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      I am doing good, how are you. We have very cold and windy weather over here in Switzerland, it is really winter. I look forward to springtime when everything is getting green.
      I am glad that i have never made bad experiences with drunk men. I like to drink alcohol from time to time, a good bottle of red wine with a nice dinner, or a drink in a bar. i dont like agressiv men, equality in a relationship must be. respect and honesty is the most important thing to build a relationship up.
      I wish you a great day and i hope to read from you very soon.
      How are you doing today? I'm so happy to someone like you dear. I really hope that with our daily exchange of letters we will get to know each other more and more. I believe in most cases the exciting thing about meeting and getting to know someone for the first time, is that you never know, they could end up being 'the one.' Judging someone is easy. Getting to know someone for who they really are takes effort, that's why it means something. Getting to know someone else involves curiosity about where they have come from, who they are. I don't really know you much at all, but you manage to slip your way into my dreams. I don't know how you do it, but I know one thing for sure, I want to get to know you more. Well I guess getting to know me also entails where I come from and I would like to tell you more about where I live and I would also be grateful if you could tell me more about where you live because if fate allows us I would not mind coming to visit you one day. Boston is the capital and largest city of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the United States. One of the oldest cities in the United States, Boston was founded on the Shawmut Peninsula in 1630 by Puritan settlers from England. The City of Boston hosts over 12 million annual visitors from across the country and around the globe. This vibrant, thriving city is renowned for its cultural facilities, world-class educational institutions, champion sports franchises, as well as its place at the very forefront of American history. Tourism is one of New England's largest industries; as the region's social and commercial "hub", Boston is willing to accommodate and entertain you as few other cities can. We have beautiful museums, parks, gardens, harbors and aquariums. I like to visit some of these places when I am free during the weekends. Well I think this should be enough about where I live and I would like to know about where you live. I am quite spontaneous I enjoy laughter and fun amongst people. I also have an outgoing personality, fun to be around, I have a good sense of humor, open minded and I take everyone as they are and I respect people not necessarily because of their age but by their level of maturity and the way they act, behave and solve when caught up in a difficult situation or any serious issues that may come their way. I am very adventurous person who is eager to learn more about my surroundings. I enjoy being amongst people who have love for one another and are non-judging of one another. I hope I do not sound boring with my story. In that case, I will ask for your permission first before telling you about myself just in case I will be boring you. Hoping that things will work out between us I would love for you to invite me so that I can come and visit you. My dear I just want you to be able to tell me anything. I am the type of man who will do anything or go anywhere to be with the woman I love. When my late wife passed away I was kept to myself but now I think the time is right for me to move on. I think it is our responsibility as partners to put an effort in this relationship to make sure it works. The unquestionable fact is that we are far from each other and I do not believe that distance can hinder anything that two people are willing to build. We can always send each other mails frequently and also talk on the phone often hearing each other’s voice but most of all I believe that our souls are together. One thing about me is I am very loyal and honest about what I want; I am not the type of man who will date many people at the same time when I believe I have found someone I stick to that person. I have always believed in treating people the same way I would want to be treated. I have always believed that a person can only have one soul mate so I think it is useless for me to date two or more people at the same time. I guess you really understand what I’m driving at, the choice is yours. Let me know what you think.

      Yours Sincerely,
      How are you doing? I hope you have been doing great all this while and enjoying your weekend. I woke up thinking I will get a letter from you because I kept checking my email every now and then for some days now but never received any letter from you which I do not think it is nice, if you continue not replying to my letters and waiting for me to always write to you and remind you to reply to my letters then I don't think you are serious with me and want the best out of our communication because if you do then you will always sacrifice time to read and reply to my letters on a daily basis. It is quite one sided for me to always remember to write you yet you do not make any effort to reply to my letters. I hope you will think about this and consider what I wrote.

      I am so sorry. But my mam had a accident and needs me right now. I will write to you soon. I miss your mails.
      How are you and how is your weekend going so far? am so sorry over your mother incident for I was so worried why you have not write to me since. My love I have missed your letters so much that when ever I wake up in the morning I will go through our previous correspondence just to make me feel a bit relief but it still make a whole difference from daily emails from you. Perhaps work has always been on just that this past few days I have been going to work with anxiety considering the fact that you do not write to me again. Have a wonderful day as I look forward to read from you and know how your mother is fairing.

