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#1 Scamprofile / RPO Gen. Mark A. Welsh von Gast17 06.06.2014 23:34

So langsam scheine ich beliebt zu sein bei den lieben Scammern....

Foto hab ich schon gegoogelt. Der heißt tatsächlich Mark Welsh, aber Mark A. Welsh - Chief of Staff of the US Air Force. [rolf]
Skype-ID: allyn138

Name: Lieutenant General Mark J. Welsh [rolf] Ich bin in der Hierarchie aufgestiegen
Skype ID: allyn138
IP lohnt nicht, nur Yahoo...

[21:00:20] ich: Nice to meet you too
[21:01:43] ich: How are you doing?
[21:02:55] Mark.J.Welsh: I am good and you?
[21:03:32] ich: quite fine. Looking forward to a long weekend as Monday is public holiday in Germany. :D
[21:04:15] ich: May I ask where you are staying right now?
[21:05:08] Mark.J.Welsh: Well,I am Lieutenant General mark welsh I'm from US Army force,I live in New Jersey City,but right now I'm presently here in Afghanistan Kandahar base7 for peace keeping mission to surport the UN in regard of the war here,
[21:05:32] Mark.J.Welsh: I guess and hope that, the peacekeeping here in Afghanistan is not new to you..?
[21:05:49] ich: No, of course it's not. It's everywhere in the news....
[21:06:21] ich: I very well know that it's an important mission.
[21:07:17] Mark.J.Welsh: However, I want ask you, have you came across chat communication or encounter chat with any USA Army and captain via skype here before?
[21:07:33] ich: Why do you ask?
[21:09:45] Mark.J.Welsh: I just want to know my dear nothing much then that
[21:10:18] ich: I'm a bit surprised about such a question to be honest
[21:11:42] Mark.J.Welsh: Is it a crime to ask you my dear ?
[21:12:07] ich: No, it's not. I'm just surprised.....
[21:12:44] Mark.J.Welsh: his name ? what the fuck!
[21:12:58] ich: may I ask why you need his name?
[21:13:22] ich: it's not a crime, I know. I just want to know why you need it
[21:13:33] Mark.J.Welsh: okay never mind my dear
[21:13:59] Mark.J.Welsh: The world is wonderfully made, it's nice to know about your day and the weather condition over there. .. what's your name and where are you from?
[21:14:34] ich: My name is xxx, I'm from Berlin, Germany. The weather is quite hot right now.
[21:15:18] ich: just sitting on my balcony enjoying the evening.
[21:16:38] ich: what are you doing right now beside chatting with me?
[21:16:39] Mark.J.Welsh: nice to hear my dear
[21:17:40] Mark.J.Welsh: filling some document in my office my dear
[21:18:17] ich: wow, seems to be a long working day
[21:18:27] Mark.J.Welsh: yes my dear
[21:18:32] Mark.J.Welsh: So how long have you been using skype for communication with friends and family?
[21:19:10] ich: I registered on Skype this April for the first time in my life
[21:19:58] ich: and you?
[21:21:16] Mark.J.Welsh: Not too long ago my dear
[21:21:51] Mark.J.Welsh: I heard that Your country is such a beautiful and large Place with different culture and creativity,the people over there are so nice,honest,kind and truthful, socialism and also good in business productivity. I'm i right?
[21:22:18] ich: yes, you are right.
[21:22:46] Mark.J.Welsh: nice to hear
[21:23:02] Mark.J.Welsh: How the situation of things is over there regards to the economic s tandard and security?
[21:23:03] ich: But the US also have so much different cultures and beautiful places to visit.
[21:23:39] Mark.J.Welsh: that is trul my dear
[21:25:31] Mark.J.Welsh: Well,Life is precious and i think nations economy grows as a result of good government and understanding of the people... What do you think???
[21:25:43] Mark.J.Welsh: I mean your job
[21:26:56] ich: well, without the people working for that whole system there won't be any growth. So, true, economy is highly dependent on the people and the government those people voted for.
[21:28:27] ich: Do you have any free time while you are staying in Afghanistan?
[21:29:05] Mark.J.Welsh: no specific time my dear
[21:29:56] Mark.J.Welsh: you are a such a nice,honest,smart, with brave heart of understanding.If I may ask, how old are you?
[21:30:45] ich: wow, I'm surprised that you say that after that short conversation. But, well, of course, you may ask. I'm 39 years old. And you?
[21:31:14] Mark.J.Welsh: 45 years old my dear
[21:31:41] Mark.J.Welsh: Are you married with children?
[21:32:30] ich: I'm almost divorced, just waiting for the official documents to be sent by court, and have 2 children living with me without any contact to my ex. What about you?
[21:33:15] Mark.J.Welsh: well, I am A Straight forward Person,Honest,and I Don't like Lies as it Piss
Me Off.I have lost my wife but I have one son
[21:33:30] Mark.J.Welsh: My wife died in heart attack last 4year June 7th 2010
[21:33:46] ich: you lost your wife? Oh, I'm sorry I asked.
[21:34:11] ich: how old is your son?
[21:34:29] ich: and where does he live when you're staying in Afghanistan if I may ask that?
[21:35:22] Mark.J.Welsh: my son is 14 years old
[21:35:24] ich: uh..... That date you lost your wife. Just realized that it's tomorrow 4 years ago... Sorry....
[21:36:10] Mark.J.Welsh: Dear I feel so sad when ever i think about my past life event.But however, I am looking forward to a better life in future if God will give me another true heart desire that we can both love and cherish each other for the rest of my life.
[21:36:17] ich: my daughter is also 14 years old, while my son is going to be 18 this September
[21:36:42] Mark.J.Welsh: I see my dear
[21:36:56] Mark.J.Welsh: can I see how you look
[21:36:57] Mark.J.Welsh: ?
[21:37:07] ich: wait a moment please und Profilbild geändert in das, was der andere Scammer sowieso schon kennt
[21:37:34] Mark.J.Welsh: okay my dear
[21:38:49] ich: can you see my pic now?
[21:40:02] Mark.J.Welsh: please I want you to send it to me as will
[21:40:23] ich: but that lasts too long I guess
[21:40:40] Mark.J.Welsh: okay my dear
[21:41:04] ich: it was taken a few weeks ago
[21:42:01] ich: can you send me your pic as well?
[21:43:46] ich: may I ask what you prefer to do in your free time when you're at home? Any hobbies?
[21:44:56] Mark.J.Welsh: I will send you , but I need another of your photo ?
[21:45:20] ich: you need another pic?
[21:46:11] *** Anruf von Mark.J.Welsh ***
[21:46:23] ich: my dear, please, I don't have a headset and it's really dark now
[21:46:52] ich: I'll send you another pic. Wait. It's me, I'm not lying.
[21:47:01] Mark.J.Welsh: okay
[21:47:37] ich: that one I'm sending now was taken a few day ago und kennt der andere Scammer auch schon
[21:49:43] ich: to be honest, I don't like being photographed. So, there are only few pics
[21:50:29] Mark.J.Welsh: okay
[21:50:48] ich: I prefer to take pics of my kids and beautiful landscapes.
[21:51:37] Mark.J.Welsh: hmmm nice to hear my dear
[21:51:50] ich: what about your pic?
[21:53:08] Mark.J.Welsh: I want to hear your voice
[21:53:24] *** Anruf von Mark.J.Welsh ***
[21:53:27] ich: wait
[21:53:40] ich: I have to ask my son to get his headset lüg.... natürlich hab ich n Headset
[21:53:45] ich: give me 5 minutes
[21:54:01] Mark.J.Welsh: okay my dear
[21:56:42] ich: first, I'd like to have another pic
[21:58:43] Mark.J.Welsh: Can I call you now ?
[21:58:53] ich: another pic please?
[21:59:05] ich: :D
[21:59:13] Mark.J.Welsh: can I call you now ?
[21:59:39] *** Anruf mit Mark.J.Welsh beendet (Dauer 00:21). ***
[22:00:02] Mark.J.Welsh: no my dear
[22:00:11] ich: couldn't hear you
[22:00:18] ich: first I heard a lot of noise
[22:00:24] ich: but then there was just silence
[22:00:34] *** Anruf von Mark.J.Welsh beendet (Dauer 00:21). ***
[22:01:09] ich: what's going on with that connection?
[22:01:29] Mark.J.Welsh: they are my boys over here
[22:01:30] ich: and where are you with these background sounds?
[22:01:36] ich: ah, I see von wegen
[22:01:55] Mark.J.Welsh: you know I am in war zone
[22:02:01] ich: yes, I know
[22:02:11] Mark.J.Welsh: okay , you are welcome
[22:02:12] ich: could you hear at least a bit of my voice?
[22:02:22] Mark.J.Welsh: yes my dear
[22:02:39] ich: good, I heard yours as well
[22:03:12] Mark.J.Welsh: okay my dear
[22:03:15] ich: can you send me another pic now?
[22:03:38] ich: and do you mind telling me a bit about your hobbies?
[22:04:54] Mark.J.Welsh: give me your email address , I will send to your email
[22:05:10] ich: ok und die geschickt, die der andere auch schon kennt, ich war ja so blöd
[22:08:22] ich: are you still there?
[22:09:19] Mark.J.Welsh: I want to send you the pic aha, einer von der langsamen Sorte
[22:09:32] ich: ok, I'll wait. Just wondered
[22:15:20] Mark.J.Welsh: I have sent to you , check your mail now
[22:16:02] ich: got it
[22:16:39] ich: ah, I'm looking for the right word for my question... Wait, I have to ask pons for a translation
[22:17:23] Mark.J.Welsh: What is your question ?
[22:18:13] ich: Do you have decorations or medals? What's the right word for? And if so, what did you do to be honored with them?
[22:20:39] Mark.J.Welsh: christen dolls
[22:21:07] Mark.J.Welsh: that is my favouright one
[22:21:35] ich: you look nice on that pic würg... NIEMALS 45!!! [rolf]
[22:21:56] Mark.J.Welsh: that is when I was in US
[22:22:21] ich: I already assumed that
[22:22:33] Mark.J.Welsh: Although we just met, with the step of trust and willingness to begin this friendship,I have the feelings that God has a great plan for us in future.and I hope we will become good understanding and faithful friends? na klar doch, davon träume ich schon sehnlichst...
[22:23:33] ich: that might be possible. I think so too. We just met but already shared some details.
[22:23:54] ich: do you mind telling me about your hobbies?
[22:24:54] Mark.J.Welsh: don,t worry as time goes on , I will let you know
[22:25:08] Mark.J.Welsh: Even Though we just met, all we need is to be faithfulness in our communication and jion hands together for the future to be greater without having Negative thought for each other, Or bad feelings, and we don't have to listen to what others may say. unter Garantie bezieht der Vollpfosten sich auf meine Unterhaltung mit Ltc James Mark, mit fast den gleichen Worten hatte der mich nämlich angefaucht, warum ich auf andere höre....
[22:25:25] ich: ok, I was just interested. But you are right, as time goes by.....
[22:26:15] Mark.J.Welsh: I believe that the secret to be good friendship, is being a good listener,understanding of each other trust,truthful,honest,sincerity,believe,exchange of good Ideas,and wiliness to help and assist each others in Life,what do you think? oh ja, wenn sich da mal jeder dran halten würde....
[22:26:30] ich: I always decide on my own. So, don't worry. Although I'd like to discuss everything in detail. :D
[22:26:48] ich: yes, I think that too nur über meine Leiche
[22:26:58] ich: but sometimes it's hard to find that
[22:27:13] ich: and sometimes it's even harder to keep it
[22:27:20] Mark.J.Welsh: Yes I know
[22:27:35] Mark.J.Welsh: But I am real and don,t know of yours
[22:28:12] ich: pardon me? I'm real. Of course, I am.
[22:28:48] Mark.J.Welsh: you are welcome my dear
[22:29:05] Mark.J.Welsh: :)
[22:29:07] ich: do you doubt that I'm real? Das wär ja wohl noch schöner
[22:29:28] ich: :O
[22:30:10] Mark.J.Welsh: you have told me and I have belive that you are a real friend of mine
[22:30:14] Mark.J.Welsh: okay ich HASSE dieses ständige okay.... Frag mich, warum Afrikaner immer denken, alle Amis sagen ständig ok....
[22:30:25] ich: ok
[22:30:33] Mark.J.Welsh: Any good friend is who love you,and who you love back,true friend is the one that will always be there for you when you needs help through the good times and the bad,and true friend also make you happy when you are sad.
[22:31:10] ich: yes, you are right.
[22:31:47] Mark.J.Welsh: We all need somebody we can turn to, someone with no reason to stay. So if you fear that your sun is dying and you need the strength to keep trying,well i'll reach out and take your hand
[22:32:13] ich: right now? ;)
[22:32:21] ich: hahaha
[22:32:31] ich: no need to do so now. I was just joking
[22:32:45] ich: but I must say you are right again
[22:32:48] Mark.J.Welsh: never mind
[22:34:53] Mark.J.Welsh: Well,I will appreciate us being good friends in sincerity,honesty and trust although we just knäew each other, we can share ideas and discuss about more issues as we talk more about ourselves, and as time goes on there may be something great for us in the future ...What do you say? das ging jetzt fix, hat wohl Geldnot, weil ich dem guten Ltc James Mark so eine rüde Absage erteilt hab
[22:36:43] ich: Of course, we can share ideas and discuss everything, talk about ourselves and so on. Whatever the futures brings to us, we only will know it when we passed the way to get there. I think it might be something great. Na, dann bin ich ja mal gespannt, was der mir so erzählen wird
[22:37:55] Mark.J.Welsh: yes my dear
[22:38:13] Mark.J.Welsh: Thanks a lot I assure you that we will be best of friends that people will envy you and I,all we need to do is to be sincere in our communication as good friends... OK
[22:38:24] ich: ok
[22:39:19] ich: that's easy to do. I can't lie. Never could. And I can't pretend anything. harharhar [rolf]
[22:40:47] Mark.J.Welsh: Dear, before I leave to meeting now, can you tell me your hobbies, life style, religious believe, culture and plans for future?
[22:41:17] ich: My dear, you will know about me as time goes by. These were your words, if I remember that right.
[22:41:22] ich: :D
[22:41:34] ich: It'd be a pleasure to chat with you again
[22:42:12] ich: but I really don't know whether I can manage to be on Skype tomorrow evening. I'll try to sign in by 9 pm German time.
[22:43:13] ich: hahaha... Maybe, I'll send you a mail telling you more about me.
[22:44:12] Mark.J.Welsh: okay I am expecting your mail in my box
[22:44:47] ich: I said maybe..... haha.... I really try to write one but I don't know if I have the time to do so tomorrow. natürlich werde ich keine Zeit haben, was mir unendlich leid tun wird
[22:45:48] ich: I assume you have to leave for your meeting now?
[22:46:08] ich: I hope you'll have a smooth day tomorrow.
[22:46:40] Mark.J.Welsh: hmmmmmmmmm
[22:46:47] ich: ????
[22:46:58] Mark.J.Welsh: bye for now
[22:47:09] ich: bye. See you tomorrow on Skype.
[22:47:15] ich: Good night. Sleep well.

