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      Ich habe mir für Tom eine gebastelt, die kannst du haben..

      DE42 2005 0550 1360 6666 79

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      Heute ist Western Union Tag. Tom wird sich freuen!
      Dummerweise schickt Gerti den Screenshot mit der MTCN Nummer (Status: verfügbar) über whatsapp...

      TOM: Hello baby, will you need the Germany and Ghana account for the transfer of the big loan or the €28k?
      Here is my details for the Western Union money transfer:
      Thomas Graham
      Post Box 220404
      Accra - Ghana
      You will send me security questions and answers. Also the MTCN numbers

      osoja has been remanded in Police custody for 2 weeks
      accomplices has not been arrested yet
      He is still denying that the money was not received by them. The money the police took from his is his personal money. The court has deny him a bal. What did your bank said to you yesterday? Has the money been returned?
      Please let me know.
      I love you.
      What of the Western Union money transfer too? I hope to read from you. - Tom xx
      Verpasster Anruf
      Are you here?
      Hello baby???
      Text you later baby

      per whatsapp
      Gerti: Baby sorry can’t call at the moment, am with a client... but I sent the money at western union, Akono helped me. I send you mctn moment. I message you when am free in some hours

      und eine Stunde später eine SMS aus Myamar:

      GERTI. i had send you a whatsapp
      Am not alone
      TOM: OK

      eine halbe Stunde später beginnt der Spaß

      Why would you send me money details through Whatsap?!!!
      Oh no! I am highly disappointed in you Gertrude!!!
      The money has been picked by the gangs.
      You're never serious to me.
      You're just playing with my feelings.
      I think I got to move forward.
      GERTI: please do not be angry with me. nothing can happen, there is no name, nothing
      Only thing i wanted was to make you Happy
      Now you scout me
      TOM The stupid man has already text me
      Laughing that I am rather stupid
      GERTI: Which man?
      TOM: Yes I am fucking angry!
      GERTI: I don't get you
      TOM: Can I call?
      GERTI Yes but skype the orher phone is off
      TOM My internet is slow
      GERTI ok then later
      TOM: Check it yourself if the money is available
      GERTI: wait
      GERTI hat ein Foto geteilt - screenshot von Western Union mit Status: Geld abgeholt
      GERTI: You picked it up
      TOM: I picked it up???
      This is stupid!
      GERTI: So why are you angry
      TOM: Fuck!!!
      GERTI: Tom?? I don't unterstand
      TOM: These gangs have all the links
      GERTI: Moment
      Just a moment
      TOM: Some texted on the other number to thank me for being stupid
      GERTI: You don't want to tell me it was not you????
      TOM: It is never me
      They have picked it up!I mean who picked up the money
      GERTI: What!????
      TOM: The hackers!!!!!!
      GERTI: no. Please no
      Please tell me its a joke
      Please i beg you
      GERTI: I told you we are not done with them yet. Be careful wht you write on Whatsap
      You never mind me
      This is crazy
      I think all with you is just playing with my feelings
      I got to move on!
      And that man Akono
      Is a big suspect to me in all the deals
      He should forward the transfer sheet to me
      GERTI: What do you say??????????
      Excuse me
      I cant talk now
      Am fucking upset!##!!!
      TOM: I am more than upset with you
      Why would I be so fucking angry when I have received the money??!
      Akono did not send to me
      He should send me the details
      If he did, how much did he sent? W.U have a smaller limit and the mtcn supposed to be two
      I am fucking pissed!
      GERTI: You are pissed????
      I lose MY money!!!!!
      And you are upset with ME?????
      Explain to me how its possible that somebody else is able to pick up?????
      I thought this is safe transfer with using Id Card to pick up!!! But its fucking damned not serious!!!!
      Why the hell did you told me to use this bullshit Western Union???
      All this would had not happen when you would had given me a serious account!!!!!
      Am so pissed!!
      And dissappinted!
      To YOU
      TOM: Yes I am very pissed despite it being your money.
      I am so worried about you, time, commitment, funds
      Do you think I do not care???
      You just have to listen to instructions.
      GERTI: Stop talking to me like i am a stupid kid!!!
      Do you remember how much money i lost?????????
      TOM: I told you I was given guidelines by the police about how these crooks operate and told you never to send me any info concerning money via Whatsap
      I told you
      GERTI: Ohh. So you never make a misstake???
      What mean snfh
      And they said its safe!!
      Nobody else can use die Number
      Because an ID is needed
      So tell me:
      How did they got the Name??
      We never talked about this at whatsapp
      AndHow did they got your id????
      Are you sure that you don't have the money?? Haha an der Stelle war 2 Minuten Pause, ich schätze er hat seinen Zorn versucht zu wegzuatmen
      TOM: wtf
      GERTI: Im almost going to explode!!!!!!
      TOM: I am not in the mood to talk
      Chat later


      GERTI: Maybe you are right
      We have to calm down
      But when you tell me everything is my fault and you treat me like a stupid idiot i also freak out

      Verpasster Anruf

      GERTI: This is what Akono sent to me
      He said only 2,000 was possible
      I am totally down
      TOM: I am too
      GERTI: Give me a bit time Please
      Am crying, i really cant talk
      TOM I hope this becomes a thing of the past and we talk about it in the future and maybe laugh. Other than that, I am going crazy about everything for now
      Let's talk later when you're free

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      [11:17, 3.9.2018] ..: Baby please have a look for a serious bank account
      [11:17, 3.9.2018] ..: I really want to help you
      [11:17, 3.9.2018] ..: But we need very serious account
      [11:18, 3.9.2018] ..: And I don’t want to waiste more and more time
      [11:18, 3.9.2018] ..: I know you need it and I can’t help that kills me inside
      [11:18, 3.9.2018] Tom Graham : Let's write on Skype please
      [11:18, 3.9.2018] Tom Graham : Or should I call ?
      [11:19, 3.9.2018] ..: Oh sorry. Ok Skype
      [11:19, 3.9.2018] ..: Am not alone
      [11:19, 3.9.2018] ..: At the moment
      [11:19, 3.9.2018] Tom Graham : OK Skype
      [11:19, 3.9.2018] ..: But you can message you when we can have a call
      [11:20, 3.9.2018] Tom Graham : OK baby

      Thomas: Baby check if PayPal would be good for the transfer
      Also let me know if you're going to send me the under wears
      I will give you my address in Ghana to post it for me via DHL
      Gerti: You make me smile
      I love you
      I don't have paypal
      Give me your adress.. I will send you something nice

      Sprachnachricht: er erinnert an die Unterbuxe und außerdem braucht er noch Kameras... Und einen Kompass.. Wofür zur Hölle braucht der einen Kompass??

      Thomas: I can get you a different account when I am in Ghana
      What about the cameras?
      And panties?
      Gerti: I have to make a laundry first
      Thomas I can't get them here unless I find a shop nearby you to purchase and send to me
      No nno no no!
      I want it dirty please
      Gerti: No no Baby
      Thomas: Please do for me if you truly loves me
      I need this so much!
      Gerti: You are crazy
      Thomas: Yes baby
      Gerti: I will look for a nice NOT SO DIRTY one for you
      You make me bit ashamed
      Thomas: No baby
      We will do more crazy things together when j am with you
      OMG am so looking forward
      I am very adventurous but sniffing your panties would be more than great
      I love you baby
      Gerti: Do you prefer a special color
      Thomas: No baby. Any colors
      Gerti: Haha you are more crazy than me
      Thomas: start piling them down for me baby. I need more
      Gerti: How should i work now with this pictures in my head??
      You want me to wear no panty today?
      I will do all you want.. You make me going crazy
      Thomas: Oh no.. After wearing them, put them down for me
      I am more than horny anytime I look at your photo
      Gerti: M god Tom you make me have dirty thoughts in my head
      I need a shower

      Thomas Tell me which country bank account I should provide also
      Gerti: i dont know,baby... do you have more accounts you can choose??
      Thomas: I can get a Germany account and also Ghana
      Can't you register on PayPal as well?
      Gerti: hmm... what do you think about if we share the money - one part to germany and one part to Ghana??
      no Tom. i had Problems with paypal in the past. i will not open a new account
      Thomas OK good idea
      I will see about that when I arrive tomorrow
      Gerti: ok Schatz. because am really bit sad that you still dont have your money...
      i also have an appointment at my bank tomorrow.
      i want to ask if there a some news about the money that i sent to this Peter Osoja...
      and i want to ask what i have to do to get my other money back from the fucking BaFin
      Thomas: It makes me speechless with how you care so much about me
      Gerti: why?
      Thomas, i love you
      of course i care about you
      i dont want you to feel sad angry upset desperate pissed or something else
      i want you to be happy
      Thomas: He has been arrested. He is from Nigeria and schooled in Ghana. The other 3 suspects are still under police search
      The money was picked at the ATM machine so quick because it was done in express
      Gerti: means they withdrawn the money?
      Thomas: Yes
      Gerti: DAMN!!
      Thomas: The Peter Osoja says he has got nothing to do with the money but his friends does the hacking and they use his bank account
      Money found in his hostel was about 12,000 Ghc
      That is equivalent to about €3000
      But who knows. Peter osoja is still denying that he never received the money
      Gerti: this all is so crazy and it makes me tired baby... really... it sucks my energy
      Thomas: He is still under investigation and I will know the latest development by Wednesday
      Don't worry about that. We will get that money! Quick!!!
      Gerti: ok Schatz
      i hope so....
      but first i want you to have your money...
      Thomas: Yes!!!!
      I have another idea
      To do two transaction via Western Union
      €2500 twice
      Gerti: what is western union?
      Thomas: I can pick it up at the airport when I arrive
      Gerti: let me google Tom
      Thomas: You can even do it online and send me the MTCN

      Thomas Graham
      Imperial Const. & Equip.
      Post Box 220404
      Dadeban Close 4,
      Accra - Ghana

      That's my address for the package

      Thomas Graham
      Jot it down please

      ich glaube das Geld für das Porto investiere ich und schicke ein nettes Paket auf Reise.. Haha und einen wunderschönen alten Oma-Schlüpper finde ich bestimmt auch für ihn, wenn er denn so darauf as abfährt. Kicher

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      BaFin.pdf89.4 KB Gesendet am:

