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#1 Scammer Raymond Hung / Real Face Kenneth von Wüste Sahara 21.07.2020 22:36



Name: Raymond Hung
Link: über Facebook kennengelernt

WhatsApp: +393510879634 (wir haben gestern WhatsApp getauscht. Diese Handynummer ist nicht vergeben- ich habe es angerufen).

Der erzählt mir die selbe Story wie mein Scammer, dem ich im Dezember 2019 über Facebook kennengelernt habe. Hat ein drei Monaten Oil Rig Project, darf nicht telefonieren, kein Video call etc. Deswegen spiele ich jetzt mit diesem Schwein- Raymond Hung weiter. Ich bin gespannt, wie er mich das Geld anfordern möchte. Ich werde Euch später bestimmt fragen.

Auf seine Facebook sind einige erkennbaren Scammer wie aus Indien /Bangladesch

Ich habe die Bilder auf google Bild / Yandex gecheckt, leider ist nicht ausgekommen.

#2 RE: Raymond Hung von bia1954 21.07.2020 22:53


@XY- Yang du sollst der Chats hier reintun dann können wir auch dir Typs geben wenn brauchst

#3 RE: Raymond Hung von GelöschtesMitglied 22.07.2020 09:50

@XY- Yang

Wer ist der Herr auf dem letzten Foto?

#4 RE: Raymond Hung von Wüste Sahara 22.07.2020 20:11


@ Bliss: der soll einer der Scammer Gruppe

#5 RE: Raymond Hung von Wüste Sahara 22.07.2020 22:18


Ich weiß noch nicht, wie ich die Texte über Facebook runterladen. Ich bin so dumm

#6 RE: Raymond Hung von roges 22.07.2020 22:27

#7 RE: Raymond Hung von Wüste Sahara 25.07.2020 11:25


Über Facebook:

Dieser Scammer erzählt mir die selbe Geschichte wie der Schwein- Scammer, der ich mehr als €120.000 verloren habe). Deswegen spiele ich mit ihm jetzt.

Hierzu habe ich eine Frage an Euch: Sind die aus der gleichen Scammer- Gruppe? Vielleicht aus Asian?


Er: Nice to meet you, your profile picture look beautiful, please where are you from
Ich: Hi, thank you. Nice to meet you too here
Er: you welcome.You look cute and decent on this profile picture of yours, Please where are you from ? ( so übel )
ich: I am from Hongkong. And you?
Er: My home town is Singapore but i was born and raised in Sweden, but currently in Italy
Ich:What? I am in Rome now. Don’t tell me you are also in Rome
Er: Hahahahahaha
Ich:Do you run marathon? ( ich laufe halb-Marathon)
Er: Hahaha. i am following you on your back, hahahaha.
I am in Sicily Italy. So what are you doing in Italy??
Ich: You tell me first. Sorry. What is Sicily?
Er: Just the way you are in Rome
Ich: Oha, I don’t know that Place . Hahah
Er: I work in an oil refinery company, I am currently on my rough work on the offshore in Italy at this moment
Ich: Offshore on rig? Ohh, it is very interesting work
Er:Have you ever heard of the roughneck rig work before?
Ich: No. First tell me, What’s your name in Chinese.
Er: Chen.Chen is my Chinese name ( Chen ist eigentlich Familien Name)
Ich: I mean in Chinese, Gentlemen. Haha.Well, Never mind.
Er: So tell me what are you doing in Rome??
Ich: I was joking. I live in Germany.
I am seriously ask you, if you have ever run marathon. Because your profile looks very sporty.
Er: Oh i do this just to keep fited. l do have a workout gym, play golf, play football.
Ich:Are you kidding? Play golf?It is so boring.
Er: Hahaha i do enjoyed it
Ich: Uhmmm....How often do you play golf then?
Er: Every weekend. If i am around.
Ich:How long will be in Italy then?Sorry, I ask too much?
Er:It's okay.This is three months project, i hope to finish my project month end.
Ich:You mean end July?
Er: Yes.I'd love to have your whatsapp number , i hope you don't mind?? ( er wollte gleich mein WhatsApp )
Ich:I can add you, if you don’t mind.You can give me your WhatsApp number.
Er:Okay my dear, i will do that.+393510879634.Can you add me now, i am going to sleep soon. I only sleep for 5 hours everyday.
Ich: It is not even 21:00.I will add you soon. Okay?Can you also make phone call?
Er: Here in the Rig we don't use phone, it's causes explosion, the company provides us with an old IBM computer which I use for paper work, and that is what I am using in communicating with you because smart phones are not allowed here, they do that just to prevent other companies for having a copy of our design.....I can only access some of my old pictures via my flash drive here.
(die selbe falsche Geschichte)
Ich: Ohh, okay. I see.
Er: Can you write me in on whatsapp now?
Ich: I will add you later.
Er:Okay it's 8:10 PM.I will wake 1am. What time are you there?
Ich: Where?
Er: Germany
Ich: Dear friend, you are from Sweden and working in Italy. Hahah
Er:Yes what happened?
I am only asking you, what is the time in Germany.
Okay same time ( 5 Minuten später hat er geantwortet. Vielleicht hat er googlt.)
Ich: 2 Hours different between Italy and Germany ( ich mache mich über ihm lustig)
Er: OKay. Good night, i hope to see your message soon