Und jetzt immer noch online... Hab mich extra nur als offline anzeigen lassen..... Ich halte jede Wette, dass das der gleiche verf..... Scammer ist wie mein Ltc James Mark. Also, Vorsicht ist angesagt.

#2 RE: Mark J. Welsh von Ziege 06.06.2014 23:43


Gratuliere....da hast du dir ja einen kapitalen Bock angelacht! General....... hm
Bestimmt kommt als nächstes die Geldbox und der unvermeidliche Diplomat, hahahaha!

#3 RE: Mark J. Welsh von Gast17 07.06.2014 08:23

Eine Header-Analyse hat ergeben, dass die IP-Adressen sowohl von mein geliebten James als auch von Mark im Holiday Inn Airport Accra, Ghana zu finden sind. Ich vermute immer noch, dass die beiden identisch sind.

#4 RE: Mark J. Welsh von Gast17 08.06.2014 10:14

Wie mitleiderregend..... Hat mir ne Mail geschickt heute früh um 6. Ich bin zu Tränen gerührt....

mark welsh
06:06 (vor 3 Stunden)

Dear ,

I don,t like talking about my life story because it makes me sad when ever I remember my past life event, But right now I will like to let you know about my painful story and about me because I love you so much. Das ging jetzt sehr schnell, zu schnell für mich... EIN Chat und dann ich liebe Dich. Nein, nicht mit mir. Der muss sich schon ein wenig mehr anstrengen. Ist ja schließlich General, soll er mal zeigen, was er so kann.

It all started last 10 years ago when my parents and my 3 sisters all died in plane Crash accident, My father was the formal commissionaire of Education in New York 1993 ,So when my father, my mother, and my 3 sisters were all coming from Samoa Apia to New Zeal land, they got a plane crash accident and all died

I was in service at Iraq war 2004 when I got this terrible news that my family were on that victim of that plane crash,I cried so much, but as a man, I need to be strong,so when I returned back from Iraq to US march 13th 2004, I went moaning for my parents and my beloved sisters,I even thought to kill my self as I felt the pain and sorrows of my life, but my wife advised me to calm and forget what has happened and I further ahead with my life

But then I was a Captain , after 3years later,so I went on with my wife and son from New York to stay in California 2007. then after 2years later, I got the transfer Issue later to go over to south Korea due to some misunderstanding Issue they had with Japan, and then I stayed in Korea for over 7months when I got the sudden news that my wife is seriously sick of heart disease, after a months later, I hurry up to leave from Korea to California But before I got there, the condition of my wife was too critical that the doctor could not even saved her life and she died right in my present at the hospital

I have no hope, no option left then to take care of my only son Jeffery, after some months later , I received a transferred Issued latter to leave from California to here in Afghanistan 2011 ,Then I had no other choice than to ask my friend to care for my son before my vacation and my friend who has been taking care of my son was later transferred again from USA to Africa where he work in USA Embassy in Ghana,when my friend contacted me and informed me that he has now be transferred to Africa, what will he do? so I asked him to take Jeffery along with him to school in Africa until when will come because I have no one else to care for him

So 9 months ago, my friend that has been working in US Embassy in Africa Ghana was later Re-transferred again from Ghana to Syria war. when he told me this, I was really frustrated and then asked him what will I do then? should I leave from the war zone when my mission has not be completed? so he said ''NO, and then he gave my son to a very nice man called Mr.Ali the school teacher, and now my son is living with his school teacher in Ghana, I will soon have my retirement to meet him in Ghana, That is my story, I hope god will give a woman who can deserve my heart, care for my son as her own son, and be my wife forever and I have find all in you , I really need you so much because I believe that you are such I nice woman ,I hope to hear from you soon bye for now.

Sincere regards
Your friend

Alles klar, Ghana schon eingeführt, ich glaube nicht, dass ich wieder mit der Kiste voll Geld behelligt werde.

Meine Antwort:

Hi Mark,

I'm feeling very sorry for you and your son. That must be really hard for both of you. Whatever the future will bring it can only be better than what you went through so far.

Don't you think it's a bit early to say that you love me? I mean, we only chatted once. How can you know that now? I just have the feeling that's far too fast for me. In my opinion, a relation needs time to develop. Please be patient. Could you please tell me about your hobbies?

I'm so glad that your retirement is at hand and you can take care of your son. But I'm a bit surprised that you can be retired at your age to be honest. So, what's your plan? Are you going to return to the US or move somewhere else?

Sorry, I have to close this mail now as I have to leave home to meet some friends. I'll try to sign in on Skype today evening.

Many greetings
Yours xxx

#5 RE: Mark J. Welsh von Gast17 09.06.2014 21:24

Mail heute:

Dear Love,

If only I could have come up with the right words to describe the depth of this beautiful feeling that I have for you, I would have uttered them to you the first time I laid my eyes on you. But, I lacked that knowledge, so the best thing that I can do is to show you how I really mean it now. I love you so dearly, sweetie. Do you know? You are the best thing that ever happened to me. You are like the best poetry ever composed, the best song ever played, the best picture ever painted. I never thought and expected that someone like me could get so lucky by finding you. How could I have known the comfort and the security of knowing that whenever I say "I love you," you're going to say the same words, too. I know that you love me too, or you wouldn't have married me. Ach so? Muss ich wohl hypnotisiert gewesen sein.... Kann ich mich gar nicht dran erinnern.... Marrying me was just among the many wonderful things you have done to show me how much I mean to you and that you are sincere. I love you sweetie, more than my life... more than my world. You are my world. Life wouldn't be life if not shared with you. We may be far away from each other for now, but you have my heart and my love. And I know that I have yours, too. It just feels so wonderful knowing and believing that. Aren't we lucky? I love you... more and more each day. harharhar, und wie lucky Du wirklich bist, wirst Du erst später wissen....

yours love

Gefolgt von einem Chat via Skype

[19:51:59] Mark.J.Welsh: All I need from you sweetheart , is for to give me your trust 100%
[19:54:04] Mark.J.Welsh: You are the fire that burns the passion within my soul. I love You with all my heart

Das ist definitiv der gleiche Scammer wie Ltc James Mark.... Könnt mich totlachen. Na ja, das wird spannend.

#6 RE: Mark J. Welsh von Gast17 11.06.2014 20:56

So, der gute überschüttet mich permanent mit Liebesbekundungen, hat seinen Sohn schon eingeführt, ich erwarte demnächst eine Mail auch von ihm.... Denn er will ja seine neue Mom kennenlernen. Ein neues Bild hab ich auch bekommen.