      Your love,!!!Das ging aber wieder schnell

      I am so sorry it took me so Long to write to you. I was missing your mails. My mom is doing better, i am very happy about that. Now i will have time to get to know you better.
      I tell you about my hometown, it is in german, i hope you have a translater
      Die Stadt Luzern ist das gesellschaftliche und kulturelle Zentrum der Zentralschweiz.
      Die Stadt Luzern liegt am nordwestlichen Ufer des Vierwaldstättersees beim Ausfluss der Reuss. Die Reuss teilt die Stadt in die Altstadt und Neustadt. Die Kapellbrücke mit dem Wasserturm und die Spreuerbrücke verbinden die Alt- und Neustadt. Zu Luzern gehört auch die Exklave Bürgenstock. Die Lage zwischen See und den Bergen Pilatur und Rigi ist besonders malerisch und begünstigte die Entwicklung Luzerns als Fremdenstadt und frühe Hochburg des Tourismus ab 1840
      Der höchste Punkt der Gemeinde ist der Gipfel des Bürgenstock in der Exklave Bürgenstock mit einer Höhe von 1127,8 m. ü. M. Der tiefste Punkt ist am Rotsee auf 419 m ü. M.

      Aus Luzern kommen viele kulinarische Spezialitäten, wie zum Beispiel der Birnenweggen, Luzerner Lebkuchen, Luzerner Chügelipastete (Fleischpastete)
      Der FC Luzern spielt in der Super League, der höchsten Schweizer Fussballliga. Der FC Luzern Frauen spielt ebenfalls in der höchsten Liga, die Nationalliga genannt wird.
      Der HC Luzern spielt in der Regio League, der vierthöchsten Eishockey-Liga.
      Mit dem See-Club Luzern und dem Ruderclub Reuss Luzern gibt es zwei Rudervereine in der Stadt. Darüber hinaus gibt es auch noch einen Basketballverein, die Luzern Eagles, einen Tanzsportverein, den Rock'n'Roll Club Sixteen, sowie mit dem Rugby Club Luzern.
      Getting to know someone else involves curiosity about where they have come from, who they are.
      When my husband passed away I was kept to myself but now I think the time is right for me to move on. I think it is our responsibility as partners to put an effort in this relationship to make sure it works. The unquestionable fact is that we are far from each other and I do not believe that distance can hinder anything. One thing about me is I
      am very loyal and honest woman about what I want; I am not the type who will date many people at the same time when I believe I have found someone. I stick to that person. I hate lyers and Machos.
      I hope to hear from you very soon.

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      Its very nice to get to know you better. I will tell you more about me. I am a nurse in a privat small clinic here in luzern. I have a house little outside of luzern. My dogs and my garden are my life beside work. I know wild herbs very well. Since i am outside amyways with the dogs i collect herbs for the and to eat. So i keep me and my patients healthy. I love to go out and have fun in a bar, a pub, or at a concert with my friends and family.
      My partner died 3 years ago. So i know what you went truh i am also ready to move on and get into a new longtime relationship.
      Hope to hear from you very soon
      I am so sorry for the death of your husband, I have gone through those dark days when I lost my wife so I really know what it means and how it hurts when you lose loved ones but death is an inevitable act which can never be avoided, so I really think and believe that the most important thing is being strong and bouncing back to life when we lose loved ones. Don’t you think so?
      Hi dear Lisa.

