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    • Jule hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scammer Jordan Peters / RPO James Asquith / Real Face Daniel" geschrieben. 21.09.2021

      Der hat kein Bock auf Bastelstube, aber was meine Tante will, bekommt sie auch


      23:00 Gars Jordan peters: Babe you know that would be almost impossible for me to get. Getting my passport sent to her is not a problem, but the invoice and signed loan agreement is almost like a dead end task.

      Babe this is a personal project and not a company related affair so getting those information is almost impossible

      23:01 Ich: Baby I'm sorry to keep you busy. But that's what my aunt requested. She's almost 80. She won't understand and help if she doesn't get her requested documents.

      23:02 Gars Jordan peters: Babe but you can get her to help. You can try to convince her and make her get this done

      23:03 Ich: If I don't get the money from her it will take weeks to get my money off my account since it's a super secured account with the money I inherited from my grandparents.

      No babe. She made her point very clear. She's nice but an old resilient lady.

      And why is the loan agreement a dead end? You would just have to make this agreement and send a signed version for my aunt.

      23:03 Gars Jordan peters: Babe that's almost impossible to get and you know I won't lie to you. Help me get this done, if it's something i have to wait a week or more for then i don't have a choice..the goal is to leave here safely babe

      How do i get a loan agreement? I don't know how to go about that here in uae

      This is not Europe, Canada or the USA. Babe it's almost to impossible to get that here in this country

      23:05 Ich: BTW you'll need her name and address for the agreement. It's Mrs. Adelheid von Durchlaucht zu Oldenfelde. Her address is Gendarmenmarkt 5 in 10117 Berlin

      Well just google loan agreement and type it, print it, sign it, send it to my email address

      Baby that's what my aunt wants. What should I do?! She's not giving me any money without this documents.

      23:07 Gars Jordan peters: I'll see what i can do about that babe. Sure i would do my possible best to get the needed information but if i can get that then you have to find a way babe because that's a dead end for me and you know that

      23:11 Ich: And you're not in the 3rd world. You're guide seems to be very professional. He has to give you an invoice.

      Honey I'm afraid there's no other way. Like I've said. My other money is in a special secured account and it would take me weeks to go trough the procedures to take something out. My salary is not enough to help.

      So it's either my aunt with her requirements or weeks in Dubai.

      I'm very sorry baby.

      23:14 Gars Jordan peters: I understand sweetheart. I would see what i can do tomorrow okay babe.
      I promise you i would do everything possible to see all of these come to an end

      Get some sleep now my love

      It's past midnight with me. Already a new day

      I couldn't sleep have to be awake all through because i can't wait to be out of here as soon as possible

      23:14 Ich: Ok Baby. Sleep well and sweet dreams. Love you to the moon

      23:14 Gars Jordan peters: Can't wait to be with you sweetheart

      23:14 Ich: Me too!

      @Kiki1308 wenn der mir alles schickt, werde ich eventuell ein wenig Hilfe benötigen. ☺️

    • Jule hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scammer Jordan Peters / RPO James Asquith / Real Face Daniel" geschrieben. 20.09.2021

      So, hab mein Baby mal in die Bastelstube geschickt


      20:44 Gars Jordan peters: Hi sweetheart how was your day out there

      21:49 Ich: Hey baby. Day was ok. I've talked to my aunt. She's happy to help. She only wants a copy of the invoice, a copy of your passport and a signed loan agreement. She's old and old school and needs this for her comfort.

      So you'll be out soon and we can meet 😍❤️

    • Jule hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scammer Jordan Peters / RPO James Asquith / Real Face Daniel" geschrieben. 20.09.2021

      So, hier kommt jetzt Schwung in die Bude


      13:17 Gars Jordan peters:

      Sweetheart i need your help so i can pay the locals that assisted me in the project site babe. I'm done with everything serious here and that's the only thing holding me back honestly

      13:20 Ich: Oh ok. What do you need?

      13:21 Gars Jordan peters: Babe i need about $2700 to pay my guide so he can pay all of them off so i can finally leave here in next few days

      13:27 Ich: Babe I will ask my aunt if she can lend me the money. She has a lot of money, I'm sure she will help us

      13:30 Gars Jordan peters:
      Babe please do that. I know that's a lot of money for you and I'm sorry I'm bothering you with my problems. I need to take care of this as soon as i can so the problem doesn't escalate into something else and cause me unnecessary delay here

      How much do you have babe and how much do you intend asking your aunt for?