#7 RE: Mark J. Welsh von Gast17 13.06.2014 19:54

Jetzt geht's los...

[18:06:57] Mark.J.Welsh: my love , I am not fine
[18:07:12] Mark.J.Welsh: I am very worried now my love
[18:07:29] ich: oh, what happened?
[18:08:08] Mark.J.Welsh: I just received a mail from Goldbex Access security company Africa Ghana, where I kept my valuable iterms
[18:08:28] ich: and?
[18:09:04] Mark.J.Welsh: They are requesting me to come evacuate the iterms that I kept with them because it has over stayed its due time is klar
[18:10:06] Mark.J.Welsh: As i am writing you now I am under pressure because I need your help to receive this package for me,Because any failure to evacuate this package, it will be taken to the British custom, which I don't want such thing to happen der hat doch nur Druck, weil ihm Kohle fehlt...
[18:10:42] Mark.J.Welsh: th
[18:10:52] ich: I don't understand why it will be taken to British customs?
[18:11:22] Mark.J.Welsh: and the package is all my life honey
[18:12:51] Mark.J.Welsh: for over due time honey, because the package has be there for a very long time honey
[18:13:59 | Bearbeitet 18:14:17] Mark.J.Welsh: All I need from you now is to stand as my next of Kin or maybe my beneficiary partner After that,The package will be transfer to you safely in your country,then As soon as my retirement is granted,then I will fly over to you immediately
[18:14:58] ich: ok, darling, I'd really love to help you but I think it might be a bit difficult to do so as we are officially not married. Wouldn't it be easier to ask your son's teacher to get it together with your son and you will fly to him after your retirement, get your box and fly then to me?
[18:18:09] Mark.J.Welsh: No my love it will not be safe with him , and more over I don,t trust him , my love please I don,t want us to ague about this , please
[18:18:38] Mark.J.Welsh: All I need from you now is to stand as my next of Kin
[18:18:51] ich: you don't trust him but you leave your son with him? Wow....
[18:18:51] Mark.J.Welsh: please honey
[18:19:36] ich: my love, I first need to understand that situation. You know, I said that before, I need to discuss some issues....
[18:21:33] Mark.J.Welsh: my love this is a secrete issues between me and you, please leave jeffrey teacher out of this please , we are talking about my life here,
[18:23:09] Mark.J.Welsh: what I am telling you about now is , is what I have never told anybody before in my life , I am doing this just because of the trust and love we have for each other
[18:24:11] ich: ok, tell me about please. And your life is in just one box?
[18:26:33] Mark.J.Welsh: my love please understand me most of my monthly salary also go that box ,
[18:26:41] Mark.J.Welsh: The package is containing 50 pieces of gold bar, 2okg of gold dust and four millions US dollars,{4,000 000 USD}without the knowledge of the security company
[18:28:48] ich: ok, my love, I see what you mean. That must be a really heavy box. But how did you manage to get your monthly salary in that box if I may ask that.
[18:32:26] Mark.J.Welsh: one of the U.N officer , but he did,t know that I have such box in that company,
[18:32:36] Mark.J.Welsh: Just accept that you will receive the package for me so that I will write the security company immediately for PACKAGE RELEASE ORDER
[18:33:01] Mark.J.Welsh: please my love :(
[18:33:50] ich: I don't have a good feeling about sending this box without knowing who will have it in hands.
[18:33:54] ich: to be honest
[18:34:27] ich: but you can send it to me if you really want that
[18:37:21] Mark.J.Welsh: My love don,t worry about anything ....okay.. everything is safe.. it will be handed to you personally by the security company agent. so its all okay honey
[18:37:48] ich: ok
[18:40:18] ich: ok, please tell that security agent to write a mail with all details he needs to deliver that box to me
[18:40:41] Mark.J.Welsh: okay my love ....kisss
[18:41:08] ich: and how long will it take to get it to me?
[18:41:17] Mark.J.Welsh: I will write the security company myself immediately in Reference of sending my package to you in Germany
[18:41:45] Mark.J.Welsh: not too long my dear

Address:Bank Road off Spintex hill
Accra capital. P. O. Box CT966 Ghana
SW1A 2LW/West Africa Ghana.
Office Line.+233544485074 or +233{0}547415375
Company Name: Golbex Access Security company located: Accra Ghana.

Evtl könnte ich etwas Hilfe gebrauchen.... Ich schrei dann ganz laut.

#8 RE: Mark J. Welsh von Gast17 15.06.2014 11:02

So, was jetzt am besten?

Good day to you and your family, please we got your email and Gen.Victory also informed us via email. please comply with us the information's below to Enable us to ship out the box to you in Germany. and note that you need to secure Diplomatic Non Inspection sticker for the delivery so that No one can have access to your boxes in the airport,without any further questions also in your country. the sticker will cost 1000 US Dollars and delivery charges of 500 US dollars

which the Total fees are (1,500us dollars) please you can send the money to my name as the General manager , as soon as we received all the Above information's from you, Then you shall get your boxes without further delayed. kindly use western union money transfer or Money Gram to transfer the above sum to Enable us to ship the box to you within two working days.

Section :A.

For the Payment,This is our Office fastest Receiver's desk as follow:

Senders name................... Your name
Receivers name.................Mr.Patrick Efe Eshanomi
Country........................ Ghana
City........................... Accra Spintex
Mode of sending................ Western union money transfer or Money Gram fast Transfer and Receive
Amount......................... {1,500 us dollars}
Location Address.......................Company Road off Spintex hill Accra capital. P. O. Box CT966 Ghana.
Test question .................what For
Answer ........................Delivery Charges

Fill and send us this requires below to enable us get your main rightful destination for the Delivery:
Your full Name..........................
Deposit code............................
Home address......................
Office Address....................... Occupation...................................
country/ nationality.........................................
International passport copy/working I.D.............
Mobile number..........................
Tell Line................................

Once we confirm all this Information and Details requested, then we shall make it up to you in Berlin{Capital of Germany}without any further delay...we will commence on your Delivery in 48 hours which is 2 working days}thanks for complying with us. visit our website for any oral advert
Audit/Delivery Service Department
Management head.Mr. Patrick Eshanomi Efe
Email: ...
Telephone number:.+233{547415375}
Address: Company Road off Spintex hill Accra capital. P. O. Box CT966 Ghana.
Visit out website on ..... ...‎; ...‎;

For further clarification, you can call us for oral discussion on telephone number +233547415375,when our Company open By 8:00 am -5:00 pm (Monday -Friday) and (Saturday) 10:00 am – 3:00 pm Accra Ghana Local Time.

Call us as soon as you received our mail if you have any questions. Office Line.+23544485074.. General Manager
Chat Conversation End for now

Sincere Regards,
Mr.Patrick Efe Eshanomi

#9 RE: Mark J. Welsh von Ziege 15.06.2014 11:11


Du könntest zum Beispiel erst mal die ganzen Zolldeklarationen und Einfuhrumsatzsteuer-Anmeldungen einfordern, das muß alles zu deinem Steuerberater.
Das muß ja beim deutschen Zoll deklariert werden, sonst machst du dich ja strafbar! Das Risiko kannst du auf keinen Fall eingehen. Einfach mal die Einfuhrbestimmungen googeln, da findest du jede Menge, und das schickst du denen, zur Kenntnisnahme, mit der Bitte um Beachtung (und natürlich ohne Übersetzung).
Und dann erst mal abwarten, was die sagen.
Ist ja nicht deine Schuld, oder?

#10 RE: Mark J. Welsh von Ziege 15.06.2014 11:21


Habe mir gerade mal die Goldbex-Homepage angeschaut.
Ganz unten findet man da folgende Informationen:

Payment methods
Bank Transfer
Goldbex Bank
Visa & Mastercard

Von WU steht da gar nichts. ALso laß die erstmal mit dem ganzen Papierkram rödeln, und dann bezahlst du die Summe einfach über einen dieser von Goldbex genannten Wege. Einen ganz aparten Zahlungsbeleg fummeln wir dann schon irgendwie zurecht, denn schickst du ihnen dann per Mail. Die werden Schaum vor dem Mund haben vor Wut, wenn das Geld woanders hingeht

#11 RE: Mark J. Welsh von Gast17 15.06.2014 18:59

ok, alles klar, danke. Hab schon 3 Anrufe von denen gehabt, aber ich war ja leider beschäftigt und konnte nicht rangehen.... Und von meinem heißgeliebten Ehemann hab ich 2 Mails, er sei sehr besorgt wegen seiner Box... Werde mich wohl nachher mal mit ihm beschäftigen müssen.

#12 RE: Mark J. Welsh von Gast17 16.06.2014 14:06

Der gute scheint leicht panisch.... 2 Mails tagsüber, was denn jetzt mit Goldbex ist und ob die sich mit mir in Verbindung gesetzt haben. Meine Güte.... Scheint Geldnot zu haben. Und ich hatte wieder mal akuten Brechreiz...

