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Ich habe das Konto des Victor OFongo sowohl der Compliance Stelle der RaboDirect Bank gemeldet, als auch der BaFin.

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danke für das Formular. hab es handschriftlich ausgefüllt, ziemlich schlampig geschrieben, mit einigen richtigen und einigen falschen Angaben, um es ihm später zu schicken.

der Compliance Officer der RabiDirect Bank hat mir lange telefoniert und gesagt, ich hätte alles richtig gemacht. Auf Frage, wann das Konto des OFongo geschlossen wird, wollte er nicht antworten. Er sagte nur, die Bank werde die notwendigen Schritte einleiten. Er sprach auch davon, die Frankfurter Polizei einzuschalten. Ich erzählte ihm, ich habe ein Video bekommen, auf dem man die Umsäutze des Kontos sieht, mit Namen und Datum. Meist Frauen, Beträge zwischen 4000 und 6000 Euro, Soll und Haben, Geldwäsche, Erpressung, Betrug, was sonst. Das Video hab ich ihm nicht gesendet.

um 14 Uhr „Banktermin“

Fortsetzung: 27.08.2020, 17:39 Uhr

ich Hey honey, Still sleeping?

Alex Hi Babe. no

ich What are you going?

Alex Woke up not long ago and I just finished taking meds. What's up?

ich Honey? how are you feeling?

Alex I'm feeling good. What about you honey?

ich Not so good

Alex Why what's wrong

ich more pain. and more stress, the landline phone is not working any more.

Alex is the meds not helping?

ich I don't know. Since I returned home I took 4 more pills.

Alex is the weather bad?

ich No, it's good, sunny, not hot 23 degrees

Alex Maybe you stressed a lot today I suppose

ich it’s since Tuesday as bad, so bad

Alex Did you call the doc?

ich No, why should I ? he can’t help

Alex So what's gonna help You? You took double dose today already

ich Passing out. morphium maybe, i don’t know, or some hugs.

(versehentlich auf die Anruftaste gedrückt, gleich wieder aufgelegt. er hat zurück gerufen, hab wieder auf Stop gedrückt)

ich Sorry, by mistake

ich Honey?

(Photo von der Auslandsüberweisung geschickt, mein Name und Adresse sind hier abgedeckt, Adresse war sowieso nicht die richtige)

Alex I don't know what's wrong with the signal I can't see the image you sent

( nochmal gesendet)

ich can you read it now?

Alex yes i can see it now. Thanks babe. Any idea when she receives it?

ich no, because the bank didn’t accept it. her address is missing.

Alex What address? Christies home address?

ich yes Christies home address. see the 2 empty lines above the words Tender Fee?

Alex Why didn't you just send it to the Victor Ofongo's account?

ich because my online banking is blocked

Alex You can still do cash deposit into his account

ich I can’t do cash deposit for 4200€. I can’t withdraw this amount per day.

Alex The bank can't help you with the transfer?

ich they will unblock the online banking. i applied for that today. i have bills to pay, i can’t be without online banking.

Alex Why didn't you just tell me so i can provide you her address?

ich the form arrived today after lunch time. i filled it and took it to the bank at 2 pm. i searched through our chat, but couldn’t find it. then i had the appointment. you were sleeping at this time.

Alex So when next do you go to the bank?

ich Monday

Alex Your online banking?

ich the lady could not tell me, it’s another section of the bank working on it, the IT team. she said “soon”

Alex You can’t go to the bank tomorrow?

ich there is no free spot on their calender tomorrow
this is the first time i filled a form for international transaction. i did not know what kind of information is required. i did the best i could. i’m taking a nap now. the pain kills me.

Alex You could have just made a local transfer to Victor Ofongo's account. ofcourse. i pray that the pain goes away. Love you bunches ❤

1Stunde später ( das mit dem Schmerzen, den Medikamenten, etc ist übrigens die Wahrheit...)

ich the pain never goes away...... I'm sad. We don't have enough time together. I'm a burden to you. Maybe you should find another woman who is more capable than I am and physically healthy.

Alex What does this even mean. You want to push me away?

2 Stunden später, war tatsächlich eingeschlafen

ich of course NOT.

Alex How are you feeling now?

ich I don't know, I was sleeping. the pain is better now.

Alex That's good. Did you eat something?

ich Yes sire. i mean, sure

Alex Lol Milady

ich Honey I feel sad. Disable.

Alex You can’t walk?

ich I should be able to help you better. Your love is vanishing.

Alex Never. I don't care about none of that I love you

ich it’s damn hard to believe, that a healthy intelligent handsome man like you could love me.

Alex Believe what you want. I really do love you.

ich thats a miracle.

Alex We all deserve to love and be loved right back

ich that’s true. but can one really love me?? i’m asking myself. too often i’m talking about pain, pills, stuff that was not working, things i can’t do any more, i have to disappoint you all the time...

Alex What would a man living with you have to deal with?

ich you know that. this shit damn pain thing.

Alex When you have to deal with that how long does it last?

ich Who wants to hear all the time about that problem?

Alex Someone who loves you

ich hm .... how are you feeling?

Alex I’m good.

ich although the transfer didn’t work?? last time as it didn’t work you fell in a deep hole. it’s making me depressive, that i was unsuccessful, AGAIN. Im afraid you may think, I don’t want to help you

Alex No don't be. There's no need of me been angry. You don't owe me anything.

ich and you’re not calling me Babe any more, not sending ❤️❤️❤️ any more, spending less time with me ..... i’m so much afraid you would leave me

Alex Not at all babe. These are just circumstances that can be overcome.

ich yes please, calm me. i guess i’m again at a point where i feel, i have to work on myself. the need to please others, and the fear of being abandoned if i’m not making it good enough or giving enough. childhood baggage ...

Alex Not at all babe love is mutual and is shouldn't be conditional.

ich maybe if you’d stay with me, even in bad times, i would become able to change this shit childhood trauma finally... it’s holding me back from trusting and believing in myself so often. like a self fulfilling prophecy

Alex There's no reason not to trust and believe in yourself honey.

ich See what i’m doing? talking negative of myself

Alex that’s not being nice to your personality.

ich once you said, a woman should love herself deeply. you want such a woman

Alex That's the only way she could be loved and appreciated

ich Okay, then i should not talk about my insecurities any more.

Alex If talking about your insecurities helps you gain more confidence in yourself then you should be open about it

ich that’s right. on the other hand i want your love be growing without thinking negative about me. i’m smoking my last cigarette right now, then i gotta go buy new packages. 23:54 Uhr !,

Alex Well as long as I don't use your insecurities against you and I don't trigger those insecurities you can always talk about it

ich Hey thats the best! for real

Alex That's good babe

ich proof of love

Alex Yes love goes beyond many layers life

ich I’m so happy you said this

Alex True love is really hard to come by so I wanna cherish every moment with you

ich Thank you soooooo so much honey!

Alex You deserve to be loved right honey.

ich will you wait for me here, im back in a few minutes ( Zigaretten leer 0:00 Uhr)

Alex Right

ich sounds like you are man i waited for my whole life

Alex Our paths were meant to cross

ich i never talked with a new boyfriend about all that in an early stage, because i was ashamed and afraid. you are the first and only man who gets to know all that AND you’re not running away... that’s the miracle 💕

Alex If i ran away it wasn’t love

ich hi (00:12 Uhr, 2 Schachteln Marlboro am Automaten geholt)

Alex I meant to say if after learning about your insecurities I abandoned you then it was never love

ich That makes sense. are you multitasking? are you multichatting?

Alex Yes between me and a colleague who lost his mom to the damn virus

ich Oh my God

Alex Yeah it’s a tough year

ich i second ago i wanted to tell you, i’m feeling so lucky and bursting from happiness ... now bang back to sad reality... what a shitty year. tell your colleague your soon to be wife is so sorry for his loss

Alex Awwww I love you so much honey

ich btw, i’ve send an email to Thomas yesterday. it was his birthday. i sent congratulations and some links how a divorce in Nevada should be proceeded. i , a german citizen explained to him, american citizen, how do divorce an american marriage. hahaha... weird. i wrote, he shal send me the papers to sign, i want to be free for the new man in my live.

Alex WOW that’s a huge step honey

ich Was it wrong?

