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    • AnemiDiMa hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Esteban Diaz" geschrieben. 06.07.2021

      Also der Account reeselfie ist deaktiviert worden.
      Der echte Esteban, hat aber reeselife getaggt (#reeselfie) damit wenn jemand der gescammt wurde, Bescheid weiss. Das seht ihr wenn ihr auf das Video klickt. :)

    • AnemiDiMa hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Esteban Diaz" geschrieben. 06.07.2021


      Ja, das ist er also reeselfie ist der Fake Account.

      Um noch einmal richtig zu stellen.
      Fake Account: reeselfie

      So wie es aussieht, hat der echte Esteban drei Videos gedreht um klarzustellen, dass "reeselfie" ein Fake ist.

      LG Anemi

    • AnemiDiMa hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Esteban Diaz" geschrieben. 05.07.2021


      Entschuldige... Ich war ganz verwirrt, dass die richtigen Accounts auch dargestellt wurden. Bin wohl noch ganz hin und weg.

      Lg Anemi

    • AnemiDiMa hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Esteban Diaz" geschrieben. 05.07.2021


      Die Instagram Verlinkung die du da gepostet hast ist der richtige Account und nicht der Scam.

      Mittlerweile existiert Scammer TikTok nicht mehr und das Scammer Instagram lautet ist dieses hier: https://instagram.com/reeselfie_

      Lg Anemi

    • AnemiDiMa hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Esteban Diaz" geschrieben. 04.07.2021

      Der echte hat es erkannt wohl schon vor 20 Stunden mitbekommen und ihn über TikTok geoutet:
      Video findet ihr hier: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMd9nQhAf/

    • AnemiDiMa hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Esteban Diaz" geschrieben. 04.07.2021

      Part 5 und somit das letzte...