      13:11 Ich: I have to ask my aunt for the full amount. I only have my salary. My other money is in an account which doesn't allow to take it. This would need a long process to take it out.

      Tantchen ist aber natürlich eine ganz genaue und wird wohl viele Unterlagen haben wollen, bevor sie Geld locker macht

    • Jule hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scammer Jordan Peters / RPO James Asquith / Real Face Daniel" geschrieben. 14.09.2021

      Na mal sehen was der morgige Tag so bringt

      Gars Jordan peters: She's getting better babe, i try to sound positive no matter the situation i find myself.

      My boss can't help me babe because this is my personal project. I can only plead with my guide and see if he can trust me to help me with the required amount and i send that back to him immediately i arrive Germany

      Ich: Yes babe, you need to stay positive. In the end everything will be fine, I'm sure. I'm here for you for my love.

      Ich: I'm sure you'll figure things out baby.

      I'm super tired today. In think I need to go to bed now. Sorry I couldn't help you. Sweet dreams my baby

      Gars Jordan peters: I'll do my best to fix everything here babe so i don't have anything to hold me back here. I'll see my guide first thing after my project tomorrow and try to talk to him and see what comes up

      Go to bed darling. I'll get some rest soon it's almost midnight here with me and I'm extremely tired also

    • Jule hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scammer Jordan Peters / RPO James Asquith / Real Face Daniel" geschrieben. 14.09.2021

      Ich Dummerchen. Der Link funktioniert noch, allerdings kann ich nicht mehr aufs Konto zugreifen. Ich denke, lasst die Spiele beginnen 😁


      Gars Jordan peters: Babe you'd help make a transfer to my guide so i can make all necessary payments to settle all the locals that worked with me in the project site so i don't have anything to cause me any delay here by weekend.

      Ich: Yes sure babe. Can you send me the link again?

      Gars Jordan peters: Sure babe

      Primekeysavings.com selber Link wie immer

      Ich: And the login info

      Gars Jordan peters: Account number - 2031156026

      Password - 7328Jordan

      Ich: Ok

      Ich: Babe what's this?


      Gars Jordan peters: Damn i have to contact the bank now seems like a network issue or a maintenance is currently being carried out. Give me some minutes babe. This is crazy. They are supposed to send a mail before anything like this is done

      Ich: Sure babe. Just let me know as soon as it's available

      Gars Jordan peters: babe i just got a mail from the bank that my account was temporary suspended because a suspicious login attempts recorded in my account these past few days now i have to come back to Germany and try to login with my devices which the ip addresses are saved in my account before i can have access to my account again.

      This is sad and crazy at the same time

      Ich: Sounds weird. Well you're coming soon and can clarify things babe. Else your boss can help you.

      Don't worry

      How is your Mom today?

    • Jule hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scammer Jordan Peters / RPO James Asquith / Real Face Daniel" geschrieben. 14.09.2021


      Ok sorry.

      Ich habe am Sonntag (9.9.) und am Donnerstag die Zahlungen bei der Fake Bank gemacht. Die Website scheint nun aber offline zu sein. Link funktioniert nicht mehr.

    • Jule hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scammer Jordan Peters / RPO James Asquith / Real Face Daniel" geschrieben. 13.09.2021


      Zum Glück gibt es für alles Apps. War zwar etwas aufwändig, aber besser als tippen. :-)


      19:09 Gars Jordan peters: My babe. Sorry. I got too busy today. My flight has been shifted to 15th. Because of the delay I had.

      21:35 Gars Jordan peters: Babe


      07:15 Gars Jordan peters: Good morning babe. Are you okay

      07:56 Ich: Good morning baby

      07:56 Gars Jordan peters: How are you doing babe

      09:32 Ich: I'm doing good. Last holiday, home tomorrow

      09:32 Gars Jordan peters: Okay. So bad that you're going home to be alone again until I return. I would need your assistance today babe

      11:25 Ich: Assistant with what?

      12:14 Gars Jordan peters: The account again

      12:14 Ich: Yes sure. Later when I'm back at the hotel

      12:24 Gars Jordan peters: Okay. Where are you now

      12:24 Ich: In another city

      12:24 Gars Jordan peters: What are you doing there babe

      12:24 Ich: Went to a market, some sightseeing

      12:25 Gars Jordan peters: Alright, I think about you even as I work

      17:10 Ich: Sorry babe, my wifi is really bad. Can I help you later?

