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Zitat von Anni60 im Beitrag #75
@Tamina13 laufen die Twitter Profile unter deinem Echtnamen? Wenn ja, mache ich deine Twitter Namen unkenntlich. Der bait wird ca. ein halbes Jahr nach Ende öffentlich gestellt und dann könnte jeder die Namen sehen


Ja alles läuft unter meinen echten Namen. Nur der Name Tamina ist nicht echt, lol.
In beiden Twitter Accounts ist fast nichts drin, und der wichtigere von beiden ist als privat geschützt.
Den unwichtigen, mit dem ich Alex folge, werde ich demnächst löschen. Ich denke, es ist nicht nötig, etwas unkenntlich zu machen.

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Fortsetzung: 15:15 Uhr

Alex Hi Babe, how are you

ich Iím fine, my friend is here, we are cleaning the house

Alex Okay that's good. Have you eaten?

ich yes Chicken Biriyani and I bought cake and icecream

Alex That's good babe. I'm happy you ate today.
Alex I hope you're not overworking yourself?

ich no no. But I took just a break. I have to continue. Can we talk later please

Alex What's the news from the bank? Did you make the transfer?

ich I checked the account 1 hour ago. The money is not yet on my account

Alex Did you call the bank?

ich not yet. shall I?

Alex What time is it over there? I thought the money should have been deposited into your account by now?

ich 15:28

Alex Maybe you need to call them

ich The bank had told me, it needs at least 2 bank days

Alex Friday and Monday. Today is Tuesday

ich Ok, I call them now. Hang on.

Alex Okay babe

ich Honey

Alex Yes babe

ich I checked my accounts again. The money is still not transferred from the depots fund to my checking account. I donít know why. I couldn't reach my bank lady. She is currently in a meeting. I left a note for her to call me asap.

Alex That's okay no problem. Go finish up cleaning with your friend. Contact me later.

ich ok (15:41)


ich Honey, she did not call back. I try again. We are almost done with cleaning. I'm back in a bit ok?

Alex Alright babe

ich At what time is your flight to Texas

Alex 12:15

ich When will you leave the house

Alex I don't know any more. I'm having no positive feedback from you.

ich Are you flying from San Diego or LA? You must fly. OK?

Alex Must????

ich Let me call the bank now

Alex Okay

(10 min spšter)

ich Honey

Alex Yes

ich she is still in a meeting, i told the bank itís absolutely urgent that she calls me. the telefone 📞 center lady promised me to write her a notification

Alex It's 5:48 pm your time (richtig, absichtlich!)

ich this will pop up on her computer. Yes. bank closes officially at 18 , means 6 pm. but she will stay longer.

Alex So she can still be able to help You? (wieso mir? ich brauch keine Hilfe, lol)

ich bank hours are difficult since Corona. I donít know if she is able to help, but i can ask her if something is wrong, why has the money not arrived on my account.

Alex No problem I'm not confident enough about this any more. I thought it would have already been settled before now

ich hm

Alex Today is the third day. You applied for this in Thursday. There's Monday Tuesday and today is Wednesday.

ich Friday I applied. no no. today is Tuesday

Alex Okay Tuesday

ich wait... phone is ringing (18:05) poooh. you here?

Alex Yes

ich it was the bank lady

Alex What did she say?

ich she said, she doesnít understand it. she explained to me, the bank is not identical with the funds company. itís a partner company to the bank. the bank acts like a middleman. so the funds company is reliable, not the bank. i had a hard discussion with her. i donít care WHO is reliable for the delay. i said i trusted them, i made dispositions and i want the money TODAY. on Friday they didnít tell me thatís up to the funds companyís decision, if i get the money on point. we struggled a while. then she promised me to call the funds company right away. (das Telefonat hat natŁrlich nicht stattgefunden, pure Erfindung).

Alex Should I fly to Texas?

ich Honestly, I canít tell you. I hope she can reach her colleague. she said, she knows also his private phone number and will do everything possible to find out, whatís going on, or whatís the problem. then call me again.

Alex Alright no problem babe thanks

ich Will you fly to Texas?

Alex I will.

ich WOW i love you so much

Alex I love you too ❤. Let's talk later need to get ready.

ich iíll message you immediately as soon as I get news. ok babe, take good care. will you fly from LA or San Diego?



ich Honey good news, the money is on its way. I'm eating icecream now. I have to cool my nerves down.

Alex (22:01) hi Honey (Photo im Flugzeug sitzend gesendet, wšhrend der RPO gleichzeitig auf Twitch live gestreamt hat, lol)

ich Hi babe, I'm having massive internet connection problems. We have again thunderstorm.

Alex You should restart your phone

ich It's the weather, making problems (screenshot von mit Gewittersymbol geschickt).
Where are you?

Alex Leaving already for Texas

ich You're looking soooooo sweet. I immediately want to kiss you.

Alex ❤❤❤❤

ich Why can't I kiss you right now?

Alex Has the thunderstorm stopped?

ich Not completely

Alex Is it cold tonight for You?

ich (screenshot vom Handy mit extrem schwachem Empfangssignal geschickt) See how week the signal is
Honey, When will you arrive?

Alex You would be already sleeping

ich 2 hours?

Alex 3 hours (was stimmt)

ich hm. maybe still awake.

Alex How did it go with the bank lady?

ich Her colleague checked the funds company's computer and told her, the money left the depot. So it should be on my account by now.

Alex Okay check it and let me know,

ich Since hours I try internet banking with the ipad. It doesn't work properly. It's unable to load the page.

Alex Did you restart your phone ?

ich It's the ipad not my phone

Alex Okay

ich I show you (kurzes Video gesendet, wo man sieht, dass sich der blaue Ladebalken im Ipad nicht bewegt).

Alex Time to go babe. I'll text you later. I love you bunches.

ich And as soon I get signal I'm doing the transfer. And send you a screenshot. Love you BUNCHES honey. ❤🤩❤. good luck I pray for a safe flight.


bearbeiteter Screenshot von einer Online banking ‹berweisung an Victor OFongo gesendet, die ich natŁrlich nicht fertiggestellt habe, und ein Screenshot zum aktuellen Wechselkurs Euro / USD. Meine Kontonummer und weitere Details habe ich mit weiŖer Farbe unkenntlich gemacht.

ich Honey, I transferred 4200 Euro, thatís a bit more than 5000 USD.

Hope now is all ok and weíll meet Thursday in Stuttgart.

Love you more than bunches ....... 💋

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@Tamina13 wir empfehlen immer online banking zu vermeiden, da der persŲnliche Bankbesuch mehr Zeit verschafft. Es ist besser mit gefakten handschriftlichen ‹berweisungsbelegen zu arbeiten. Er wird jetzt eventuell um die Ecke kommen und von dir die Buchung als Nachweis sehen wollen, was ja im online banking ohne Probleme mŲglich ist.
Wenn es so ist, wšre eine MŲglichkeit ihm zu sagen dass die ‹berweisung nicht durchgegangen ist und dass dein online Banking nicht mehr funktioniert (Gewitter??). Dann musst du persŲnlich zur Bank um die ‹berweisung zu machen. Das verschafft dir wieder etwas Zeit da du im Moment bei deiner Bank erstmal einen Termin vereinbaren musst wegen Corona. Aber warte bis er von sich aus den Nachweis haben will. Immer schŲn Tempo rausnehmen.

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7:00 Uhr

Alex Thank you so much honey. All is settled. I signed the contract. Now waiting for my test results tomorrow (Corona). How are you babe? Just got an email saying youíre in

(ich hatte ihm gestern Abend eine kurze Email geschrieben: TEXAS Alex are you ok? Did everything go well with your flight? Honey Iím in sorrows.)


ich youíre back home? Iím not feeling well. I had a horrible night. And tons of pain today. Anyway, glad you signed the contract.


Alex Hi Honey, Is it because of the weather?

ich Good morning

Alex How are you feeling now babe?

ich I canít really describe. Iím tired and having severe pain. And I missed you so much.

Alex The meds arenít helping? Omg honey you're going through a lot

ich how was your day yesterday? I've been thinking all the time about you

Alex It was long but fulfilling and worth it all thanks to you

ich tell me please.Tell me about yesterday.

Alex Okay Its going to be a long one hold on.
So I left home around 9a.m and took an uber to the airport that was San Diego international airport and left as at 11a.m got to Houston some minutes past 2pm. So we commenced the contract signing at 3pm after deliberations of how to go about it. Then I went to to tell the client about my research for the products in Brazil and how massive it would be coming in with so much influence and credibility as regards to the partnership with LIQUI MOLY. I ran him the numbers we are expected to hit off with and some local partnership with the automobile industries and workshop. He was really impressed with my knowledge about it and we're both confident of a positive outcome of this project. So after the meeting I went back home so tired and slept off.

ich Let me read. WOW what a day

Alex So today I have to go for the outcome of my corona virus test result and I'm all set to go.

ich You can just go to an airport and check in a flight without the need to book in advance? Like taking a bus?

Alex I already have an agent who works at the Airport. Helps me with flight reservations.

ich You have agents everywhere lol, and for everything.

Alex I'm a good at networking babe.

ich Congrats. May I participate in the future?

Alex Thanks honey I'll repay every dime with interest.Yes when we're together I can put you through. That way we can travel together for work.

ich Please send me the flight details for tomorrow

Alex Yes I'll send it to your email.

ich I'm so extremely excited and nervous. At what time will you arrive?

Alex Early hours of Friday

ich What? not tomorrow?

Alex No can't be in Germany tomorrow. It's over 15 hours of flight time, almost 16 hours.

ich Right, and that's fast

Alex Yes. It's a 2 stop flight

ich 2? Then its really fast with 16 hours (das ist unmöglich) I should know at what time I have to pick you up at the airport in Stuttgart. And which hotel you booked.

Alex I will forward you the details to your email address. If it's too early for you then you can come meet me at the hotel.

ich I need to plan these days, and talk with my neighbours about the cats. I want to meet you at the airport. If it's too early you can stay there in a restaurant and have some coffee. or breakfast.

Alex Yes before today runs out. You will have every details.

ich OMG

Alex What's wrong babe? Are you ok?

ich 😃

Alex Lol you scare me. I hope you're not in pains.

ich I can't believe that you're really coming.

Alex Ofcourse I love you why wouldn't I want to come.

Alex 😂😂😂😂😂😂

ich Just the thought of you being here soon ..... but first some welcome hugs and kisses?

Alex You can kiss and hug me in public

ich let me call you. I want to hear your voice. (Anruf, ca. 40 Minuten, Stimme männlich, jung, unsexy, seltsames englisch, benutzte während des Telefonats lautstark die Toilette, Hände nicht gewaschen, nichts Wichtiges besprochen)

Alex I lost signal babe.

ich Ok, I see. I have to do some stuff. Talk to you later.

Alex Okay honey. I'll take care of morning stuff and head out for the result. Love you bunches.

Ende 16:24

Bin mal gespannt, wann er merkt, dass das Geld nicht überwiesen wurde.

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Vorgestern hat sich die Kriminalpolizei bei mir gemeldet. Ich hatte vor 2 Wochen mal auf der Internetseite der kriminalpolizeilichen Präventionsstelle ein paar Sätze über ihn geschrieben, aber nicht direkt Anzeige erstattet. Die Staatsanwaltschaft Stuttgart nimmt die Sache jedoch ernst und hat schon ein Aktenzeichen angelegt. Die Polizei hat auch schon recherchiert und bestätigt, dass die Spur nach Nigeria führt. Ich sollte alles schicken was ich habe, Fotos, Screenshots, Telefonnummern, Accounts, Kontakte, Namen, Querverbindungen. Damit war ich ganz schön beschäftigt.

