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    • polarforscher hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Helio Junior " geschrieben. 03.09.2018

      Dann werde ich mal schauen ob ich was bekomme....

      Wenn er was zusammengefummelt hat warum hat er dann mit rot drüber markiert...? Manchmal verstehe ich die Mugus nicht.....

    • polarforscher hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Helio Junior " geschrieben. 02.09.2018

      Am Freitag 31.08.2018 hat er mir dieses Foto gesendet....

      Ich gehe davon aus das "S C " steht für Simon Casey

      Ist Casey sein zweiter Vorname ? und Gaheja ist sein Nachname ?

    • polarforscher hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Helio Junior " geschrieben. 02.09.2018

      Am Abend habe ich ihm ein Foto von meiner Belastung auf meinem Konto gemacht (ich war in der Bastelstube ) und natürlich gesendet.

      .....vieleicht hat sein Nachbar Simon sich das Geld unter den Nagel gerissen

      29.08.18, 22:27 - Sandra:
      Can you trust Simon?

      29.08.18, 22:28 - Lucas:
      Yes my love he cant do me harm,i think it just hasn't
      reflected yet

      29.08.18, 22:30 - Sandra:
      could you look into his account?

      29.08.18, 22:31 - Lucas:
      Yes tomorrow morning I will go to his house baby

      29.08.18, 22:31 - Lucas:
      And check this myself if possible go to the bank with
      him and see what's going on

      29.08.18, 22:32 - Sandra:
      Yes, please do that. I'm scared of the money

      29.08.18, 22:33 - Lucas:
      No my love don't be scared sweety

      29.08.18, 22:33 - Lucas:
      Maybe its because its 25t

      29.08.18, 22:40 - Sandra:
      It's hard for me to say goodbye to you for today but
      my alarm will ring in five hours ..

      29.08.18, 22:41 - Lucas:
      Yes my love I understand

      29.08.18, 22:41 - Lucas:
      May the heavens protect you for me I send you sweet
      kisses all over your lips

      29.08.18, 22:42 - Sandra:
      I wish you a restful night. Sleep
      well and dream of us. See you later in the dreamland.

      29.08.18, 22:43 - Lucas:
      Ok my baby we would meet in the dream land and make
      love my sunshine

    • polarforscher hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Helio Junior " geschrieben. 02.09.2018

      29.08.18, 10:31 - Lucas:
      My love Simon again checked his account the money isn't
      here yet please when you go into the bank contact me from there before going
      back to the station ok because I really don't understand all this

      29.08.18, 10:34 - Sandra:
      Yes honey, I will ask the banker why it is still not
      booked. I do not understand that either. I have often transferred abroad but
      never had such a case.

      29.08.18, 10:35 - Lucas:
      Thats why they have to really explain because normally
      by this morning it should be here

      29.08.18, 10:36 - Lucas:
      That's why we need to ask questions when you go there
      please if its out of your account then we don't have any problem,if not she has
      to make sure its booked

      29.08.18, 10:44 - Sandra:
      I will clarify that today.

      29.08.18, 10:45 - Lucas:
      Ok baby

      29.08.18, 14:03 - Sandra:
      I'm on my way to the bank

      29.08.18, 14:03 - Lucas:
      Ok my love

      29.08.18, 14:04 - Lucas:
      From in there lets chat so we know what's really going

      29.08.18, 14:04 - Sandra:
      yes Sir

      29.08.18, 14:05 - Lucas:
      Ok madam

      29.08.18, 14:34 - Sandra:
      The money is deducted from my account. 25 000 euros
      plus fee. I do not see it on the bank statement. But the banker showed it to me
      on the computer screen.

      29.08.18, 14:34 - Lucas:
      Well i think its better this way now my love

      29.08.18, 14:34 - Lucas:
      What was their reason for the delay

      29.08.18, 14:36 - Sandra:
      Since England does not belong to the EU, it takes
      longer and longer. He says it takes three to four days always.

      29.08.18, 14:36 - Lucas: Oooh

      29.08.18, 14:36 - Lucas:
      Because of the brexit

      29.08.18, 14:37 - Lucas:
      Before it could come very quick even in a day Thats why
      i found it strange it wasn't deducted all this while my love

      29.08.18, 14:38 - Sandra:
      Now it's gone off and I think Simon has it in his
      account tomorrow.

      29.08.18, 14:38 - Lucas:
      I would tell him my love

      29.08.18, 14:38 - Lucas:
      Are you expecting goods today also??

      29.08.18, 15:04 - Sandra:
      No, no goods are coming today.

      29.08.18, 15:05 - Lucas:
      Oh ok my love

      29.08.18, 15:05 - Lucas:
      Is it still very busy?

      29.08.18, 15:20 - Sandra:
      I have to go to the office

      29.08.18, 15:21 - Lucas:
      ok my love later

    • polarforscher hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Helio Junior " geschrieben. 02.09.2018

      Am 27.08. habe ich dann einen neuen Überweisungsschein gemacht

      Nachdem ich meinem "Schatz" geschrieben hatte das ich ihn zur Bank gebracht habe wollte er natürlich den Beleg per Whatsapp....

      27.08.18, 14:42 - Lucas:
      Ok my love please the bank receipt if you don't mind so
      I can forward it to Simon again

      27.08.18, 14:42 - Sandra:
      Why do I always have to send this to you?

      27.08.18, 14:43 - Lucas:
      Ooh no just to show Simon since you did it

      27.08.18, 14:43 - Lucas:
      Why Is this a problem

      27.08.18, 14:43 - Sandra:
      does not he believe you?

      27.08.18, 14:44 - Lucas:

      27.08.18, 14:44 - Lucas:
      Thats never the issue

      27.08.18, 14:44 - Sandra:
      No, but it is annoying...

      27.08.18, 14:44 - Lucas:
      He is a good friend of mine

      27.08.18, 14:44 - Lucas:
      Sorry if it annoys you

      27.08.18, 14:49 - Lucas:
      The way you said it made me feel very shy

      27.08.18, 14:49 - Lucas:
      Sometimes i feel shy of the things you say it embarrass

      27.08.18, 14:50 - Lucas:
      But you the boss what can I do

      27.08.18, 14:51 - Sandra: Yes, I am the boss.

      27.08.18, 14:52 - Sandra:
      Yes I always say what I think ...

      27.08.18, 14:52 - Lucas:
      Yes I know you always say what you think but remember
      am your man

      27.08.18, 14:52 - Lucas:
      The one who will love with you

      27.08.18, 14:54 - Sandra:
      You mean just because you're going to love with me will I
      shut up? No never...

      27.08.18, 14:54 - Lucas:

      27.08.18, 14:54 - Lucas:
      My goodness

      27.08.18, 14:55 - Lucas:
      This woman is crazy

      27.08.18, 14:55 - Lucas:
      Oh my baby

      27.08.18, 14:55 - Lucas:
      You will kill me with your words

      27.08.18, 14:57 - Sandra:
      No, I will only kill you if I do not get my money

      27.08.18, 14:58 - Lucas:
      You can't kill me because the love is bigger than this

      27.08.18, 14:58 - Lucas:
      Its you I really need and want am crazy about you

      27.08.18, 14:59 - Sandra:
      Mike has my vehicle registration...
      So do not be so sure ..