      Gerti: I am totally pissed Tom! My bank did NOT call the money back! that was the German banking supervision BaFin !!! This Mr. Otto Schmidt still has accounts with other banks that are suspected of money laundering. That's why BaFin stopped my transfer. and now the worst: the money is frozen !!!! I will not get it until the check for money laundering suspicion is complete !! I'm so angry, you can not imagine that. I could burst !!! with what kind of people is this Mr. Müller working together baby !! What dirty business do these two men Müller and Schmidt ??? I can not believe that!!! My account is now also being monitored for suspected money laundering assistance! my god Tom, do you know what that means ?? if any of my customers hear that, I can kill myself! I could scream and cry! Baby you need to get a reputable account that we can use, otherwise I'll be finished .. I need to calm down now. We have a call later Tom. I am not able at the moment
      Thomas: Oh no Sorry baby!!!
      Sorry Tom.. I was driving along
      To free my mind
      whats wrong with this Otto?
      Its not your fault
      everything is not your fault
      And not my fault
      But i feel very sad
      Thomas: The man Muller is to me, a good person. He does not associate himself in any canal business. I guess the account holder has received many funds for foreigners here.
      I must confess I am suspicious of this Muller too
      I have informed Muller about the situation at the moment and he has bitterly apologized.
      Gerti: Thats good but doesnt help me in my fucked up situation i am
      Thomas I will not meet or communicate with him again. I have really poured out my anger on him!
      Please calm down.
      You are clean and will get things resolved soon
      Gerti: Baby one strange transaction and i can kill myself. They are monitoring me
      Thomas: I am damn fucking angry!
      Calm down please
      No need to worry about anything
      Gerti: Ok Schatz. We have to be smart
      We have two days to think about until monday
      Thomas: dont be worried
      Gerti: Worried??
      I am damn fucking angry!
      Yes. I try to calm down
      Thomas: I know baby! I am sad and angry
      Gerti: Damn holy fucking bullshit!!! Sorry baby
      Thomas: But you matter a lot
      I am trying to find some peace with my self. And what I need to do is to see to it that you're OK and relaxed.
      Gerti: I need the sea now
      But i am in Hamburg
      Thomas A lady who usually use cursed words is one of my big turn-on
      Gerti: The most people don't like it
      Thomas: Nope
      I have lived all my life in California and people there are hard knocks
      Gerti: Haha i love hat's knocks
      Thomas: I love you Gerti
      Gerti: Thank you for loving me even when I curse around
      I apprecate you
      Give me some time
      To get along with the situation
      To free my mind
      And to think about a solutuon
      Thomas Everything would fine baby
      Gerti: Yes. But my mind is still blocked at the moment
      Thomas: So what should I do now baby
      Gerti: Today nothing Tom
      Find peace with yourself

      Thomas: I know yes. But everything would be OK by next week
      Gerti: And tomorrow we will take each orhers hand and then we will rock it Baby

      langes Telefonat, gegenseitiges Bedauern, Tom war den Tränen nahe. Aber er weiss, wie er wieder in eine bessere Stimmung kommen kann – ich soll ihm eine getragene Unterhose nach Ghana schicken..... AAAAHHHH

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      [09:28, 29.8.2018] Tom Graham : Good morning honey
      [09:32, 29.8.2018] Tom Graham : The jerk delete your last message here on WhatsApp
      [09:32, 29.8.2018] ..: Damn
      [09:33, 29.8.2018] Tom Graham : I will check it up on Skype baby
      [09:33, 29.8.2018] ..: I LOVE IT HAHA
      [09:33, 29.8.2018] Tom Graham : OK
      [09:33, 29.8.2018] ..: Tom thats not me
      [09:34, 29.8.2018] Tom Graham : Continue fooling
      [09:34, 29.8.2018] Tom Graham : I know baby
      [09:34, 29.8.2018] ..: ITS ME HAHA WANNA SUCK MY PUSSYYYYYY
      [09:34, 29.8.2018] Tom Graham : You son of a bitch
      [09:35, 29.8.2018] Tom Graham : Your days are numbered
      [09:35, 29.8.2018] Tom Graham : Chat on Skype baby
      [09:35, 29.8.2018] ..: I AM UR MASTER U STUPID SON OF A GOAT
      [09:36, 29.8.2018] ..: I WILL EAT ALL DE MONIES
      [09:36, 29.8.2018] ..: HAHAHAHA

      Wechsel auf Skype

      Gerti: Baby the last sentence from me at whatsapp, with the pussy, that was not me!
      This stupid hacker is not smart
      Thomas: He always write in CAPS
      I know its not from you even if he writes with smaller letters
      We must be smart always as these men still lives between us
      I have not yet received the money. But i guess it will get to Achim Otto by tomorrow since it wasn't express. No need to worry about that.
      Gerti: The money is not yet reflected???
      Pls let me know if it is not at his account tomorrow morning then i will drive to my bank
      This annoyes me, when things don't work
      I drink one beer and will also go to bed then
      You want one too?
      Thomas: That is beautiful
      I planned earlier to be in Munich for the Oktoberfest this year but man gotta get busy.
      I love good German beer!
      Good girl
      Gerti: Dont worry i will not get drunk
      Because maybe i will make a striptease then lol
      And i dont want Akono to get blind

      Thomas: i went to the East Legon Residential area where the diplomat lives
      I have to tramslate groceries
      But unfortunately the money is not yet there in Achim's account
      Gerti: the diplomat?
      Who is the diplomat?
      Thomas: The man who works with the German embassy here
      He has link with Achim Otto
      Gerti: Ah ok
      I unterstand
      But he explained to me not to worry because the transfer did not take any charges.. sure it gets to his account by tomorrow
      You don't need to pressure anyone i suggest
      Gerti: Ok. I will wait for your Information that the money is reflected
      But if not i will drive to the bank
      Thomas. Do other important things. I hope to get a good feedback by tomorrow
      Gerti: I am a very good client and i expect that they solve my problems
      I am also sure
      but sometimes i am a bit.. Dont know the word, Moment
      Thomas: Haha
      Gerti: impatient
      Thomas: I get you baby
      Ha ha ha
      Gerti: You understand me without words
      Yes. Sometimes i am Unpredictable lol

      Anruf von Tom am Donnerstag:
      er erzählt, dass die Bank von Otto Dingengs gesagt hat, dass Gertis Bank das Geld zurückgerufen hätte!

      Gerti: I am crying Tom
      Thomas: Why do your bankers disrespect this way?
      Have you called the bank, what do they say?
      Its crazy!
      Gerti: I told you at phone die bank is closed!
      Thomas: They should just give you the reason why they called that money back! It does not make sense. or is it because of the mistakes already done? First, A wrong person/ hacker picked up our money. Secondly, they made mistake when wiring the money to the receiver. ?
      How can a whole bank make such a mistake?
      I hope it returns safely into your account.
      You gone?
      Have a good evening.
      Gerti: I will not have a good evening
      Dont you feel i am desperate?
      Dont you feel i am totally down?
      You don't care i am not able to weite because i am crying all the time
      Thomas: I really care
      I think you're tired and want to have some rest
      We must find the good in any situation (my opinion)
      Glad to finally see you online before we go to bed
      I cannot understand all the odds but i guess your bank is good and just "over-protecting" you.
      There is nothing wrong with it as they might be afraid you might fall into the hands of a bad person.
      But that is NOT and WOULD NEVER be me!
      i will Go to bed honey
      I am pissed
      But not with you
      Because the first one went wrong, it has raise an eyebrow
      Gerti: Really Tom are u sure?
      Thomas: Be angry with you?
      Not at all
      I find it stupid of the bank
      if really they ordered back for the money
      Its fucking unfortunate!
      nothing good comes easy
      Its really fucking
      Gerti: Am absolutely pissed
      But sad same time
      Thomas: You don't have to
      All i want to hear is the money reflects in your accounts
      and i guess we change the purpose of sending the money.
      Because it has been the same throughout all the 3 transactions

      Gerti: 3 transactions??
      Thomas: Doesn't it take 2 or more days for money to return back into the accounts?
      3 transactions because one was a mistake
      Because your bank might think its not safe for their customer due to what happened to the first transaction
      Just thinking aloud
      If truly your bank called back the money, then you really gotta deal with them hard tomorrow. It sound very disrespectful to me. I don't know what might have happened.
      Gerti: Baby i am business woman. Trust me
      I can discuss hard
      Thomas: I see it as no big deal. But they are been over-protective.
      Gerti: If necessary i can discuss cold as ice
      I don't like what they are doing
      Ans i will show this very clearly to them
      Thomas:there are many Germans who work here, some have coffee shops etc and they pick up money transfers through this man here in Accra.
      He even gave me a different bank details today
      Gerti: You mean this Otto Schmidt
      Thomas: No the man here is called Muller
      Gerti: You mean we use an other account
      Thomas: Yes we can use a different account
      Gerti: Ok. Send me then i will give the Order tomorrow
      Thomas: and also change the purpose of transfer and get my name off it. Because of the horrible mistake that happened at the first transaction
      Gerti: But how can i be sure you will get it?
      Thomas: I guess they will not charge much.
      Whenever the money hits the account of the person in Germany, he will confirm it to Muller here
      Then he calls me to pick it up!
      So what intended use should i write on the transfer

      IBAN: DE54
      Bank Name: Fidor Bank AG
      Bank Address: Sandstr. 33, 80335 Munich
      Banken Deutschland (18)

      Gerti: What is the last Name????
      Thomas Doris Ingrid Gisela Schmidt

      @killerbiene: dieses Konto bitte auch in dem Beitrag mit den deutschen Konten ergänzen, danke

      Thomas Graham
      I talked to Muller on the phone
      Purpose of Transfer: Money belongs to Mrs. Doris Ingrid Gisela Schmidt and Mrs Rebecca Danquah.
      I do not know who Mrs Rebecca Danquah is though.
      Gerti: Who is Rebecca danquah?
      Thomas: I do not know her. May be her girlfriend here?
      Gerti: Are you serious Tom????
      I shoukd send 28,000 to a Person you don't know????
      Thomas: I just spoke with Muller on the phone

      Gerti: I will not write the Name of a woman you and i don't know Tom
      No way
      Thomas: Good idea
      You can write only Mrs Doris
      Gerti: Who is this Doris?
      Thomas: Her wife in Germany i guess
      All that is needed is the contact here
      Gerti: You GUESS????
      Baby. No
      Thomas: Should i call to confirm from him before?
      Gerti I want to do a serious transfer
      Please make sure who this Person is
      Before i will do the Transaktion
      Thomas: The lady is Muller's Wife
      Gerti: I will Go to the bank tomorrow morning
      Why is her name Schmidt and not Muller??
      Thomas: I do not know
      The man here is noble and even wanted to speak (German) with you today but you did not pick up your call
      everything is okay here.. do not stress
      Gerti: I did not got a call
      Thomas: I see
      I called twice and sms twice today
      Gerti: I did not got sms today Baby
      Thomas: I don't know if it was the network
      Gerti: Hmmmmm
      Dont like this honestly
      Thomas:I wonder
      but there is nothing fishy about it. Nobody can hack my SMS
      It is safe wetten, doch???

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      [08:00, 28.8.2018] Tom Graham : I will take the receipt to the man today and take the money for the work
      [08:00, 28.8.2018] ..: Ok Baby
      [08:00, 28.8.2018] Tom Graham : I can't thank you enough my dear
      [08:01, 28.8.2018] Tom Graham : I appreciate so much that it got me into tears yesterday
      [08:01, 28.8.2018] ..: Baby please
      [08:01, 28.8.2018] Tom Graham : I appreciate you baby
      [08:02, 28.8.2018] ..: I love you
      [08:02, 28.8.2018] ..: I will always help you when you need help
      [08:02, 28.8.2018] ..: Always
      [08:02, 28.8.2018] Tom Graham : I hope your secretary start working for the bigger one for me

      Nee Tom, eins nach dem anderen...