Habe mit Alex gestern zwei mal gechattet. Kein Wort über das Geld oder die nicht ausgeführte Überweisung. Ich denke, dieser Typ ist entweder besonders raffiniert und wird mich erst im letzten Moment unter Druck setzen wollen, oder besonders doof, oder hat diese Überweisung schon abgeschrieben.

Per Email hat er mir spät nachts dann noch seinen Flugplan geschickt, Ankunft in Stuttgart Freitag 21.08. gegen 16 Uhr. 🛩 🤑🤑🤑 💰💸💵

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Du kannst ja seinen Flug nachverfolgen. Klickst du hier und fügst Infos ein.

Wenn er dann sagt, er wäre irgendwo im Nirgendwo ohne Geld, Gott und gute Worte gestrandet, weißt du sofort, ob das wahr ist oder nicht.

Liebe Grüße

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danke Bastet für den Tip.

neueste Entwicklung gerade eben im Chat:

mein geliebter Alex hat sich ja gestern auf Corona testen lassen, damit er problemlos nach Deutschland einreisen darf und hier auch nicht erstmal 14 Tage in Quarantäne muss.

Zu seiner Überraschung war der Test POSITIV. Also was nun? reisen oder nicht? Eigentlich soll er zuhause 14 Tage in Selbstquaratäne bleiben.

11:42 Uhr

Alex Hi Honey Goodmorning to you my love

ich Hi babe, how did your day go? thanks for the flight plan ✈️

Alex I don't know how to feel right now honey. The result came out positive and I'm to self quarantine for 14days. I don't know what to do honey...... I've told my client and he's also going to isolate himself. He said we can resume next month and go to Germany..... now I feel so bad I don't know what to do because I really need to be in Germany I don't want to disappoint you and at the same time I do be putting you to risk. What should I do babe?

ich iím very sorry for you sweet heart

Alex No I don't want you to be sorry. How can I be with you?

ich how could this happen

Alex I'm not in any pain or sickness

ich a few days ago youíre got tested negative. honey let me breathe, iím shocked

Alex Hey babe I'm still here for you. I'm not running away or leaving you. I would never do that. I just don't know to live with you and putting you at risk. What do we do babe? Tell me I can't sleep because I've been worried and thinking about this

ich besides being sorry, letís put the facts together first. so you got a positive test result yesterday, means self quarantine for two weeks. you are not allowed to fly. if you would hide the test and fly, you would have to do a new test at the airport in Stuttgart after arrival. also with positive result. means self quarantine in Germany. at my house with me, cause you would not get a hotel room without negative result. in both ways you would not be able to meet Liqui Moly in time.

Alex The client will sort out the time frame with LIQUI MOLY given our condition. So given your health condition I do be posing as a threat to you. Would you wait until the quarantine is over or you can come to USA?

ich what would you prefer babe?

Alex Really I'm not experiencing any symptoms at the moment and I don't know how detrimental cohabiting with you would be to your health. Can we wait it out until I'm sure I'm not a risk to you? I wouldn't love to put you at risk it would be selfish of me.

ich Honey, you know how much iím craving for you. iím not afraid of the virus. cohabitation in my house could get organized minimizing the risk of infecting me. i know people in families where 1 person had a positive test result, and ALL had to quarantine for 2 weeks. the negative persons did NOT get infected by cohabitation. my health is not that bad, ok, iím having these chronical pain, this doesnít put me into a higher risk group.

Alex Are you sure babe?

ich on the other side.... youíre carrying the virus. imagine the travel, you would be close to dozens of people at the airports, in the planes, ... you could spread the virus to hundreds of persons

Alex Yes... so I would prefer you to come. Can you come at the end of the month?

ich And if i imagine, to have you here in my house.... and having to stay physically away from you.... how should that work?

Alex I would love to get all physical with you honey and that would only be possible if I've fully recovered. Can you excercise the patience babe?

ich Of course I can. iím just hoping you will stay healthy, not developing any symptoms or sickness. thatís the most important thing. stay at home. avoid all contacts. do everything to not get into trouble

Alex I'm going to adhere strictly babe. I'm not scared not at all. I can't die from this.

ich Iím not afraid of you dying from Covid19

Alex Honey I love you so much..... this is just a little setback but changes nothing about how I feel about you

ich honestly..... i must confess iím sad and disappointed. i know itís not your fault.

Alex Honestly the thoughts has eaten deep into me. Couldn't sleep because I know how disappointed you do be.

ich By now, itís difficult for me to make travel plans. as i told you earlier, i promised my neighbours to stay here while they go to vacations the 1.+2. week of September. but they are not yet sure, if they travel at all because of the Corona situation in France. they have 1 cat, i have 3.

Alex If by the time the two weeks isolation elapse I'll be coming to you and we can be together before I begin working on the contract. Maybe a week before the contract commence is okay right?

ich Good idea honey. iím also not running away from you. itís just a little delay. maybe i can come to you if my neighbours decide NOT to go on vacation.

Alex No it's okay if I come to you that way I wouldn't be in a hurry to go back as I would be there until the contract commence.

ich Maybe before your quarantine is over, in case you donít develop Symptoms.

Alex I'll keep you posted everyday. have you eaten?

ich iím just thinking out loud: if my neighbours stay here and you still feel healthy, i could come to you for 2 weeks or so, then traveling to Germany together, maybe there are some more free days here for us before you have to start the job. then during your 2 months stay we could meet as much as possible, and return together to California, where i could stay with you a couples of weeks.

honey i would recommend you to go to sleep 😴 now. everything will be fine. take good care of your health, you know i need you in my life, you are not allowed to become severely sick.😤 😷 🤧 🤕 🤒 listen to me: I love you toooooo much for going to loose you.

Alex I love you too honey. Thanks for being my backbone and pillar of support emotionally and mentally

ich Anytime

Alex My undying love for you will forever be ❤❤❤❤

ich more of that please..... i will never become tired of listening to such words. reassurance is soooo beautiful.

Alex I love you so much honey 😗😗😗. get something to eat, ok?

ich MORE and LOUD please .... lol 🥰. Iím not hungry.


ich I love you 💕 like the flowers love the sunlight,
I need you like the flowers need water,
I want you like the flowers want nutrition,
I like you like the flowers like the bees,
I adore you like the flowers adore the cooling wind

Alex Wow expect another long note from me to your email in the morning. I'll sleep now honey. love you to the moon and back.

ich and I trust you like the flowers trust the ground. love ❤️ is nothing without trust. flowers 🌸 will die without roots deep into the ground. have a calming night rest my LOVE ❤️❤️❤️.

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habe zwischenzeitlich noch 2 wunderschöne Liebesbriefe per Email erhalten. Schade daß der Kerl nur ein Fake ist.

Gestern hat er bemerkt, daß das Geld nicht angekommen ist. Ich habe 2 Videos bekommen, wo man Online Banking am Laptop sieht, offenbar mit dem Handy in der linken Hand aufgenommen. Man sieht die rechte Hand des Kontoinhabers Victor OFongo kurz im Bild, sehr dunkelbraune Haut . Und man sieht jede Menge hohe Beträge und diverse weibliche Namen. Natürlich habe ich beide Videos gleich an die Polizei weitergeleitet.

hier der Chat: Start 19:43

Alex Hi Honey

ich Your email is so beautiful. Where are you taking all those lovely words from. iím overwhelmed.

Alex I write them down. Myself.

ich Thank you with my deepest heartfelt gratitude.

Alex I love you so much honey. I hope you've had something to eat?

ich Yeah, I ate,

Alex Okay that's good honey. How has your day been?

ich it was good enough. Good morning to you honey.

Alex 😢😢😢😢

ich What? Is it not a good morning?

Alex I could have been with you tomorrow

ich Honey donít be sad.

Alex I pray the days pass by quickly.

ich They will. how did you sleep?

Alex Honey were you debited for the transfer you made? Was the transaction successful? The agent's colleague in Germany is yet to recieve the funds but I told her that maybe it's from the colleague's bank that you sent it already. Do you have any other proof to show the transfer was successful?

ich What? What? I don't understand. Please, can you try to speak in simple words?

Alex The agent's colleague has not get received the funds. Hold on she sent a screen record of her colleague's account. (Video mit Online banking, der Mann im Video redet vor sich hin, ich konnte es nicht verstehen)

ich What is the man talking?

Alex I can't even hear it because it's noisy. I just didn't see the Ä4200 You sent.

ich There was a lot of money he received.

Alex Yes

ich The video doesn't show the senders. I have to check my own account. Iím back in a bit.

Alex Alright babe. The screenshot you sent me was for Ä4200. If I saw Ä4200 then i would acknowledge it's from you

2. Video erhalten. (10 Min. später)

ich Yes 4200 Euro was the amount i sent. It's approximately 5000 USD. I checked my account 3 times. Since we had those thunderstorms I'm having problems with the ipad.

Alex Okay no problem. It's from his bank then.

ich And the internet connection is weak in general in my village.

Alex The transfer was successful right?

ich Honey Iím not sure

Alex Did the money leave your account? Were you debited from the transfer?

ich I did not see it. I didn't get into online banking.

Alex Go check your transaction history

ich The uploading process needs to long. I'm getting error notifications. I'm sorry honey. At the moment I don't have access.

Alex This image you sent me is it a confirmation that the transfer was successful? (mein damaliger Screenshot von der angeblichen Überweisung)

ich It is the order I sent.

Alex Was it successful?

ich I thought so. It didn't show me any problems. Let me check again.

Alex OK

ich The banking software is on my ipad, not on my phone.

Alex Can't you log in with your phone?

ich No (natürlich könnte ich

Alex Okay try with your iPad again I'm waiting

ich Iím getting this, it says invalid ( Screenshot mit Fehlermeldung wegen absichtlich falscher Anmeldedaten)

Alex You don't know your login details?

ich Oh honey of course I know my log in details.

Alex I donít understand it. Are you unable to log into your account?

ich Right. I'm not getting access with my correct login details. I have to call the bank.
Look, the next error notification. I don't understand this either.
(Screenshot automatisches Sitzungsende wegen Zeitüberschreitung bei der Anmeldung gesendet)

Alex You have to call the bank then. Would bad signal cause this?

ich I remember 3 days ago as I wanted to do the transaction, I had to try several times to get access while there was thunderstorm outside

Alex Is there thunderstorm today?

ich Not today. The ipad is working with SIM card. It's possible that signals have not been stable.

Alex Can you call your bank at this time?

ich Honey iím sorry. it's past 8 pm here, almost 9 pm.

Alex Okay no problem.. Hopefully you're able to sort it tomorrow.

ich I will call the bank.

Alex I just don't know if the transaction went through anymore. The screenshot you sent me was it after you made the transfer?

ich Yes

Alex Okay hopefully when he goes to his bank tomorrow they would tell him why the delay. (

ich I'll call my bank tomorrow as soon as I took my meds, then text you. But you signed the contract already, right?

Alex Yes I did and hopefully the money clears tomorrow into the agents account as I told her it's from the agents bank and not yours.

ich What?

Alex The agent's colleague is yet to recieve the funds.

ich Not yours?

Alex I said I hope the funds falls into his account tomorrow. (

ich Yes I know, he must transfer it to Christie

Alex Yes that's what I'm saying. I hope the money falls in tomorrow into the agent's colleague account.

ich Honey I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

Alex Not your fault. You did your part (

ich I donít understand it.

Alex What don't you understand?

ich I made the transfer as usual. There was no sign of an error or problem, everything went as usual. Maybe I made a typo with the IBAN nr?

Alex Hold on let me crosscheck itHold on let me crosscheck it

ich Or maybe the signal was too unstable.