      27.08.18, 15:00 - Lucas:
      What registration

      27.08.18, 15:00 - Lucas:
      Dont understand

      27.08.18, 15:00 - Sandra:
      from my lotus.

      27.08.18, 15:01 - Lucas:
      Can uou write it longer explaining because I don't

      27.08.18, 15:01 - Lucas:
      Say it somehow again please

      27.08.18, 15:03 - Sandra:
      I have a registration card that I always have to carry
      with me. And a letter for my car. Only with the letter can you sell a car. And
      Mike has this letter from my Lotus.

      27.08.18, 15:04 - Lucas:
      Ooh somehow I think i understand

      27.08.18, 15:04 - Lucas:
      So it means you can only sell the lotus with this
      letter am I correct?

      27.08.18, 15:05 - Sandra:
      Yes exactly. And I had to give this letter to Mike.

      27.08.18, 15:06 - Lucas:
      Ooh that shouldn't be a problem I get what you trying
      to say now my love

      27.08.18, 15:06 - Lucas:
      Mike will have his money when am paid my love so we can
      have the paper back

      27.08.18, 15:07 - Sandra:
      I want to hope for you !!! (Bombe)

      27.08.18, 15:08 - Lucas:
      There won't be any bomb because we won't be needing it

      27.08.18, 15:10 - Sandra:
      I have to keep working ... until later my dear...kiss

      27.08.18, 15:11 - Lucas:
      later my love kiss kiss

    • polarforscher hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Helio Junior " geschrieben. 26.08.2018

      24.08.18, 09:25 - Lucas:
      Good morning my sunshine,,are you ok?

      24.08.18, 09:32 - Sandra:
      Good Morning my love, please wait...

      24.08.18, 09:44 - Lucas:
      Since you are busy I will leave you to work my love in
      between you can send me a message

      24.08.18, 09:44 - Lucas:
      Love you

      24.08.18, 09:45 -
      Sandra: I love you more

      24.08.18, 09:45 - Lucas: Herz Herz Herz

      24.08.18, 10:54 - Sandra:
      I'll send you a kiss...

      24.08.18, 10:56 - Lucas:
      Thank you my baby,my sweet love,,my love I was thinking
      is it possible when you free a little to walk to the bank and ask what's going
      on with the transfer or check with the account?

      24.08.18, 10:58 - Sandra:
      Yes, this afternoon I go to the bank. Then I will long
      if it is booked.

      24.08.18, 10:59 - Lucas:
      Thank you sweety

      24.08.18, 10:59 - Lucas:
      If its Still hasn't left then tell them to speed it up

      24.08.18, 10:59 - Sandra:
      I will check if it is booked

      24.08.18, 11:00 - Lucas:
      In case Simon also receives it I will let you know but
      for now nothing

      24.08.18, 11:07 - Sandra:
      OK. I will ask later at my bank.

      24.08.18, 11:07 - Lucas:
      Ok sweety,kiss

      24.08.18, 14:35 - Sandra:
      Honey, who say in the bank that they can not record
      that. Something is wrong with Simon's account. You have to see if the IBAN
      number is correct.

      24.08.18, 14:35 - Lucas:
      Wait please

      24.08.18, 14:36 - Lucas:
      Let me check

      24.08.18, 14:36 - Sandra:

      24.08.18, 14:41 - Lucas:
      The IBAN is correct my love

      24.08.18, 14:46 - Lucas:
      Are you at the bank now

      24.08.18, 14:57 - Sandra:
      No, I'm back at the gas station. I'm getting new

      24.08.18, 14:58 - Lucas:
      Oh ok my love

      24.08.18, 14:58 - Lucas:
      He said the account is working

      24.08.18, 14:58 - Lucas:
      He just gave me the other account

      24.08.18, 15:06 - Sandra:
      Later honey, I have to control the goods

      24.08.18, 15:07 - Lucas:
      Ok sweety

      24.08.18, 15:12 - Lucas:
      I have just being looking at the receipt you sent me
      sweet the IBAN is GB10MYMB23058027020075

      24.08.18, 15:13 - Lucas:
      On the receipt you sent its GB10M4MB I think this is
      the problem

      24.08.18, 15:16 - Sandra:
      I'll see it later...okay

      24.08.18, 15:16 - Lucas: Sure my love

      24.08.18, 21:18 - Sandra:
      Hi my love
      I'm done here at the gas station. I will go home now. See you later,
      sweetie ...

      24.08.18, 21:19 - Lucas:
      Ok sweety

      24.08.18, 21:20 - Lucas:
      Am not happy at all but when you get home we talk

      24.08.18, 21:20 - Sandra:
      Yes I'll contact you when I'm done with the shower.

      24.08.18, 21:21 - Lucas:
      Ok baby

      24.08.18, 22:10 - Sandra:
      So honey, I'm home and finished with the shower ....

      24.08.18, 22:10 - Sandra:
      What do you mean is the problem with the transfer

      24.08.18, 22:11 - Lucas:
      Look on the receipt you sent me

      24.08.18, 22:11 - Lucas:
      And check the IBAN again

      24.08.18, 22:11 - Lucas:
      I have just being looking at the receipt you sent me
      sweet the IBAN is GB10MYMB23058027020075

      24.08.18, 22:11 - Lucas:
      This is the correct one

      24.08.18, 22:11 - Lucas:
      On the receipt you sent its GB10M4MB I think this is
      the problem

      24.08.18, 22:12 - Lucas:
      On the receipt its this way

      24.08.18, 22:13 - Sandra:
      It's a Y but I think the bank has seen it as 4 ...

      24.08.18, 22:14 - Lucas:

      24.08.18, 22:14 - Lucas:
      So that's the problem

      24.08.18, 22:14 - Sandra: Da habe ich aber unordentlich geschrieben
      Oh FUCK

      24.08.18, 22:15 - Lucas:
      I beg you seriously monday early morning can you do
      this for me I beg you baby because It can't enter next week I know how busy you
      are but find just 20 minutes of your time early in the morning for me ok

      24.08.18, 22:15 - Lucas:
      And tell them to make it express so I can receive it
      same day please ok

      24.08.18, 22:17 - Sandra:
      I'm sorry. I'm from 6-13 clock at the cash register.
      How should I go to the bank ??? I can not close the gas station ...

      24.08.18, 22:18 - Lucas:
      The bank should have even called you to check this from
      you instead of not saying anything

      24.08.18, 22:20 - Sandra:
      How could my bank have called? They give the data to
      the computer. Everything else does not matter to them. they do not check if it
      is booked.

      24.08.18, 22:21 - Lucas:
      If there is something wrong they call to say they
      cancelled it because of the bank information

      24.08.18, 22:23 - Sandra:
      How should they know that it is wrong. I told my bank
      today why the money is not yet booked. And then the banker said that the IBAN is
      not correct.

      24.08.18, 22:23 - Lucas:
      I understand my love

      24.08.18, 22:24 - Sandra:
      If my worker comes at 1pm I will do it at 2pm.