Alex It wasn’t wrong. you did the right thing

ich don’t you remember? i left him after Christmas and he filed for divorce. since March i haven’t heard from him. i want to get the divorce final and to get rid of him completely. you said, you want to marry me, so I should legally be free.

Alex Ofcourse I know about your STBX husband and yes I would love to marry you.

ich or did you change your mind?

Alex No, I did not.

ich That’s fine. as i told you, i need a marriage certificate to travel to USA

Alex Yes I know you need that

ich we can marry in Las Vegas then, in a white chapel

Alex Las Vegas?

ich it’s the fastest and easiest way to get married.... and divorced if it doesn’t work. Las Vegas right. i love Las Vegas

Alex hahaha Yes you do

ich they offer great romantic wedding services. we could invite your mother as witness. and my brothers families. and my two best friends. and your best friends. book arrangements in the same hotel. that would be sooo nice. having party for some days, oh wow would that be great!

Alex Party for days? Hopefully I don't have to worry about your pain because there would be enough weed lol

ich yeah, weed, alcohol, happiness and the opportunity to lay down for an hour

Alex Yes ofcourse honey. That's the real deal. Resting is paramount for recovery

ich we would have a nice suite in a good hotel like the Stratosphere. with swimming pool and lots of service

Alex Awesome. That would be a romantic one

ich and everybody would understand and smile if i’d say, have to lay down for a while...and of course you would accompany me

Alex Yes I can stroke your body while you fall asleep

ich I don’t need to sleep honey

Alex Hahahahaha really? Then tell me what you need to do

ich I just need my dose

Alex Okay babe

ich tell your colleague good bye now. I need my dose !

Alex Okay

ich it’s our wedding night now.... tell me how it goes. no phantasy honey? (5 min. keine Antwort)
Oops got 7 new emails the last 5 minutes was it you?

Alex Well when we get into our hotel suite, take a bath together in the bath tub with a bottle of champagne, we talk about how far we've come and how lovely our journey has been. Then we can scrub each other's body gently after which we both clean up and get off the bath tub to the bedroom. I help you take off your towel and kiss you for about 5 minutes then I lay you down on the bed raise your both legs up and go down on your clean well shaved vagina. I will suck you wet and lick the juices. You will take my dick with your hands and insert it in your pussy. Then we make the love of our lives.

ich WOW WOW WOW you make me speechless

Alex So what do you think about our first night

ich It will be the best of our life. first, you’re helping me out of the wedding dress and kiss me softly. stroke my back, my neck, my hair and tell me how much you love me, that you’re the happiest man on earth

Alex Yes that's awesome and romantic 😍😍😍

ich we are both naked, just wearing our new wedding rings. then we go to the bathhroom as you said. then we go to the bedroom as you said.

Alex yes honey

ich we’re both little high from weed love and champagne. and making love the first time in life. we’re literally eating up each other

Alex I love you bunches ❤❤❤😍😍😍

ich reaching unimaginable heights of exstacy. screaming each other’s names

Alex over and over again

ich exploding. together. we’re holding each other so close and tight. your sweat is my sweat, your juices are my juices. we’re breathless. not thinking any more. we are flying. to heaven. have you ever had such a night?

Alex Never

ich do you want to experience it?

Alex Yes I’d love to

ich me too! there are ice cubes in the champagne bottle cooler.... i will use a few on your nipples. and stroke down on your belly, with the melting cube, because your body is so hot, it’s melting quickly.
water drops are rolling down. and I’m thirsty. I’m licking them up with my tongue. I’m drinking out of your belly button. your dick is craving for my mouth. yeah so much craving, but i take my time.

Alex Take your time? I would have died of ecstasy

ich Yeah, that’s the goal.

Alex It's better experienced than imagined. I want to keep this alive.

ich the imagination?

Alex Yes I want to perform everything you've listed here on that day

ich so we’ll wait with making love until we get married

Alex No. The sex on our wedding night has to be special

ich you don’t want to wait?

Alex If you want us to wait why not I can wait. Not sure, but i’ll try

ich hahaha you will fail, like me. as soon as we meet and kiss, it’s over with wanting to wait

Alex Yes🤣🤣🤣🤣

ich you will eat me up right away, and i’m helpless then. your superpowers will make me helpless

Alex We will have the time of our lives. I need to take my meds honey.

ich OK. I’m going back to bed honey.

Alex Do have a lovely night rest honey. I love you bunches.

Ende 01:44 Uhr

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Fortsetzung: Freitag 28.08.2020, 10:03 Uhr


May this lovely morning brings a new fragrance of romance in your life and fills your heart with love.May the sun shines more brightly for you today, may the flowers smell sweeter for you, may this day be your day in every way dear! Good morning with all my love for you, and only you…………….As sun smiles on you today, your luck may smile too today…. Move on with this new day and let this new light show you the fresh direction of your life……… A morning means one more day given by God to work and do good to his creations……..A Good morning wish for giving you a heavenly feeling on this sweet morning, that enables you to live every moment of life happily, so that no sorrow can ever touch your heart!!!!!!!!!Confidence shows the way towards all success, so start the day with fresh confidence in yourself and our love.

Hugs and kisses on your way,
Waking you up to start your day!What do you want in the morning?

Chocolate drink or coffee?
Pan cake and milk tea?
Or just simply HOT ME?
Good morning to the love of my life.

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Fortsetzung 28.08.2020 15:30 Uhr

ich Hey honey, still sleeping? miss you so badly honey 😥

Alex good morning honey

ich good morning Love. how are you, did I wake you up?

Alex It’s ok honey. how are you doing today?

ich i’m good today, pain is low thanks God, cats fed, having enough coffee lol

Alex ate something?

ich it’s raining. the nature needs it urgently

Alex is it warm or cold?

ich no, not eaten yet. i don’t want to get tired, 18 degrees

Alex What do you need energy for?

ich the hot summer weather is over, it’s becoming autumn slowly. what are your plans for today?

Alex What is your best season?

ich spring, and yours?

Alex summer. I'll be doing laundry and cleaning the house. I like summer.

ich my second best is summer, then autumn, then winter. winter in Germany is not nice

Alex why?

ich honey

Alex yes babe

ich when will you arrive? i need you here

Alex definitely in September

ich at the beginning, mid or end?

Alex won’t exceed mid

ich what?

Alex I would come by mid September

ich can you please be more concrete?

Alex 11. to 14. I should come within this time

ich i hoped at the beginning of the month, you said earlier beginning, when your quarantine is done. it’s almost impossible to stay patient

Alex only 2 more weeks

ich anyway very hard. you will not delay again?


ich hm

Alex As long as I'm certified free from this virus. Then there's nothing stopping from coming to Germany.

ich i would love to see you soon

Alex Yeah we do make up for the lost times

ich how? tell me

Alex Any suggestions how I can make up for the lost times when I get there?

ich how can lost time be regained? time is so precious

Alex Ofcourse but spending more time together would be good too

ich when is the quarantine over? why don’t you travel directly the next day?

Alex Because I have to do a test again and the result don't come out immediately

ich shit. i did not know. what a mess with this damn virus

Alex thought you’ve donr the test before?

ich i did another test. not the test if i’m infected. i guessed i’ve had the virus already in February. so
i got tested for immunity

Alex Ok, i see

ich i had a blood test to check if there are anti virus components in my blood

Alex how did the yest go?

ich unfortunately it was negative. i’m not immune. in February i most likely had a ordinary cold

Alex Alright and since then you've been more careful

ich what about your symptoms? how is it going with the meds?

Alex Fine. have just mild symptoms

ich that’s good. is there absolutely no chance to come earlier to germany 🇩🇪

Alex After my quarantine and I test negative for the virus then we would see

ich ok. you don’t want to promise what you maybe cannot guarantee . i agree

Alex yes babe

ich i guess we want the same. meeting in person as soon as even possible. so i rely on you trying your best to reach our goal.

Alex and i won’t disappoint you babe

ich I pray that all will go the way we want

Alex Me too honey. I really want this to work out for both of us

ich honey, i love you too much

Alex I love you too

ich if you may not come, i definitely will fly to Los Angeles. but i love you more, it’s hurting in my heart ❤️

Alex No problem honey we will we how it goes

ich have you ever loved someone to this limit?

