 20:54 - happy day: just an apple and tea..
      30.11.18, 20:54 - Gary: Ok
      30.11.18, 20:54 - Gary: That is good
      30.11.18, 20:55 - happy day: Western Union is crazy... we wrote d insteed of b... and they did not pay the money to my son
      30.11.18, 20:56 - Gary: Oh so sorry
      30.11.18, 20:56 - Gary: But you fix it already
      30.11.18, 20:56 - Gary: ?
      30.11.18, 20:58 - Gary: Have you been able to send the money to your son
      30.11.18, 20:59 - happy day: have to go to bank...
      everything new and now i hope he has the money on monday..
      30.11.18, 21:01 - Gary: Ok
      30.11.18, 21:01 - Gary: It will be fine don't worry too much girlfriend
      30.11.18, 21:02 - happy day: I hope not
      30.11.18, 21:04 - Gary: Are you still at work
      30.11.18, 21:04 - Gary: Or you already at home
      30.11.18, 21:05 - happy day: at home ...just on couch.. and ready
      30.11.18, 21:16 - Gary: OK
      30.11.18, 21:16 - Gary: Am watching movie now
      30.11.18, 21:16 - Gary: I will go to bed when I feel like sleeping
      30.11.18, 21:17 - Gary: You know I live alone in my house
      30.11.18, 21:56 - happy day: sorry i talked to my son
      30.11.18, 21:57 - happy day: your house in London.
      30.11.18, 22:27 - Gary: Yes I live in England in Edinburgh
      30.11.18, 22:27 - happy day: I though London?
      30.11.18, 22:27 - Gary: My parents live here too before they died
      30.11.18, 22:30 - Gary: London is my mother's city
      30.11.18, 22:30 - Gary: But I live in Edinburgh
      30.11.18, 22:31 - Gary: You understand me now
      30.11.18, 22:31 - happy day: never been to Edinburgh
      30.11.18, 22:31 - happy day: yes i do
      30.11.18, 22:31 - Gary: You going to be here one day
      30.11.18, 22:32 - happy day: It is cold there ..and much rain i think
      30.11.18, 22:32 - Gary: I will invite you here in Edinburgh to come stay just one week
      30.11.18, 22:32 - Gary: Yes its cold here and rainfall
      30.11.18, 22:34 - happy day: Military Tattoo ! This is what I watched on tv
      30.11.18, 22:36 - Gary: I'm watching the CNN NEWS
      30.11.18, 22:36 - Gary: About the world
      30.11.18, 22:36 - Gary: You alone at home
      30.11.18, 22:38 - happy day: Do you wake up as a Scot also a skirt
      30.11.18, 22:38 - happy day: ???
      yes I am alone....
      30.11.18, 22:39 - happy day: Wear a Scottish coat
      30.11.18, 22:39 - happy day: not wake-up🤣
      30.11.18, 22:40 - Gary: I'm alone too
      30.11.18, 22:41 - Gary: I have a cup of coffee now in my hand
      30.11.18, 22:41 - Gary: Tomorrow I don't work
      30.11.18, 22:41 - Gary: Weekend is my free day then Monday I start working again
      30.11.18, 22:42 - happy day: https://youtu.be/u7exKGUPMA4
      30.11.18, 22:42 - happy day: this I mean
      30.11.18, 22:42 - happy day: me too
      30.11.18, 22:43 - happy day: have to clean the house tomorrow
      30.11.18, 22:46 - happy day: <Medien ausgeschlossen>
      30.11.18, 22:47 - happy day: decorated my house ...have quests tomorrow ...
      30.11.18, 22:47 - happy day: 8 persons
      30.11.18, 22:47 - Gary: This is nice
      30.11.18, 22:47 - Gary: You invited people tomorrow
      30.11.18, 22:48 - happy day: <Medien ausgeschlossen>
      30.11.18, 22:48 - happy day: yes friends ...
      30.11.18, 22:48 - Gary: Wish I live over there I wold have come to visit you also
      30.11.18, 22:49 - Gary: I love this so much
      30.11.18, 22:49 - happy day: nice in my house
      30.11.18, 22:49 - happy day: me too
      30.11.18, 22:49 - Gary: Yes its nice
      30.11.18, 22:50 - Gary: When do your son come back home
      30.11.18, 22:50 - happy day: christmas
      30.11.18, 22:52 - Gary: Okay
      30.11.18, 22:53 - Gary: Will you son be happy if you come over here to see me
      30.11.18, 22:53 - Gary: Maybe for just one week
      30.11.18, 22:54 - happy day: he will come with me
      30.11.18, 22:55 - Gary: I will be very glad if he comes with you
      30.11.18, 22:55 - Gary: So that I can also see him
      30.11.18, 22:55 - Gary: I live all alone in my big house Maria
      30.11.18, 22:55 - Gary: Can I ask you a question
      30.11.18, 22:55 - Gary: ?
      30.11.18, 22:56 - happy day: a big house?
      30.11.18, 22:56 - happy day: yes
      30.11.18, 22:56 - Gary: Do you have a man in your life. Yes a big house
      30.11.18, 22:56 - happy day: no man in my life..
      30.11.18, 22:57 - happy day: but i am still married
      ..live separate since 5 years
      30.11.18, 22:57 - Gary: I want you to be my girlfriend maybe I can come over for Christmas and visit then we both come together to Edinburgh
      30.11.18, 22:58 - happy day: You are fast...
      30.11.18, 22:58 - happy day: Christmas is already planed
      30.11.18, 22:59 - happy day: last time ..with my old mother .I think she will not live long.
      30.11.18, 22:59 - happy day: and sylvester ..friends for dinner !
      30.11.18, 23:00 - Gary: I don't know how to approach this with you in person everyday I fight a battle with my self my heart says I should tell you how I feel about you but sometimes I think I might be too fast
      30.11.18, 23:03 - Gary: I wish you would open up to me and let me in to your life I know it wouldn't be easy but I still believe that I could be good for you if only you could return my feelings. I know o may not be the best looking man you know all I could offer you is my heart
      30.11.18, 23:05 - happy day: you do not know alot about me ...and I about you??!
      30.11.18, 23:06 - Gary: As I said before. You may never know the true extent of my feelings ever since I charted with you on Facebook . I go to bed thinking about you
      30.11.18, 23:08 - Gary: Yes I know that I have not really know about you very well but my mind tells me that you are the woman I will love to live with
      30.11.18, 23:09 - happy day: This my husband Louis told me too.. and than he was gone! ...
      30.11.18, 23:12 - Gary: This may be a crush or infatuation but I swear to you that it does not feel like it. As I have had crushes before but never really felt the kinds of emotions I do for you . I hope that if I can muster the courage to tell you how I feel. That whatever your feelings. It will turn out OK and that at the very last we can be good friends. But I long for so much more
      30.11.18, 23:18 - Gary: Now I sit here watching love movie's
      30.11.18, 23:18 - Gary: And think about you
      30.11.18, 23:18 - happy day: infatuation? what is that?
      30.11.18, 23:18 - happy day: what movie t
      you watch?
      30.11.18, 23:20 - Gary: Infatuation.. Admiration for someone
      30.11.18, 23:20 - happy day: new for me
      30.11.18, 23:21 - Gary: I'm watching love before me
      30.11.18, 23:21 - Gary: Its a UK movie
      30.11.18, 23:21 - happy day: what channel?
      30.11.18, 23:23 - Gary: Sony movie channel
      30.11.18, 23:24 - Gary: Friday night film club
      30.11.18, 23:24 - Gary: You want to Watch with me love
      30.11.18, 23:24 - happy day: this we do not have
      30.11.18, 23:24 - Gary: We have here in Edinburgh
      30.11.18, 23:25 - happy day: yes I like it
      30.11.18, 23:25 - Gary: Please Come over here and we watch this together
      30.11.18, 23:25 - Gary: I need you in my life
      30.11.18, 23:25 - Gary: What's a heart without a beat ❤
      30.11.18, 23:26 - happy day: dead
      30.11.18, 23:26 - Gary: If I don't have you in my life. What will I do
      30.11.18, 23:26 - Gary: You look so beautiful Maria
      30.11.18, 23:26 - happy day: together on the couch
      30.11.18, 23:27 - Gary: The love I have for you is unconditionally
      30.11.18, 23:28 - happy day: you should send me some photos from you first
      30.11.18, 23:28 - Gary: OK I do that my love
      30.11.18, 23:30 - happy day: <Medien ausgeschlossen>
      30.11.18, 23:31 - Gary: You look so beautiful Maria