      [11:43, 04/07/2021] Anemi: You do!
      [11:43, 04/07/2021] Anemi: But ask yourself... What makes you happy ... Right now!
      [11:43, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Not in a day or two. In this very moment.
      [11:43, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Because I put smile on people makes me happy
      [11:44, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Why do you have to be so tall...? You wont fit in my arms ... I really wished I could just wrap them around you and comfort you a bit
      [11:45, 04/07/2021] Esteban: But you will fit in my arms
      [11:45, 04/07/2021] Anemi: That is for sure. Im a dwarf :D
      [11:45, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Keep that head up babe!
      [11:45, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Tall pic of me
      [11:46, 04/07/2021] Anemi: I feel so little!!!
      [11:46, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Whos the guy beside you?
      [11:47, 04/07/2021] Anemi: you kinda look related for some reason
      [11:47, 04/07/2021] Esteban: He’s from Hawaii
      [11:48, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Ah
      [11:48, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Not related but he’s from my state
      [11:51, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Lol
      [11:51, 04/07/2021] Esteban: I only got half face
      [11:51, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Yup
      [11:51, 04/07/2021] Anemi: ;D
      [11:51, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Why?
      [11:51, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Let me see if i can find a better one :D
      [11:51, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Ok
      [11:53, 04/07/2021] Anemi: That’s how lonely I am :D
      [11:53, 04/07/2021] Anemi: There silly! Full face^^
      [11:54, 04/07/2021] Esteban: lol
      [11:55, 04/07/2021] Esteban: What do we do here now?
      [11:55, 04/07/2021] Anemi: hahahaha my valentines day notifications...
      [11:55, 04/07/2021] Anemi: :D
      [11:55, 04/07/2021] Anemi: only from snapchat :D
      [11:56, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Oh
      [11:56, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Do you remember the main reason why I messaged you? It was because I wanted to support you. Pray for you. Be somebody you could talk to.
      [11:57, 04/07/2021] Esteban: But unfortunately I become a scammer when I need support
      [11:57, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Ive told you why
      [11:57, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Dont put it out there everytime :s
      [11:58, 04/07/2021] Anemi: If it hurts you so badly I will apologize. Cause hurting you was the last thing I wanted to do
      [11:58, 04/07/2021] Esteban: I understand but it’s fine
      [11:59, 04/07/2021] Esteban: I should have said I should call u on video when I get to my bunk but I can’t because I won’t be able to say anything to you so I won’t get caught and if I get caught they will think I’m giving out information
      [12:00, 04/07/2021] Anemi: I mean you know how crazy the world is right now. Is nothing new to you either.
      [12:00, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Plus I dont want you being in trouble
      [12:01, 04/07/2021] Esteban: I will try to see if I can call u so you will know I’m real not robot or scammer lol if my ID doesn’t proof you to know I’m real
      [12:02, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Now shush about iiiit or ill hug you until you pass out on me
      [12:02, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Is not like you want a dumb as bread gf mh ?
      [12:04, 04/07/2021] Esteban: lol
      [12:04, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Haha 😂
      [12:05, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Its true... Im a very soothing hugger!
      [12:05, 04/07/2021] Anemi: ;D
      [12:05, 04/07/2021] Anemi: and i blame you... im listening to brett young since i woke up
      [12:05, 04/07/2021] Anemi: xD
      [12:06, 04/07/2021] Anemi: right now it is playing: in case you didnt know
      [12:06, 04/07/2021] Anemi: one of my favorites ;D
      [12:08, 04/07/2021] Esteban: lol
      [12:09, 04/07/2021] Anemi: :D
      [12:09, 04/07/2021] Anemi: whats your favorite blake shelton song?
      [12:09, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Nobody but you
      [12:10, 04/07/2021] Anemi: oh i know that ooone
      [12:11, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Mine is "Sure be cool if you did" and "god gave me you"
      [12:10, 04/07/2021] Esteban: I like it
      [12:11, 04/07/2021] Anemi: mine are*
      [12:11, 04/07/2021] Anemi: im listening to it right now too ;D
      [12:12, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Yes I love God gave me you too
      [12:12, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Oh and what about Rascal Flatt? Do you like them too ?
      [12:12, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Cause if you do.... Listen to "God bless the broken road" :)
      [12:14, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Ok wait
      [12:16, 04/07/2021] Anemi: oh and another good one is live like you were dying from tim mc graw there too... and move on from rascal oh gosh.... i listen way too much to country :x
      [12:16, 04/07/2021] Anemi: you need to charge your phone soon babe
      [12:17, 04/07/2021] Anemi: moving on*
      [12:18, 04/07/2021] Esteban: I need a new phone this battery drained to fast
      [12:18, 04/07/2021] Anemi: i can relate... my iphones battery sucks as well...
      [12:20, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Lol
      [12:21, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Whaaat? :D
      [12:22, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Nothing
      [12:22, 04/07/2021] Esteban: I like you
      [12:22, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Why is that?
      [12:24, 04/07/2021] Esteban: I don’t know
      [12:24, 04/07/2021] Anemi: chuckles
      [12:25, 04/07/2021] Anemi: you dont know why you like me? oooof
      [12:25, 04/07/2021] Anemi: maybe cause im weird
      [12:25, 04/07/2021] Anemi: :D
      [12:26, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Because you are too good to be true
      [12:27, 04/07/2021] Anemi: hell no.. im not... i have my flaws
      [12:27, 04/07/2021] Anemi: :)
      [12:27, 04/07/2021] Anemi: far from good though :)
      [12:29, 04/07/2021] Esteban: I have flaws to you should have remembered I have flaws
      [12:30, 04/07/2021] Anemi: tell me 3 :P
      [12:32, 04/07/2021] Esteban: You should figure that out
      [12:33, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Mean. Thats one of my flaws. Im curious :D
      [12:34, 04/07/2021] Esteban: And I have trouble saying no
      [12:35, 04/07/2021] Anemi: and thats what keeps you getting in trouble with girls ?
      [12:36, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Yes
      [12:38, 04/07/2021] Anemi: My biggest struggle with guys is that i believe in all good until i get played over... and i still keep hopes up
      [12:39, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Let me ask you something
      [12:40, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Out of 100 how much did you believe or trust me?
      [12:40, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Until yesterday?
      [12:40, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Or until now?
      [12:40, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Since we started talking
      [12:45, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Lets put it this way... The first time i messaged you i didnt even see your pictures first. I saw that video with the message and messaged you right away. I didnt think about how you may look like or not. Cause thats not the first thing i look at.
      Knowing that there was somebody that needed somebody to talk to was enough for me to make me message you. Believing is not the same as trust. Trust envolves though. It needs time. Do I believe you? Yes I do. I also did research. Cause you know careful and shit. I would say trust is 50/50 is a giving and take thing. Believing...... 60 out of 100 ?
      [12:47, 04/07/2021] Esteban: 👌
      [12:47, 04/07/2021] Anemi: What about you?
      [12:48, 04/07/2021] Esteban: I don’t have problems
      [12:49, 04/07/2021] Anemi: But you want something I cant offer right away
      [12:49, 04/07/2021] Anemi: You might want someone that appeals you :) And im definitely not that type. Thats why I didnt see this romantic the first days
      [12:49, 04/07/2021] Esteban: What
      [12:49, 04/07/2021] Anemi: You need somebody that looks good :) Or lets put it this way: "You want somebody that looks good and fits you!"
      [12:50, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Lol 😂
      [12:50, 04/07/2021] Esteban: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
      [12:51, 04/07/2021] Anemi: What?
      [12:51, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Now you gotta tell me
      [12:51, 04/07/2021] Anemi: :D
      [12:51, 04/07/2021] Anemi: i want to laugh too :o
      [12:51, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Wow really did you just said that
      [12:51, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Okay wait I will tell you something
      [12:53, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Well look at the mirror ?
      [13:00, 04/07/2021] Esteban: True beauty revealed inside the soul it's the caring and loving that you gives and the passions you indicates, forget about the physical stuff that make ups or stuff juice wrld said “the prettiest girls have the evils face 😂 real beauty is the way you treated people with love and joy that makes you unique what is inside matters, not the body that is fit or what's outside
      [13:02, 04/07/2021] Anemi: I meaaaaan
      [13:02, 04/07/2021] Anemi: I can be pretty. It is just about how you perceive somebody.
      [13:02, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Also im working on it ;D
      [13:02, 04/07/2021] Anemi: I dont know. It seems like the world is superficial
      [13:03, 04/07/2021] Anemi: I dont fit in here!!!!
      [13:04, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Ok
      [13:05, 04/07/2021] Esteban: But always appreciate because you count one man food is another man’s poison
      [13:05, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Tastes are different... mmhm
      [13:06, 04/07/2021] Anemi: So tell me something... Nobody else messaged you? Or was it just that they didnt want to get involved with you?
      [13:06, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Yes I love what I’m perceiving
      [13:10, 04/07/2021] Esteban: You there
      [13:11, 04/07/2021] Anemi: I am here
      [13:11, 04/07/2021] Anemi: I was just waiting for your answer on my question. Ive thought you saw it.
      [13:11, 04/07/2021] Anemi: And I did see this. But since im blushing hard. I didnt comment it
      [13:12, 04/07/2021] Esteban: What did you asked
      [13:15, 04/07/2021] Anemi: So tell me something... Nobody else messaged you? Or was it just that they didnt want to get involved with you?
      [13:56, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Only the well wishers and the prayers
      [13:58, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Little would they know how amazing you are
      [13:59, 04/07/2021] Esteban: I don’t know
      [13:59, 04/07/2021] Anemi: I do :P
      [14:00, 04/07/2021] Esteban: It’s true I’m single and I Have been expecting someone to come my way but they only prayer for someone to come that’s all
      [14:01, 04/07/2021] Anemi: I guess they cant handle pain well
      [14:01, 04/07/2021] Anemi: And is not easy knowing where you are right now
      [14:01, 04/07/2021] Esteban: What pain I’m I here to hurt them or what
      [14:02, 04/07/2021] Anemi: noo
      [14:02, 04/07/2021] Anemi: i meant
      [14:02, 04/07/2021] Anemi: getting feelings and with bad luck you dont get out there
      [14:02, 04/07/2021] Anemi: catching feelings and something bad happens would break me too you know?
      [14:02, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Yeah I understand
      [14:03, 04/07/2021] Esteban: So no woman will ever wait for me that my point
      [14:03, 04/07/2021] Esteban: I only have my shadow
      [14:03, 04/07/2021] Anemi: does that mean im a time waster for you, silly?
      [14:04, 04/07/2021] Anemi: or am i wasting my time if you think that way?