      24.08.18, 22:24 - Lucas:
      But like I am saying how would you know if the iban
      isn't right when no one informs you

      24.08.18, 22:25 - Lucas:
      Ok my love when you go let the banker mal sure she or
      he writes the correct IBAN and tell them you want it express so I can receive it
      Monday ok please

      24.08.18, 22:27 - Sandra:
      I do not know if it work. I
      will ask the banker.

      24.08.18, 22:28 - Lucas:
      Ok baby,,they have the express if you request for it
      from them sometimes you get it the same day even from another country

      24.08.18, 22:29 - Sandra:
      I will do my best

      24.08.18, 22:30 - Lucas: Thank you my baby

      24.08.18, 22:30 - Lucas:
      Have you had dinner??

      24.08.18, 22:31 - Sandra:
      No my love

      24.08.18, 22:31 - Lucas:
      Can you please contact me from the bank when you go so
      we cross check if they wrote everything well before going back to the gas

      24.08.18, 22:34 - Sandra:
      Yes I'll do it

      24.08.18, 22:35 - Lucas:

      24.08.18, 22:35 - Lucas:
      Are you not feeling hungry its late

      24.08.18, 22:35 - Lucas:
      I haven't ate anything but I don't worry because I lost
      my appetite

      24.08.18, 22:37 - Sandra:
      I ate a roll in the late afternoon. I had it left from
      breakfast. But I'm not hungry now.

      24.08.18, 22:38 - Sandra:
      You have no appetite?

      24.08.18, 22:38 - Lucas:
      Yes because seriously the situation made me lose it
      because I just want this solved once and for all and come for you because I want
      to be in your arms

      24.08.18, 22:39 - Sandra:
      Yes, I understand that. I'm really sorry

      24.08.18, 22:40 - Lucas:
      No it not your fault baby

      24.08.18, 22:40 - Lucas:
      I know you very busy but you still somehow find time
      for me I cherish you for this

      24.08.18, 22:40 - Lucas:
      Thank you my baby

      24.08.18, 22:42 - Sandra:
      Because I love you

      24.08.18, 22:43 - Lucas:
      This love means a lot for me and I love you back

      24.08.18, 22:53 - Sandra:
      I have to sleep now. My alarm clock rings in five

      24.08.18, 22:53 - Lucas:
      Come into my dreams

      24.08.18, 22:53 - Sandra:
      Yes I will...

      24.08.18, 22:54 - Lucas:
      Yes I know you have to wake up early so I will leave
      you to sleep now my baby

      24.08.18, 22:56 - Sandra:
      Yes my love, I wish you a good night
      Sleep well and wonderful dreams

      24.08.18, 22:56 - Sandra:
      kiss kiss kiss

      24.08.18, 22:56 - Lucas:
      I send you many kisses my baby

      24.08.18, 22:56 - Lucas:
      Till tomorrow my sunshine

    • polarforscher hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Helio Junior " geschrieben. 26.08.2018

      23.08.18, 07:27 - Sandra:
      Good Morning my sweetheart. I wish you a nice day. I
      do not have much time to write. I think of you

      23.08.18, 08:20 - Lucas:
      This is much better my sunshine,,with this if you are
      busy at work I would understand because I have news from you in the morning

      23.08.18, 08:21 - Lucas:
      am just waking up I love you very much and again made
      love to you in my sleep

      23.08.18, 09:12 - Sandra:
      I love you my love

      23.08.18, 09:14 - Lucas:
      I miss you very much this morning just in bed relaxing
      and thinking of you beside me

      23.08.18, 09:14 - Lucas:
      Love you more and more

      23.08.18, 12:50 - Lucas:
      Sunflower I hope your day is going normal??

      23.08.18, 12:50 - Lucas:
      And you not stresssing yourself too

      23.08.18, 14:02 - Sandra:
      Yes, everything is fine so far.

      23.08.18, 14:02 - Lucas:
      Ok madam

      23.08.18, 14:02 - Lucas:
      Are you taking time off for a break??

      23.08.18, 14:03 - Sandra:
      No later...

      23.08.18, 14:04 - Lucas:
      That means you are still working the baby?

      23.08.18, 14:28 - Sandra:
      Now I'm taking a coffee break

      23.08.18, 14:29 - Lucas:
      You and your coffee

      23.08.18, 14:30 - Lucas:
      Let me ask my love is the money off your account
      already can you check,??

      23.08.18, 14:32 - Sandra:
      No darling from here I can not check it. Only from
      home. My computer is equipped with a virus program.

      23.08.18, 14:32 - Lucas:
      Ooh ok my love

      23.08.18, 14:32 - Lucas:
      It's no problem I understand this
      23.08.18, 14:50 - Sandra:
      See you later

      23.08.18,19:42 - Sandra:
      Hi my darling, I went to my mother. She called me and
      asked if I would come to dinner.

      23.08.18,19:45 - Lucas:
      Okay my love...later...I love you

      23.08.18, 21:50 - Sandra:
      I am home. Are you there?

      23.08.18, 21:51 - Sandra:
      I looked at my account at home. The money has not been

      23.08.18, 21:51 - Sandra:
      Maybe tomorrow.

      23.08.18, 21:54 - Lucas:
      Yes am here my love

      23.08.18, 21:54 - Lucas:
      It's taking longer then

      23.08.18, 21:55 - Lucas:
      Have you left mums place now

      23.08.18, 21:56 - Sandra:
      Yes I am at home. Otherwise I would not have been able
      to look at my account...

      23.08.18, 21:56 - Lucas:

      23.08.18, 21:56 - Lucas:
      Yes my love sorry

      23.08.18, 21:57 - Lucas:
      The bank is slow then since its being close to 2 days

      23.08.18, 21:57 - Lucas:
      Let's wait till tomorrow then

      23.08.18, 21:58 - Sandra:
      You are not allowed to count tuesday.

      23.08.18, 21:58 - Lucas:
      Allowed to count?

      23.08.18, 21:58 - Lucas:
      Don't understand

      23.08.18, 21:59 - Lucas:
      You mean Tuesday isn't included??

      23.08.18, 22:00 - Sandra:
      It was tuesday at about 15 clock. it never works
      that fast. online but maybe not by transfer with receipt.

      23.08.18, 22:01 - Lucas:
      I understand what you are saying

      23.08.18, 22:02 - Lucas:
      Because normally for international transfers its
      processed around 12pm

      23.08.18, 22:03 - Sandra:
      Yes, I already said it. If I had to transfer it

      23.08.18, 22:04 - Lucas:
      Online I think you couldn't be able to do that of the
      amount lets wait till tomorrow my love

      23.08.18, 22:04 - Lucas:
      Are you tired from work?

      23.08.18, 22:04 - Lucas:
      A massage would be very good for your soft skin

      23.08.18, 22:08 - Sandra:
      You did not understand me. You know what online
      banking is?

      23.08.18, 22:09 - Lucas:
      Oh course i know what online banking is

      23.08.18, 22:09 - Lucas:

      23.08.18, 22:09 - Lucas:
      I have done transactions using online banking

      23.08.18, 22:10 - Lucas:
      With online there are limits sometimes

      23.08.18, 22:10 - Lucas:
      Unless the bank opens it up for you to send more if you
      wish to

      23.08.18, 22:12 - Sandra:
      Yes, I have a limit. That's why I did it with the

      23.08.18, 22:12 - Sandra:
      Opening a limit takes a week.