Alex Honestly I've never loved someone so vulnerable as you babe

ich hm.... is this good of bad, or difficult for you?

Alex Surprisingly I love you efforlessly

ich i know my personality is complicated. i’m having more different aspects and facets than most people. so i’m good for surprising you, and hopefully never boring you.

Alex I don’t find it complicated

ich good. my mind activity is somehow special

Alex Can you elaborate what you mean

ich yes, i try. my mind very often shows associations which are uncommon to a lot of persons. it builds connections between topics which have not much to do with each other. it’s surprising. mostly humorous

Alex So that is to say you're funny and cheerful

ich I call it creativity

Alex Super nice. You've got super powers too

ich sometimes a bit weird, or kind of black humour. honey?

Alex lol

ich am i boring you?

Alex Not at all. Why do you ask?

ich because you’re not staying in our chat

Alex I'm reading a news sorry. but ok, i’m done

ich you’re simultaneously texting with someone else. i don’t like that. it makes me unhappy. i would appreciate if you could stay

Alex no, i’m not texting. if i was, i would have let you know. So I'm done with the news I was reading. What have you been up to today?

och I did some housework, and listening to radio while i did it. this SWR3 radio channel is playing all my favorite. did you check it out? they have also internet radio

Alex Can you send me a link

ich ok. just tap on live. ▶️ or on this symbol

Alex 😍😍😍 I'm in🤗🤗🤗 Would you let me in I wanna be your friend

ich what? you are already my friend

Alex The lyrics from the song playing now

ich oh

Alex lol

ich lol. yeah as i said... the radio is talking to my souls. btw... friends... did you repair your facebook accout?

Alex They won't let me create another Facebook account tried with my number and email address

ich hm bad... but why?

Alex I've reported and they said they would get back to me

ich take another email address

Alex Maybe you can help me create an exclusive anonymous account

ich do you have other email addresses?

Alex no, i just have only one. Are you listening to the radio? They called my name 😂😂😂😂

ich then create a second one. for example, or take yahoo

Alex ok, hold on

ich avoid the name Latona, Lantona and Tona


ich ok, i’ve sent you a test mail. got it?

Alex ok, hold on.. it went through

ich well done

Alex So, what’s next?

ich create a new facebook account

Alex ok hold on

ich ok so go to facebook and create a new account. set all settings on private, or only you (only me)

Alex ok babe

ich or choose only friends, add me, then change to only me

Alex Search for Alex Christian

ich there are do many. which one is yours?

Alex Take a screenshot of it let me see

ich impossible, there are too many. Send me friendship request. did you set up a profile picture?

Alex No I left every thing blank

ich There are at least 5 blanks. set up a picture that i know

Alex ok. search again

ich ok. Sorry, haven't found you. 10 without pictures, and some females. send me a friendship request

Alex Christian Alex. I have uploaded my photo in the profile photo and then a red wine in the cover page

ich first you said Alex Christian.

Alex Sorry. It's Christian Alex. just send me your name.

ich Send me a friendship request to Txxx edit by Anni60

Alex I sent you a message request. so you can add me from there

ich ok. (17:57)

weiter kurze Zeit auf FB Messenger, Facebook Profil ist wieder da, und Messenger.

19:57 Uhr ich honey, i ordered dinner.

20:33 Ihr ich I ate 6 spring rolls sweet chili, and half pizza thin crust, much cheese, ham, mushrooms, vegetables, and now hawing a cold beer 🍺 lol


Fortsetzung folgt.

Kein Wort über Geld, online banking, die Jobhunterin o.ä. merkwürdig

#105 RE: Alex Latona / Lt. Snowbeard Mac Man von Tamina13 28.08.2020 22:37


neue emailadresse

neues Facebook Profil

#106 RE: Alex Latona / Lt. Snowbeard Mac Man von Tamina13 31.08.2020 16:07


Fortsetzung: am Abend des 28., am 29. und 30.08.2020

tiefsinnige lange Gespräche über den Sinn des Lebens und das Leben nach dem Tod, auf hohem Niveau. wirklich gute stundenlange Konversationen über Wissenschaft, Religion, Psychologie, Medizin... echt erstaunlich. ich werde ihn irgendwann sehr vermissen 😢

Geld, Bank, Überweisung etc. war überhaupt kein Thema.

heute 31.08.2020


Für heute 14 Uhr hatte ich meinen nächsten Banktermin wegen der Auslandsüberweisung vereinbart. Alex hat mir heute Nacht noch die fehlende Adresse der Jobhunterin geschickt, die ich nur noch in das Formular eintragen soll.

Blöderweise haben heute Nacht Zahnschmerzen angefangen, habe auch ganz schlecht geschlafen. Ein Anruf bei der Zahnarztpraxis hat ergeben, dass sie mich als Notfall nur direkt nach der Mittagspause um 14 Uhr einschieben können. Ich habe eine Wurzelentzündung, die ein paar Tage mit starken Antibiotika behandelt werden muss, und die vertrage ich immer so schlecht, danach muss der Zahn gezogen werden (hatte das wirklich schon öfter), ob ich das Haus verlassen kann, ist sehr fraglich grrrr 😝.

Alex war ziemlich besorgt, und ein wenig angepisst, glaub ich. Auf meine Frage, was ich denn jetzt machen soll, meinte er, Gesundheit geht vor, ich soll erst mal zum Zahnarzt gehen und die Medikamente nehmen, anschließend zur Bank. Geht aber nicht mehr heute, muss beim Zahnarzt lange warten. Und vor dem Termin geht es auch nicht, Bank und Praxis liegen ca. 30 min. mit dem Auto auseinander. Die Bank hat ebenfalls Mittagspause zwischen 12 und 14 Uhr (die Fakten entsprechen alle der Wahrheit, dann verwickle ich mich schon nicht in Widersprüche), nur die Zahnschmerzen und der Banktermin sind erfunden 😝

Außerdem braucht man bei der Bank wegen Corona immer erst einen Termin lach 😝 und deren Kalender ist immer ausgebucht. Mein online banking funktioniert seit Donnerstag nicht mehr 😝 , aber diese Ausrede kann ich nicht länger aufrecht erhalten, wird sonst unglaubwürdig.

Danach werde ich wohl Probleme mit meinem Auto bekommen 😝 , fürchte ich, oder jemand aus der Familie wird krank lach 😝 und braucht mich dringend.

Mit welchen Ausreden könnte ich die Überweisung auf ein deutsches Bankkonto sonst noch hinauszögern, ohne dass er mißtrauisch wird? Er ist viel cleverer als die meisten Scammer, über die ich hier gelesen habe?

Ich könnte die ausgefüllte Auslandsüberweisung auch mit der Post als Brief schicken 😝 braucht dann auch ein paar Tage, und kommt vielleicht überhaupt nicht an, oder die Bank findet einen Fehler im Formular 😝.

Danke für Ideen oder Kommentare.
LG Tamina13

#107 RE: Alex Latona / Lt. Snowbeard Mac Man von Anni60 31.08.2020 18:54


@Tamina13 die deutsche Überweisung ist ja noch kein Thema. Wenn es soweit ist, machst du eine fake Überweisung und wenn kein Geld ankommt, stimmt etwas mit dem Konto des Empfängers nicht und deine Bank muss dein Geld zurückholen. Da kann man schon auch noch schön Zeit schinden.

#108 RE: Alex Latona / Lt. Snowbeard Mac Man von Tamina13 31.08.2020 19:12


Fortsetzung: 31.08.2020 18 Uhr

habe ihm kurz geschrieben, dass ich nach dem Zahnarzttermin wieder zuhause bin, dass es mir nicht gut geht, mir sei schwindlig, ich lege mich jetzt hin. Der Zahn müsse morgen gezogen werden.

er klang sehr verständnisvoll und hat mir gute Besserung gewünscht. so ein lieber Kerl ...