#8 RE: Raymond Hung von Wüste Sahara 25.07.2020 11:27


10.07.2020 -
Um 02:10 Uhr
Er: Hello my dear ( Es is nur der zweite Tag, ruf er „Dear“)
Ich: Good morning (ich habe ihm um 11:30 Uhr geantwortet)
Er: i am having my lunch break now
Ich:How long is your lunch break?
Er:My workers take 1 hours 30 minute, my break 3 hours.Why did you not add me on WhatsApp? you broke my expectation.
Ich:Hahah . Are you pig? Sleep - lunch break so long?Ohh, we can also chat first here.What makes difference to chat here and WhatsApp then?
Er:I don't come to face book often,Please let talk on whatsapp please.Hello are you very busy?
Ich:I have to give two orders to our system and then will go home for weekend
Er:Oh i see.I have to go back work now, send me your whatsapp number,
( ich habe ihm immer noch nicht gesendet)
Abend- 10.07.2020, 19:03:

Er: Hello my dear
Ich:Who is your dear?
Er: You are my dear friend of course
Ich: Oha.
Er:How was your day today?
Ich: My day was busy. It is normal for my profession is normal for my profession. By the way, which city do you live in Sweden ?
Er: You haven't told me the name of your job.
Ich: Name of my job?Tell me which city do you live if you don’t mind?
Er:I have a lot of questions to ask you but i don't want to rush.
Ich:Then ask. It is weekend
Er:Write me on whatsapp, i am only here because of you please.
Ich:Hahaha,You are allowed to ask three questions here.
Er:Okay but write on whatsapp
Ich: And answer this question first- which city do you live in Sweden?
Er:Please my dear, don't stress me, this is my first request
Ich: Dearest. I don’t like stress too.I had a busy and stress working day. And would like to chat with you to release little bit.
Er:I know, i promise, i will give you all the care you deserve, if you are good to me.
Ich:Ohhh.... hahaha. What If you are not good to me?
Er:Yesss trust okay.The fate that brought us here, it's special.I have al ot to tell you, please write on whatspp okay, i trust you.
Ich: Whats your first name and last name again? Your job sounds very interesting.
Er: Can we talk about this on whatsapp please.
Ich:How come you are so hurry to chat on WhatsApp?
Er:Strange people started sending message i will shoutdown my facebook.
Ich: I am in restaurant with business partner.I will add you when I get home. Okay?
Er:You want to leave me here alone just like that??

]Den Tag habe ich keine Lust mehr mit him to spielen und antworte nicht mehr

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11.07.2020, 19:02
Er:Hello my dear. Why did you abandoned me??
Ich: Hi. how come would you say that? By the way how many hours did you sleep?
Er:I have be working since, i just get off work, i am in the computer room talking to you now.
Ich: Okay. Your job is really Interesting.
Er:Is it hard to add me on whatsapp??
Ich:I just want to be careful. It is my company phone number.We can first chat here if you don’t mind.
Er:I want you to know that, i will never hide anything from you, It's fate that brought us together here
Ich: Hahaa. How was your work today? I hope it was not stressful? Can you tell me, What does it mean your first name and last name?
Er: No thanks for the care. My first name mean, wise protection.
Ich:You even don’t understand the meaning of your name?
Er:Why did you say that?i am busy, that's why i did not reply on time.
Ich: I see.
Er:Dear, please add me on whatsapp, i will send you photo my of Rig.I am here waiting for you.
Ich:We can chat here.I feel you have a very interesting job.
Er: If you don't want to add me then say it straight forward to me, not by playing me... today or tomorrow
Ich: God. I am bit scared of you now.
Er:I want to tell you, i will disappear from face book very soon, i can't use face book here in the Rig, it was a fate to met here.
Ich:Ohhh, what happened?
Er: Incase you want to talk to me, you know were to find me.
Ich: Where? Italy?
Er:You have my number, write on whatsapp, bye.I thought you take me serious, i can't continue forcing myself on you
Ich:I just want to be careful. I explained to you, my phone number is from my company.I will ask my IT check and add you tomorrow when I am in office.
Er:I really like you, i can't lie about that, that's why i am still here talking to you
Ich:You are so cute
Er:This is serious, i am not joking.Why don't you have personal phone?
Ich:No, I don’t have. It is paid by our company. I am the sakes director of our company.
I am responsible for exporting 135 countries. Our IT is very carefully
Er: You want others to see our chat?
Ich: Nooo. They won’t see. Unless there is virus or unusual things.I will ask my IT tomorrow. Okay?
Er:Okay, i believe, our fate will never depart us. Are you married?
Ich: I am single. An you?
Er:I was once married and had a son, whom i loved so much.My wife cheated on me four years ago with my best friend and that led to the death of my son and my ex wife.I lost them both in a car accident.
Ich:Ohhh, it is so sad
Er: I loved my wife and my son so much that i could do anything just to make them happy , i gave my family the best of life ever , we where living very happily , we traveled mostly every vacation
I take my family on a trip ,every trip i go ,i take then along with me.
Ich: Where is your best friend now?
Er: One day she was driving and at the same time drunk at the same time coming back to pick up our son from school they both had accident and died at the same time , that was my worst moment ever in my life, their death shocked me that i lasted three weeks at the hospital i never believe that they where dead , and after then i left Lund Sweden to Paris France for holiday because i was all alone, since ever the death of my family i stop having friends because i feel my best friends betrayed me and that was the cost of the death of my family.
I was all alone working so hard just to get my mind off there memory's but it was not easy for me to do because i loved my family so much.
Since this incident of my wife I promise never to come close to any woman again in my life,I thought all women are the same until a co-partner of mine advised me to get a soul mate and move on in life.
Ich:I am so sorry to hear about this.
Er:Ever since I have been so busy with my project work,I don't really have time because I'm a very hard working man,I work so had just to have the best future in life.
Since this incident of my wife I promise never to come close to any woman again in my life,I thought all women are the same until a co-partner of mine advised me to get a soul mate and move on in life
ch: Don’t be done, you will have better life in future. God will protect good and punish the bad people.
I believe justice in life. Someday and somewhen the bad peoples will be punished by themselves, or their next generations.
I am so touched by your past.How come life happened like this to you.
Er: I don't no what i done to deserved all this
Ich:What about your parents? Are they alive?
Er:No, pass aways, don't worry i will write email about me in the future,
Ich:Ohh, your life is really bitter
Er:Yeah, i am alright now.Tell me, why are you single, because you are very beautiful.
Ich:I have not fund the right guy. And I am hard working woman too.
Er:How old are you?
Ich: 35. And you?
Er: I see. 47. Okay i am going back to working site we will talk later, take care of your self.
Ich: Wait. When did your mom and dad die?Your story is really touched me
Er:Do you have to ask me this questions?
Ich:I want to know more about yo. I feel your life is so bitter. My mom and dad are died too. That’s why I want to ask you, when did your mom and dad died? ( I lasse ihm nicht los )
Er: I understand, but can we talk about it in the future
Ich: My dad died when I was 16 years old; My mom died of cancer in 2017. What did your mom and dad died for? ( ich lüge nicht, wollte ich ihm sagen.)
Er: Hum, your dad and mum died too.My father was an estate developer also Rig Engineer just like me , he was a great man, he died on a rig crash in Texas United states, that was 2006 , that was the beginning of my sad moment , after the death of my father my mother was terribly shock, she developed a heart attack , she died one years after the death of my father , so sad for me , i was the only son , i was the only child of my parents , after that i started been a man.
Ich: It is really sad. It looks we are more or less are same.
Er:Yes, i am so sorry about yours too okay.The reason why i want to add you on whatsapp is because i really like you, i hope you understand my heart.
Ich:I know it is very dangerous on the rig, perhaps you will die by an unexpected wave or explosions. Tell me whom I can contact if die on the rig?
Er:What can of stupid thought is that?
Ich: Ehhh? But You said, it is dangerous in the rig?
Er:I thought i met good person, so you are really like this.How can you think like this?I am really disappointed.
ich: You just said, your dad died on the rig.
Er:If my dad died, must i die, common how can you think like this, you have let me down.I thought you care about me. how can you wish me death.
Ich: Neeee..... you told me it is risk on the rig. And your dad died from this kind of job.
Er: You want me to end up like my late dad?
Ich: I don’t understand why you also choose this stressful job
Er:Because the work pays, It a nice work too.I am an independent contractor, i have workers.
Ich:I have to back to work now.Wish you a nice rest afternoon.