      [14:04, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Lol
      [14:04, 04/07/2021] Esteban: You know what’s holding me back
      [14:05, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Your words is holding me back
      [14:05, 04/07/2021] Anemi: You can blame me for being careful. i accept that. But i still talk to you and try to make you laugh. dont i ?
      [14:06, 04/07/2021] Esteban: No
      [14:06, 04/07/2021] Esteban: This is what is holding me back
      [14:06, 04/07/2021] Esteban: “I am too good to be true”
      [14:06, 04/07/2021] Esteban: That’s it
      [14:07, 04/07/2021] Anemi: well look at yourself babe
      [14:07, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Like
      [14:07, 04/07/2021] Esteban: No matter what I said here or trying to express my feelings it will sounds so good to be true
      [14:07, 04/07/2021] Anemi: No
      [14:07, 04/07/2021] Anemi: I actually meant it like "You are mindblowing"
      [14:07, 04/07/2021] Anemi: it was actually a compliment
      [14:08, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Too good to be true is like finding prince charming at the end of fairytale
      [14:08, 04/07/2021] Esteban: That’s not compliment lol
      [14:08, 04/07/2021] Anemi: After fighting dragons and villains and people that want to hurt you.
      [14:09, 04/07/2021] Esteban: When someone told you that you are too good to true means you are lying to be good
      [14:09, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Ai Esteban! I really meant it the other way around
      [14:11, 04/07/2021] Esteban: It’s fine
      [14:11, 04/07/2021] Anemi: ... :(
      [14:12, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Yeah
      [14:12, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Well then label me as a time waister then
      [14:14, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Lol
      [14:14, 04/07/2021] Esteban: No you are not
      [14:14, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Then stop blaming for being careful :x
      [14:14, 04/07/2021] Esteban: I can’t just tell my feelings because it will sounds like I don’t mean since im too good to tr to e
      [14:14, 04/07/2021] Esteban: True
      [14:16, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Are you busy?
      [14:16, 04/07/2021] Anemi: No im not
      [14:16, 04/07/2021] Anemi: is a lazy sunday today
      [14:17, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Okay
      [14:17, 04/07/2021] Anemi: I dont know what to tell you though. Im trying to explain myself but it seems like you dont understand where im coming from :)
      [14:18, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Be my woman
      [14:18, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Ive told you. Survive those 6 months first :)
      [14:19, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Be my woman then I will be all means that will bring me back home then I will know there is someone behind the bars waiting for me to come back and I know how the person will be if I don’t make it home
      [14:20, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Ive thought that was already clear that im going to wait for you sweetheart
      [14:21, 04/07/2021] Anemi: i want to see you arriving safe home at the airport with a huge smile on your face
      [14:21, 04/07/2021] Anemi: promise me that
      [14:23, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Yes only if you will make a new world for me to live with you
      [14:24, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Sounds fair.
      [14:24, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Doesnt it? ♥
      [14:26, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Yes
      [14:26, 04/07/2021] Esteban: I have something to say to you we going back to the base now
      [14:26, 04/07/2021] Esteban: I will tell u when I get to the base ok
      [14:27, 04/07/2021] Esteban: I may not have the opportunity but I will say it
      [14:28, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Okay. Ill be here. Be safe babe
      [15:29, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Oh my
      [15:29, 04/07/2021] Anemi: ♥
      [15:30, 04/07/2021] Anemi: That smile of yours so pretty!
      [15:30, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Thank you babe 🤩
      [15:30, 04/07/2021] Esteban: I don’t know if you feel that way but that’s how I’m feeling
      [15:31, 04/07/2021] Esteban: I made it a video so you can know how serious I am here
      [15:31, 04/07/2021] Anemi: You didnt need to my love
      [15:32, 04/07/2021] Esteban: You know sometimes people need your reaction on something to see how serious you are
      [15:33, 04/07/2021] Esteban: And they said action speaks more the voice
      [15:33, 04/07/2021] Esteban: I hope you believe how I’m feeling is real and I know distance sucks but if we both mean it then we can do it
      [15:33, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Agreed! Gosh you are sooo cute
      [15:34, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Not so cute just trying to make sure you believe and trust me
      [15:34, 04/07/2021] Esteban: And see that this Is real
      [15:36, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Smiles... It is going to be real as soon as I can hug you ♥
      [15:40, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Lol
      [15:40, 04/07/2021] Anemi: i meant like i cant wait to hold you silly
      [15:40, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Are you talking to someone
      [15:40, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Maybe on this app or another app
      [15:41, 04/07/2021] Anemi: No. Not right now... Im expecting a call in a few minutes. Friends of mine that call every sunday
      [15:41, 04/07/2021] Anemi: No. Only to german friends that are expected to call me soon :)
      [15:41, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Okay
      [15:41, 04/07/2021] Anemi: They normally call me at 3:30 but they are late right now
      [15:41, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Why babe?
      [15:41, 04/07/2021] Anemi: :)
      [15:41, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Nothing just asking
      [15:42, 04/07/2021] Anemi: You feel better being in the base right now?
      [15:43, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Yeah little bit
      [15:43, 04/07/2021] Anemi: is it safer there than at the other place you were before?
      [15:45, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Little bit because weapons are in the base even anything happens but outside we only had what we take with us
      [15:46, 04/07/2021] Anemi: so all supplies are in the base, right?
      [15:46, 04/07/2021] Anemi: like water... electricity and stuff like that?
      [15:46, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Yes
      [15:46, 04/07/2021] Anemi: That is good. At least that means better food too :)
      [15:48, 04/07/2021] Esteban: We had wheat snack bread today
      [15:48, 04/07/2021] Anemi: is that tasty?
      [15:48, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Hmmhmm
      [15:49, 04/07/2021] Anemi: grins
      [15:49, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Yeah
      [15:49, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Whats the matter babe? you dont sound happy at all
      [15:50, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Tired and bored which I had any drink with the boys
      [15:51, 04/07/2021] Anemi: :(
      [17:46, 04/07/2021] Anemi: I am back :)
      [18:59, 04/07/2021] Anemi: No worries is just a link that takes you to my recording :) <3
      [19:00, 04/07/2021] Anemi: https://www.smule.com/sing-recording/996747148_4077120905
      [20:14, 04/07/2021] Esteban: I love that
      [20:14, 04/07/2021] Esteban: I dropped a comment
      [20:15, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Grins
      [20:15, 04/07/2021] Anemi: I messed up a bit but
      [20:15, 04/07/2021] Esteban: But it’s good
      [20:15, 04/07/2021] Anemi: i wanted to make you smile even though you couldnt drink with the guys
      [20:15, 04/07/2021] Esteban: You have a nice voice
      [20:15, 04/07/2021] Esteban: That’s really help a lot babe thanks so much 💜💜💜💜
      [20:15, 04/07/2021] Anemi: You are moooost welcome ♥
      [20:16, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Did you take a little nap to rest just a bit?
      [20:18, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Yes
      [20:19, 04/07/2021] Esteban: I was so tired then I had to put my head on something and slept off
      [20:19, 04/07/2021] Anemi: You needed rest
      [20:19, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Hell yeah
      [20:19, 04/07/2021] Anemi: But see you could use that app to record your music too :)
      [20:19, 04/07/2021] Anemi: With that voice of yours ♥
      [20:20, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Maybe when I get back to USA or when we are together I can’t sing anymore here
      [20:20, 04/07/2021] Anemi: I would love to sing with you ❤️
      [20:20, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Me too
      [20:20, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Did you friends later called you?
      [20:21, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Yes they did :) We always talk on sundays for two hours :)
      [20:21, 04/07/2021] Anemi: They are married since i dont know how many years. Due to covid we couldnt see each other so we phone instead
      [20:22, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Oh that’s good much better
      [20:22, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Nods. It is :)
      [20:32, 04/07/2021] Esteban: What are you doing
      [20:33, 04/07/2021] Anemi: I was watching a movie... Gotta prepare dinner soon. Did you eat yet?
      [20:42, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Not yet
      [20:42, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Oof. You guys eat late :o
      [20:43, 04/07/2021] Esteban: There food sucks I don’t feel like eating them
      [20:44, 04/07/2021] Anemi: But you need to have something
      [21:35, 04/07/2021] Esteban: You okay
      [21:36, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Yes... I am okay :)
      [21:36, 04/07/2021] Anemi: How about you?
      [21:36, 04/07/2021] Esteban: I’m okay
      [21:36, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Still alive
      [21:37, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Are you busy?
      [21:38, 04/07/2021] Anemi: No not right now. Whats up babe?
      [21:38, 04/07/2021] Esteban: I’m okay
      [21:38, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Are you actually on facebook too?
      [21:39, 04/07/2021] Esteban: The operational security took it down few weeks ago
      [21:39, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Did you find me on fb?
      [21:39, 04/07/2021] Anemi: No I was just wondering :)
      [21:39, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Wondering what?
      [21:39, 04/07/2021] Anemi: If you would have facebook :D
      [21:41, 04/07/2021] Esteban: I was trying to finish my course on fb when take it down I have been looking for someone fb to use
      [21:42, 04/07/2021] Anemi: I dont use it much
      [21:42, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Did you have one?
      [21:43, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Long time ago yeah :)
      [21:43, 04/07/2021] Anemi: A friend told me that they are withdrawing troops from syria back home :o
      [21:43, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Oh you have any other one maybe like extra or older?
      [21:44, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Yes I know but not us we just got here
      [21:44, 04/07/2021] Anemi: No i dont :)
      [21:44, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Oh ok
      [21:46, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Who is that your friend
      [21:46, 04/07/2021] Anemi: So. Kuddos to you. You were actually really believeable on what you said. But we both know that you are not 36. Not born in august and you are definitely not in syria right now. The real one is way younger. Is at home and is engaged. You may not answer me again but Ive thought I would let you know that you didnt blend me. I did a research on your number and of course Ill let him know as well that his pictures and his videos are getting used to scam other people. I dont know who you are. Nor does it really matter. Im just glad that ive noticed it quick enough