#109 RE: Alex Latona / Lt. Snowbeard Mac Man von Tamina13 01.09.2020 14:08


ich habe Alex ja wieder auf Facebook Messenger umgeleitet, weil Chatting dort komfortabler ist. das Problem ist jetzt aber, dass das kopieren von dort hierher noch umständlicher ist als aus Hangouts 🤬

Fortsetzung: 31.08.2020. 20:30 Uhr

nachdem ich angeblich einige Stunden geschlafen hatte, habe ich mich bei ihm gemeldet. die Zahnschmerzen seien etwas besser geworden, dank der Antibiotika, die ich ja sofort bekommen und auch eingenommen hätte. ich sei aber sehr schläfrig und fühle mich schwindelig, wie leicht betrunken. trotzdem sei ich hungrig, hätte den ganzen Tag noch nichts gegessen, und würde mir jetzt ein Reisgericht beim Pizzaservice bestellen. Er hat sich ein wenig aufgeregt, weil essen so spät abends ungesund sei. Aber was soll man machen...

Ich teilte ihm mit, dass der Zahn mit der Wurzelentzündung am nächsten Tag gezogen werden soll, wie gehabt um 14 Uhr nach der Mittagspause des Zahnarztes.

Da wurde er sichtlich unfreundlich... wann ich denn dann zur Bank gehen würde? Vor der Extraktion oder danach? Ich sagte ihm, weder noch. Aber ich würde hingehen, so bald es mir möglich sei. Er war dann regelrecht angefressen. Sagte, ich hätte doch schon den Termin bei der Bank am nächsten Tag um 14 Uhr, ich solle hingehen und pur kurz das ausgefüllte Formular für die Auslandsüberweisung abgeben, das koste doch nicht viel Zeit.

Ich mußte ihm klarmachen, daß ich nicht an zwei verschiedenen Orten zur gleichen Zeit sein kann, und zwischen den Orten liegen 30 min. Fahrtzeit. Vor 14 Uhr hat die Bank geschlossen.

Und nach der Zahnextraktion müsse ich sofort nach Hause. Mit einer offenen Wunde im Mund dürfe ich weder essen, noch Kaffee trinken, noch rauchen, für mindestens 6 Stunden. Ich dürfe nichts machen, was den Blutdruck steigert. Außerdem könne ich danach stundenlang nicht richtig sprechen, bis die Betäubung nachlasse, meine Backe werde anschwellen, ich müsse sie mit einem Eisbeutel kühlen. Ich soll vor allem nicht Autofahren.

Er schrieb dann, mein Verhalten zeige ihm, dass mir die Überweisung wohl völlig egal sei. Er denke, er sollte sich besser nicht darauf verlassen, dass ich ihm noch helfen werde. Total angepisst, passiv-aggressiv.

Daraufhin sagte ich nur, ich sehe dass du angepisst bist. Ich gehe jetzt wieder ins Bett, wünsche dir noch einen schönen Tag.... und direkt raus aus Messenger.

Nach einigen Sekunden schrieb er dann noch, dass er nicht angepisst ist, dass er weiss, dass ich starke Schmerzen habe und es ihm leid tut, dass ich da allein durch muss, und dass er mich liebt. Diese Sätze habe ich nur in der Vorschau gesehen, hab nicht mehr geantwortet.

Fortsetzung: 01.09.2020 10 Uhr

Er fragte, ob ich immer noch solche Schmerzen hätte, es täte ihm leid für mich. Ich sagte, die Schmerzen wären besser, dank der Medikamente. Aber ich hätte unter den Nebenwirkungen der starken Antibiotika sehr zu leiden, ich hätte Durchfall und Übelkeit. Dagegen würde ich Immodium nehmen und Kräutertee trinken, das helfe aber nur ein klein wenig. Auf seine Frage, wie lange ich Antibiotika nehmen müsse, sagte ich noch 5 Tage. Er wollte wissen, ob die Nebenwirkungen dann auch solange anhalten, antwortete ich nur, wahrscheinlich ja.

(ich kenne mich tatsächlich gut genug mit dem Thema aus, weil ich schon mindestens 12 mal Zahnwurzelentzündung hatte, allein an einem Frontzahn 3 mal, incl. Operation. so sind meine Chatbeiträge glaubwürdig, incl. Name der Medikamente, kann er alles googeln)

Er versprach an mich zu denken und hofft, dass die Behandlung ohne Probleme abläuft, und will für mich beten.

Ende ca. 11.30 Uhr. ich verabschiedete mich frühzeitig mit der Begründung, ich müsse jetzt duschen und wolle versuchen, noch etwas zu essen, bevor ich mir den Zahn ziehen lasse. Danach darf ich ja für Stunden nichts essen.
Dann das übliche I love you bunches und fliegende rote Herzchen .


ich glaube, ich leite ihn wieder auf Hangouts um... immer wenn ich in Messenger bin, werde ich von anderen Freunden angeschrieben, das stört doch sehr. und die werden dann sauer, wenn ich nicht antworte. auf Hangouts bin ich wenigstens mit ihm allein.

jetzt muss ich immer aufpassen, nicht zur falschen Zeit auf Messenger zu gehen... er kann das ja jetzt kontrollieren.

#110 RE: Alex Latona / Lt. Snowbeard Mac Man von Tamina13 01.09.2020 21:48


Fortsetzung: 01.09.2020

15:03 Uhr

I love you because ..... Gedicht bekommen

16:00 Uhr

ich hi honey thank you. i love you too. i just returned home. everything went well. you brought luck to me.

Alex That’s good babe. How are you feeling now?

ich it’s ok

Alex does it hurt?

ich not much. the narcotics are still active. but i’m dizzy, i almost crashed into another car.

Alex Woah Thank God you got home safely

ich yes that’s true. the dentist said, don’t drive, take a taxi, lol.

Alex You Thai friend ain't available to accompany you?

ich not today

Alex Okay well it's all done and you're finally back home safely

ich thanks to your prayers my love

Alex You're welcome babe

ich pooh what a day

Alex It's all for the best I guess

ich this tooth won’t hurt me any more

Alex Thats good. So now no smoking for the next 6 hours or so

ich grrrrr don’t talk about that

Alex lol

ich i will apply a nicotine tape on my shoulder

Alex Alright that’s good.

ich i have some left from flying long distances

Alex I see. How long do you have to keep it on?

ich then take ice pack out of the freezer. until i’m allowed to smoke again.

Alex How's the swollen cheek?

ich a bit swollen already, to keep it down i’m using the ice.

Alex Alright that’s good.

ich i’m gonna lay down honey, for a few hours. text you when i wake up. have a nice day

Alex Alright babe. Get a good nap babe. Love you bunches❤❤❤

ich to the moon and back honey ❤️

21:18 Uhr

ich Hi honey, i’m still alive

keine Antwort, wieso auch

Wenn er wüßte, dass direkt neben der Zahnarztpraxis eine Bankfiliale ist, würde er am Rad drehen!
Ach, ... ich hatte ja gar keinen Termin beim Zahnarzt und noch alle Zähne 🦷 im Mund! lol 😂

#111 RE: Alex Latona / Lt. Snowbeard Mac Man von Tamina13 02.09.2020 10:52


Fortsetzung 01.09.2020 heftige Auseinandersetzung ! Ich hätte ihm am liebsten um die Ohren gehauen, daß er bloß ein verdammter Scammer ist, von mir ganz sicher kein Geld bekommt und sich zum Teufel scheren soll .... aber ich habe mich zusammen gerissen. Der Kerl ist schlau, und psychologisch geschult. Aber ich auch! Ich muss mir nur immer wieder vor Augen halten, daß er nicht der süße Mann auf den Fotos ist, sondern so ein schwarzer Kerl aus Nigeria.

22:36 Uhr

Alex hi honey

ich thanks God here you are. are you here? did I miss you? damn

Alex the signal is kinda bad. I'm having a hard time at the moment with the signal

ich oh i’m sorry. I know I forced you back to messenger because chatting is more comfortable there. I need to buy Playstation. What else?

Alex you wanna learn?

ich Can I use the PC screen?

Alex Yes there are some games you can play on your pc

ich Or the TV or the ipad as screen?

Alex You can play chess, scramble

ich the PC is not working

Alex You can also have them on your iPad

ich I want to play something else, together with others, worldwide, online. i know i need a thing for the movements

Alex like what?

ich Is it called controller or console? is it included in PS4?

Alex console and controller

ich whats the difference? enlighten me please. I want to order it online. I don't want to go to a shop

Alex Console is the game while control is the game pad used in controlling it

ich Can you send me a picture of your tools please, if you have them

Alex i’ll do that later ( hat er wohl vergessen)

ich ok

Alex Why do you have a sudden interest in them? ( ehrliche Antwort: weil der RPO das Spiel „Fall Guys“ live streamt und ich mitspielen will )

ich the interest is not sudden. Have you eaten?