      30.11.18, 23:32 - happy day: last photo from our bosttrip

      30.11.18, 23:33 - Gary: You look so sweet with your glasses
      30.11.18, 23:34 - happy day: ohje with the bird

      30.11.18, 23:35 - Gary: This is me and my Boss son
      30.11.18, 23:36 - happy day: he is small
      30.11.18, 23:37 - Gary: Yes he is a little man
      30.11.18, 23:37 - Gary: He had a problem while growing up. So he was taken to a hospital
      30.11.18, 23:45 - happy day: not bad... to be little
      30.11.18, 23:45 - Gary: yes
      30.11.18, 23:45 - Gary: i see him as a son
      30.11.18, 23:45 - Gary: a son i never had
      30.11.18, 23:47 - happy day: this is good
      30.11.18, 23:49 - Gary: thank you
      30.11.18, 23:51 - happy day: Dear Gary ....i have to sleep now. I am so tired. I wish you a good night ...sleep well.
      30.11.18, 23:52 - Gary: I know I can't give you the whole world, but I can promise you I will always love you. My heart is yours,and even though I know I’ll make mistakes, I will never break your heart.
      30.11.18, 23:52 - happy day: ❄😴😴😴😴
      30.11.18, 23:54 - Gary: I will be right beside you as we chase our dreams together, and you will never have to wonder if I still care.. I think about you all day long and when i don't hear from you my mind is consumed with thoughts of being close to you again. When i hear from you and write to you I feel like everything in the world is right. Good night my love. sweet dreams
      30.11.18, 23:54 - Gary: ❤😍😘
      30.11.18, 23:55 - happy day: 😘
      30.11.18, 23:59 - Gary: ❤❤❤
      01.12.18, 11:30 - Gary: Good morning Maria, Since i first viewed your profile, i felt a great impulsion on me and ever since then i have been thinking about you , i thought you might be an end to my search or to say a realization of my dreams because you are just what i am looking for and you know when i keep reading from you , i feel that is coming to be true and i pray and hope it does, so i want to see where this goes and being a one man woman , i will give this a total chance and i am sure it will take me to where i want.
      01.12.18, 11:31 - Gary: How was your night? are you getting ready for your visitors coming today?
      01.12.18, 11:31 - Gary: wish i was right there with you so that we can work together and do everything together as a happy family in love
      01.12.18, 11:35 - happy day: much work good morninf
      01.12.18, 11:35 - happy day: Du hast diese Nachricht gelöscht.
      01.12.18, 11:35 - happy day: g!!
      01.12.18, 11:37 - happy day: I am in stress..as you can believe
      01.12.18, 11:38 - happy day: Could be a good idea before my son is coming back on Christmas to come some days to Edinburgh to see how Christmas is celebrated their because I'm sis Christmas and self I have no time as I told you I worry about my mother
      01.12.18, 11:38 - happy day: So what do you think about coming next weekend
      01.12.18, 11:40 - happy day: I'm sure as a gentleman you can book me a flight
      01.12.18, 11:44 - Gary: i will be so glad to do that for you my darling
      01.12.18, 11:45 - Gary: Will you be coming with you son so that i can book two plan ticket for you and your son
      01.12.18, 11:46 - Gary: i will be so glad to spend the Christmas with you Guys
      01.12.18, 11:46 - Gary: So that i can take you to so many beautiful places here
      01.12.18, 11:47 - Gary: Edinburgh is a very beautiful city Maria and i will love you to come over and see yourself
      01.12.18, 11:49 - Gary: We can stay in my house, but if you want us to go to hotel we can just for one night because my daughter will be back very soon for Christmas
      01.12.18, 11:50 - Gary: She can stay with her brother at home if your son will have to come with you
      01.12.18, 12:05 - happy day: christmas I have to be at Home in Düsseldorf..with my old mother and Nanny... because she is dement and my sister and I have ro take care I think the last time of her life
      01.12.18, 12:34 - Gary: Oh i see
      01.12.18, 12:35 - Gary: lets keep praying and see what happens ok
      01.12.18, 12:35 - Gary: i have to do alot of work now
      01.12.18, 12:36 - Gary: i pray for your mother she lives more years for us
      01.12.18, 12:36 - Gary: bye for now
      01.12.18, 12:36 - Gary: talk to you later
      01.12.18, 13:57 - happy day: you stay in the house and I first in the hotel to let us know..much better
      01.12.18, 14:30 - Gary: Ok if that is what you want i agree with you love
      01.12.18, 14:31 - Gary: am still cleaning the house and playing music in my sitting room
      01.12.18, 14:31 - Gary: thinking about you as i clean the house
      01.12.18, 14:31 - Gary: i look at your pictures here so beautiful
      01.12.18, 19:04 - Gary: how are you doing Maria
      01.12.18, 19:04 - Gary: how was your day
      01.12.18, 19:04 - Gary: hope everything went well with your visitors today
      01.12.18, 19:06 - happy day: I am in great stress to get ready...I do my make_up now.. and than they are coming
      01.12.18, 19:22 - Gary: Ok
      01.12.18, 19:22 - Gary: i have to get my dinner ready
      01.12.18, 19:23 - Gary: we can talk later ok
      01.12.18, 19:23 - Gary: take good care of your self dear
      01.12.18, 19:24 - happy day: what do you eat?
      01.12.18, 19:28 - Gary: I will be having, Shepherd's pie, see Cottage pie for dinner