      23.08.18, 22:12 - Lucas:
      Exactly what i was talking about

      23.08.18, 22:13 - Lucas:
      Yes my love that's why you have to inform the bank for

      23.08.18, 22:13 - Sandra:
      That sounded different here.

      23.08.18, 22:14 - Lucas:
      Sometimes the translator confuses us both

      23.08.18, 22:14 - Sandra:
      We wait until tomorrow. I have to dry my hair.

      Den Rest des Abends erspare ich Euch....lol

    • polarforscher hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Helio Junior " geschrieben. 26.08.2018

      Am Abend gab es nur Liebesgeschnulze...und die typische Frage "was hattest Du zum Abendessen ?"...blablabla....schnarch

    • polarforscher hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Helio Junior " geschrieben. 26.08.2018

      das geliehene Geld von meinem "Freund Mike" war am Dienstag auf meinem Konto...mein "Liebling" konnte es gar nicht erwarten

      21.08.18, 09:10 - Lucas:
      Good morning my love how are you doing this day??

      21.08.18, 09:10 - Lucas: Hope you slept well?

      21.08.18, 13:15 - Lucas:
      Am very worried sweety because its not normal of you
      without any news

      21.08.18, 13:15 - Lucas:
      Are you ok??

      21.08.18, 13:29 - Sandra:
      Hello my Love
      Please wait...

      21.08.18, 13:29 - Lucas:
      You got me so worried

      21.08.18, 13:29 - Lucas:
      I just tried calling you just now did you see??

      21.08.18, 13:29 - Sandra:
      I will get back to you later

      21.08.18, 13:30 - Lucas:

      21.08.18, 14:12 - Sandra:
      Sorry, I did not mean to scare you but it is very
      stressful today. I'm on my way to the bank

      21.08.18, 14:13 - Lucas:
      Sorry my angel

      21.08.18, 14:13 - Lucas:
      Am used to hearing from.You every morning so I was
      worried something is wrong with you

      21.08.18, 14:14 - Lucas:
      Am glad you are ok seriously

      21.08.18, 14:14 - Lucas:
      I love you

      21.08.18, 14:14 - Sandra:
      Everything OK. Only stress

      21.08.18, 14:14 - Sandra:
      I love you more

      21.08.18, 14:14 - Lucas:
      Ok when its done just take a photo of the receipt and
      send it to me so I can show Simon

      21.08.18, 14:15 - Lucas:
      You got the 25k right?

      21.08.18, 14:17 - Sandra:
      Yes I'll do it. To be honest, I do not feel good about
      the money. I hope everything will be fine. My gut feeling is not good for me.

      21.08.18, 14:18 - Lucas:
      Don't worry my love everything will be fine immediately
      I have it I would just send it back,,in the bank if they ask just tell them you
      purchasing something here in England

      21.08.18, 14:19 - Lucas:
      Stay positive with me and know you can have all the
      trust in me because i cant let you down never because you mean so much to me

      21.08.18, 14:47 - Sandra:
      Yes my darling, I hope so.

      21.08.18, 14:47 - Lucas:
      Are you there already

      21.08.18, 14:48 - Lucas:
      Don't worry ok sweety calm down I won't disappoint us
      because its you who matters most to me

      21.08.18, 14:49 - Sandra:
      I am back. I have to catch a breath first. It's so
      warm outside.

      21.08.18, 14:49 - Lucas:
      You back from the bank

      21.08.18, 14:49 - Lucas:
      Why is it close to your gas station

      21.08.18, 14:50 - Sandra:
      Yes of course from the bank. from what else?

      21.08.18, 14:50 - Lucas:
      I didn't know it was that close to work

      21.08.18, 14:51 - Sandra:
      Yes, it is not far. I always walk

      21.08.18, 14:51 - Lucas:

      21.08.18, 14:51 - Lucas:
      That's why you are feeling the heat

      21.08.18, 14:51 - Lucas:
      Sorry about that love

      21.08.18, 14:52 - Sandra:

      21.08.18, 14:52 - Lucas:
      Is it again quiet today

      21.08.18, 14:53 - Lucas:
      Why do you have Sun glasses on this afternoon

      21.08.18, 14:55 - Sandra:
      Because of the many sun

      21.08.18, 14:55 - Lucas:

      21.08.18, 14:55 - Lucas:
      Well its normal

      21.08.18, 14:55 - Sandra:
      No today was good to do.

      21.08.18, 14:55 - Lucas:
      During this time everyone needs glasses to protect the

      21.08.18, 14:56 - Lucas:
      Am glad today is much better

      21.08.18, 14:56 - Sandra:
      No, this heat is not normal for Germany.

      21.08.18, 14:56 - Lucas:
      Its the same for everywhere

      21.08.18, 14:56 - Lucas:
      In Portugal and Spain people are dying

      21.08.18, 14:56 - Lucas:
      Because of the heat

      21.08.18, 14:57 - Sandra:
      Yes, I heard about it

      21.08.18, 14:57 - Lucas:
      It's the climate change now we having

      21.08.18, 14:57 - Lucas: I have the feeling this winter will also be serious
      looking at the heat we having now

      21.08.18, 15:02 - Sandra: fucking climate change

      21.08.18, 15:02 - Lucas:

      21.08.18, 15:03 - Lucas:
      Indeed fuck it

      21.08.18, 15:04 - Lucas:
      Is it possible you get me the receipt my love because I
      want to tell simon to be expecting this so when he does I can act immediately

      21.08.18, 15:07 - Sandra:
      <Medien ausgeschlossen>

      21.08.18, 15:08 - Lucas:
      Your name isn't it Sandra

      21.08.18, 15:08 - Lucas:
      Or its spelt differently

      21.08.18, 15:10 - Sandra:
      No. My full name is Alexandra but I do not like this

      21.08.18, 15:10 - Lucas:

      21.08.18, 15:10 - Lucas:
      But that's your name

      21.08.18, 15:10 - Lucas:
      But the Sandra is that also your name?

      21.08.18, 15:12 - Lucas:
      I like the Alexandra

      21.08.18, 15:14 - Lucas:
      SCHUERMANN what is the meaning

      21.08.18, 15:14 - Sandra:
      No. Only Alexandra. But I do not like him. Almost
      nobody knows that my name is Alexandra...

      21.08.18, 15:15 - Lucas:
      Oh really wow

      21.08.18, 15:15 - Lucas:
      You have been able to hide it well,,what do people
      normally call you?

      21.08.18, 15:15 - Sandra:
      This is my last name. as you are called Sanders.

      21.08.18, 15:16 - Lucas:
      So what is your name in full

      21.08.18, 15:16 - Sandra:

      21.08.18, 15:17 - Sandra:
      That's on the receipt. Why is that so important....?!

      21.08.18, 15:18 - Lucas:
      No its not important

      21.08.18, 15:18 - Lucas:
      I didn't know all this names my love that's why i asked

      21.08.18, 15:18 - Lucas:
      But I love them

      21.08.18, 15:18 - Sandra:
      You can read it on the receipt

      21.08.18, 15:19 - Lucas:
      Yes I can see that baby

      21.08.18, 15:20 - Sandra: Well then do not ask...