      [08:02, 28.8.2018] ..: Yes i forwarded her the documents
      [08:03, 28.8.2018] Tom Graham : I have to get things done on time. It's raining season here and good period for excavating etc.
      [08:04, 28.8.2018] Tom Graham : I will send the other documents to you by tomorrow
      [08:04, 28.8.2018] ..: I will try to get my visa soon Tom

      Gerti: The Bank informed me that there was a misstype in the IBAN from this Mr Schmidt.
      They got the money back and send it again this morning
      I was very angry. The Bank consultant wrote one number wrong.
      Thomas: no problem with that baby
      Do you think it can reflect in the account today?
      Gerti: No, it will be tomorrow
      Thomas: OK baby
      A mistake is a mistake..
      Gerti: I told them i want a compensation for late transfer
      Thomas:I am not worried
      Gerti: I am really angry
      Thomas:calm down for them
      Don't waste your precious energy on stuffs like these
      Gerti: I don't like it when things went wrong Tom
      Thomas. I know baby
      I can feel you are angry but don't worry
      I wish i had the money long ago but no matter the situation, i try to exercise patience as well
      It is all going to be good at the end
      I gathered information from the BNI that Peter Osoja has been granted bail. They are still investigating the matter and looking for his accomplices. The money they took from him was 3,000 euros. Which is still with the Police now. He has been arraigned for court on Wednesday 5th September.

      Verpasster AnrufGesendet am:
      Thomas OK.. i do not have a mic
      I will find one soon. I could hear you clearly
      can you talk whiles i write?
      Gerti: Yes i can talk but its stange when i get no answer lol
      Thomas: Thats crazy
      and making me laugh out loud here

      Was macht man nicht alles: ich habe ihn angerufen, nichts gehört, da er kein Mikrophon hatte und habe ihn 5 Minuten vollgetextet und „you are my sunshine“ für ihn gesungen und mich dabei schlapp gelacht, lol.

      Thomas: Oh my!!!
      I love your voice
      Oh my god!
      oh my god!
      I love your voice
      Thanks for this beautiful words
      This is not a joke
      You made me fall in love with you
      Gerti: I hope you didnt heard my horrible singing
      I love you baby
      Gerti: ooohhh noooo
      Thomas You drive me crazy
      I may be far from you, but may my prayers and wishes for you hug you from very close.
      Gerti: My god you made me sing!
      Thomas: I am right beside you, today and always my dearest Gerti!
      Gerti: And i am sure you had to laugh loud haha
      Thomas Yes and i love your voice my baby
      Gerti: My voice is uuaahh
      Thomas: Oh noo.. my body was all spread with goose bumps
      You don’t know how happy I am since you came into my life.
      You're crazy you know?
      You know how to win a man's heart
      The most special person i ever met. I swear
      Because you drive me crazy!!
      Gerti: I tell you a secret baby
      Thats what i want
      I want you going crazy

      HAHAHA manchmal muss ich den Jungs einfach die Wahrheit sagen, hihihi

      Thomas: So now tell me.. Do you have any plans of settling down with me?
      getting married or engaged? anything nice to outdoor our relationship to family and friends. Or we stay calm under-ground
      I am cool with anything that will make you happy baby
      Because for the past 3 weeks i have been looking at this beautiful place in Las Vegas www.littlechapel.com that i would want us to go exchange some vows there in the future.
      Las Vegas Wedding Chapels: Chapel of the Flowers
      One might think its a fantasy but i keep planning ahead of our meeting and staying together after my projects
      Gerti: We are hiding ourself from all people. we dig a hole and build and a cave. in your gold mines. We are bonnie and clyde
      Thomas: Baby
      Gerti: You make me speachless
      Thomas: I know this issue needs to be discussed vis-a-vis
      We will surely talk about this at the right time as we keep knowing more about each other; each and everyday
      We have to meet soon
      Gerti: Thats why i will get this visa soon
      Thomas: Great!
      You have to tell me when you plan to stay in Ghana the next weeks
      Gerti: I want to visit you there
      I want you to show me everything over there
      I want to see your lands, the mines...
      And of course you.
      Thomas: ‚I am glad that despite all the negative news about African countries, you want to visit here because of me
      Gerti: Naked...
      Thomas: Omg!
      You don't mean it!!!
      Sex is a big subject to be dicussed
      Because i am naughty and really love sex
      Its been a while i had some good good fun but my sex game is still intact
      Gerti: You mean your mount Everest?
      Thomas: Oh yes you are right
      Gerti: I dont get this smile of my face..
      Thomas: I need you more than you could ever imagine
      You make me Happy
      Gerti: You make me smile
      You make me feeled beloved
      You are a great person
      I love you
      The crazy guy i write with

      The silly guy at the phone
      Just YOU
      Thomas:I embrace you deep deep deep
      Gerti: do you unterstand what i try to say Tom?
      what I just tried to say: I love you Tom. because you made me a happy person. even if you were small and fat, or had a huge wart in the middle of my face, I would not care. if you were poor and not a businessman, and inbebted up to your neck, I would not care. if you were black, white, yellow, red or even blue, I would not care. I love you. YOU!! I'll be right back
      Thomas Oh nooo! I love you too baby
      I am what i have told you and trust me, i am not soo rich because of little bad past concerning my ex wife.
      I almost lost everything i own
      I am building it up, brick by brick and i tell you that it is better than few years ago after divorced.
      I love you more because you make me happy also. For a very long time that i have been depressed and felt lonely.
      I think of you and kiss my pillow before I fall asleep every night.
      The thought of losing you is the biggest fear of my life; and please don’t be upset.
      Gerti: Hey you got me wrong Baby
      I don't say that i don't beliefe you
      No no no
      Thats not what i mean
      I just wanted to say
      i love you because you are as you are and i don't care about all the other things like money or looking
      I trust you with my fullest heart Baby
      Thomas: But i also mean what i say.. that thanks for your love. It is real. Mine is real and together, we gonna make things great between these two beautiful souls
      Yes. Thats right. You use beautiful words to say this
      I love you baby
      Two connected souls
      Gerti: two crazy souls haha
      Thomas You know what? I never, ever planned to like you this much, and I never thought you’d be on my mind this often. Came as a total surprise but I love it!
      Gerti: I will check if the money has left my account
      Thomas Graham
      I would be glad to have a receipt ofthe correction or something to show to the man here tomorrow morning.
      Gerti: This makes me so so so happy when i read this!!
      . Hmmm... You did not planned to like me that much?? Hmmmm smile. Hihi.
      So what did you planned? Haha
      Im just kidding you
      Thomas: Well, i was just given my self some chance to look on the dating portal to see if i can meet someone lovely and cutie like you
      And (((()))) i found you!

      - lol – eigentlich habe ich ja dich gefunden, kicher

      Thomas: Then.. you came into my life
      Gerti: And you thought: wrf??? Lol
      Thomas: I looked at your photo many at times and smile and i say wow. This woman have a good soul.. i can see that through her eyes
      Its not a joke baby
      You're addictive
      I have tried so hard, to keep my body and soul together, tell my heart to stop telling me I miss you, but all not working. Oh.. and i thought you might have cast some spells on me.
      Because i am fun of magic and wiccan
      Gerti: I don't send photos. I told you. Only this one. Last year a fucking idiot tryed to blackmail me with photos. I never talked about this with anybody. Only with my lawyer
      Thomas: Oh wow! now understand.
      there are jerks all over / everywhere
      Gerti: Yes...
      Thomas: Sorry
      Nobody can harm you
      Gerti: it was very hurtful. more than a slap
      When we meet in person i will tell you everything Tom
      Thomas: I cant wait to look you in the eyes baby
      Gerti: But i thought we are at a point you have to know what is the reason why i don't send photos
      Thomas: I am glad to know this baby
      You're protected with me
      Gerti: Are your eyes brown baby? Cant see it at your pictured
      I love Brown eyes
      Thomas They are blue
      light blue
      Gerti: Hmmmm i will buy you brown contact lenses. Is this the right translation??
      Thomas: hahaha
      I will wear them for YOU!
      Gerti: you know i am joking
      I don't care about the color
      I care about what's inside of a person
      Not the outside looks
      If want to see nice Brown eyes i will have a deep look into your drivers eyes
      Thomas: Oh no!!!
      Ich liebe dich
      I love you
      Je taime
      Ti amo
      Mi sum)) bo
      Thomas: Mi sum) bo
      Thats crazy

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      Thomas: Wish you a nice day
      Blowing kisses to you, ...
      Did you received my message?
      earlier on sent you an sms that i couldn't sign in on my Skype
      I hope you to receive an sms or a call from you.
      Have a good day.
      Gerti: Hi Baby. I am now at the Bank and will give the Order to send the money to this account: i message you when i am back at home, then we can have a call

      Foto Überweisung - leider mit Tippfehler in der Kontonummer, so ein Mist

      Thomas: I cannot thank you enough baby
      Can i show this receipt to the recipient here? Or you will send me another one since this is not stamped. ?
      Gerti: The stamp is at the top, do you see it? You can use this one. Tomorrow i will print out the online debit confirmation where you can see that the money had left my account. If you want to see this confirmation too
      Thomas: Oh OK. I can see it

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      Gerti: honey tomorrow in the morning in will drive to my bank to do the transfer
      dont be mad it was not possible at friday... there were visitors all the time.
      Thomas: I am OK
      Gerti: but tomorrow morning i drive to the bank. and i also want to ask if the money is back
      Thomas: I will go to the police station tomorrow for update
      Before, i want you to screenshot the account details you're sending the money to
      the german account honey. I still want to you to screenshot it for me to see
      We are not making any mistakes again
      you send me here at skype some days before you didnt changed it
      Gerti: can you perhaps send it to me at this new email account i created for skype so that i can print out`?
      it was 28,000 right?
      Thomas: Yes baby
      I hope it gets to the person same day?
      Gerti: i dont know if it works at the same day, i will ask
      Thomas: You send me the receipt here on Skype to show it to the recipient here
      Gerti: normally its the next day reflected
      Thomas: Its not a problem baby
      I hope you are familiar with the name and also the bank
      There is no way i will change the account details unless i speak with you on the phone
      Gerti: ok i understand
      Thomas Graham
      I love you so much that i don't believe you exist
      Gerti: sometimes i am very sensitive Tom
      you know i exist
      Thomas: I feel like touched by an Angel from heavens
      I know how beautiful your heart is
      Gerti: i exist. you exist too. and luckily we found each other. i am not often talking to God, but I thank Got that we met
      Thomas: I will never break it
      but hold it so preciously and nurture it
      Sorry i have been too busy because of the job i want to execute here.. on time!
      I want to get things done on time and meet you too
      Gerti: how long have you to stay in Ghana baby?
      and hey!
      you wanted to show me the beach over there!!
      i dont have forgotten you promised to me
      Thomas: By the end of October i would have made some enough precious stones to show buyers in Germany and other parts of Europe
      Yes i will send you more photos.
      Gerti: just a single picture - only the sea - nothing else. i love the sea.
      Thomas: I do not live far from the beach
      Yes my suit is about 300m from the beach front
      Gerti: in some weeks i have more time, and i am seriously thinking about to visit you in Ghana. ich lege mal vorsichtig den Grundstein für eine Safari...
      i want to see this country. i want to meet the people over there. i want to see your land, you are working at
      i want to see everything over there
      and of course i want to meet you
      what do you think about it?
      Thomas: Beautiful!
      How happy i would be!
      Gerti: and i will not disturb your work there, dont worry
      Thomas It would be great because my driver have asked me twice when my wife is visiting
      i will be invisible
      It would be a blessing moment for me baby

      Oh no.. you will accompany me to the fields and some days rest in the suite or go for shopping / artifacts and many interesting places around
      Gerti: really think about this idea some weeks. but i didnt wanted to ask you because i didnt know if you will like it
      Thomas: I love it!
      Gerti: i have to get a visa first. but i will do this next week
      Thomas: We can discuss about it and schedule for the meeting, a time i will get more time for you. i also need some vaccinations. but this is also not a problem

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      [11:21, 25.8.2018] Tom Graham : Good morning
      [11:21, 25.8.2018] Tom Graham : 💐
      [11:24, 25.8.2018] Tom Graham : I hope you had the best of yesterday
      [11:24, 25.8.2018] Tom Graham : 😉
      [13:30, 25.8.2018] ..: Good morning baby
      [13:30, 25.8.2018] ..: Sorry I have a horrible hangover..
      [13:32, 25.8.2018] Tom Graham : No no
      [13:32, 25.8.2018] Tom Graham : 😀
      [13:33, 25.8.2018] Tom Graham : That's beautiful
      [13:33, 25.8.2018] Tom Graham : 💚
      [13:52, 25.8.2018] ..: My head.. 😫💥 and 🤢
      [13:52, 25.8.2018] ..: Text you later baby
      [19:06, 25.8.2018] Tom Graham : Sorry baby
      [19:07, 25.8.2018] Tom Graham : Drink some more water
      [19:08, 25.8.2018] Tom Graham : Or eat some bananas

      Gerti kippt sich leider regelmäßig einen hinter die Binde mit der Folge, dass sie am nächsten Tag einen schlimmen Kater hat.. So hat Gerti regelmäßig mal ein bisschen „frei“.