[15.06.2014 12:02:40] Mark.J.Welsh: how are you today my love ?
[15.06.2014 19:01:15] ich: Hello my love
[15.06.2014 19:01:20] ich: I just returned home
[15.06.2014 19:01:32] ich: How are you doing? How was your day?
[15.06.2014 19:03:02] ich: Please, don't worry about your box. I got a mail from Goldbex and see what I can do tomorrow. They requested some documents and a payment by Moneygram I guess.
[15.06.2014 19:03:08] Mark.J.Welsh: I am fine my love
[15.06.2014 19:03:13] Mark.J.Welsh: and you ?
[15.06.2014 19:03:52] ich: yes, my love, I'm very fine.
[15.06.2014 19:05:12] Mark.J.Welsh: so have you complied with them? and by the way, how much did they requested for the charges?
[15.06.2014 19:06:53] ich: I haven't had the chance to answer by now, but I mentioned in my first mail that I'm out this weekend and will answer on my return. They requested a payment of USD 1,500 for some "non-inspection stickers"
[15.06.2014 19:07:17] ich: no, to be exact USD 1,000 for the sticker and USD 500 for delivery charges
[15.06.2014 19:08:30] ich: further, they asked to send a copy of my international passport
[15.06.2014 19:09:00] Mark.J.Welsh: Oh honey
[15.06.2014 19:09:09] ich: well, that's a little problem. I don't have an international passport but only a German identity card.
[15.06.2014 19:09:56] ich: so, I have to scan my identity card tomorrow which I will upload to a safe server
[15.06.2014 19:10:39] Mark.J.Welsh: No problem my love, You have to comply Immediatly with them tomorrow morning, Remember that the company are busy social network Organizations, So we need to comply fast with them to make things easily
[15.06.2014 19:12:32] ich: darling, I'll be paying for their services.
[15.06.2014 19:12:56] ich: but first I have to talk to my bank. You know that. I told you that before.
[15.06.2014 19:13:04] ich: don't worry
[15.06.2014 19:13:40] ich: I'll write them a mail today evening asking for a bit time as I have to manage the things they requested.
[15.06.2014 19:14:07] ich: I don't think that it'll be a problem. But, sweetheart, I need a bit time
[15.06.2014 19:14:41] ich: my love?
[15.06.2014 19:15:39] Mark.J.Welsh: Honey I am here but a bit Nervous because I don't want anything pending to happy to my expectations, You remember I told you what the company wrote me before oh ja, und nervös solltest Du auch sein
[15.06.2014 19:16:38] ich: yes, I remember. But on weekends, I can't do anything to help you with this issue. And tomorrow morning, I do have an appointment I can't change. Afterwards, I'll be coping with this matter jetzt mach mal halblang
[15.06.2014 19:16:40] Mark.J.Welsh: They said if any further delay to evaquate my package, then it may be taken to the African Custom and OAU Service, I don't want such thing to Occur is klar....
[15.06.2014 19:17:03] ich: yes, I understand that
[15.06.2014 19:17:34] ich: but as I just said, it's weekend and I can neither scan my identity card nor can I talk to my bank wann kapiert der das jetzt endlich?
[15.06.2014 19:17:59] Mark.J.Welsh: So can you do it possible tomorrow?
[15.06.2014 19:18:15] ich: yes, my love, I can do that tomorrow
[15.06.2014 19:18:35] ich: please, don't worry
[15.06.2014 19:20:23] Mark.J.Welsh: I am worried honey, You know how much I have there, and It's all my life saves, remember I also told you that the company don't also know the full content in that boxes
[15.06.2014 19:20:39] Mark.J.Welsh: My most fear is delay and disappiontment wenn's nur das ist... Das können wir ändern...
[15.06.2014 19:21:06] Mark.J.Welsh: I love you so much with all my heart,and I hope deeply on you
[15.06.2014 19:23:01] ich: my love, I'm a bit scared as well
[15.06.2014 19:25:23] Mark.J.Welsh: Listen dear, Goldbex is a big company all over the world and moreover, there is no risk in it, It's a legal deal not an inlegal , So don't you think any negative or fear stimmt wohl, Goldbex scheint echt, aber das war's auch schon
[15.06.2014 19:26:29] Mark.J.Welsh: I am the one who is full with fear and pain now because I am doing what I am doing for love and trust , and moreover, we don't need anything like delay because delay is dangerious harharhar.... Das wird noch etwas anhalten, Schatzilein
[15.06.2014 19:31:03] Mark.J.Welsh: all you need to do is to make the payment early as possible tomorrow morning German Time, and make sure you do it to their complete details as they Ordered
[15.06.2014 19:32:12] Mark.J.Welsh: and also remember to do it via Money Gram as they also said or do it via post Offfice money transfer, but also remember this deal is between me, you and the comany, so don't let me down or fail our plans
[15.06.2014 19:32:18] ich: sweetheart, can we talk about something else? I'll cope with that issue tomorrow morning, my dear echt, das Geseiere geht mir auf den Keks
[15.06.2014 19:33:46] Mark.J.Welsh: Ok my love, I trust you and I hope you understand all I've said
[15.06.2014 19:34:18] ich: yes, my dear, I understood very well. But I still don't think that it'll be as easy as you think
[15.06.2014 19:34:44] ich: but that's my problem now. You can't do anything about it. So, let me solve that on my own, please.
[15.06.2014 19:34:54] ich: don't worry.
[15.06.2014 19:36:00] Mark.J.Welsh: Honey, I have known Goldbex company for 3 to 4 years, They have never had problems or failed when they say, so try have strong faith too
[15.06.2014 19:38:22] Mark.J.Welsh: well, Let me just be patient till tomorrow and hope on your doings, So my dear wife tell me, when I come to meet you, are we going to stay in Berlin or another city?
[15.06.2014 19:39:54] ich: ok, sweetheart, I guess we are going to stay in Berlin. But when we'll be looking for a house, I'd prefer to live in the near of Berlin
[15.06.2014 19:41:15] Mark.J.Welsh: Ok honey, But which company Investment do you prefer us to extablish?
[15.06.2014 19:42:43] ich: I'm not quite sure. We can't just put that money in a bank account as there will be a lot of questions where that money comes from. I'm still thinking about
[15.06.2014 19:43:00] Mark.J.Welsh: My dear wait, I want to sign a Report documents from the UN now,
[15.06.2014 19:43:15] Mark.J.Welsh: I love (kiss) darling
[15.06.2014 19:43:29] ich: ok, my love, I love you too
[15.06.2014 19:56:19] Mark.J.Welsh: Honey, I am through, are you there?
[15.06.2014 19:56:59 ich: yes, I'm here. Just sent a mail to Goldbex apologizing for my delayed answer and assuring them to get back to them by tomorrow afternoon at the latest
[15.06.2014 19:57:24] Mark.J.Welsh: By the way honey, have you blocked that doctor off from your contact list?
[15.06.2014 19:57:28] Mark.J.Welsh: Ok
[15.06.2014 19:58:41] ich: no, I haven't blocked him by now. I'd like to get it to smooth end, my love. And I didn't chat with him yesterday. Don't worry. I never mentioned anything about you
[15.06.2014 19:59:01] ich: he's still thinking I'm a single
[15.06.2014 19:59:42] Mark.J.Welsh: Honey please please don't be hard to understand or convince, Block him now and don't even wait to end smoot conversations with him
[15.06.2014 20:01:04] ich: honey, I only chat with him once in a while and never told something that might be critical
[15.06.2014 20:01:22] ich: please don't worry
[15.06.2014 20:01:59] ich: I know exactly what to do and what I should not do. Believe me
[15.06.2014 20:04:02] Mark.J.Welsh: then can you tell me what still interest you chatting further with him? did you know it's not fair?
[15.06.2014 20:04:43] ich: He's just becoming a friend, my dear. Shall I stop any contact with all my friends or what?
[15.06.2014 20:05:17] Mark.J.Welsh: and moreover, you shouldn't accept anyone else request if someone add you again
[15.06.2014 20:07:14] ich: Darling, please, I understood what you told me about your Junior Officers and UN Officers. There's no need to tell me that again and again. But, really, I chatted with that doctor before you found me on Skype.
[15.06.2014 20:07:58] ich: and, my dear, you should be grateful that I accepted you. Don't you think so?
[15.06.2014 20:08:23] ich: What you're telling me now is that it's wrong to ever accept any contact request on Skype.....
[15.06.2014 20:08:34] ich: I'm confused
[15.06.2014 20:08:55] Mark.J.Welsh: oh my god Ziel erreicht
[15.06.2014 20:09:49] ich: darling, please believe me. I won't accept any requests except those requests from friends I already know. ist ja nur der halbe Spaß
[15.06.2014 20:10:15] Mark.J.Welsh: Ok my dear wife
[15.06.2014 20:10:22] ich: fine
[15.06.2014 20:16:27] Mark.J.Welsh: Honey, You enjoyed and forgot that your husband is here in fearful land, You know that your belove husband is in deep war here WIE BITTE?! Ich denk an nix anderes....
[15.06.2014 20:16:42] ich: no, I haven't forgotten.
[15.06.2014 20:16:52] ich: all my thoughts were with you
[15.06.2014 20:17:05] ich: to be exact, all my thoughts are always with you oh ja, und zwar, wie ich Dich am besten ärgern kann
[15.06.2014 20:17:26] ich: how can you think that I forgot you?
[15.06.2014 20:17:59] ich: but I had the feeling that you forgot me yesterday.....
[15.06.2014 20:18:18] Mark.J.Welsh: Come on my wife
[15.06.2014 20:18:31] ich: yes, my love?
[15.06.2014 20:18:44] Mark.J.Welsh: I love you so much
[15.06.2014 20:19:30] ich: I waited for you on Skype yesterday evening.... And I was really sad as you obviously didn't have the chance to sign in or to write a mail. :(
[15.06.2014 20:20:54] Mark.J.Welsh: Honey, I already told you what happened yesterday
[15.06.2014 20:21:59] ich: I don't remember? When was that?
[15.06.2014 20:22:42] Mark.J.Welsh: Sorry honey, I thought I already told you that we had a conference meeting althrough yesterday
[15.06.2014 20:23:59] ich: I missed you so much yesterday
[15.06.2014 20:24:02] ich: and today
[15.06.2014 20:24:10] Mark.J.Welsh: Honey I miss you too
[15.06.2014 20:28:13] Mark.J.Welsh: honey, you have make me to believe that love is true only if everyone have someone as wonderful as you
[15.06.2014 20:28:29] ich: oh my love, thank you
[15.06.2014 20:28:55] ich: but I'm only giving it back to you, my dear?
[15.06.2014 20:29:12] Mark.J.Welsh: yes my wife
[15.06.2014 20:29:18] ich: you always need two people to feel happy and to feel true love
[15.06.2014 20:30:41] ich: do you still have your uniform on?
[15.06.2014 20:32:39] Mark.J.Welsh: I always do because here is war zone, If I'm not on with my Uniform, then my Junior Officer might think me to someone else and maybe even shut me because there are alot of Talibans and Terrorist here
[15.06.2014 20:34:04] ich: I know, but recently you told me that you were in your room with a singlet and your pajamas on. I only wanted to know whether you are ready to go to bed. Or do you sleep with your uniform on? Ich versuch ja immer noch, n Foto ohne Uniform zu bekommen. Bislang Fehlanzeige. Glaube, es gibt keins. Aber es ist interessant, welche Ausreden er immer hat.
[15.06.2014 20:34:40] ich: I'd love to remove your clothes......
[15.06.2014 20:34:46] Mark.J.Welsh: Honey, I am with my polo addidas Army Uniform now
[15.06.2014 20:35:21] ich: I don't have any idea how that looks like.... Doesn't matter I guess.
[15.06.2014 20:37:38] ich: my love, when we will be married and moved to a house, what do you think how a normal day is going to be?
[15.06.2014 20:38:59] Mark.J.Welsh: Honey, without been told, you should know or heard about how army life is, I like going clubbing sometimes, I like make funs and walking along the stress with my belove
[15.06.2014 20:39:33] Mark.J.Welsh: and you should also know I love to have you in bed and even now I feel romatic
[15.06.2014 20:41:05] ich: yes, my love, I know. Can't wait for. I'm thinking about how it will be feeling to have you in bed.... (kiss)
[15.06.2014 20:42:36] ich: haha... I do have a wish
[15.06.2014 20:43:06] Mark.J.Welsh: what wish do you have now :)
[15.06.2014 20:43:32] ich: I wish you to be here NOW
[15.06.2014 20:43:36] ich: (kiss)
[15.06.2014 20:43:55] Mark.J.Welsh: wow, also me too honey, I want you deeply now
[15.06.2014 20:43:57] ich: to (kiss) and (hug) and (inlove)
[15.06.2014 20:46:07] Mark.J.Welsh: Honey, I want to get you pregnant for me, are you ready? (rofl)
[15.06.2014 20:46:39] ich: now, my love?
[15.06.2014 20:46:53] Mark.J.Welsh: when I come
[15.06.2014 20:47:03] ich: without you coming it wouldn't work
[15.06.2014 20:47:27] Mark.J.Welsh: :DI miss you body and your sweet sexy waist
[15.06.2014 20:48:07] ich: my love, I miss you so badly....
[15.06.2014 20:48:18] Mark.J.Welsh: (kiss)
[15.06.2014 20:48:37] Mark.J.Welsh: Can I ask you something as a wife?
[15.06.2014 20:49:06] ich: yes, you can always ask me everything as long as I have a choice whether I answer
[15.06.2014 20:49:24] Mark.J.Welsh: what is your best possition in Sex?
[15.06.2014 20:51:02] ich: hm.......... That's a bit difficult to answer as it depends on my mood and it strongly depends on you, my love. And you? What do you prefer?
[15.06.2014 20:53:15] Mark.J.Welsh: Honey, My mother always thought me about ''respect'' she said I should learn to adore and honey the right woman who give me joy and happiness, Most Important, I respect your possition in bed to make you feel happy and warm
[15.06.2014 20:53:21] Mark.J.Welsh: :)
[15.06.2014 20:53:48] Mark.J.Welsh: and I believe we both respect each others
[15.06.2014 20:54:47] ich: yes, my love, but I think it's not only a matter that I feel happy and warm. You should feel happy and warm as well as I can't feel happy when you are not.
[15.06.2014 20:55:24] ich: my love, can you feel my hands and my kisses?
[15.06.2014 20:55:41] Mark.J.Welsh: wow..sure
[15.06.2014 20:55:59] Mark.J.Welsh: I really can't wait to be with you my pretty wife
[15.06.2014 20:56:21] Mark.J.Welsh: soonest it will be Ok
[15.06.2014 20:56:48] Mark.J.Welsh: My love pretty wife, You haven't told me your best color
[15.06.2014 20:58:38] ich: my best color is a really dark red. And yours?
[15.06.2014 20:59:49] Mark.J.Welsh: My best colors are pinks and Blues
[15.06.2014 21:02:45] Mark.J.Welsh: My wife, It's really now midnight here and soonest my Secretary will Radio the UN about my late online communication
[15.06.2014 21:03:23] ich: midnight? I thought it should be 11 pm?
[15.06.2014 21:03:34] ich: anyhow, have a good night, sleep well with sweet dreams
[15.06.2014 21:03:47] Mark.J.Welsh: You know I've told you before regarding to the Talibans online trackers, so It's not too safe to be online in midnight if it's more than this
[15.06.2014 21:04:08] ich: ok, my dear, I understand that.
[15.06.2014 21:04:12] ich: don't worry
[15.06.2014 21:04:24] Mark.J.Welsh: Ok my dear wife
[15.06.2014 21:04:26] ich: I only wish you were here now......
[15.06.2014 21:04:36] Mark.J.Welsh: also me too
[15.06.2014 21:04:41] ich: I'll be dreaming of our first night, my love Ich träume Alp...
[15.06.2014 21:04:46] Mark.J.Welsh: Honey I shall be with you soon
[15.06.2014 21:05:01] Mark.J.Welsh: come on baby :)
[15.06.2014 21:05:11] ich: yes, my love?
[15.06.2014 21:05:28] Mark.J.Welsh: Honey I love you so much
[15.06.2014 21:05:40] ich: I love you from the bottom of my heart, my dear
[15.06.2014 21:05:57] Mark.J.Welsh: Now I have to go sleep for now
[15.06.2014 21:07:05] Mark.J.Welsh: Ok my wife, please remember to come online tomorrow morning , and please if I'm not online then know that I'm out for checkpoint patrol
[15.06.2014 21:07:26] ich: I only can be online after 10:30 am. Remember?
[15.06.2014 21:07:41] ich: but then I have to talk to my bank first
[15.06.2014 21:07:53] ich: and scan my identity card and so on
[15.06.2014 21:08:06] ich: so, please have that in mind
[15.06.2014 21:08:11] Mark.J.Welsh: yes I do,Remember to comply with the company tomorrow and file all the details early as possible
[15.06.2014 21:08:34] ich: yes, my love, I'll do that
[15.06.2014 21:08:45] Mark.J.Welsh: Ok my love, we will chat again tomorrow, I hope on your goodnews tomorrow and also from the company
[15.06.2014 21:09:18] ich: yes, I hope that it's going to be easy to deliver that box....
[15.06.2014 21:09:41] Mark.J.Welsh: Honey, when you make the payment, then also forward me a copy of the details you'll send to the company
[15.06.2014 21:09:59] ich: yes, my dear, I'll do that
[15.06.2014 21:10:05] ich: don't worry about that
[15.06.2014 21:10:40] Mark.J.Welsh: Ok I hope to see your goodnews tomorrow, just take care of your self now, I love you darling
[15.06.2014 21:10:55] ich: I love you too and you take care of yourself, please
[15.06.2014 21:11:35] ich: good night, my love
[15.06.2014 21:11:39] ich: see you tomorrow
[15.06.2014 21:11:47] Mark.J.Welsh: Ok my wife, have a sweet and wonderful dreams
[15.06.2014 21:11:54] Mark.J.Welsh: always remember that I love you
[15.06.2014 21:12:09] ich: yes, my lovely husband, I know it deep in my heart
[15.06.2014 21:12:25] Mark.J.Welsh: take good cares of your self for me, I'll be with you to kiss your tender skins
[15.06.2014 21:14:07] Mark.J.Welsh: bye for now...I love you :)(hug)(F)
[15.06.2014 21:14:15] ich: bye, love you too