      21.08.18, 15:25 - Lucas:
      Yes madam

      21.08.18, 15:25 - Lucas:
      I wont ask

      21.08.18, 15:25 - Lucas:
      I guess you need to return back to work??

      21.08.18, 15:31 - Sandra:
      Yes, I have to work

      21.08.18, 15:32 - Lucas:
      Ok baby

      21.08.18, 15:32 - Lucas:
      I will leave you then ok when you free let me know

      21.08.18, 15:32 - Lucas:
      Thank you very much once again

      21.08.18, 15:32 - Lucas:
      I love you

      21.08.18, 17:13 - Sandra:
      I love you more

      21.08.18, 17:14 - Lucas:
      When you home we can talk ok

      21.08.18, 17:14 - Lucas:
      Since you busy at work my love

      21.08.18, 17:14 - Sandra:
      I'm still at the gas station and take coffee break

      21.08.18, 17:16 - Lucas:

      21.08.18, 17:16 - Lucas:
      You and your coffee

      21.08.18, 17:16 - Lucas:
      Is it still busy or slow again??

      21.08.18, 17:18 - Sandra:
      I am in the office

      21.08.18, 17:18 - Lucas:
      Having time for yourself

      21.08.18, 17:19 - Sandra:
      I do not feel like office work...

      21.08.18, 17:19 - Lucas:
      What time do you normally close

      21.08.18, 17:20 - Lucas:
      That everyone goes home

      21.08.18, 17:20 - Lucas:

      21.08.18, 17:20 - Sandra:
      the gas station or do you mean me?

      21.08.18, 17:20 - Lucas: Why don't you like being an executive
      21.08.18, 17:20 - Lucas:
      Yes the entire place

      21.08.18, 17:21 - Lucas:
      Or when you close you still have people there because I
      know many gas stations run shift

      21.08.18, 17:21 - Sandra:
      Probably because I've been doing it for so long.

      21.08.18, 17:22 - Sandra:
      My gas station opens at 6 o'clock in the morning and
      closes at 22 o'clock in the evening.

      21.08.18, 17:22 - Lucas:
      I believe you are a tough woman so office work doesn't
      suit you much because you are too hard working

      21.08.18, 17:23 - Lucas:
      Office work depend some kind of dressing and you are
      comfortable in sneakers

      21.08.18, 17:23 - Sandra:
      Office work is boring...

      21.08.18, 17:23 - Lucas:
      Very true
      21.08.18, 17:24 - Lucas: It even grows you quickly because you are always at one

      21.08.18, 17:24 - Sandra:
      Yes my love

      21.08.18, 17:24 - Lucas:
      So lets wear our sneakers and jeans

      21.08.18, 17:25 - Lucas:
      I never liked working for someone because when sick
      sometimes you need to report yourself

      21.08.18, 17:25 - Sandra:

      21.08.18, 17:25 - Lucas:
      When a boss on your own you can do everything

      21.08.18, 17:25 - Lucas:
      Your jeans and sneakers

      21.08.18, 17:26 - Sandra:
      When I was working for my boss, I was never ill

      21.08.18, 17:26 - Sandra:
      No not true!

      21.08.18, 17:26 - Lucas:
      I can see you really are very strong

      21.08.18, 17:26 - Lucas:
      I had a lot of flu but you never have this very strange

      21.08.18, 17:26 - Sandra:

      21.08.18, 17:27 - Lucas:
      Why do you say not true,,so as a boss you can't do what
      you like??

      21.08.18, 17:27 - Sandra: Slowly

      21.08.18, 17:27 - Lucas:
      Yes madam

      21.08.18, 17:28 - Sandra:
      The next time you write so fast in succession, I
      answer only in German...

      21.08.18, 17:29 - Lucas:
      No madam

      21.08.18, 17:29 - Lucas:
      I beg forgive me please it won't happen again

      21.08.18, 17:30 - Sandra:
      I would like to go home. But I can not because I have
      to do office work.

      21.08.18, 17:30 - Lucas:
      Do you have a Secretary??

      21.08.18, 17:30 - Sandra:
      You always say that

      21.08.18, 17:30 - Lucas:
      It won't happen again I promise this time

      21.08.18, 17:31 - Sandra:
      What should the question
      If I had a secretary I would be home.

      21.08.18, 17:32 - Sandra:
      swear it ...

      21.08.18, 17:36 - Lucas:

      21.08.18, 17:36 - Lucas:
      Mmmmm swearing it is difficult since I sometimes forget
      but I will do my best my lovely baby

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      Heute haben wir nicht viel geschrieben...ich war auf dem Geburtstag einer Freundin, zumindest für Ihn...lach

      Habe schon mal einen Überweisungsbeleg fertig gemach

      Ich werde bald weiter berichten....

    • polarforscher hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Helio Junior " geschrieben. 19.08.2018

      17.08.18, 17:07 - Lucas:
      How is your day going??

      17.08.18, 17:46 - Sandra:
      Later my dear

      17.08.18, 21:39 - Sandra:
      Good evening my dear, I was with my friend. He lends
      me the money. But he can not give me the money in cash. He will transfer it to
      my account monday morning. If the money is credited to my account, I will
      transfer it to Simon's account. I have to transfer it in writing because I have
      an online banking limit.

      17.08.18, 21:40 - Lucas:
      Are you still in his house or you went back to your

      17.08.18, 21:40 - Sandra:
      I am in my home

      17.08.18, 21:40 - Lucas:
      You mean you will write a bank draft to be paid to
      Simons account

      17.08.18, 21:41 - Sandra:
      I transfer it to Simon's account

      17.08.18, 21:42 - Lucas:
      If I understand well he would pay it to your account
      then you will forwArd it to Simon when its credited to yours

      17.08.18, 21:42 - Lucas:
      Do I understand right??

      17.08.18, 21:42 - Lucas:
      Sorry you greeted me good evening to you also my love

      17.08.18, 21:42 - Sandra:
      Yes exactly

      17.08.18, 21:43 - Sandra:
      Yes, I already noticed.

      17.08.18, 21:44 - Lucas:
      Ok thank you very much I was very anxious waiting for
      you so probably by Monday I can start working on everything and act quickly

      17.08.18, 21:44 - Lucas:
      Have you had dinner??

      17.08.18, 21:45 - Sandra:
      It will be on my account at the earliest on tuesday.

      17.08.18, 21:45 - Sandra:
      Yes, I ate something with Mike.

      17.08.18, 21:46 - Lucas:
      Now i understand what you meant you would have to go to
      the bank to send it since you have an online limit to send money

      17.08.18, 21:46 - Lucas:
      Is that his name??

      17.08.18, 21:49 - Sandra:
      Yes exactly.
      his name is Mike.

      17.08.18, 21:49 - Lucas:
      Can I ask somehow am jealous has he wanted you as a
      woman before ??

      17.08.18, 21:49 - Lucas:
      Or its just friendship

      17.08.18, 21:51 - Sandra:
      That is a long story

      17.08.18, 21:52 - Lucas:

      17.08.18, 21:52 - Lucas:
      That means there is a connection

      17.08.18, 21:53 - Lucas:
      Even though he is helping us somehow but I want to know
      a little,,is he married??