      01.12.18, 19:48 - happy day: is it like these?
      can you send me a photo?
      01.12.18, 19:49 - happy day: my guests are coming
      01.12.18, 19:49 - happy day: bye till later 😘😘
      02.12.18, 00:02 - Gary: yes that what i eat for dinner
      02.12.18, 00:02 - Gary: how was it with your guests
      02.12.18, 00:03 - Gary: hope you had a great time with them
      02.12.18, 00:03 - Gary: are they still around ?
      02.12.18, 00:03 - Gary: i'm going to sleep now
      02.12.18, 00:03 - Gary: it's very late here
      02.12.18, 09:49 - Gary: Good morning Maria, I woke up thousands of miles away from you, but it doesn’t matter because you are in my heart.
      02.12.18, 09:54 - Gary: My main dream is to wake up next to you, soon it will come true. Good morning, my love.
      02.12.18, 10:02 - Gary: Each morning I look at your photo and each morning I fall in love with you, you are my perfect soulmate.
      02.12.18, 16:12 - Gary: i did't hear from you today, what happened to you
      02.12.18, 16:12 - Gary: i hope all is well my dear Maria
      02.12.18, 16:14 - happy day: i am with my mother! .No time at the moment sorry
      02.12.18, 16:16 - Gary: Ok
      02.12.18, 16:16 - Gary: take good care of your mother ok
      03.12.18, 07:46 - happy day: good morning dear Gary

      03.12.18, 09:15 - Gary: Good morning
      03.12.18, 09:15 - Gary: i have to starts up with work this morning
      03.12.18, 09:15 - Gary: i have a meeting this morning
      03.12.18, 16:32 - Gary: We can be good friends
      03.12.18, 16:32 - Gary: we can also talk to each other
      03.12.18, 16:32 - Gary: anyway i just came back from the office now
      03.12.18, 16:33 - Gary: you can write me if you want
      03.12.18, 17:43 - happy day: I am still in meeting..
      03.12.18, 21:42 - Gary: Ok
      03.12.18, 21:42 - Gary: I'm home now
      03.12.18, 21:43 - Gary: i had a stressful day at work today
      03.12.18, 21:43 - Gary: how is your mother doing?
      03.12.18, 21:48 - happy day: i came home ..21.30h..
      mother has Alzheimer, total confused!
      03.12.18, 22:09 - happy day: how does your house look like?
      03.12.18, 22:30 - Gary: don't worry she will be okay and live more years for you
      03.12.18, 22:31 - Gary: i live in a 5 bed room flat apartment
      03.12.18, 22:31 - Gary: am done with dinner now
      03.12.18, 22:32 - Gary: soon i will be going to bed because i have to work tomorrow morning
      03.12.18, 22:35 - happy day: i go to bed now ...9 h meeting
      03.12.18, 22:35 - Gary: Ok
      03.12.18, 22:35 - Gary: how was your day
      03.12.18, 22:35 - Gary: ?
      03.12.18, 22:35 - Gary: hope you had a good day
      03.12.18, 22:37 - happy day: was ok... much work. i am realy tired.. ..
      03.12.18, 22:45 - Gary: Oh so sorry dear
      03.12.18, 22:46 - Gary: i worked very hard also
      03.12.18, 22:46 - Gary: just to make a living
      03.12.18, 22:47 - Gary: how is your son? i hope he is fine
      03.12.18, 22:52 - happy day: Manu is ok..i hope!