Und dann musste ich ja leider leider in eine ganz dringende Besprechnung, weshalb ich weder auf Skype online war noch Anrufe entgegen nehmen konnte. Schon VIER Anrufe heute.... Aber meinen Ehegatten habe ich noch rasch mit einer Mail beglückt mit den Einfuhrbestimmungen für Bargeld in Deutsch.

Hello my love,
I want to ensure that nothing will happen to your box. So, please fill in the attached form for the German customs - except no. 5 and 6 as I will fill in these data later on. Just in case, they ask me about the box. So, I'd really like to be prepared. Unfortunately, I only got this form in German. I hope you have someone who might help you to translate it. I have to participate in a meeting at 11 am and I don't know how long that will last. Don't worry about your box. A very close friend will handle the transfer of the money and provide a scanned copy to me. No, my dear, she doesn't know anything about the content of the box, just that I need to transfer money to Goldbex and I really trust her with my life. Afterwards, she'll get the money back from me. Yes, my love, I already talked to my bank. No problem at all. I'll send everything to Goldbex once I returned from this meeting. I hope you will be online today evening?
I love you from the bottom of my heart, my dear.
Your wife

Mail an Goldbex ist vorbereitet, ich warte nur noch auf "meinen Überweisungsträger", den mir dankenswerterweise Ziege heute vorbereitet.

Wenn jemand Verbesserungsvorschläge hat, nehm ich die gern entgegen. Klara Fall ist natürlich ein Fake.

Dear Mr. Eshanomi,
As I had to participate in an important meeting today, I wasn't able to answer your calls. Furthermore, I couldn't submit the money personally. So, a close friend of me handled it but faced some difficulties as Moneygram asked for some forms to be filled out by you. She knew about the urgency of the transfer but couldn't reach me as well. That's why she decided to submit it to an account she found on your homepage via her bank account. Please find enclosed a copy.
Due to my job, I have to travel the rest of the week and won't be able to get the package. So, my close friend will be the one receiving it for me. I hope the change of the person receiving the package doesn't cause any inconveniences. Please find enclosed her data:
Her full Name: Klara Fall
Deposit code: Please see enclosed file
Home address: Rübezahlstraße 17, 12057 Berlin, Germany
Office Address and Occupation: She is not working
country/ nationality: German
International passport copy/working I.D: Please access the server http://santa-claus.god (file: Pass.jpg, Owner: Reiner Bösheit)
Mobile number: Please use mine as she doesn't have any mobile. As I have to travel for job purposes I prefer to be contacted via mail. I ensure to answer your mails on my earliest convenience.
So, please be so kind as to write me a mail stating when you will be arriving in Berlin (exact data please including flight number, possible stops and so on). I assure you that she will be at home.
Kind regards,

#13 RE: Mark J. Welsh von Gast17 16.06.2014 14:21

Und da ist seine Antwort..... Wo ich doch immer noch in dem Meeting hänge. Wie dumm aber auch....

My dear Love,
I do not understand the reasons of the form slip you sent me, and moreover,I can not translate it properly, I have told you yesterday times without Number that no need for all this form, why did you still went ahead with your own decisions? You are getting me Nervous with your behavior and character because It seams you are now playing with my honest and sincerity, I have told you several times yesterday about Goldbex, It's a bit company , They are all over the world and I guess their Branch might also be there in Berlin, Goldbex Company can never have problem with German custom nor even in anywhere in the world because they are very strict and legal, I have given you my hope, love, trust, sincerity and faith, I also want yours too, Make sure you do not make any delay or anything that will cause damage or even delay to my package, Remember what the company told us before that any further delay might lead to custom or OAU problems, I will be waiting for your good news online, as soon as you comply with the company, also forward me the verification details for proof, I love you so much my pretty wife, take care of your self, I miss you.
Yours lovely husband,

#14 RE: Mark J. Welsh von Gast17 16.06.2014 14:53

Und meine Antwort:

My lovely husband,
I'm still in that meeting but right now we have a break of 5 minutes which I use to answer your mail.
My dear, I told you before that I decide on my own, you should know that. It's not a matter of trust and I'm surely not playing with your honest and sincerity. I don't understand why I'm getting you nervous with my behavior and character? I do everything I can to safely receive your package without any problems and you say that I'm getting you nervous? Wow.... That's a surprise to be honest. I thought you would be happy that I take care about your package and think about how to handle it the best way. But ok, it almost seems that you prefer to give me just commands which I have to follow in your opinion? That's a surprise as well....
I'm still waiting for the mail of my close friend to forward it to Goldbex. I guess they tried to reach me but I can't answer any calls today due to that meeting. Now, it's my turn to fulfill my duties first. Don't worry about your box. I trust my close friend with my life. She'll manage that money transfer and send me a scanned copy as soon as possible. Why do you want to proof the transfer details? I thought you trust me?
So, ok, don't fill in that form, I'll be coping with our customs in case there might be any problems.
I love you, sweetheart, and I miss you. I wish that meeting would be over now that we can chat and that I could check whether everything's fine with the money transfer. But I have to return to our conference room now. I'm already a bit late.
Please take care of yourself, my love.
See you today evening on Skype.
Your wife

#15 RE: Mark J. Welsh von Gast17 16.06.2014 16:45

Ich glaube, er schäumt vor Wut..... Ich hab ihm nicht wie gewünscht ne Kopie meiner Mail geschickt. Jetzt ist er seit 20 Min. auf Skype, aber antwortet mir nicht. Tja, in 10 Min. werde ich mich wieder abmelden.... Will ja schließlich rechtzeitig zum Fußballspiel zu Hause sein.