Am 20.07.2020 sind wir über Whatsapp. Ich habe eine neue SIM ALDI TALK (für mein neues Hobby- Scammerbeiter). Ich hasse die Schwein- Scammers.

Er sagt, das Project wird am Ende Juli completely sein. Ich bin gespannte, wie es weiter geht. HAHAHA.

#10 RE: Raymond Hung von Wüste Sahara 19.08.2020 21:35


Am 18.08.2020

Nun kommt die Geldforderung

Fake Homepage:
(Ich habe Angst um die Homepage zu klicken)

Honey my working machine has broken down.

I have tried all my best to fix it but the mechanic confirmed that the machine cylinder has been damaged and need to be replaced.I am so worried and confused right now honey.. I never expected this to happen to me.

I did contact the machine company to make inquiry to place order for the machine so that it can be delivered to me here at the sea and they said that the cylinder cost the sum 40,800 Euro, I have 20,000 euro cash here with. I need to make the full payment before they can deliver the cylinder to me here at the sea!

Honey you know i invested all that i have in this project and right now I need this cylinder so that I can get the machine working so as i can complete my project.Honey I have few thousands of Euros with me here at the rig which was the money that accompany me here after much expenses in securing the project.

Honey you know that there is no way i can send money from here to the company so that they can have the cylinder delivered to me here.I don't have access to my bank account here at the sea and you know there is no bank here at the sea.

Honey if you are to make the order directly from the website, it’s going to take almost a month for me to get the cylinder.This is why I am making the order through an agent.All you need to do for me, is to help me make the payment to the details on the invoice.

Honey I have twenty thousand and a few change with here.Honey the amount one the invoice part payment I have to make before the machine’s cylinder can be delivered to me.

Honey as soon as i finish my project i will buy a phone and call you immediately, i also want to hear your voice too, the important thing right now is for you to help me make this payment so that i can get the machine Cylinder on time, please, there is no time, I promise to pay you back as soon as possible😢😢😢

Der hat mich noch ein paar Fotos geschickt. Ich habe bei google- Bild und Yandex gecheckt, leider kann ich die Real Personen immer noch nicht finden.

Ich weiß nicht, soll ich ihm eine Fake Überweisung machen? Dann brauche Eure Hilfe. Danke

#11 RE: Raymond Hung von Elsie 19.08.2020 21:41

das ist nicht gesagt, dass er der gleiche ist, die kaufen auch Geschichten incl. homepages ein, vielleicht kann @Michimei mal danach schauen, - laß dich nicht verunsichern, ich habe die homepage angeklickt, öffnet sich, ich habe aber nicht genügend Kenntnisse um zu beurteilen, das sie fake ist, - ich gehe aber schwer davon aus
alles Liebe dir, ich bin genauso betrogen worden wie du, fühle dich gedrückt
lg Elsie

#12 RE: Raymond Hung von killerbiene 19.08.2020 22:50


die homepage ist richtig ,
aber die rechnung ist fake ..