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      [12:35, 24.8.2018] Tom Graham : Happy birthday to you Gerti
      [12:36, 24.8.2018] Tom Graham : 🌹

      Geburtstagslied als Soundclip: oh mein Gott, ein schlimmeres Lied habe ich noch nie gesungen bekommen, hahaah

      [12:36, 24.8.2018] Tom Graham : 💚💚💚
      [17:27, 24.8.2018] ..: Oh my god Tom,...
      [17:27, 24.8.2018] ..: You make me cry!
      [17:27, 24.8.2018] ..: I love you so so much
      [17:27, 24.8.2018] ..: ❤
      [17:27, 24.8.2018] Tom Graham : I love you baby
      [17:27, 24.8.2018] Tom Graham : I am on Skype
      [17:28, 24.8.2018] ..: Baby I chat you later have still some visitors 😫
      [17:28, 24.8.2018] Tom Graham : Hope to write there if you there
      [17:28, 24.8.2018] Tom Graham : OK
      [17:28, 24.8.2018] Tom Graham : No problem
      [17:29, 24.8.2018] Tom Graham : Have a beautiful day and chat later
      [17:29, 24.8.2018] Tom Graham : 😘😘😘
      [22:13, 24.8.2018] Tom Graham : 💚

      Gerti hat Geburtstag, also keine Zeit. Auch nicht für die Überweisung.

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      [23:43, 23.8.2018] ..: Baby can you do me a favor?
      [23:43, 23.8.2018] Tom Graham : Yes of course
      [23:43, 23.8.2018] ..: Anna Lena wrote me
      [23:44, 23.8.2018] Tom Graham : Who is she?
      [23:44, 23.8.2018] Tom Graham : 👍
      [23:44, 23.8.2018] ..: She asked if you can send me your passport..I don’t want this
      [23:44, 23.8.2018] ..: My tax lady
      [23:44, 23.8.2018] Tom Graham : Yes you told me
      [23:44, 23.8.2018] Tom Graham : OK good
      [23:45, 23.8.2018] Tom Graham : Did you discussed the project with her already?
      [23:46, 23.8.2018] Tom Graham : And what again does she want from me?
      [23:47, 23.8.2018] Tom Graham : I will send it to you in the morning
      [23:47, 23.8.2018] ..: But she said for 28000 Euro we need it for the tax
      [23:47, 23.8.2018] ..: 😥
      [23:48, 23.8.2018] ..: Baby don’t get me wrong
      [23:48, 23.8.2018] Tom Graham : Can you explain it further to me? 😊
      [23:48, 23.8.2018] Tom Graham : What wrong have you done?
      [23:48, 23.8.2018] ..: I don’t need this
      [23:49, 23.8.2018] ..: But she need it for my tax
      [23:50, 23.8.2018] Tom Graham : OK no problem

      [23:50, 23.8.2018] ..: Thank you for understanding
      [23:50, 23.8.2018] ..: I love you
      [23:50, 23.8.2018] Tom Graham : 😉
      [23:51, 23.8.2018] ..: I will use the Ghanaian account you gave me
      [23:51, 23.8.2018] Tom Graham : 😘😘😘
      [23:51, 23.8.2018] ..: Ok?
      [23:51, 23.8.2018] Tom Graham : OK
      [23:51, 23.8.2018] Tom Graham : Screenshot and send it to me on Skype
      [23:53, 23.8.2018] Tom Graham : Ok I go on Skype now

      An dieser Stelle habe ich wieder ein paar Nachrichten geschrieben und direkt gelöscht. Böse Hacker...

      [23:53, 23.8.2018] Tom Graham : What did you just deleted?
      [23:54, 23.8.2018] Tom Graham : 😊
      [23:54, 23.8.2018] Tom Graham : Cool
      [23:54, 23.8.2018] ..: No it’s not!
      [23:55, 23.8.2018] Tom Graham : Yes I know
      [23:55, 23.8.2018] ..: HA HA STUPID MUGU
      [23:55, 23.8.2018] Tom Graham : Let's Skype
      [23:55, 23.8.2018] ..: NOOOO STAY HERE HA HA HA

      Wechsel zu skype

      Thomas: Hey
      Tom here
      Hello Baby
      And i hope its a safe Communication now
      We should also be careful even on this platform. When i give you an important info and i change my mind, please screenshot and show it to me if i sent you that message. I was very happy when you screenshotted out conversation this morning to show i look offline.
      Gerti: I will always ask you when there is something strange
      Thomas: These stupid guys have made me starved so much
      I miss you so much Gerti. You're fucking driving me insane!!!
      My connecting is not that stable today, think its bitching me a bit
      Gerti:Haha smile
      You also drive me crazy
      I feel like a teenager
      Thomas: I promise to love you forever, not just because you are amazing but because you are truly special my dearest Gerti.
      Gerti: Lol, Yes you are right, am really special, haha
      Thoms: I love you forever, this is a promise from me. I will not just love you but till Eternity because you mean the world to me. Trust me, you just fucked up my mind.
      Gerti: Haha, i have a big fat smile in my face
      Cant wait to hold you in my arms
      And then Baby i will really drive you fucking crazy, smile
      Thomas: I love you so much, and I just can’t believe we are still together after the turbulent and trying times. You are my hope and you will be in all my dreams and aspirations. You are my yesterday, today and tomorrow. I fall in love with you when we are together, and I fall further in love whenever you are far away from me. I appreciate your patience, your careness, smile, cuss words. Lol Its very sexy and i love it. You're a true definition of a Good Woman!
      You are my perfect love, the reason why I love LOVE. You are the good luck in me, in everything I do. I will fall in love more with you when we are together. Very soon baby.
      Gerti: My Patience? Sometimes i lose it.. As you know
      Thomas: Yes. I also see patience in you.. but i know you're a crazy ass
      like myself. Lol

      zwischendurch gabs eine Lektion in Ga - kicher

      Gerti: Did you recognize i was so crazy to say you Good morning yesterday in Ga?
      Thomas: Oh wtf! Lool
      I was about to ask what was that? Ga? Ghanaian language?
      Oh no!!!
      Gerti: Smile.
      Thomas: I do not know a word
      Gerti: I asked a client i know since years
      Thomas: What did you write and what is the meaning?
      Gerti: He said oje koo means Good morning
      And you have to answer: oje mla
      Thomas: Woow
      you're so fucking smart! Lol
      Gerti: I hope He don't kidding mean
      Thomas: It might be true
      who is this client? in Ghana or in Germany?
      Gerti: Pehaps it means wtf haha
      He lives in Hamburg but was born in Accra
      And one more think he teached me
      Wait i have to think
      Thomas: I will ask my driver
      for the meaning
      Gerti: Mi sum)) bo
      But did not told me the meanuing
      Thomas: And whats that?
      Gerti: he said i had to find out
      Thomas : I will ask my driver in the morning
      Gerti: Am curious what it means
      You will ask him later?
      Hope its a nice word
      Thomas It is spelt different here
      something closer to saying i like you
      or I love you
      Gerti: Ohhh
      Mi sum)) bo is i Love you??????
      Thomas Graham
      Yes!!!!! wie schnell er das rausgefunden hat... hat nur ein paar Sekunden gedauert. hihi
      I found that on google.
      Gerti: You are so so so smart
      So i can say mi sum)) bo as long as you are in Ghana

      Thomas: I told you the good news i had earlier on concerning the hackers
      So i go to the police station tomorrow morning
      one of them got arrested
      Gerti: This Peter osoja in person?
      Thomas: Yes
      The Peter Osoja

      @Ziege Mist, jetzt ist es doch passiert! Osoja sitzt im Knast!

      Do you use your old phone?
      It's not too safe as other guys he operates with have taken to their heels
      Gerti: Yes, Akono helped me with my old phone
      Thomas: Great
      what did he do?
      Gerti: he installed me the skype
      I was very thankful
      Thomas: OK
      Because i no more have confidence in the WhatsApp
      Gerti: But i have an idea
      Lets chat there at whatsapp sometimes
      So the hacker think:
      we still use it
      Thomas: OK. Thats more than a great idea!
      Gerti: You can send me a bullshit wrong Account Information over there
      Thomas Haha.. not again baby.
      Thomas I have a new account information that i would want you to transfer to

      Thomas Graham
      IBAN: DE93
      Bank Name: Targo Bank AG
      Bank Address: Frankfurter Allee 108
      10247 Berlin

      Banken Deutschland (18)
      @killerbiene bitte in die Beiträge mit den Konten einpflegen, danke

      Thats the bank details
      Can you screenshot it for me to see?