      03.12.18, 22:58 - Gary: You don't have to stop working Maria
      03.12.18, 22:58 - Gary: My daughter is doing well.. Her name is Tina
      03.12.18, 23:00 - happy day: but I want to...
      03.12.18, 23:01 - happy day: Tina = Christina?
      03.12.18, 23:02 - happy day: Good night... 7h the clock is waking me up
      03.12.18, 23:04 - Gary: My daughter name is Tina Gary
      03.12.18, 23:04 - Gary: not Christina
      03.12.18, 23:05 - Gary: i wish you good night rest dear
      03.12.18, 23:23 - Gary: sweet dreams
      04.12.18, 09:47 - Gary: Good morning Maria
      04.12.18, 09:51 - Gary: I will be on my way to work now
      04.12.18, 09:52 - Gary: Hope you had a good night rest
      04.12.18, 09:52 - Gary: how is your mother doing today
      04.12.18, 09:52 - Gary: ?
      04.12.18, 09:52 - happy day: Good morning...I am at work since 8h
      04.12.18, 09:53 - Gary: Ok nice, take good care of yourself
      04.12.18, 10:35 - happy day: Sorry what is your first name?
      04.12.18, 10:36 - Gary: my first name is Bornholdt
      04.12.18, 10:37 - Gary: Am already at work now
      04.12.18, 10:39 - happy day: in Germany this is always the family name! ...
      And Gary the first name. sorry
      04.12.18, 13:24 - Gary: Ok
      04.12.18, 13:25 - Gary: Bornholdt is a first name here in England
      04.12.18, 13:27 - Gary: Am at work very busy sighing document for some goods that needs to be ship to other country
      04.12.18, 13:28 - Gary: how is your mother today?
      04.12.18, 13:28 - Gary: You never answered me this morning when i asked about your mother
      04.12.18, 13:29 - Gary: I hope she is doing well
      04.12.18, 13:36 - happy day: I did not see her...so i did not know..
      04.12.18, 13:36 - happy day: less and less...
      04.12.18, 13:37 - happy day: Unfortunately, mother keeps losing her memory
      04.12.18, 15:41 - happy day: That you have sighing documents😂
      04.12.18, 15:41 - happy day: made me laugh!
      04.12.18, 17:44 - Gary: 😃 every day i i have to sign the document for goods to be ship and without me sighing that document the goods can't go anywhere, it's very stressful because in a day i have to do that for so many costumers
      04.12.18, 17:44 - Gary: did you say that your mother is loosing memory?
      04.12.18, 17:46 - Gary: i just close from work
      04.12.18, 17:46 - Gary: am home now
      04.12.18, 17:46 - happy day: 😂😂without sighing !!!
      04.12.18, 17:47 - happy day: yes she does
      04.12.18, 17:49 - happy day: what material has to be shipped ..to which country?
      04.12.18, 17:49 - Gary: why not take her to a cycritive hospital where she will be taken care of
      04.12.18, 17:50 - Gary: we ship copper and cable wires for telecommunication
      04.12.18, 17:54 - happy day: the next step this will be in a demenz senior home
      04.12.18, 17:56 - Gary: Maria do your mother live with you?
      04.12.18, 17:57 - happy day: and I thought it is now only via WiFi wireless or fiber optic cable
      04.12.18, 17:57 - happy day: no with a nanny
      04.12.18, 17:57 - Gary: Ok
      04.12.18, 17:58 - Gary: my work is a very stressful job
      04.12.18, 17:58 - Gary: i never had a mother love all my life
      04.12.18, 17:59 - Gary: i lived all my life without a mother and father
      04.12.18, 17:59 - happy day: i had a mother but without love never cares about me
      04.12.18, 18:00 - Gary: oh am so sorry dear
      04.12.18, 18:01 - Gary: All my life i have lived alone after the death of my wife
      04.12.18, 18:01 - happy day: my son cares about a young same aged young man...without anyone alone in Nigeria, he will bring him to Germany..
      I me an him we are writing a book together
      04.12.18, 18:02 - happy day: same after the death of my husband
      04.12.18, 18:03 - happy day: Life is not always wonderful...but you know we must go on.
      04.12.18, 18:04 - Gary: yes we have to move on
      04.12.18, 18:04 - Gary: i pray one day we get to met each other
      04.12.18, 18:04 - Gary: maybe i can come over there and visit you for Christmas and go back home for new year
      04.12.18, 18:06 - Gary: where is Nigeria located? and do your son study over there, why not study in Uk or America
      04.12.18, 18:07 - happy day: christmas I stay with mom and sister... she will stay with me...