#13 RE: Raymond Hung von Wüste Sahara 20.08.2020 19:55


ihr seid super Heute habe ich ihm gesagt, dass ich einen Termin mit meiner Bank vereinbaren muss. ich spiele mit ihm noch ein paar Tage weitere. Kann Alan das Konto in Indonesien melden und schießen lassen?

#14 RE: Raymond Hung von bia1954 20.08.2020 20:00


@XY- Yang unbedingt Alan melden

#15 RE: Raymond Hung von Wüste Sahara 29.08.2020 00:53



Nun habe ich seine E-mail Adresse und Whatsapp
LinkedIn: James Walter (ich bin nicht sicher, ob das sein Konto ist; Ich habe keinen Zugang zu LinkedIn)
Whatsapp: 0039-351 087 9634

Bank Name : Banco Di Novara ( BPM )
Account Name :
Account Number : 005280
Swift Code : BAPPIT21B68
Iban : IT24
Address: via Roma 21, Torino Italy
Banken Italien (6)

Am 27.08.2020 habe ich eine Fake Überweisungsformular per Hand ausgefüllt. Am 16:45 Uhr habe ich ihm geschrieben, dass ich die Telefonnummer und eine Kopie des Reispasses vom Empfänger benötige.

Ich: Hi, are you there? I am at my Bank now.
Er: Yes honey honey

Ich: I need the telephone number und copy of ID/ passport for the transaction. From the receiver.
I am at my bank now. Can you get me in 20 minutes? The bank will be closed in 15 minutes.
Er: Honey how can I be requesting that from the agent.
You know that is not possible and I am not in the position to do that.

Ich: It is required from the bank please. See the yellow marks with *
(ich habe es mit * gebastelt. Hahaha)
Er: Honey I think it’s optional. I don’t think that is important. I don’t have any contact with the retailer that my agent is getting the machine from. Where do you expect me to get the ID ?

Ich: No, it is” * ” and * must be filled. See the yellow marks. Because it is international remittance and Indonesia is outside EUROPE. Without this two information the remittance will not go through!
Er: No international remittance will request for the receivers ID and Telephone number.

Ich: What’s the matter with your agent, that he even refuses to provide his phone number and ID? Is he a criminal?
Er: How is a criminal? What do you want me to do now? Angry with me for what exactly?
Honey you shouldn’t blame me. The agent is the one I have contact with and he is the one helping me to get this machine since it is out of stock.

Ich: You are wasting my time. I am really angry with you now. I purposely left office and came here for your payment, you are wasting my time. I am going home now.
Er: I really don’t understand what you are asking me for. Do you have your business partner ID?

Ich: Are you stupid? My business? We never transfer to a private bank account!!!!
But why the receiver can not provide his phone number and ID then? Unless he is doing black business or he is criminal.
Er: You are sounding so shocking to me. How do you expect me to have someone’s ID in my possession.

Ich: Instead of wasting my time here, Then ask please!!!! I have to concentrate driving now.
Er: Alright. please be careful. Send me message when you get home.

Abend gegen 20:00 Uhr

Er: Honey, have you eaten? What did you eat for dinner?
Ich: Pizza.

Er: I hope you enjoyed it.
Ich: It is just dinner, nothing special.

Er: Baby i have reach the agent.
Ich: Ohh, this is really good news.

Er: Honey I have asked him to provide a euro account so that the payment can be made as soon as possible.
Ich: What do you mean Euro account? That account can not receive Euro?

Er: Yes, because of what you said, and he said that's not possible, so i asked him for euro account to make everything easier.
Ich: I am confused what you said. Sorry. If that account in Indonesia can not receive EUR, why the agent did not mention it on time then? It shows even on the Invoice.

Er: He said that he is having an issue with the retailer because of me. That the retailer has been reserving the machine for me hoping I was going to pay for it. So he suggested that he going to look for a retailer that has the machine so that we can make the payment as soon as possible.
What do you think honey?

Ich: Sorry, which retailer now? I am bit confused now, here and there.

Er: He is the retailer that the agent was suppose to get the machine’s cylinder from and have it delivered to me.
Ich: What about his company bank account? he must be have a company bank account, right?

Er: Honey if not for the fact that I can’t remit the full payment once,I have an alternative company I would have been able to order the machine’s cylinder online... But they only accept bitcoin as means of payment which is very fast.
Ich: What?Bitcoin? What kind of agent it is? I have no ideal how Bitcoin functions.

Er: I understand honey. Honey what do you want me to do now? I am so worried. I want to finish this project before deadline.
Ich: Please get a right bank account from the agent. I am going to sleep now, we talk tomorrow. Good night.
Er: Okay. Nice dream, baby.

Heute Nachmittag hat er mr ein Konto geschickt, das habe ich gleich an Alan gesendet

Eins kann ich nicht verstehen, hinter seiner Facebook Fake Profile sind alle Bangladesch, Nun ist der neue Bank Empfänger ein Nigerianer. Bangladesch und Afrikaner arbeiten Zusammen? Oder die Afrikaner hat eine FB Profile von einem Bangladesch geklaut?

Nächste Donnertag fülle ich die Fake Überweisungsformular aus, aber mit einem kleinen Fehler.