Alex i’m without appetite

ich why honey? You must eat to stay strong

Alex Just not hungry

ich but why?.

Alex don’t know why. Haven't felt hungry since today

ich that’s scary

Alex No it's not some days are like that.

ich and how are your symptoms? (immerhin hat der Arme Corona)

Alex i’m good. thanks for asking

ich hm... Did you loose the appetite because I was not able to go to the bank today? (Fehler, ich weiss)

Alex No. It didn't happen unexpectedly. I already knew you will not be able to do it

ich please explain, i want to understand

Alex I'm not just hungry today

ich hm... unnormal for you.
Did you get any reaction from Christie about the delay? ( nächster Fehler grrr )

Alex No I've been avoiding her calls. I have no excuse

ich I'm doing the same

Alex doing the same what?

ich There are 3 calls on my landline phone and voice messages, I currently don't want to answer. avoiding calls i meant.

Alex why? it hurts to talk?

ich no no. It's because of the house project. I didn't work on it lately, and I don't have a good excuse

Alex Oh it's been a busy tough week yeah

ich ???

Alex Going through tooth extraction and pain (23:39 Uhr, erinnert sich jetzt erst!)

ich the calls are older. I could tell them a lie, that I've been out for holiday, 14 days. but that would be a lie.

Alex Why haven't you been able to do it?

ich good question. i was kind of hesitating. I'm asking myself if it is really a good idea to buy the house and stay here. It's so full of memories and stuff of 50 years, and it's way too big for me

Alex why are you hesitating?

ich And to sign a 200.000 Euro loan, I feel it as burden. I never had debts in my life. is the exact term loan or mortgage?

Alex mortgage. Okay that's really huge to be a first time debt.

ich On the other hand the house is worth 400.000 to the bank, and one third is already mine. For my personal happiness it would be better to sell it and move into a 3 room apartment with balcony

Alex you should speak with your brothers then

ich They would kill me if I would change my mind again lol.

Alex lol, they can’t kill their only sister.

ich right. Honey I try to go to the bank tomorrow. Ok? And if I won't get an appointment I will send the form by mail with a letter

Alex an appointment? This won't take you upto 20 minutes

ich New bank rules for customers due to corona. You can't just go in like it was earlier before corona

Alex then just mail it to the bank. Since it would get to them tomorrow.

ich ok. mail needs between 2 and 3 days.

Alex within the same city?

ich yes. Mail first goes to a distribution center, gets sorted, kind of controlled, then distributed. logistical procedure

Alex Then going to the bank without appointment still takes another 2 to 3 days to get an appointment

ich we will see. i’ll call the bank tomorrow morning.

Alex Well I think you just don't want to send this money that's all I think. (jetzt gehts los 🆘 ☢️ 👀 👺🥶🤬)
So it's best you keep your money.
I'm not even sure if the contracts still stands I've been avoiding her calls ever since.
Yeah so keep your money.

ich You know that your thought is wrong. Are you sure? No transaction to Christie???

Alex Yes you don't want to send it so I don't wanna get my hopes up that you will send it. you keep pushing it and find excuses. ( genau richtig )

ich that’s what you think of me, really??? That's very disappointing. And hurtful.

Alex Of course. You love me yes. But you don't wanna lose your money I understand.

ich you promised me to pay it back. so i won’t lose it.

Alex It's a matter of urgency and your lackadaisical attitude towards this shows you're not ready to send.

ich it’s hurting me deeply that you don’t believe me.

Alex I believe the fact that you love me and I love you too. But you're scared to hurt me because of money that's why you keep promising me you would do it. but yet here we are.

ich trust is the basics for love. the form is ready for the bank.

Alex Yeah it's ready of course..... You go to the bank tomorrow you come back home and tell me you've been given an appointment for Monday and just like that it keeps going.

ich yes, i do love you with my full heart. I won't go without appointment. First I call the bank and ask when I can come.

Alex If you were in my shoes and it keeps playing out this way.... what would you think of me?

( ich stecke aber nicht in deinen Scammer Schuhen... und im übrigen würde ich nie jemanden fragen, den ich erst 4 Wochen online kenne, ob er mir 5000 Kröten leihen kann ... ich würde eins von 2 Autos verkaufen, oder einen Kredit aufnehmen)

ich you’re confusing me.

Alex Confusing You? I'm just telling you my understanding of the situation.

ich You don't trust me. You don't believe what I'm telling you.

Alex I'm sorry that I'm arguing with you a night you had your tooth extracted. it’s your health above all other things.

ich That's like you would accuse me to be a liar.

Alex get your rest.

ich do you think i’m a LIAR ?

Alex I'm not saying you're a liar. I never said that. It's about the relunctancy and lackadaisical attitude towards this bank thing is killing. For Christ sake you're not spending the whole day. You have all the details you need. But it's okay I have to agree with you.

ich tell me! What you are doing right now is like an earthquake to the fundaments of our relationship. Are you aware of that? If you don't trust me.... and don't believe in me, what's the future then? Think about it and tell me tomorrow. I'm done for now. Bye honey. (00:19 Uhr)

Alex There's nothing to think about. I've aired my opinion and I believing having this conversation is necessary. You're not a LIAR. I just lay claim to the fact you seem reluctant. It's just like an urgency situation for me but then I can't push you any further on pile up pressure on you. You're already going through a lot.

ich You make me speechless (00:29 Uhr)

Alex well, you can be mad at me now.

ich You're throwing out your opinion without thinking how it would make me feel. I'm not mad at you. But shocked. i’m going to bed now.

Alex shocked???

ich i try to sleep

Alex We've always had such heated arguments. There's nothing to be shocked about. In all my claims I never said you were a liar. I just believe you don't think it's a matter of urgency.

ich hopefully the next day will be better. good night.

Alex I love you bunches ❤❤❤

ich i’ll text you when i wake up

Alex It's just a normal couples fight

ich i’m not used to couples fights

Alex So yeah all days are not gonna be rosey but we will always find a way out.

ich i’m seeking peace and harmony. see you tomorrow.

Alex I'm sorry but we can't all always smooth sail it's the ability to reconcile and move on together that makes us strong. I'll be expecting you text tomorrow. Have a good night rest babe.

ich however, i’m leaving for now. ok honey

Alex I know you aren't sleepy. Let's talk it out tonight. (00:38)

ich right, im not sleepy (00:59)

Alex So tell me what's going on your mind right now.

ich I'll bring this form tomorrow to the bank. Either they let me in, or I'll insert it into their mailbox at the building. I hope that will satisfy you then. I don't want to argue or to fight

Alex satisfy me??

ich Sorry, lots of typos. Shows how out of balance I am. i should really sleep and calm down, it’s 01:08 am.

Alex Tomorrow would be a good day.

ich for what?

Alex Tonight won't matter tomorrow. It's a bit tensed atmosphere at the moment. Tomorrow morning will be refreshing and we can happily move on.

ich hopefully

Alex i love you so much honey

ich It was not me who built up the negative tension tonight. And I didn't do anything wrong with the form. And I am not responsible for the thunderstorm that destroyed my online banking. And I didn't cause the tooth infection voluntarily. But of cause you had to accuse me to act reluctantly. That was not nice. I don't know how to handle this situation right now. I don't know how to handle this situation right now. I just know I'm sad, feeling hurt and ...confused i don’t want to feel like this.

Alex I have no excuse for this right now. I acted without considering your feelings that was so selfish of me. I was just frustrated and acted out but I'm calm now and I realise it wasn't worth it. I'm really sorry I triggered a negative feeling tonight when you needed all the love and affection you can get going through the tooth extraction and pain tonight

ich This is again what you are doing. Last time I told you I can’t handle it.

Alex Alright I'll learn to bottle up my feelings and not speak out of frustrations.

ich not bottle them up. They will explode then.

Alex It's obvious is not working out between us having such tensed up conversations triggered by my frustrations. I'll learn not to speak out.

ich We have to find a better way to communicate. you should speak them out, but differently

Alex What other means could I have aired my frustrations without getting you hurt?

ich For example like now. Say you are frustrated and why.