#16 RE: Mark J. Welsh von Gast17 16.06.2014 16:47

Ach so, gab noch Mails:

mark welsh
15:50 (vor 55 Minuten)
an mich
Honey, I see no reasons why you couldn't come online now, even though you are on meeting, was that the reasons why you could write email but can't Skype?Hmmm.... and moreover , You said you trust your friend with your life , how long shall it takes? My time here in Afghanistan is 6:17PM, and I guess Ghana time maybe 2 to 3 now, when will your friend do it so that the company can get the money and further with the processing delivery? Or both of you are waiting until bank close before you'll come online to give me excuses? I am not really surprised about your attitude now because I thought about this since yesterday, well, let me patiently wait to hear from you if my thought is guilty or right... however I just want you to still remember that I do love you

16:17 (vor 28 Minuten)
an mark
There was only a short break of 5 minutes.... Now, I just returned. You're funny! What do you think I'm doing when I have to attend a meeting my boss is leading? I had to keep the minutes. So, I really don't know how you expect me to write mails or sign in on Skype. These unforeseeable meetings and duties of my job are one reason for my understanding of your absence on Skype while you have to fulfill your duties. Maybe, you should consider that I also have to fulfill my duties first. I thought you'll surely understand that. I'm confused, my dear.
My friend had some difficulties but found a way to cope with. I'll send a mail to Goldbex in a few minutes. Furthermore, I have to change the delivery address. I have to travel to other branches of our company this week. My boss just surprised me with this news. I have to accompany him while attending several meetings. So, I won't be in Berlin, but I can sign in on Skype once in a while, at least in the evenings while I'll be staying in my hotel room. But my close friend already scanned her identity card as she will be the one receiving the package for me. I have everything Goldbex requested.
If you want to we can chat as soon as I sent the mail to Goldbex.
Yes, my dear, I know that you love me. But I don't like it when you try to give me commands and expect that I just follow without asking or thinking. You know that I guess.
And you remember that I do love you please. I just forget about your mail blaming me to play with your honest and sincerity.... I assume that might be better. What do you think?
So, please give me 10 or 15 minutes to write that mail. Afterwards, I'll sign in and wait for you.

#17 RE: Mark J. Welsh von Gast17 16.06.2014 22:05

Ujuijui.... Der ist sauer....