Alex IBAN was correct.

ich ok. We will find out tomorrow. What are you up to your day honey?

Alex I was given lots of meds from the hospital that I'll be taking. Makes me really dizzy. I'm not going out of the house. I would read a book if I can or see a movie.

ich Iím really so sorry honey (

Alex It's okay babe. The thoughts of you keep me going. What did you do today?

ich Take care of you. Your body has to fight against the virus enemy.

Alex I'm not taking any chances with the virus babe.

ich I listened to some music, ate fries and spring rolls, played with cats, did a little houswork. Now I want to watch a TV show. Im frustrated.

Alex Okay that's good honey. I love you. Don't be please I need you to stay strong.

ich After all that shit and stress to get the money, it didn't reach the receiver in time.

Alex Well the good thing is I signed the contract.

ich For sure.

Alex So hopefully the money drops tomorrow.

ich Like a bomb into his account... BANG

Alex 😂😂😂😂😂. damn. That's why I love you so much honey. You're xoxo😂😂😂😂.

ich Weird?

Alex No, not weird. I do say spontaneous.

ich Crazy? lol

Alex Yes😂😂😂

ich Thanks 🤪

Alex ❤❤❤❤ You're the best my love

ich ❤❤❤ Honey have a good day, see you in 10 hours.

Alex Enjoy the t.v show babe. I love you so much.

Ende 21:20 Uhr

#84 RE: Alex Latona / RPO Lt. Snowbeard Mac Man von Tamina13 22.08.2020 10:45


Hatte gerade 1 Stunde mühsam Text hier eingegeben, plötzlich war alles weg ...

Fortsetzung: 12:Uhr

ich honey good morning. Thank you for another wonderful love letter. Honey are you sleeping 💤? nice dreams....

Alex 16:30 Hi Honey, good morning. I hope you're having a nice day

Ich hello. no i donít have a nice morning.

Alex What happened?

Ich all shit

Alex the pain?

Ich iím frustrated and tired

Alex Tell me what happened

Ich everything is going wrong today

Alex tell me about it

Ich i canít use online banking. i too often tried to get access, now itís blocked.

Alex So the transfer didn't go through right?

Ich I have to make an appointment next week to repair the shit . In person with the bank. sadly no, the transfer didnít go through

Alex The transfer did not go through right? Okay

Ich right. Honey

Alex yes babe

Ich you would be here right now, in my arms.

Alex yes I would be

Ich i mean, without the virus. both of us would be so happy now, but now we are both unhappy, frustrated and upset. Alex?

Alex yes Babe

ich stay here please and tell me what to do, how to deal with the situation.

Alex Did you get a reversal of the transfer ?

ich a what?

Alex If the online money transfer didn't go through it should let you know. You do be notified that the transaction was reversed

ich the money did not leave my account, the bank lady said. i got no notification, i thought everything is fine as usual when i did online banking.

Alex Why did you send me the image since it didn't go through?

ich it was the picture i received on my screen after doing the transfer.

Alex Alright I understand.

ich i did the transfer as always. typed in the name, the IBAN and the amount. and the text for purpose. then tapped enter. then ordered the TAN, typed it in, again enter. then the screen turned into the image you got. i took a screenshot and sent it to you.

Alex I'm just thinking of what I would say to the lady..... can you go to the bank on Monday and make a bank transfer?

ich yes I can do that. a manual transfer.

Alex Okay no problem I'll have to explain to her the transfer was reversed and it would be done by bank transfer on Monday

ich thatís the truth. tell her about the thunderstorms. it was not my mistake, i did the transfer to the right time, but in the wrong weather

Alex Of course I believe you honey. I don't say it was your fault
Alex Hey babe, donít be frustrated. I love you and I sincerely appreciate you for doing this for me. this is just a little setback.

ich how many more setbacks? I want to go forward.

Alex I think this should be the last

ich Should be. how are you feeling?

Alex Alright. Just the shitty meds making me sleep almost every now and then.

ich Why meds?

Alex For prevention of any symptoms related to covid 19.

ich Tamiflu?

Alex nameless meds

ich Wow

Alex yes

ich If my neighbours stay at home, I can come end of next week.

Alex No problem if I'm without any symptoms you can come.

ich Would you pick me up from Los Angeles, or should I fly to San Diego?

Alex I can pick you up from there and we can have a long drive home. only of Iím without symptoms babe.

ich ok. I don't want to go through Atlanta again.

Alex no problem. I hope you're without pains today

ich HaHa

Alex Honey?

ich yes

Alex Today was so horrible with pain right?

ich yes horrible

Alex How are you feeling now

ich I'm so tired and heartbroken I miss you so much. I could need some hugs,

Alex Honey you're always in my thoughts. I love you and it's only a matter of weeks and we'd be together.

ich I know

Alex I'm sorry you feel this way babe. Soon you would never have to feel so tired and heartbroken again. are you busy babe?

ich No, iím just sleepy sorry

Alex Still in pain?

ich yes. Always, except making love

Alex Get the sleep my love. Text me when you wake up.

ich ok.

Alex I hope the sleep helps take away the pain. I love you.

ich Honey I love you more than I ever loved a man before

Alex From my letters you do see my innermost and earnest desires about you.

ich you took my heart like a Tsunami. overflooded it with love.

Alex I'm never going to wreck it.

ich Like a bomb into a volcano you make me explode in love. No water can stop the fire inside me, and no pain. Nothing will hold me back to come to you asap. Iím happy and sad at the same time.

Alex I love you so much honey. Our love are a match and just like Titanic I'll give up my life for you to live.

ich Either we live or we die together, not like Titanic. I could not stand losing you. Remember Erich Fromm?

Alex Yes

ich What was his conclusion for true love?

Alex It's long babe I can't quote it

ich He said: immature love says " I love you because I need you".
Mature love says " I need you because I love you " .

Alex Wow thatís different from the one I know.
ďLove means to commit oneself without guarantee, to give oneself completely in the hope that our lovewill produce love in the loved person. Love is an act of faith, and whoever is of little faith is also of little love.Ē

ich The secret of true love is giving, not taking. To BE in love, not to HAVE something.

Alex I absolutely agree

ich I'm taking a nap now honey. All this stress about the money stole my energy.

Alex I'm sorry honey. Get some sleep. I love you bunches.

ich Thank you babe 😘.

20 min später, 18:12 Uhr

ich Can't sleep, Honey, guess what?

Alex What babe?

ich I just decided to bring my cats to a pet hotel and fly Tuesday to Los Angeles. I don't want to miss you any longer, life is too short to waste time. I found a good flight Stuttgart Frankfurt Los Angeles.

Alex Honey

ich yes Honey?

Alex I would love to be with you right now and it kills me that I can do that at the moment. Now having been exposed to this virus I would put you at risk and it won't be in the best interest of our relationship. Now I understand the yearn and desires for us to be together and believe me I couldn't wait to be with you all things been equal. Now please I want you to stay calm I'm not running away. Our relationship is not temporary or for part-time.

ich you donít want me to come

Alex How can you be in America and I'm unable to meet You? It would break my heart.

ich Why would you be unable to meet me?

Alex Because I'm positive to corona virus.... meeting with you means transmitting it to you and God forbid I do that you. I understand the rush and desire you feel to have these moments with me..... But I'm not only here for a good time with you. I'm here for the long run and we would have amazing moments together.

ich I'm sorry, I wasn't aware of how selfish intrusive I was acting. It's so hard to be patient. I shouldn't chase or push you. I just can say, my mind is out of control. I became kind of addicted to your love. You're like a drug to me, I want more and more, lol. The comparison is not the best, I know. Ok, then I don't fly on Tuesday.

Alex Covid19 is a bitch and so many persons have been lost to it in USA. The risk is too high for me. Honey all the days apart I'll make upto you.

ich I fly on the following Saturday instead, then the most of the quarantine time is over.

Alex HaHaHa ok babe. no problems. I can't stand no been able to be with your when we're together. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH HONEY ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

ich I understand. But if we would wear a mask?

Alex Then you should be able to wear like a nurse working in an emergency unit.

ich Yes why not. You're having air condition. We could talk. Do you have a second bedroom in your house? I could not imagine sleeping in the same room near you. Or is there a hotel in Julian?

Alex You can come after next week that way I would be sure if I haven't developed any symptoms yet. You can stay in my house. There is a hotel in Julian.

ich And you sleep in the hotel?

Alex No I haven't slept in it

ich But if I come you would sleep in the hotel?

Alex And I can't visit you or you visiting me?

ich While I stay in your house. iím not sure. 14 days quarantine for me too. What a shit situation.

Alex Honey can you be patient? We have 13 more days to go.

ich I guess from an reasonable point of view that would be the best. But then Iíll come. Mid of September.

Alex I'll will be in Germany before mid September. I want to spend some time with you before the contract commence.

ich Ok, sounds good. When will your quarantine end?

Alex Before 5th of September.

ich Ok that's not that long. I hope I'll survive.. Honey....... sit down on your chair.

Alex I strongly believe you will survive my love.

ich I have to tell you something

Alex Whatís that babe?

ich I was kidding all the time to you, since I said, I will bring the cats to a pet pension. 🤭😘🥰

Alex Crazy spontaneous lady 😘😘😘😘 youíre a good teaser

ich hahaha I love pranks.

Alex Trust I'll have my revenge

ich ooops... Imagine making love with a mask hahaha rofl, or in nurse plastic coats

Alex Wow I'm having porn scenarios in my head RN

(selfie video von mir gesendet, wo ich versuche zu blinzeln)

ich In porn they use leather or latex lol

Alex Hahahahahha you're so funny 😍😍😍

ich funny??

Alex Yeah trying to wink at me😃😃😃😃

ich I wanted to show you a different side of me

Alex I love it.

ich Thanks, you're a winking master. I have to exercise a lot.

Alex Hahahahahha I'm a good teacher. We can communicate with winking 😂😂😂😂
Alex. Were you able to eat today

ich Imagine ... yes 🍔 🍕🍕

Alex Pizza and Burger. That's good. How are you feeling now?

ich I ordered last night 2 burgers with fries, a small pizza, spring rolls.

Alex That's a full course meal 😍😍😍

ich Yesterday I ate the fries and the rolls. Today 1 burger 2 pieces of pizza. Left overs in the fridge for later.

Alex That's good.

ich Did you eat?

Alex Not yet.

ich Cereals and milk. oh I remember a comedian. let me send you a link.

Alex no appetite. ok.

ich letís watch together.
What God did with breasts, America did with cereals ... inventing a concept for getting milk into kids 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Alex Rotflmfao

ich Explain

Alex Rolling of the floor laughing my fucking ass off😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

ich Aahhh

Alex Still watching the video the guy is hilarious.

ich Yeah, there are much more of him on YouTube

Alex Yeah I can see that

ich thatís also a good one, enjoy

Alex lol

ich Now You owe me the end of the miracle in cell no. 7 story. please tell me.

Alex It's a really long one. would make you cry.

ich want to call me? Anyway, I want to hear it.

Alex Try this out but it's in Arabic 😂😂😂😂 (link video) . Why donít you have Neyflix?

ich Why should I? I'm not watching much tv

Alex Okay I see. Just the link and see if it shows it.

ich I know this arabic video, can't endure watching it on my phone.

Alex You've seen it before.

ich I tried, just minutes.

Alex Okay I want to have something to eat. I'll text you when I'm done..

ich OK

Alex Love you bunches ❤❤

Ende 20:34 Uhr

#85 RE: Alex Latona / RPO Lt. Snowbeard Mac Man von Tamina13 23.08.2020 01:16



von 17:30 bis 20:30 gechattet, und
von 22:06 bis 01:03 Uhr

richtig cool und lustig. Ich glaube, ich mag den Kerl, wer immer er auch sein mag.