      and you with your daughter
      04.12.18, 18:08 - happy day: my son is working in Nigeria
      04.12.18, 18:08 - happy day: studies in Southgermany
      04.12.18, 18:09 - happy day: medicus!!
      04.12.18, 18:09 - Gary: Okay
      04.12.18, 18:11 - Gary: i need to shower now and get dinner ready
      04.12.18, 18:11 - Gary: tomorrow i have a meeting with the board of director of the company
      04.12.18, 18:11 - Gary: it's about a Contract meeting
      04.12.18, 18:12 - Gary: the company is working on awarding a contract to me
      04.12.18, 18:12 - Gary: so i need to be at work on time tomorrow morning
      04.12.18, 18:15 - happy day: same to me...
      i drive to Frankfurt tomorrow morning
      04.12.18, 18:26 - happy day: Nigeria is a small country in India
      04.12.18, 18:42 - Gary: Nigeria is located in India
      04.12.18, 18:42 - Gary: i just check Nigeria on google and it's located in Africa
      04.12.18, 18:42 - Gary: it's not located in India
      04.12.18, 18:54 - happy day: sorry southafrica..!
      next to Ghana .
      My son was in Pondicherry in India...and than to Africa.
      04.12.18, 18:57 - happy day: <Medien ausgeschlossen>
      04.12.18, 19:13 - Gary: Ok
      04.12.18, 19:13 - Gary: am done with shower now
      04.12.18, 19:14 - Gary: also done with dinner
      04.12.18, 19:14 - Gary: am watching Movie now
      04.12.18, 19:22 - happy day: what sort of movie
      04.12.18, 19:29 - Gary: widow romance
      04.12.18, 19:31 - Gary: It's a good movie you need to watch also
      04.12.18, 19:31 - Gary: what are you doing now
      04.12.18, 19:31 - Gary: ?
      04.12.18, 19:36 - happy day: phone with my girlfriend..
      04.12.18, 19:37 - happy day: what chanal
      04.12.18, 19:52 - Gary: You can watch widow romance ROMANCE~Film ...
      Love Highlights On YouTube
      04.12.18, 19:52 - Gary: that is where i watch it now
      04.12.18, 19:52 - Gary: also getting ready for my Contract for tomorrow
      04.12.18, 20:21 - Gary: what time do you go to bed
      04.12.18, 20:21 - Gary: ?
      04.12.18, 20:35 - happy day: now
      04.12.18, 20:43 - Gary: Ok
      04.12.18, 20:43 - Gary: good night i will go to bed too
      04.12.18, 20:43 - Gary: sweet dreams
      04.12.18, 20:55 - happy day: good night. sweet dreams
      04.12.18, 20:57 - Gary: i will be so glad if you and i can be together one day and spend our first night
      04.12.18, 20:57 - Gary: i will go to bed soon
      04.12.18, 20:57 - Gary: first i need to cook a cup of coffee first and do my paper work for tomorrow meeting then go to sleep
      04.12.18, 20:57 - Gary: sweet dreams the woman of my dreams
      04.12.18, 20:58 - happy day: i just dry my hair
      04.12.18, 20:59 - Gary: Ok
      04.12.18, 21:00 - Gary: I want to fall asleep every night with you in my arms. I want you to fall asleep on my chest listening to the beat of my heart and know it beats for you I want you to be the first thing I see when I wake up and the last thing I see when I go to sleep.. I want to see your bad morning hair; I think it will be so cute
      04.12.18, 21:04 - Gary: i have my coffee with me now
      04.12.18, 21:18 - happy day: 😊😊 I have my tea and i feel fresh and clean. now in bed. I will read a moment and than sleep. .
      thank you for the wonderful words
      04.12.18, 21:18 - Gary: ok my dear
      04.12.18, 21:18 - Gary: you can go to bed now ok
      04.12.18, 21:19 - Gary: after my paper work i will go to bed
      04.12.18, 21:20 - happy day: and wait for you?🙃
      04.12.18, 21:27 - Gary: you want to wait for me
      04.12.18, 21:27 - Gary: ?
      04.12.18, 21:27 - Gary: Ok i will be here after my paper work okay
      04.12.18, 21:28 - Gary: tomorrow my meeting will take place in the morning
      04.12.18, 21:28 - happy day: my meeting as well...but i have to drive
      04.12.18, 21:39 - Gary: you have a meeting tomorrow too??
      04.12.18, 21:41 - happy day: 10h near Frankfurt
      04.12.18, 21:46 - Gary: oakay
      04.12.18, 21:47 - Gary: my meeting is about a contract
      05.12.18, 07:58 - happy day: I felt asleep good morning!
      05.12.18, 12:27 - Gary: Honey today was a great day something good happened, I have been selected for a contract business in my company where i work,but the contract was only signed for 3 people. and my name was among the list. the interview meeting will be held tomorrow. I want you to pray for me, so that i will win the contract tomorrow it worth the amount of 900,000.00 pounds. I am very happy my love i really need your prayers.
      05.12.18, 12:56 - happy day: this sounds brilliant. 1 Mill Euro! What does the conract content?
      05.12.18, 13:01 - Gary: I'm very happy right now
      05.12.18, 13:01 - happy day: contract!
      05.12.18, 13:02 - Gary: this contract is for me to supply copper and cable wires for telecommunication company and industrial
      05.12.18, 13:03 - happy day: so what are you ...
      05.12.18, 13:03 - Gary: after the interview the company will let me know what country to supply the goods
      05.12.18, 13:03 - Gary: i will know that after the interview
      05.12.18, 13:04 - Gary: I'm an engineer
      05.12.18, 13:05 - happy day: okay
      05.12.18, 18:27 - Gary: Good evening Maria, i just came back now
      05.12.18, 18:28 - Gary: I will be getting ready for my Interview tomorrow morning
      05.12.18, 18:28 - Gary: I have alot of paper work to do today regarding my interview tomorrow
      05.12.18, 18:34 - Gary: I will go now and shower
      05.12.18, 18:34 - Gary: i will be right back before going to bed
      05.12.18, 21:52 - Gary: done with shower
      05.12.18, 21:52 - Gary: with my paper work
      05.12.18, 21:52 - Gary: how are you doing today and how is your mother
      05.12.18, 22:03 - happy day: I was in Bonn at the highschool my second son should study!
      Engineer for substainable energy!
      05.12.18, 22:05 - happy day: he is a orphan from Africa but a wonderful person . I love him very much !
      05.12.18, 22:05 - happy day: now i go to bed
      05.12.18, 22:10 - Gary: Ok
      05.12.18, 22:10 - Gary: that is a very good thing
      05.12.18, 22:10 - Gary: how many sons do you have?
      05.12.18, 22:11 - happy day: 1 mine....1 i will adopt
      05.12.18, 22:12 - Gary: Okay my loce
      05.12.18, 22:12 - Gary: love
      05.12.18, 22:12 - Gary: i will have to say good night now
      05.12.18, 22:12 - Gary: then we talk tomorrow
      05.12.18, 22:13 - Gary: sweet dreams and have a good night rest
      05.12.18, 22:13 - happy day: good night and success tomorrow
      05.12.18, 22:14 - Gary: Thanks darling.. all i need is your prayers
      05.12.18, 22:14 - happy day: you think this is enough
      05.12.18, 22:15 - Gary: Tomorrow i might not be here in the morning because the company bus will come and pick me to the Interview hall
      05.12.18, 22:15 - happy day: hall?
      05.12.18, 22:16 - happy day: a bus for 1 person?
      05.12.18, 22:16 - Gary: yes of course, your prayers is ok for me
      05.12.18, 22:16 - Gary: Yes it's a company private bus
      05.12.18, 22:17 - Gary: we are going to another region for the interview with the Turkish members
      05.12.18, 22:18 - Gary: I will not be the only one on the bus, we are more then 12 persons
      05.12.18, 22:18 - happy day: so the material goes by shipping to tuerkey?
      05.12.18, 22:20 - happy day: careful...!!!
      Pirates are in the sea... they captured 170 ships...this year! ..I know it from a belgish engineer
      05.12.18, 22:25 - Gary: Yes we head all the news on CNN, our company is a registered company and we will always be careful
      05.12.18, 22:25 - Gary: Thanks alot for your care and love
      05.12.18, 22:25 - Gary: I will always be very careful
      05.12.18, 22:26 - happy day: It costs to much money when it got lost...you need best insurence .
      05.12.18, 22:28 - Gary: Yes that is true
      05.12.18, 22:28 - happy day: I have a very interesting conversation with the Lifeboat service
      05.12.18, 22:29 - Gary: The company always go with the Police to the seaport
      05.12.18, 22:29 - Gary: wow, hope it went well
      05.12.18, 22:30 - happy day: just a disscusion!
      05.12.18, 22:30 - happy day: working as journalist
      05.12.18, 22:32 - Gary: That is a very nice job
      05.12.18, 22:33 - Gary: I will be very careful tomorrow
      05.12.18, 22:33 - Gary: how is your mother today
      05.12.18, 22:34 - Gary: I hope she is getting better
      05.12.18, 22:34 - Gary: ?
      05.12.18, 22:34 - Gary: I told you before that i never had a mother love, i lost her when i was still a boy
      05.12.18, 22:35 - Gary: So i will advice every living soul to love and care for their mother
      05.12.18, 22:39 - happy day: never better..
      Alzheimer !
      05.12.18, 22:45 - happy day: that is life
      05.12.18, 22:45 - Gary: I pray she gets better some day
      05.12.18, 22:46 - happy day: in heaven !