      How are you doing today and how is your Sunday going so far? I hope it is going well. I am quite happy to receive your letters and to know that there is someone out there. I was so glad when I saw the letter you sent to me describing yourself and your life to me because I feel that people should always get to know each other first before taking any other further steps in life. Well to tell you more about my life, my father is from the United States and my mother is actually from Scotland but before my father passed away he was working for the American government as a secret agent and my mother was working for the World Health Organization but she is now retired and she is now 70 years old. Well I do not have any siblings I am the only child in my family, which led to my parents giving me special attention all the time but despite that I went to normal schools and I was quite intelligent and also very active in sports, and until now I am still quite active in the gym and other sports like table tennis, though I now prefer mind games like chess or snooker. I would also like to tell you more about my normal week when I am not working offshore. I usually get up at 7.30am and from there I go straight downstairs to prepare my morning coffee which has to be black and without sugar, I have my morning coffee whilst watching the morning news, then I go to shower and leave the house by 8.15am and usually by 9am I am in the office depending on the traffic or how congested the roads will be. I finish work at 5pm but usually I stay behind in the office and leave the office maybe around 6.30pm. If I am not too tired I will go to the gym but if I am exhausted I will just pass through a restaurant and buy some take away that I can warm when I get home. I will shower then go to bed. During the weekends I prefer staying indoors resting, cleaning up my house or visiting my mother. Every day I come back home from work unless if I am working out of the country on an offshore duty. I am also not the choosy type when it comes to food, I am keen to try out new things and as someone who is constantly traveling I eat almost everything. When it comes to movies I like watching detective and fiction movies. I listen to any beautiful meaningful music but mostly I like R&B music. I am 6 inches which is (182cm) tall and I weigh about 179lbs which is (81kg). When it comes to politics I do not really take any sides because I am not really interested though I like our president Donald Trump. This is all I have to share with you for now; hopefully I have expressed myself and answered to all your questions very well. I would like you to tell me more about yourself. I just thought I should let you know that I am new to social sites because I used to see it as if I am selling and exposing myself to the whole world. Nevertheless when I went to visit my friend Barry I listened to his advice as he was successful in meeting his current wife. Well with time I have started accepting it and at the moment I am happy that I am getting to know you. I have been single ever since the death of my late wife and I hope that our acquaintance will grow with time into a love, care and mature relationship. I will stop here for now, hoping to hear from you soon and you can also tell me more about yourself. Take good care of yourself and have a blissful day

      thanks for your letter and for shearing your lifestory with me.
      my parents are both from Switzerland and i have never left switzerland to live somewere else.
      The first thing in the morning is a walk with the dogs, then back home coffee, mostly more then just 1. I work in shifts, that means, every day i have different working hours. I love that, every day the same, bores me very fast.
      My sunday is going well, i went to church early in the morning, and now i am at work. and i have to go and work some more. What did you do today?
      Hope to hear from you soon

      How are you doing?.. Thank you very much for the beautiful letter you sent to me I must say I really enjoyed reading it and getting to know more about you because I believe this is the critical stage of any relation. My dear I am so happy with our acquaintance and I would like you to know that it is now a norm for me that every day when I wake up I have to check my mail to see if you have written me and I also believe that your letters make me smile. This is when we are accepting all the good and bad about each other. It's a great thing to aspire to. The hard part is actually doing it. When it comes to understanding others, we rarely tax our imaginations. I also believe that Continuous understanding goes with love, courage, respect, discovery and acceptance of mistakes. My dear I would like you to know that I am a man who feels so sad when I see men who mistreat and disrespect women because I believe if it was not for women we all would not have been here so I am a man who has got so much respect for women and I believe all women should be treated with respect because I believe there are only three things to be done with a woman. You can love her, suffer for her, or turn her into literature. I often hear about cases whereby the man was drunk and beat the wife or mistreated her and I think to myself what type of man does such a thing? This is one of the reasons I do not drink alcohol often and when I drink it will just be one glass of wine once in a while because most of the men I have come across they cannot control themselves after drinking alcohol. On the other hand, I do not have anything against alcohol just the actions one portrays after drinking the alcohol is what concerns me. I equally do not have anything against people who smoke though I prefer living a healthy lifestyle I respect everyone’s choice regarding how he or she wants to live their life. I will be waiting to hear from you. Have a lovely day.