Besonders amüsiert habe ich mich, als ich ihm erzählt habe, ein Mann habe mich auf Instagram angeschrieben und mir eine herzzerreißende Story erzählt (s. Scammer Mikael Ronnberg). Ich habe ihm natürlich dessen Name, Tel. Nr. und email nicht mitgeteilt. Aber ich habe ihm auszugsweise Stücke der Konversation geschickt und mich köstlich über seine beginnende Eifersucht gefreut.

Wir hatten heute richtig Spass zusammen.

Falls Euch der Chat interessiert, obwohl es heute nicht um Geld ging, sagt Bescheid.

#86 RE: Alex Latona / RPO Lt. Snowbeard Mac Man von Tamina13 24.08.2020 14:23



Wir hatten heftige Auseinandersetzungen wegen der ‹berweisung des Geldes. Da mein armer Alex Corona positiv getestet wurde und nun 2 Wochen in hšuslicher Quarantšne verbringen muss, dachte ich mir, der Zeitdruck fŁr die ‹berweisung ist ja jetzt weggefallen, weil er eh nicht nach Deutschland fliegen kann um seinen Job bei Liqui Moly anzutreten. Aldo warum sollte ich auf das deutsche Konto dieses OFongo Łberweisen, das Geld soll doch nach Amerika zur Jobagentin Christie Pitts. Dann kann ich es ja direkt Łberweisen, oder an Alex auf sein eigenes Konto senden und er leitet es dann weiter. Er wollte sich absolut nicht damit einverstanden erklšren. Nach langem hin und her habe ich die Bankverbindung von Christie Pitts bekommen.

This is my agent's account details

*Bank Name : First state bank Texas
Account name : Christie Pitts
Account number: 2374234
Account Routine number : 111921777
Swift code : TIBBUS44
Swift bank : TIB-The Independent Bankers Bank
Bank address: 130 E Corsicana Street Athens TX 75751

Der Plan ist folgender: ich muss ja heute persŲnlich zur Bank, weil ich durch zu hšufige fehlerhafte Anmeldungsversuche wšhrend des schweren Gewitters keinen Zugang mehr zum online banking habe

Ich soll dann auch gleich eine AuslandsŁberweisung machen oder an OFongo zahlen.

Durch zu langes chatten mit ihm heute Vormittag, und weil ich erst um 10 Uhr aufgewacht bin, immerhin bin ich erst um 3 Uhr heute Nacht schlafen gegangen, auch wegen ihm (ist Łbrigens die Wahrheit), schaffe ich erst heute Nachmittag zur Bank. Leider hat die Filiale wegen Corona Ausbruch geschlossen. Ein Zettel hšngt an der TŁr, die Kunden sollen telefonisch einen Termin in der Zentrale der Bank vereinbaren. Den bekomme ich leider erst fŁr Donnerstag Nachmittag, hab mich aber auf die Warteliste setzen lassen, falls jemand absagt.

Er wird bestimmt wŁtend werden.

Ich brauche ein Formular fŁr eine manuelle AuslandsŁberweisung, habe aber leider keinen Drucker. oh, ich kŲnnte es von der homepage der Bank runterladen, das geht auŖerhalb des online banking und zuhause schon mal vorbereiten.

@Anni60 , kannst du bitte checken, ob das o.g. Konto echt ist? Soll ich es Alan melden?

#87 RE: Alex Latona / RPO Lt. Snowbeard Mac Man von Tamina13 24.08.2020 16:51


Fortsetzung: 12:Uhr

ich honey good morning. Thank you for another wonderful love letter. Honey are you sleeping 💤? nice dreams....

Alex 16:30 Hi Honey, good morning. I hope you're having a nice day

Ich hello. no i donít have a nice morning.

Alex What happened?

Ich all shit

Alex the pain?

Ich iím frustrated and tired

Alex Tell me what happened

Ich everything is going wrong today

Alex tell me about it

Ich i canít use online banking. i too often tried to get access, now itís blocked.

Alex So the transfer didn't go through right?

Ich I have to make an appointment next week to repair the shit . In person with the bank. sadly no, the transfer didnít go through

Alex The transfer did not go through right? Okay

Ich right. Honey

Alex yes babe

Ich you would be here right now, in my arms.


Zitat von Tamina13 im Beitrag #85

von 17:30 bis 20:30 gechattet, und
von 22:06 bis 01:03 Uhr

richtig cool und lustig. Ich glaube, ich mag den Kerl, wer immer er auch sein mag.

Besonders amüsiert habe ich mich, als ich ihm erzählt habe, ein Mann habe mich auf Instagram angeschrieben und mir eine herzzerreißende Story erzählt (s. Scammer Mikael Ronnberg). Ich habe ihm natürlich dessen Name, Tel. Nr. und email nicht mitgeteilt. Aber ich habe ihm auszugsweise Stücke der Konversation geschickt und mich köstlich über seine beginnende Eifersucht gefreut.

Wir hatten heute richtig Spass zusammen.

Falls Euch der Chat interessiert, obwohl es heute nicht um Geld ging, sagt Bescheid.

Alex Hi honey Did you go to sleep honey I rememeber you can speak Italian. Here is a poem for you

Sei nell'anima e li ti lascio per sempre.
In quello spazio infinito che c'è tra me e te.
Sei nell'anima e li ti lascio per sempre.
E li che ti sento tra il mio respiro ed il battito.
Sei nell'anima e li ti lascio per sempre.
Per vivere per sempre il tuo respiro e la tua pelle.

You fell asleep my love. Do have a lovely night rest honey and sweet dreams my love

Ich 8: 43 Yes I fell asleep. I'm sorry honey I missed you.

Ich You're neglecting me today 😪 Alex Thank you for the italian poem.

Alex ignoring you?
Ich It's very very beautiful
Alex how is that even possible?
Ich not ignoring, neglecting me. Happy to see you.

Alex I'm not neglecting you babe. The signal is pretty bad over here. It's windy this morning.

Ich Babe us my favourite name. How did you sleep

Alex I'm sleeping more and more these days because of the meds. You don't like me calling you babe?

Ich then for you time is going fast. . I like Babe the most.

Alex Yes the time is moving rapidly. A good thing for me .
Ich Absolutely

Alex Alright babe😍

Ich Then I call you Daddy
Alex hahaha like your sugar Daddy?

Ich Yeah as you know I'm having a sweet mouth. honey i miss you so awfully. Send me some sweets Daddy.

Alex Hahahahaha you know I miss you so damn much too. I've been having sore throat lately I don't know why

Ich you said i can use your credit card, so youíre my sugar Daddy right

Alex Yes ofcourse babe😙

Ich hell no, donít cultivate symptoms. with a sore throat youíre really handicapped.

Alex I'll increasing my vitamin intake

Ich yes please

Alex I'll call the doctor today and seek counsel

Ich Yes please. take the best care of yourself. Can we continue in a few minutes

Alex Yes ofcourse I'm doing my best honey

Ich I have to tell you some news, bit cigarettes ran out. without cigarettes i cant write lol

Alex lol.Alright I'll wait for you

Ich hey I found a new package in my car. we have vending machines for cigarettes here, did you know?

Alex What's that

Ich what's what?

Alex The new package

Ich cigarettes

Alex hahaha

Ich listen

Alex Wild fires keep burning in San Francisco California. 2020 has to be the worst year ever. Except for the fact that I met you.

Ich in our tv news the fires in CA are topic no 1 since days, and the Covid deaths in Texas. am I the only person youíre texting with on hangouts?. I don't think so. Your icon symbol is coming and going .

Alex Yes I have other people I speak to on here but not at the same time. Right now I'm chatting with only you .

Ich good. today something unusual happened to me.

Alex Tell me about it

Ich I got texted on Instagram. I never experienced this before. out of the blue. this guy said, I was suggested to him as new friend. I donít believe that. he told me a heartbreaking story. his parents died as he was a 5 year old child. then grew up at his grandmothers. 5 years ago he lost his fiancée at the birth of their first child, the baby also did not survive. 2 years ago his grandmother passed away.

then he continued : I am an independent General Contractor for an oil platform, offshore platform, or offshore drilling rig. And a consultant to private companies...I donít do day by day job,I only work when I have contract but right now I have no contract at hand so Iím just home resting for now but Iím currently working on getting a new contract.

Alex That's a pretty messed up situation and heart breaking situation

Ich he asked me 100 questions, and although I answered the most, I didnt give him personal information, also not my phone number. he said, he is still believing in God, and in true love, that the destiny led him to me. I bet with you 100 $ that he is a fake. Whats your opinion?

Alex the story is really touching. Take a screenshot of the guy's profile.

Ich already done. know what? I can predict to you what will happen soon.

Alex what?

Ich soon he will get a new contract for an oil platform project somewhere in the world, then getvinto trouble. maybe trouble on a flight. Or losing documents. thatís 100% the typical story of scammers .

Alex I was initially feeling sorry for him from the first story

Ich no don't

Alex You should block him already.

Ich itís all lie. why would someone this tell in the first 5 minutes to a newly contacted person?

Alex Destiny led him to you🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Ich and he said, weíre having so much in common, after i answered some questions lol. weíre having nothing in common

Alex Lmfao 😂😂😂😂😂😂 You my sweetheart is a fucking badass😍😍😍😍😍

Ich look, that's what he wrote: Awwww
Perhaps we have a lot in common
I love camping, walking, going to the beach, Hiking, Writing, Books, Shopping, Music, Theaters, Walking, Golf, Table Tennis,  Bowling, Basketball, Soccer, Running, Swimming, Yoga, Fishing, Karaoke. The list goes on, and it depends on the mood or season. after i told him this : I donít like outdoor activities due to my partly damaged health situation.

Alex what was his reply

Ich damn, how stupid he thinks I am?

Alex Well you're smart and intelligent enough to stand up for yourself. I trust your judgement babe

Ich thanks. I don't want to bore you

Alex No I'm enjoying the conversation 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Ich great. i guess the only thing that could be compatible is the age. he is 54. everything else could not be more different, but he is seeing things in common lol.

Alex can I see a photo of him?

Ich the next was this: Well Christmas is my favorite holiday, I like trying new kinds of food, exploring a new area of the world, and mostly going on an adventure and go on a cruise, go to place I have never been to, and swimming too, learning how to perfect on my piano skills. Much more. I will love to take you on a cruise someday if you don't mind.

Alex wow this is crazy

Ich i agree. he invites me to a cruise ship vacation, right? after he met me online 10 min. ago. thatís more than crazy. Again, I bet that heís just a fraud. shall I continue the contact to prove my theory to you? I would like to do so, playing a game

Alex okay. Please i am enjoying this story continue babe..... Wow this is an eye opener

Ich hey be patient please

Alex Ofcourse honey I'm not going anywhere.

Ich his face is ugly.
Alex He got a good smile though😂😂😂😂

Ich no, itís selfish, shows a huuuuuuge self esteem, probably narcissistic, i donít need such a bragging person in my life ...... plays golf, lol. lives in a 4 bedroom house in Philadelphia, he is the owner. iím interpreting this information as attempt to catfish me. no lure is big enough to catfish me successfully.

Alex You know how to defend yourself babe.

Ich here is another sentence he texted to me: You have said so much that we have in common and I hope this is a new beginning for a better friendship or more together because I believe getting to know you is divine and getting to know you more is destined.

Alex all this happened today?

Ich this was the end: I will be looking forward to talk to you soon and let me know when you can talk or less busy okay and donít forget to be good for now😊😘 his english is bad. and why a kissing smiley after 15 minutes texting?? on one hand I was amused, on the other hand annoyed.