      20:41 Gars Jordan peters: Okay. Tell me when you are free. I miss reading from you. Can you find more time for me please

      20:53 Gars Jordan peters: If you can give me a chance, I would like to be the sun that heats your warm smile, the air you breathe in those cute lungs, but most of all, I am glad my favorite wish has come to pass; to be the love of your life. I will forever be indebted to you for teaching me how to love.


      22:13 Ich: Hey babe. Just landed in Hamburg. Sorry, my data was low and the hotel WiFi was a mess. Will get home now.

      22:51 Gars Jordan peters: Babe. I need your assistance now if possible

      22:51 Ich: Just came home. Ok

      23:06 Gars Jordan peters: So you still have the details. And yes firstly how was your flight my wife. Hope you are safe

      23:10 Ich: I hate flying, but I'm here now. Was ok. Yes, still got the details

      23:11 Gars Jordan peters: Okay dear. I love you so much. Have you eaten.

      23:12 Ich: Not yet

      20:19 Gars Jordan peters: Why babe

      23:12 Ich: Because I can't eat before I'm flying. I'm too scared. Will eat something soon

      23:13 Gars Jordan peters: Okay. Just eat then when you are done make a transfer a 17500 to that same account, after that I will send the second account too where you would deposit 8900 for the workers. Or babe let's do it very early in the morning tomorrow. Please darling

      23:16 Ich: No babe, I won´t be up early. I will sleep very long tomorrow.

      23:17 Gars Jordan peters: Okay do it now then. I understand

      Do you like it Hier hat er mir ein neues Foto gesendet.

      23:18 Ich: Of course baby

      23:18 Gars Jordan peters: Send me a new photo if you have.

      23:21 Gars Jordan peters: I'm waiting Angel

      Hier habe ich ein unbrauchbares Bild geschickt.

      20:19 Gars Jordan peters: You are such a beautiful Queen

      Thanks to you, my life has never felt this good. Perfection is your second name, and beauty is your complete definition. I promise to keep your heart safe from heartbreaks or any other emotional baggage. I promise to love you all my life.

      23:52 Ich: Thank you my love

      23:52 Gars Jordan peters: The transfer?

      23:53 Ich: Done


      11:14 Gars Jordan peters: I love you babe. Good morning. Are you still sleeping

      14:57 Ich: Good morning. I just woke up.

      15:56 Gars Jordan peters: How are you doing babe

      16:29 Ich: I'm doing good. How are you?

      16:29 Gars Jordan peters: I'm not okay babe. I couldn't work today

      16:29 Ich: Why? What happened babe? Is your Mum ok?

      16:30 Gars Jordan peters: Because of my mom, I was distracted then I had to go back

      16:31 Ich: How is she?

      16:45 Gars Jordan peters: Not any better

      16:45 Ich: Why not?

      16:46 Gars Jordan peters: I really can't tell. I'm just confused

      16:51 Ich: I'm sorry baby

      17:06 Gars Jordan peters: It's okay. How are you doing

      17:48 Ich: I'm doing good. Unpacking, laundry.

      18:14 Gars Jordan peters: Okay babe. I love you babe

      18:14 Ich: Love you too

      18:20 Gars Jordan peters: What are you doing now

      18:20 Ich: I'm just home. Pretty exhausted from yesterday. You know, I'm very anxious with flying

      18:21 Gars Jordan peters: Yeah you told me... you are the best my babe

      18:22 Ich: I'm not flying very often, but when Ido, I'm totally exhausted

      18:23 Gars Jordan peters: I understand babe


      12:11 Gars Jordan peters: Hello babe. Good morning. Hope you are okay

      12:21 Ich: Good morning. Yes I am. How are you?

      12:21 Gars Jordan peters: I'm okay, I miss you my babe

      12:22 Ich: Good. Miss you too

      12:22 Gars Jordan peters: What are you doing today

      12:22 Ich: I'll drive to my Mum soon

      12:22 Gars Jordan peters: How is she doing

      12:22 Ich: She's good. She took care of my cats when I was on vacation. So I'll pick them up again.

      12:29 Gars Jordan peters: Okay. When will you be back

      12:29 Ich: Tomorrow evening I think

      12:30 Gars Jordan peters: Alright... hope you still have enough money with you or do you need Er bietet mir schon zum 2. Mal Geld an.... ob ich mal annehmen soll?