      Gerti hat ein Foto geteiltGesendet am:
      Thomas: Perfect!
      I will not come online to say i have changed it
      Gerti: Sure? Lol
      Thomas: So please be careful
      Gerti: Yes I swear
      Thomas: If the money can be sent earlier tomorrow, i can pick it up at the embassy
      Sprachnachricht Tom, in der ich schwöre, aufzupassen....
      ThomasYou make me smile anytime i hear your sexy voice
      You're too much for my little boring life
      Gerti: Do you remember what Date is tomorrow?
      Thomas: August 24
      Gerti: And do you remember what is special at August 24?
      Hmm. You have forgotten it..
      Thomas: Yes baby
      Gerti: Its my birthday tomorrow
      Thomas: oh fuck!
      You didn't send me that..
      I don't know if it got deleted by these stupid hackers?
      Gerti: Of course i send it to you Baby
      In our beginnings you asked me
      But its not bad
      Thomas: I sent you my birthdate and ask when is yours but was worried you did not reply me
      I was so fucking hurt and thought you weren't real
      Gerti: I think you will send me a lovely singing note and make me Happy?? Smiiiiiiile
      Thomas: Oh no!
      Gerti: Oh Yes
      Thomas; I have a horrible voice for singing
      Gerti: No No no
      You know i love your voice
      Thomas: OK. Where are you at the moment? hamburg or sylt?
      Send me Hamburg home address
      I will send you some chocolate in the future
      I will also sing a song for you
      Gerti: No then i will grow too faaaat
      Thomas: You're lovely, sexy and all that i needed
      No.. some little chocolate just for an occasion
      Just in case we do not write here again till tomorrow, please do not send transfer receipt via whatsapp. Send it to me here!
      Gerti: Yeah baby

      Gerti: I hate this Tom!!!!!!
      Thomas: hello
      The jerks are still active
      We got to be careful
      Gerti: I bullshit hate this
      Thomas: It looks creepy and funny
      Gerti: But am scared
      Thomas: Gosh!
      But we need not to worry
      We will overcome this
      I have gotten a new sim and a phone. You must do the same just for me
      Gerti: Yes. We have to stay together
      Yes Schatz. I will do this. But not tomorrow. At saturdsy. Ok+
      Thomas: send me the banking details to confirm
      and tell me what time you will make the transfer
      Gerti: I cant tell you
      I have to see when i have some freetime
      I will get visitors
      Thomas: before you make the transfer please screenshot the details for confirmation
      Thomas: Mi sum)) bo
      Gerti: Please and don't forget your ID or passport.. and Anna Lena is asking why the amount is rising up to 28,000'..She has to assign it for tax purposes, otherwise we will have problems with the tax office
      and she asks for the documentation you bigger loan. You should please set up what you need the money for. do you have documents from the properties? and from the claims? do you have a business plan?
      Thomas: I have business plan and will forward it to you later in the day on PDF. I have attached my passport and birth certificates

      [[File:1.jpg|none|auto]] [[File:2.jpg|none|auto]] [[File:3.jpg|none|auto]]

      I was waiting for David my son to send me some money to add to what you earlier sent me but there has been a little delay.
      I need the money to Rent a Bulldozer. 1,300 Euro per day, for 14 days which is, 18,200 euros
      I will also build another container house on the field, buy a smaller generator, and pay the laborers.
      I sent you message earlier on sms. Did you received it?

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      [15:50, 18.8.2018] Tom Graham : 💚
      [15:56, 18.8.2018] ..: Why are your hearts always green?
      [15:56, 18.8.2018] Tom Graham : Peace and Harmony we need
      [15:57, 18.8.2018] Tom Graham : I am Evergreen and forever Green and want our love to be Greener always.
      [15:58, 18.8.2018] ..: This is so sweet
      [15:58, 18.8.2018] Tom Graham : It is also a sign of telling you to keep calm and enjoy every breath of Life.
      [15:59, 18.8.2018] Tom Graham : I love you Gerti


      [16:48, 20.8.2018] Tom Graham : Screenshot your message before the voice message to me. It was deleted by these barbaric hackers
      [16:50, 20.8.2018] ..: No this time I deleted it my myself 😉 because I preferred to send you as voice message
      [16:51, 20.8.2018] Tom Graham : Oh OK
      [16:51, 20.8.2018] Tom Graham : 😊

      [23:54, 20.8.2018] Tom Graham : live:669534
      [23:55, 20.8.2018] ..: Ok i will add you tomorrow morning
      [23:55, 20.8.2018] Tom Graham : Write down the code
      [23:55, 20.8.2018] ..: Ich liebe dich 💕❤
      [23:55, 20.8.2018] Tom Graham : I will continue with the number on phone tomorrow
      [23:57, 20.8.2018] Tom Graham : The code isn't complete
      [23:57, 20.8.2018] Tom Graham : I will give you the rest tomorrow via phone

      haha sehr lustig, er traut sich noch nichtmal den neuen Skype Account komplett in whatsapp zu schreiben. Die zweite Hälfte gab es am Telefon

    • Fussel hat einen neuen Beitrag "Finya The HorseRace Teil 2 - Thomas Graham" geschrieben. 03.09.2018

      So, heute habe ich endlich Zeit, meinen Bait nachzupflegen. Da Tom inzwischen nahe der Paranoia ist, was seine Angst vor Hacker betrifft, schreibt er über whatsapp, Skype und sms quer Beet und alles wichtige flötet er mir täglich per Telefon ins Ohr (immernoch als teures Auslandstelefonat, haha) ich wüsste gerne, was er inzwischen allein für die ganzen Auslandsgespräche mit mir bezahlt hat, denn unter 10 Minuten läuft da nix. Smile

      [01:19, 17.8.2018] Tom Graham : This is stupid
      [01:19, 17.8.2018] Tom Graham : 😀
      [01:20, 17.8.2018] Tom Graham : What is the crotchet doll stands for?
      [01:20, 17.8.2018] Tom Graham : Voodoo?
      [01:20, 17.8.2018] Tom Graham : That's stupid because I am an Atheist
      [01:22, 17.8.2018] Tom Graham : I have reported you to the police and soon, we gonna get your asses.
      [01:23, 17.8.2018] Tom Graham : Goodnight baby
      [01:23, 17.8.2018] Tom Graham : Write you in the morning
      [01:23, 17.8.2018] Tom Graham : 💐💐💐💐
      [05:55, 17.8.2018] ..: Good morning baby
      [05:55, 17.8.2018] ..: What? You reported me to the police?
      [05:55, 17.8.2018] ..: I don’t understand
      [05:56, 17.8.2018] ..: Why??
      [08:48, 17.8.2018] Tom Graham : No baby
      [08:48, 17.8.2018] Tom Graham : I mean this stupid men
      [08:49, 17.8.2018] Tom Graham : I am giving them a fair warning
      [08:49, 17.8.2018] Tom Graham : That the police will soon get them
      [08:50, 17.8.2018] Tom Graham : Good morning
      [08:51, 17.8.2018] ..: Ok Baby now I get you
      [08:51, 17.8.2018] ..: Am at the train station, waiting
      [08:52, 17.8.2018] Tom Graham : They are just some bunch of Jokers
      [08:52, 17.8.2018] ..: But what doll did you meant?
      [08:52, 17.8.2018] Tom Graham : Do not mind them
      [08:52, 17.8.2018] Tom Graham : Everything would be fine
      [08:53, 17.8.2018] Tom Graham : This crotchet doll I mean
      [08:53, 17.8.2018] ..: Jokers who have stolen almost 12,000 Euro 😡
      [08:53, 17.8.2018] ..: Ohhh did they send this to you??
      [08:54, 17.8.2018] Tom Graham : They sent it directly here in our conversation
      [08:54, 17.8.2018] ..: What? When? Which time?
      [08:54, 17.8.2018] Tom Graham : Last night
      [08:54, 17.8.2018] ..: I only see deleted messages

      [12:41, 17.8.2018] Tom Graham : If they have called the bank here in Ghana, it will not be credited into their accounts
      [12:42, 17.8.2018] Tom Graham : If that is it, still do not be afraid. We will get their ass
      [12:42, 17.8.2018] ..: The Ghanaian bank said I signed the order
      [12:42, 17.8.2018] ..: And sorry Tom but I am in the mood to say FUCK!
      [12:44, 17.8.2018] Tom Graham : We will talk on the phone later

    • Fussel hat einen neuen Beitrag "Finya The HorseRace Teil 2 - Thomas Graham" geschrieben. 17.08.2018

      [23:38, 16.8.2018] ..: Tom sorry call me again
      [23:38, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : OK baby

      Tom ruft wieder an, aber nur oberflächtliches bla bla. Egal. Wieder 5 teure Minuten Auslandsgespräch vertelefoniert.

      Dann habe ich mir den Spass gemacht, ihm Whatsapp zu schicken und die Nachrichten direkt vor seinen Augen nach einigen Sekunden wieder zu löschen. Der Verlauf war ungefähr so:

      Tom! - gelöscht
      Ich habe gerade eine sms bekommen als wir telefoniert haben - gelöscht
      Verdammt was ist das? - gelöscht
      Tom! - gelöscht
      Die Nachrichten verschwinden vor meinen Augen!!! - gelöscht
      Was zur Hölle ist das! - gelöscht

      Und schwupp hat sofort wieder das Telefon geklingelt. Kicher!!! Hacker! Live in unserem Chat! Mein Gott er hatte Panik in der Stimme, es war so herrlich, ich musste mich schwer beherrschen um nicht loszubrüllen vor lachen.

      [23:52, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : What baby?
      [23:53, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : They keep deleting it
      [23:53, 16.8.2018] ..: Tom i got a sms
      [23:53, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : Lol
      [23:53, 16.8.2018] ..: from foreign number
      [23:53, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : I am calling you back
      [23:53, 16.8.2018] ..: wait


      [23:53, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : That's not FROM me
      [23:53, 16.8.2018] ..: i want to show you first
      [23:54, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : They keep monitoring
      [23:54, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : Lol
      [23:54, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : Do not mind them
      [23:54, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : 😀
      [23:55, 16.8.2018] ..: do you know the number?
      [23:55, 16.8.2018] ..: now my messages ar not deleted. oh i hate this!
      [23:55, 16.8.2018] ..: the sms came when we had the call
      [23:58, 16.8.2018] ..: oh god .. i will try to sleep but i dont know if i am able to

      und wieder angerufen. Kicher. Panik in der Stimme: das war ich nicht! das habe ich nicht geschickt!!! Ich habe geweint am Telefon
      Zur guten Nacht kam noch eine sms von ihm

      Hello baby, my whatsapp phone is off. i am charging it in the car. Block my contact on WhatsApp and let us write via TXT. i love you. Good night xx Tom

      nur noch sms? ganz bestimmt NICHT. Ich werde morgen nach Skype fragen. Aber als gute Nacht schmankerl habe ich über Whatsapp noch das hier geschickt - natürlich war ich das nicht selbst. Das waren die nigerianischen Hacker...

      [00:00, 17.8.2018] ..: STUPID MUMU HOLLA ME HAHA

      Bild von Voodoo Puppe gesendet - ich wusste das Ding ist noch für etwas nütze, hi hi

      [00:26, 17.8.2018] ..: I WILL CURSE U !!! I WILL TROW EGG TO UR FLOOR!!! HA HA HA

    • Fussel hat einen neuen Beitrag "Finya The HorseRace Teil 2 - Thomas Graham" geschrieben. 16.08.2018

      Diese Paranoia von Tom ist wirklich herrlich! Hacker überall! Heute morgen habe ich ihm als erstes über Whatsapp 5 Nachrichten geschickt und direkt wieder gelöscht. Nachrichten löschen hasst er schon unter normalen Umständen, aber bei diesen erschwerten Bedingungen beflügelt es seine Paranoia direkt.

      neue TelefonNummer: +233570289974

      9:03 ein verpasster Anruf
      9:04 ein verpasster Anruf

      [09:06, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : Good morning baby
      [09:07, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : Have you gone to the bank to call back the transfer?

      9:42 SMS von neuer Nummer:Good morning baby, have you gone to the bank to call back the money? please do! let me read from you soon. This is my new number. text or call me back - Tom

      [10:07, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : I am at the police station now to report the matter. Please call me back as soon as possible. Deep hugs, Tom.

      10:29 ein verpasster Anruf
      10:39 ein verpasster Anruf

      10:52 SMS: the imposter/s who has hacked into my contacts is/are Nigerian. The police have assured me that they will find the persons. Please answer my calls. Thanks - Tom

      10:53 SMS: The 5 Messages you sent me on whatsapp this morning was deleted. did u deleted it or the hackers? pls reply me. i am worried. I love you deeply! Tom

      Zu erwähnen ist, dass mich Tom plötzlich liebt. Der Satz I love you ist vorher nie gefallen. Tja, Schicksal und Schmerz verbindet, haha

      10:57 ein verpasster Anruf
      11:54 ein verpasster Anruf

      11:57 ein verpasster Anruf - Nachricht am AB: ich bin gerade bei der Polizei, yeah. bla bla Bitte ruf das Geld bei deiner Bank zurück, yeahl. Das ist meine neue Nummer, yeah. Schicke mir eine sms und eine Sprachnachricht auf den AB yeah, ich kaufe mir ein neues Telefon, yeah, und eine neue Nummer, yeah, und ich will dass du das auch machst. Yeah!