Alex When did you have all these encounter with him?

Ich this afternoon 2 pm my time

Alex wow, just wow

Ich honey? are you a little jealous now?

Alex So you want to go on playing along with him?

Ich i would like to, I LOVE pranks lol.

Alex Lmao🤣🤣🤣🤣.I'm still going to have my sweet revenge on you

Ich but if you donít want me to do so, I will delete and block him, no problem. I already found what I need the most in my life

Alex Don't waste your precious time on him. Just block and delete him. So I'm gonna tell you the storyline behind the movie Miracle in Cell No 7.

Ich honey, donít tell me, you are this guy??

Alex WTF. I HOPE THIS IS NOT A PRANK. Are you been serious right now?

Ich i really got texted. what i told you is true. bus as you said, youíre still working on revenge to me, this thought came into my mind.... maybe YOU could have made a prank to me today?

Alex I wouldn't even consider pranking you in such way hell NO. There are other better ways to prank you other than trying to scam you

Ich hell NO 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 the first time you said hell NO.... do you remember?

Alex I can say it was a strong disclaimer from me

Ich i laughed my ass off, so much, that I got pee drops into my slip

Alex 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Ich i will never ever forget that moment. Wait a second.

Alex This is crazy 😂😂😂😂😂. Ok.

Ich remember now? (Screenshot von früherem chat geschickt)

Alex Lmfao 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I issued a strong disclaimer with hell No.

Ich this moment was too good to not been token for history

Alex Wow you would date a guy that has a silicon pussy in his house?😄

Ich your indignation and disgust was so obvious, almost physically touchable. Absolutely great great great

Alex What?😲😲😲😲

Ich i mean, your reaction OMG HELL NO. immediately spontaneously

Alex Oh okay 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Thats like having sex with a dead person

Ich the best i had since months. How do you know? Have you ever tried it? I mean a silicon pussy?

Alex Lmao🤣🤣🤣🤣 Just trying to imagine it

Ich reusable, washable

Alex It would be still, no moaning, no touch, No blowjobs or head. No sex screams of names. Or is it programmed to do all these?

Ich no not at all. you would have to produce those noises by yourself.

Alex You see why I likened it to someone having sex with a dead person.

Ich maybe with different voices, one high as female, one deep as your own

Alex Lmfao😂😂😂😂😂that's horrible

Ich 😂😂😂😂😂

Alex There's always a difference between using dildo and having a dick in you

Ich silicon pussy is unable for muscle contractions
It's not warm, etc.

Alex 😍😍😍😍

Ich shall we talk about something else?

Alex Why?😂😂😂 about dildos

Ich ok, then dildos. What do you mean exactly .there are some differences between dildo and satisfyer

Alex ok, please educate me

Ich a dildo is just a thing like a carrot 🥕 with or without balls 🏈 a satisfyer like my pink pistol 🔫 is much more

Alex Which do you prefer?

Ich are you serious?

Alex lol. Does a satisfyer do the job very well?

Ich in any case better than a carrot

Alex I suppose you mean a satisfyer is better than a carrot

IchThe best is a capable man without doubt. The second best is a satistyer with lubricant, the third best are the own fingers with saliva OR the shower and hands

Alex WOW A girl gotta do what she gotta do right

Ich I bought the thing and lubricant in USA, Amazon.

Akex nice

Ich Honestly I was desperate in USA, with my husband. Laying in bed near a physically attractive man,  never got touched. My desire for physical connection grew endless, so I started to touch myself as he slept. I hoped he would not acknowledge it, but he did. Crazy situation.  He said, it's ok for him as he refused to make me happy. He suggested to buy a vibrator. I then hoped he would play with it on me, but he didn't.  He just ignored my desires. When I was sleeping, he masturbated while watching his favourite fetish porn videos. One time I woke up and saw it, but closed my eyes and tried to ignore it.

Alex Wow that's a really crazy scenario. I can't stand that. I would leave the next morning.

Ich When I'm not in love, my sexual desire is very very low
When I'm in love, it's high. Especially when the man is day in day out directly at my side, laying in the same bed

Alex I can imagine how a man like me would starve a lady in love with him

Ich I was not allowed to touch him. It felt like torture.

Alex Ofcourse it's torture.

Ich Like showing a starving kid a hamburger and withdrawing it

Alex I would curse the day I met such a person

Ich please explain

Alex I would wish I never met such a person that would make so high and yet wouldn't do anything to help me out

Ich yeah

Alex I'm sorry honey. You went through a lot more than I did

Ich Fact was,  he had diabetes caused disability with his dick. The nerves had been damaged. It didn't get hard enough

Alex There are other ways he could pleasure you

Ich For intercourse I mean.  But there are so many more possibilities to satisfy sexual desire. He simple REFUSED completely.

Alex I don't know a man that's sane enough to do that

Ich But said all the time he loves me. How can this be love?

Akex No it can't be..... maybe Agape love? I'm not sure

Ich And the worst was, he bragged how good he's been in bed before  said he f*** more than 1000 women and he knows better than most women  how to make them climaxing and squirting. Agape? Absolutely not.

Alex 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Ich AGAPE is pure giving without wanting some back

Alex I'm just wondering a man that had sex with over 1000 ladies. Wow

Ich So..... after we met, you can show me your lover's qualities

Alex I'm sure I would do way better. I SHALL BE IN NO WAY COMPARABLE TO YOUR EX

Ich As a young man he became sex and alcohol addicted. He cheating during his marriages all the time.

Alex OMG

Ich He lost two times a job because he masturbated instead of working

Alex Really? You knew all this before getting down with him?

Ich Before he met me, he had a very young girlfriend just for sex, he told me. And right after her he decided, no more sex with a woman. Honey, no I didn't know all that before I married him. If so, I would have run away. Excuse me please a moment.

Alex ok. I'm waiting here for you babe

Ich ok I'm back. What are you doing

Alex Gotta find something to eat babe I'm famished and I need to call the doctor

Ich oh, I'm sorry

Alex Did you eat today babe

Ich yes I had salad

Alex Okay that's good honey. How's the weather over there today?

Ich It's not as hot any more thanks God, it cooled down last night. What do you want to eat honey?

Alex I'll order for burger

Ich Good choice, double meet, double cheese?

Alex Say cheese😊
Ich cheeeeeeeeseee

Ich Know what? The same guy sent me a friendship request on fb with a different name.

What's happening, Is he stalking You?

Ich I don't know

Alex Well be careful and if you can't deal any more just block him everywhere

Ich Let me check it....... tell me again, it's not you trying to prank me???

Alex I'm not UNCERTAIN. Not not when we're together now

Ich I know. But you are planning a revenge honey. What are your thoughts about the prank?

Alex You mean my revenge prank?

Ich Your revenge to me because I pranked you yesterday

Alex Why would I tell You? Then it wouldn't be a prank any more right

Ich...... failed attempt lol 😄

Alex Smart lady easy there🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Ich I'm having so much fun and pleasure with you, since you are in my life it's so much more colourful. I'm enjoying every minute being with you.

Alex That's good to know honey. I hope you never stop been happy. Honey I'll text you before you go to bed. I need to speak with the doctor now and explain things to him.

Ich ok. I love you so much my sunshine Trilaxxx.

Alex I love you bunches babe❤❤❤

#88 RE: Alex Latona / RPO Lt. Snowbeard Mac Man von Anni60 24.08.2020 16:56


@Tamina13 ich kann das Konto nicht checken, gehe aber davon aus, dass es echt ist. Sonst könnte sie/er ja keine Kohle empfangen.
Bei einer Auslandsüberweisung brauchst du die Adresse des Empfängers und den Ausweis. Die Bank besteht darauf. Das sind die neuen Bestimmungen zur Vermeidung von Geldwäsche (das sagen wir).
All das sagt dir die Bank aber erst nachdem du dort mit deiner ausgefüllten Überweisung stehst und die Adresse des Empfängers fehlt. Ein Formular das du benutzen kannst, hab ich dir angehängt.

#89 RE: Alex Latona / RPO Lt. Snowbeard Mac Man von Tamina13 24.08.2020 17:11


danke dir sehr. der letzte der heutigen Beiträge sollte stehen bleiben, die früheren gleich beginnenden, aber unvollständigen können gelöscht werden. ich komme leider nicht dran.
danke und sorry

#90 RE: Alex Latona / RPO Lt. Snowbeard Mac Man von Anni60 24.08.2020 17:13


@Tamina13 habe ich noch vergessen: ja, bitte das Konto an Alan melden. Danke

#91 RE: Alex Latona / RPO Lt. Snowbeard Mac Man von Tamina13 24.08.2020 21:04


Zitat von Anni60 im Beitrag #90
@Tamina13 habe ich noch vergessen: ja, bitte das Konto an Alan melden. Danke

ist erledigt, LG

#92 RE: Alex Latona / RPO Lt. Snowbeard Mac Man von Tamina13 25.08.2020 10:04


Fortsetzung Sonntag 23.08. 10:02 Uhr

ich Hey, thank you for one more wonderful love letter honey my love ❤❤

Honey, I miss you since I woke up. We need better time schedule for communication. I don't want to wait this long to talk to you again. Some time ago you texted me in the morning (my time) means before you went to sleep. I don't know why, but you stopped doing this. Now I have to wait until evening (my time). That's really a long time without you. Please, I don't like waiting. Text me more often, if you can and make me happy.

das übliche: how are you. how is the weather. did you eat ... bla bla

ich a question is torturing me

Alex which question, tell me

ich about the money i shall transfer

Alex yes, and whatís the question, tell me

ich iím having a bad gut feeling sending 5000 ISD

Alex Bad feeling? That I won't pay back? That you're been scammed? That I'm not real? Be more specific or is it all of the above

ich no no, none of them. canít you stop mistrusting me? its this person OFongo. i would feel better if i could send to you or Christie.

Alex whatís wrong with Victor OFongo? He made a video of the money received into his account and it was clear that the money you sent didn't get into his account. So why are you having a bad feeling about him?

ich he is not party of your deal. i want to send to you, you are the man i trust. or to Christie, she is your contract partner. now as we are not that too small time frame any more, i want send it to you or to her. as i have to go to the bank in person in any case, i could the transaction, if you give the numbers. the bank uses special forms for transactions outside Europe, and i dont have those here at home.

Alex Honey no problem. This is another long explanations from me to her again and I hope she doesn't begin to doubt me. But it would have been easier if you used Victor Ofongo. How long would it take from your bank to USA?

ich or give me your bank account. then you see the money and can forward it to Christie. i donít know how long it would take. i never transferred by bank transaction.

Alex Since you've decided not to send to Victor Ofongo. Then send directly to Christie Pitts account. Maybe you can ask for a fast track/ express transfer. This whole issue is getting so tiring now. Why did you change your mind all of a sudden about Victor Ofongo? he is trustworthy, sending the video

ich itís not sudden. from the beginning i didnt want this third person to bee involved. Remember?
if he is trustworthy you cannot know. you never met him before, right? honestly, itís working since days in my mind. honestly, the best would be your account. you are my partner.

Alex I can't start waiting for the money to be processed from my account in S.A waiting for it to clear before I transfer to Christie's account. Yes I'm your partner and I'm telling you what's obtainable at this time. What's the point? I told you what to do and my words aren't enough. You don't trust my judgement or dealings? Do I need to sign a surety from You?

ich i donít discuss on this level

Alex discuss on what level? please make me understand

ich Honey, send me yours and Christie's bank details. I will ask the bank tomorrow for the transaction fees and duration and choose the best option. And don't ask me injuring rhetorical questions any more, please. I'm gonna lay down for a while. My back hurts too much. Love you.