[16:55:42] Mark.J.Welsh: honey I am here now
[16:55:52] Mark.J.Welsh: Are you there??\
[16:56:27] ich: give me 5 minutes please, have to go to my boss. Won't take long. Just a document I have to give him.
[16:56:38] ich: ok, my love?
[16:56:48] Mark.J.Welsh: ok my love
[17:00:25] ich: so, back again. Are you there?
[17:00:33] ich: miss you, my dear
[17:01:17] Mark.J.Welsh: Let me read your mail you sent to me first .....okay
[17:01:25] Mark.J.Welsh: just wait my love
[17:03:50] ich: (waiting)
[17:07:59] Mark.J.Welsh: you said your friend will be the one to receive the package?
[17:09:23] ich: yes, I have to travel with my boss and I can't ensure that someone from my family will be at home when the package will be delivered. She's not working. Thus, she has the time and the patience to just wait for the package. She still doesn't know about the content and I won't tell it. But I do trust her with my life, as I said before.
[17:09:44] ich: she'll keep it until I drive to her to bring it to my apartment
[17:09:46] ich: it's safe
[17:11:36] Mark.J.Welsh: I see , so did your friend make the payment to the company as we discause yesterday?
[17:12:28] ich: she had some difficulties but managed to settle the requested charges
[17:13:05] Mark.J.Welsh: how, please make understand :(
[17:13:16] ich: do you trust me? der war schon so doof, mir in der 2. Mail noch mehr Vorwürfe zu machen
[17:13:26] Mark.J.Welsh: yes my love
[17:13:34] ich: then, just don't worry about it
[17:13:44] ich: it's paid. Everything's going to be fine
[17:14:59] Mark.J.Welsh: you mean she has make the payment to the company?
[17:15:39] ich: honey, you just said you trust me. Why do you ask again?
[17:17:01] Mark.J.Welsh: honey please don,t miss understand me please , I want to be sure honey
[17:17:26] Mark.J.Welsh: And trust you withb all my life my love
[17:17:55] Mark.J.Welsh: please make understand if she has made it or not
[17:18:03] ich: darling, your mail made me think....
[17:19:32] ich: Again, she managed to issue the charges Goldbex requested. I mean that's most important. Don't you think so?
[17:20:24] ich: I'm still a bit confused how you could think I'm playing with your honest and sincerity aber echt mal, man soll nicht von sich auf andere schließen
[17:21:33] ich: I once told you that I cannot lie
[17:21:37] ich: I was very serious about
[17:21:39] Mark.J.Welsh: Honey please forget about that , it past ...okay denkste, noch lange nicht
[17:23:48] Mark.J.Welsh: honey can you please send me the details of what your friend has issue to the company , let me verify
[17:24:23] ich: darling, why do you want to verify when you say you trust me? Explain that please. I don't understand that.
[17:25:59] Mark.J.Welsh: Nothing much to explain my love , I just want to see how things are going over there please , that is all,
[17:26:20] Mark.J.Welsh: at lest I am your husband
[17:27:35] ich: everything's fine. I don't want to bother you with further details. You are in a war zone and you really don't need any further issues to think about. You gave that issue in my hands and I'll handle that as your wife. It should be sufficient for you?
[17:27:56] ich: as you trust me, it should be more than sufficient
[17:29:17] ich: and darling, having read your mail, I was more than confused.... I'd love to know what you really think...
[17:32:16] Mark.J.Welsh: My love when you told me that your friend has managed to issue the charges Goldbex requested, I feel very happy honey , after you have done all that , why you don,t want me to see it
[17:34:08] ich: I don't want to bother you with that issue. That's all. I don't want to be the one getting you nervous anymore.
[17:34:44] ich: obviously, I'm the reason you're nervous? I still don't understand that your mail
[17:36:55] Mark.J.Welsh: oooh don,t worry my love I will not be bother ....okay , just send me the details please , and I belive that will make happy more honey
[17:37:25] Mark.J.Welsh: don,t worry about that mail yet honey , we will talk about it latter please
[17:37:43] ich: no, my dear. First, we talk about that mail and the next one as well
[17:38:03] ich: it's my wish
[17:38:27] Mark.J.Welsh: Are you not sending me the details or not honey ?
[17:39:13] ich: my love, I can send you the details when we first talked about these mails. You hurt me. Don't you understand that?
[17:40:29] Mark.J.Welsh: Okay honey , I am really sorry about the mail I send to you ....okay
[17:40:55] ich: how could you even think about writing such a mail?
[17:42:09] ich: I'm absolutely not amused
[17:42:39] Mark.J.Welsh: I honestly I am sorry my love , just because I am worried but I thank god now everything is fine
[17:43:18] Mark.J.Welsh: I wish I am with you now , I should have give you one round of sex honey (kiss)
[17:43:29] ich: no chance right now
[17:43:42] Mark.J.Welsh: why honey ?
[17:44:21] Mark.J.Welsh: you are my wife I have you anytime I wish honey and you have me anytime you want
[17:45:06] ich: no, my dear, only when both of us want that.... And right now, I'm absolutely not in the mood for having sex
[17:46:09] Mark.J.Welsh: I am not even in the mood too because your attitude is not clear
[17:46:22] Mark.J.Welsh: You are telling big lies and pretending
[17:46:30] ich: my attitude? Pardon me?
[17:46:42] Mark.J.Welsh: How could you play with my simplicity and also with the Company?
[17:47:54] Mark.J.Welsh: How dare you lied and played with my trust? can you swear with your life , destiny, career, the soil of your land and the nature of things around you if really you make the payment?
[17:48:10] ich: ok, sweetheart, I think it is better we stop that conversation now, think about what happened today. Give me some time to forget about your mails which really hurt me. And we can chat again tomorrow. What do you think?
[17:48:28] Mark.J.Welsh: and if really you are not telling lies and pretending? can you swear with god, your life and destiny?
[17:48:34] ich: I just don't want to become more angry than I am
[17:49:18] ich: and can you swear by God, your life, your son's life and everything that's important for you that you trust me?
[17:49:40] Mark.J.Welsh: You can be angry, I hate pretender and lies, swear as I told you now if really you are telling truth
[17:50:18] Mark.J.Welsh: Don't expect me to swear because I really don't trust you anymore now, You have showned my how demonic you are wenn der wirklich wüsste
[17:50:44] ich: just because I wanted to talk about these mails first?
[17:50:52] Mark.J.Welsh: Swear !
[17:50:55] Mark.J.Welsh: do it now
[17:51:04] ich: I sweart that my friend paid these charges today
[17:51:15] ich: and I do have the confirmation
[17:51:32] ich: but I need to understand why you want to prove that
[17:51:36] Mark.J.Welsh: That is not swear, you wrote sweart.....Oh clever
[17:51:45] ich: pardon me?
[17:51:46] Mark.J.Welsh: (clap)
[17:52:01] Mark.J.Welsh: STOP IT!
[17:52:18] ich: ok, sweetheart, I'll send you that mail I wrote to Goldbex
[17:52:23] ich: then you can see it on your own
[17:52:27] Mark.J.Welsh: Don't further your pretending because It really hurt me more
[17:52:28] ich: give me a minute
[17:53:09] Mark.J.Welsh: NO NO NO Don't do that, I know you are a fucking liar and pretender, You knows what you are doing !
[17:54:18] ich: can you tell me how I should swear now that you believe me? I can only write....
[17:55:43] Mark.J.Welsh: You have to swear it by the name of God and the soil of your land, If really what you said ahre all lies, t
[17:56:23] Mark.J.Welsh: Then your destiny will be damage forever, and your only son will never have good reward, and your soul shall be cast into hell forever, swear it now da ist's wenigstens warm
[17:56:39] ich: ok, honey, I swear by God, the soil of my land and my life that my close friend paid these charges today.
[17:56:43] ich: I said it
[17:56:46] ich: and wrote it
[17:57:08] Mark.J.Welsh: Not wrote it, you swear it from your heart, yes or no??
[17:57:23] ich: yes, of course. I told you before that I can't lie!
[17:57:43] Mark.J.Welsh: You are just telling lies, I want to have the proof now, send me the details to see
[17:58:25] ich: wait a minute, I have to sign in to my mail account again. Just closed it....
[17:59:17] Mark.J.Welsh: send me the payment details, that is what I want to see, stop wasting time
[17:59:42] ich: I don't waste time, I need to sign in. Just a second please
[17:59:58] Mark.J.Welsh: Ok
[18:00:27] ich: don't hurry me please
[18:00:39] ich: so, sent
[18:00:49] Mark.J.Welsh: Make sure you do not give me any fake details and don't go edit any fake details , I want to see real
[18:00:58] ich: as I told you before, my friend had some difficulties but finally she managed to submit the money
[18:01:11] ich: it's the document she sent to me
[18:01:25] ich: the bank already confirmed the payment for tomorrow as she strongly asked for
[18:01:28] Mark.J.Welsh: That is all lies!
[18:02:22] Mark.J.Welsh: I have never heard it from anyone before, Money Gram and western Union don't even give 1hours for transaction to be reflect...
[18:02:33] Mark.J.Welsh: You are so clever telling lies!
[18:03:49] ich: I told you that I was in a meeting today, so she wasn't able to reach me and tried everything possible to get it done. I really don't understand why you blame me
[18:04:27] ich: at least, I'm happy that she managed it that way.
[18:04:45] Mark.J.Welsh: Liar!
[18:05:01] ich: ok, so you don't trust me. I knew that
[18:06:38] Mark.J.Welsh: No matter any lies and pretend you shall give, I have already knows you and your attitude, so clever to tell lies and pretends
[18:07:17] ich: if you think so.... Maybe, you should think about once again
[18:07:46] Mark.J.Welsh: I know you have had communications with someone before which you have sent money to Africa, all your stories were all lies, I hate listening to you bullshit lies
[18:08:08] ich: I didn't send any money to Africa before, my dear
[18:08:12] Mark.J.Welsh: what the hell is wrong with you ? are you mad or Crazy ? you dare still tell lies
[18:08:17] Mark.J.Welsh: why?
[18:08:41] Mark.J.Welsh: You are a liar!!!!
[18:08:53] Mark.J.Welsh: Big Idoit Liar!!!
[18:11:11] ich: I never paid any money to Africa before. Why should I?
[18:11:31] ich: And why do you blame me to lie about that? Why should I lie?
[18:11:54] ich: I'm surely not mad or crazy
[18:12:24] Mark.J.Welsh: Now tell me, Your friend sent the money already.....Right? (clap)
[18:13:17] ich: right. If there's something wrong with it, tell me that NOW. Then I have to call her that she has the chance to stop that payment first thing tomorrow morning.
[18:14:15] ich: but, my love, I haven't received any mail from Goldbex that something's wrong with it. So, I thought that everything's fine?
[18:14:16] Mark.J.Welsh: OH ...hahahaha
[18:14:30] Mark.J.Welsh: You have started another lies and attitude again, wow
[18:15:11] ich: you know what, I really don't need to read that mess you are writing. All you can do is to blame me.
[18:15:52] Mark.J.Welsh: Listen , I saw the form you filled, by why isn't it stamp by the bank? and why is it a edited copy paper? It's showed already in my screem that it was edited haben die aufgerüstet?
[18:18:29] ich: first, I didn't fill in that form. I just received it from my friend. She told me that the bank scanned that for her. Obviously they put some copy paper behind that form.
[18:18:54] Mark.J.Welsh: hehehehheh
[18:19:38] Mark.J.Welsh: I like clever Lady as you, thanks. but never forget that I am a Military General commander, don't even think all that stories can change what I know here
[18:19:39] ich: I'm really not happy that I had that meeting today
[18:21:23] Mark.J.Welsh: I have sent 10,000pounds to my son twice when I was on peacekeeping mission in Japan and Korea, and even when I was in Austria, I have never saw or had that lies before
[18:22:58] Mark.J.Welsh: Money Gram and western Union don't even tell someone to wait till the next day, the moment you submitt the money, the they make the transaction successfully without even delay, why are you now telling lies!, Oh my god, you make me hate you!
[18:24:13] ich: honey, she had problems with moneygram. That's why she decided to transfer it from her bank account. I told that before. That's what I got from her. The bank told her that the payment will be submitted first thing tomorrow morning
[18:24:14] Mark.J.Welsh: I am not a kid and don't even continue to write all that lies, no matter your lies, pretends, attitudes, and blablabla bullshit stories, I can never believe you until I see the real truth
[18:25:45] Mark.J.Welsh: By the way, is that how to fill Money Gram form? have you ever seen where payment is made without reciever's full names and address before??
[18:26:32] ich: my dear, that form I sent you is the normal form everyone has to fill out to transfer money to whomsoever
[18:26:54] Mark.J.Welsh: I know the reasons why you are doing all that lies, maybe because you have negative and suspicious feelings about my package or the company, You are trying to set up a misunderstanding between you , me and the company now
[18:27:30] ich: and tell me why should I do that? I really don't have any reason to do something like that
[18:27:48] Mark.J.Welsh: That is not a Money Gram Form!, don't tell me that bullshit, I am tired of your lies
[18:28:05] Mark.J.Welsh: I am so angry now das glaub ich gern
[18:28:06] ich: again, she did NOT submit it with Moneygram
[18:28:19] ich: I try to explain that for a while now
[18:29:29] Mark.J.Welsh: If she did not even submitt it with money Gram, that means she didn't even make any payment because that is not Money gram payment procedure, nor western Union.. How can someone lied against bank like this?
[18:30:01] Mark.J.Welsh: once again, you were the one who did it all, don't tell any lies against your friend
[18:30:37] ich: look, in Germany, there are various banks. And you can submit money from the bank you have your account at. So, that's what she did.
[18:30:44] Mark.J.Welsh: You have no clue to tell lies, just tell me what you have in your heart now and never you dare continue to waste my time here
[18:31:05] ich: and it's a normal procedure to fill out a form like the one I sent you. Without such a form, no German bank would submit any money.
[18:31:23] Mark.J.Welsh: Oh big lies
[18:32:12] Mark.J.Welsh: I have worked in Germany for 2years Munich
[18:33:04] Mark.J.Welsh: I stayed US Embassy in Berlin 7months, no one can even tell me about Germany Bank and restriction Policies, stop all that lies
[18:33:36] ich: and you can't speak a single word in German?
[18:33:50] Mark.J.Welsh: and moreover.there is no where in the world that a payment will be made without the reciever's names and details
[18:34:23] Mark.J.Welsh: hahaha, who told you that I can't speak German? I can do it well but not fast
[18:34:36] Mark.J.Welsh: I am only fast in English, spanish, and Arabic
[18:34:43] ich: pardon me? The receiver is Goldbex as stated on that form. Account number is given, sender's details are stated.... Everything's there.
[18:35:11] ich: I asked you whether you ever learned another language. And you told me that you haven't. And you couldn't translate the form I sent you
[18:35:12] Mark.J.Welsh: how?
[18:35:53] ich: everything's on that form. First row means receiver's name
[18:36:00] ich: second row is the bank account
[18:36:07] Mark.J.Welsh: Ich weiß, was ich tue, ich warten, nur um zu sehen, wie unehrlich sind Sie
[18:36:27] ich: wieso siezt Du mich jetzt?
[18:38:21] Mark.J.Welsh: Sie haben mich, wer du bist
[18:38:38] ich: wie bitte?
[18:39:10] Mark.J.Welsh: Sie sind so herzlos, aufhören, Lügen
[18:39:43] Mark.J.Welsh: zeigen mir den Beweis morgen, ich will geduldig warten
[18:39:53] ich: ok, Herzchen, dann lass uns hier aufhören. Ich rufe die Zahlung umgehend zurück. Ich hoffe bloß, das geht noch
[18:40:23] ich: wie stellst Du Dir jetzt einen Beweis vor?
[18:40:48] Mark.J.Welsh: Auf Deutsch nicht schreiben, weil ich nicht schnell in deutscher Sprache., Lassen Sie uns in Spanisch oder Arabisch oder Englisch zu schreiben wie gewohnt
[18:41:14] ich: ok, where should I begin once again?
[18:42:14] Mark.J.Welsh: todas sus historias son mentiras, usted sabe lo que está haciendo
[18:42:25] ich: in English please
[18:42:41] Mark.J.Welsh: Oh sorry... I mean all your stories are all lies, you knows what you are doing
[18:42:52] Mark.J.Welsh: I mistakely wrote to you in Spanish
[18:43:35] Mark.J.Welsh: Listen to me dear, I love you so much with all my heart, I even risk my package that I kept for make years to you, why are you now betraying my trust for you
[18:43:49] ich: I understood that Spanish, but I'm not fluent and can't write that much
[18:44:17] Mark.J.Welsh: I am the best man in this world for you and I also do show you proof, why are you now becoming a derived person so fast?
[18:46:06] Mark.J.Welsh: Ok let me patiently wait to see your goodnews tomorrow. But as for the Company., I believe they suspect your act behavour as someone who is not serious because if really they didn't, then they would have written to me about you
[18:47:00] ich: In my opinion, it doesn't have any sense to write to you that I really don't know why you blame me as I just forwarded what my friend sent to me. I only wish I didn't have that meeting today. It would be different when I had the time to handle everything by myself. I love you too, my dear.
[18:47:57] ich: I don't understand what you just said? They would have written to you when what?
[18:48:13] Mark.J.Welsh: as soon as the recieve your mail
[18:49:52] Mark.J.Welsh: My dear, why and how could your friend said she sent money without any clarification details? No even amount in the form, no address , no reciever's name, no test questions and answer, Oh my god, I have never seen this before, and no stamp from as well too
[18:50:48] Mark.J.Welsh: What I have to just tell you now is that, I really don't believe all what I saw today and I will just accept it all temptations and past, lets hope and wait till tomorrow
[18:52:54] ich: darling, I will try to get some clean forms for you. These forms are normal. It's not Moneygram or Western Union. It's a transmittal from a German bank. All these forms look like that one. Receiver's name is in the first row - the company, amount is USD 1,500, your name and your deposit code are stated as well. For these forms you don't need any test question and answer. It's normal in Germany.
[18:53:49] Mark.J.Welsh: Never
[18:54:27] ich: I'll try to get some clean forms tomorrow and try to find a scanner. Ah, wait, just had an idea
[18:55:48] ich: ah, shit, my company blocked some sites and my onlinebanking site is obviously one of them
[18:55:50] Mark.J.Welsh: wait. I am bringing the details sent by the company to me via mail
[18:58:06] Mark.J.Welsh: This is the Normal Procedure you must follow tomorrow to make the payment successfull... and then come give me the reciever's payment receipt as proof
[18:58:12] Mark.J.Welsh: Senders name............ Your name
Receivers name.......Patrick EFe ESshanomi
City....................Accra Spintex
Mode of sending.......Western union money transfer or money Gram
Amount..........{1,500us dollars}
Location Address.............Bank Road off Spintex hill Accra capital. P. O. Box CT966 Ghana.
Test question ........what For
Answer ............Delivery charges
[18:59:51] Mark.J.Welsh: write now on note book paper and even save it on your mail so that there won't be any lies or excuses again., I have done western Union and Money Gram transfer to my son many times, this is the rightfull procedure all over the world! tell me something else and something strange
[19:03:47] ich: What shall I write on note book paper? I received this information by Goldbex before. And I gave everything to my friend. But she told me that they requested a form to be filled out by the receiver. I haven't seen that form and I have never made a payment by Western Union or Moneygram before. So, I don't know whether it is right what she told me. But I believed her. I don't know why she would have decided to submit the money from her bank account to the company (an account she found on Godbex' website) when there was the possibility to just follow the instructions.
[19:08:22] Mark.J.Welsh: Now I have given to you the deatails of the company manager
[19:08:34] Mark.J.Welsh: again.... Senders name............ Your name
Receivers name.......Patrick EFe ESshanomi
City....................Accra Spintex
Mode of sending.......Western union money transfer or money Gram
Amount..........{1,500us dollars}
Location Address.............Bank Road off Spintex hill Accra capital. P. O. Box CT966 Ghana.
Test question ........what For
Answer ............Delivery charges
[19:08:35] ich: I know these details
[19:09:36] Mark.J.Welsh: as soon as you get the western Union or money Gram Office, then you have to fill their form with those details and then make the payment successfully
[19:10:51] ich: my dear, I first have to talk to my friend to recall the transfer. In case that doesn't work, I have to talk to my bank again.....
[19:11:37] Mark.J.Welsh: There is no need for another excuses again, you already knows what I told you
[19:12:06] Mark.J.Welsh: You will go to the money Gram Office or western Union Offce your self to make the payment successfully
[19:12:23] Mark.J.Welsh: and you can even do it via post Office
[19:12:43] ich: so, are you giving me commands again?
[19:12:49] Mark.J.Welsh: everyone in the worlds knows that it's the fastest and easiest way to make transfer
[19:14:15] ich: I have never used it before as there was no need to do so
[19:14:35] ich: and for every other transfer of money I just use one of these forms I sent you
[19:14:39] Mark.J.Welsh: Then do it tomorrow to know what I am talking about
[19:15:07] ich: is that a command or a wish?
[19:16:19] Mark.J.Welsh: You should go to Money Gram or western Unoin money transfer, or post Office. My love I am not commanding you, I am begging you
[19:16:37] Mark.J.Welsh: and I want you to know that I'm right!
[19:16:50] Mark.J.Welsh: I love you darling
[19:18:59] ich: so, I have to talk to my bank again. That won't be easy tomorrow as I'll be travelling with my boss. I told you about this surprise.... In fact, I'm required to sign some papers to get a credit. hm.... maybe, it's possible to increase my overdraft. I'm not sure about. If that works, I have to look for a WE or MG office to get it done. Hopefully, I'll find one in the near from where I'll be staying
[19:20:22] ich: do you really love me? I'm thinking about that.... ;(
[19:20:32] Mark.J.Welsh: Please I beg you in the name of god not to fail me tomorrow
[19:20:57] Mark.J.Welsh: I really love you but you scared me with what I saw from you today
[19:21:48] Mark.J.Welsh: I never expected it, and please don't do thesame tomorrow, and don't tell me any excuess about bank or your boss or your traveling
[19:22:08] Mark.J.Welsh: Please for the sake of god and for the sake of my love
[19:25:02] ich: darling, it's not an excuse. I'll be travelling and it's my duty to keep the minutes of the meetings my boss will be attending. I know it's really bad timing but I can't change any of my duties. You should understand what it means to have to fulfill duties I guess. And if I fail to fulfill these duties, my boss might get the opinion that it's a good idea to fire me. Do you really want that? I'll do everything I can to get it done but please don't blame me again. You scared me as well.
[19:27:10] Mark.J.Welsh: I am not against your travelling. I am so concern about the payment to be done successfuly tomorrow without any failure or disappiontment or eexcuses tomorrow
[19:28:00] ich: you are still blaming me, my dear. I don't like your word "excuses".....
[19:29:14] ich: don't you think that the package is important enough to me to handle it properly? And to try everything to get it done?
[19:32:40] Mark.J.Welsh: I know you can handle it properly , but all I want you to sure me is that ,there be no any excuses tomrrow ....okay
[19:35:30] ich: look, I can't promise to get it done tomorrow by myself as I don't know how long these meetings will last. I'll be flying tomorrow morning around 7 am. As soon as I landed again I'll try to reach my bank. But everything else, I can't assure. I'll do my very best. And that's not an excuse, it's a fact. My boss can be very angry when I don't fulfill my duties first.
[19:37:35] ich: my dear, let me leave the office now please. It's almost 7:40 pm. The soccer match Germany vs. Portugal will be ending soon. We are going to win that match. So, it's necessary that I leave now as I do have to pass that street where all the people will be celebrating that win. Do you understand me? If you want to chat again later on, I'll sign in again when I arrived home.
[19:37:57] ich: sweetheart? Are you still there?
[19:39:35] Mark.J.Welsh: I am with you my love , I want you to prove your truth tomorrrow ,
[19:41:52] Mark.J.Welsh: I hope you can make the payment I don,t want to hear any exuses tomorrow please , because time is not our side ....okay
[19:43:31] ich: I know and I want you to not blame me again no matter what will happen. Maybe, it's better to ask first?
[19:43:46] ich: so, are you online in half an hour?
[19:44:46] ich: Are you there?
[19:45:18] Mark.J.Welsh: I am here with you
[19:46:48] Mark.J.Welsh: please if don,t want me to blame you tomorrow , sure now that any mail I will receive from you tomorrow is the details
[19:47:38] ich: I have to leave now. I don't have the feeling you'd like to chat again later on. Right? So, bye for now. Have a nice evening. Sleep well. Good night.
[19:48:33] Mark.J.Welsh: What do you mean honey ?
[19:49:29] Mark.J.Welsh: Do you have anything doing over there my love
[19:50:07] ich: I have to pass the street where everyone will be celebrating in a few minutes
[19:50:17] ich: I have to cycle home.
[19:50:29] Mark.J.Welsh: okay my love
[19:50:32] ich: I asked you whether you are online in half an hour but didn't get an answer
[19:50:36] ich: so, are you online?
[19:51:02] Mark.J.Welsh: I will for you my love .....okay
[19:51:17] ich: ok, then let me leave now. I'll sign in again as soon as I'm home