      12:06 Sprachnachricht: ruf dringend an bla bla

      [12:10, 16.8.2018] Gerti: Am still at the bank. I did not send or delete messages. You told me not to send a message until you will call me. They are Nigerian? How did the police knows this?? Akono is also Nigerian... Tom i am at Home at 2:30 my time, please call me then. I can’t have a call here at the moment
      [12:12, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : They have sent me direct messages from my phone
      [12:13, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : The number they use are Nigerian numbers. They might be living in Ghana here
      [12:13, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : I will call you in the afternoon
      [12:14, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : Hugs
      [12:15, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : Did you received my sms?
      [12:15, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : On your phone?
      [12:16, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : And the voicemail?
      [12:16, 16.8.2018] Gerti: Yes i received them
      [12:16, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : OK good
      [12:16, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : Do not share any information here until we speak on the phone
      [12:16, 16.8.2018] Gerti: Oh my god! What did they send you???
      [12:17, 16.8.2018] Gerti: Ok
      [12:17, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : Threatening messages
      [12:17, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : They have loosed it because the money would be blocked
      [12:17, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : What is the bank saying?
      [12:17, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : Any possibility?
      [12:18, 16.8.2018] Gerti: They can’t stop the transfer!!! I am still here waiting for the director to talk with him 😡
      [12:19, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : I have reported to the BNI and I am giving protection.
      [12:20, 16.8.2018] Gerti: BNI?
      [12:20, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : Stay calm your bank should call the bank here in Ghana and report it.
      [12:21, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : Yes the police called in the Bureau of National Investigation
      [12:21, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : I have changed my hotel, and I will not use my email address again.
      [12:21, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : Talk to you later in the afternoon

      [14:58, 16.8.2018] Gerti: Can you use the new number for WhatsApp already?
      [14:58, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : No
      [14:59, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : Until you get a new sim card and tell me on the phone
      [14:59, 16.8.2018] Gertu: Oh. Ok
      [14:59, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : Then I add you
      [14:59, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : Do not send new number here on WhatsApp!!!
      [14:59, 16.8.2018] Gerti: Ok
      [15:00, 16.8.2018] Gerti: Do you think my phone is also been hacked??
      [15:00, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : I miss you and looking forward to hearing from you
      [15:00, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : I think so baby
      [15:02, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : It's not safe. And also your email address
      [15:05, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : I will give you all the safety tips on the phone hahaha ja sehr gerne auf die Tipps freu ich mich
      [15:09, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : No problem using an old phone but do not insert this sim card into it.
      [15:10, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : Wait until you get a new number then you connect on it
      [15:16, 16.8.2018] Gerti: Ok. Tom i dont feel good about all the issues. I will visit my girlfriend tomorrow in Kiel and stay there until Sunday. Let’s use this WhatsApp for these 3 days ok? I will tell Akono to get a new phone or at least a new phone number for me, so when I return back home on Sunday I can give you my new number
      [15:17, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : 👍
      [15:17, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : What time should I call you?
      [15:17, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : In an hour?
      [15:18, 16.8.2018] Gerti: Yes at about 4 o’clock my time?
      [15:21, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : OK baby

      Tom hat dann angerufen. Der Honk schreibt weiter über Whatsapp, ruft aber über die normale Telefon-Nummer an. Wie schön, ein teures Auslandsgespräch, haha. Er hat viel gejammmert, er war bei der Polizei und dann bei der Bank von Peter Osoja. Die wollen zusammen mit der Polizei Osoja verhaften, sobald er versucht, dass Geld abzuheben @Ziege wir müssen um Osojas Sicherheit bangen! Hihi. Der beste Satz in diesem Zusammenhang war: i apprecate it a lot that the bank works with me together, even if i am different because i am white skinned. Später meinte er noch, dass er froh ist, dass es nur so ein KLEINER BETRAG ist, der flöten gegangen ist (11.800 Euro). Nach 12 Minuten ist das Gespräch abgebrochen

      [16:28, 16.8.2018] Gerti: Your call was away :(

      10 Minuten später rief Tom wieder an und hat sich entschuldigt. Der Anruf war weg, weil sein Guthaben leer war und er das Telefon neu mit Guthaben aufladen musste. HAHAHA sehr schön!!!! Das Telefonat hat auch wieder gute 15 Minuten gedauert, ich hoffe es war ordentlich teuer. Mit Tom kann man tatsächlich sehr gut telefonieren, ich habe herzhaft gelacht. Yeah! Zwischendurch hat er noch erzählt,dass er noch eine neue Nummer besorgt, denn die er heute neu besorgt hat, hat er mir über whatsapp mitgeteit (was gar nicht stimmt, aber lassen wir ihn in dem Glauben) und darum brauchts noch eine neue Nummer. Yeah

      [16:51, 16.8.2018] Gerti: Tom?
      [16:54, 16.8.2018] Gerti: I LOVE the calls with you. You are so crazy 😝 thank you for making me laughing even at fucked up days like this ❤😘 and excuse my english
      [16:54, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : No baby
      [16:55, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : I embrace every piece of you
      [16:55, 16.8.2018] Gerti: My cutie thank you
      [16:55, 16.8.2018] Gerti: I love you
      [16:55, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : I love you more than words can describe
      [16:56, 16.8.2018] Gerti: and don’t say you love me more
      [16:56, 16.8.2018] Gerti: No no no noooooo
      [16:56, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : Thanks for making me feel loved and cared
      [16:56, 16.8.2018] Gerti: 😁
      [16:56, 16.8.2018] Gerti: You’re welcome
      [16:56, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : 😊
      [16:56, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : 😉
      [16:56, 16.8.2018] Gerti: See you later honey
      [16:57, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : OK baby
      [16:57, 16.8.2018] Gerti: Send u kisses
      [16:57, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : 😘😘😘
      [16:57, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : 💐
      [16:57, 16.8.2018] Gerti: And massages 😍😜
      [16:57, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : Ha!
      [16:57, 16.8.2018] Gerti: LOL
      [16:57, 16.8.2018] Gerti: Cinema in your head smile
      [16:58, 16.8.2018] Gerti: Enjoy...
      [16:58, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : I can't wait to be touched by your magic fingers
      [16:59, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : Expect the same from me
      [16:59, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : Wink wink
      [16:59, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : Chat later

      [18:36, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : Can you screenshot our last conversation to me?
      [18:36, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : Thanks
      [18:38, 16.8.2018] Gerti: Are you Tom?
      [18:38, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : Yes baby

      hier kam brav eine Sprachnachricht, in der er mir seine Identität bestätigt hat. Nun will er zwischendurch Screenshots von unserem whatsapp chat haben, um zu kontrollieren, ob die bösen Nigerian Hacker wieder Fake Nachrichten gesendet haben.. herrlich

      [18:39, 16.8.2018] Gerti: Ok baby i just wanted to be sure it’s you
      [18:39, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : 😊👍

      [18:41, 16.8.2018] Gerti: Is everything ok?
      [18:41, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : Yes baby
      [18:41, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : Just checking up on you
      [18:42, 16.8.2018] Gerti: Thank you honey thats so sweet
      [18:42, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : Missing you
      [18:42, 16.8.2018] Gerti: You are worried about me
      [18:42, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : And want to say hello
      [18:42, 16.8.2018] Gerti: I will try to call you tomorrow when I am in the train
      [18:43, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : Yes of course baby. I'm worried about you
      [18:43, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : OK baby
      [18:43, 16.8.2018] Gerti: I hope I will have positive news from my bank then
      [18:43, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : I will call you in the evening when I am about to go to bed
      [18:43, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : Yes
      [18:44, 16.8.2018] Gerti: Yes :)
      [18:44, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : They will call back the money
      [18:44, 16.8.2018] Gerti: Looking forward to hear you later
      [18:44, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : Positive thinking always baby
      [18:44, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : 😊
      [18:44, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : OK have a good evening
      [18:45, 16.8.2018] Gerti: I try - even when life is bitching me 😜
      [18:45, 16.8.2018] Tom Graham : Wink wink
      [18:45, 16.8.2018] Gerti: 😘😘😘

    • Fussel hat einen neuen Beitrag "Finya The HorseRace Teil 2 - Thomas Graham" geschrieben. 16.08.2018

      Osoja hat sich natürlich noch brav per SMS aus Nigeria bei Tom bedankt:


    • Fussel hat einen neuen Beitrag "Finya The HorseRace Teil 2 - Thomas Graham" geschrieben. 16.08.2018

      letzte Nacht kam eine Fake email von Toms adresse an mich mit neuer Bankverbindung

      Hello my dear Gerti,

      I got a better account information, please use this one, and NOT the one I gave you yesterday evening. This is very important! Please do the transfer early in the morning! I really need the money. Make express-transfer!

      Account Holder: Peter Osoja
      M2 99/6 Madina
      Account Number: 0370034500143901
      Bank Name: Ecobank
      Address: 19 seventh Avenue, Ridge-Westridge West
      M2 99/6 Madina

      Gleichzeitig habe ich unseren Whatsapp Chat gestern gespiegelt und mir selbst letzte Nacht dort eine Nachricht geschickt:

      my dear, I wrote you an email with an other account information. Please use the new one. Do not use the other one i gave you last evening!