    • AnemiDiMa hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Esteban Diaz" geschrieben. 04.07.2021

      Part 4:
      [13:25, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Do you have the 43 for me and the boys I will pay back with a €100 deal!
      [13:27, 03/07/2021] Anemi: So here is one thing that kinda bugs me. I dont know you well. You dont know me well. Im good on research and shit. Cause im a really curious person. And you may call me a time waster on this end. But did you know that there is a homepage from the government warning about us soldiers asking for money ? Is a so called scam and stuff like that.

      Do not get me wrong here :) How do I know that im giving this to you and not to somebody that is trying to scam me ?
      [13:28, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Lol
      [13:29, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Diaz ?
      [13:29, 03/07/2021] Anemi: ugh
      [13:29, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Thats a pain in my ass right now
      [13:29, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Yes Diaz
      [13:29, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Why?
      [13:30, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Guess whos first last name is diaz too
      [13:30, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Your ex?
      [13:30, 03/07/2021] Anemi: mine!
      [13:30, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Haha 😂
      [13:30, 03/07/2021] Anemi: ;D
      [13:31, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Lol wow if we are together you don't need to change your last name lol
      [13:31, 03/07/2021] Anemi: i guess my family would be happy with that
      [13:31, 03/07/2021] Anemi: ;D
      [13:31, 03/07/2021] Anemi: they are already pissed that it is dissapearing
      [13:31, 03/07/2021] Anemi: ;D
      [13:31, 03/07/2021] Esteban: But do I still look like a scammer with my ID
      [13:32, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Honey... im just being careful^^
      [13:32, 03/07/2021] Esteban: No no is fine you should have asked that from the beginning
      [13:32, 03/07/2021] Anemi: nah
      [13:32, 03/07/2021] Anemi: i didnt think about it
      [13:33, 03/07/2021] Anemi: that was my mistake actually
      [13:33, 03/07/2021] Anemi: But then I thought... "Hey girl... You are in germany... way older than him...!" and it didnt make sense at all^^ so i googled
      [13:33, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Well you need someone to identify him or herself in whatever the told you even if the person said he or she is human let them show that they are human before you accept them as human
      [13:34, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Are you mad at me now? :x
      [13:34, 03/07/2021] Esteban: No sweetie just like it the way you are protecting yourself
      [13:34, 03/07/2021] Anemi: So i can send you the 50 bucks latest wednesday or thursday ...because of paycheck
      [13:35, 03/07/2021] Anemi: but how will you get the money then babe?
      [13:36, 03/07/2021] Esteban: I don't know I will have to ask some of the married officers how they got money from their wives I'm sure their wives did the same for them too
      [13:36, 03/07/2021] Esteban: But you are not even my wife yet lol
      [13:37, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Do you want to be one in the end ?
      [13:37, 03/07/2021] Anemi: hahaha
      [13:37, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Well
      [13:37, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Who knows what future offers :)
      [13:37, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Im just getting to know you silly !
      [13:38, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Lol 😆
      [13:38, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Also you are the world traveler :D
      [13:38, 03/07/2021] Esteban: I want to make it quick so I won’t lose it
      [13:38, 03/07/2021] Esteban: I’m quitting when I get married
      [13:38, 03/07/2021] Esteban: That’s was my plan
      [13:39, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Do you think 6 month is enough to find out that you want to marry somebody?
      [13:39, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Yes is enough
      [13:39, 03/07/2021] Anemi: And also... im not an us citizen... !
      [13:39, 03/07/2021] Esteban: You can be one
      [13:39, 03/07/2021] Esteban: I can make it work
      [13:39, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Thats why i said that you need to survive the next six months :)
      [13:40, 03/07/2021] Esteban: As you can see God is making me go
      [13:40, 03/07/2021] Esteban: To
      [13:40, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Well Mr. Diaz ! Keep going! Keep fighting and lets see what happens over christmas ?
      [13:41, 03/07/2021] Anemi: and i promise you i wont be a time waster :)
      [13:42, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Ok sweetie
      [13:42, 03/07/2021] Anemi: do i need to teach you spanish ?
      [13:43, 03/07/2021] Anemi: :) or do you already know some words :D
      [13:43, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Mi vida
      [13:43, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Mi armor
      [13:44, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Te armor
      [13:44, 03/07/2021] Anemi: amor* without the r
      [13:44, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Oh ok
      [13:44, 03/07/2021] Anemi: yah we gonna learn
      [13:44, 03/07/2021] Anemi: :D
      [13:44, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Yes
      [13:44, 03/07/2021] Anemi: You guys safe atm ?
      [13:45, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Yes
      [13:45, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Good. I know that you guys are always alerted right now
      [13:45, 03/07/2021] Anemi: BUT
      [13:45, 03/07/2021] Anemi: im here.
      [17:25, 03/07/2021] Esteban: I’m back
      [17:25, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Phone is gonna die
      [17:56, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Noooo!!! Don’t dieeee ! :o Sorry… I dozed off!
      [22:29, 03/07/2021] Anemi: I hope you are able to charge your phone and tell me that you are okay babe
      [23:26, 03/07/2021] Esteban: 👌
      [23:26, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Babe!
      [23:26, 03/07/2021] Anemi: You ok ?
      [23:26, 03/07/2021] Esteban: I’m alive
      [23:26, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Yes im ok
      [23:26, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Did something new happen?
      [23:27, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Not new yet except securing everyone
      [23:27, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Ugh... I would love to cuddle you right now
      [23:28, 03/07/2021] Esteban: I wish lol
      [23:28, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Right?
      [23:28, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Did you eat something ?
      [23:28, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Nothing yet
      [23:29, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Ugh....
      [23:29, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Did you drink enough today?
      [23:29, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Told you no bunk
      [23:29, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Bucks I mean
      [23:30, 03/07/2021] Anemi: i meant water silly
      [23:30, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Yes we did
      [23:31, 03/07/2021] Anemi: I totally forgot... Happy 4th of july!
      [23:32, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Lol God bless the merica 🇺🇸
      [23:32, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Exactly!
      [23:32, 03/07/2021] Anemi: And also bless the army as well!
      [23:33, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Amen 🙏
      [23:33, 03/07/2021] Esteban: What are you doing
      [23:33, 03/07/2021] Anemi: im debating on what to watch to pass out after ive been listening to the song you were listening before your battery went off
      [23:34, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Oh okay lol
      [23:34, 03/07/2021] Anemi: i did think of recording the stars spangled banner for you though
      [23:34, 03/07/2021] Anemi: but ive been listening to w. houstons version.. and the pitch is way too high... dont wanna fuck it up ...lol
      [23:34, 03/07/2021] Esteban: You can would you wait for me by Brett young
      [23:35, 03/07/2021] Anemi: You want that instead?
      [23:35, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Yes
      [23:35, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Try to listen to that
      [23:35, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Listening right now :)
      [23:36, 03/07/2021] Anemi: I dont know why some dislike country... the lyrics are so freaking sweet
      [23:37, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Awwwwwwwww ♥️
      [23:39, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Oh lol
      [23:39, 03/07/2021] Esteban: You like it ?
      [23:39, 03/07/2021] Anemi: I loooove iiit
      [00:04, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Swoons. Such a pretty song ♥️
      [05:07, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Sleep tight 😴
      [11:02, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Hey you!
      [11:02, 04/07/2021] Anemi: <3
      [11:17, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Hey!
      [11:17, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Did you sleep some?!
      [11:19, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Tub 🛁
      [11:19, 04/07/2021] Anemi: a huge cup of coffee actually
      [11:19, 04/07/2021] Anemi: :)
      [11:19, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Happy 4th of July
      [11:20, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Hai baby!!
      [11:20, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Oh look like you are in the tub 🛁
      [11:20, 04/07/2021] Anemi: I dont have a tub.. Only a shower
      [11:20, 04/07/2021] Anemi: :X
      [11:21, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Still good
      [11:22, 04/07/2021] Anemi: You look like you got more sleep than last nightn
      [11:22, 04/07/2021] Anemi: :)
      [11:24, 04/07/2021] Esteban: That’s where I sleep lol
      [11:24, 04/07/2021] Esteban: That’s my pillow
      [11:25, 04/07/2021] Anemi: So! Are you in a good mood or naaaaaah! 🥺
      [11:26, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Lol
      [11:26, 04/07/2021] Esteban: You know im always happy
      [11:27, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Even if the death come upon I will smile to it
      [11:27, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Nuuu! You gotta wait for that a couple years more
      [11:27, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Im afraid of dying.
      [11:28, 04/07/2021] Esteban: I’m not but I want to have an experience of the good life family memories
      [11:29, 04/07/2021] Anemi: And you deserve it!!!!
      [11:29, 04/07/2021] Anemi: :)
      [11:30, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Yes I know
      [11:30, 04/07/2021] Anemi: And and and… it is going to happen!
      [11:30, 04/07/2021] Anemi: :)
      [11:30, 04/07/2021] Esteban: I feel like I'm losing it
      [11:30, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Not at all! Why would you think that?
      [11:31, 04/07/2021] Esteban: There was an airstrike on Monday who knows what's coming tomorrow
      [11:32, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Dont think like that Mr. Diaz
      [11:33, 04/07/2021] Esteban: No one to support, care for, love, I got nothing, and it always looks like a scamming thing if you are supporting someone as you did yesterday so who is standing I only see my shadow no one
      [11:34, 04/07/2021] Esteban: The only person we can stand is my parents but they are both gone now u see I stand alone and my shadow right beside me
      [11:34, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Hey. Im still here. Arent I?
      [11:35, 04/07/2021] Anemi: You dont stand alone at all!
      [11:35, 04/07/2021] Anemi: im here!
      [11:35, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Lol I look like a scammer yesterday
      [11:35, 04/07/2021] Anemi: im just careful. Cause in the end you are too good to be true, you know?
      [11:36, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Lol my parents will never say that lol
      [11:36, 04/07/2021] Anemi: what would they say?
      [11:36, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Mama is here no matter me and your father got you
      [11:37, 04/07/2021] Esteban: And why do I look so good to be true?
      [11:37, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Because you are caring, kind and sweet
      [11:38, 04/07/2021] Anemi: All three things i named are rare
      [11:38, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Is it because I make people happy or for not being like bad guys out there
      [11:38, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Exactly! Thats why
      [11:38, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Yes I have to because that's the only way to save people from depression
      [11:39, 04/07/2021] Anemi: Ive seen soldiers playing with girls feelings... i was one of them who got played... is easy to hook up with a german while here
      [11:39, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Don't you get it
      [11:39, 04/07/2021] Anemi: My mom always used to tell me that i cannot save the world... And right now you need somebody that keeps you happy.
      [11:40, 04/07/2021] Esteban: I feel the only to change the world now is to be ourselves and help ourselves with loving each other and show them you careb
      [11:40, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Care
      [11:40, 04/07/2021] Esteban: But I’m sorry she’s wrong
      [11:40, 04/07/2021] Anemi: See? Thats why I like you :) But dont drain yourself for others a lot. You need to be happy!
      [11:40, 04/07/2021] Anemi: She was wrong. True.
      [11:41, 04/07/2021] Esteban: We can save the world by helping and loving ourselves
      [11:41, 04/07/2021] Anemi: And I agree on that. But I also know how exhausting it is when you care and nobody else cares for you
      [11:42, 04/07/2021] Anemi: I am a cancer. A very emotional cancer. Like I could burst out in tears just by a song.
      [11:42, 04/07/2021] Esteban: For me not getting any care from anybody I still make people happy don’t you see it on TikTok I make a lot of people laugh
      [11:42, 04/07/2021] Esteban: Most of my videos I have 40k viewers at least they will laugh after watching them

    • AnemiDiMa hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Esteban Diaz" geschrieben. 04.07.2021

      Part 3:

      08:20, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Is like your boys motto!
      [08:20, 03/07/2021] Anemi: ;)
      [08:21, 03/07/2021] Esteban: My own lol
      [08:21, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Then try to stay safe for the next 6 months! :)
      [08:21, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Is that the only way you can say yes
      [08:21, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Or your own. If I remember it. Will Able Ready?
      [08:22, 03/07/2021] Anemi: That’s my way to say that I’m here no matter what happens :)
      [08:22, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Willing able ready
      [08:22, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Close enouuuugh!
      [08:23, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Yes
      [08:23, 03/07/2021] Anemi: 😋
      [08:24, 03/07/2021] Esteban: What are you doing working?
      [08:24, 03/07/2021] Anemi: No. I’m about to get ready to go to do some groceries. Now that it is early and everyone is still sleeping :)
      [08:24, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Later in the town is gonna be crowded
      [08:25, 03/07/2021] Anemi: I’ll show you some parts of it :)
      [08:26, 03/07/2021] Anemi: And I’ll take a pic of the American corner that we have in our store ! Even though they don’t have the reeses peanut butter
      [08:26, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Do you guys know what’s gift card?
      [08:26, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Can you get one in the store?
      [08:26, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Like a voucher ?
      [08:27, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Yes yes yes
      [08:27, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Yah!
      [08:27, 03/07/2021] Anemi: What kind of?
      [08:27, 03/07/2021] Esteban: You can get iTunes card or steam wallet gift card?
      [08:27, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Did you really want to get it for me?
      [08:27, 03/07/2021] Anemi: I could! Even though next week
      [08:27, 03/07/2021] Anemi: What amount?
      [08:28, 03/07/2021] Esteban: You will get it today or next week?
      [08:28, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Next week. Gotta wait in my pay check first :)
      [08:28, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Oh okay
      [08:29, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Maybe till next week then Ann
      [08:29, 03/07/2021] Anemi: What amount would you need?
      [08:30, 03/07/2021] Esteban: I don’t know how much u have
      [08:30, 03/07/2021] Esteban: You can just get any amount ok
      [08:31, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Not as if you are my parents lol 😂 I can’t tell you how much I want when I don’t know your income
      [08:31, 03/07/2021] Anemi: I will take a look today to see what amount they offer! :)
      [08:31, 03/07/2021] Esteban: But you can get as much as u can
      [08:31, 03/07/2021] Anemi: I mean I’m still older than you 😜
      [08:31, 03/07/2021] Esteban: They sell 50 100 even 1000
      [08:32, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Lol 😂 😂 😂 😂 but I’m a big boy no one will ever know if you are older because I am the big boy in the house
      [08:33, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Wait! How tall are you?!
      [08:34, 03/07/2021] Esteban: 5,10ft
      [08:34, 03/07/2021] Esteban: You?
      [08:34, 03/07/2021] Anemi: I’m fucked
      [08:34, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Lol
      [08:34, 03/07/2021] Anemi: 5.6
      [08:34, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Haha 😂 told you i am the big guy here
      [08:35, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Ha! But I’m Spanish!
      [08:35, 03/07/2021] Anemi: I have temper!
      [08:35, 03/07/2021] Anemi: That covers up to 5.9
      [08:35, 03/07/2021] Esteban: lol not yet 5.10
      [08:35, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Well. High heels would help then
      [08:36, 03/07/2021] Esteban: You will need to get many of them lol
      [08:36, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Damn it! :D
      [08:36, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Lol 😂
      [08:36, 03/07/2021] Esteban: I won 🙌
      [08:36, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Just this time!
      [08:36, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Lol
      [08:37, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Next time is my turn!
      [08:37, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Lol work hard
      [08:37, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Can you dance?
      [08:37, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Lol yeah
      [08:38, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Actually a dumb question
      [08:38, 03/07/2021] Anemi: You guys over there are good dancers
      [08:38, 03/07/2021] Anemi: :D
      [08:38, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Yeah
      [08:38, 03/07/2021] Esteban: We never have any fun time yet so we can’t dance yet lol
      [08:39, 03/07/2021] Anemi: It is going to happen!!!
      [08:39, 03/07/2021] Anemi: And in case. Record it!!!! :)
      [08:41, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Sure 👌
      [08:41, 03/07/2021] Esteban: We going to check around now
      [08:41, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Talk later okay ❤️❤️❤️❤️
      [08:41, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Okay! In case you dont have time. Just pass me an emoji babe! ❤️
      [11:33, 03/07/2021] Esteban: I don’t know this will happen
      [11:34, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Are you ok?
      [13:00, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Yes I’m fine broke my phone
      [13:01, 03/07/2021] Anemi: phew.....
      [13:04, 03/07/2021] Esteban: You busy?
      [13:05, 03/07/2021] Anemi: No i just came back from outside
      [13:05, 03/07/2021] Esteban: No one is injured the tank protect us
      [13:05, 03/07/2021] Anemi: the video was scary.... like when the bomb got up
      [13:05, 03/07/2021] Anemi: i was like "fuck"
      [13:06, 03/07/2021] Esteban: I don’t know such is going to happen I was trying to take a video for you and we had a vehicle run to us and drop a grenades on our truck and we are trying to reverse back but still got us
      [13:07, 03/07/2021] Esteban: I told you they are some terrorist who pretends like they are part of the villagers
      [13:07, 03/07/2021] Anemi: the most important thing is that you are not injured
      [13:08, 03/07/2021] Anemi: keep your head up babe
      [13:08, 03/07/2021] Esteban: The first thing I checked was my leg lol I was like wow so luck that’s God again
      [13:09, 03/07/2021] Anemi: See? God is protecting you!
      [13:09, 03/07/2021] Esteban: I never stop praying
      [13:09, 03/07/2021] Anemi: like i havent prayed for a long while
      [13:10, 03/07/2021] Anemi: but since ive met you i pray every night for you and for the boys with you
      [13:11, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Thanks so much
      [13:11, 03/07/2021] Anemi: ive told you that im here whenever you need me
      [13:12, 03/07/2021] Esteban: That’s why I ran over to you mama lol
      [13:13, 03/07/2021] Anemi: There you go Papi :D
      [13:13, 03/07/2021] Anemi: lol
      [13:15, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Lol
      [13:16, 03/07/2021] Anemi: is that a smile on your face ?
      [13:16, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Hell yeah!
      [13:16, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Good!
      [13:16, 03/07/2021] Anemi: ;)
      [13:18, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Me and the boys should have some drink tomorrow
      [13:18, 03/07/2021] Esteban: But we are not with that
      [13:18, 03/07/2021] Esteban: No money
      [13:18, 03/07/2021] Anemi: how comes that you guys dont have money ?
      [13:19, 03/07/2021] Esteban: How did you see desert ?
      [13:19, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Even there hospital is bad lol
      [13:19, 03/07/2021] Anemi: i get that... but dont you guys get money when you travel around like this ?
      [13:19, 03/07/2021] Esteban: No banks not even ATM even the food here is bad lol
      [13:20, 03/07/2021] Esteban: They paid us as if we gon’ die tomorrow lol
      [13:20, 03/07/2021] Anemi: i mean if it is not a drink... maybe tonight you can hunt a deer to kinda celebrate ?
      [13:20, 03/07/2021] Esteban: That's if we see one lol 😆
      [13:20, 03/07/2021] Anemi: True
      [13:21, 03/07/2021] Esteban: And the problem we don't know is what's gonna happen tonight is unaware to everybody
      [13:21, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Maybe there will be no time to huny
      [13:21, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Hunt
      [13:21, 03/07/2021] Anemi: I wished you guys would have a good jameson over there
      [13:21, 03/07/2021] Esteban: And cheers to the freaking weekend
      [13:21, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Yah
      [13:21, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Agreed!
      [13:22, 03/07/2021] Anemi: im trying to think if arabic ones cherish the sunday as we do
      [13:22, 03/07/2021] Anemi: you know like "rest day!"
      [13:22, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Lol well don't know!
      [13:22, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Ugh
      [13:22, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Did you guys currency in dollar
      [13:23, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Or my bad is euro right
      [13:23, 03/07/2021] Anemi: We work with Euro
      [13:23, 03/07/2021] Anemi: mmhmm
      [13:23, 03/07/2021] Esteban: € £ with one?
      [13:23, 03/07/2021] Anemi: €
      [13:23, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Oh nice
      [13:23, 03/07/2021] Anemi: the other one would be english pounds
      [13:23, 03/07/2021] Esteban: How much is $50 in €
      [13:24, 03/07/2021] Anemi: run around 43 euros
      [13:24, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Wow less I guess
      [13:24, 03/07/2021] Anemi: ;D