      wish you a very good night ...sweet dreams
      05.12.18, 22:51 - Gary: Ok, sweet dreams darling
      05.12.18, 22:51 - Gary: I love you Maria
      05.12.18, 22:53 - happy day: <Medien ausgeschlossen>
      06.12.18, 09:32 - happy day: <Medien ausgeschlossen>
      06.12.18, 11:36 - Gary: Good morning to you my love, how are you doing hope you are had a wonderful night? we are already at the interview office now getting ready for the interview meeting in few hours and i need you to pray for me, i will get back to you after the interview and let you know how it goes, thank you so much for all the support from you and you are so special to me i love you forever and i cherish you with the whole of my heart.
      06.12.18, 21:21 - Gary: Good evening My Soul Mate
      How are you doing this beautiful evening? i hope wonderful my angel, sweetie i have a very big surprise for you, i have been awarded the contract to supply my goods to northern cyprus, honey you can't believe it, the contract is worth 9,000,000.00pounds. am so happy my love, I am short of words baby. You brought so much joy to my life, how can i ever repay you back for all this love and care you have showed me. my love for you will continue to soar like that of an eagle, you brought to me good luck money can not buy,i have reached a perfection in my imperfect life by finding you! you are precious to me and i can not seem to think of anything else. you have completely taken over my senses and i love the thrill you make me feel every second. Baby am so happy that i was awarded this contract. I feel so nervous because i would be in your warm arms in some days time! i ask myself what i have done to deserve such a smart and unique woman in my life? but i guess love works in mysterious ways
      06.12.18, 21:26 - Gary: I will be loading my goods to the ship at the sea port tomorrow and i will fly on Sunday to wait until my goods arrive my angel, I Will be spending few days in northern Cyprus, immediately my goods arrive the seaport in Cyprus, i will clear the goods and make the supply to my client and his company, then i will take a direct flight from there to come and be with you and also take my time to see your mother because i really wanna tell you alot of things about myself and how you can lean to love her again, honey you must be happy to see me because i am too, it is my first time to northern cyprus my darling,i am very scared and worried you know that place is very cold and hectic. I want you to pray for me and wish me success, you brought so much luck to my life my love, i am forever indebted to you my darling. I love you with all my body heart and soul, In matter of one week and some days, we will be together in each other's arms my darling as we have always desire, i love you so much, i long to spend every moment of the rest of my life in your arms my love, i miss you so much, I will try to look for a hotel with internet facilities so that we can also keep in close contact because i cannot stay a day without hearing from you. I wish you a wonderful Evening my darling angel
      Hug and kisses to you

      06.12.18, 21:41 - happy day: 9 Mill .pounds
      or 900.thousend..?

      Wonderful ..a lot of success for you.

      Are you self- employee..or in a company?
      Difficult to understand for me.
      But it makes me very happy to see you so happy !
      06.12.18, 21:50 - happy day: Cyprus is a wonderful island; do not worry a lot of very nice and prof. people. Not rude, no Mafia.
      I worked several times on the island.
      Make sure that everything is managed at home, all your bankaccounts correct.not closed .your credit cards perfect and usefull for you and your daughter !
      Take care of yourself. Hope to hear from you inbetween .. you have wlan allover ..this is europe!