      [21:11, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: I did not send you this information.
      [21:11, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: Someone has tampered with my email address.
      [21:12, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: I have not sent you any message this morning concerning changing of account information.
      [21:12, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: Please call back the money and tell the bank it's an ERROR.
      [21:17, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: Someone might have got access to my email through the internet I use here in this suite. I need to change my hotel early tomorrow morning and also change my email address. Please do not write to my email address or never answer mails from it. Thank you!
      [22:29, 15.8.2018] ..: WHAT???? Please, this is a joke Tom, tell me that you are kidding me!? You dont want to tell me, that you didnt send me the new account details last night, please!
      [22:29, 15.8.2018] ..: but you wrote me the whatsapp too
      [22:29, 15.8.2018] ..: wait i show you

      screenshot von der gehackten Whatsapp

      [22:30, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: He might be the person who has hacked into my email
      [22:30, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: I will alert the police tomorrow morning
      [22:30, 15.8.2018] ..: oh my god
      [22:30, 15.8.2018] ..: please no
      [22:30, 15.8.2018] ..: please
      [22:31, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: No
      [22:31, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: 😊
      [22:31, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: An imposter
      [22:31, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: Block him
      [22:31, 15.8.2018] ..: blcok him??? that is our whatsapp chat Tom!
      [22:32, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: No!
      [22:32, 15.8.2018] ..: yes!!!!
      [22:32, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: He is a fake person
      [22:32, 15.8.2018] ..: but its not a new number, Tom, this is a screenshot from THIS whatsapp chat
      [22:32, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: Someone has hacked into my email
      [22:32, 15.8.2018] ..: with you
      [22:33, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: Wow
      [22:33, 15.8.2018] ..: i got the new number from you here and as email
      [22:33, 15.8.2018] ..: no please, i cant beliefe this
      [22:33, 15.8.2018] ..: oh my god. i feel sick.
      [22:34, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: Let him send you a voice message if it is me or not
      [22:34, 15.8.2018] ..: damn fucking shit i sent the money as express transfer! the money has already left my account!!!!
      [22:34, 15.8.2018] ..: Tom you dont understand, this is not an other whatsapp chat. This is THIS whatsapp chat
      [22:35, 15.8.2018] ..: here this one! look at the screenshot i sent you
      [22:35, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: I see
      [22:35, 15.8.2018] ..: fuck!
      [22:35, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: This is what I sent you on email last night
      [22:36, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: Acct. Name: Arthur Alphonsus Beniadawe
      Acct. Number: 00854445301502
      Swift Code: STBGGHAC
      Branch: Dzorwulu Central
      Bank Name: United Bank for Africa, Ghana
      Acct Holder Address:
      P.O BOX 14522 ACCRA NORTH
      Residence: Hse No: 15B,
      Guava Avenue, Tantra Hill, Accra
      Bank Address:
      Motorway Extension
      Accra, Greater Accra

      [22:39, 15.8.2018] ..: yes, i got this account and later, after i said good night, you sent me the new account
      [22:39, 15.8.2018] ..: my god Tom, who is hacking you????
      [22:39, 15.8.2018] ..: and why???
      [22:39, 15.8.2018] ..: i dont want to beliefe this, damn!
      [22:40, 15.8.2018] ..: you dont know this Peter Osaja???
      [22:40, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: I do not know this jerk!!!
      [22:41, 15.8.2018] ..: verdammte Scheisse ich könnte gerade kotzen! Mist!
      [22:41, 15.8.2018] ..: and now???
      [22:41, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: I have already reported the incident to Hotel manager
      [22:41, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: And tomorrow I will report to the police
      [22:42, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: There would be a solution
      [22:42, 15.8.2018] ..: i will also go to the police
      [22:42, 15.8.2018] ..: and to the bank, early in the morning. will be the first thing i will do
      [22:43, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: But first in the morning, call the bank. They can stop it
      [22:43, 15.8.2018] ..: oh my god, why ... 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
      [22:43, 15.8.2018] ..: i saw the money already left my account Tom!
      [22:43, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: They can stop it.
      [22:44, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: Just tell them you made an error
      [22:45, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: To a wrong account
      [22:46, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: Do not worry
      [22:47, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: I will call you tonight
      [22:47, 15.8.2018] ..: Tom they know i never make mistakes with my banking deals.
      [22:47, 15.8.2018] ..: i am too upset now to call Tom!!
      [22:48, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: Fuck!
      [22:49, 15.8.2018] ..: yes, Fuck!! 😡🤬
      [22:49, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: Hello my dear Gerti,

      I got a better account information, please use this one, and NOT the one I gave you yesterday evening. This is very important! Please do the transfer early in the morning! I really need the money. Make express-transfer!

      Account Holder: Peter Osoja
      M2 99/6 Madina
      Account Number: 0370034500143901
      Bank Name: Ecobank
      Address: 19 seventh Avenue, Ridge-Westridge West
      M2 99/6 Madina
      [22:50, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: This is what I saw in the mail this evening from the hackers
      [22:50, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: I did not send this
      [22:50, 15.8.2018] ..: yes, i got this email from your email-adress Tom! This and the whatsap
      [22:51, 15.8.2018] ..: how could i know it is not you?? i was sure it was from you!
      [22:51, 15.8.2018] ..: am crying Tom..
      [22:52, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: Do not
      [22:52, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: Smile
      [22:52, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: Everything would be fine
      [22:52, 15.8.2018] ..: i am desperate Tom..
      [22:53, 15.8.2018] ..: never ever before something like this happend to me
      [22:53, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: Relax
      [22:53, 15.8.2018] ..: relax??
      [22:53, 15.8.2018] ..: my money is away! your money is away Tom!
      [22:53, 15.8.2018] ..: how the hell can you relax?
      [22:54, 15.8.2018] ..: i am in trouble becouse of this shit
      [22:54, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: I will inform the police tomorrow morning
      [22:54, 15.8.2018] ..: ok Tom. please let me know what they tell you.
      [22:54, 15.8.2018] ..: i will go to the bank very early
      [22:55, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: And get the bank of this person also informed
      [22:55, 15.8.2018] ..: lets have a call tomorrow please
      [22:55, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: You will get it
      [22:55, 15.8.2018] ..: i will order my bank to do this
      [22:55, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: They can freeze it here in Ghana
      [22:55, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: OK
      [22:56, 15.8.2018] ..: i pray to God you are right...
      [22:56, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: I am not alright
      [22:57, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: I am sad this evening but everything would be better tomorrow
      [22:57, 15.8.2018] ..: i am not sad. i am fucking angy
      [22:57, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: It's not safe
      [22:58, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: Buy a new sim card
      [22:58, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: When I call you tomorrow, then you mention it for me
      [22:58, 15.8.2018] ..: me? why me?
      [22:59, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: I will also buy a different sim card tomorrow
      [23:00, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: I will call you. You know my voice
      [23:01, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: You can spot the difference if the real one calls
      [23:01, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: I love you baby
      [23:01, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: 😘💐
      [23:02, 15.8.2018] ..: yes i know your voice. i love your voice...
      [23:07, 15.8.2018] ..: i cant stop crying Tom i dont want to beliefe this is true
      [23:08, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: Do not reply any message until I call you
      [23:09, 15.8.2018] ..: 😭
      [23:09, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: Yes
      [23:10, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: When you say goodnight
      [23:10, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: its over for our chat tonight
      [23:10, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: Until I call you in the morning
      [23:10, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: OK?
      [23:10, 15.8.2018] ..: ok Tom. i dont like it. but i understand
      [23:11, 15.8.2018] ..: i will go to Akono tomorrow. he should check my phone for me.
      [23:11, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: No message from me tonight after you have said goodnight and until you hear from me tomorrow
      [23:13, 15.8.2018] ..: ok tom.
      [23:13, 15.8.2018] ..: but i dont want to leave.
      [23:13, 15.8.2018] ..: i feel so lonely now in this shit situation....
      [23:14, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: I am with you here until your last message for me tonight
      [23:14, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: Do not worry
      [23:14, 15.8.2018] ..: i have a bad headache now
      [23:15, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: I have to charge my phone a few minutes
      [23:15, 15.8.2018] Tom Graham: Do not fret

      Immer wieder ein großer Spaß :)

    • Fussel hat einen neuen Beitrag "Finya The HorseRace Teil 2 - Thomas Graham" geschrieben. 14.08.2018

      [09:10, 14.8.2018] Tom Graham: Good morning Gerti
      [09:10, 14.8.2018] Tom Graham: How was your night? 😊
      [09:29, 14.8.2018] ..: Thx my night was nice. But it would had been much more nicer with you beside me Tom...
      [09:29, 14.8.2018] ..: Have a great day honey
      [10:14, 14.8.2018] Tom Graham: 😊💐
      [12:11, 14.8.2018] ..: Im at a meeting with a customer soon. Don’t know how long it will take.. I get back to you when I’m at home again
      [12:11, 14.8.2018] Tom Graham: OK baby

      [12:14, 14.8.2018] Tom Graham: I am meeting an engineer at Accra Central. I hope we can write later
      [12:21, 14.8.2018] Tom Graham: 😉
      [21:06, 14.8.2018] Tom Graham: Hello Gerti
      [21:12, 14.8.2018] Tom Graham: I just arrived home
      [21:12, 14.8.2018] Tom Graham: How was your day
      [21:12, 14.8.2018] Tom Graham: ?
      [21:12, 14.8.2018] Tom Graham: This is the banking details:
      [21:12, 14.8.2018] Tom Graham:

      Acct. Name: Arthur Alphonsus Beniadawe
      Acct. Number: 00854445301502
      Swift Code: STBGGHAC
      Branch: Dzorwulu Central
      Bank Name: United Bank for Africa, Ghana

      [21:59, 14.8.2018] ..: Hello my dear
      [22:00, 14.8.2018] ..: this is the new account information for Ghana? i need the adress from the accountholder for the foreign payment honey, can you sent it to me, and can you send it also as email so that i can print it out?
      [22:06, 14.8.2018] ..: And how much, the 6,000?
      [22:07, 14.8.2018] Tom Graham: Hello Gerti
      [22:08, 14.8.2018] Tom Graham: I just got out from the shower
      [22:08, 14.8.2018] Tom Graham: Give me few minute

      Ok. Dann hätten wir hier Konto Nr. zwei.

      Ich habe das ungute Gefühl, dass nachher wieder Peter Osoja zuschlagen und eine Fake Bankverbindung schicken wird... Au weia.

    • Fussel hat einen neuen Beitrag "Finya The HorseRace Teil 2 - Thomas Graham" geschrieben. 13.08.2018

      Tom war in den letzten Tagen mehr als schreibfaul. . mag ich gar nicht. Um den Grundstein für die folgenden Hackerangriffe zu legen, schreibe ich Tom eine email und erwähne erstmals am Rande meine beiden schwarzen Perlen Akono (mein Gärtner) und seine bezaubernde Frau Fayola (mein Putzteufel) - noch weiss Tom nicht, dass die beiden aus Nigeria kommen, und ihr Hacker-Handwerk sehr gut beherrschen....

      Hello Tom,

      Please excuse our little dispute yesterday. But the topic "pictures in internet" is a very sensitive topic for me. Please give me some time, I'll tell you when I'm ready for it... Yesterday it was a very busy day, a meeting in the morning, a long negotiation with a customer at afternoon followed by a dinner. That's why I was a bit sensitive at night. Besides, we are both very strong and confident personalities. You are used to leading people and me too. I think it will be very interesting with both of us. Will we master this challenge? I'm sure, yes.

      I will travel back to Sylt again today. Unfortunately, my cleaning lady Fayola has been sick for a few days and when I'm at home, I have to take care of the housework. It is still this terrible heat. I think I have not told you yet that Fayola and her husband Akono live in my house too. Akono takes care of my garden and is a kind of caretaker. The two are my precious pearls.

      What are your plans for the next few days Tom? I was a bit sad yesterday when you wrote that you do not know when we can meet. I was hoping we could meet in August? It would have been a very nice birthday surprise for me.

      So, now I have to pack my things fast, I dont want to miss my train. You're always with me Tom in my thoughts. I miss you!