#16 RE: Raymond Hung von Wüste Sahara 29.08.2020 00:54


Fake Überweisung

#17 RE: Raymond Hung von Anni60 29.08.2020 08:47


@XY- Yang kannst du bitte die neue Kontoverbindung auch in Textform hier einstellen? Sind das auf der Fake Überweisung Echtdaten von dir?

#18 RE: Raymond Hung von Wüste Sahara 29.08.2020 19:52


@Anni60: Nee, die Daten sind Fake von mir , es sieht wie in echt aus . Auf der Fake Überweisung sind das alte Indonesien Bankkonto (S.U.).

ACCOUNT NAME: Eka Septia Wardani
IBAN: 142 001 850 3846
BANK ADDRESS: JL. pemuda no27 31,kota Surabaya jawa timur 60271 Indonesia
Beneficiary Address: JL tenggumung baru selatan 4 kec. semampir, kota Surabaya 65147 Indonesia

Liebe Grüße aus Hamburg

#19 RE: Raymond Hung von Wüste Sahara 02.09.2020 22:45


Update 3

Heute hat der Scammer mir doch die Handy Nummer und Kopie des Ausweises für das Indonesien Konto geschickt. Anscheinend kann das Konto noch nicht gemeldet oder geschlossen?

Er: Honey the agent said he has been able to get the details of the supplier in Indonesia.
PHONE NUMBER : +62 813-8334-2733
Ich: Ehh? I thought it is European Bank account.

Er: Honey he was unable to get that account ID and the phone number
Ich: So I should arrange €21500 to this Indonesian bank account, not to Italy . Right?

Er: Yes. Honey. You Just to fill the yellow marked space with the ID and phone number.
Ich: Can you send me the copy of ID and the number per Email again?
I want to forward to my bank to avoid problem tomorrow.

Er: What about the account too?
Ich: Then send everything new. If you are not tired 🙂. I am so happy that your agent could get this for us🙂.
I will do what you said🙂. I will go to bank and arrange the payment. Don’t worry, every thing will be alright, okay?

Er: Baby I have just sent, please check your Email. Baby, can i ask you for something?
Ich: Please

Er: Can you give me a selfie picture right now please please[/rot]
Ich: Raymond, I am not a little girl who always make selfie and post around. I am 32 years old and responsible for 135 countries for my company.

Er: Baby, please I am okay, with any one, you can send me please
Ich: Nöööööö, You will be in Germany soon and could see me in person.

Er: You are too hard, xiao.
Ich: I am hard sometimes, but I am honest and you will never regret to have me in your life ( das sagen die Scammers oft, nun sage ich ihm, hahaha.).
Ich: Sorry, I have meeting and have to go now. We chat in the evening.

Er: Okay. Always take care yourself for me.

Morgen mache ich wieder eine Fake Überweisung mit eine falscher SWIFT CODE.

Soll ich Alan noch mal schreiben, ggf. die Handynummer und der Ausweis weiterleiten?

#20 RE: Raymond Hung von Wüste Sahara 07.09.2020 21:01


Update 4
Am 03.09

Da ich die Handynummer und Kopie des Ausweises von Empfänger bekommen habe, könnte ich am 03.09 die Überweisung machen. Leider hat der neue Bank-Mitarbeiter drei Fehler gemacht

Summe: EUR 21.500,00; Fehler: € 25.100,00; €3600 zu viel gebucht
Bank Name: Mandiri Fehler: Maddiri

Außerdem musste Hung mich anrufen, weil ich seine Stimme hören möchte. Ansonsten werde ich die Überweisung= €25.100,00 stornieren.

Hier stelle ich die lustige ein.

[3.9. 20:56] Svart Gris-Schwein - Sverige Hung: Really, you must be stressed
[3.9. 20:56]Ich : And it is always traffic from 16:00-18:00. It took me 1 hour by driving to home. How come you dont answer my voice call just now?

[3.9. 21:02] Svart Gris-Schwein - Sverige Hung: Because we don't receive phone call, please don't do that again please
3.9. 21:03] Ich: You can receive voice calls. Please don’t play with me, I know you can receive calls. If you dont answer my voice call, I will cancel the transaction by next Monday. I have proved you and arranged the payment. The boyfriend of my friend works on a rig, he can make phone calls and video calls. I just want to hear your voice.

[3.9. 21:06] Svart Gris-Schwein - Sverige Hung: What's wrong with you honey, if you want to cancel then fine.
[3.9. 21:09] Ich: I give you a chance to call me by tomorrow. Otherwise I will cancel the transaction. Good might

[3.9. 21:10] Svart Gris-Schwein - Sverige Hung: Do you want this place to explosion?
[3.9. 21:11] Svart Gris-Schwein - Sverige Hung: Why are you doing this to why why.
3.9. 21:31] Svart Gris-Schwein - Sverige Hung: Just because you are helping me, is that why, you want to me disobeyed the  instruction giving to me by the technician, I have be pleading you for photo but you refused, did I do anything, please give  me sometime to finish this project, I will get a phone and call you okay.