Alex okay

ich ok. Anyway I'm going to bed and try to sleep with TV and cats. will text you when i wake up, ok?

Alex I was frustrated because this would have been done since but some how I'm still struggling to get it done. Avoiding calls and all that. I was triggered and I couldn't hold in my frustrations. And then there's is the blame game. I had to blame you to feel good about myself. It was totally selfish of me and I sincerely apologise.

ich good night honey

Alex I love you babe❤❤❤ (01:20 Uhr)

(01:34 Uhr ) Alex

 I'm sorry I am constantly fighting everything. Right now, it feels like I am in a never-ending battle with myself.
All I want is to be the perfect man for you. You mean the world to me and the more I fall in love with you, the more I feel truly inadequate and guilty for allowing myself to be part of your life. I am in no means good enough for you and it feels selfish of me to let you have feelings for me and give up your time and emotions just to deal with my unstable self. One second I feel so confident in myself that I can give you everything you want and the next moment I am literally unable to talk because I am filled with such guilt.
I just didn't see how someone as special as you could have possibly messed up enough to somehow want to be with me. Anyways...we are having a difficult time right n(ow. It's pretty obvious that I am not in a great place right now.
Sometimes I'm fine and I think I can get through the day without problem... but there are other times when I literally can't bring myself to move. It's so hard to explain what depression is to someone who has never experienced it before. But what I can tell you is that this time, it is so much scarier for me than I could have ever imagined without your love.
I truly just want the best for you, even if that means (and it probably does) not being with me. But I love you so much and I am so thankful that you have taught me that I am capable of loving again and that someone can love me. Please don't ever give up on me babe. I know I'm sometimes so hard to deal with but I'm not perfect and I bare my flaws to you. I love you and I'll fight for you until the end. I'm never ever giving up on our love. You're my final destination.

gelesen um ca. 4 Uhr...

Fortsetzung folgt.

#112 RE: Alex Latona / Lt. Snowbeard Mac Man von Tamina13 02.09.2020 13:10


Fortsetzung Mittwoch 02.09.2020, 08:20 Uhr

Alex Good morning honey

ich morning (er hat mich aufgeweckt)

Alex How are you feeling this morning?

ich eyes still half closed lol

Alex Have you been crying? Or still feeling sleepy?

ich sleepy

Alex ok, then go back to sleep,

ich no no. coffeeeeeee

Alex lol. That's good. That would certainly help you stay awake

ich aaah the first is the best

Alex good to know

ich coffee i meant

Alex Of course. I hope no pain this morning?

ich pain level is ok. let me get ready honey

Alex alright babe

ich wish you a nice sleep, sweet dreams

Alex Thanks babe. Thanks for everything.

ich i will respond later to your long text, first my brain needs to wake up

Alex coffee will help you

ich or don’t you eant me to respond?

Alex I'm scared of your response. But it's okay you can respond and I'll learn from your response

ich maybe you wanted just to empty your bottle of thoughts and emotions, and dont expect a response?

Alex Well you should also empty yours that's what good communication is all about in a relationship right? Shouldn't be one sided

ich in any case i have to read it carefully again. there have been some explosives inside. i didn’t get it totally as i read it last night, as i woke up to use the toilet

Alex No problems take your time to read it. It was all nothing but the truth.

ich ok then honey, have a sweet night rest, text me in your morning

Alex Alright babe. have a good day, I love you. Bunches❤❤

ich ❤️❤️❤️

Ende 08:47 Uhr


@rogessa @Anni60

Ich weiss noch nicht, ob ich auf seinen langen Text von heute Nacht 01:34 Uhr eingehen soll. Ich hab ihn mindestens 5 mal gelesen, und hab nicht kapiert, was er damit bezwecken will. Liest sich für mich wie ein ZickZack Kurs zwischen Beziehung ja und Beziehung nein.

Hab ihn auch gegoogelt, aber nichts passendes gefunden. Es ist jedenfalls kein fertiger Text, den er per copy und paste benutzt hat.

#113 RE: Alex Latona / Lt. Snowbeard Mac Man von Anni60 02.09.2020 15:10


@Tamina13 er spielt den an sich selbst zweifelnden, depressiven Mann der soooo dankbar ist dass du ihn liebst obwohl er doch so kaputt ist. Mimimi...

#114 RE: Alex Latona / Lt. Snowbeard Mac Man von Tamina13 02.09.2020 18:31


Fortsetzung 02.09.2020

14:30 Uhr Foto von einem Reisgericht mit Gemüse und Rindfleisch geschickt

15:48 Uhr

Alex YUMMY I'm glad you had something to eat today

ich hi honey, good morning to you. how are you doing today

Alex Didn't sleep well. But I'm fine

ich why? what happened?

Alex I don't know. Just sleepless night but it's okay now

ich hey listen... first you are lacking appetite, now sleep. tell me whats wrong?

Alex Nothing is wrong honey. I'm good now. Lack of appetite was due to frustration but now I'm fine

ich ok. so you are hungry today?

Alex It's still very early i am gonna find something to eat later

ich lol... find something to eat... sounds like seeking Easter eggs in the garden

Alex Lol 😄😄😄 treasure hunting

ich sure... good luck 🤣

Alex Thanks babe😊🤗

ich always very welcome

Alex how was lunch?

ich not as good as it looked

Alex lol really

ich next time burger again or pizza

Alex i see. Why didn't you like it?

ich too much oil, the meat tasted old

Alex Well they've lost you as a customer

ich i guess

Alex Yeah. So how's your tooth and jaw?

ich healing, not hurting any more, thanks for asking

Alex that’s good to know

ich what are your plans for today

Alex I'll be reading a book and playing games.

ich which games?

Alex Soccer

ich with playstation?

Alex yes

ich i’m still waiting for the pictures

Alex i’ll send them today

ich can we play then together, after i got the tools?

Alex Yes we can. But you have to learn how to play first

ich of course yes. will you teach me?

Alex i can do that

ich really? do you have a price list?

Alex no

ich hm... how may i know then, if i can afford your support?

Alex I can teach you and you don't need to pay me

ich wow. special offer today

Alex lol

ich i guess, i can’t accept it

Alex why

ich because it seems unethical not to pay a fair price for a service

Alex Then I will take whatever you offer

ich i want to pay you in special currency

Alex lol what could that be

ich for special service

Alex lol

ich okay you understand me (ich denke, das war eine andere Person heute, die hatte keine Ahnung wovon ich rede)

Alex yeah lol

ich saves me typos

Alex What's the special currency? Lol

ich thats really very special. you’re a business man. you know how deals are working.
1. step: service, 2. step: payment, right?

Alex yes

ich okay, then let’s get started with the service, asap

Alex You don't have the tools yet

ich because you didn’t send me the pictures lol

Alex Hahahahaha you are so eager to learn

ich tell me what i need to buy

Alex You should wait for the ps5 console

ich you can choose from Amazon as well and send me

Alex Ps5 would be out before the year runs out

ich aha

Alex Ps4 is currently out of trend

ich but what if the games i want to play are not compatible with PS5?

Alex what games do you want to play?

ich i forgot how they are called, multiplayers games. not war games

Alex there are a lot of multiplayer games

ich let me see the term, brb

Alex ok babe

ich battle-royale video game, massively multiplayer party game with up to 60 players online in a free-for-all struggle through round after round of escalating chaos until one victor remains!

Alex ok i see

ich what do you see

Alex You don't have that on ps4. So you can play it on your phone or computer.

ich i don’t know. maybe i should go into a computer store and let me help there

Alex so there is no need buying a PS4 (soll ich das Geld lieber dir senden?)

ich ok, good

Alex Check on your computer store then

ich i will find out. but maybe i’m already too old for this shit. gamers are 12, 13 as they start, not 58

Alex hahahaha This is really funny well you're young at heart

ich thank you for the compliment. excuse me please ten minutes

Alex alright

Alex What did you take care of

ich i think something is wrong with Lucy

Alex is she okay now?

ich she is coughing and puking, doesn’t want to eat

Alex you’ve got meds for her?

ich no, and i don’t know what’s the reason for her behavior

Alex Then you need to call your vet and explain things

ich yes. but Wednesday afternoon they have closed. i’ll watch her and if it doesn’t get better, i’ll call tomorrow

Alex Okay that's good. did you call the bank?

ich no.