Alex iím sorry your back hurts. i love you too. So I tell you this if you can't send to my agents account then no problem. Don't even bother to send to my account as I won't meet up. I'll ruin my reputation already with her and lose the contract too and lose my bidding fee too. That's all I have to say. And again why would you think I'll prank you with a scammer profile? I can't believe you think I would do that. Telling me you're having back pain means I'm stressing you a lot. I'm beginning to feel like a burden to you because of this fucking agent fee.

2 Stunden später

ich my pain is not related to you or to the agents fee. iím having it since i was 17 years old.

And don't react irrational to me. I want to do the right thing. Right is, sending the money to you, or to Christie. Not to OFongo, he would have also to transfer and send it to Christie, then it would take two more days . Your reputation is not in danger. Take care of your health and get familiar with my kind of humour. Ok?

Alex babe

ich yes

Alex I'm not used to pranking. And then I was thinking why would you think I will use a fake profile to try and prank You?

ich it was just a glimpse of an idea, not even a second. i didnít think it eas you. he is an idiot, you are smart.

bla bla bla

ich honey why donít you stay here in our chat. i donít like switching, you know my opinion. you would make me happy if youíd stay here with me, or tell me, youíre short in time. we can always end the chat and continue tomorrow.

Alex babe, iím active here. iím catting with you only.

ich honey, i can see, when you are leaving. your symbol becomes pale then. watch my icon.

Alex ok, letís continue the conversation. no more leaving, ok babe
Love comes naturally when you've been emotionally involved.

bla bla bla über Filme geredet, er hatte mal von einem Film erzählt, Titel Miracle in cell nr. 7, dessen Ende ich gern hören wollte, also habe ich ihn angerufen. ich konnte ihn kaum verstehen, das english war furchtbar schlecht. und wieder hatte ich den Eindruck, seine Stimme klingt viel zu jung.

ich how old are you

Alex why you asking me this question

ich how old are you

Alex Why did you ask after my age

ich honey

Alex Stopp. Enough of all this prank. just answer my question

ich 45 or 49? there is no prank. Are you pranking me right now?

Alex no iím not

ich iím also not

Alex you asked me that question two times

ich your age... i didnít remember correctly, i was unsure if you said 45 or 49. i thought it was 49. but your voice sounds much younger

Alex for the past few days youíre talking about scammers again

ich yes and? because of this guy yesterday. why are you so much insisting in this question

Alex I went to my Twitter to see a German scammer account followed me. Is that from you too?

ich iím following you on Twitter right. but iím no scammer. youíre having a german scammer?

Alex I never said you were.

Alex Are you operating an account for bursting scammers and exposing them?

Fortsetzung folgt

#93 RE: Alex Latona / RPO Lt. Snowbeard Mac Man von Tamina13 25.08.2020 10:34


Fortsetzung Montag 24.08.

Alex Are you operating an account for bursting scammers and exposing them?

ich what? of course not. iím having a facebook account, twitter and instagram, all with the name Tamina

Alex tell me what you want

ich What I want? i want you

Alex Yes tell me what you want

ich I WANT YOU. I want your love, your friendship and soul connection. I just told you about that guy yesterday, sent you screenshots. That the truth and proof enough. I won't talk about internet fraud anymore if you too sensitive to this topics.

Alex You're a smart and intelligent lady. I really admire that but then it seem you're pushing a narrative

ich absolutly not. I'm on your Twitter profile now. Who is the scammer

Alex I blocked the account

ich Did you mean Bettina Prange?

Alex I donít know who that is

ich i donít know her either, never seen her before. She is the only one from Germany as far as I can

Alex its not a german scammer. It's a page where exposed scammers portrayed

ich On your account??? i never heard about such a page

Alex The person followed my account

ich i swear by my life it was not me. If you think after this long time we're chatting, talking, yesterday having sex, if you still think I suspect you to be a scammer although I dozen times proved it's not the case, you make me totally confused and upset. Then we can end here now. Finally.

Alex end what???

ich Don't reply with a question please

Alex I don't wanna break up with you. All I can promise you is that I really do love you. And if that means letting you go all because my accent is a problem for you, I'm too young for you, my voice is too shallow

ich Can we end this discussion about Scamming now? I'm well informed about it and I'm careful moving through social media. Also online buying stuff etc I'm careful. What's wrong with that

Alex nothing is wrong with that

ich I once was betrayed by a chinese online shop. I learned my lesson then. There is so much fake and crime in the internet. The anonymity enables all kind of shiy. shit. iím going to bed now.

Alex Hey babe get back here

ich iím angry and i hope i can find into sleep though

Alex I know you're pissed off. I just needed to clear somethings off and I asked those questions. Communication is key to a successful relationship. So now it's clear to me that you didn't run the account. I'm sorry I asked such question and no i don't doubt you. I trust you with my life.

ich But not the communication you led. You accused me, suspected me, forced me to defend myself. I don't like that. Trust me or don't. I know what consequences I then do.

Alex i never accused you

ich i love you. But will not accept this kind of aggressive communication you forced me into.

Alex Are you really going to bed angry?

ich 02:10 am

Alex i ruined your mood

ich I need to sleep now. Will watch some medical detectives, then hopefully fall into sleep

Alex youíre a sweet soul. thanks for everything. Good night ❤

ich As you know these kinds of TV films are my favourites: criminal mind, NCIS, CSI, criminal intend, law and order. thanks for what? I'm not a sweet soul. I am a honest soul

Alex for loving me, educating me, making me a better man. you can be both. Honest and sweet at the same time.

ich I love the truth the most of all criteria, truth and justice. maybe sometimes iím overly careful

Alex i understand. I hope the documentaries you watch ease your mood. Have a lovely night rest. ❤❤❤

ich thank you . And don't forget to send me Christie's bank details. good night honey ❤️

Alex Goodnight my love ❤️

#94 RE: Alex Latona / RPO Lt. Snowbeard Mac Man von Tamina13 25.08.2020 11:18


nach dem Tango Tanz auf dem Vulkan Sonntag nacht/ Montag früher morgen bis fast 3 Uhr:

Fortsetzung Montag 8:42

Alex good morning honey

Alex 8:52 You had late nights so you must still be sleeping. I'll let you enjoy this sleep. I love you ❤
this is my agents bank details:

Bank Name : First state bank Texas
Account name : Christie Pitts
Account number: 2374234
Account Routine number : 111921777
Swift code : TIBBUS44
Swift bank : TIB-The Independent Bankers Bank
Bank address: 130 E Corsicana Street Athens TX 75751. ( bereits Alan gemeldet )

ich good morning. link gesendet. i translate for you:

translation:Dating portal: 79-year-old loses 300,000 euros
A 79-year-old girl from Graz was cheated out of hundreds of thousands of euros by an Internet love affair. The man had pretended to be an Englishman with financial worries - the pensioner then transferred him 300,000 euros, which she would never see again.

Online since yesterday, 4:13 p.m.

In September, the woman started the Internet relationship through a dating portal. Your interlocutor was an allegedly 65 year old Englishman. A relationship of trust developed during the ongoing conversations. Again and again the woman opposite complained about financial difficulties of his company.

Finally a complaint was filed
The 79-year-old then transferred the 300,000 euros to him. Until well into August, she apparently let the man put her off: He explained to her that he had no access to the money himself to be able to transfer it back to her. In the end, however, she filed a complaint. According to the police, the investigation is still at the very beginning.

Alex I'm speechless about this.

ich me too. online news from Austria. my neighbour country. but now .... how are you

Alex I'm fine thank you. How was your night?

ich good enough. i just left my bed, fed cats, made coffee

Alex How are you feeling this morning?

ich iím feeling well, thanks. now sorting pills. i checked on my facebook notifications and this article popped up in news

Alex iím sorry about last night

ich itís ok honey. we can work on better communication and i will avoid this topic from now on

Alex I have no problems with it. We can talk about absolutely anything.

ich ok good to know. the pain is on low level, miracle.

Alex That's good to know and how's your back?

ich i said the pain is low. the pain IS in my back

Alex great

ich thanks for the bank details. iím doing my morning chores now, then go to the bank. i hope theyíre open then. itís 10:10 am. they close for lunch at 12 and reopen at 2 pm

Alex Alright, thanks babe

ich between 2 and 4 pm customers can come without appointment. after 4 pm only with personal appointment, and i donít have one

Alex how far is the bank from your house?

ich not far, 5 km, the next village

Alex Okay you can meet up on time then

ich after shower and hair wash

Alex is your Thai friend coming today?

ich maybe, or tomorrow. she is flexible lol. but good that you speak about her ..... i must hide the pistol before she arrives. lol

Alex Lmao😂😂😂😂 i thought ladies are free to talk about anything

ich free yes.... and also free not to everyone

Alex Okay your relationship with her isn't up to that extent?

ich hm we talk about almost everything, except my needs to masturbate from now and then. the lubricant tube is laying openly on my nightstand. but she doesnít speak english, so she may think itís after sun gel. but the pink pistol 🔫 is obviously not sun protection

Alex 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

ich what?

Alex Good thing she's not a lesbian 🤣🤣

ich she is married since 25 years, 2 adult sons

Alex Yeah you told me.... I was just imagining if she was a lesbian hmmmm

ich as i am not attracted to women in a sexual sense, it wonít bother me if she were

Alex Some straight women out of curiosity might try it out

ich i once had a colleague, she became a friend later, who was lesbian. i did not know it for years

Alex how did you find out?

ich she told me

Alex how did you react?

ich normal. she did not say directly she is lesbian. she told me one day, she doesnít feel good, cause she broke up her long term relationship. i asked what happened. she answered her partner fell in love with another person. then she used the word ďsheĒ for her partner. her partner was female, and fell in love to a MAN .

Alex Must be really heart breaking. Her partner must have been a bisexual because lesbians don't find men sexually attractive

ich i think her partner was originally not lesbian. but fell in love with her for a long time. you know i donít care about the sexual preferences of other people. that doesnít determine their personality. if i would fall in love with a woman, i would try to build a good relationship. i never had a sexual desire to try out sex with a woman. because iím doing sex with a person ONLY when iím in love. i never had a one night stand, or sex after the first date. iím UNABLE for that. i remember a saying: itís not important who you love, itís important how you love

Alex makes sense

ich the word ďstraightĒ for heterosexual persons imply that homosexual persons are ďwrongĒ

Alex wrong?

ich whats the opposite of the word ďstraightĒ

Alex when something is not straight, then itís bent

ich definition of straight: normal, direct, usual, standard, ordinary, regular. then homosexuals are seen as the opposite. thatís insulting.

Alex When someone says he's straight that means he's heterosexual; When some says he's not straight then he's gay

ich sure

Alex i donít see nothing wrong it it

ich i accept every kind of sexual preferences as long as it is mutual consent and not injuring other persons rights or health or bodies. really pervers things like shitting or peeing while having sex or sex with minors, children, rape etc. of course i canít accept.