[3.9. 22:25] Svart Gris-Schwein - Sverige Hung: Honestly I don't know why you are doing this to me
[3.9. 22:26] Svart Gris-Schwein - Sverige Hung: Even though I pick your call you can’t hear me
[3.9. 22:27] Svart Gris-Schwein - Sverige Hung: Since you want to hear my voice I will have to go to the rig security so they can help me arrange how I can possibly speak to you
[3.9. 22:55] Svart Gris-Schwein - Sverige Hung: Goodnight my Xiao

Am 04.09. Sage ich ihm, dass der Empfänger mir die Differenz € 3600 zurück überweisen soll

[4.9. 12:10] Svart Gris-Schwein - Sverige Hung: I was so happy when you told me yesterday, please let me concentrate on my work, i really felt your warm heart and your sweet love although , you don't show it to me, i do feel your love sometime, I also want to hear your voice too, i just hope the Rig security can figure this out,
[4.9. 13:07] Svart Gris-Schwein - Sverige Hung: You are not going to eat lunch today
[4.9. 13:22] Svart Gris-Schwein - Sverige Hung: You always mad at me, and that makes me scared of you, even if i did something wrong, please take easy on me
[4.9. 14:37] Svart Gris-Schwein - Sverige Hung: Honey are you doing this because I haven’t be able to call you ?
[4.9. 14:37] Svart Gris-Schwein - Sverige Hung: Honey I haven’t be able to do anything since you refused to talk to me
[4.9. 14:38] Svart Gris-Schwein - Sverige Hung: Honey I have been busy trying to look for a way to call you…
[4.9. 14:38] Svart Gris-Schwein - Sverige Hung: I have been able to get an online number with the help of the security here at the rig
[4.9. 14:38] Svart Gris-Schwein - Sverige Hung: Can you give me your mobile number so that I can call you.

Wir habe ca. 15 Minuten telefoniert.
Es klingt wie Mitte zwanzig Jahre alt, der Akzent klingt nicht afrikanisch.
Tel: +32 460 24 57 43
Tel: +1(213)429 0397

Am Abend schreiben wir auf WhatsApp

[4.9. 22:58] Ich: My bank booked too much amount.Did you see that? It should be €21500, but they booked € 25.100.
[4.9. 22:58] Svart Gris-Schwein - Sverige Hung: Yes baby

[4.9. 22:58] Ich: It is € 3600 too much
[4.9. 22:59] Svart Gris-Schwein - Sverige Hung: I will be the  one, keep the remaining money okay. Do you want to reduce it?

[4.9. 23:02] Ich: What do you think. It is more than €3600
[4.9. 23:04] Svart Gris-Schwein - Sverige Hung: If you we made this payment to them, as soon they arrive here, I will complete it, do you understand

[4.9. 23:05] Ich: But I transferred too much. They should transfer the different € 3600 to me back. Honest business partner should do this please
[4.9. 23:07] Svart Gris-Schwein - Sverige Hung: I understand you honey, leave everything for me okay, I will save the money for you okay

[4.9. 23:08]Ich: I trust you, but I dont trust the agent in Indonesia. They should transfer the €3600 back. okay?
[4.9. 23:09] Svart Gris-Schwein - Sverige Hung: Don't worry honey okay
[4.9. 23:09] Svart Gris-Schwein - Sverige Hung: Leave me handle it

[4.9. 23:09] Ich: Of cause I wil worry. I will check with my bank on next Monday
[4.9. 23:10] Svart Gris-Schwein - Sverige Hung: I said, I will save the money for you okay
[4.9. 23:10] Svart Gris-Schwein - Sverige Hung: Trust me on this

[4.9. 23:11] Ich: I trust you, but I dont trust the Indonesian side
[4.9. 23:11] Svart Gris-Schwein - Sverige Hung: Honey leave everything for me okay

[4.9. 23:12]Ich : What if they cheat on you . You are on the rig and can not do anything
[4.9. 23:12] Svart Gris-Schwein - Sverige Hung: Honey they can't do that
[4.9. 23:13] Svart Gris-Schwein - Sverige Hung: As soon as they delivery to me, I will give them the remaining balance okay and save your € 3600

[4.9. 23:13]Ich: Let me contact my bank on.Monday first
[4.9. 23:16] Svart Gris-Schwein - Sverige Hung: Leave everything for me
[4.9. 23:17] Svart Gris-Schwein - Sverige Hung: Do you want to going sleep now

[4.9. 23:17]Ich: Yes. Wish you a nice dream. Good night
[4.9. 23:18] Svart Gris-Schwein - Sverige Hung: Good, night my love ️

#21 RE: Raymond Hung von Wüste Sahara 06.10.2020 21:38


Heut habe ich das Real face bekommen !

#22 RE: Raymond Hung von Daisy Duck 06.10.2020 23:07


hat er auch einen Namen? Wer ist der Schwarze in #1 ??

Lg Daisy

#23 RE: Raymond Hung / Real Face Kenneth von Wüste Sahara 07.10.2020 21:02


Der heißt Kenneth; Nachname wollte er nicht sagen. Der wollte sogar nach Deutschland kommen. Hahahah Der Schwarze in #1 ist einer seiner Scammer-Freunden

#24 RE: Raymond Hung / Real Face Kenneth von Wüste Sahara 29.04.2021 19:48


Mein Gott, nach Monaten hat der Scammer mir wieder geschrieben. Zum Glück ist meine Number für Scambaiter