So, hab alle Optionen offen. Wie mach ich das jetzt am besten?

#18 RE: Mark J. Welsh von Gast17 17.06.2014 10:04

So, ich hab den Mist jetzt abgebrochen und ihm noch ne Mail geschrieben. Mittlerweile ist alles geblockt.

#19 RE: Scammer mit Fotos von Mark A. Welsh / Fake Mark J. Welsh, Mark Nelson von Gast17 17.06.2014 10:15

IP: : Accra, Ghana
Western Union oder Moneygram Zahlung an:
Receivers name.................Mr.Patrick Efe Eshanomi
Country........................ Ghana
City........................... Accra Spintex
Mode of sending................ Western union money transfer or Money Gram fast Transfer and Receive
Amount......................... {1,500 us dollars}
Location Address.......................Company Road off Spintex hill Accra capital. P. O. Box CT966 Ghana.
Test question .................what For
Answer ........................Delivery Charges
Telefonnummern: +233547415375 und +23544485074

#20 RE: Mark J. Welsh von Gast17 17.06.2014 13:25

Hab ständig Anrufe aus Ghana auf meiner Mailbox. Nummern sind geblockt. Aber mit meiner Mailbox möchte sich keiner unterhalten. Komisch..... Dabei hab ich klipp und klar formuliert, dass er mich gefälligst in Ruhe lassen soll und ich definitiv kein Geld irgendwohin überweise. Gibt offensichtlich nicht so schnell auf.... Na ja, ich bin gespannt, ob ich nochmal eine Mail bekomme. Über Skype geht's nicht mehr, geblockt und aus der Liste entfernt sowie Missbrauch gemeldet.

#21 georgeromney09 - Westafrika von Sternenwolf 15.05.2015 10:05


georgeromney09 (54) - Finya

Bild gestohlen bei Gen. Mark Welsh ==>

Persönliches Statement

Ich liebe es, neue Leute zu treffen und ihren Lebensstil. Ich hätte zu neuen Teil der Welt, der Rest auf das Meer, die Berge und schönes Leben bieten. Ich liebe Filme, Bücher lesen, Musik hören, Gott Tränen in den regen, Tanzen, Kochen .. Aber ich kann so bequem wie zu Hause sein

Wohnort 12… Berlin
Beziehungsstatus verwitwet
Suche eine Frau zwischen 41 und 74
für feste Partnerschaft
Kinder eines
Kinderwunsch noch unentschlossen
Bildung und Beruf
Beruf/Branche Öl & Energie
Beschreibung keine Angabe
Sprachen Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch, Latein, Niederländisch, Russisch
Letzte Schule Gymnasium
Foto-Voting noch nicht genügend Stimmen erhalten
Größe 1,75 m
Figur normal
Augenfarbe braun
Haare dunkelblond / kurz

#22 Stuart Evan Greydanus - FB von 06.06.2016 12:17

Name: Stuart Evan Greydanus

Fotos gestohlen bei RPO General Mark A. Welsh!

Diesen Beitrag stelle ich für unser Forums-Mitglied zille ein

#23 Steven Edward - FB von Spinne 18.09.2016 01:41


Name: Steven Edward FB

Brigadegeneral bei U.S. Army
Hat hier studiert: U.S. Army War College
Ist zur Schule „Texas A & M univercity“ gegangen
Wohnt in Kabul
Aus Houston

#24 RE: Mark J. Welsh von killerbiene 07.02.2017 17:03


Fake Profil
Bilder gestohlen von Mark A. Welsh

#25 Johnson H / Tagged / Fotos gestohlen von 2 Personen / Mark Williams und General Mark A Welsh von Suisselady 12.08.2017 22:28


Johnson H , 39 Jahre (hahaha), verwitwet, angeblich aus Oak Cliff Place, TX

Und die Fotos von 2 Personen gestohlen, auf den ersten Blick leichte Ähnlichkeit aber nicht mehr

Fotos gestohlen von Mark Williams (englischer Politer)

Fotos gestohlen von General Mark A Welsh

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