Alex thatís a sexual disorder

ich 2 times in my life iíve been sexually molested by men. thatís less then average

Alex very disgusting and irritating

ich my STBX has a fetish. i accepted it. without including the fetish into sexual activity those people are unable to have sex, really a personality disorder. i learned everything about fetish in general, reading Wikipedia and articles, watching psychology videos with explanations on youtube. and about his specific fetish

Alex I'm grateful I don't have any fetish. I can't imagine my life with such disorder

ich it depends on what exactly the fetish is, how accepted it is in society, how strong the addiction is.
some are less bound, some extremely strong. those are really suffering. they need therapy

Alex there is a website for people with fetish.

ich i know, there are many, and groups. i was member in a big worldwide forum to learn about my husbands specific fetish. 98% fetish addicted persons are male. it begins in the early teenage years as the sexuality develops. if the first few sexual experiences are connected to nonsexual things, chances are high to get a fetish involuntarily

Alex i think itís most prevalent in USA

ich i guess a shoe 👠 fetish is the most common

Alex whats that

ich wikipedia link gesendet

Alex Honey I'm falling asleep. I'll text you in the morning. Have a nice day. I love you bunches ❤❤❤

ich ok have a relaxing sleep babe. ❤️❤️❤️ bunches

Ende 11: 16, zu spät für die Bank

#95 RE: Alex Latona / RPO Lt. Snowbeard Mac Man von Tamina13 25.08.2020 11:49


Fortsetzung Montag 17:16 Uhr

Alex hi honey

ich hi darling. one minute please

Alex ok babe. How are you honey

ich iím here for you now. iím ok, how about you my love 😍

Alex I'm fine thank you. Did you eat something

ich not yet. but will order some food now

Alex Okay go ahead and order I'll wait for you

ich i can do multitasking

Alex hahahaha Have you done that?

ich ok done

Alex Alright babe. What did you order?

ich Schnitzel mit Pommes Frites, Salat

Alex must be nutrious

ich German pork and fries, salad

Alex how is the weather today?

ich the weather is really fine, sunny, little wind, 25 celsius, i love it.

Alex That's nice. So did you finally go to the bank?

ich yes

Alex how did it go?

ich i was there at 3 pm.... but.... iím so unhappy darling, i donít know how to tell you

Alex ok tell me

ich the bank was closed. there was a paper at the door. they had to close because they had a Corona outbreak. no personal there. the paper said, they are very sorry. customers shall call the bank central telefone number to make an appointment in one the other branches, either in one of the other villages around, or at the main building in town

Alex ok no problem

ich i already called the bank hotline. and made an appointment in the main building.

Alex ok no problem

ich oh, i thought you would be very upset. iím grateful that youíre not

Alex how far is the main building from you?

ich 6 km, the opposite direction

ich the telephone lady said, they donít accept customers without appointment any longer, since the Corona infections are increasing rapidly these days. customers have to either clear their issues by online banking, or make an appointment.

Alex Were you able to gain access to your online banking?

ich i made my appointment. and i ordered to send me the necessary forms by mail, so i can prepare them in advance at home. the online banking is still blocked. honey .... you still here?

Alex when eould this be?

ich Thursday afternoon 2 pm

Alex Alright I see. I think it won't be necessary anymore. Sorry for putting you through stress all these while. It's just like a vicious circle.... online transfer didn't go through, international cash transfer would take 3 to 5 days and then you tell me it didn't go through that the money was reversed. There's no solution here.

ich honey, the money wasnít reversed. it never left my account. the telephone bank lady told me, iím not the only one with this problem. dozens of customers claimed they lost internet banking access. honey, iím ver very sorry, what shall we do now

Alex This is just as bad as it gets. You give someone your word that you would do this and for the second time I disappoint the person. What would the person think of me? It's disrespectful on a professional level. I can't think of how salvage my reputation. I'm not trustworthy and reliable.

ich you would surely think the same about me, right?

Alex No you did what you could do and I totally understand

ich perhaps iím getting an earlier appointment. i asked for putting me on a waiting list. so in case someone else may cancel his appointment, they promised to call me. and iíll receive the forms for repairing my online banking by mail, and the form for for international banking. thatís a special form, difficult to fill out.

i just can apologize for the inconvenience honey darling. the bank lady said, because of the thunderstorm the attempts to log into online banking failed. people tried and tried, but the signals have not been correctly submitted. and the rule is, after 3 wrong tries to log in, the access gets automatically blocked, common bank security system. customers then must go in person to the bank, prove their identity by showing ID card or passport, drivers license is not accepted. then either apply for reopening or a new access, and it costs 10Ä .

do you want me to call Christie and explain it yo her? would that help rescuing your integrity? or can you find an alternative way to send her the fees? maybe your colleague got payed meanwhile and could loan you the money?

honey? i understand your disappointment. shall we talk later? (ich glaube, er musste sich mit jemandem besprechen, seine Antworten kamen reichlich spät)

Alex iím sorry. did your food arrive?

ich yes, this minute

Alex Okay you should eat then. Enjoy your dinner. I love you ❤

er hat ein Bild gesendet Text my heart is and always been yours
ich ihm ein Foto von Wiener Schnitzel mit Pommes

Ende 18:40 Uhr

#96 RE: Alex Latona / RPO Lt. Snowbeard Mac Man von Tamina13 25.08.2020 12:25


Fortsetzung Montag 20:55 Uhr

Alex Hi honey

ich hi babe

Alex how are you babe

ich iím fine thanks. have eaten. but as usual became tired after the meal

Alex Okay that's good. How's the weather

ich still good, havenít i answered this question today already? how is the weather in California? whatís new about the wildfires?

Alex It has not yet stopped

ich thatís so sad. 120.000 people homeless

Alex Yeah life is cruel. There are things we have no control over their occurrence

ich true

Alex what are you doing now?

ich nothing important. chatting with friends

Alex That's good. What about the cats?

ich theyíve good

Alex are you smoking now?

ich no, not right now. why are you asking?

Alex Just curious. How does it make you feel?

ich itís calming

Alex What's the favorite type of cigarette to smoke?

ich Marlboro red, the long ones

Alex do you have pictures of them

ich Sorry, not now. They ran out, I bought the regular seize. Foto gesendet

Alex ok, are they sold in US?

ich yes of course, they are american

Alex ok thanks

ich why you ask?

Alex My heart is heavy I need something to keep me calm. I don't want to take alcohol.

ich then take a warm bath. or drink tea, green tea

Alex That won't make me calm... I need to stop thinking too much.

ich hmmm. play online games, or meditate. Don't smoke! The red Marlboro are too strong for you. everything will be fine. just be patient.

Alex Thought it would help but it didn't. So I think smoking will take away all my problems right now. I need to be in an oblivion

ich honey please. Smoking will make your throat feel miserable, you'll start coughing and puking. better drink a whiskey and pass out.

Alex I promised not to do that anymore. Smoking should be a better alternative

ich sorry, i canít help the situation. try it then. you will regret it. But don't tell me tomorrow how bad you feel. Remember I warned you


( huch... du bist ein 25 jähriger Nigerianer und versuchst, mich abzuzocken... )

ich I think you are person with a big loving heart. unhappy at the moment. disappointed, angry, sick, exhausted. Normally you're sexy, funny, very smart, handsome.

Alex I don't need to hear this I need you to be brutally honest.

ich i AM brutally honest. what did you expect to hear? I LOVE YOU. in any situation

Alex No I don't think so.

ich what do you think then? Alex whatís wrong.

Alex its ok

ich What is wrong? Why these insisting questions? honey youíre scaring me

Alex how?

ich talk to me

Alex i need to feel this pain. tell me iím a looser, i need to hear it from you

ich honey listen. i donít talk bullshit

Alex thank you. then bring it on.

iím honest and serious. you did everything right. It's not your fault, and Christie knows that. I'm sure you don't need more pain. It's bad enough right now. take a sleeping pill. i stay and stand with you

Alex i love you ( ich hab den Test wohl bestanden lol )

#97 RE: Alex Latona / RPO Lt. Snowbeard Mac Man von Tamina13 25.08.2020 12:38


Fortsetzung: 21:55 Uhr

Alex Honey I love you

ich I love YOU

Alex ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

ich I love you more darling ❤

Alex youíre the best honey. I'll take a pill. I hope it helps. Thank you for being you.

ich I really love you. now and always.

Alex You've touched my innermost soul.

ich Thank you sweet heart, it's my soulmates soul. relax a bit. distracted yourself, and sleep as much as possible.

Alex thanks

1 Stunde später:

ich i hope youíre feeling a little better now. i send you hugs and kisses. iím going to sleep now, and take you with me into my dreams 💤. we will survive this miserable situation together and become stronger and stronger as a couple. ❤️🧡💛🧡❤️

Alex 3:32 Uhr Do have a lovely night rest honey. I love you so much my darling queen

ich 6:06 Uhr Thank you honey. Got up to pee, now back to sleep. See you in few hours.

ich 9:09 iím awake honey

ich 12:36 are you sleeping? sweet dreams my love

Fortsetzung folgt...

#98 RE: Alex Latona / RPO Lt. Snowbeard Mac Man von Tamina13 26.08.2020 11:02


Fortsetzung: Dienstag 25.08.2020

06:06 ich Thank you honey. Got up to pee, now back to sleep. See you in few Hours

09:06 ich I'm awake honey

12:36 ich are you sleeping? sweet dreams my love

13:08 Alex Hi honey

ich Hi my love

Alex how are you doing

ich iím ok, how are YOU doing, i was in sorrows. why are you awake at this time right now?

Alex why are you in sorrow?

ich last night, you confused me with your questions. why donít you sleep

Alex I've slept long enough I can't sleep again. How is your day going?

ich honey itís 4am!

Alex And so? Are you busy with something?

ich not really. chatting with some friends on messenger

Alex ok, i see. have you eaten?

ich What are you doing my love, are you feeling better than yesterday? How did you calm down?

Alex took a sleeping pill. slept without worries.

ich Good. And how are you feeling right now

Alex iím feeling better. thanks for asking. Have a good time chatting with your friends on messenger

1 Stunde später

ich honey iím sorry, can we chat later, iím going to take a shower now. my Thai friend showed up, to clean as usual. love you

2 Stunden später

ich Alex i miss you right now

Alex hi pretty woman how are you

ich oh hi honey 🧡😍🧡 iím sweating

Alex why? is it hot?

ich hair procedure makes me sweating, and at my shower the cold water is low, so i canít regulate the temperatures like i want to. itís always too warm.

Alex I'm sorry about that honey you can use the fan to cool off

selfie gesendet

Alex looks great

ich thank you. how are you looking today?

Alex not too well, but we move on

ich i would like to receive a picture.... honey? keine Antwort. are you busy? obviously, iíll return later

30 min. später ich Honey?

30 min. später Alex hi honey

Fortsetzung folgt, ist aber nicht jugendfrei lol

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Fortsetzung Dienstag 25.08.2020, 17:36 Uhr

Alex hi honey, Sorry I was taking refill for my meds

ich oh hi , i thought you forgot me

Alex how can i forget you babe?

ich 😂 how are you doing?

Alex iím fine, thank you. howís your day going?

ich busy, cleaning the house, but now itís almost done.

Alex is your house help still around?

ich she is in the garden at this moment, picking fruit from a tree. she wants to bake a pie for her birthday tomorrow.

Alex oh wow. So you do be going for a party tomorrow?

ich propably, garden party, barbecue

Alex That's nice. Glad you'd be having a good time. hat mir ein Foto gesendet

ich hm... if you were here, we could join together. itís so annoying going to places always alone.
thank you, good looking handsome guy. i love your face.

Alex 😉

ich oooh, i like your face so much

Alex hmmmmmm...I just thought of facials

ich what do you mean. i love your face and your hands

Alex Sitting on someone's face😂😂😂😂

ich ooooops... to kill the person?

Alex Lmao😂😂😂😂

ich but i had similar imaginations. killing a person ďsomehowĒ

Alex Yes it's just a different tool to kill

ich yes 😂 the question is, who kill whom?

Alex Depends on who's shooting sperm or squirting

ich bomb 💣... honey, i gotta go, back in 10 minutes

Alex alright babe

ich will you be here then?

Alex yes

ich ok .... 20 min. später

ich hi iím back

Alex Hold on I'm taking some pills

ich me too.... honey? are you here? did you pass out??? 15 min. später

Alex hi babe

ich hi

Alex How's it going?

ich iím ok, you?