Alex okay

ich i was there in person.

Alex how did it go?

ich i threw the letter with the form into their mailbox. also the bank has closed Wednesday afternoon.

Alex so???

ich so... what?

Alex Threw it in the mailbox what's next?

ich i hope they will transfer the money now.

Alex There's no receipt for This?

ich not yet. i will receive it later by mail. i dropped off the form before lunchtime.

Alex Did you enquire about when it would be processed before leaving the bank?

ich what?

Alex When will the transfer take effect?

ich i don’t know. it’s my first international transfer

Alex Well I expected you to ask the customer's service how long it would take

ich honey, how often shall i tell you the same shit?? there is no customer service. we can’t just walk in any more. the doors are closed. customers must have an appointment to walk in, thanks to Corona. i couldn't speak with anybody, just dropped off the envelope with the form.

Alex I'm sorry. It seem I'm overreacting

ich or not reading what i’m texting you. i explained it at least 3 times. and i will see the transaction then in my online banking.

Alex It's okay. Sorry I'm too dull to comprehend what you mean

ich did you drink?

Alex no, i did not.

ich that’s good

Alex yeah thank you

ich you’re welcome

Alex At least can you put a call through to them to know how long it takes?

ich tomorrow, yes

Alex Thanks❤. ..... are you pissed? (YESSS YESSS YESSS undankbares Arschloch)

ich i don’t know

Alex I need to take a shower and eat something. Talk to you later babe.

ich alright

Alex thanks

Ende: 17:25 Uhr


Erst baut er enormen Druck auf, droht mir fast die Beziehung abzubrechen, dann gehe ich sofort persönlich zur Bank, werfe das Formular in den Briefkasten... und dann kaum ein Dankeschön? das hab ich mir aber anders vorgestellt!

Scheißkerl, sorry

ohne jegliche Empathie, ohne Humor, ohne Ahnung ...

natürlich war ich NICHT bei der Bank, habe NICHTS eingeworfen, das Formular ist auch nicht korrekt ausgefüllt.

#115 RE: Alex Latona / Lt. Snowbeard Mac Man von Wüste Sahara 02.09.2020 23:08


Zitat von Tamina13 im Beitrag #106
tiefsinnige lange Gespräche über den Sinn des Lebens und das Leben nach dem Tod, auf hohem Niveau. wirklich gute stundenlange Konversationen über Wissenschaft, Religion, Psychologie, Medizin... echt erstaunlich. ich werde ihn irgendwann sehr vermissen ��

Der soll viele Erfahrungen und hat bestimmt viele Frauen betrogen.

#116 RE: Alex Latona / Lt. Snowbeard Mac Man von Tamina13 03.09.2020 09:53


Fortsetzung: 02.09.2020 20:52 Uhr

ich Hey honey are you done with shower?

Alex hi Babe

ich you must be very clean now

Alex Nah was on a long call with mom

ich how is she doing?

Alex Fine was worried about me but I had to calm her down and assure her that I'm doing great

ich are you?

Alex Well I'm alive so yeah

ich sarcastic

Alex lol. how are you

ich I'm ok, but still a little pissed

Alex at me?

ich yes, at you

Alex Then pour it all out to me let me know how you feel

ich well, yesterday and last night you piled so much pressure on me because of the transfer, then sent me a confusing long text at night, this morning i went personally to the bank, tried to get in, and finally dropped the transaction form of... i honestly was disappointed about your reaction. i felt not appreciated.

Alex confusing long text?

ich what was the purpose of it? to tell me i will lose you soon? and i don’t know why you don’t remember, but i told you i know exactly what depressions are

Alex No to tell you that your happiness is my priority and if I become so hard to deal with that my relationship with you weighs you down and brings you sadness I would rather love you from afar knowing you do be happy without me.

ich without asking me? it’s MY happiness you’re talking about, then it’s MY responsibility to decide, wether i want to be with you or not

Alex Yes my love❤❤❤. No matter how tough it gets I'll always be hanging on to you babe.

ich some years ago my depressions became so severe, that i had to spent a long time in 3 different hospitals, all i. all about 20 weeks

Alex That's not gonna happen again

ich so don’t tell me about depressions. i know everything already, including suicide attempt. and how tell me, are you grateful, do you appreciate the transfer? it’s a shame that if have to ask!

Alex Yes I do appreciate it and deep down my heart I'm really grateful. I felt awakened and all because of you babe

ich ...... sorry my pizza arrived

Alex hahaha your favorite

ich what’s my favorite pizza? do you remember?

Alex Pepperoni, cheese and veggies

ich almost

Alex What am I missing out?

ich thin crust and ham and mushrooms

Alex yes yes yes

ich are you struggling with mood changes?

Alex No. My mood only changes when I'm frustrated which I think is normal for every person right?

ich right. but the effect is differently. you become passiv-aggressive then, or openly aggressive, others become sad, disappointed, anxious, mad about themselves etc.

Alex openly aggressive?

ich i tend to withdrawal, wanting to be alone, becoming mad about myself, when i’m frustrated

Alex Withdrawal is like ghosting right?

ich withdrawal is like being alone for a certain time, not talking

Alex for how long?

ich not long, i need to thing about why i’m frustrated, sort it out, before i want to talk. reason is, i don’t want to blame the wrong person. mostly i don’t even need to leave the room. i learned a helpful technique: i put myself in the other person shoes, means, change the point of view or the focus. it’s better to think before acting or reacting than to overreact and apologize.

Alex Yes I think that's the best and it takes time to adapt to that but I learn everyday and that helps me become a better man
enjoying the pizza?

ich my personal way is, i try to avoid distress, anger, frustration, arguments, fights etc. to secure my nerves. if this aint possible, i try to discuss the topic on a neutral objective level, without emotions. if this also aint possible, i try to hold my negative emotions under control. if this wouldn’t work, i throw out an volcano eruption bomb and leave. i’m regretting it immediately.

Alex i did yesterday . I regretted it yesterday.

ich you apologized yesterday

Alex But it was so silly of me I already ruined your night

ich yes you did

Alex I’m sorry babe

ich my love kept untouched. my heart forgave you

Alex You're awesome my love. You've got a beautiful heart babe

ich it’s my opinion, to speak out what doesn’t feel right to you, at the beginning of the problem. don’t pile or bottle up negative thoughts and emotions until they will explode. this needs more courage than to hide problems

Alex Well I think there are others ways to air my frustrations without hurting your feelings

ich yes there are. your challenge is now, to find them, lol.... and if so, don’t forget to use them in case you’re emotionally on a hot level

Alex Ending the conversation abruptly is not a good option right?

ich right ... also to my own address

Alex So I'll have to discover how best to deal with it

ich i’m doing this sometimes, when i guess, the other needs to calm down first, to give him space. or when i see, there is no chance to find a solution, as long as i need to calm down. i can tell you a good way

Alex How much space and time should he given to each partner in times like this?

ich there is no standard rule. it depends on the topic, the personalities, the circumstances

Alex Okay I see. If we are in the same space I would prolly not be angry for long lol

ich the best is to offer time and space, but really kind

Alex of course

ich not passive-aggressive. and not punish then with silent treatment

Alex That's the worst. Silent treatment is not advisable and shuts you out from seeking solution.

ich the key to good conversation including arguments is, avoid manipulation in any case

Alex Yes and also the blame game

ich be honest, be objective, be fair. listen more than speaking

Alex You're so enlightened babe

ich hm

Alex You have all these knowledge in bound in you. These are real qualities of a virtuous woman

ich i found a good way to talk about problems:
1. speak about the facts you want to criticize
2. tell your feelings, why this makes you unhappy or sad or whatever
3. tell the alternative facts that would make you feel much better

Alex Honey did you read a book on couples? Lol

ich nobody would refuse to make you feel better, if possible. no honey

Alex How come you possess all these knowledge?

ich but okay for now with this topic before it becomes boring

Alex So about the internet game you were talking about.... You don't wanna go through with it anymore?

ich how do you mean?