      17.08.18, 21:53 - Sandra:
      Should I tell you the story?

      17.08.18, 21:53 - Lucas:
      Very much am anxious to know

      17.08.18, 22:04 - Sandra:
      We went to school together. We have known each other
      for a long time. When we were fourteen or fifteen, we were in love with each
      other. We live close together. his father had changed his career and then the
      whole family moved away. I think we met again almost ten years later. I had a
      solid relationship. But he was still single. We met again and again for coffee.
      He got to know my husband. And the two got along well. For me, Mike has always
      been a friend after all these years. But he always looked at me in love. I told
      him I did not feel anything for him except friendship. I think he still loves me
      today. But you do not have to worry. He is just a good friend for me.

      17.08.18, 22:06 - Lucas:

      17.08.18, 22:06 - Lucas:
      Beautiful story this is what i call first love

      17.08.18, 22:06 - Lucas:
      Is he married now or still single??

      17.08.18, 22:07 - Sandra:
      Yes, it was my first love

      17.08.18, 22:08 - Lucas:
      Love is something very beautiful,it comes out naturally
      without you expecting it,,I wouldn't be surprised if because of you he hasn't
      found any woman he loves again

      17.08.18, 22:08 - Sandra:
      He is single. He never married. He had a girlfriend
      from time to time but not really serious.

      17.08.18, 22:10 - Lucas:
      Does he also have children??

      17.08.18, 22:11 -Sandra:
      no children

      17.08.18, 22:12 - Lucas:
      So he will have all the time to really enjoy life

      17.08.18, 22:13 - Sandra:
      he does. He works hard but he flies four times a
      year on vacation.

      17.08.18, 22:13 - Lucas:
      Somehow I liked you from.the first day i started
      chatting to you because in you I found something special,,you weren't so
      difficult to chat with and also get to know,,some women feel bossy and not nice
      at the first time but you are different

      17.08.18, 22:16 - Sandra:
      Thank you for the nice words.

      17.08.18, 22:18 - Lucas:
      No don't thank me its Just my feelings and thoughts

      17.08.18, 22:18 - Lucas:
      I feel knowing you changed a lot of things,,can I be
      honest with you somehow initially when I started chatting you i felt you will be
      the bossy type knowing you are a tough woman

      17.08.18, 22:20 - Sandra:
      I have a hard shell but a soft core

      17.08.18, 22:22 - Lucas:
      It shows in your appearance,,you look very tough but as
      human beings we all have that special place in our hearts

      17.08.18, 22:36 - Lucas:
      I don't know if you are getting my messages or you are
      busy,,did mum call you??

      17.08.18, 22:39 - Sandra:
      sorry. No my worker had a billing problem.

      17.08.18, 22:39 - Sandra:
      He called me

      17.08.18, 22:40 - Lucas:
      Oh ok I somehow knew you were busy

      17.08.18, 22:40 - Lucas:
      On phone

      17.08.18, 22:40 - Lucas:
      Do you normally work Saturdays always??

      17.08.18, 22:40 - Sandra:
      Yes on the phone

      17.08.18, 22:42 - Sandra:
      my worker is sick. I told you.
      I want to go to bed now...

      17.08.18, 22:43 - Lucas:
      Go and rest I wish you a goodnight then ok,,do have
      sweet dreams

      17.08.18, 22:46 - Sandra:
      Thank you. I wish you a good night and sweet dreams.
      Until tomorrow

      17.08.18, 22:47 - Lucas:
      Until tomorrow my tall woman

      17.08.18, 22:47 - Sandra:
      See you in dreamland my little sweet man

      17.08.18, 22:48 - Lucas:
      Remember little men are very dangerous in the bedroom

      17.08.18, 22:48 - Lucas:
      I will visit you in your dream tonight.

      17.08.18, 22:48 - Sandra:
      Ooooh...good night

      17.08.18, 22:49 - Lucas:

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      17.08.18, 10:22 - Lucas:
      Good morning my dear hope you doing well??

      17.08.18, 10:46 - Sandra:
      Good morning my dear Lucas.
      Yes I am fine.

      17.08.18, 10:47 - Sandra:
      I hope you feel better.

      17.08.18, 10:47 - Lucas:
      To be honest no

      17.08.18, 10:47 - Lucas:
      I couldn't sleep so well last night

      17.08.18, 10:48 - Sandra:
      Yes, I know that. You are worried.

      17.08.18, 10:48 - Lucas:
      I was awake around 2am in the morning couldn't sleep

      17.08.18, 10:49 - Lucas:
      So what's going on?

      17.08.18, 10:50 - Sandra:

      17.08.18, 10:51 - Lucas:
      I haven't heard from you regarding the transfer?

      17.08.18, 10:51 - Lucas:
      That's what am asking

      17.08.18, 10:55 - Sandra:
      I have not reached my friend yet. He is in Stuttgart
      at the moment. He will come back in the evening. Then I will drive to him.

      17.08.18, 10:55 - Lucas:
      Oh ok

      17.08.18, 10:57 - Sandra:
      He delivers a lotus. But he has to go back by train.

      17.08.18, 10:56 - Lucas:
      I didn't know about this i know you might be busy with

      17.08.18, 10:59 - Lucas:
      I understand you now,,so you will pick him up at the
      train station

      17.08.18, 10:59 - Lucas:
      If I understand correctly?

      17.08.18, 11:04 - Sandra:
      No, his worker told me.
      I did not want to ask him on the phone. That's why I'm going to drive home
      tonight. I want to ask him personally. I do not ask such posts on the phone.

      17.08.18, 11:07 - Lucas:
      I do understand thank you sweety for everything like I
      said paying back is never a problem for me immediately I have it i would give it
      back,,am very fraustrated at the moment not knowing what to do because of the
      money so convince him you need it for a urgent problem and will return it

      17.08.18, 11:08 - Sandra:
      do not worry. I'll definitely get it.

      17.08.18, 11:09 - Lucas:
      Are you already at the gas station

      17.08.18, 11:09 - Sandra:
      He always has a lot of cash. because of the sale of
      the cars.

      17.08.18, 11:10 - Sandra:
      Yes, since 6 o'clock in the morning. Ich arbeite wenigstens

      17.08.18, 11:10 - Lucas:
      That's his business making money is everyone's dream
      maybe I can acquire one from him but does he sell one's being shipped to England
      because you know we drive differently

      17.08.18, 11:11 - Sandra:
      My dear Lucas. Lotus is a British Ich konnte nicht anders

      17.08.18, 11:12 - Lucas:
      It isn't a car that has come to my notice we all have
      our favourite brands we like

      17.08.18, 11:12 - Lucas:
      I have a taste for range rover?

      17.08.18, 11:13 - Sandra:
      Yes, he sells too

      17.08.18, 11:13 - Lucas:
      You also have a taste for this sports cars

      17.08.18, 11:13 - Lucas:
      Range rover you mean??