Alex iím good

ich which pills did you take?

Alex For flu and sore throat and nasal congestion

ich no blue ones?

Alex nope. no blue ones

ich lol. no blue ones, no bomb 💣

Alex Lol when I'm in the mood I don't need it. i donít need help

ich haha prove it

Alex You will know in due time

ich help me God

Alex Lol Why? Thought you' were strong to go round

ich yes, i said this ...

Alex So what would God help you with?

ich How walking the next day lol, or at least sitting. how many rounds would i have to endure?

Alex LMAO your ass would be on fire and legs quaking. 3 for the start

ich are you sure? 3 for the start? wow

Alex too small?

ich i guess thats good with me.

Alex okay, sure. I do pass out after the third round though

ich Then we can start with 2 for the beginning and have some training

Alex okay, nice

ab hier muss ich einige Sätze weglassen

ich Oh my, would you please stop you naughty boy, you canít do this always to me, itís so unfair

Alex Be getting ready for the big night

bis 19:30 Uhr. weiter ab 22:30 Uhr

ich why did you stop chatting with me? i sent you 6 messages, you didnít respond

Alex the signal shut me out.

ich iím going to watch TV then, if you donít like to talk to me

Alex what TV show are you going to see?

ich we had an interesting topic, i wanted your opinion, but iím not in the mood any more. iím having bad pain from cleaning. cats are hungry and shouting. i need to pee, and ice creme ran out. 😒 frustrated

Alex iím so dorry babe, we can continue tomorrow

ich maybe, if your signal doesnít give up again?

Alex It won't babe I'll make sure of that

ich so, why did it today?

Alex I don't know it was really bad today hopefully tomorrow will be better

ich aha.... hopefully

Alex tomorrow we will have this conversation. i wonít disappoint you.

ich i donít force you to talk with me, you are a free man. but you could tell me, when youíre bored or not interested in the topic or busy otherwise

Alex Hey don't get that idea into your ahead that I absconded from the conversation.

ich it looked like you did. i messaged you x times

Alex no, i did not. i was enjoying the conversation. As you could see I didn't get the messages. I had to reboot my phone and got tired of the signal breaking down

ich i must feed cats, Lucy is screaming

Alex ok, i wait for you

chat bis 0:25 Uhr, nix wichtiges, nur über sex, dicks, pussies... war mir egal, Hauptsache ihn zu beschäftigen

Alex Honey I'm hungry. I need to make something to eat. It's past midnight for you so I hope you're able to get a nice sleep. I love you bunches❤❤❤❤❤

ich hmmmmmm ok....... love you 😍 back

Alex why the hmmmmmm ? Don't want me to go yet?

ich honey you got it. i never want you to go. but i let you, go and eat, have a nice lunch.

Alex ❤️❤️❤️❤️

heute Mittwoch 26.08.2020, 10:35 Uhr

ich hi honey, iím awake since 3 hours. usually you tell me Good morning, but since a few days you stopped. why? iím missing it. I guess you are asleep now. have sweet dreams honey 🍯
i hate this 9 hours time difference ..... 😡

Alex 10:59 Uhr

Good morning my angel, each day comes with happiness, and this is because of you, you make me happy every morning of my life, and I want you to be happy as well, I want to wish you a splendorous day ahead without hassle and stress, remember I am always right next to your heart, love you lots, honey.Being with you is something I want to do the rest of my life, it will undoubtedly be my greatest achievement, and it will be one I will remain proud and happy about, when I am with you I'm am lost in time and space, every minute spent with you is glorious, I really canít do without you, you have become an integral part of me, I love you so much my sweet love.Hey honey bunny I just want to make some confessions to you sweets, you are the best thing that ever happened to me, I just want to seize this opportunity to say thank you for loving me unconditionally and proving to me that there is still true love out there, you are one rare gem, and I am one hell of a lucky guy, I thank you for the laughs, the great times we have shared already(more still to come) you have changed my life totally, I canít thank you enough, I just have to be the very best you want, you are my everything, I love you sweetest.

Off to sleep I go again. Enjoy the morning babe❤️❤️❤️❤️

ich WOW hey honey how are you, iím missing you so much all the time.

ich thank you so so much for your sweet words, i appreciate your confessions with my deepest heartfelt gratefulness. you touched me in the center of my soul .

Ende 12:05 Uhr

Fortsetzung folgt...

#100 RE: Alex Latona / RPO Lt. Snowbeard Mac Man von Tamina13 27.08.2020 11:33



Der lange Liebestext gestern stammt aus dem Internet, hab ihn erfolgreich gegoogelt. hätte ihm am liebsten den Link geschickt, damit er erkennt, ich lasse mich nicht so leicht verarschen... habís mir aber verkniffen, lol 😆

Mittwoch 26.08.2020

18:06 Alex Hi honey

20:01 ich Hi honey (fühle mich total vernachlässigt .... traurig ☹️)

Donnerstag 27.08.2020

01:08 Alex Do have a lovely night rest honey. i love you bunches

08:44 ich Hello

Alex How was your night?

ich i need to to go to the bathroom first

Alex okay babe

ich here i am

Alex How are you feeling this morning?

ich too much pain im my back

Alex Took your meds?

ich Sure, a few minutes ago

Alex I hope youíll feel better soon

ich Tank you

Alex Fed the cats?

ich Yes, done

Alex That's good. Having appetite to eat?

ich cats always, not me til afternoon

Alex How many cups of coffe?

ich The first right now ( bin absichtlich einsilbig ) you woke me up

Alex youíre a light sleeper

ich not really... but at the and of my night i wake up. during deep sleep phases iím not getting disturbed

Alex Ok I see. How is the weather this morning?

ich cool and fresh, sunny. we had a bad storm yesterday, heavy windy

Alex That's why you have pain this morning?

ich Maybe, possible

Alex Okay, I see. What did you do yesterday?

ich itís really bad. feeling like burning and breaking

Alex Whoa I'm sorry about that babe

ich I will lay down later if it doesnít get better. for now i took double dose pain killers.

Alex Double dose?

ich Right

Alex Is it healthy?

ich tilidin 200 mg, plus 30 drops, novalgin 50 mg plus 30 drops, gabapentine 600 mg. is pain healthy?

Alex No it's not healthy I know. But overdose is not good I suppose but if it helps suppress the pain then carry on

ich double dose is not the same as overdose. i will not die from double dose, but from overdose i would

Alex Oh okay I get it. No don't die hahahaha

ich Iíll try

Alex Yes keep trying and who knows a miracle might happen and you do be free from pain

ich I remember exactly the last day i have been pain free. it was in June 2001, on a boat trip with my boyfriend. it was his boat, i saw it the first (and last) time. on a river not far from my place. i was allowed to drive the boat!

Alex Wow so after that month it's been hell of a pain?

ich No, no no, it is in my back since i was 17 years old. the intensity was increasing over time. itís permanently in my brain. just seldom i donít feel it, foe example while sleeping, being high, or being too happy

Alex Wow so over dose of happiness is perfect to keep you going without pain

ich Absolutely.. or some weed, lol

Alex hahahaha

ich itís after midnight there. why donít you sleep honey

Alex Making up for the lost times yesterday

ich did you lose time? howís that possible

Alex We didn't have much conversation yesterday..... You weren't wet yesterday right? Lol

ich right. but donít worry, i didnít miss you

Alex hmmmm

ich hmmmm??

Alex you didnít miss me

ich donít you remember? iíve been invited to a garden party yesterday. it was very funny and distracting. 30 Thai people...... and me lol

Alex hahaha I hope you had a good time

ich but as it was horrible windy and quite cool, i returned home at about 8 pm. yes thank i had a good time. of course i missed you at my side❤️

Alex Hahahahaha I only love to see your pussy cry and not your eyes

ich nothing is crying. iím taking good care of my organs lol

Alex Hahahahaha damn I feel useless then

ich oh iím so sorry for you right now 😉

Alex Well I know there's always a difference between pistol and a real dick

ich Really? lol ... a pistol 🔫 is unable to hug and kiss. it doesnít scream my name, it doesnít talk dirty words, or sweet words etc

Alex hahaha yes. And you can't suck on it and go crazy

ich haha i could... but why would i suck the 🔫

Alex I don't know hahahahaha I guess I'm still important lol

ich We will check it out. Iíll tell you then

Alex There's no way you pistol can stand a chance against my performance.

ich donít talk, prove it. i believe you if you actions meet your words lol 😝

Alex Hahahahaha I'm not gonna brag anymore. So action speak louder than words I believe.

ich indeed.... i donít like bragging. i like true words and congruent actions. btw.... if itís about making me climaxing, using the pistol 🔫 might be faster. but of course it is not possible to MAKE LOVE. you know the difference. iím not interested in just having sex with a man, you already know this as well. iím interested in LOVE in all sections of my life. you understand???

Alex Absolutely and this love would eventually take away you pain bit by bit ofcourse with the help of weed lol

ich and physical love is not the cause, itís the included consequences of being in love

Alex Consequences of being in love?

ich yeah... while making love i probably will not feel the pain for a while

Alex Thats good to know

ich you didnít understand? well, iíll explain then : first step is falling in love, later acting the feelings out also in the bedroom. not vice versa. physical love is another language to express the feelings of loving someone. clear now?

Alex Oh ok, I understand now

ich iím not interested in having sex. if so, i could have lots of one night stands.

Alex That's not who you're of course

ich Or I could pay for a toy boy, a male prostitute

Alex Thats against society norms

ich what iím looking for is a partner. for all parts of life. the Ąpackageď should be complete. mentally, emotionally, physically

Alex Thatís what genuine love is all about

ich if there might be a physical inability, i could deal with it, because iím also having physical issues. but if there might be a mental problem or an emotional lack, it would get difficult

Alex Yes I get it. But your physical issues has limited effects on you

ich imagine your last relationship. physical no problems, but the other sectors of love have been wrong

Alex Absolutly.... and that was a deal breaker

ich long time marriages have been explored by scientists. both partners said theyíre still happy in the relationship after 20, 30 years. scientists found out, although the sexual desire decreased over time, and in most cases health issues and physical disabilities occurred, the other parts of love Philia and Agape grew and grew. and thatís the reason for lifetime relationships. all couples where love was based mainly on Eros, failed during the first 3 to 5 years.. Honey, i gotta go now. and you should go to sleep

Alex Wow I think so because with time the sexiness and attraction in both partners dwindles and the craving for each other slowly begins to die and eventually the break up

ich the craving should never die. it should change over time, from Eros to Philia and Agape. thatís the secret of everlasting relationship and love

Alex You sound like a love therapist right now. You're widely enlightened honey

ich honey, go to sleep 😴. itís very late in California

Alex Okay babe, have a nice day

ich no, iím not a love therapist. and no relationship therapist. if so, i would not have failed so often

Alex Failures gives the best lessons moving on

ich honey have a good night and sweet dreams

Ende 10:30 Uhr

kein einziges I love you, Herzchen, ....
und keine Frage nach dem Banktermin heute, oder den Formularen, die ich angefordert hatte ...

@Anni60 wie soll ich mich verhalten? was ist psychologisch besser: soll ich mich rar machen, oder ihm hinter laufen, ihn zutexten wenn er nicht online ist, mit I miss you so much, I love you so much bla bla bla?

was ist da los? ist das Taktik, oder Dummheit, oder habe ich nicht mehr sein Interesse ? ich glaube, ich bin nicht mehr seine Priorität. Er chattet parallel mit mir und jemand anderem, was ich ja überhaupt nicht leiden kann.

heute um 14 Uhr ist mein Banktermin.

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