      Are you sure you can fly back before christmas to Tina?
      06.12.18, 21:53 - Gary: Good
      06.12.18, 21:53 - Gary: thanks alot for everything
      06.12.18, 21:54 - Gary: the Contract is 900 thousand pounds
      06.12.18, 21:55 - happy day: 1 Mill Euro , this is much money
      06.12.18, 21:56 - Gary: My daughter will be coming back home tomorrow because her Holiday starts Monday so she can't stay in England and wait for me while i go for my Contract
      06.12.18, 21:57 - Gary: I called her today and she will be home tomorrow so that we can go to Cyprus together
      06.12.18, 21:57 - Gary: i have to book for two plan ticket for i and Tina
      06.12.18, 21:58 - happy day: Scottland or England? I am confused!
      06.12.18, 21:59 - happy day: She is in England and you in Scottland??
      06.12.18, 22:00 - Gary: Hahaha Edinburgh Scotland is in England
      06.12.18, 22:00 - Gary: You don't need to be confused Maria
      06.12.18, 22:01 - Gary: She has to go with me to Cyprus because i can't leave my only daughter at home alone, something bad might happen to her
      06.12.18, 22:02 - Gary: My contact is worth 9,000,000.00 pounds
      06.12.18, 22:03 - happy day: nothing bad will happen, you must not think negative.. but together it is beautyful.. you should stay there over christmas ..best you can do !
      06.12.18, 22:03 - happy day: this is 9 Mill
      06.12.18, 22:16 - Gary: Yes it's
      06.12.18, 22:17 - Gary: 9,000,000.00 pounds
      06.12.18, 22:19 - happy day: oh money is not important for me...love health...means most for me!.
      Friendship and partnership...family
      06.12.18, 22:19 - Gary: Thank you so much
      06.12.18, 22:19 - Gary: Love is what i need in my life now
      06.12.18, 22:19 - Gary: i have the money but still i look for love
      06.12.18, 22:21 - happy day: First you do the job..than we will see, i am clear and realistic ! Everything step by step.
      06.12.18, 22:22 - Gary: yes i will first go for my Contract and make my money because that money will be use for my company
      06.12.18, 22:22 - Gary: i will love to open a company of my own after this contract
      06.12.18, 22:23 - happy day: I have to solve the problem to bring my little friend from Nigeria to Germany for study computer science. This has to be done first.
      06.12.18, 22:24 - Gary: Ok please do that Okay
      06.12.18, 22:24 - happy day: okay !
      06.12.18, 22:25 - Gary: You are a good woman
      06.12.18, 22:26 - Gary: i will be right back ok
      06.12.18, 22:26 - Gary: talk to you later
      06.12.18, 22:30 - happy day: I made me ready to go to bed
      06.12.18, 23:47 - Gary: Are you going to bed now
      06.12.18, 23:47 - Gary: i have to sleep now because i need to be at the seaport tomorrow to ship my goods
      06.12.18, 23:49 - happy day: Good night ..i will sleep now! Wish you all the best.
      06.12.18, 23:49 - Gary: i don't understand what you mean?
      06.12.18, 23:49 - Gary: Ok good night darling
      06.12.18, 23:50 - happy day: shower . hair. ..masque..
      beauty evening
      06.12.18, 23:50 - Gary: Ok good night
      06.12.18, 23:51 - happy day: you are not used to a women evening beauty program.
      06.12.18, 23:54 - happy day: sleep well
      07.12.18, 08:27 - happy day: Good morning honey!
      I wish you successful day and wonderful flights to Cyprus
      07.12.18, 08:28 - happy day: Best wishes to your daughter Tina and I looking forward to see and to hear from you that everything is going perfect
      07.12.18, 08:28 - happy day: <Medien ausgeschlossen>
      07.12.18, 08:29 - happy day: <Medien ausgeschlossen>
      07.12.18, 18:26 - Gary: Good evening Maria i was with the company Accountant today and they already sigh a check of 9,000,000.00 pounds and it will be paid into my account after the Contract has been done by me in Cyprus. I told you before that i work with the company but they don't pay me, i only invest with them and when we make profit then i take my own shear of the money
      07.12.18, 18:27 - Gary: My daughter is back home and we went to the Turkish airline to pay for our Ticket and also we went to see my only Friend in the hospital just to let him know that Tina is back home
      07.12.18, 18:29 - happy day: I am on a christmas party!
      07.12.18, 18:29 - Gary: He is the only friend i have but he has been sick for over 2 years now, so we went to see him in the hospital just to say hi to him and let him know that we will be leaving the country on Sunday Evening
      07.12.18, 18:29 - Gary: Ok talk to you later
      07.12.18, 18:29 - happy day: yes😢😘
      07.12.18, 18:30 - happy day: what he has? ..
      07.12.18, 18:30 - Gary: i have to take care of my daughter now, write me when you are back okay
      07.12.18, 18:30 - happy day: ok
      07.12.18, 18:35 - Gary: he has a paralyzed leg for over two years now
      07.12.18, 18:39 - Gary: <Medien ausgeschlossen>
      07.12.18, 18:40 - Gary: This picture was taken yesterday but they sent it to me today.
      07.12.18, 18:40 - Gary: That one is the Cyprus Contractor who issued the Contract to me yesterday
      07.12.18, 21:39 - Gary: how are you doing love
      07.12.18, 21:40 - Gary: I'm here thinking about you and how beautiful you are Maria
      07.12.18, 21:40 - Gary: I will like to be the man in your life again and i promise to make you happy always
      07.12.18, 21:41 - Gary: Are you still in the party?
      07.12.18, 22:43 - happy day: still with friends🎅🏼😘
      07.12.18, 22:44 - happy day: maybe you send me a voicemail..to hear your vouce when I go to bed very late...
      08.12.18, 09:31 - Gary: <Medien ausgeschlossen>
      08.12.18, 10:01 - Gary: now i have to go and talk a walk around the neighborhood with my daughter because she miss everything we do together
      08.12.18, 10:03 - Gary: after taking a walk with my daughter around the neighborhood, then we can go out and get the things my daughter need
      08.12.18, 10:04 - Gary: talk to you later honey. i love you
      08.12.18, 10:06 - Gary: i hope you understand me Maria, after taking a walk around the neighborhood then we can go out for shopping and then we can talk
      08.12.18, 18:17 - Gary: Now we are home
      08.12.18, 18:17 - Gary: how are you doing my love
      08.12.18, 18:17 - Gary: how was your day
      08.12.18, 18:50 - happy day: My sister has arrived..we are in cinema
      08.12.18, 18:54 - Gary: Okay how is she
      08.12.18, 18:54 - Gary: where is cinema ?
      08.12.18, 18:55 - Gary: Is that a movie or what?
      08.12.18, 18:57 - happy day: a movie ...
      08.12.18, 18:57 - happy day: in Düsseldorf
      08.12.18, 19:01 - Gary: Okay
      08.12.18, 19:01 - Gary: i will be here waiting for your message
      08.12.18, 19:01 - Gary: my daughters is here say says hi to you
      08.12.18, 19:02 - Gary: let me know when you are back home
      08.12.18, 19:02 - Gary: so you can talk with me before i go to bed, Love you
      08.12.18, 23:54 - Gary: Good night i will be going to bed now
      08.12.18, 23:54 - Gary: It's late and my daughter is already sleeping
      08.12.18, 23:55 - Gary: talk to you tomorrow when i wake up
      08.12.18, 23:57 - happy day: good night.. family weekend before christmas .
      I cooked for 15 p.ersons for tomorrow lunch
      08.12.18, 23:58 - happy day: They are coming from allover Germany and we do this every year
      09.12.18, 00:01 - happy day: tomorrow you are flying ! Nice you do it with Tina!

    • Rosarot hat das Thema "Scamprofile / RPO Michael Scheibe " erstellt. 10.12.2018

    • Rosarot hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scammer Mike Williams" geschrieben. 06.11.2018

      Ich kann es bestätigen, dass die Fotos in Photoshop bearbeitet wurden

    • Rosarot hat einen neuen Beitrag "Damian Patrick " geschrieben. 27.10.2018

      Zitat von Daisy Duck im Beitrag #18
      Zitat von Rosarot im Beitrag #9
      Es existieren 2 weitere Damian Patrick aus Dresden in FB, wird wohl immer der gleiche Clan sein. Nähe zu Asien

      Zitat von Rosarot im Beitrag #10
      Das 3. Damian Patrick Profi auf Facebook

      Zitat von Rosarot im Beitrag #17
      VORSicht bei diesem Clan

      @Rosarot dein Beitrag hier, ist mir nicht verständlich, du postest verschiedene Profile und sprichst von einem Clan! Man wird sicherlich noch mehr Profile mit diesem Namen finden können, vergrößert sich dann der Clan? Vielleicht hast du mit mehreren Scammern geschrieben, aber ist das dann ein Clan? ! ? Warum sollte diese Gruppe von Scammern gefährlicher sein als andere Scammer, jeder Scammer kann gefährlich sein, Afrika ist schließlich in Deutschland angekommen. Also verstehe ich deine Aussagen nicht. LG

      1. Damian Patrick https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100011457190626
      Selbständig, wohnhaft in Dresden und kommt aus San Antonio

      2. Damian Patrick https: // www.facebook.com/emelia.kwesie.37
      Selbständig, wohnhaft Dresden San Antonio Foto #9

      3. Damian Patrick https://www.facebook.com/ewere.catherine.100 wurde gelöscht ( 30.09.2018)
      Selbständig, wohnhaft Dresden San Antonio Foto #10

      Clan habe ich nur geschrieben, weil mehrere sich an einer Frau arbeiten! Aber da bleiben wir mal lieber bei der Person, ansonsten wird es wirr.