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      Part 2

      [01:30, 02/07/2021] Anemi: Babe im heading to bed. Are you ok so far ?
      [11:33, 02/07/2021] Anemi: Hey 💋
      [21:27, 02/07/2021] Anemi: I hope you are okay!
      [00:51, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Hey
      [01:10, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Yes I am
      [03:16, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Good! Sorry my WhatsApp wasn’t working. I messaged you over Instagram as well :(
      [07:20, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Something happened yesterday that’s why I can’t chat
      [07:20, 03/07/2021] Esteban: I’m really sorry
      [07:20, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Is okay. I was just worried. :(
      [07:21, 03/07/2021] Anemi: What happened?
      [07:22, 03/07/2021] Esteban: We had a fire on our outpost
      [07:22, 03/07/2021] Anemi: You and your boys ok?
      [07:22, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Before we get there they disappeare d
      [07:24, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Disappeared
      [07:25, 03/07/2021] Anemi: I don’t get all this hate. You guys aren’t there to kill others as the first purpose. Maybe it is escalating cause 4th of July tomorrow too!
      [07:26, 03/07/2021] Esteban: I think that’s why they are coming close to us
      [07:26, 03/07/2021] Anemi: *in the first place instead of purpose
      [07:26, 03/07/2021] Anemi: That was my first thought too!
      [07:28, 03/07/2021] Esteban: They had one soldier killed on the 11th of last month this the same thing happened because this soldier we met here told me this is how it got started before they came to attack them
      [07:29, 03/07/2021] Anemi: But why June?! I get the 11th
      [07:29, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Oh wait
      [07:30, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Memorial Day was in May… wasn’t it?
      [07:30, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Yes
      [07:32, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Ugh…. But June 11th doesn’t have some historic measure for the us. From what I remember. Maybe just a sudden on their side.
      [07:33, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Like for me it would had been Memorial Day, 4th of July and 9/11 as memorable days… if you know what I’m trying to say!
      [07:35, 03/07/2021] Esteban: There was an airstrike that was launch on them on Monday
      [07:36, 03/07/2021] Esteban: And we strike back yesterday
      [07:36, 03/07/2021] Anemi: They are not going to give up, mh? 😔
      [07:37, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Never
      [07:38, 03/07/2021] Anemi: You said you have to stay there for 6 months?!
      [07:38, 03/07/2021] Esteban: It's all over On media
      [07:38, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Yes
      [07:39, 03/07/2021] Anemi: So whenever they give you hell… you give hell back!
      [07:40, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Yes
      [07:40, 03/07/2021] Esteban: lol 😂
      [07:41, 03/07/2021] Esteban: I wish I die peacefully lol 😂
      [07:41, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Shhhh…. You will get out there safely!
      [07:41, 03/07/2021] Anemi: And you will find a woman and have a bunch of babies with her!
      [07:42, 03/07/2021] Anemi: And until then I’m around! :)
      [07:43, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Lol
      [07:43, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Why didn’t think it’s might be you
      [07:44, 03/07/2021] Anemi: I wished!!!!
      [07:44, 03/07/2021] Anemi: 😚
      [07:44, 03/07/2021] Anemi: For now we focus on survive those 6 months. Does that sound like a deal?!
      [07:44, 03/07/2021] Anemi: :)
      [07:45, 03/07/2021] Esteban: It’s really hard to be honest no woman can wait for 6months and not even sure if I Will make it home
      [07:45, 03/07/2021] Esteban: I haven’t got any support since I got here
      [07:45, 03/07/2021] Anemi: That’s because you never met me before!
      [07:45, 03/07/2021] Esteban: I only talked to you
      [07:45, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Duh! 😋
      [07:45, 03/07/2021] Anemi: I can wait six months!
      [07:46, 03/07/2021] Anemi: And you will make it home!
      [07:46, 03/07/2021] Anemi: I’m not a run away when things gets tough kind of woman.
      [07:47, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Have you ever dated online before or dated any military
      [07:47, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Don’t make me learn the national anthem for tomorrow. Cause I would record it for you^^
      [07:47, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Both! Yes!
      [07:48, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Oh
      [07:48, 03/07/2021] Esteban: How does it go?
      [07:48, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Tell me
      [07:48, 03/07/2021] Anemi: My ex is from Houston.
      [07:48, 03/07/2021] Anemi: That went in for two years
      [07:48, 03/07/2021] Esteban: In Texas
      [07:48, 03/07/2021] Anemi: The soldiers were based here in Germany. Hence why my English is so fluent :)
      [07:49, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Mmhmm! Big army supporters!
      [07:50, 03/07/2021] Anemi: I dont know if the us base still exists but in Kitzingen there is even an us military police station and lots of clubs back then would just allow staters unless you were with one of them… my first vanilla Coca Cola was American…
      [07:51, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Incase of bomb or gas that’s why we had that thing on
      [07:51, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Lol Coca Cola
      [07:51, 03/07/2021] Anemi: And I still can hear you laugh!
      [07:51, 03/07/2021] Esteban: It’s funny 😄
      [07:51, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Yah! Or even Dr. Pepper
      [07:52, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Can you even breathe in those properly?
      [07:52, 03/07/2021] Esteban: We’ve been there since yesterday
      [07:52, 03/07/2021] Esteban: That’s was where we had gunshot came from so we staying there
      [07:52, 03/07/2021] Esteban: You see I’m not safe now
      [07:53, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Using my mouth lol
      [07:53, 03/07/2021] Anemi: But why don’t they understand that you guys aren’t there to harm them?
      [07:54, 03/07/2021] Esteban: They want us out of Syria
      [07:54, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Well. There is a reason why you guys are over there
      [07:55, 03/07/2021] Anemi: And is not about the oil fields only
      [07:55, 03/07/2021] Anemi: At least I assume
      [07:56, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Yes
      [07:56, 03/07/2021] Esteban: You know we are the Talibans?
      [07:56, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Aren’t those Arabic’s?
      [07:57, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Yes
      [07:57, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Talibans are supporting those who are attacking us
      [07:58, 03/07/2021] Anemi: How many soldier do they have and how many are you boys?
      [07:58, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Like
      [07:58, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Are they more than you?
      [07:59, 03/07/2021] Esteban: The enemies soldiers and us
      [08:00, 03/07/2021] Esteban: We had 900 here and the enemies we don’t know how many they are because sometimes they joined the villagers and you will never know if they are the one because they always have something to cover there face
      [08:00, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Yah. Like it could be everyone.
      [08:01, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Yes
      [08:02, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Ok. Tell me something (to keep you mr mind away for a bit) What is the first thing you are going to do when you are back home?
      [08:03, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Lol there is no first thing I just have to rest and later chill out with the guys you know what a single guys does right?
      [08:03, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Uhm. Tons of porn and beer?
      [08:04, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Hell yeah!
      [08:04, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Hahahaha
      [08:04, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Since when are you single?
      [08:05, 03/07/2021] Esteban: 3yrs
      [08:05, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Not long right?
      [08:05, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Oof. Well for a guy it is
      [08:05, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Specially since you are kind and sweet.
      [08:05, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Lol 😂
      [08:05, 03/07/2021] Esteban: I like you
      [08:05, 03/07/2021] Anemi: I’m a weirdo ! :)
      [08:06, 03/07/2021] Anemi: I mean … don’t get it the wrong way.. you are good looking, caring, funny… a good singer…! Why the heck are you single?! Just because of your job?!
      [08:07, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Like… I don’t get it.
      [08:07, 03/07/2021] Anemi: I would have thought that you have to a of girls in your private messages :)
      [08:08, 03/07/2021] Esteban: I ca say is because of my work because is very risky and I always get cheated on everytime I go on deployment or go to wor
      [08:08, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Work
      [08:08, 03/07/2021] Esteban: So I decided to wait for the right woman
      [08:09, 03/07/2021] Anemi: So the last one cheated on you while you were gone… did I understand that right?
      [08:09, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Yes
      [08:09, 03/07/2021] Esteban: That’s my point
      [08:10, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Yah. There is a big gasp between understanding what you do and appreciate what you do plus feeling honoured to have a guy like you.
      [08:13, 03/07/2021] Anemi: I don’t see a reason to cheat on somebody.

      I always got cheated on. But that’s another story.

      Put it this way. A average woman wants attention. If she doesn’t get it. She walks away from it. A woman like me is interested in what you do. May ask dumb questions to understand the reason why it is so important for you and respect that. Not pointing me out there or fanning myself… is just the way I roll. You do t do that cause others tells you to do. You do it because You want it that way. It was your decision only.

      Everyone wants respect but don’t know how to give it back!
      [08:15, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Well I don’t know why they have to cheat but I think maybe they are not the right woman for you or the right man
      [08:16, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Agreed
      [08:17, 03/07/2021] Esteban: And if you haven’t met the man or woman that God sends into your life then you will continue to meet the wrong ones until you get to the right one
      [08:17, 03/07/2021] Anemi: But also I would still don’t have a reason to cheat on anybody. Unless masturbation is called cheating too :D
      [08:17, 03/07/2021] Esteban: Lol
      [08:17, 03/07/2021] Anemi: Some say it is!!!
      [08:18, 03/07/2021] Anemi: God has always his way to put you in situations that you are able to handle. If you wouldn’t be able… he wouldn’t put you where you are right now! 😋
      [08:19, 03/07/2021] Anemi: And I get the waiting game! It is frustrating. But totally worth it (I’ve got told!)
      [08:20, 03/07/2021] Esteban: I like like like like like you

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      [23:05, 30/06/2021] Esteban: Hi
      [23:05, 30/06/2021] Anemi: Hey you!!!! :)
      [23:05, 30/06/2021] Esteban: It’s Esteban
      [23:06, 30/06/2021] Anemi: I knew iiit!!!
      [23:06, 30/06/2021] Esteban: Lol
      [23:06, 30/06/2021] Esteban: How did you manage to speak English so good like this
      [23:06, 30/06/2021] Anemi: Este - Short for esteban! It’s quite a Spanish name :o
      [23:07, 30/06/2021] Anemi: A lunatic Texan ex! :) Just kidding. I’m good in foreign languages! Just french kills me ^^
      [23:08, 30/06/2021] Esteban: Lol
      [23:08, 30/06/2021] Esteban: Texan ex?
      [23:08, 30/06/2021] Esteban: What’s that
      [23:10, 30/06/2021] Anemi: Mmhmm! Somebody that claims to be in love with you and cheated on you on a daily basis. Went for two years straight. I’m glad that I’ve met you now and not 5 years ago. Back then my English was most likely only “ok” .

      Also music helps a lot. Specifially if you are interested in everything about history and stuff like that (I promise I’m not a huge nerd!)

      Wait! One important question! Marvel or DC?!
      [23:11, 30/06/2021] Esteban: Marvel lol
      [23:11, 30/06/2021] Anemi: Thank god!!!! ��
      [23:11, 30/06/2021] Esteban: Lol why?
      [23:13, 30/06/2021] Anemi: I’m a marvel girl ! I like some DC movies but nope.. Marvel is better even though they stole a lot of characters from DC.