      Your's sincerely,

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      Hi Lisa. How are you doing?.. I hope everything is going well. I would like to thank you for providing me with your email address I hope that we can always write to each other and get to know each other. First of all I would like to tell you more about myself and I would like you to feel free and ask me anything, I will be glad to answer you since that is part of the process of getting to know each other. I would like to commend that you really look nice on the picture which is on your profile and I hope you do not mind if we can get to know more about each other besides the information which we provided on our profiles. Well to start with, my name is Scott Brian What? Grund warum ich ihn faul nenneand I was born on the 25th of May in 1967 and I am currently 50 years old. I live and work in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. My father passed away some years back but my mother is also here in Massachusetts though she was born and bred in the Great Britain. I work as a Petroleum and Geo-systems Engineer at Shell here in Massachusetts and I have been working here for quite some time now. To tell you more about my job it is concerned with Petroleum engineering which is an exciting field of professionals dedicated to providing energy that powers a modern society. Petroleum and Geo-systems engineers are able to address and solve important issues that will lead to energy security. Petroleum engineers increasingly use advanced computers, not only in analysis of exploration data and simulation of reservoir behavior, but also in automation of oilfield production and drilling operations. Usually I work from the office and occasionally I have to go offshore to supervise oil drilling and refineries. Well enough about my job, I would like to hear about yours and anything else that interests you because as for me I like traveling though I am always working. Being a single person, working so much without having much time for myself, I spend most of my time in high sea when I go for offshore and I just enjoy it though it’s very tiring. During the weekends I usually prefer resting at home or playing snooker or chess games or visiting my mother and her nanny. Well I could go on and on but I would like you to ask me questions and I would also like to know what you like doing during weekends or holidays? Do you like traveling? What do you like and dislike and anything you feel like sharing with a stranger who wants to be a friend. I’m not really photogenic but I have attached some of my pictures for you, I hope you will like them.
      Sorry that it took me so long to write you back. I am very busy lately. I am a single woman. I work as a nurse. I am 45 years old and live together with my 2 dogs in a nice house with a big garden. In my free time i love to be with friends and family and i love long walkes thru the woods. My parents are still alive and very activ. I did not do lots of travelling in my life. But now i am looking for a man to chere life and hope for some travelling together.
      Thanks for your pictures. I look forward to get to know you better.

      How are you and how was your day? I am so glad to hear from you and to know that I now have a companion that I can always talk to and get to know. It is quite an amazing feeling to know that you are equally interested in getting to know me. Well for you to know more about me I would love to tell you about my education life that is which school I attended and what I studied. To start with I did my Bachelor Honors degree in Petroleum and Geo-system engineering at Stanford University in California and I went on to do Master’s degree in Business at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland which is where I met my one and only close friend Barry. Barry still lives in Scotland and is now married to a lady called Ina. They introduced me on that site while I was on vacation. I luckily came across your profile and sent you a message. I was overwhelmed with the hospitality my friend’s wife gave me while I was there for my vacation. My friend met her on that site they got acquainted and eventually finally married. They are happily married and they have a son. I got interested in meeting a lady from this dating site because of her kindness, care and hospitality that's how they introduced me on that site where I came across your profile and sent you a message. Well I had to look for a friend to get acquainted to because ever since my wife’s sudden death I was so broken and I felt that the world had fallen into pieces for a very long time after she passed away I decided to keep my life to myself and bury myself with work. I engaged in very little socializing and definitely I could not date anyone. I was not ready for it all. It took me some time to get over it and be ready to face the world again. My mother and my friend Barry were with me through it all and they always encouraged me to let go and find peace within my heart. They also encouraged me to move on and I honestly think I am finally ready to move on and meet someone whom I can get to know and if all go well live my life with. I am hoping to meet a woman who is decent and who is looking for a serious relationship. I am not looking for someone who just wants to have fun only. I want a real woman who can be my life partner and I wish to shower her with love, respect and pampering. I just want her to be the happiest woman alive and I want us to share the best memories so that when her time comes, God forbid, she will leave me with the best memories that I will cherish until my time comes and I will join her. I am saying all these things because I used to see my mother she was deeply in love with my father and when he passed away in 1996 she still cherishes every single moment that she spent with my father and she is waiting patiently for the time that she will join him. Well I usually like going to Scotland, Spain and France for my vacations of which I only get to do so twice a year only because of my tight schedule at work. But I hope in the near future I get to travel more because I love traveling. I think this is enough for now even though I am always busy with work I will always try to devote sometime to get to know you better. Please do let me know what you think and you can always write to me anytime. I will be waiting to hear from you,

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      Nö. Mir schreibt er nicht mehr seit mittag. Bei mir wohnt er in london und wir schreiben in englisch

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      At the saloon shop this morning


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      Was steht denn da auf dem Foto für nen Namen. Jet Welch, der RPO?

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      Hello Bryan,
      Mir geht es gut, wir haben sehr viel Schnee erhalten und hatten viel zu tun mit Schneeschaufeln und das Internet hat auch nicht gearbeitet.
      Wie geht es dir?
      Mit diesem Pass kann ich nicht zur Bank gehen, der ist unscharf, ich brauche eine Kopie des Passes, nichts irgendein kopiertes Dokument. Und die Adresse des Empfängers ist auch wichtig.
      Du hast mir doch gesagt, der Name des Empfängers sei Clinton, was ist mit Clinton passiert, warum nun doch nicht?