Der Scammer vermisst mich, es macht mir Spaß

Whatsapp: + 234 913 657 0425

27.04.21, 02:24:25] ‪+234 913 657 0425‬: Hello
[27.04.21, 02:24:49] ‪+234 913 657 0425‬: Have you giving birth
[27.04.21, 02:24:55] ‪+234 913 657 0425‬: This is Kenneth
[27.04.21, 06:18:14] ‪+234 913 657 0425‬: Hello are you there?
[27.04.21, 07:38:48] Ich: I am in hospital and expecting  my baby in coming few days
[27.04.21, 07:39:11] Ich: Are you still scamming? 🤯
[27.04.21, 11:14:56] Ich: Answer me this please
[27.04.21, 11:54:01] ‪+234 913 657 0425‬: Your question is funny
[27.04.21, 11:56:00] Ich: Do you feel my question is funny?
[27.04.21, 11:56:28] Ich: No answer it means „ Yes“.
[27.04.21, 12:03:41] ‪+234 913 657 0425‬: The answer is No
[27.04.21, 12:05:13] Ich: It means you cheated the amount which you need and returned to Nigeria. Right?
[27.04.21, 12:06:53] ‪+234 913 657 0425‬: Stop saying what you don’t know, that’s not true
[27.04.21, 12:25:22] ‪+234 913 657 0425‬: You don’t have anything to say again
[27.04.21, 12:26:46] Ich: What do you want to hear from me then? I should thank you for scamming me ?
[27.04.21, 12:29:38] ‪+234 913 657 0425‬: You should give birth by now, why delaying
[27.04.21, 12:30:17] Ich: I checked in hospital
[27.04.21, 12:30:24] Ich: It is a boy
[27.04.21, 12:30:54] ‪+234 913 657 0425‬: And you wanted a girl
[27.04.21, 12:32:17] Ich: I don’t want kid from African guys at all. Sorry, your guys are really bad
[27.04.21, 12:32:39] Ich: Scamming, cheating....
[27.04.21, 12:33:08] Ich: Why you still contact me?
[27.04.21, 12:33:40] ‪+234 913 657 0425‬: But the father of your kid is from Africa?
[27.04.21, 12:34:25] Ich: That’s why I answered your question
[27.04.21, 12:34:46] Ich: Yes, it is pity....
[27.04.21, 12:35:49] Ich: I don’t mind black or white, but I hate blacks, who scams and cheats
[27.04.21, 12:37:11] Ich: How much did you scammed from another victims? Are you happy / lucky with the money? Is it enough for you to start your business?
[27.04.21, 12:38:54] ‪+234 913 657 0425‬: How is the father of your child, I hope he is taking good care of you
[27.04.21, 12:39:24] Ich: You did not answer my question
[27.04.21, 12:39:56] ‪+234 913 657 0425‬: Just answer my question