      [10:24, 9.8.2018] Tom Graham: Good morning
      [12:05, 9.8.2018] Gerti: I'm sorry that I reproached you yesterday..
      [12:51, 9.8.2018] Tom Graham: Do not bother
      [12:52, 9.8.2018] Tom Graham: I understand your sentiments
      [12:52, 9.8.2018] Tom Graham: 😊
      [13:54, 9.8.2018] Gerti: Wrote you an email my dear
      [23:42, 9.8.2018] Gerti: Tom....
      [23:43, 9.8.2018] Gerti: whats up... are you ok?
      [23:44, 9.8.2018] Gerti: it feels like you're pulling back? no email, no whatsapp, no voice note, nothing ... not a little response
      [00:16, 10.8.2018] Gerti: are you angry?
      [00:16, 10.8.2018] Tom Graham: Hello baby
      [00:16, 10.8.2018] Gerti: Hello
      [00:16, 10.8.2018] Tom Graham: I am not angry with you at all
      [00:17, 10.8.2018] Gerti: so whats up
      [00:17, 10.8.2018] Tom Graham: My day was a bit stressful as I prepare to leave for Ghana tomorrow
      [00:18, 10.8.2018] Gerti: yes i remember you told me that you go back to ghana tomorrow
      [00:18, 10.8.2018] Tom Graham: Yes
      [00:18, 10.8.2018] Gerti: if you say that everything is ok,then am happy.
      [00:18, 10.8.2018] Gerti: i just was worried
      [00:18, 10.8.2018] Tom Graham: Forgive me for my silence
      [00:18, 10.8.2018] Gerti: because you were very quiet
      [00:19, 10.8.2018] Gerti: is ok
      [00:19, 10.8.2018] Gerti: am not angry
      [00:19, 10.8.2018] Tom Graham: I have read your email earlier on and loved it
      [00:19, 10.8.2018] Tom Graham: I know how you have a beautiful heart and cares
      [00:19, 10.8.2018] Gerti: oh honey come on, it was just a short normal email 😉
      [00:20, 10.8.2018] Tom Graham: I really appreciate your presence in my life, honestly.
      [00:20, 10.8.2018] Tom Graham: It all appears to me as dream. 😊
      [00:20, 10.8.2018] Gerti: i also apprecate you a lot. especially that you are so honestly with me. you cant imagine how much i apprecate that
      [00:20, 10.8.2018] Tom Graham: 😘😘😘
      [00:21, 10.8.2018] Tom Graham: 💐
      [00:21, 10.8.2018] Gerti: i will have a meeting with my tax lady next week. she will send me some questions i have to ask you because of the financial help
      [00:21, 10.8.2018] Tom Graham: Honesty is one of the key ingredients to a successful relationship. Without it, the relationship is ruined
      [00:22, 10.8.2018] Tom Graham: Thanks for your concern and willingness to help me.
      [00:23, 10.8.2018] Tom Graham: You will consult your tax secretary but everything relies on you dearest Gerti.
      [00:23, 10.8.2018] Tom Graham: 😊
      [00:41, 10.8.2018] Gerti: sorry i was in the bathroom
      [00:41, 10.8.2018] Gerti: good night To
      [00:42, 10.8.2018] Gerti: wish you a nice night and sweet dreams
      [00:42, 10.8.2018] Gerti: take care...
      [01:16, 10.8.2018] Tom Graham: I will appear in your bathroom surprisingly one day
      [01:17, 10.8.2018] Tom Graham: 😊
      [01:17, 10.8.2018] Tom Graham: Goodnight
      [09:31, 10.8.2018] Gerti: Smile.. thats my Tom who take a smile at my face
      [09:31, 10.8.2018] Gerti: Good morning

      Tom wird immer schreibfauler. Ich frage mal nach, ob ich mich lieber wieder anderweitig orientieren soll

      [22:25, 10.8.2018] Tom Graham: Hello Gerti
      [22:30, 10.8.2018] Tom Graham: I have arrived in Accra
      [22:30, 10.8.2018] Tom Graham: Write you later
      [15:17, 11.8.2018] Gerti: Tell me, Tom, are you really interested at a relationship with me? Honestly it dont feel like..
      [16:13, 11.8.2018] Tom Graham: I am more than interested my dear Gerti
      [17:54, 11.8.2018] Gerti: Are you sure Tom?
      [17:54, 11.8.2018] Tom Graham: I have been roaming around in the city the since morning
      [17:55, 11.8.2018] Tom Graham: My mind is a bit troubled
      [17:56, 11.8.2018] Tom Graham: But has nothing to do with our relationship
      [17:56, 11.8.2018] Tom Graham: I think a lot about you Gertrud
      [18:08, 11.8.2018] Gerti: Why Tom. What is the reason?
      [18:11, 11.8.2018] Gerti: You know you can tell me everything.. I am a good listener and counselor
      [02:41, 12.8.2018] Tom Graham: 💚💚💚
      [02:43, 12.8.2018] Tom Graham: Thanks so much Gertrud
      [02:43, 12.8.2018] Tom Graham: I will forward details to you on Monday
      [10:07, 12.8.2018] Gerti: Good morning Tom
      [10:07, 12.8.2018] Gerti: Wish you a great Sunday
      [10:37, 12.8.2018] Tom Graham: Good morning Gerti
      [10:52, 12.8.2018] Gerti: Today is the birthday of my granddaughter 😍
      [11:05, 12.8.2018] Tom Graham: My lovely wishes to her. 🥗🍕🎂🍫🍽
      [11:09, 12.8.2018] Gerti: Danke Schatz
      [11:09, 12.8.2018] Gerti: What are your plans for today?
      [11:14, 12.8.2018] Tom Graham: I go to the beach with my driver
      [11:14, 12.8.2018] Tom Graham: Will return by midday
      [19:08, 12.8.2018] Tom Graham: Hello hun
      [19:08, 12.8.2018] Tom Graham: How are you doing today?
      [19:08, 12.8.2018] Tom Graham: I just returned from the beach
      [19:09, 12.8.2018] Tom Graham: I am missing you
      [19:09, 12.8.2018] Tom Graham: ☺
      [19:09, 12.8.2018] Tom Graham: 😘
      [19:42, 12.8.2018] Gerti: Hello my sweetheart
      [19:43, 12.8.2018] Gerti: Hope you had a nice day at the beach?
      [19:43, 12.8.2018] Gerti: Would love to see the sea in Accra
      [19:44, 12.8.2018] Gerti: Please send me a water picture when you are the next time there
      [19:44, 12.8.2018] Gerti: Would you do this for me?
      [22:04, 12.8.2018] Tom Graham: Of course I will do that for you Gerti

      Hier folgte noch eine äußerst emotionslose Sprachnachricht, in der mir Tom mitteilt, dass er wirklich wirklich dringend Geld braucht. Und zwar 12.000 Euro, diese Woche...

      [09:57, 13.8.2018] Tom Graham: Good morning
      [09:57, 13.8.2018] Tom Graham: 💐
      [14:40, 13.8.2018] Gerti: Hello Tom 😄
      [14:40, 13.8.2018] Gerti: My phone is stupid...
      [14:41, 13.8.2018] Tom Graham: Sorry dearest
      [14:41, 13.8.2018] Tom Graham: I was about to write you
      [14:42, 13.8.2018] Tom Graham: I really need the money urgently
      [14:43, 13.8.2018] Tom Graham: I finished meeting with the laborers few minutes ago
      [15:03, 13.8.2018] Gerti: You told me, you wanted to send me some more details , Schatz
      [15:06, 13.8.2018] Tom Graham:

      Account number
      Banken Deutschland (18)

      [15:06, 13.8.2018] Tom Graham: Deutsche Bank
      [15:08, 13.8.2018] Tom Graham: I need €11,800
      [15:11, 13.8.2018] Tom Graham: You should send €6,000 first and when I get it here, I will instruct you to do the rest
      [15:12, 13.8.2018] Tom Graham: You can send me a copy of the receipt after transfer.
      [15:12, 13.8.2018] Tom Graham: Thanks and hoping to reading from you soon.
      [15:12, 13.8.2018] Tom Graham: Kisses and hugs
      [21:37, 13.8.2018] Gerti: Hello Tom. I dont understand the fact, that you said, you need 11,800 Euro but i should send only 6,000 Euro. Why should i send only the half amount?
      [21:38, 13.8.2018] Gerti: And please send me the account information also as email, so that i can print it out when i will go to my bank
      [21:43, 13.8.2018] Tom Graham: Hey
      [21:43, 13.8.2018] Tom Graham: 😊
      [21:44, 13.8.2018] Tom Graham: Good evening
      [21:44, 13.8.2018] Tom Graham: How was your day?
      [21:45, 13.8.2018] Gerti: My day was ok Tom
      [21:45, 13.8.2018] Gerti: just my phone was totally crazy
      [21:46, 13.8.2018] Tom Graham: There is nothing to be worried about as my friend Santos account limit is just €6000 euros
      [21:47, 13.8.2018] Gerti: oh ok
      [21:47, 13.8.2018] Tom Graham: I will get you a different account details in Europe in the future. For now, you can send it to Santos
      [21:49, 13.8.2018] Gerti: why cant i send the money directly to you Tom?
      [21:49, 13.8.2018] Tom Graham: How crazy is your phone? 😊 Do you have low battery or it's freezing?
      [21:50, 13.8.2018] Gerti: it charges hardly. i needed 10(!)hours to charge it. and it went down sometimes and i dont know why. i gave it to Akono to check it, but he also didnt found whats wrong with this stupid phone.
      [21:51, 13.8.2018] Tom Graham: I would be glad if I receive it directly here but I have few arrears to be paid at my bank and they will deduct it. As I told you earlier, I am having some little financial problems concerning the project. I sure to overcome it very soon.
      [21:53, 13.8.2018] Gerti: but how will you get the money when i send it to Santos? So he is also not able to forward it to you, right?
      [21:54, 13.8.2018] Tom Graham: Santos brother works with Interbetton Construction Company here
      [21:55, 13.8.2018] Tom Graham: I will take it direct from him here when I show receipt to Santos
      [21:56, 13.8.2018] Gerti: so why cant i send the money to santos brother in Accra? it will be much more easy for you honey
      [21:56, 13.8.2018] Tom Graham: That is a great idea
      [21:56, 13.8.2018] Gerti: :)
      [21:57, 13.8.2018] Tom Graham: 😊
      [21:57, 13.8.2018] Tom Graham: I really need some loan as I told you earlier on
      [21:58, 13.8.2018] Tom Graham: So tell me what I should provide to you for your support. Because my life is really fucked up here
      [21:59, 13.8.2018] Tom Graham: And I am not giving up. At least before leaving Ghana, I should fence the whole concession and start mining on a small scale
      [21:59, 13.8.2018] Tom Graham: I need you so bad Gerti
      [21:59, 13.8.2018] Tom Graham: 😊
      [22:00, 13.8.2018] Tom Graham: So first thing first. I will get the account for you by midday tomorrow wie schön, es folgt direkt Konto Nr. 2 morgen mittag.
      [22:01, 13.8.2018] Tom Graham: And tell me what to do next, to support me in the project.
      [22:01, 13.8.2018] Gerti: ok Tom
      [22:01, 13.8.2018] Gerti: for the 12000 i think i dont need much paperwork
      [22:02, 13.8.2018] Gerti: but you also talked about a load of about 370,000 - therefore of course we need some paperwork
      [22:02, 13.8.2018] Gerti: but step by step
      [22:03, 13.8.2018] Gerti: so i dont pay to the german account, i will wait for your orders tomorrow at lunchtime, right?
      [22:08, 13.8.2018] Tom Graham: Yes baby
      [22:10, 13.8.2018] ..: ok Schatz.
      [22:10, 13.8.2018] ..: i am happy that i can help you a bit. i dont like if you are so worried Tom
      [22:12, 13.8.2018] Tom Graham: I am really excited
      [22:13, 13.8.2018] Tom Graham: I will pay you back dearest
      [22:13, 13.8.2018] Tom Graham: With any percentage or interest you want
      [22:14, 13.8.2018] Tom Graham: I don't know what to say
      [22:14, 13.8.2018] Tom Graham: I am overwhelmed with your caring, beautiful spirit


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