      Did you get any sleep on the plane?! Jetlag is gonna fight you tonight!
      [23:13, 30/06/2021] Esteban: No sleep lol
      [23:14, 30/06/2021] Anemi: Are you boys able to have coffee at least?! It sounds like you are gonna be up all night :o
      [23:18, 30/06/2021] Esteban: Haha coffee?
      [23:19, 30/06/2021] Anemi: Okay. Guess not?!
      [23:19, 30/06/2021] Anemi: Like isn’t that the essence of every morning?
      [23:20, 30/06/2021] Esteban: Look here like a death house no time for coffee just pray for grace and keep your alive and give the enemy hell
      [23:20, 30/06/2021] Esteban: You know my unit motto lol
      [23:20, 30/06/2021] Esteban: I will tell you
      [23:20, 30/06/2021] Esteban: Willing, Able , Ready
      [23:21, 30/06/2021] Esteban: That’s our motto
      [23:21, 30/06/2021] Esteban: I want you to abbreviate this and tell me what it’s gives you
      [23:22, 30/06/2021] Anemi: It sounds passionate to me. Ready for everything that may cross your way. And strong minded. Also a lot of work and love. Does that make sense?!
      [23:26, 30/06/2021] Esteban: Means WAR
      [23:26, 30/06/2021] Esteban: Lol
      [23:26, 30/06/2021] Anemi: Oh
      [23:26, 30/06/2021] Anemi: Shorten. Got ya.
      [23:26, 30/06/2021] Anemi: So….
      [23:26, 30/06/2021] Anemi: What is your background for being a soldier aside of the love for your country?!
      [23:29, 30/06/2021] Esteban: That’s was the greatest thing life could offer me and I love it
      [23:29, 30/06/2021] Anemi: I wasnt that wrong about being passionate even though I got it all wrong!
      [23:29, 30/06/2021] Anemi: ��
      [23:30, 30/06/2021] Esteban: Lol
      [23:31, 30/06/2021] Anemi: Always see the good in the bad ��
      [23:32, 30/06/2021] Esteban: Lol ��
      [23:33, 30/06/2021] Anemi: Hey what do you think about only one emoji to let me know that you are ok (in case you are busy!) so that I know that you are still there?!

      It sounds weird I know
      [23:34, 30/06/2021] Anemi: Or your lucky number or even a letter you like ?
      [23:35, 30/06/2021] Esteban: ��
      [23:35, 30/06/2021] Esteban: Lucky number 8
      [23:35, 30/06/2021] Esteban: Letter is A
      [23:35, 30/06/2021] Anemi: Okay. Deal! That helps me to know that you are there! :)
      [23:36, 30/06/2021] Anemi: I offer 4 A’s :D
      [23:36, 30/06/2021] Anemi: Sign of infinity right there :) same over here ! Also not an odd number (I like pairs!)
      [23:37, 30/06/2021] Esteban: Lol ��
      [23:37, 30/06/2021] Anemi: See I’m a fun one :D
      [23:38, 30/06/2021] Anemi: Oh I have an idea !
      [23:38, 30/06/2021] Anemi: Give me a second
      [23:38, 30/06/2021] Esteban: Ok what’s that
      [23:38, 30/06/2021] Esteban: Ok
      [23:40, 30/06/2021] Esteban: Lol ��
      [23:41, 30/06/2021] Esteban: Yes Esteban
      [23:41, 30/06/2021] Anemi: A spontaneous Ana Moment^^
      [23:43, 30/06/2021] Esteban: Lol ��
      [23:44, 30/06/2021] Anemi: It made you smile! I’m good! That’s gonna be my daily mission :)
      [23:50, 30/06/2021] Esteban: Lol thanks so much
      [23:50, 30/06/2021] Esteban: ������������
      [23:50, 30/06/2021] Anemi: I know that I’m not what you expected but let me be there for you. Okay? ��
      [00:06, 01/07/2021] Esteban: Sure I will love that
      [00:06, 01/07/2021] Anemi: Smiles!

      So when are you going to hunt?! Is it save for now?
      [00:14, 01/07/2021] Esteban: Going now
      [00:15, 01/07/2021] Anemi: Be careful and tell me how it went! I may be still awake^^
      [00:15, 01/07/2021] Esteban: Sure
      [02:04, 01/07/2021] Esteban: You must have fell asleep now
      [02:04, 01/07/2021] Esteban: Sleep tight bud! ����������
      [02:05, 01/07/2021] Anemi: I’m still up! :) how was the hunt?
      [02:05, 01/07/2021] Esteban: Good
      [02:05, 01/07/2021] Esteban: You should be sleeping now
      [02:06, 01/07/2021] Anemi: I know. But I’m not able to right now! I will in a bit!

      One TWD Question… did you like anything about the governor? I can’t find anything aside that he saved so many !
      [02:07, 01/07/2021] Esteban: You mean Rick?
      [02:07, 01/07/2021] Anemi: No! The Governor Guy! Kind of the enemy of Rick :)
      [02:08, 01/07/2021] Esteban: Oh I forget his name
      [02:08, 01/07/2021] Anemi: This one^^
      [02:09, 01/07/2021] Esteban: Yeah I remembered him now
      [02:10, 01/07/2021] Anemi: ��
      [02:10, 01/07/2021] Esteban: There is nothing much about him I don't like him, yes he saved so money but rick play the amazing part
      [02:11, 01/07/2021] Esteban: Have you been watching the movie since?
      [02:11, 01/07/2021] Anemi: Agreed!
      [02:11, 01/07/2021] Anemi: I started watching two or three days ago! I’m in season 3 Episode 8! Just because everyone is telling me to watch it ��
      [02:12, 01/07/2021] Esteban: Lol
      [02:12, 01/07/2021] Esteban: Are you on Netflix or AMC
      [02:13, 01/07/2021] Anemi: I’m watching it over Amazon Prime!
      [02:13, 01/07/2021] Esteban: oh nice
      [02:13, 01/07/2021] Anemi: The German Netflix content is not the best one
      [02:13, 01/07/2021] Esteban: I'm okay
      [02:13, 01/07/2021] Anemi: You tired?!
      [02:14, 01/07/2021] Esteban: Nope I'm at work
      [02:14, 01/07/2021] Esteban: Continue watching talk tomorrow ok work time
      [02:15, 01/07/2021] Anemi: Kuddos to you though! At 3:14 am so full of energy!
      [02:16, 01/07/2021] Esteban: Yeah
      [02:16, 01/07/2021] Esteban: Talk tomorrow ok beautiful
      [02:16, 01/07/2021] Esteban: ��
      [02:17, 01/07/2021] Anemi: Sure! Try to get some sleep later on! And drink water!!! ��
      [02:17, 01/07/2021] Anemi: ��
      [02:17, 01/07/2021] Esteban: Sure I will
      [02:17, 01/07/2021] Esteban: ��
      [08:24, 01/07/2021] Anemi: Good Morning �� did you sleep some?!
      [11:44, 01/07/2021] Anemi: ��?
      [11:52, 01/07/2021] Esteban: Yes I had a 1hour sleep
      [11:52, 01/07/2021] Esteban: How are you doing today?
      [11:53, 01/07/2021] Anemi: One hour is not much! I’m okay. It is chilly over here!
      [11:54, 01/07/2021] Esteban: You are so lucky then
      [11:54, 01/07/2021] Esteban: Still hell here
      [11:54, 01/07/2021] Esteban: Are you at work now?
      [11:54, 01/07/2021] Anemi: I bet it is hot over there
      [11:54, 01/07/2021] Anemi: I’m on vacation:)
      [11:54, 01/07/2021] Esteban: Like hell
      [11:54, 01/07/2021] Anemi: At least this week :)
      [11:54, 01/07/2021] Esteban: Oh okay
      [11:55, 01/07/2021] Esteban: Where are you going to then for your vacation
      [11:55, 01/07/2021] Anemi: Due to COVID is gonna be a stay at home thing
      [11:56, 01/07/2021] Anemi: I want to fly home by the end of the year or next year
      [11:57, 01/07/2021] Esteban: To Spain?
      [11:58, 01/07/2021] Anemi: Mmhmm! I’m homesick lately. Haven’t been home for a couple of years!
      [11:58, 01/07/2021] Esteban: Oh
      [11:58, 01/07/2021] Esteban: Can you send me a pic of you please
      [11:59, 01/07/2021] Anemi: Like this for example?! :)
      [11:59, 01/07/2021] Esteban: Lol
      [11:59, 01/07/2021] Esteban: Yes
      [12:00, 01/07/2021] Anemi: ��
      [12:00, 01/07/2021] Esteban: What are you doing
      [12:02, 01/07/2021] Anemi: My dad sent me a laptop and I’m trying to figure out where the battery is… (my old laptop died on me last Monday!) and ofc I’m listening to music !! Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson ��
      [12:02, 01/07/2021] Esteban: Lol girls daddy lol
      [12:02, 01/07/2021] Esteban: That’s sweet enjoy yourself beautiful
      [12:03, 01/07/2021] Anemi: Well. Mom is no more! So he checks on me still. Even though I’m the one that calls once a week to see if he’s doing okay
      [21:35, 01/07/2021] Esteban: Hello there you okay
      [21:36, 01/07/2021] Anemi: Yes. What about you? You ok ?
      [21:56, 01/07/2021] Esteban: Yes we are okay for now
      [21:56, 01/07/2021] Esteban: I miss talking to you
      [21:57, 01/07/2021] Anemi: Im always around ... A message away. Sorry i dozed off for a bit. The night was short :) Did you eat anything? Did something happen?
      [22:05, 01/07/2021] Esteban: Can’t eat that
      [22:05, 01/07/2021] Anemi: looks like cheekpeas and nuts... isnt it ?
      [22:06, 01/07/2021] Esteban: Yes
      [22:06, 01/07/2021] Esteban: But I can’t that lol
      [22:06, 01/07/2021] Esteban: I rather go hunting
      [22:06, 01/07/2021] Anemi: i bet!
      [22:07, 01/07/2021] Anemi: but it has a lot of proteins too :(
      [22:07, 01/07/2021] Anemi: what did you hunt yesterday?
      [22:07, 01/07/2021] Esteban: That’s not only nuts
      [22:07, 01/07/2021] Esteban: Take a very good look
      [22:09, 01/07/2021] Anemi: okay sooo i do see cheekpeas... i would say wheat and corn.... on the little plate i would say dried fruits... but dont know what the blue stuff and the dark on the bigger plate is
      [22:09, 01/07/2021] Anemi: What is it ? Now im curious!
      [22:10, 01/07/2021] Anemi: Or even mushrooms on the smaller one.... i really dont have a clue^^
      [22:11, 01/07/2021] Esteban: I don’t have clue too
      [22:11, 01/07/2021] Anemi: if i would get that i would eat the cheekpeas and the dried mushroom looking thing
      [22:12, 01/07/2021] Esteban: We going for hunting soon babe
      [22:12, 01/07/2021] Anemi: chicken or deer?
      [22:12, 01/07/2021] Anemi: i hope for a deer... more meat for you boys :)
      [22:12, 01/07/2021] Esteban: Lol ��
      [22:13, 01/07/2021] Esteban: I pray we found deer it will be good
      [22:13, 01/07/2021] Anemi: I will keep my fingers crossed!
      [22:13, 01/07/2021] Anemi: Like... I will think about deers really hard so that you guys can have one!
      [22:13, 01/07/2021] Anemi: i mean... dont get me wrong...chicken is awesome too... but deer is a little bit better!
      [23:06, 01/07/2021] Anemi: Did it cool down over there ?
      [23:08, 01/07/2021] Anemi: I have a german set up... but converted in fahrenheit beforehand :)
      [23:09, 01/07/2021] Esteban: Hot ��
      [23:09, 01/07/2021] Esteban: What are you doing
      [23:09, 01/07/2021] Esteban: Sorry I was busy working
      [23:10, 01/07/2021] Anemi: Im making me something to eat even though it is actually really late
      [23:10, 01/07/2021] Anemi: And you? Everything safe for now?
      [23:11, 01/07/2021] Anemi: I cant wait until i can go back to the gym in a normal matter
      [23:12, 01/07/2021] Esteban: Yes everything is safe for now
      [23:13, 01/07/2021] Anemi: Relax a little bit! Think of the deers :)
      [23:13, 01/07/2021] Anemi: or at least about yummy food that will make you eat whatever ends up on your plate
      [23:14, 01/07/2021] Esteban: Yeah
      [23:14, 01/07/2021] Esteban: What’s the time over there
      [23:15, 01/07/2021] Anemi: 11:15 pm
      [23:15, 01/07/2021] Anemi: :)
      [23:15, 01/07/2021] Anemi: so how can i put a smile on your face today ? :)