      17.08.18, 11:13 - Sandra:

      17.08.18, 11:14 - Lucas:
      Oh that's nice I can negotiate on some good deal with
      him then I like their new brand

      17.08.18, 11:14 - Lucas:
      When I receive the money from the firm I would like to
      spoil myself a little

      17.08.18, 11:14 - Lucas:
      Which car is your dream again aside the lotus??

      17.08.18, 11:17 - Sandra:
      I can not say exactly. It always depends on the type.
      I would like to have the Nissan Juke as a nismo...

      17.08.18, 11:17 - Lucas:
      Please don't get mad at me my love but ask him for
      25,000 rounded because if I add everything I have now to it I wouldn't have
      anything for food,,I would send you this back quickly when I receive the money

      17.08.18, 11:17 - Lucas:
      So you want another Nissan juke

      17.08.18, 11:17 - Lucas:
      Which year is yours??

      17.08.18, 11:18 - Sandra:
      Yes, the Nissan Juke Nismo

      17.08.18, 11:19 - Lucas:
      Is this the one you want now

      17.08.18, 11:19 - Lucas:
      Let me check on Google to see this one you talking

      17.08.18, 11:21 - Lucas:
      Are you talking of the 2018 model

      17.08.18, 11:21 - Sandra:
      He is from 2/2011

      17.08.18, 11:21 - Sandra:

      17.08.18, 11:21 - Lucas:
      So you now want the 2018 model

      17.08.18, 11:22 - Lucas:
      Not bad just checked very nice

      17.08.18, 11:22 - Lucas:
      How much is that in Germany do you know??

      17.08.18, 11:22 - Sandra:
      No. I did not care

      17.08.18, 11:23 - Lucas: But you said you wanted that model that's why i am

      17.08.18, 11:23 - Sandra:
      You're writing way too fast in a row

      17.08.18, 11:24 - Lucas:
      Ok sorry will slow down

      17.08.18, 11:24 - Sandra: later I have to work

      17.08.18, 11:24 - Lucas:
      Sorry ok let me leave you then

      17.08.18, 11:24 - Lucas:
      Will chat later have a stress free day

      17.08.18, 11:25 - Sandra:
      It's too time consuming. I have customers.

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    • polarforscher hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Helio Junior " geschrieben. 19.08.2018

      Ja ok, mache ich.....

    • polarforscher hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Helio Junior " geschrieben. 19.08.2018

      Bank Name: Metro Bank
      IBAN: GBIO
      Banken United Kingdom (2)


      Dann ist der "Nachbar" er selber ....richtig ? Oder auch ein "Opfer" ?

      Soll ich die Bankdaten Allan senden ?

    • polarforscher hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Helio Junior " geschrieben. 19.08.2018

      16.08.18, 23:28 - Lucas:
      Because of the loan I took with the bank they take out
      any figures coming in since I have to pay interest on the 350,000 so am asking
      Simon for his info so he can help me in this so I can go pay immediately I
      receive it,,will call him now to forward it to me,,you not talking about rhe
      interest how much will you take

      16.08.18, 23:33 - Sandra:
      Now stop with interest. I do not want interest. give
      me your bank details. If he agrees with me tomorrow morning, I must have the
      bank account. To make it fast.

      16.08.18, 23:34 - Lucas:
      Sorry ok if you say so was only saying that just to
      make you know am very serious about it

      16.08.18, 23:34 - Lucas:
      I asked Simon to send me his bank info will forward it
      to you when he sends it

      16.08.18, 23:38 - Lucas: <Medien ausgeschlossen>

      16.08.18, 23:38 - Lucas:
      I hope its visible and you can see everything that's
      his bank info

      16.08.18, 23:43 - Sandra:
      Yes I see it. But why should I send Simon the money?

      16.08.18, 23:44 - Lucas:
      Please read what i just said with the loan I took from
      the bank every money coming into my account is deducted with the interest we
      agreed on

      16.08.18, 23:44 - Lucas:
      He doesn't have any loans so when he receives it he
      will just give it to me so we can go pay the firm to start

      16.08.18, 23:45 - Lucas:
      They have a branch in Ipswich Suffolk so I will contact
      them so they can quickly do it for me

      16.08.18, 23:46 - Sandra:
      OK. I'll see what I can do for you tomorrow.

      16.08.18, 23:46 - Lucas:
      Sandy really thank you and just give me 2 weeks to
      return this for you

      16.08.18, 23:47 - Lucas:
      I guess you must be tired from the hard day do you want
      to go to bed??because I don't want to stress you more

      16.08.18, 23:47 - Sandra:
      I tell you one thing. If I do not get the money back,
      I'll kill you by hand. Do you understand?!

      16.08.18, 23:48 - Lucas:
      Can I laugh a little about this before I write

      16.08.18, 23:48 - Lucas: ??

      16.08.18, 23:48 - Sandra:
      Yes, I have a 16 hours working day behind me. I'm very

      16.08.18, 23:49 - Lucas: Listen also to me you are far more important to me than
      this money,,seriously I have developed in me something for you,,money comes and
      goes what i need is your love

      16.08.18, 23:49 - Lucas:
      I told you I need you In my arms before i die this must

      16.08.18, 23:49 - Lucas:
      Ok let me leave you then to go to bed

      16.08.18, 23:51 - Sandra:
      I hope for both of us.

      16.08.18, 23:51 - Sandra:
      Good night my dear

      16.08.18, 23:52 - Lucas:
      I send you kisses everywhere on your body

      16.08.18, 23:52 - Lucas:
      Do sleep well till tomorrow

      16.08.18, 23:53 - Sandra:
      Sheep too. Until tomorrow

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      16.08.18, 22:56 - Sandra:
      I still do not understand why you have to pay so much

      16.08.18, 22:57 - Lucas:
      Am paying for this figures because of the worth of the
      goods its heavy duty equipment and auto mobile parts its worth a lot that's why
      am paying this

      16.08.18, 23:00 - Sandra:
      did not you know that before?

      16.08.18, 23:01 - Lucas:
      I didn't know this,it isn't something I was
      expecting,,but I don't have much time to get it done since am working under
      contract basis,,if I should default I would have serious problem with the firm

      16.08.18, 23:03 - Lucas:
      Calculating the money well its more than the 22,100⟬
      I talked about,,but I currently don't have this that's why am asking and begging
      you to help me just get this done and give me small time to organise this back
      to you16.08.18, 23:04 - Lucas: Am more than serious about this please because I used
      the house as collateral I took 350,000£ from the bank to help in securing the
      16.08.18, 23:05 - Sandra:
      I'm not sure if I can organize this. 22100 ⟬ is no
      pocket money.

      16.08.18, 23:07 - Lucas:
      Sandra I would give this back to you trust me please

      16.08.18, 23:09 - Sandra:
      I know that you give it back to me. But I do not know
      if my bank gives me the money.

      16.08.18, 23:11 - Lucas:
      I think you can go there tomorrow you only Tell them
      you need it urgently to buy something in England,,you don't necessarily have to
      explain why you Need it to them they woujd give it since you are their customer

      16.08.18, 23:12 - Lucas:
      I dont know if they can give it to you as a loan or
      something so when I pay you can give it back to them

      16.08.18, 23:12 - Sandra:
      No, my dear, it just does not work that easy.