      Danke, dass du meine Zeit verschwendet hast. Gott segne dich

    • S.Eich hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Joe Cross" geschrieben. 12.01.2018

      Die Adresse des Empfängers hab ich doch, oder was ist das für eine Adresse?

    • S.Eich hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Joe Cross" geschrieben. 12.01.2018

      Danke Suisselady für die Infos.

      Habs schon an Alan weitergeleitet

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      Hab Konto und Passkopie erhalten!

      Account name :Godwin Unurhieri

      Account Number :0106953054

      Swift Code:GTBINGLA



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      Wann immer Sie Geld senden möchten, nehmen Sie immer das Empfänger-Passfoto? Sie brauchen das nicht zu übertragen.
      Für Ueberweisungen nach Afrika brauchen wir das
      Mo., 16:13
      das ist unmöglich .. du meinst niemand kann Geld aus der Schweiz schicken? Warum lügst du ? Du bist nicht zur Bank gegangen und jetzt weißt du alles ... willst du mir wirklich helfen?
       Mo., 19:54
      Hello my dear 
      Heute 17:16
      Hello. Natürlich will ich dir helfen. Seit ich mit dir zu tun habe habe ich vieles über bankgeschäfte gelernt.
      Wie geht es dir? Wie laufen die geschäfte?
      Mir geht es gut und alles ist in Ordnung .. Wie war dein Tag?
      Heute war es kalt und neblig im wald. Alles gut bei mir. Und bei dir?
      also was willst du jetzt machen? Sie brauchen nur eine ID der Person, an die Sie das Geld senden?
      Und adresse und natürlich ein konto!

      ok if that what you want 
      Kannst du mir alles auf email senden damit ich es ausdrucken kann zum mitnehmen auf die bank?
      Ok i will do that 
      Ja. Mach das

      Jetzt sind sie hoffentlich mit Basteln abgelenkt.

    • S.Eich hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Joe Cross" geschrieben. 08.01.2018

      Lieber du weißt, ich kann mich hier nicht zurückziehen .. was ist, wenn du an meine Angestellten schickst, die nach Afrika gereist sind ... also schickst du zu ihm und er bringt mich zu mir ... was denkst du?
      Ich brauche seine Kontodaten, seinen vollen Namen und Adresse und eine Kopie von seinem Passport
      hab ich was vergessen?

      wie kann ich dir seinen pass schicken? alles was ich habe ist seine account details .. sein name ist Clinton.
      Kann ich Ihnen seine Kontodaten schicken?
      Er soll dir eine Kopie machen und du schickst sie dann mir. Ich brauche dies, damit ich eine Ueberweisung machen kann

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      Tatsächlich, da ist er wieder und gibt Gas:

      Ich weiß nicht, was mit meinem Skype passiert ist .. Ich vermisse dich auch Schatz und ich dachte, ich habe dich verloren .. Ich habe gerade mit meiner Mutter gesprochen und jetzt wird wieder schlafen.
      Wie geht es dir?
      Mir geht es gut Schatz .. Arbeit gerade jetzt .. ich mache Vorräte .. Aber wenig müde .. ich vermisse dich.Macht Vorräte, scheint ein Hamster zu sein
      arbeitest Du jetzt ?
      Ich bin auch müde. Hab einen erfolgreichen tag! Ja heute nachmittag ist waldarbeit angesagt aber jetzt werde ich erst ein schläfchen machen
      Gut, dass du dich ausruhst .. ich vermisse dich, Schatz, wie geht es deiner Familie?
      Meiner familie gehts gut. Ich vermisse dich auch
      Ich fühlte mich schlecht, weil Emily Weihnachten und Neujahr nicht mit dir verbracht hat.
      Es muss hart sein für sie ohne vater für so eine lange zeit!
      Ja meine Liebe .. Aber es ist ok .. wir reden immer am Telefon und auch auf Skype.
      Das ist gut
      Wie geht es deinen Kindern ?
      Jasmin geht es gut. Sie kann noch nicht viel arbeiten draussen mit den tieren. Sie ist noch schwach. Wir bräuchten alle ferien!
      Ok Liebling, mach dir keine Sorgen, es wird dir gut gehen, okay? Ich werde sie immer in meine Gebete setzen .. Liebe bitte, ich brauche einen Gefallen von dir.