      13:43 Ich: Yes babe, I have enough

      13:59 Gars Jordan peters: Babe are you sure

      13:59 Ich: Yes babe thank you

      16:51 Gars Jordan peters: Hi babe. My team is playing today

      18:13 Ich:

      Ok enjoy watching the game

      21:49 Gars Jordan peters: Hi babe. I'm tired and I need to rest now. I wish you good night my love. kisses

      22:00 Ich: Good night baby. Kiss kiss

      22:00 Gars Jordan peters: I love you so much


      15:48 Ich: Hello babe. Off home soon. How are you?


      16:02 Gars Jordan peters: Hi sweetheart I'm fine thank you. It's been a hectic day but with you in my thoughts always I'm good
      How's the day been with you babe

      19:53 Gars Jordan peters: Are you busy babe? Been lonely here all day and constantly thinking about you

      19:58 Ich: Hey babe. Just got home from work. Busy day. What did you do yesterday? Didn't hear a word from you.

      20:06 Gars Jordan peters: Yeah i slept off darling i had a very long day. I'm sorry i kept you hanging my love.
      How's the Sunday been with you

      20:09 Ich: You slept 24 hours?!

      20:12 Gars Jordan peters: Haha no babe i can't sleep all through the day. Mom health got really bad and i have been extremely worried and haven't had much time for even myself. That's really draining me emotionally and physically. But i always do every possible to create out time for you my love

      20:38 Gars Jordan peters: Seems like you slept off already babe..i should do the same also it's almost midnight here. Sending you thousands of hug and kisses to keep you warm for the night

      20:38 Ich: I was cooking dinner. Good night. I'm sorry for what's going on with your Mom

      20:42 Gars Jordan peters: Thank you for your kind words babe. Everything will be fine. Enjoy the rest of your evening we talk tomorrow babe. I love you

      20:56 Ich: Love you too


    • Jule hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scammer Jordan Peters / RPO James Asquith / Real Face Daniel" geschrieben. 12.09.2021


      Alles klar, danke für die Info. Ich weiß noch nicht, wie das alles so funktioniert.

      Wir schreiben leider mittlerweile bei Hangouts. Ich bekomme den Chat vom Handy nicht exportiert und nun am Laptop, wird mir die Unterhaltung nicht angezeigt.

      Dann bleibt nur abtippeln, oder?

      LG Jule

    • Jule hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Ricky Ryba" geschrieben. 09.09.2021

      Hihi die gleiche Nummer hat er / die Bande mit mir auch abgezogen. Da hieß die Firma noch Eagle International Security Corps

    • Jule hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scammer Jordan Peters / RPO James Asquith / Real Face Daniel" geschrieben. 06.09.2021


    • Jule hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scammer Jordan Peters / RPO James Asquith / Real Face Daniel" geschrieben. 06.09.2021


      Sollte eine Überweisung von seinem Konto tätigen. Website lautet https://primekeysavings.com/home/index.php

      Receivers bank name- First Gulf Bank

      Receivers account name- Al Naboodah Construction Group LLC

      Receivers account number- 6217379003716358

      Bank Identifier code- BIC

      Receivers bank identifier code- 3627167

      Swift code - 26173576

      Receivers country- UAE

      Amount- 9800

      Transfer description- payment for lease of excavator

      Seine Login Daten:
      Account number - 2031156026
      Password - 7328Jordan

      Kontostand vor und nach der Überweisung (ich sollte mal versuchen einen fetten Batzen auf mein Konto zu überweisen 😅)

    • Jule hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scammer Jordan Peters / RPO James Asquith / Real Face Daniel" geschrieben. 30.08.2021

      @Heifrei @Anni60

      Habe meinen Schatzi mal ein wenig abgefüttert. Ich fliege Donnerstag in den Urlaub (tue ich auch tatsächlich). Er hat mir direkt angeboten sich an ihn zu wenden, sollte ich Cash benötigen
      Aber prompt geht es heute seiner Mama nicht gut und sie muss morgen zum Arzt. Wie wir alle wissen, sind Ärzte in den USA teuer und mein Schatzi ich noch bis Ende nächster Woche in Dubai. Ich bin gespannt auf morgen.

    • Jule hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Andrew DaCosta " geschrieben. 30.08.2021

      Habe leider keinen Link, da ich nicht zu Hause bin und übers Phone den Link nicht bekomme.


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