      16.08.18, 23:14 - Lucas:
      I don't know what to say

      16.08.18, 23:14 - Lucas:
      Am very frustrated because of the whole situation

      16.08.18, 23:16 - Sandra: I will ask my friend. from which I bought the lotus.
      he always has money.

      16.08.18, 23:17 - Lucas:
      Listen if you ask him for 25,000 I woujd give you back
      30,000 am very serious about this trust me,,just tell him you urgently need it
      to solve a problem he should give you 2 weeks you would give it back to him

      16.08.18, 23:18 - Lucas:
      I just need to solve this so I can come and see you and
      thank you for being there when I need you the most and pay back as well

      16.08.18, 23:18 - Sandra:
      22100 ⟬ and not a cent more.

      16.08.18, 23:19 - Lucas:
      Calculating and converting made me make mistake that's
      why i said 22,100 but if you say so fine no problem

      16.08.18, 23:20 - Lucas:
      Because you know incoming transfer the bank takes their
      charges that's why i said 25,000 rounded so I can pay you back with 30,000

      16.08.18, 23:21 - Sandra:
      No bank takes charges on such a sum

      16.08.18, 23:22 - Lucas:
      If you can make the conversion 19,600 in pound fine

      16.08.18, 23:22 - Lucas:
      So I can receive exactly this amount in pound

      16.08.18, 23:23 - Lucas:
      In the euro the converter sometimes doesn't give you
      the right figure

      16.08.18, 23:24 - Sandra:
      give me your bank details

      16.08.18, 23:26 - Lucas:
      In advance somehow I can only say thank you very
      much,,God bless you for me because I don't know what i would have done if not
      for your intervention on this

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      16.08.18, 19:13 - Lucas:

      I would seriously give you back if you want with
      interest we only have to agree

      16.08.18, 19:14 - Sandra:

      what amount are you talking about?

      16.08.18, 19:15 - Lucas:

      on this because they will pay me next week or
      2,,the contract is worth 4.5 million so the paperwork isn't cheap I need 43,600
      in pound I don't know the equivalent in Euro Simon gave me 15,000 of this figure
      I badly need this and I would be more than grateful if you assist me so I fix
      this,,just tell me what you need as interest??

      16.08.18, 19:37 - Sandra:

      I should lend you 15000 ⟬. Have I understood that
      16.08.18, 19:43 - Lucas:

      No that's the amount Simon gave me he actually cleared
      his account but I guaranteed him interest I myself have 9,200 so what i would
      need now 19,400£ this is in pounds but i dont know the equivalent in Euro,its
      very embarrassing for me to ask you for this that's why i ask what interest you
      need so I can pay you all back

      16.08.18, 20:06 - Sandra: Then please inquire what you still need in euros.

      16.08.18, 20:07 - Lucas: Are you home now

      16.08.18, 20:07 - Lucas: I think i will need the currency converter

      16.08.18, 20:08 - Sandra:
      No, I'm still at the gas station. That's why I do not
      have time to look at what pounds in euros are.

      16.08.18, 20:11 - Lucas:
      Let me see if I can get the figures at the currency

      16.08.18, 20:19 - Lucas:
      Converting is 22,047 in Euro so roughly 22,100 in Euro
      please feel free and tell me how much you would need back from me as interest
      because this means a lot to me as I badly need it to solve my problems here

      16.08.18, 20:22 - Sandra:
      My dear Lucas. How should I ease this amount so
      quickly? I invested my money. I have to talk to my bank.

      16.08.18, 20:23 - Lucas:
      I would just give it back quickly immediately I have
      the money back,,you can just tell them you need it urgently for some business

      16.08.18, 20:27 - Sandra:
      This is not so easy my dear

      16.08.18, 20:28 - Sandra:
      It's a very tough risk for me.

      16.08.18, 20:28 - Lucas:
      I know it isn't easy that's why i guarantee given this
      back in the shortest time when am paid

      16.08.18, 20:29 - Sandra:
      You guarantee me that? How come?

      16.08.18, 20:29 - Lucas:
      I know this if you want I can give my passport data and
      my ID to you,,you are a very special person to me and I am serious

      16.08.18, 20:30 - Sandra:
      Yes, please. That's at least a start.

      16.08.18, 20:30 - Lucas:
      When am able to solve this and the goods are able to
      get to the company they would pay me and I can give you back that's why i asked
      what interest you want

      16.08.18, 20:32 - Lucas:
      I know very well how you mighty feeling about this but
      give me the benefit of the doubt that I am giving it back in no time..

      16.08.18, 21:02 - Sandra:
      please send me your identity card

      16.08.18, 21:03 - Lucas:
      That's my ID

      16.08.18, 21:04 - Lucas:
      I swear this on my life I would pay this figures back
      to you sooner than you think i feel really embarrassed asking for this

      16.08.18, 21:34 - Sandra:
      I will go home now. I read your messages again. I will
      get back to you later.

      16.08.18, 21:35 - Lucas:

      16.08.18, 21:35 - Lucas:
      Have a safe trip back


    • polarforscher hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Helio Junior " geschrieben. 19.08.2018



    • polarforscher hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Helio Junior " geschrieben. 19.08.2018

      Nach 14 Tagen Liebesgesülze wird es spannend... und heute habe ich die Zeit es hier reinzusetzen.

      16.08.18, 13:20 - Sandra:

      Hello my dear Lucas. Yes, thank you, I slept well. I
      got up very early. And from 6-13 clock I was at the cash register. Now I have a
      lot to do. I hope you are fine too. I am thinking of you.

      16.08.18, 17:38 - Lucas:
      Sorry my dear for the late in reply to your mesaage I
      can see you have been busy this morning,,I have a very big problem in regards to
      my shipment,,I received a call this morning from the customs department saying
      the documents carrying the goods have a lot of mistakes,,thereby the stopage of
      the shipment,,I was somehow confused because the company should be receiving the
      goods by this time,,I then made some calls and its true,,they said i need to
      clarify this within the shortest time or the government will empound the goods,

      16.08.18, 17:43 - Lucas:
      I am very worried seriously because everything I have
      in savings and also the loan I got from the bank using the house as collateral
      because its a huge contract and I needed more funds to be able to complete it,I
      need to get the paper works done again but I don't have the means now and asked
      Simon for help he emptied his account for me because I guaranteed him interest
      but its Still not enough,,I can just forward to you the contract awarding
      certificate and also the quotation

      16.08.18, 18:08 - Sandra:
      My dear, I do not understand. What is your problem?

      16.08.18, 18:40 - Lucas: What I am trying to mean is that I had a call from the
      customs stating that my goods have been stopped because the goods I have on
      board do not tally with what I have on paper meaning that I will need to redo
      the documents ... I am really devastated at the moment as I do not know what to
      do .. the magnitude of the goods are huge so automatically you know what it
      means ..

      16.08.18, 18:42 - Lucas: I have invested all I have in this contract knowing
      that I will be getting my returns in a few weeks but this is what it turns out
      to be ... I wonder what I can do not to get this sorted ... I have tried to
      contact a few people I know for help but to no avail ...

      16.08.18, 19:02 - Sandra: What kind of help is this?


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