Alex you said it’s childish

ich you misunderstood completely

Alex Okay carry me along please

ich i said, gamers begin in the age of 12,13 to learn how to use the tools. but i’m 58 years , a bit too old to start this stuff

Alex but it’s fun

ich the game itself isn’t childish

Alex that’s good

ich although it looks funny. it requests intelligence, velocity, luck and courage

Alex And you possess all of that so go hon

ich thank you for the compliment babe

Alex It's rather a known fact amidst your friends and family I suppose. So it's the truth

ich first i need to find out if it would run on PS5

Alex No it wouldn't. It can only be played on your phone tablet or computer

ich it’s not that important to me

Alex So what's important to you babe

ich Lucy

Alex What's going on with Lucy? Still puking?

ich she is definitely not well. i will contact the vet asap

Alex Oh poor Lucy.... she hasn't been able to eat right?

ich right. honey, i want to go to sleep.

Alex Are you hurting?

ich no, just sleepy. I wish you a nice day.

Alex Do have a lovely night rest honey. God perfect your healing and protect you. I love you bunches babe

ich I love you too honey ❤️❤️❤️

Alex Thanks for loving me babe

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#117 RE: Alex Latona / Lt. Snowbeard Mac Man von WF_girl85 03.09.2020 13:57


Zitat von Tamina13 im Beitrag #111
Fortsetzung 01.09.2020 heftige Auseinandersetzung ! Ich hätte ihm am liebsten um die Ohren gehauen, daß er bloß ein verdammter Scammer ist, von mir ganz sicher kein Geld bekommt und sich zum Teufel scheren soll .... aber ich habe mich zusammen gerissen. Der Kerl ist schlau, und psychologisch geschult. Aber ich auch! Ich muss mir nur immer wieder vor Augen halten, daß er nicht der süße Mann auf den Fotos ist, sondern so ein schwarzer Kerl aus Nigeria.

Bei meinem Thorsten fällt mir das auch echt schwer.
Ich habe immer die Bilder vom RPO im Kopf und die sind wirklich schwer aus meinem Kopf zu kriegen!
Und wenn die Scammer dann auch noch eine sehr emotionale Ebene erreichen wird es noch schwerer.
Deshalb wollte ich mein Bait ja auch schon mehrfach abbrechen. Aber ein wenig halte ich noch durch.
Ich denke am Anfang werde ich die Gespräche dann schon vermissen, aber das vergeht denke ich.

#118 RE: Alex Latona / Lt. Snowbeard Mac Man von Bastet 03.09.2020 14:56


@WF_girl85 Bei jeder der zerbrochenen Beziehungen unserer Tochter (im richtigen Leben) haben wir ihr gesagt: "Ja, du weinst jetzt mal für ein halbes Jahr, bei der nächsten weinst du nur noch drei Monate!" Jetzt sind wir bei sechs Wochen, die kann frau überstehen. Es bringt eben nichts, in einer toxischen Beziehung (und das ist auch die "Beziehung" zu einem Scammer) gefangen zu bleiben.

Liebe Grüße

#119 RE: Alex Latona / Lt. Snowbeard Mac Man von WF_girl85 03.09.2020 15:09


danke für deine lieben Worte.
Aber es ist doch verrückt, dass ich mich jetzt teilweise an die "Beziehung" emotional gebunden fühle obwohl ich weiß dass es nur ein erbärmlicher Scammer ist.
Und es ist teilweise ja schon auch ein erheblicher Zeitfaktor wenn man Abends 2 Stunden mit ihm schreibt und wirklich gute, humorvolle und liebe Gespräche führt.
Ich habe halt ein viel zu gutes Herz!!!
Gut ich bin noch nicht so lange im "Geschäft" wie einige Mädels hier im Forum. Bei den nächsten Baits wird es sicherlich leichter von der Hand gehen.

#120 RE: Alex Latona / Lt. Snowbeard Mac Man von Bastet 03.09.2020 15:19


@WF_girl85 Die Mädels bewundere ich - ich kann es nicht. Unsere Tochter ist ähnlich gestrickt wie du - zu lieb für diese Welt. Aber das bringt Frau nicht weiter, Frau muss auch manchmal ein Arschloch sein können (sorry für die Ausdrucksweise). Insbesondere bei diesen Kriminellen!
Fühl dich mal virtuell gedrückt.

Liebe Grüße

#121 RE: Alex Latona / Lt. Snowbeard Mac Man von Tamina13 03.09.2020 15:47


Zitat von WF_girl85 im Beitrag #119
danke für deine lieben Worte.
Aber es ist doch verrückt, dass ich mich jetzt teilweise an die "Beziehung" emotional gebunden fühle obwohl ich weiß dass es nur ein erbärmlicher Scammer ist.
Und es ist teilweise ja schon auch ein erheblicher Zeitfaktor wenn man Abends 2 Stunden mit ihm schreibt und wirklich gute, humorvolle und liebe Gespräche führt.
Ich habe halt ein viel zu gutes Herz!!!
Gut ich bin noch nicht so lange im "Geschäft" wie einige Mädels hier im Forum. Bei den nächsten Baits wird es sicherlich leichter von der Hand gehen.

geht mir auch so. ich verbringe seit 2 Monaten täglich 4bis 6 Stunden mit Alex. der Hammer ist, ich chatte mit dem Scammer auf Hangouts mit dem Handy, während ich gleichzeitig dem RPO auf dem ipad beim online gaming zusehe. ich muss inzwischen verdammt aufpassen, daß ich den RPO nicht aus Versehen „Honey“ nenne.

mit meinen letzten Beziehungen ging es stetig bergab. die jetzige existiert nicht mal. kanns eigentlich noch schlimmer kommen?

#122 RE: Alex Latona / Lt. Snowbeard Mac Man von Bastet 03.09.2020 15:59


@Tamina13 Nur das, was wir unserer Tochter gesagt haben: Es wird erst dann besser, wenn frau nicht mehr nach einem Mann sucht und ihr Leben glücklich gestaltet. Ich stand vor mehr als 26 Jahren als alleinerziehende Mom mit drei Kindern vor den Scherben meiner Ehe. Nun gut, kann man nichts dran ändern. Ich habe keinen Mann gesucht, und mein lieber Paps sagte mir noch - sehr motivierend - "Wer will dich dann noch mit drei Blagen?"
Nun ja, jetzt haben wir vier ... ähhh, Erwachsene im mittleren Alter.
Aber mein Mann und ich haben uns GANZ VIEL ZEIT gelassen, wir waren erst mal gute Kumpel. Dann nach acht Jahren - öhhh, da ist etwas mehr. Nach zehn Jahren haben wir dann geheiratet. Beziehung braucht Zeit, Zeit und mehr Zeit. Kein Mensch kann sich über Jahre verstellen.

Liebe Grüße

#123 RE: Alex Latona / Lt. Snowbeard Mac Man von WF_girl85 03.09.2020 16:01


Ich finde meine 2 Stunden Abends immer schon sehr lang.
Warum tust du dir das an?
4-6 Stunden sind schon echt heftig...

#124 RE: Alex Latona / Lt. Snowbeard Mac Man von Tamina13 03.09.2020 16:06


Zitat von WF_girl85 im Beitrag #123
Ich finde meine 2 Stunden Abends immer schon sehr lang.
Warum tust du dir das an?
4-6 Stunden sind schon echt heftig...

.... weil es mir Spaß macht. Gleich zu Anfang dachte ich er wäre ein Scammer. Dann hoffte ich, er wäre real, war schon ein bißchen in ihn verliebt. Seit ich hier im Forum bin weiß ich sicher, daß er ein Scammer ist, und bin nicht mehr verliebt. Aber ich will ihn noch nicht gehen lassen.

#125 RE: Alex Latona / Lt. Snowbeard Mac Man von Tamina13 04.09.2020 13:09


ich könnte brüllen 💩💩💩 nachdem ich mühsam mehr als 2 Stunden chat hierher übertragen hatte, ist plötzlich alles weg grrrr Scheiss WLAN warum passiert das ständig? jetzt kann ich wieder von vorn anfangen! verdammt 😡

meine Katze Lucy ist wirklich krank


ich stelle die Auslandsüberweisung mal hier ein. ich bin fast sicher, daß ich sie nicht richtig ausgefüllt habe. wo sind die Fehler?

bevor der Bait öffentlich erstellt wird, sollte die Datei bitte gelöscht werden edit Anni 60 - gelöscht

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