    • AnemiDiMa hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Esteban Diaz" geschrieben. 04.07.2021

      Ich habe ihn über tiktok gefunden. Username reeselfie (Ist mittlerweile auf privat gestellt). Die Kommunikation verlief anfangs über Instagram unter reeselfie_ und wir wechselten zu WhatsApp rüber.

      Wenn man dann seinen vollen Namen und ewa beach auf Google eingibt kommt ein Post wo er mal kommentiert hat und so gelangt man zu seinem Facebook Profil. Anbei noch ein Bild hinzugefügt. Das Video mit seiner Liebeserklärung ist leider zu gross :X


    • AnemiDiMa hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Esteban Diaz" geschrieben. 04.07.2021

      Der echte Soldat heisst tatsächlich genauso. Esteban Dana Diaz. Das war mal nicht gelogen. Wie gesagt, die Daten (Infanterie, Location...) Alles stimmte. Nur das er halt nicht der echte war.

    • AnemiDiMa hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Esteban Diaz" geschrieben. 04.07.2021

      Wahhhh... Ich hab ihn über Tiktok gefunden. Wie gesagt Daten stimmen überein deshalb hab ich das "reale" nicht ergänzt :X Sorry ich bin noch ganz verpeilt :X

    • AnemiDiMa hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Esteban Diaz" geschrieben. 04.07.2021

      Hey ihr lieben.
      Ich hab mir nochmal genauer die Details geholt und den echten Soldat gefunden. Den Scammer hab ich meine Meinung gegeigt und den richtigem habe ich erzählt was Phase ist.
      Zwei Tage verrücktmacherei :)

      Ich würde gerne weiterhin hier bleiben, falls sowas wieder passiert...

    • AnemiDiMa hat einen neuen Beitrag "Scamprofile / RPO Esteban Diaz" geschrieben. 04.07.2021

      So... Eigentlich weiss ich nicht ob es ein Scam ist. Vielleicht weiss ich dass es ein Scam ist und will es nicht wahrhaben. Nicht weil meine Gefühle da tatsächlich eine Rolle gespielt haben, sondern weil der arme Soldat vielleicht gar nicht weiss, wie ihm geschieht. Und weil laut anderen Foren auch hier ein Identitätsdiebstahl stattfinden könnte. Aber nun lieber von Anfang an.

      Ich hab mich letztens bei TikTok angemeldet und mir erschien ein Video von einer sogenannten For you Page. Darauf war eine Nachricht mit dem Inhalt, dass der User bald nach Syrien müsste. Er hat um Gebete gebeten (Was bisher ja nichts falsches ist....). Er gab an er möchte gerne jemand kennenlernen, der in der harten Zeit für ihn da ist. Da ich selber nachvollziehen kann, wie es sich anfühlt niemandem zum Reden zu haben, dachte ich mir schreib ich ihn an. Die Kommunikation über Tik Tok macht es schwierig, da er dir sozusagen ja auch folgen müsste, damit das klappt. Aber er hatte eine Instagram - Verlinkung, die ich dann quasi nutzte.

      Es stellte sich heraus, dass er genau an dem Tag fliegen würde, so dass er mir sagte, er würde sich melden wenn er auf der Base ist. Später erfolgte ein Nummernaustausch, da er WhatsApp User ist. Er hat mir erzählt wo er aufgewachsen ist, dass er Hawaiianer ist aber in Kansas quasi gelebt hat. Die Handynummer konnte ich bei den ersten 3 Digits nach der +1 auch tatsächlich bis Kansas nachverfolgen. (Wie ihr seht, bin ich nicht gänzlich blind...!)

      Er hat mir mehrere Videos von sich geschickt auch von einem Angriff, was meiner Meinung nach wirklich echt aussah. Er hat mich dann gefragt, ob ich ihm eine ITunes oder Steam Wallet Gift Card senden könnte, was mich ja gleich stutzig gemacht hat. Auf meine Nachfrage hin hat er mir seine military ID geschickt. Bilder und Videos stimmen überein (Auch in anderen Videos hatte er camo an und sein Aufnäher stimmte mit den Daten überein!)

      Ich habe mir die Finger wund gegoogelt. Nach seinen Namen. Seine Handynummer, seine Nicknames... Seinen Bildern. Nichts aber wirklich absolut nichts gefunden.

      Er ist natürlich etwas traurig weil ich nachgefragt habe und er jetzt auch weiss, dass ich dem ganzen nicht traue. Spricht aber weiterhin mit mir.

      Versteht mich nicht falsch. Ich weiss nicht was wahr ist und was nicht. Und das macht mich schon ein bisschen fertig.

      Oh und bevor ich es vergesse...

      Ich bin AnemiDiMa. 38 Jahre alt und komme mir gerade etwas doof vor.

      Ich habe den Namen hier nicht gepostet, weil ich mir A) Nicht sicher bin ob es in der Google Suche erscheinen würde und B) Ich eben nicht sicher weiss ob es ein Scam ist oder nicht.

      Wird es woanders auch gezeigt? Also falls man das über Google eingeben würde?

      Was wenn ich falsch liege? Verstehst Du? Ich will da keinen grossen Ärger bekommen.

    • AnemiDiMa hat das Thema "Scamprofile / RPO Esteban Diaz" erstellt. 04.07.2021


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