[27.04.21, 12:42:27] Ich: He is not with me
[27.04.21, 12:46:34] ‪+234 913 657 0425‬: Oh I see
[27.04.21, 12:48:00] Ich: Now answer my question
[27.04.21, 12:52:25] ‪+234 913 657 0425‬: You refused to help me, now you are asking me this question. I confess to you everything about me, at the end you still dumped me, it was really painful
[27.04.21, 12:54:05] Ich: Hummm.....  you still did not answer my question
[27.04.21, 12:54:24] ‪+234 913 657 0425‬: This is my answer
[27.04.21, 12:59:35] Ich: You are criminal🤬. Ask yourself and check it from internet, how much Millions have scammers cheated from victims please? We should even help scammer who confessed? You are criminal please !
[27.04.21, 13:01:32] Ich: Whenever I read our chat, the picture of Remond Hung, I just can not hold myself. Do you know How heartbroken it is? ???
[27.04.21, 13:01:44] ‪+234 913 657 0425‬: After giving birth you will understand more about life.
[27.04.21, 13:02:08] ‪+234 913 657 0425‬: That’s why I confess to you
[27.04.21, 13:03:57] Ich: The cut you did to another victims, it will remain there forever. You will never understand, because all of your want to eat money, that’s all.
[27.04.21, 13:05:35] Ich: Love Scam- How inhumanity dirty tricks. How heartbroken business🤬
[27.04.21, 13:06:51] Ich: What a sick way of making yourself rich !
[27.04.21, 13:07:17] ‪+234 913 657 0425‬: That’s not true, you know I have a heart, you can’t Denny it
[27.04.21, 13:08:15] Ich: Yes, but your heart is black  🖤
[27.04.21, 13:08:27] ‪+234 913 657 0425‬: Hahahaha
[27.04.21, 13:08:31] Ich: You just want to money money money
[27.04.21, 13:09:05] Ich: What do you want from me now?
[27.04.21, 13:09:17] ‪+234 913 657 0425‬: That’s not true, honestly I was really in love with you, your pregnancy ruined everything
[27.04.21, 13:10:28] ‪+234 913 657 0425‬: I missed your stubbornness and argument
[27.04.21, 13:22:51] Ich: Thank you for your “comments”🤯
[27.04.21, 13:24:23] Ich: Have you also confessed yourself to the victim who “ helped” you? Do you think the money will bring luck for you?
[27.04.21, 13:26:50] ‪+234 913 657 0425‬: And who told you I collected money from anyone
[27.04.21, 13:38:20] Ich: No need someone told me. You know, I know,  your boss knows
[27.04.21, 13:38:45] Ich: Are you with your mom in your hometown now?
[27.04.21, 13:39:26] ‪+234 913 657 0425‬: Lied
[27.04.21, 13:39:42] ‪+234 913 657 0425‬: That’s is not true
[27.04.21, 13:39:52] ‪+234 913 657 0425‬: So where are you now?
[27.04.21, 13:40:05] Ich: I am in hospital
[27.04.21, 13:40:18] Ich: I have just finished lunch
[27.04.21, 13:40:57] ‪+234 913 657 0425‬: That’s nice
[27.04.21, 13:41:13] Ich: The sign of birth is not that much, but I have to remind in hospital for secure reasons
[27.04.21, 13:41:23] Ich: You know I am alone
[27.04.21, 13:41:58] ‪+234 913 657 0425‬: Where is your boyfriend?
[27.04.21, 13:42:59] Ich: He is here, in Frankfurt,
[27.04.21, 13:43:25] Ich: He wants to come, but I told him no need. I can manage myself
[27.04.21, 13:48:34] ‪+234 913 657 0425‬: Why did you not allow him?
[27.04.21, 13:49:16] Ich: He also cheated me, you know that.
[27.04.21, 13:56:09] ‪+234 913 657 0425‬: Yes you told me
[27.04.21, 14:03:21] Ich: To be honest, I do think about you = Remond Hung sometimes
[27.04.21, 14:06:34] ‪+234 913 657 0425‬: I have you in my heart. That’s why I contacted you to check on you
[27.04.21, 14:20:45] Ich: Where are you now🥺?
[27.04.21, 14:21:06] Ich: Do you need money?
[27.04.21, 14:21:30] ‪+234 913 657 0425‬: Do you mind if I call you?
[27.04.21, 14:22:39] Ich: Perhaps later
[27.04.21, 14:23:00] Ich: It is afternoon nap time in hospital
[27.04.21, 14:23:38] Ich: I also want to rest now
[27.04.21, 14:24:09] ‪+234 913 657 0425‬: Which money. When I needed your help you refused, I don’t need your money
[27.04.21, 14:25:51] ‪+234 913 657 0425‬: Okay we will talk later, write to me when you need me okay
[27.04.21, 20:49:41] Ich: Hey, are you there?
[27.04.21, 21:47:00] ‪+234 913 657 0425‬: Yes. How are you doing
[28.04.21, 14:51:05] ‪+234 913 657 0425‬: Hello are you doing today
[28.04.21, 16:16:41] Ich: I am very tired
[28.04.21, 16:16:58] Ich: I had bit pain yesterday
[28.04.21, 16:17:34] Ich: I have waited for you to show up last night
[28.04.21, 16:19:27] Ich: I guess you were busy at scamming last night, right?
[28.04.21, 16:32:53] Ich: ??? O
[28.04.21, 16:34:54] ‪+234 913 657 0425‬: Really did you not sleep comfortable
[28.04.21, 16:34:59] Ich: Kenneth?
[28.04.21, 16:35:11] ‪+234 913 657 0425‬: I am here
[28.04.21, 16:35:27] Ich: Am I right?
[28.04.21, 16:35:36] ‪+234 913 657 0425‬: Yes
[28.04.21, 16:36:13] Ich: Thank you for your honesty answer
[28.04.21, 16:36:55] Ich: At least you told me a truth
[28.04.21, 16:37:19] ‪+234 913 657 0425‬: There is no reason to lie anymore
[28.04.21, 16:38:58] Ich: I miss Reymond hung= You; I wish “ Raymond hung “ could be here with me at the moment
[28.04.21, 16:40:23] Ich: I have tried to forget Raymond Hung= You, but the scar is there, perhaps will be there forever
[28.04.21, 16:40:53] ‪+234 913 657 0425‬: You will still remain in my heart forever
[28.04.21, 16:41:25] Ich: You should try to forget me, Kenneth
[28.04.21, 16:42:41] ‪+234 913 657 0425‬: Why
[28.04.21, 16:54:55] Ich: What’s use to remember all this then?
[28.04.21, 16:55:43] Ich: We both should try to forget each other
[28.04.21, 17:03:57] ‪+234 913 657 0425‬: Is this what you really want?
[28.04.21, 20:35:11] Ich: You are on line, but you don’t have time to write me. Because you are busy 🥺
[28.04.21, 20:35:48] Ich: Do you feel is it good for us?
[28.04.21, 20:36:43] ‪+234 913 657 0425‬: Yes of course,
[28.04.21, 20:58:42] Ich: Can we have a voice call now? I have to admit, I really missed you
[28.04.21, 20:59:33] ‪+234 913 657 0425‬: Okay
[28.04.21, 21:15:00] Ich: You are busy at scamming again now?
[28.04.21, 21:32:53] Ich: You have no time. Take care. Good bye
[28.04.21, 21:33:47] ‪+234 913 657 0425‬: Hello dear
[28.04.21, 21:34:26] Ich: I guess. you mixed me with another victims
[28.04.21, 21:35:11] Ich: Kenneth? How old is your “ woman “ = The victim?
[28.04.21, 21:38:29] Ich:
[28.04.21, 21:39:52] ‪+234 913 657 0425‬: Some one called me
[28.04.21, 21:39:52] ‪+234 913 657 0425‬: To him fixed something
[28.04.21, 21:39:54] ‪+234 913 657 0425‬: And the network is somehow bad too
[28.04.21, 21:47:19] ‪+234 913 657 0425‬: I don’t understand what you are talking about
[28.04.21, 21:51:39] Ich: Do you have time for voice call, or not?
[28.04.21, 22:49:26] ‪+234 913 657 0425‬: Okay tomorrow
[28.04.21, 23:01:50] ‪+234 913 657 0425‬: I thought you slept already?
[28.04.21, 23:01:54] Ich: I guess it is better
[28.04.21, 23:03:03] Ich: I can not bear with a scammer
[28.04.21, 23:03:33] Ich: contact me, when you don’t scam anyone

Der musste Geld abgezockt haben 🤯🤯🤯. Ich habe ihm blockiert. Ich weiß nicht, wie ich ihn noch veraschen kann

#25 RE: Raymond Hung / Real Face Kenneth von Wüste Sahara 11.05.2021 21:46


Heute habe ich einen Vorschlag auf Instagram, das ist von dem Scammer:

Der musst Geld betrügt haben

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