      Damain Patrick will einfach mehr als Geld und Liebesgeflüster !!

      Der Kerl Damian Patrick wollte mehr als Geld und Liebesgeflüster!! Ich hatte harte Diskussionen, denn er wollte sofort Nacktfotos und am besten noch Filme. Er war sexuell sehr stark gesteuert, das hatte ich nach ca 3 Tagen schon zu diskutieren. Ich hatte es unter Kontrolle, weil ich mich bewusst auf den Bait eingelassen habe. Aber wer verliebt hier einer Gehirnwäsche unterzogen wird, der kann in eine sehr unangenehme Situation geraten !!!

    • Rosarot hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Alberto Conesa" geschrieben. 27.10.2018

      Zitat von Rosarot im Beitrag #10
      Zitat von Ziege im Beitrag #2
      [quote]und gehört wohl zum Clan meines Scammers

      Gibt es dafür einen Nachweis?

      Es gibt ein Foto welches ich schon bei meinem Lover Damian Patrick gesehen habe, muss hier noch die Verbindung suchen.

    • Rosarot hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Alberto Conesa" geschrieben. 27.10.2018

      Zitat von Ziege im Beitrag #2

      und gehört wohl zum Clan meines Scammers

      Gibt es dafür einen Nachweis?


    • Rosarot hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Alberto Conesa" geschrieben. 27.10.2018

      Recherchen zum Thema Michael Adams Williams / Ghana Accra

      Der neue Mann heißt Michael Adams Williams. Er kam über Facebook auf meine Seite und das mit dem im Beitrag #1 schon aufgeführten Link https://www.facebook.com/amewornu.patricia.5 und dem Bild des RPO (danke @Venus de Milo) Alberto Conesa.

      Die Facebookseite / Messenger wurde , kaum das er den Chat mit mir auf hangout umgelenkt hat, sofort wieder gereinigt und ich wurde auf Facebook und Messenger umgehend geblockt. michael.williams0000@gmail.com

      Vorher habe ich das Foto #1 und auch den Link https://www.facebook.com/amewornu.patricia.5 runtergeladen und die LIKES überprüft.

      Es hat geliked , kaum zu glauben, eine Frau Patricia Amewornu mit dem LINK https://www.facebook.com/ patricia.amewornu
      Sie stammt aus Tema ,einer Stadt in Ghana

      Dann gab es die weitere Facebookseite https://www.facebook.com/amewornu.patrica , hier handelt es sich um einen Mann Amewornu Patricia , der sich als Geschlecht: weiblich vorstellt. Diese Facebookseite besteht noch und hatte interessante Links

      zum Beispiel Atta Kwesi : https://www.facebook.com/wasty.bongo.56 , der führt wiederum nach Ghana und hier nach Accra.
      Weitere Boys im LIKE

      Nun beschreibt mein Scammer seinen Arbeitsplatz:
      "Ich arbeite auf einer Ölbohrinsel und das vor der Küste von Accra im Staate Ghana !"

      Er ist sehr flexibel in seinem Namen, jetzt auf hangout Mike Williams, auf Messenger Michael Adams William ( ohne s) und auf Facebook stand Michael Adams Williams ( wieder mit S) Michael will seine Handynummer nicht mitteilen und kein Telefonat führen. Er ist achtsam und hat den RPO Alberto Conesa schnell aus Facebook entfernt, schickt aber über hangout die Fotos am Schreibtisch und mit seinen Hunden!!

      Ich warte jetzt ab was passiert und versuche mehr zu erfahren.

      PS : Warum sage / schreibe ich CLAN, weil sie meist mit mehreren Scammern eine Frau " bedienen" und auch gemeinsam arbeiten
      soll aber bitte nicht verwirren.

    • Rosarot hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Alberto Conesa" geschrieben. 27.10.2018

      Ich finde nicht sein Original! Aber gleicher Name auf Facebook mit "Bred Pitt" ...ich glaube, dies ist ein Model aus USA!


    • Rosarot hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Alberto Conesa" geschrieben. 27.10.2018

      Es folgen Recherchen und Links

      Michael Adams Williams.
      Michael Adams William
      Michael Williams
      Mike Williams ( auf hangout)

      Er kann sich nicht entscheiden, Facebook, Hangout, der Name überall anders.
      Auf Facebook zur Zeit. verschwunden mit dem Bild welches ich reingestellt habe.

      Ghsna / Accra.
      Dort steckt der Clan und dort arbeitet er als Ingeneur zur Zeit!


    • Rosarot hat einen neuen Beitrag "Damian Patrick " geschrieben. 27.10.2018


      Diese Warnung hatte ich im letzten Post hier bei Damian Patrick ausgesprochen !

      VORSicht bei diesem Clan !!!

    • Rosarot hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scammer Party Afrika " geschrieben. 26.10.2018

      @Medusa Nice to become " German money RAIN" for birthday present , I would be very erfreut
      es wird immer schlimmer und grauenvoller !!

      7 Fragen, die Sie schon immer mal einem Yahoo Boy stellen wollten
      Ein Yahoo Junge erzählt uns, was es bedeutet, eins zu sein, ob alle Internet-Betrüger in Fetisch-Praktiken involviert sind und warum wir alle Verbrecher sind.


    • Rosarot hat einen neuen Beitrag "Damian Patrick " geschrieben. 25.10.2018

      Damian aus Ghana / Accra ist bitte mit höchster Vorsicht zu geniessen.

      Er ist mit Gedichten und Blumenbildern sehr poetisch, aber dahinter steht ein erotischer Yoyeur, der kontinuierlich Fotos fordert und negativ reagiert wenn diese nicht kommen. !

      Info für alle, die mit und durch ihn in Bedrängnis kommen.

      Hier noch einmal die Handynr. +15186597185

      Ich habe eine Spur in USA und wemgehoert.de gelegt.

    • Rosarot hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Alberto Conesa" geschrieben. 25.10.2018

      ich bin dabei !!! Kommt rein


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