      Ich habe mit dem Diplomaten gesprochen und ihm gesagt, er soll das Geld schicken, wenn ich mit dir in der Schweiz bin.

      Sehr geehrter Herr, können Sie den Transfer zu mir machen ... damit ich ihn selbst benutzen kann. Bitte alles, was ich jetzt brauche, ist 800 Euro
      So, nun sind wir schwul

    • S.Eich hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Joe Cross" geschrieben. 07.01.2018

      Meine mail wurde geöffnet, mit dieser  
      IP Address
      diese ist neu in meiner whoreadme Sammlung von Bryan

      Diese Gruppe scammer senden lieber die emails herum als sie zu beantworten.

    • S.Eich hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Joe Cross" geschrieben. 06.01.2018

      Ich habe mich nicht schön um ihn gekümmert, ich brauchte eine Pause

    • S.Eich hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Joe Cross" geschrieben. 06.01.2018

      Fortsetzung vom 28.12.
      Es geht ihr noch nicht wirklich gut, aber wenigstens ist sie zu hause, jetzt braucht sie viel Betreuung. Es ist viel los hier auf dem Hof, weil alle noch eine Silvestergans kaufen wollen. Leider sind um diese Jahreszeit alle gestresst anstatt das sie es geniessen. Der Januar wird ruhig werden und so werden wir uns alle ausruhen können.

      Wie geht es dir? Was machst du eigentlich den ganzen Tag so?

      Kann man noch im Meer schwimmen?
      ja natürlich kann ich jederzeit schwimmen .. du hast zu Abend gegessen?
      Oh das ist ja cool, ich würde jeden Tag baden im Meer.
      Ja ich habe sehr fein gegessen, Chnöpfli und Hackbraten mit Erbsli und Rüebli

      Hast du gegessen?
      How are you dear
      Schön von dir zu hören! Wie geht es dir? Was machst du an sylvester?
      mir geht es gut danke .. ich werde heute abend in die kirche gehen .. und du?
      Ich werde mit der familie sein
      ok .. ich wünsche dir eine gute Zeit mit ihnen .. hast du an den Diplomaten geschrieben
      Muss mit jasmin schauen ob sie geschrieben hat
      ok, hoffentlich später mit dir zu reden.
      Er:Happy New Year to you dera 
      Happy new year to you!
      Hallo bryan
      Wie geht es dir? Was hast du an sylvester gemacht?
      Bei uns auf dem hof wird es ruhiger sein in nächster zeit. Da bin ich sehr froh
      Der diplomat meldet sich nicht? Warum denn nicht?
      Wir kommunizieren über Hangout und sein Profilbild ist weg und nur noch der Buchstabe B ist da
      Das ist gut .. Wie geht es deinem Tag? Mir wurde ein Vertrag von der Firma angeboten, die mir Geld gehört.
      hast du dem Diplomaten geantwortet?
      Was für ein vertrag?
      Ich versorgte hier eine Firma mit Rohöl.
      Ok Lieber ..
      Wie geht es dir mein lieber?
      5.1. 5:11 Uhr
      ok darling .. i just arrived home now .. i really had a good time with my mom and my son but her partner behave very weird tonight but its ok .. 

      what are you doing now darling ? i'll now get ready to sleep 

      Da hat er sich geirrt, er hat eine Tochter und ist ganz alleine auf Zypern in einem Hotel. Er hats wohl gemerkt und mich geblockt. Habe ihm eine email geschrieben, mal schauen was passiert. Hat sich meine Finanzmanagerin/Schwiegertochter/Suisselady beim Diplomaten gemeldet?

    • S.Eich hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Joe Cross" geschrieben. 28.12.2017

      Ich: (In der Hoffnung das mit dem Diplomaten geht vorwärts)
      Hallo lieber Bryan, gestern Abend war viel andrang am Computer, da wir so lange keinen hatten, da konnte ich nicht mehr dran

      Jasmin ist wieder zu hause, sie ist noch schwach, aber sie hat gesagt, sie werde mit deinem Diplomaten schreiben, damit du und Emily so schnell wie möglich in die Schweiz kommen könnt.

      Was hat Emily an weihnachten gemacht? Was für Geschenke hat sie bekommen?

      Ich weiß es nicht, weil ich nicht bei ihr bin ... wir reden manchmal über Skype aber es geht ihr gut .. ich bin froh, dass es Jasmin gut geht .. wie geht es dir und wie war dein Tag?


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